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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> breaking overnight, new information just in on a crash in wall ma'am. >> a leads up for drivers, part of 128, interstate 95, is closing this weekend. the detours you need to know about. >> punishment for the harvard men soccer team, t comments on the eye for this friday morning. >> also on the eye, today it's the last day for early voting here in massachusetts. good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy arena, the ballots are coming as democrats head to court, that's ahead but first we want to get to cindy with the forecast for the weekend. >> yeah, the weekend is here, and it's the weekend we turn the
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look at the temperatures this morning. starting out mostly in the 40s, 46 in worcester, 48 in boston, and low 40s in the north shore beverly same deal, plymouth, lower 50s on the cape, so not terribly chilly but the kids will want a jacket, getting off the bus, and it's breezy, and a little cool. temperatures don't climb too much, only into the 50s, not a lot of wind out there right now but the winds are going to be increasing, after the sun comes up, and it's a gusty breeze blowing in this chillier air out of canada, some patchy cloud a lot of bright sunshine today, by lunchtime, lower 50s, and we will keep climbing into the low to mid 50s, boston down to marshfield but only close to 50 out through the worcester hills, and cooler which weekend, we'll step you through the weekend forecast coming up. let's go out to the roads on this friday morning. a live look, this is a look at allston-brighton, that's eastbound going to the top of
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travel times as you go north, we have one disabled car, it's northbound over by route 62 on 93, but again shouldn't impact the commute if you are going south a bit of volume out of methuen, once again as you travel towards the spot pond and along the pike, still a quiet ride. 15 minutes, 495 to 128. south of town 4, a bit of volume out of avon, and 95 here in canton, and if you are traveling the expressway, 15 to 20, braintree into boston, and trains and buses doing emily. emily: breaking overnight, new details in a crash in walfam. a person was hit by several vehicles while walking in one of the southbound lanes. this crash late last night forcing three lanes of traffic to be shut down for some time. the name of the victim has not been released and there is no indication as to why that person was walking on the highway. right now crews are getting ready for a major project that will have a big impacted.
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changes happening in just hours. >> randy and emily, this is where we could see some major traffic backups starting tonight, and really all through this weekend as crews start tearing down the old highland avenue bridge, what's left of it, basically the area right over the highway. to give you an idea, about 5,000 drivers traveled through this stretch of 128 in needham every hour on the weekend. take a closer look at the areas we're talking about here. this is detour around, and there will be delays. this is a view from sky5, the new bridge, already in place this morning, and this is one of the final steps in a long running expansion of this stretch of highway, which anyone who drives here knows that it is pretty much always jammed. so if you are driving this stretch on the weekend, here's what you need to know. starting 59 8:00 until 2:00 p.m. on saturday, northbound drivers will get off at 19a, the
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live. then from about 1:00 p.m. on saturday, until sunday, southbound drivers will get off at 19b and face similar detours, and anyone who needs to use this stretch of highland avenue itself can. they will be detoured all around the area, so that's going to take you time, so the best advice here, unless you have to say work the weekend eyeopener, at 5 tv place, a few steps from here, you might want to avoid this area if at all possible. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you, two umass dartmouth students were hit. the victims, both women, 19 and 21, they were hit at 6:15 last night. this is the intersection of old west port road and crossroad, and near a campus entrance, and their injuries are unclear this morning, the driver a 53-year-old plan from west port did stay at the scene.
