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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. good afternoon. antoinette: are following breaking news right now. a pedestrian hit while walking her dog in newton. she was rushed to the hospital with injuries. erika: a new study out of boston university providing the first solid link between foot all and degenerative -- football and generative brain disease.
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erika: the highly will be closed at highland avenue as one of the oldest ridges crossing the highway is not down. olessa stepanova just got an update from mass. officials. olessa: the bridge you are talking about is behind me built in 1931 and it will be coming down this weekend so if you are planning on traveling 128 consider yourself warned, mass. has detour information for you. ot will be shutting down part of 128 for the outer lane project. the goal is to demolish the highland avenue bridge into ensure traffic will be safely be detoured. the eagles will be detoured off 128 and will use two routes -- lanes of travel on offramp's. from 8 p.m. on friday to
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p.m. on saturday to 3:00 p.m. on sunday crews will doing desk crews will be doing same on the southbound side. >> the most important thing commuters need to know is they will be expected delays. peak hours for travel time are actually 1:00 to 4:00 and we are going to encourage traveling public to either travel earlier or later in that day or if they can actually avoid the area that would be even better. if they have to av accordingly. olessa: but anticipated complete closure between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on sunday. >> by monday morning the commute will be back to full. olessa: there will be detour signs in place to get you around this project. it's happening from 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night to 3:00 p.m. on sunday. budget in that extra travel time.
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out of newton. a pedestrian hit love crossing commonwealth avenue with her dog. just before 8:30 this morning. police say the driver did stay on the scene. the woman was taken to an area hospital to be treated. cause of the crash is under investigation. antoinette: a teenager critically injured after being hit by car in dorchester. the 18-year-old was crossing gallatin boulevard trying to catch the bus when she was hit. the driver of this pontiac gp state at the scene and he was interviewed by investigators say he showed no signs of impairment and it does not appear he was using his cell phone at the time. the victim was taken to boston medical center in critical condition. erika: a boston university study confirming a troubling theory about football related injuries and the connection to brain trauma. the study conducted with an in depth look at a former patriot who died from als. sera congi is live at boston university where results were
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university got the chance to look at the brain of kevin turner and what they discovered as what they are calling the best discover -- that discovery could ultimately save others. >> thank you on behalf of the family. sera: gratitude through tears from the family of kevin turner, nfl football player who died in march from als. the 46-year-old for the philadelphia eagles and the new england patriots. hits to the head taking their toll at an early age. turner became a leading advocate for players warning about concussions and head hits. >> he donated his brain and started the foundation because he wanted to continue this conversation. sera: his brain was donated to researchers at boston university studying cte, a disease that can only be found postmortem.
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evidence we will ever get that this als type of disease is caused -- another notch in the belt of getting to the bottom of this, this is not als, this is cte. sera: dr. and mckie argues that turner's brain is the best example of how we need a markup or hence of approach to athletes in the military who suffered repeated blows to the head. >> unacceptable. we have to eradicate this. a totally preventable disease. let's start preventing it. >> kevin used to say it's not enough to make a difference. you need to be the difference. i think today, -- sera: when the lead researcher was asked what she would say to the nfl, to the commissioner and coaches and managers, she said this is a billion dollar industry and a need to start making billion-dollar effort to
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these players. antoinette: cloudy and dreary outside but very mild for now. tracking the chance for showers this afternoon? cindy: i am indeed. all the action on the western part of the state and across southern new hampshire. some downpours moved through the manchester area and another line of showers with embedded heavier rain in the orange area. shifting eastward. within the hour around the gardener area you'll see rain coming in. the heaviest rain is across central and northern new england so we will miss out on that. some rain coming in and you can see 61 and worcester, 57 in boston. temperatures will hold close to 60 in town and i think it's a brief photo of showers around 4:00 in the afternoon or so and boston. study is rain through north of the pike but notice a shower around 3:00 in the worcester
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there will be a few showers for the evening commute but you will be driest across southeastern massachusetts. antoinette: commitment 2016. a new poll giving donald trump a slight lead over hillary clinton , 40 --- 40% to 39%. the same poll gave clinton a three-point lead over trump. erika: both campaigns will make a final push donald trump will visit southern new hampshire university in manchester monday night. clinton not planning any trips herself so far that we've just learned chelsea clinton will campaign in new hampshire friday and president obama will be there on monday. the president campaigning for clinton right now in florida. antoinette: this coming as
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maggie rulli has the latest from washington. maggie: with just five days to go donald trump celebrating in florida. and hillary clinton counting her chances in arizona. >> this state is in play for the first time in years. maggie: both key battleground states that like many recent polls show the race could go either way. today's abc news national tracking poll shows clinton up them every step of the way. karen travers is with the trunk campaign. >> we landed in north carolina were donald trump has two rallies later today. the latest poll shows hillary clinton up three points. maggie: trump wants to stay in the game by staying on message even giving himself advice on stage. >> stay on point, donald. stay on point.
