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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. erika: we begin this new with breaking news. police capture the man accused of killing two iowa police officers in separate ambush style attacks overnight. both officers fatally shot as they sat in their cars. one rushing to help the other. cheri preston tracking the details. cheri: the man police believe ambushed two police officers is now in custody. police have identified scott
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killed while sitting in their patrol cars in the suburbs of des moines this morning. >> it does not look like there was any interaction between these officers. cheri: the attacks occurred about 20 minutes apart beginning at 1:06 a.m.. the first officer shot was sitting on his -- sitting in his patrol car alone. a second officer killed while responding. >> some of other shooting police officers. in the line of duty are up dramatically by 48%. erika: police in lawrence have identified a woman found dead outside an apartment complex hours after she went missing. sera congi is live in lawrence where her death is being called suspicious. sera: investigators are still here at the apartment complex trying to figure out exactly what happened to 62-year-old
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who was a meals on wheels volunteer. supporting each other after the loss of a beloved friend. >> beautiful woman. beautiful inside and out. sera: grief at the lawrence senior center for former meals on wheels driver in volunteer. justina rosa identified as a woman found dead yesterday outside an apartment building on exchange street. investigatco the 62-year-old grandmother. rosa lopez rando meals on wheels program in new the victim well. >> she was very giving. very helpful to us. she volunteered. she was a meals on wheels driver for us for a few years. always ready to go. sera: police estimate the woman died sometime between 5:00 and
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. without clear answers investigators are calling her death suspicious. friends at the senior center say she will be greatly missed. >> remember tina as we call her, the who was always there. sera: the district attorney's office says an autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of death. erika: a gloucester man is under arrest charged with murder in lynn. police say shot donald yancey in an apartment. chandler was arrested last night and is due in court today. gary sampson is back in court after his federal death penalty punishment was thrown out. during opening statements this morning the prosecution painted sampson as a depraved and merciless man who outsmarted his three victims. the defense said sampson have been struggling with dramatic
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decide sampson pus punishment, life in prison or the death penalty. massachusetts abolished the death penalty in 1984 but simpson was prosecuted under federal law. state police investigating a fatal crash at westover air force base in chicopee. investigators say a car crashed through a fence and barrier at the end sheridan street continuing onto a perimeter road where rolled over. the driver and passenger were killed. there ar excessive speed may have been a factor. there is no evidence the crash was terror related. two people fighting for their lives after being hit right aseptic truck. the 67-year-old woman and 71-year-old man were in a crosswalk near city hall when they were hit. both have critical injuries. the driver did stay at the scene . police reviewing surveillance video to figure out how this happened. live pictures of boston.
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boston. cindy: we are eventually going to its reign in here but it's warm today. warm into tomorrow. the rain is way out to what the chicago area and it's going to take its time. a beautiful afternoon. got a southwesterly wind. that's really what's brought in warmth. temperature started out mild so we are running above the average. 70 showing up around the pittsburgh area. st. louisar . we are not getting that war but already climbing up through the 60's with the southwesterly wind coming off the water for you along the south coast and the cape. the coolest spot as we go through the afternoon but still in the lower 60's. average high this time of year is 56 degrees. most are already at 61. boston, 63, beverly, 62. sunshine mixing with clients
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upper 60's in a few towns. could notch that 70 degree-mark in the next couple of hours. sunset, 5:36. temperatures hold mostly in the 50's through midnight or so. thereafter we may see a couple of showers try to move and while the full-time -- we will have a full timeline and just a bit. erika: just six days until the election and i'll trump is gaining the -- and donald tron is gaining momentum. po reopening its investigation into the e-mail server. maggie: as the campaign scrambles to cover ground and as may states as possible the candidates find themselves locked in a dead heat. today's national tracking poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump tied 46-46. >> this is the message for any democratic voter who have
