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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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after his third grade son brought a gun to school. he showed the pistol to classmates. the father is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. jc: donald trump and hillary clinton are in the battleground state. hillary clinton and donald trump are tied five days before the election in new hampshire. ben: warm outside. jc: temperatures. harvey: there isn't a lot of rain left. one little shower for the most part. otherwise i think we are home free.
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they are cooler now from boston northward. it's a gradual process and temperatures will cool as the northwesterly wind begins to pick up. ben: jc: a new poll tonight shows a very tight race in the swing state. the suffolk university/boston globe poll finds a slight shift from october when hillary clinton led. clinton and trump deadlocked at 42%. newscenter 5's janet wu takes a closer look at why what happens in new hampshire is so crucial. reporter: today, ivanka trump debuted a new ad and held 3 events in new hampshire. her father is expected in the granite state tomorrow then
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hillary clinton is sending her daughter chelsea tomorrow and president obama will fly in monday the day before the election. why is new hampshire, with 4 measly electoral votes, front and center? >> if we have an election like 2000 four electoral votes would have made al gore president and this may happen again. this race is really tight. reporter: but many believe the race isn't as tight as polls claim. i do not believe the polls i actually disagree with them becuz i think there are a lot of undercover vot about who you are going to vote for? >> i have not. you are seriously undecided? yes. or you just don't want to tell me? >> both. reporter: campaigns know this. these rallies are less about swaying undecided voters it's about getting your troops psyched. this is really about motivating those people who really are on the ground game of your campaign. which is why trump is showing up here in person. he doesn't have the statewide field organization clinton built over a year.
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race between incumbent kelly ayotte and governor maggie hassan. >> new hampshire could determine who controls the senate. reporter: it could be one of the most expensive in the country. the final tally could be over $$100 million. the only real competition pennsylvania which has 10 times the population of the granite state. ben: the wcvb mobile app has you covered wherever you are on election night including real-time town by town results, updated electoral college counts, and to the balance of power in congress. download it free right now in your app store. ben: an historic day for rhode island's state police, which have their first female commander. captain ann assumpico has been appointed to lead the agency. she becomes the 13th commander in the 91-year history of the rhode island state police. assumpico has been in law enforcement for nearly 40 years. she became a state trooper 24 years ago, and last year was appointed to the rank of
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cvs health is cutting about 600 jobs. the pink slips will start going out later this month and will affect corporate employees in rhode island, illinois and arizona. employees laid off will be offered a chance to apply for other jobs within the company. a cvs spokesman says the layoffs are being made to save money and serve customers better. next we look at the down ballot races. jc: the impact the rising and falling poll numbers of the presidential candidates. plus, the new study out of boston university providing the first solid link between football, an ben: later, sportscenter 5's mike lynch goes one-on-one with tom brady. what the q.b. revealed about his
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>> we have seen a dozen october surprises affecting donald trump and hillary clinton. that is not all. jc: candidates for every office are fielding the fx. looking at the down ballot races from the nations capital. reporter: down ballot down to really local offices. >> he could not get elected dogcatcher. >> those down ballot candidates are not hitching wagons to their party stars at the top of the ticket. >> the real jason is more like hillary clinton. >> and actual party defection. >> i don't care for him much.