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running out if you want to vote ahead of the election. today is the final day for early voting in massachusetts. the eyeopener's sera congi is in boston with what you need to know. sera. >> another large turnout is expected today here at this polling place, city hall, and you can see that it has been a very popular option for a lot of voters so far in this state. yesterday at city hall there was a 45-minute wait at city hall, now this is the first year for early voting, and because it has been so secretary of the commonwealth has asked the local election officials to extend early voting hours to at least 5:00 tonight. and as of yesterday 800,000 registered voters in massachusetts cast their ballots ahead of the election. so that means that early votes will make up between 20 and 25% of the total group of this election. you can find out where your early voting polling place is by
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live in boston, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you, polls show it's an extremely tight race in new hampshire, and we have learned both donald trump and hillary clinton are planning stops in the granite state ahead of election day. trump will be in atkinson today and manchester on monday, and hillary clinton will be in manchester on sunday, but the exact details of that visit have not been released. and monday president barack obama will be campaigning for clinton at the university of new hampshire in the four electoral votes could be crucial. there is a new poll that shows trump and clinton tied at 42%, so there is no question with just four days before the polls officially open, it really is all about the battleground states, and today one skirmish will led to court. erika tarantal is here with what to watch this morning. >> yes, and in just hours democrats will go to federal court in new jersey to argue republicans are trying to intimidate voters. it's one of several legal
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all denied by the gop, and on the trail today's campaign stops highly focus on battleground states, more than two dozen events. many focus on ohio and pennsylvania. and last night trump and clinton zeroed in on the battleground north carolina. trump talking at fort >> mean time, clinton hit trump over repeated comments about black voters. >> he has no idea of the strength of the black church, the vibrancy of black owned business, the excellence of historically black colleges and universities! >> ahead in our next half-hour, who gets the higher waiting for troops on the campaign trail? >> all right, thanks. we have the presidential candidates covered on election night. they will both be in new york
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we will be at trump campaign headquarters and with the clinton camp. the reports start orn monday. >> harvard's men's soccer team is sunday over a lewd rating scandal. the so-called scouting report, rated incoming freshmen on the women's soccer team assigning them scores based on appearance. in a letter to students the athletic director explained the school's decision saying this, this practice appears to be more widespread across the team and including in 2016, and the current students who participated were not immediately forthcoming about their involvement. >> it's important for the school to uphold their values of, you know, gender equity and just respect. >> i understand that if it's something to be frowned upon, but when you cancel the entire season you punish the entire academic body. >> the women's team submitted
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athletes who are told to feel empowered and proud of their abilities are so regularly reduced to a physical appearance. >> terrifying discovery in south carolina, a woman found chained inside of a store. >> why that might not be the worst thing police find on that property, and new in your health, kids are eating way too much of a common ingredient, the health buster parents need to limit. >> and new this morning, november is a big shopping season. wait. three things you should not buy this month. >> breaking new details on a deadly crash. it happened last night on 128. police say a pedestrian was walking in the southbound lanes before being hit by several cars. it's not clear why that person was in the road. >> and the winds are going to be picking up today, the cooler air that's on tap for the weekend,
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questions on the november ballot in massachusetts. question one is about slot machines, a yes vote would allow the gaming commission to license one more facility at a location that meets certain conditions, that most likely applied to revere near suffolk downs. you can find a list of the ballot questions on our mobile
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire...
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i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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>> we have a message for everyone to wake up. >> good morning eyeopener. >> all right. good morning to you. hudson high, good morning to the media class. >> yeah. some future journalists in that group maybe, and doug meehan got to is spend some time with them, and keep coming. record it on the phone, it's easy and upload it to our app. >> going to be lighter earlier. >> yeah. >> and that's the thing, we focus on the early sunset. >> right. >> but, you know, monday morning, it will be like you are headed eastbound. >> right. >> we don't mind the early sunset. >> no, no. >> it makes it easier to go to bed. >> right. >> i am looking forward to the extra hour of sleep. i've been excited about it for a week so there you go. so don't forget.
