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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from boston 's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 avenue. antoinette: hello, i'm antoinette antonio. erika and emily are off today. we begin with breaking news this noon. the fbi and new york police department are assessing the credibility of information they received of a possible al qaeda terror attack against the u.s. on the eve of election day. officials say counterterrorism investigators are reviewing the information that mentioned new york, texas, and virginia as potential targets.
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both hillary clinton and donald trump are holding their election date parties in new york. breaking in jordan, three u.s. service members have been killed at an incident at an airbase. jordanian officials say the car they were riding in failed to stop at the gate. one of the air force officers from jordan was also injured. an investigation is underway. we're following breaking news out of new jersey where two former allies of governor chris christie have been convicted in the so-called bridgegate trial. bridget kelly, governor chris christie's former deputy chief of staff, and bill baroni, a christie appointee to the port authority of new york and new jersey, accused in a plot to use traffic jams for political retaliation. christie has denied any
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but kelly, baroni, and a third official who has pleaded guilty all testified that christie was informed about the lane closings either before or while they were going on. back to the election -- time is running if you're hoping to cast your ballot early and beat the rush at the polls on election day. a large turnout expected for the final day of early voting at pulling places like boston city hall. our sera congi is live there with what you need to know to sera: it is another busy day at city hall. take a look. that is the start of the line. it winds are around and wraps around city hall plaza. this morning, they opened up an hour early to accommodate the egg crowd. the line spilling outside boston city hall, voters standing in the chilly morning air for the last chance to cast their ballots ahead of tuesday's election. >> this is the longest line i've
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have caught on in massachusetts. this is the first year the state is offering early voting as an option, and thousands have taken advantage. >> i have to go to springfield for work on tuesday so i want to make sure my vote in before then . >> well, i'm a traditionalist was determined to vote on tuesday and stick with what i've done for the past 40 years, and this morning, i decided i am going to go to new hampshire and help out with the get out the vote effort there. sera: as of thursday, more than 800,000 peop h nearly 25% of total turnout for this election. voters we've talked with say the early option helps more people participate in democracy. >> it's absolutely about convenience. i have lived in other states where they had early voting, so it is great that massachusetts decided to do this year. sera: they are trying to get the road in at the lunch hour --
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a lot of local election officials are being asked to stay open at least until 5:00 tonight, but again, the last day of early voting. but there is always tuesday. you can vote on election day. live from city hall plaza, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: and we take a live look now from atkinson, new hampshire where donald trump is holding a rally. a tight race in the granite state, both campaigns focused on the granite temp will be in manchester on hillary clinton will be in monday. manchester this sunday. exact details of her visit have not been released. and president obama will be monday, campaigning for clinton at the university of new hampshire in durham. new hampshire's four electoral votes could be crucial. a new suffolk university poll shows trump and clinton tied at 42%. new hampshire not the only state
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they are calling in reinforcements, trump calling on his family and clinton leaning on her supporters and musicians. mr. trump: to think of her being there boss? t --heir boss? i don't think so. chisms. clinton: he retweets whe supremacists theories. reporter: battling head-to-head in the same must win states as a race that is anyone's game. clinton has some momentum of three points 47 to 44, but still within the margin of error. trump trying to catch up, leaning on his wife melania. mrs. trump: he certainly knows how to kick things up, doesn't he?
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family and her plans to and cyber bullying as first lady. the clinton campaign also narrowed in on key demographics. senator kaine: [speaking span ish] reporter: vp candidate senator tim kaine giving a speech entirely in spanish and president obama energizing crowds. my hillary clinton every step of the way. >> clinton is trying to focus on the economy and ramp up support from lacked voters. >> also busy with a three-state stop of his own. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. antoinette: we have the presidential candidates covered on election night. they will both be in new york
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campaign headquarters and ben simmoneau will be with the clinton camp. a live look over the city of boston right now. if you clouds, blue skies, not much on the radar. cindy, are you tracking that? cindy: i sure am. we have a difference in temperature, cooler in all areas. but temperatures are in the 60's across the area. mid 50's though in boston. the winds haveke considerably. they are gusting at tweet five miles per hour in a lot of spots. this is cooling down -- pulling down even cooler air. a big area of high pressure to our west. a big tip for the weekend -- passing cloud cover out there. the clouds have dissipated as we had through the afternoon and evening. temperatures holding steady.