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reporter: it may affect one branch of government, control of the senate is up for grabs. of the 34 seeds of for grabs 10 are held by democrats. for the democrats to gain control they would need to win five additional seats. >> if you want have your picks for the supreme court to be approved, donald trump senate. >> the democrats are not likely to take over the house. the margins matter. >> it is why you have seen the president taping robo calls, sending e-mails encouraging people to actively support democratic candidates. >> president obama has been criticized for not doing enough to help democrats. he has lost more seats than any
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of the stops. /new research done here in /new research done here in boston connecting football and a generative brain disease. anchor: mild here but still like summer in washington. we are at 78. the chill to our north is going
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ben: jetblue started flying to laguardia offering perks for that round-trip service including a free cup of coffee. i'm assuming the beer and wine is offered. 6000 extra trueblue points. a consumer warning about millions of dehumidifiers that could start sold under dozens of brand names. they were sold between january of 2003 and december 2013. if you have one, immediately turn it off, unplug it. our website,, has more information on affected models. jc: your health tonight, a boston university study confirming a troubling theory about football-related injuries and the connection to brain trauma. the study, conducted with an
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newscenter 5's sera congi has reaction from his family. >> on behalf of the the family, to the doctors, gratitude through tears from the family of kevin turner, an nfl football player who died in march from als, the 46-year-old fullback played for the philadelphia eagles and the new england patriots, the repeated hits to the head, taking their toll at an early age. turner became a leading advocate for players warning about concussions and head hits. >> so he donated his brain, amd started his foundation because he wanted to continue the conversation. reporter: his brain was donated to researchers at boston university studying cte chronic traumatic encephalopathy. a disease that can only be found post mortem. turner's scans showed he had a severe case. >> this is the best circumstsantial evidence we will ever get that als is caused by
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this which is this is not als folks. this is cte. reporter: lead researcher dr. anne mckee argues passionately that turner's brain is the best example of how we need a more comprehensive approach to athletes and the military who suffered repeated blows. >> i think this is unacceptable, we have to eradicate this. totally preventable disease. let's start preventing it. reporter: kevin always used to say it's not enough to make a difference you need to be th difference. and today, kevin is the difference. reporter: when a lead researcher was asked what she would say to the nfl she said it is a billion dollar industry and they need to make a billion-dollar effort to protect players. >> new research finds a lot of
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researchers studied more than 2100 children ages 6-18. the salt intake was well beyond the limits. that does not include salt on the table. dinner accounted for 39% of the intake lunch for 31%. breakfast and snacks each provided roughly 15%. pizz try to provide more home-cooked meals to their children wehre the amount of salt being used can be controlled. jc: we cannot control the weather. it is actually like there is not much happening out there. flex we had a little shower. anchor: there may be that. that is about it. somebody would have to live on pluto not to realize when
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it looks nice. it looks dry. if you're not able to do early voting, look at this. a nice, dry condition. most of the country looks good. it doesn't look especially cold or stormy across the country. let's show you what is happening around new england. now you still see ce that is where the storm is located. that is about it. it will be very gradual process tonight into tomorrow morning.
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amounts. it is chillier feeling. a mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures are still very mild. 72 degrees. it is cool down gradually. that will be our trend for tonight. 6288 feet. chillier air moves in. the warmth is pushed to the south for the time being. that is the progression of things. wake up temperatures in the morning. when will get gusty are at times.
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i would say maybe upper 40's. low 50's around boston. a few degrees above that. saturday night, a front that comes through. the wind on sunday will be more north, northeast. that could produce some clouds. it will be chilly air. maybe even a spot shower. a lot of sunshine away from the shoreline. check it out, i mentioned the chillier weather tomorrow. it will be accompanied by gusty wind. you gain an hour this weekend. that is the good news.
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dry weather into next week. a chilly start. milder day, looks to the election day. thursday bouncing up a few degrees. it looks like overall next week should be pretty gentle to us. jc: you could say this is a catastrophe of voided in a small colorado town. water tower, 100 feet above ground. officials say the cat tried at least twice to climb down by itself. but when it couldn't, a technical rescue team stepped in. they used a drone to inspect the tower, then sent up a crew. with some cat food and water, they were able to get the kitty down. ben: chronicle's anthony everett tanks away to wilton, new hampshire tonight, where he
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jc: doug nelson makes candy turtles. bill schnute turns wood into fantastic creatures. >> it was something i took to very ordinarily. i could use my hands and car. >> they focus on the animal kingdom. once he finds his animal news he chose together in his mind. >> it is all in your head. one day you get up and say it is all over and all worth the doing.