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the sunset on sunday, just around 4:30 in the afternoon. the temperatures are going to be trending down a bit this weekend. it's going to be a mild week. yesterday we were in the 60s, and closer to average today in the mid 50s so look at your weekend, especially on sunday. we may not get out of the 40s so a bit cooler feel heading into the weekend. not terribly chilly out the door. we're running in the mid 40s in worcester. boston 48, south shore plymouth and around 50 on and you can see it's cooler in this direction and this is where the air is flowing out of, so with that airflow today, despite the sunshine the temperatures are not going to climb that much, and you can see that there are some clouds out there this morning, particularly from worcester on westward, a few more clouds to the south, as well, and clouds will be thinning out this morning. bright sunshine lunchtime through the afternoon, but look at the winds, they start to pick up after sunrise, and during the afternoon, sustained winds around 15 miles per hour, could
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giving a blustery feel with a high of 50 out in the worcester hills, and it will feel like it's in the 40s in the afternoon. 55 in boston, and 56 in marshfield and low to mid 50s on the cape as well. there are the clouds hanging on this morning, and they clear out, so clear skies this evening, and clear skies all night long so that's going to allow the temperatures to drop. by tomorrow morning as you are stepping out, morning lows, upper 20s and lower 30s. 35 downtown. and tomorrow we start with in, so the brightest hours are in the morning, high pressure nosing in for sunday and that northernly wind is going to generate the clouds so on sunday, i think that the farther inland you are the brighter it will be, and you can see the clouds hugging the coastline, and in the afternoon especially, so brightest skies will be inland but overall it's a quiet weekend, a quiet stretch coming up, and cool on sunday, and temperatures begin to moderate after a chilly start on monday morning. look at that for election day on
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to the polls, and it looks mild, too. we could be at 60 by tuesday. so up and down temperature-wise, but mainly dry for the weekend. >> ok. >> got a little busier on the roads, a live look. this is in wilmington, 93 northbound, and there is a truck accident with the fuel spill. it's hard to see. the right lane is closed, and again, this is all happening on the northbound side of the roadway, so if you are traveling through this stretch, expect some delays and everyone on the southbound what's going on. let's check out what's happening. that crash involving a truck with a fuel spill by concord street. and then just north of there, there is also a disabled car, so give yourself a few extra minutes, and we have got an accident on route 3 south side by trouble cove road, those delays back. once you get past those so far, not too bad. 93 south down as you travel towards the lever connector. the pike is a 15-minute ride. and heading south some delays on
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braintree into boston. so far, trains and buses are running on schedule. and once again, a warning for anyone who takes 128, the highway will be closed at highland avenue, and that's so they can demolish the bridge that spans that highway, expect detours tonight through sunday afternoon. randy. >> right now police are trying to unravel a disturbing discovery in south carolina. a woman was found alive after being found in a metal storage unit. trying to get out, and caleb brown was missing since august, and police were searching the spartansburg property of todd colehappen. guns and ammunition were found, he said that there may have been as many as four bodies there, as well. >> we are trying to make sure that, you know, that we don't have a serial killer on our
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last seen with her is still missing. kohlhepp has not been charged but they confirm he will face one charge of kidnapping. >> your economy this friday, asian shares extended losses overnight, nerves about the looming u.s. election being blamed, and right now stock futures here are mixed, and investors are keeping watch for october's jobs report, that's due out today. and november kicks off one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, but there are things that you should wait to purchase to get the mos if you are in the market for sheets, blankets or towels, you will find better buys in january. and you will have to wait before you can score the best deal on furniture. you want to check out summertime sales for that. and while you can catch a deal on electronics in november, you may want to wait on a new cell phone. the best time to get a new one is to wait until it's time to upgrade, so don't forget, that price can be negotiated. randy: your health now, new research showing kids are consuming way too much salt.
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average daily salt intake was about 60% higher than it should be, and that does not include the salt from the shaker. among the biggest sources, pizza and cold cuts. parents should try to cook as many meals as possible for their kids to control the amount of salt consumed. and we're looking at a spider, so big that it might give you nightmares. >> it just might. you will see it in out in favor of question 4, why they are pro legal marijuana. and also several people walking inside of abandoned tunnels. what they saw and why the t is concerned about the expedition, and megyn kelly telling all in a new memoir, the sexual harassment that she endorsed
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>> on behalf of american foundation for suicide prevention we are walking to prevent suicide and save lives.