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hillary clinton and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse. maggie: telling the people who are devoted in states like wisconsin minnesota or michigan, their only vote -- their vote does not have to be a sure thing. >> you could change your vote to donald trump. maggie: clinton rallying supporters by leaning on her powerful friends. five heavy hitters in seven battleground states. 12 events alone. this after 17 event before you were elected, you will disrespect women onto a president. maggie: headlining play elements on her own. three in the state of florida with one message. >> it's not ok to insult people. and look at what he does. he calls women ugly, disgusting, nasty. maggie: trying to shift the focus away from the controversy
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trump and the many groups he has insulted. >> started with immigrants moved on the latinos, african-americans, muslims, people with disabilities, prisoners of war. maggie: we are seeing for the first time people find some of trump more honest and trustworthy than hillary clinton. erika: early voting ends friday here in massachusetts. galvin is asking election officials to extend voting hours that day to at least 5:00 p.m.. many city and town offices for 5:00 on fridays. some have indicated they will stay open later to accommodate voters. you are urged to catch -- to check early or call your city or town hall to verify friday hours. police in new hampshire charged driver involved in a deadly crash in salem yesterday. todd gurley is charged with
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hitting another car head-on at an intersection pushing it into oncoming traffic. a 69-year-old woman from atkinson was killed. police say girl he was transporting heroin and faces additional charges. troubling details about a fight at a low house party were a team later died from his injuries. witnesses carried ethan costello from a barn on the property into the house thinking he was just drunk get out of the house -- get him out of the house saying he did not want to do with a drunk kid. costello was placed in a shower where partygoers argued about whether or not to call 911. police say he died of head injuries. charges could be upgraded against 18-year-old joseph zaga rella, the teen charged in the beating. a terrifying home invasion and sterling yesterday morning at
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with duct tape, threatened with a knife by men wearing masks who'd broken in. >> they did hold a knife to her throat. donating money and the location of the safe. erika: the men left in the victim postcard which was found seven miles away. investigators are looking at fingerprints in contact police. mayor marty walsh giving out the city bus first restaurant grades today. he traveled the stashes pizza to reveal their grade, and a. the city department of inspection services has been rating restaurants and food trucks for compliance with health and sanitation codes. each restaurant will begin in a letter grade which must be posted. structural tollbooths along the mass pike continues. new video showing the overnight demolition of the tolls at the ted williams tunnel. crews worked around the clock to
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electronic open tolling. a stunning new report on the crash of malaysia airlines flight 370. when investigators now believe really happened on that plane. a shocking crime. a mother's excuse as she is accused of injecting her own children with heroin. those warm temperatures sticking around for one more day. the rain tracking for tomorrow in the big cool down later in the week. erika: the red sox season is long over of a ticket prices for next year already going up. how much more you have to pay to
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erika: police have captured the man suspected of killing two police officers, ambushing them in separate attacks. investigators caught scott michael greene eight hours after the deadly encounters. after police say he flagged down a state employee on a road asking to call 911. we've learned one of the officers killed a sergeant with -- killed was a des moines sergeant who joined in 2005. survivor of t -- six people were killed yesterday morning when the bus hit a cemetery wall rear-ended a car then ricocheted off a pillar slamming into a commuter bus. there were no skidmarks suggesting the 67-year-old driver may not have braked. an autopsy is underway to determine if the driver suffered some sort of medical emergency. a shocking investigation in washington state.
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young children with heroin to help them sleep. according to a probable cause affidavit ashley utt and leroy mciver were found living with their three children in a home-field with rat droppings drug needles and heroin. investigators say someone in the home notified child protective services after seeing the 24-year-old hutt six, four and two with heroin. a feel-good medicine he described as a white powder which was mixed with water. he stated after that the three would go to sleep are you testing showed traces of low levels of what was believed to be heroin in two of the children. >> i did not know that was going on. there's been so many reports. it's hard to keep track of everything.
