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tv   On the Record  ABC  November 6, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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ed: we are going down to the wire. good morning. time to go "on the record." a momentary scare on the campaign trail for donald trump, but he recovers. quickly. donald trump: nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. ed: crusade for electoral votes. hillary clinton: i want to be the president for everybody. people who agree with me. people who do not agree with me. people who vote for me. people who do not vote for me. ed: and what rain? >> have you ever heard go back to boston? >> no. no one has said it yet. ed: with new hamsphire, a nail biter.
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let's go "on the record." >> from wcvb boston, the inside word from washington to beacon hill. ed: good morning. i'm ed harding along with janet wu, our political reporter. john down to tuesday. less than 48 hours until election day in perhaps one of the most emotionally exhausting presidential races in history. even recognize the man to our right. this is boston mayor marty walsh. the democrat has invested a lot two of the 4 state wide ballot questions this november. he has been campaigning vigorously for hillary clinton. thank you for joining us. janet: we will start at the top of the to get paid you have been campaigning in pennsylvania. you are just in new hampshire yesterday. of course, you're campaigning for hillary clinton. what did you see, first of all, that gives you hope she will close those two states
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definitely needs. secondly, what gives you pause trump could take them? that janet: first of all, you cannot take anything for granted here in regards to what the polls say. that is something that even if the polls have you up or down, that is something you have to look at. we do not know what the ballot says. he have to campaign. here in new hampshire, i have the better feeling up there for hillary clinton as i went door-to-door, knocking and talking to people. serious. people making decisions about what is going on. the undecided factor is less they are today. yesterday, a couple of guys were working on the roof of a house. i walked over and started talking to them. two of them were for hillary clinton. one was undecided, disgusted with politics. i suggested, before you decide not to vote, take a look at the candidates.
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could make donald trump smile? mayor walsh: not a new hampshire. in new hampshire, you can stick signs anywhere. it says less. talking about donald trump's ground game, one of the senators was talking about arizona. i was there the last how many weeks in a row. i have not seen anyone knocking doors for donald trump. hillary clinton clearly had. 750 people in one office. ed: you would not think the four electoral votes could swing it one way or another. new hampshire is one of the most important states to, -- come up. mayor walsh: it will be key as far as that a we have the governor's race up there. the senate race up there.
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the balance of the senate liaison new hampshire. ed: we talked about you being in manchester to talk -- campaign for hillary clinton. a lot to talk about the city and state. predict what will happen to your white house and d.c. connections if donald trump wins? mayor walsh: i was talking to someone yesterday that having bad relationship with the white house brings millions of dollars to cities and towns across america. it is so important to have. grant to redevelop housing development. $30 million that could potentially come to our city. we have transportation money. health care money. we have all kinds. ed: but a trump victory, you fear that will stop. mayor walsh: absolutely. i think he would run a right house that would run the same way privately.
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jeopardy? mayor walsh: hundreds of millions of dollars. janet: let -- let's do local issues. question 2 -- charter schools -- and question 4 -- legalizing pot -- are our biggest battles locally. you will and the governor are on the same page when it comes to marijuana. you do know -- you do not want it being legalized. but you've got dueling tv ads on charter schools. does political clout matter in ballot question campaigns? mayor walsh: i do not think so. make up their own minds. there are people like me and like the governor who may vote the opposite way of both of us. it comes down to, much like a campaign, to having people on the street to my activists, working passionately. can i sway a few people -- possibly. but i do not think i can sway people. people will make up their own minds. we overestimate the ability of a political endorsement.
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i deny get on tv. but it is a big, important question for boston and for massachusetts. i have said this more than once. i am a charter school supporter. the issue here -- it comes down to funding. comes down to raising the cap so aggressively that there is not a funding mechanism and it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars over time for the city of boston in shortfall legislature would come through that happened? mayor walsh: i do not think they can now. what i would propose they do is that hopefully question two gets defeated in the sense that it is not that the legislature cannot come back and have a modest funding mechanism. the conversation belongs in the legislature, so you can modestly raise the cap across the
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to question two, let's apply it to a question for bear if question for passes, will you'd, as mayor, do something to make sure marijuana is not legal in the city? mayor walsh: a lot of questions i have been on side of over the year, question four is one of the most important. in boston, if question four passes, their marijuana industry has the ability, up to 48 pot shops, to be placed in the city the way the law to israel does not give us the ability to regulate. if you live in ducks bury or wellesley or western mass, you do not have rights when it comes to zoning. so this industry has the ability to put pot shops in your town. you may say will not happen here. look at what is happening with medical marijuana. people are fighting it in massachusetts. the voters voted and said they wanted it, but not in their
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citywide ballot to stop in boston? because you do have that ability. mayor walsh: we will not stop it but we do have to get zoning regulations. the voters will have to openly vote on it. janet: would you support something like that? mayor walsh: absolutely. the problem is after the fact. he will not have the ability to have a ballot question in january to change a lot that was just past, because it does not change affect does take effect ed: let's go to the otr pop quiz. are you ready? it is easy. four questions. in the final days of the 2006 season, the otr pop question is about some big names in the election. fbi chief james comey was involved in a dramatic hospital bedside showdown between himself and bush chief of staff andy card back in 2007. what was the issue that had the men at odds?
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ed: we are down in the weeds. comey refused a secret nsa wiretap. when james comey was u.s. attorney in new york, he prosecuted which household name for lying about insider trading? mayor walsh: bernie made off. ed: household as in complex. martha stewart living. [laughter] hope i do better tuesday. ed: we will be right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we're offering incredibly fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it.