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randy: thank you, good morning to everyone who participated in out of the darkness. it is great to be there, with all of you, one of the many events we're proud to participate in. sunday a lot of events this week, as well. >> you got it, and the weather should cooperate. and a little cool out the door, we're running 46 degrees in worcester right now, and notice boston is sitting in the upper 40s, and right around 50 on cape cod, and the temperatures not going to climb a lot today, some passing clouds this morning. br s and a little closer to the afternoon, low to mid 50s, the best that we do today, still cool on saturday, a blend of sun and clouds, i think it's brightest in the morning on saturday. cooler on sunday. clouds along the coastline. if you are looking for something to do on saturday, one event here, it is the walk for lung cancer at baxter park. the weather looks good, upper 40s to near 50. randy. randy: thank you, 6:23, friday morning, and let's get into eyepoppers here, what do you
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gondola over the poet ma'am -- potomac river. it would be similar to the one connecting manhattan and it cost is 80 to 90 million. >> gets the job done. >> all right. >> this is my favorite one coming up here. >> really? >> some people might find it -- >> i don't want to look at it. >> ok. >> arachnophobia people, look away, this is real, it is a giant australia, and has become an internet sensation. the sanctuary says that she is harmless and not aggressive. and maybe you could have her as a pet. >> but you could die of a heart attack if she crawled up the side. >> it's so gross. i can't even look at it. >> disgusting. >> watch out for her. >> no thank you. >> all right. so some australian pranksters, sneaking their way into a golf course professional tournament,
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goes dark, the mishap knocking out power at the hotel known as the city of lights. >> where do you stand? vote early on election day? although ok surprises have caused some controversy over the wisdom of early voting, so far that question is being answered yes by an overwhelming record margin of 2-1 elected officials and watchdog groups alike share the same complaint. america's voting process is broken. and tuesdays are inconvenient and the number one difficulty and reason americans cite for not voting. tuesday elections have their origin during the agricultural driven economy of the 1800s. weekends were eliminated for religious reasons, and monday was a day of horse and muggy travel to the polls. it is beyond time to encourage new thinking if not a overhaul
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flexibility for those with inflexible work schedules and eliminates the need to stay in line for hours. sometimes during inclement weather, and factors, which also lower the turnout. and there is a risk, early voting cuts shores the vetting process and late developments in a campaign may impact our choice up to the last minute. do we really have a firm grasp on clinton and trump's views or are we inundated to the very end on their personal failings? considering the record dog eat dog, it is a considered risk for the majority of americans. record early vote is an acceptance for change, let's hope the discussion on increased reforms occurs before the first
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massachusetts' newspapers rarely agree, but they do on question 2. they agree opponents have run a "campaign of misinformation" they agree in the suburbs question 2 will have "no impact on their schools and their children." they agree it will provide vital "choices for urban parents" and help reduce "the achievement gap." question 2 is "a kid's civil right." join leading newspapers and governor baker
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details on a mystery that shut details on a mystery that shut down part of a busy highway. >> and traffic alert, the warning about the potential gridlock, for drivers in just hours. >> the fight over legalizing marijuana, beefed up today, and the battle for the white house heads to the courtroom in just hours. >> plus caught on camera, exploring mbta tunnels, the concerns over this video. >> this goes down for miles.