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putting big-name teams to work. clinton is armed with her team of political heavy hitters. >> we've got work to do. the finish what we started eight years ago. maggie: for team trumpets a family affair. >> he wants to infuse common sense back into the equation. maggie: his children are in five states. in pennsylvania we hear from melania trump in her first speech of the general election campaign. maloney of plans to tell us more about the man she mri campaign has a ignite. tim kaine giving an entire speech and spanish. antoinette: the wcvb mobile app has you covered wherever you are on election night including real-time town by town results, updated electoral college counts in changes to the balance of power in congress. you can download the app free in
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a discovery. a bundle of postcards from the cambridge election commission found in a trash bin at apartment complex on glassworks avenue. residents are concerned someone is tampering with the election information. cards were intended to help register voters find the right polling place. the postmaster in cambridge and the u.s. postal service are investigating how the postcards ended up in the trash. two u.s. service members were killed afghanistan. the members came under fire during a train advice and assist operation. 60 taliban fighters including two commanders were also killed. erika: a seven-year-old boy and his mother targeted in derry, new hampshire. over the last two weeks there been the victims of richly feel the vandalism and police have a clue that may help find those responsible -- of racially
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responsible. her car keyed with a racial slur, another time thanks, fried chicken and watermelon smeared on the vehicle thrown in the yard. stinson says the message is clear. >> it's racist. it hurts. i did not realize that people in derry thought that way. strongly enough to act on it. camera images of a car that slow down in front of our own. -- in front of her home. antoinette: hundreds of donated toys to destroyed in a fire. cindy: i'm tracking some showers through the rest of the afternoon. a blustery feel such a move and behind the system and the outlook for your weekend. antoinette: world series champs
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erika: going one-on-one with tom brady. mike lynch asks number 12 about his future. we will tell you his thoughts on
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erika: a generous donation will save christmas for hundreds of military families on cape cod. we told you about the story tuesday. as for tots says it will replace the gifts lost in a fire last week in born. about 6000 toys kept in storage trailers were destroyed friday night in a fire. the donation will be made tomorrow.
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-- chicago fighting off that longest drought in baseball history, 108 years. ryan burrow with fan reaction as the team returns home champions for the first time it's 1908. ryan: the new world series champions arrived at wrigley field after flying home from cleveland. >> the cubs win the world series. in the making. the chicago cubs defying the odds beating the cleveland indians. >> i cried like a little kid. to be a part of this is a great moment. >> thanks for all the love. where world champs, baby. ryan: the road to victory was torturous for cubs fans holding
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three run lead -- the indians rallied with three runs in the eighth ending. including a game-tying two run home run by roger davis. cleveland started to celebrate. the cubs regrouped after a 17 minute rain delay they pushed two runs across and the 10th inning. ryan: led by tben zobrist. the longest -- ending the longest championship drought in baseball history. chicago erupting overnight area thousands of fans celebrating something of the win that's been in the making for over a
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antoinette: so it was worth it for a the people who paid hundreds of dollars to be in the bar. erika: so right. there was a rain delay. cindy: now that rain -- it came out of cleveland. using eastward. a lot of it is going to our north so we are getting a piece of the system. the drop monitor updated this morning. over the past couple of weeks we had bouts of rain and in some cases they have been heavy. this area of red with extreme drought is primarily confined to the suburbs north and west of boston and aerial coverage is gone down 9% from last week and the area of severe drought in the orange has decreased about 22% across the state. we are denting the drug slowly. you see just one or 2/10 of an inch and most of that is a long and north of the pike.
