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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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randy: it's now 4:30. good morning. friday, november 4. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer. following breaking news on the eyeopener right now, a pedestrian killed while walking along the highway in waltham. the new details in overnight. an investigation underway this morning. randy: a big undertaking along route beginning tonight. what you need to know about this project, shutting down part of the highway. emily: it's your last chance to cast those early ballots in one new england state. the impacts so far on this election. randy: pleasant start to this friday and the weekend, cindy. good morning. cindy: we look at the temperature and think not bad, 50 degrees. skies clear to partly cloudy. notice the wind out of the northwest at 10.
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that northwesterly wind will bring down cooler air. it's only in the 30's to our north. we have a cold front to our north that's going to drop through this morning with a period of clouds and high pressure builds in for your weekend. so it's a quiet pattern overall but a quit of cloudiness moving through this morning. notice the temperatures by lchtd just in the lower 50's. and we are going to see those highs come up only in the low to mid 50's northwest about 10 to 20 miles an hour. likely higher gusts through the afternoon. let's get you out to the roads. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning, cindy, everyone. live look outside starting things with a live check of route 1 in saugus southbound side at the top of the screen. a quiet start in both directions. let's check the rest of your ride. so far a little bit of overnight road work. no problems in boston. as you head south, construction wrapping up on 93 north by route
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road work clearing on route 9, highland ave. emily: breaking overnight, new details in a deadly crash on 128 south in waltham. a pedestrian was hit by several vehicles while walking in the southbound lanes, forcing three lanes of traffic to be shut down for some time. the name of the victim has not been released and no indication as to why that person was walking on the highway. >> walking through my first subway tunnel system. randy: the mbta is looking for answers after this video surfaces showing people trespassing in an abandoned green line video. there is concern over safety. transit police saying they are aware of the video, and detectives are investigating. emily: right now the state of massachusetts is getting ready
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major impact on thousands of drivers. randy: the eye's antoinette antonio is in needham this morning with the changes happening in just hours. antoinette: this is the stretch where we could see major backups starting tonight and all through this weekend. this right here is why. crews are tearing down what's left of the old highland avenue bridge, basically the section right over the highway. to giv you an idea, about 5,000 driver t the weekends, and take a closer look at the exact area we're talking about. this is what you'll have to detour around, and there will be delays. a view from sky 5 now. the new highland avenue bridge already in place this morning. this is one of the final steps in a long-running expansion on this stretch of highway, which as anyone who drives in this area knows is pretty much always jammed. if you drive through this stretch on the weekends, starting at 8:00 tonight until
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at 19-a, the highland ave. exit, and be detoured back onto the highway. from 1:00 p.m. saturday until sunday afternoon, southbound drivers will get off at 19-b and also face some similar detours. and another thing to know, if you live or shop in this area, visit this area locally on the weekends, all of highland avenue will be closed to local traffic. the bottom line, if you can, that is the latest live in needham this morning. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. commitment 2016. time is running out in massachusetts if you want to vote ahead of next week's election. today's the final day for early voting. the eye's sera congi is in boston right now with what you need to know. sera: randy, a large turnout is expected today at the polling places like this one leer at city hall.
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early voting certainly seems to have been a success. long lines yesterday. there was a 45-minute wait. now, this is the first year for early voting in massachusetts, and it's been a very popular option. because of the success, secretary of state william galvin has asked local election officials to extend early voting hours to at least 5:00. as of yesterday, 800,000 registered voters in massachusetts cast their ballots ahead of tuesday's election. that means early up between 20 and 25% of the total votes cast in massachusetts for this election. now, you can find your early voting polling place if you go to our website or our mobile news app. live at city hall, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: no question, with four days before the polls open, it is about the battleground states. one skirmish will head to court. the eyeopener's erika tarantal with what to watch this morning. erika: in just hours, democrats
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trying to intimidate voters. it's one of several legal challenges around the country, all denied by the gop. on the trail today's campaign stops highly focus on battleground states. more than two dozen events are on the schedule. many focused on ohio and pennsylvania. last night both trump and clinton zeroed in on battleground north carolina. trump talking terrorism at fort bragg. >> we're going to get rid of isis. we're going to all we need is leadership. at the top level. erika: meantime, clinton hit trump over repeated comments about black voters. >> he has no idea, no idea about the strength of the black church, the vibrancy of black-owned businesses, the excellence of historically black colleges and universities.