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doug nelson is a third-generation candy maker who began learning his craft in his grandfather's store. he followed it in a business now 105 years old. butter crunch is a specialty. >> one of the biggest reasons is people don't have to come into a candy store. they usually have a smile on their face. i'm getting a pound of chocolate. it makes you feel good. >> love that attitude. >> tonight, the locks live in a berkshire cottage. and the island that gave rhode
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chronicle at 7:30. >> i will be there. >> it is safe to say he is new england's favorite quarterback. one-on-one. we will see what is coming up at 6:00. reporter: paralyzed and unable to walk, he is considered his life line. anchor: a local man, stunned when his service dog is killed right in front of him. why replacing leif is no simple matter. anchor: everything. how a cubs fan, here in new england, who's been waiting more than a century for a world series win is celebrating tonight. >> this week's high five takes
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massachusetts' newspapers rarely agree, but they do on question 2. they agree opponents have run a "campaign of misinformation" to spread "fear through white, affluent neighborhoods." they agree in the suburbs question 2 will have "no impact on their schools and their children." they agree it will provide vital "choices for urban parents" and help reduce "the achievement gap." question 2 is "a kid's civil right." join leading newspapers and governor baker
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ben: we're going one-on-one tonight with number 12. jc: patriots star tom brady, talking to our mike lynch, for the first time since returning from his suspension. lynchie he's talking about this season and beyond?? anchor: that and more. he was at the grand opening of the under armour store in the prudential center last night. he told me he feels better than he did when he was 25. he's balancing the demands of a growing family with equal attention being paid to life as
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>> would you get out before then if you thought it was time? >> i don't feel like i can help us win the games anymore. >> some guys traded. can you imagine in another uniform? years. i never want to go anywhere else. >> have you thought about life after football? >> no, i haven't.
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longer, tom brady or bill belichick? >> i don't see him retiring anytime soon either. so, we will see. >> thank you. good luck. >> i say they go out into the sunset together. see you at 6:00. jc: love seeing that one-on-one. ben: a local family looks for struck and killed by a car. >> breaking news on a report, the new problem with the state the ip in the back bay and what it really cost taxpayers. get ready to maneuver another major detour in the middle of 128. >> a third grader with a gun at school. the charges the boys father now
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how the 100 eight-year-old fans celebrated after the final out was made. the local football star that looks to his dad on and off of the field. >> breaking news, a new state report just released to 5 investigates finding problems with how officials investigated a vip party held on the taxpayers dime. anchor: members of the baker administration. investigative reporter karen anderson at the breaking news desk with what the review found. reporter: this goes back to the third of when the commissioner july and deputy commissioner of the state department of conservation and recreation threw a private party at a back bay condo. it all came to light after our mike beaudet started asking questions. the party was organized with the help of state employees on the clock and state-funded golf carts whisked guests to vip
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dcr did its own investigation of the party. but now in a new report the state comptroller says dcr's analysis lacked impartiality and independence and the evaluation should not have been conducted by dcr. he also said they underestimated the cost to taxpayers. dcr said it cost us just $817 but the comptroller says it really cost 2,000 500 and $79. -- $2579. extra money, and that it was the administration that requested the comptroller's review. the comptroller is also going to provide some more training on how the administration can prevent fraud, waste and abuse. maria: right now, police in lowell are investigating a disturbing discovery, a gun brought to school by an eight-year-old. ed: tonight, his father is facing charges. this all happenening at the greenhalge elementary school on ennel street that's where newscenter
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now facing charges for unlawful possession of a firearm after police say the child brought a gun to this elementary school. a third grade student took out what he saw was an airsoft gun and showed it to his classmates after school but it turned out to be a 25 caliber pistol. >> not exactly a thrilling thins >> he was talking about it outside. he said he felt uncomfortable. >> it is still not clear if the gun was loaded or not with the child at school.


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