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says sure's deputies come to the residents on a regular basis. >> does it surprise you to hear mom is accused of that? >> it does. >> they are in foster homes and doing well. erika: both hutt and mciver are charged with providing controlled under 18, child endangerment and child assault. the malaysia airlines plane that vanished with 239 people on board. it suggests flight 370 plunged toward the ocean with no one in control. the report by lead investigators in australia suggest the aircraft spiraled in its final moments to sending at a rapid speed. pieces of debris have been found
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know if the plane was hijacked or if one or both pilots crashed that jet intentionally. we turned back to the weather. a really nice afternoon today. cindy: the past couple of days have been on the chilly side. a little shocking when you step out. yesterday at lunchtime and today , about 15 to 20 degrees warmer. get outside after you watch the rest of the news. we are well above average today and tomorrow. look what happens friday into the weekend. temperatures going back down below average. mid 50's this time of year for highs. more typical of early october running into the 60's. just a few clouds. 63 degrees and a lighter westerly wind for the moment in boston. between southwest and westerly. a little stronger in southeastern massachusetts about 10 to 15 miles per hour. that wind coming off the water holding in the low 60's.
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i expect temperatures down this way to stay where they are the rest of the afternoon with that low coming in off the water. most of these on the north shore of beverly but you will keep climbing. lower 60's into worcester. 67 right now in fitchburg. you make it close to 70 in the next few hours. we got a little more cloud cover. even more clouds as you go across central and northern new england so not as bright in northern e southern new england. we had some rain up over the state of maine associated with this front that continues to move through. what's going to bring us rain is this cold front the west. a cluster of showers and storms north of the chicago area associated with this frontal boundary and this is all shifting in our direction slowly. dry into tonight. low chance for a couple of showers tomorrow. our best chance for rain is coming tomorrow afternoon and it will likely linger into the
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temperatures through sunset holding in the 60's and we fall back into the 50's as clouds begin to thicken overnight. you can see that after 7:00 tonight, clouds do thicken and that will blanket us. another mild night with temperatures holding. either side of 50 degrees ethically get down to 53 in boston and tomorrow the temperature is not quite as warm as today. i think we're going to be running above average. warmestre hampshire. locked in the clouds most of the day and as we go through the morning the area of rain will work through western massachusetts and new hampshire and likely close into the worcester. as a good toward early afternoon it will quickly shift eastward into boston. 4:00 or 5:00 there will be somewhat weather around for the commute. can't rule out downpours and possibly a rumble of thunder especially as this drops in southeastern massachusetts.
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. quick shot of rain not expecting a whole lot are you the greatest amounts will be to the north and west where we could come close to a half inch otherwise i think it's under about a quarter of an inch for most of us. once the rain ends the wind shifts to the north and west and they will bring in cooler air on friday. a blustery feel out the door on friday with wind gusting over 20 miles per hour. chillier as we head into the weekend. this is the weekend we turn those clocks back one hour before you go to sleep on saturday an earlier sunrise on saturday. sunset at 4:30 in the afternoon. a sign of the times even though it's like october. it is november. erika: turning to your economy. staples is helping ease the cost of college for some employees. an extra $100 a month to employees considered top performers. it may not seem like much but the money will help a for
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staples says it hopes to expand the program to more employees in the future. the fatal pipeline explosion in alabama is driving gas prices up . gas futures jumped more than six cents in trading yesterday suggesting even higher pump prices could be on the way. the colonial pipeline which runs from refineries in houston all the way to terminals in new jersey ruptured monday when an alabama construction crew accidentally hit it. the pipeline is now closed expecting to cause gas southeast. red sox announcing today in average to .9% increase in ticket prices. it affects -- fans hoping to score tickets for tonight's game seven of the world series can prepare to pay big bucks. according to resale ticket service to get iq the average price for a ticket in cleveland is $2700. prices jumped 56% during last
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the matter which team wins tonight it will be one for the history books. cleveland has that won a series -- world series was 1948, the cubs since 1908. a surfer's close call with a
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erika: look how close this is. a surfer and our strong your wave right over a shark's echoes before the shark appeared to spot the surfers legs in the water headed right for him. the man was able to turn, paddle, catch the wave and sailed right over the six foot shark just inches below. head there is a reason to stay at of the water. it smiled today. -- it is mild. 60's and we cool off. erika: enjoy it while it last.
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