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days now until the election. emily? emily: erika, thank you. we have the presidential candidates covered on election night. they will both be in new york city and so will newscenter 5. j.c. monahan will be at trump campaign headquarters and ben simmoneau will be with the clinton camp. their reports start on monday. a crackdown at harvard university after a lewd scouting report on the women's soccer team. randy: the price the men's team is paying and why some students say that's not fair. a diet warning for millions o to take off the table. cindy? cindy: skies are going to be clearing as you're heading out this morning, but the winds, they'll be picking up, when colder air arrives this weekend ahead. emily? emily: we're following breaking news out of waltham, a person dead after hit by several vehicles while walking in the
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emily: the harvard men's soccer team is suspended for the rest of the season over a lewd rating scandal. they rated incoming freshmen on the women's soccer team based on students. the athletic director explained the school's decisio s widespread across the team and has continued beyond 2012, including in 2016, and that current students who participated were not immediately forthcoming about their involvement. >> it's important for the school to uphold their values of gender equity and respect. >> i understand it's something to be frowned upon. but when you cancel an entire season, you punish the entire
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submitted this op ed to the school newspaper. we are appalled that female athletes told to be empowered are so regularly reduced to a physical appearance. randy: new sexual harassment at fox news handle. the latest claims from popular anchor megyn kelly. take a look at this big guy here. not a halloween prank.
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emily: we're on the mild side yet again, but changes are coming. cindy: it's going to be a cool weekend. randy: a restful sleep. i actually thought about it when the alarm went off this morning. randy: oh, this will feel good. cindy: you can tell i have small children, right? randy: they don't know anything about it. cindy: at 4:30 in the morning when it's starting to get dark, all right, time for bed. yeah, we turn those clocks back saturday night. there is that sunset coming up
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notice the temperatures running close to average, say in the mid 50's. we were in the 60's yesterday. we touched 70 back on wednesday. so it's been a little warm this week. the trend is for cooler-than-average temperatures this weekend. lower 50's on saturday. by sunday upper 40's the best we're going to do. yes, getting a little cooler this weekend. 44 right now in worcester. 39 in orange. boston still holding at 50. lower 50's on the cape right now. you need to look to the north and west, because this is where our air is comg it's only in the mid 30's in ottawa. syracuse 44. that's a cooler air mass working in. secondary frontal boundary is going to open the door to let that air come in here. the temperatures will have a tough time climbing. high pressure off to the west will nose in. this will give us mostly dry weather this weekend with dept sunshine. there are a few clouds off to the north and west. period of clouds this morning. overall brighter skies this afternoon. notice by lunchtime into the
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per hour this morning. but they pick up this afternoon. so it's kind of a breezy afternoon. there could be some gusts over 20 miles per hour. we combine that with temperatures only 50 to 55, and it's going to feel cooler than yesterday. a good-looking friday on the way. as we go into the afternoon, you can see how the clouds dissipate. we start out tonight clear. and then during the overnight hours, we stay mainly clear. that is going to allow temperatures to drop. look at these lows tonight. upper suburbs. otherwise, right around the freezing mark. boston just holding in the mid 30's overnight. cool, chilly start tomorrow but a bright start on saturday. a little disturbance is going to drop through northern new england. that will send clouds into southern new england. mid and high-level clouds. high pressure nosing in for sunday. that high will give us a wind off the water. on sunday, there will be more clouds along the coastline. brightest skies are actually going to be inland. it's that northerly stretch over
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more cloud cover around. partly sunny at the coast. mostly sunny inland. that chilly high temperature only about 49 degrees. a little bit of a warming trend monday into tuesday. no reason weatherwise you can't get out there and vote because the weather looks good on tuesday. just a reminder, we do turn those clocks back one hour this upcoming weekend. i bet you, olessa, you are looking forward to an extra hour. olessa: i think we all are. absolutely. thank you, cindy. it's easier to go to bed early when it's dark. the roads are quiet. there's the pike by alston-brighton eastbound at the top of the screen. so far not seeing any problems here. let's go to the maps and check the rest of your ride. so far so good. a little bit of of overnight construction left over. there's road work south on 93 by route 24. it's a northbound project. it will be gone in the next 10-15 minutes. traveling 128 so far, no problems. there's road work clearing as well. route 9 to highland ave. and then along the pike no issues. heading north you're doing fine.
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expecting trains and buses to start on schedule. emily: doctors call it the worst case yet of a brain disease linked to concussion. former patriot kevin turner was first thought to have died from a.l.s. now researchers say it was really c.t.e. a boston university study links brain injuries to a.l.s. turner died in march at age 46, and he donated his brain to research. that's whe discovered a severe case of c.t.e., not a.l.s. >> kevin used to say it's not enough to make a difference. you need to be the difference. and i think today, kevin did that. emily: awareness over the dangers of concussion has had an impact on student teams. needham's high school coach says he's modified practice drills to reduce the risk of concussion. randy: it's 4:48. your health now.
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likely to kill a person with hiv than the virus itself. researchers at massachusetts general have found 40% of hiv patients do smoke. a closer look finds smoking on average cuts the life expectancy of an hiv patient by six years. the study also finds that it is never too late to quit. new research shows kids are consuming way too much salt. federal scientists looked at 2100 children. salt intake was about 60% higher than it should be. and that doesn't even include the added on salt, the salt from the shaker. among the biggest sources, pizza and cold cuts. doctors say parents should cook as many meals as possible for their kids to control salt. emily: your economy headlines, asian shares extended losses overnight, investors nervous about the outcome of the u.s. presidential election.