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the steadier rain is lifting to the north. we had some showers off and on across new hampshire. southern extent of that may clip url newberry port then there's the area around keene. this extends southward into western massachusetts and this area is shifting eastward. from orange to gardner and which and 10 in the next half hour or so you get back into some of his heavier rain. in boston just a few hours before the rain shifts in. winds are light in the air has gotten sticky with the dew point temperature running in the mid-60's. lower 60's where we sat off and on rain near manchester and notice and worcester it is 61 degrees. 53 in norwood. on the cape we are running in the lower 60's around falmouth. the warmest temperatures are south of this frontal boundary
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temperatures down much cooler to the north of that front. in the 50's where we have the steadiest rain the rest of the afternoon to the north in this area will continue to shift eastward. a couple of hours before it makes its way into boston but around 4:00 we might have showers moving through. once the sun goes down we are trying things out with temperatures falling back into the 50's. that rain continues to shift to the north. we'll get a couple of showers to pop up around the worcester area. anything heavy or widespread for the commute there will be showers around. southeastern massachusetts will stay the driest. rain is gone. clouds may begin to break up overnight and the trend will continue so temperatures will drop back down into the 40's as the wind shifts to the north and west and the winds pick up out of the north tomorrow so even though we start in the 40's we are likely going to stay there through the worcester hills,
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about the same on cape cod. wind in the morning hours could gust over 20 miles per hour. it stays breezy through the afternoon. a brighter and to the week but a little blustery and as we can looks mainly dry with a blend of sun and clouds. saturday night for you go to sleep you want to turn those clocks back one hour. we get that extra hour sleep. the sunset -- election day on tuesday when we could be back around 60 degrees. up and down we go. where we stop -- erika: we don't know. antoinette: the pats qb talking with michael lynch.
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erika: he's at the heart of patriots nation. antoinette: tom brady talking about his future with mike lynch. >> who remains a patriot longer, tom brady or bill belichick? >> i don't see him retiring anytime soon either and i don't find myself retiring anytime
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years. i never want to go anywhere else. erika: we don't want you to go either. good to hear from him. antoinette: thanks for joining us. erika: we will see you back here at 4:30. >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5 president and general manager, bill fine. bill: where you stand? vote early are on election day? although october surprises at cost some controversy , so far that question is being answered yes by an overwhelming record margin of two to one over 2012 plus presidential contest. elected officials and watchdog groups showed the same complaint, america's voting process is broken. tuesdays are inconvenient and the number one difficulty and reason americans site for not voting. tuesday elections have their origin during the agriculture
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weekends were eliminated for religious regions and monday was a day of horse and buggy travel to the polls. it is time to encourage new thinking. early voting allows new flexibility for those within flexible work schedules. it eliminates the need to stay in line for hours. sometimes in during implement weather. factors which also lower turnout. there is a risk early voting shortens the vetting process do we really have a firm grasp on clinton entrance views on the important issues or are we inundated to the very end on the personal failings? considering the record negatives dogging both candidates any vote is a considered risk for the majority of americans. record early voting is a strong indicator of exceptions for change. let's hope the discussion on increased reforms occurs before the first candidate announces for 2020.
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>> welcome to hometown heroes week. for us, this week is all about paying tribute to some very special people who've done some truly amazing things. you can't put a price on the things these people have done, but a million dollars isn't a bad place to start. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] ? ? welcome, everybody. it's hometown heroes week i love this week. today's hometown hero received global attention as the pediatrician who was the whistleblower who exposed the flint, michigan water crisis. today we are celebrating her efforts by giving her a shot at $1 million. from flint, michigan, please welcome dr. mona hanna-attisha. [cheers and applause] doctor, how you doing? >> awesome. good to be here.


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