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randy: 6:30 on friday morning, a problem here, and along interstate 93, right near concord street. olessa will be updating the fuel spill there, good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm randy price. >> and i'm emily riemer, along with olessa. cindy here, too, and kind of a mild start to the day, huh? >> not so bad. >> right. >> we're starting here, and we're going to end up here. >> which would be nice. >> a lot of sunshine returning, after a dreary start for the day yesterday, and we're at 46 right now, and 48 in boston, and notice plymouth has dropped to 40 degrees, and you can see they are going to want a jacket at the bus stop, and breezy and cool, we will sneak up into the 50s but that wind is only going to get stronger, so you are going to notice that wind picking up and making it feel cold and her blustery. and there is a front to the
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throwing clouds down, especially over the interior this morning, and more clouds passing by to the south, and we'll brighten things up by the lunch hour, bright sunshine, and it's only in the lower 50s with that gusty breeze keeping the temperatures in the low to mid 50s in the afternoon, here are the highs going from 55 framingham to walfam. nashua, 52, we may barely get there, and we have wind blowing, going to feel like it's in the 40s, and you can see south of town, a little better, in i had to upper 50s, and cape, low to mid 50s for you, so bright and sunny here on friday and we'll let you know what's up for the weekend, get you out to the roads and update that situation, olessa. >> thank you, and sky 5 on the scene, this is 93 northbound, right near concord street, and some crews here, crews are picking up the right lane, there is a truck with a fuel spill, spilled 150 gallons so that cleanup will be ongoing and again this is northbound, but you can see southbound side, everyone is stopping to see
6:32 am
the maps and check out the travel times and what else is going on, once again there is the incident you just saw, also a disabled car northbound near route 62, and we're watching a crash on route 3 south, this one by the cove. 93 stays heavy from spot pond down to the lever connector and delays, a bit of volume starting to build on the pike. 15 to 20, 495 to 128, slow ride on 24 northbound out of brockton up to 128, there is shoulder construction and the expressway almost a half-hour b doing ok. and once again a warning for anyone who takes 128, the highway will be closed at highland avenue, and that is so massdot can demolish the bridge, and expect detours starting tonight at 8:00 through sunday afternoon, and emily and randy. >> thank you, we are following breaking news on the eyeopener this friday morning. >> and erika is tracking the overnight developments for us. >> police are investigating a crash, a person hit by several vehicles on 128, and it happened
6:33 am
southbound lanes, the name of the victim has not been released. and also happening right now, two umass students hurt after they were hit by a car at campus, the extent of their injuries unclear this morning. and the driver, a 53-year-old man, did stay at that scene, and today democrats will go to court in new jersey and ohio, to accuse the gop and the trump campaign of voter intimidation. and the republicans have denied the allegations, and the trump is training cold watchers. >> and today the fight over marijuana is about to heat up in massachusetts. >> and sera congi is in boston this morning with the new moves happening. >> with the election around the corner, and today being the last day for early voting both sides are stepping up their arguments. and this morning a number of doctors will appear in front of the state house urging people to support legalizing recreational marijuana.
6:34 am
4 movement, argues that marijuana is harmless, and should not be classified with hard drugs, and opponents argue legalization could make marijuana more accessible to kids. here's a look at question four, a question vote would allow anyone to possess, use, and cultivate marijuana and products in limited amounts. it also includes regulation and taxation of marijuana and marijuana products. so you can find a whole list of mobile app. click on politics. live this morning in boston, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> speaking of that app, the app has you covered, and wherever you are on the election night, including real-time, town by town results, updated electoral college, and any changes to the ballots. you can download it free right now in your app store, and a new jersey woman is suing umass amherst in connection with her
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in october of 2013. he was a drug informant for the campus police, and his mother is seeking 5 million from the school saying that they did not inform her of his drug activity, and 1 million from the other student for wrongful death. the university says that it does not comment on pending cases. >> i am walking into my first event. never been in one in my life. >> right now the mbta is looking for answers after t shot underground comes to light. several people walking through abandoned green line tunnels. this video posted by exploring with josh, the group not hiding their faces, walking water-covered tracks through the long abandoned tunnels, and no vandalism is seen but the t is concerned. transit police say that they are aware of the video and detectives are investigating. >> and new at 6:30, the presidential candidates telling the truth on the trail?
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is helping students, and now we look at one of the questions in massachusetts, question 2. about charter schools, a yes vote would allow us 12 approvals for either new charter schools or expanded enrollment at existing schools every year. you can find a full list of the ballot questions on the mobile app.
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most banks are all the same... capital one isn't most banks. ? it's a relaxed place with helpful people focused on you, not trying to sell you things you don't want. and free checking accounts that are actually free. no minimums. no fees. no nonsense. that lets you bank wherever you are. that's banking reimagined.