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investors keeping watch of the october jobs report. that is due out today. reebok is planning to move its corporate headquarters to boston as it makes cuts. "the globe" reports about 300 employees who work at the current headquarters in canton will lose their jobs are be asked to move out of state. another 700 workers will reportedly be shifted to the new facility in boston. the move is the result of cost-cutting at parent company adidas which purchased reebok in 2006. cvs health is laying off 600 employees later this month. employees laid off will be offered a chance to apply for other jobs within the company. a cvs spokesman says the layoffs are being made to save money and better serve customers. randy: pending stories this friday morning, fox news anchor megyn kelly is making sexual harassment claims about the former chief executive there at
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and kelly says ailes harassed her soon after she joined the network, comments about her clothes, lewd remarks about how she could get to the top faster. an attorney for ailes denies the claims. ailes resigned as ceo in july after a former anchor filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. emily: an early eon celebrate the cubs showing the celebration on the field in cleveland. the magazine moved up production by a week for the "all the way" cover. randy: this photo may be unsettling. well, there's no photoshopping here. this is the real thing. it's a giant huntsman spider. an animal sanctuary posted the
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become an internet sensation. the sanctuary says that she is harmless and not aggressive. but when she crawls up your neck, you can die of a heart attack. tense moments on the ice for the bruins. emily: the lengthy shootout that ended it in news to go. new at 5:00, november is a big month for shopping, but if you want to save cash, there are
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emily: it is 4:45. we are following breaking news. randy: new details about a deadly crash on route 128 in waltham. state police say a pedestrian wa while walking in a southbound lane. it is unclear right now why the person was walking along the highway. three lanes of traffic were shut down while police investigated this. no charges have been filed. emily: right now two u-mass dartmouth students are hurt after they were hit by a car near campus. the victims, both women, ages 19 and 21, were hit about 6:15 last night at the intersection of old westport road and cross road near a campus entrance. their injuries are unclear this
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from westport, did stay at the scene. randy: a lowell dad is facing charges after police say his 8-year-old son brought a gun to school. police say the boy showed the .25 caliber pistol to classmates at the greenhalge elementary school. the father is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and improper storage. emily: a missing woman in south carolina found alive, shackled inside a metal storage unit. kala brown and her boyfrnd police found her on the property of todd kohlhepp, a realtor and registered sex offender. guns and ammunition were also found, but brown's boyfriend is still missing. she told police there may be as many as four bodies there. investigators say right now kohlhepp will face at least one charge of kidnapping. randy: penn state facing fines
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against jerry sandusky. they were find for violating a law. sandusky convicted of 45 counts of child abuse. it was cited over the summer for animal abuse after hundreds of animals were found in deplorable conditions. now selectmen have filed a preliminary injunction against the property owner, and they also voted to hire assistant animal control officers to conduct inec emily: a drawn-out finish to the bruins game in tampa. the b's were up 3-1 in the second period, but the lightning tied it up in the third. go to overtime. nobody scores. to the shootout, which lasted 10 frames. back and forth, one goal each, into jim hayes knocks it in for the b's. the celtics struggle on the road in cleveland, down 20 points in the third quarter.
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he had 30 on the night for the cavs. the celtics managed to catch up in the fourth getting it within 5, but the cavs stayed ahead 128-122 the final. randy: all right, cindy. i see the drought monitor behind you. we've obviously caught up a little bit. cindy: a little bit. this updates thursday morning. it came out yesterday. notice the deficit for the year in boston and worcester. we're way nd drought, notice where it's primarily now, just up and north and west of boston. that area of extreme drought has decreased by about 9% from last week, and the area of severe drought has gone down about 22%. that's the area in orange. we're in the best shape here on the south shore and the cape. we've taken nantucket out of the drought. slowly, we will see more
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one. we have a front from the north, high pressure from the west. that's the flow of air out of canada. an average high this time of year is in the mid 50's. we've been above that the past few days. very close to average today. look at the trend as we go into your weekend. temperatures trending below average. i think sunday is going to be the coolest day this weekend with highs only in the upper 40's. as you get toward philly and d.c., we're at or above 50 nosing in will give us quiet weather this weekend. a little disturbance is going to drop down on saturday. bright sunshine in the morning. increasing clouds in the afternoon. high pressure noses in on sunday. it's brighter overall, but a northerly wind will bring more cloud cover right along the coastline, so the brightest skies on sunday will be inland. there you see the upper 40's on sunday, lower 50's on monday. as we head toward election day on tuesday, a little bit warmer. temperatures could nudge toward
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sunshine. no reason you shouldn't get out and vote. we'll break down the forecast right now as the eyeopener continues. announcer: now on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- emily: new information on a deadly crash in waltham. the big question for police. randy: heads up for drivers. part of 128, interstate 95 is closing this weekend. the detours you need to know ou harvard men's soccer team. it's on the eye for this friday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: on the eye this morning, today is the last day for early voting in massachusetts. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. those ballots coming as democrats head to court. that's ahead. but first cindy with the forecast for the weekend. cindy: yeah, weekend is here as


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