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antoinette: all right, cindy, thank you. state police working to identify the pedestrian who was struck and killed last night on 128 south in waltham. the victim was apparently walking in the second travel lane from the right, about a half-mile before exit 26, when he was hit by a car. after the initial impact, other vehicles also struck the victim. it's still unclear why the victim was on the highway. troopers did not find any abandoned vehicle that might have belonged to the pedestrian. two umass dartmouth students, hurt after being hit by a r the victims both women, ages 19 and 21. they were hit around 6:15 last night at the intersection of old westport road and cross road, near a campus entrance. their injuries are unclear this morning. the driver a 53-year-old man from westport did stay at the scene. you can expect traffic backups on 128 through needham this weekend as crews tear down the rest of the old highland avenue bridge, the stretch right over
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through the area. starting tonight through 2 p.m. tomorrow -- northbound drivers will get off at highland ave and be detoured back onto the highway. then from around 1 pm saturday until sunday afternoon, southbound drivers will have to face similar detours. highland ave itself will be completely closed over route 128. harvard's men's soccer team is suspended for the rest of the season over lewd comments made about female players. the so called scouting report rated incoming freshmen on the women's soccer team, assigning them scores based on appearance. in a letter to students, the athletic director explained the school's decision saying, "this practice appears to be more widespread across the team and has continued beyond 2012, including in 2016, and that current students who participated were not immediately forthcoming about their involvement."
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and respect. >> i understand it is something to be frowned upon, but when you cancel an entire season, you put -- you punish an entire academic body. antoinette: the women's team submitted this op-ed to the school newspapers saying, in part, "we are appalled that female athletes who are told to feel empowered and proud of their abilities are so regularly reduced to two of physical appearance per cone -- reduced it to a physical appearance." new at noon, the boston police department, honoring the doctors who saved the lives of two police officers shot in the line of duty. officers richie cintolo and matt morris were shot october 12 while responding to a domestic disturbance in east boston. yesterday, commissioner william evans issued a commissioner's commendation and a heartfelt thank you to mgh doctors george c. velmahos, david king, and the entire mass general hospital trauma team. the officers were both shot multiple times during the
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bleak prognosis in need of immediate life-saving care. the doctors received a standing ovation from all in attendance. a gruesome discovery in south carolina. a woman found chained inside a storage unit. her warning to police for the potential of more horrors on this property. and washing machines exploding, causing serious injuries, samsung customers being warned to take advantage of a massive recall. out there today, but chillier this weekend. antoinette: and several people walking inside a abandoned him g-8 tunnels. why the tea is sounding the alarm. >> a half-hour of news at the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00 -- j.c.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. antoinette: a disturbing discovery in south carolina -- a womami metal storage unit. the man accused of holding her captive will face a judge this afternoon. kala brown had been missing since august. police were searching the spartanburg property of todd kohlhepp, a realtor and registered sex offender, who was convicted and sentenced to prison for kidnapping in 1986. brown telling police there may be as many as four bodies of other women buried on the property. >> we are trying to make sure that, you know, we don't have a serial killer on our hands. that could very possibly be what we have.
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still missing. kohlhepp will face at least one charge of kidnapping for now. to your economy this noon and , another major recall from samsung to tell you about. this involves washing machines. hundreds of people reporting cases of top-loading washers that could explode while running at a high speed. the nation's top consumer watchdog and samsung are recalling an unprecedented 2.8 million machines, after some people reported injuries. others saying their children getting seriously hurt. >> so, without warning, the washing machine just exploded. it's in a like a bomb went off. >> i do the laundry in my family. i have two young boys. this would scare the heck out of me, which is why we hope that parents and others take advantage of this recall. antoinette: the machines in question, 34 different models
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>> i have never been in a subway tunnel in my life. antoinette: right now, the mbta is looking for answers after this video shot underground comes to light. several people, you see there, walking through abandoned green line tunnels. the 8-minute video was posted by exploring with josh. the group, not hiding their faces, walking through the cover tracks in those long-abandoned tunnels. no vandalism is seen in the video, but the t is concerned. transit police say they are aware of the video, and detectives are investigating. all right, 56 degrees. i keep putting off the fall cleanup saying, oh, it's going to get colder it's going to get colder. cindy: i'm sure neighbors appreciate that. antoinette: i feel guilty. cindy: the wind direction is always changing buried you are good. you are covered.