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olessa: we are following breaking news, 93 northbound, sky5 by concord street, a truck with a fuel spill. 150 gallons spilled, and two right lanes are closed right now, and this is happening on 93 north side near route 62, we'll keep you post and had bring you any details. and speaking of the roads, is there something about your commute bugging you or traffic mystery? you can ask olessa, tweet me or email me at, skill get the answers for you and share them right here on the eyeopener >> a little cool. 48 degrees in boston but the skies are clearing out, it will be a brighter but a breezy day, and that wind out of the northwest. going to keep the temperatures down so low to mid 50s the
6:40 am
weekend. and low 50s tomorrow with a mixture of sun and clouds and on sunday we might not hit that. temperatures moderate, though, early next week. >> all right, thank you. commitment 2016, we have seen countless attacks on the campaign trail, and this morning, we want to know are the candidates telling the truth or is it pants on fire? angie joins us live from washington, and you have the research to rate each candidate, >> we rate what the candidates say, ifette sounds like something the average person would wonder if it's true we rate it, of the statements from hillary clinton, about 26% of her statements have been rated negatively. that's mostly false. false. or pants on fire. she's been in the public eye a long time and very careful. with donald trump he's new to the political scene, his first run for public office. he comes from reality
6:41 am
wrong. about 70% of his statements have been rated mostly false, false, or pants on fire. >> what struck you about the accuracy or the tone of this campaign? >> for accuracy donald trump has made a lot of mistakes. again first time candidate. the tone has been extremely negative with both candidates attacking each other over their personal qti background, so for voters who want to vote on the issues they need to study. >> all right, thank you very much. angie from politifacts, live from washington. >> thank you. >> and we're following breaking news in news to go this morning, coming up, the mystery for police investigating a deadly highway crash, and megyn kelly revealing demeaning treatment. the harassment that she is putting in a new book, and
6:42 am
professional golf tournament in north korea. kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework...
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bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, kate: and i'm kate.
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>> good morning, the eyeopener with your news to go, we're at needham and boston and erika is tracking the presidential candidates, and. >> and we're following breaking news right now, sky 5 over the
6:45 am
watching this, and she will have the traffic impact for you in just a moment, first, we want to get a look at the forecast. >> cindy. >> and we're making some progress here? >> we are. >> yeah, i want to check in with the drought monitor. it updates every thursday morning, we have slight improvements, the area of drought, down 9%, severe drought down 22%. so we're getting there. we still have a long way to go, but the drought situation improving with any rain that we get. beautifu you that, we are a good 30 minutes from sunrise this morning, sun not up until 7:22, clear to partly cloudy skies, a quiet, dry stretch, a big area of high pressure building in from the midwest, and breezy, cool flow out of canada, and that is the story the next couple days. you can see how much chillier it is to the north, so that's the air mass that's going to be working in, so we're close to average today, in the mid 50s, and notice the low 50s tomorrow, and upper 40s the best we do on sunday, so a cooler weekend coming up. right now 46 out the door in
6:46 am
near 50 on the cape. and the wind is not terribly active but the breeze will pick up through the afternoon, by lunchtime, lots of bright sunshine, lower 50s, low to mid 50s for highs. and looking for a high of 55 in boston, and cooler, though, out through the worcester hills, and tonight we're down into the upper 20s and low to mid 30s, there will be frost around, and you can see what happens overnight, skies stay clear, and a lot of sunshine first thing on saturday morning, and some clouds fill in from the north and west, so the skies on saturday are during the morning, and we get into sunday, and lots of sunshine inland but clouds along the coastline and notice the temperatures, either side of 50 but a dry weekend is ahead. let's go back out to the roads and a trouble spot there in wilmington. >> yeah, sky5 on the scene, this is a check of what's going on, on 93 northbound, there is a truck off to the shoulder, and you can see it there, and that truck, the tank on it was punctured by some flying debris and it caused a fuel spill all over the road. this is 150 gallons of fuel spilled and they are going to be
6:47 am
and this is all happening on 93 north in wilton near concord street. this is south of route 62, so if you are going that way, plan accordingly and of course, the southbound side, everyone stopping with the curiosity delays to see what's going on, on the opposite side of the road, and as you travel route 3 we have got a crash here, by trouble cove road, delays, and 93 stays heavy from concord street where that incident is down to the lever connector. pike eastbound, 25-minute ride, 4 95 brockton up to randolph and there is shoulder construction going on there, and 95 heavy out of sharon, and your trip on the 13r5eu, half-hour, braintree into boston, trains and buses doing ok. >> thanks, we're following breaking details from walfam, a person hit and killed on 128 south late last night, state police say the person was hit by several vehicles while walking in one of the southbound lanes, that crash forcing three lanes of traffic to be shut down for some time.