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temperatures this weekend. look at the cooldown. especially sunday, we do not get out of the 40's. the average high in the mid-50's. so, things are changing and this is a reminder for you that this is a weekend that we turn those clocks back one hour on saturday night. the sun will be setting so much earlier. we will be looking out little more detail in the morning hours next week. lots of blue s boston. 55 degrees in town. a noticeable uptick in the winds. out of the northwest, or two miles per hour, and we are getting higher gusts, orange getting gusts over 20 miles per hour on the cake as well. that is making it feel cooler than it actually is. at notice jaffrey is still only 48 and
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we will hold pretty steady the next few hours. notice some patches of clouds north and west of town. we will have these clouds then on out. the air is just flowing out of canada. it is cooler, but drive. a huge area of low pressure. the winds will start to die down after sunset under clear skies. overnight hours, the winds dying off, it's a chilly night ahead. we will be in the upper 20's and her coolest suburbs and even boston will be in the mid-it 40's. a lot of lower 50's, even upper
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we have clear skies to start saturday morning. very limited moisture. here in southern new england, a few clouds in the afternoon. along the coastline, take a look. northerly winds, and it does generate some clouds. away from the coastline. especially kit god, coming up on sunday. back to bright sunshine on monday. -- especially cape caught, coming up on sunday. if you did not take advantage of early voting and are planning on heading out election day, the weather looks good. we should touch 60 degrees on tuesday afternoon. so, mild for election day this year.
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all right, cindy, thank you. the right place at the right
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every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
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caught on camera, an officer's cruiser cam capturing him as he rushes to the rescue of a woman having a heart attack on the side of the road. that woman unresponsive as he calls for help, then pulls her out of the truck and starts performing cpr. doctors say tina costello had a heart attack that was so severe only about 10% of people survive it. she woke up days later. the officer responding as he heard the good news. >> it looks like she is going to make a full recovery because of the quick way you administered went toward saving her mental capacities at as well. >> the blessings of the lord, being at there at the right time. and knowing how to respond. antoinette: doctors said tina probably would not have survived that drive to the hospital if not for that moment that officer jordan jones pulled her family over. wow, talk about right place at the right time. cindy: absolutely amazing.
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cindy: [laughter] cool, dry. don't forget to fall back. antoinette: have a great day. >> this is an editorial by the bcb --wcvb channel president and general manager bill fine. mr. fine where do you stand? : vote early or on election day? although october surprises have caused some controversy over the wisdom of early voting, so far that question is being answered yes by an overwhelming, record margin of 2 to 1 over 2012's presidential elected officials and watchdog groups alike share the same complaint -- america's voting process is broken. tuesdays are inconvenient, and the number one difficulty and reason americans cite for not voting. tuesday elections have their origin during the agriculture driven economy of the 1800's. weekends were eliminated for religious reasons and monday was a day of horse and buggy travel to the polls. it is beyond time to encourage some new thinking, if not a complete overhaul of old standards.
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flexibility for those with inflexible work schedules. it also eliminates the need to stay in line for hours, sometimes in during inclement weather. factors which also lower turnout. there is the risk early voting cuts short the vetting process and late developments in a campaign may impact our choice up to the last minute. do we really have a firm grasp on clinton and trump's views on the important issues, or are we inundated to the very end on their personal failings? considering the record negatives dogging both candidates, any vote, early or on election day, is a considered risk for the majority of americans. record early voting is a strong indicator of acceptance for reform. let's hope the discussion on increased reforms occurs before the first candidate announces for 2020.
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>> welcome, everybody, to hometown heroes week, where each day we're saluting some of the finest human beings you're ever going to meet. they're all deserving of the $1 million. let's find out if one of them is gonna take it home with them. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ? ? hey, everybody, it's hometown heroes week on "who wants to be a millionaire." this guy was named sexiest doctor alive by "people" magazine. today's hometown hero is also a third-year medical resident who has been using his 1.9 million social media followers to raise money for various charities and inspire young people to be the next generation of hometown heroes. from new york, new york, please give it up for dr. mikhail varshavski, better known as doctor mike.


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