6:48 am
indication as to why that person was walking on the highway. >> right now drivers are bracing for what will be a major highway disruption starting tonight. >> the eye's antoinette antonio is live in needham with the impact of what you need to know. antoinette. >> this could be a huge mess this weekend as crews tear down the old highland avenue bridge. they are shutting down the highway to do it, and of course, that means a lot of detours. here's a look at the area we're talking about, from sky5, t place. and most of the old bridge, except for the sections right over the highway, are already gone but that all changes this weekend. so here's what you need to know. starting tonight, through 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, northbound drivers will get off at the highland avenue exit, detoured back and from around 1:00 p.m. on saturday until sunday afternoon, southbound drivers will have to face similar detours, anyone driving right
6:49 am
won't be able to, they will have to drive around the whole area, and best advice, avoid the area this weekend if you can. live in needham this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> if you are hoping to beat the crowds and the long lines on election day, today is your last chance for early voting in massachusetts. and so far this has been really popular, it has been a huge success in the first year in the state. there were long lines at the boston city 800,000 registered voters cast their ballots ahead of tuesday's election, and that means early votes will make up almost 25% of the total votes. again today is the last day for early voting. the secretary of the commonwealth has asked local election officials to extend those voting hours to at least 5:00 tonight. live in boston, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> of course we are now just four days until the election,
6:50 am
candidates. of the more than two dozen events today, many are in ohio and pennsylvania, and last night donald trump and hillary clinton were both in north carolina. >> when i look at these great admirals, to think of her being their boss -- >> we are standing against the possibility of returning and normalizeing discrimination, take it serly >> democrats will argue if federal court in new jersey and ohio. republicans are working with trump to intimidate minority voters. and the gop denies those claims. >> a lowell dad is facing charges after police say that his eight-year-old son brought a gun to school. police say that the boy showed the .25 caliber pistol to classmates at his school last week. he was not -- it was not loaded at the time. the father is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm
6:51 am
taking action against this farm. it was cited for animal abuse after hundreds of animals were found in deplorable condition. now selectman have filed a preliminary injunction against the property owner. they also voted to hire assistant animal control officers to conduct inspections. the state is taking steps to make college debt more manageable. there is a new pilot program proposed by treasurer debra goldberg that would alert students to their debt load and estimated monthly goldberg hopes the program will help students be more aware of loan debt. if approved umass amherst will participate in that pilot. and fox news anchor megan kellly is making sexual harassment claims against roger ailes. she says that he repeatedly harassed her soon after she joined the network in 2004. she references comments he allegedly made about her clothes and lewd remarks about how she could get to the top faster.
6:52 am
a former anchor filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. >> a las vegas hotel goes dark after a power outage there, thousands of hotel casino guests were forced to evacuate as they were working to repair the damaged main powerline there, firefighters rescued 11 people from elevators. a few guests did suffer anxiety attacks, but no injuries were reported. guests have been out of the hotel since noon yesterday, and they are nearby hotels. and the cubs' world series win, and now that iconic celebration is on the cover of "sports illustrated." the photo features anthony rizzo's joy after the team's final out in game seven against the indians. fans say that the victory breaks the 108-year-old curse of the billy goat. the magazine will hit newstands this weekend. >> a drawn out finish to the
6:53 am
lightning tied it up in the third. they go to overtime, nobody scores and then to the shootout which lasted ten frames. back and forth, one each until jimmy hayes, who hasn't scored since february, knocks it in. the celtics struggle on the road in cleveland. down 20 points, that's when lebron james scored 20 of his own. he had 30 on the night for them. the celtics managed to catch up in the fourth, getting it within the cavs stayed ahead 128-122 is the final. and the two australian hackers, managed to pull off a different kind of hack. >> they pulled off the ultimate prank and ended up playing in the north korea golf championship. they were australian golfers and when asked if they were the australian team, they did not say no. they went along with it. and they are going as far as making blazers with fake titles
6:54 am
they were not professional. >> i hit 120, which apparently is not very good, and she thought it would bring great shame on my family. >> they did not come in last. second to last, not bad, and they are not done yet. the two say that they are hoping to crash the national golf open in somalia in march. >> maybe they come in third to last next time. who knows. anyway, olessa, we have got trouble on the roads. >> we are talking about a problem spot, and this is in wilmington, at concord street, and there is a truck that had the tank punctured by debris and fuel spills leaked, about 150 gallons, so the two right lanes are closed right now, and again, this is northbound, so expect that heavy volume, let's get to the maps, once again, this is all going on, on the northbound side but southbound, everybody is slowing down to see what's going on so you have got
6:55 am
volume on 93 southbound to the lever connector. right now your ride on the pike is a half-hour, 495 for 128, and we're watching the delays on 24 out of brockton, also route 3 from weymouth to braintree and a half-hour trip on the expressway, braintree into boston. so far, trains and buses are running on schedule, and a warning for anyone traveling on 128 in needham. the highway will be closed and that will be right by highland avenue, that's so massdot can demolish the bridge, expect detours startion afternoon. cindy. we get an hour of sleep? >> we get the extra hour of sleep, and look at the temperatures out the door. not bad. we're running in the mid 40s in worcester and upper 40s in boston and around 50. and we have got a beautiful sight. we are going to see a return to a lot of sunshine today, but notice the wind out of the northwest, only near 10 this morning, and the wind is going to pick up after sunrise, and it's going to increase this afternoon, so sustained winds up
6:56 am
it's bright but breezy and it is cool. we come up to 50 in worcester and mid 50s in boston, so it's a cooler day, the cool air is flowing out of canada and the door is open here, and as this front drops in through, so it's going to be a cooler weekend, too, and a bit of cloudiness this morning, the clouds kind of thin out, and we start out clear, and clear skies, and so the temperatures tonight, get down into the upper 20s and lower 30s in the suburbs, 35 downtown, and it's a bright start on disturbance dropping out of new england, and we'll throw out the clouds, so more cloudiness on saturday afternoon, and as the tide builds in, sunday is brighter, although along the coastline, we are going to have a bit more cloud cover with the northerly wind, just a reminder as olessa alluded to, it's the weekend that we do get that extra hour of sleep as we fall back but that means that the sun, the sun sets on sunday at 4:31, going to be a cool sunday in the upper 40s but a trend next week and with the earlier sunrises, next week, the
6:57 am
>> right. >> dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. >> there is that. >> right. >> thank you very much for joining us, and we hope you have a fantastic weekend. >> we're back at noon and all of us see you on monday morning at 4:30 a.m. every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to
6:58 am
we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public education, vote no on question two. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena? rapid wrinkle repair works... one week.
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"one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena?. "see what's possible." massachusetts has many great public schools, and we took it for granted that our kids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky. where they live, they don't go to a great school, and they have no choice. imagine if your kids were trapped in a failing school. public charter schools give parents a choice d are a pathway to success for these kids. if you like your school, question 2 won't affect you. but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help. please join me and
7:00 am
good morning, america. we have our brand-new poll this morning as the candidates hit their final weekend on the campaign trail. >> because everything donald trump has said and done is a preview of what could happen. >> donald trump and hillary clinton cross paths in the battleground states. >> we'll have some big beautiful >> while melania trump takes center stage for the first time since that vepgs fiasco. >> a woman missing for months found being held captive chained inside a storage container trapped by a possible serial killer. her boyfriend still missing. how police finally discovered her and the search for more victims right now. breaking news, a major recall affecting millions of washing machines after hundreds of reports of about samsung washers blowing apart, hurting


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