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ed: i do not want to put pressure on you, but this is 0-2.
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wikileaks emails showing dnc favoritism for hillary clinton over bernie sanders forced three top dnc staffers to resign, including the chair, debbie wasserman-schultz. who is the latest political insider to resign after hacked emails were released? mayor walsh: i am busy campaigning. ed: 0-3. [laughter] donna brazile. mayor walsh: she resigned? ed: she is still the acting enc cnn. here is the last one. from royal please. maine is one of the two states in the union that splits the allocation of electoral votes. the other one is? mayor walsh: alaska. ed: you got that one right. [laughter] ed: manny ramirez made $20 million and failed seven out of 10 times. janet: ok. your name is on the list of folks hillary clinton might recruit if she wins on tuesday. do you have any interest
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mayor of the city of boston. janet: no way, no how, no when? mayor walsh: right now, no. ed: you talked about campaigning. i am understanding when i say how important it is, but it is vitally important. so another name possible is congressman steve lynch. he told a story about how at one point early in both your careers, you were on opposite sides of a campaign. you were both out knocking on doors, and you were surprised when you got to one house. mayor walsh: running for state senate. i was on the other side. we saw him knocking. he was an unbelievable campaigner. there was snow on the ground. he had a pair shoes on and is on best knocking on stores. we lose him somewhere on the way. so i went to my mom's house to get warmed up. i opened the door, and he is sitting out the kitchen table.
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my mother says steve is a nice guy. she says i am voting for steve lynch. [laughter] he loves telling that story, but it is a true story. he is an unbelievable campaigner. there were a lot of houses like that. i grew up in that neighborhood. steve was knocking on the doors and showing he wanted that job. janet: an early lesson not to take any vote for granted. mayor walsh: and steve has not. his name was potential secretary of labor or something like that. but first, we have to win tuesday. anybody thinking about working in the administration, you have to them days to get out there and do campaigning. ed: early voting is a good thing, that thing? mayor walsh: it was great. we had over 40,000 people voting in boston. it was incredible. in massachusetts, over one million people across the state voted, which i think will drive out election day turnouts.
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mayor walsh: i know. it is bad. ed: thanks to boston mayor marty walsh for being our otr guest. >> voters offer a one word wrap up on this election. - airbnb has totally improved my life. i have this extra little bit of money, cash now. - i collect social security and it's augmented with the money i get from airbnb.
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r guests to the local restaurants and the local businesses. and there's just, it's- it's a symbiosis between the hosts and the small businesses here and we help each other. - the extra income has helped us save for our wedding which we are getting married this year being able to you know plan for the future and create that savings is super important to us. - i'm a teacher and i'm actually teaching in the school district where i live. the extra income i have lets me stay at an affordable level. it gives us that little income that keeps the city, for us, affordable for that working class for the working people. i'm maggie hassan, and new hampshire has a very clear choice:
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with the corporate special interests... or a new senator who sides with the people of new hampshire? my focus has always been on creating opportunity for working families: making college and job training more affordable. lowering prescription drug costs. and always protecting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. these are my priorities, why i approve this message... and why i respectfully ask for your vote. ed: it comes down to this. only one full day left before election day. we asked voters for one word about how they are feeling now. >> the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> there is no case here. ? >> good job. eric: -- ted: give me one word to describe your feelings about the election. >> conflicted. >> troubled.
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? ted: one word for the republican nominee, donald trump? >> lunatic. >> hope. >> insane. ted: one word for hillary clinton? >> liar. >> complicated. ted: one word to describe how you will feel november 9? >> elated. we go to our political roundtable conversation. mary anne marsh and eric &. i cannot tell you how many people with their governor romney was running now. eric: in january of 2015, he thought he could win the nomination, but he could beat hillary.
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filled campaign ends with a bit of drama. donald trump was rushed off the stage by secret service after someone yelled out "gun." >> i am a republican and wanted to voice my displeasure with the nominee. so i went there with a simple sign. all of a sudden, i got tackled by several people at once. janet: turns out there was no gun. but what does this say about the anxiety of the country right mary anne: everyone is on the razor edge on this election. this has happened in both campaigns. i glad this was not serious. it turned out to be republican with a sign. what is more disturbing to me is the fact that trump supporters have been saying this is an assassination attempt, when that is false, wrong, irresponsible, etc. what upsets me is that this
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and lies will continue past the campaign. janet: will we see more drama? eric: i hope not. donald trump was behind -- the target of an attempted assassination earlier this year. it is not necessarily a reflection of this campaign, it it is why we provide candidates with full-time protection. ed: if we look that -- at the electoral map, is there any likelihood that donald trump can pull this out? specifically in new hampshire. eric: of course he can win paid his path to the 270 electoral votes he needs is narrower than hillary clinton, but look at where the candidates are campaigning in the final days. i think hillary clinton wanted to end this campaign in states
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utah. a month ago, they were talking about potentially winning these states. where is she? michigan, pennsylvania, new hampshire. she is still trying to walk down hurt -- locked down her democratic base. it is an illustration of how weak she is as a candidate. mary anne: eric spent four years ago at this time on a plane going all over the country. every losing campaign t generate momentum and get the press to think they will win. in reality, new hampshire, pennsylvania, michigan -- they do not have early voting. they vote tuesday. so appearances by hillary clinton and president obama are traditional rallies to get voters out because the only vote tuesday. they have been in every state times two when there is prime voting. hillary clinton wins tuesday. it will not even be the only way
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have every single state. eric: now you're hearing overconfident dancer. mary anne: no. eric: we live in a 50-50 country. that is why this election is still considered close by most people who are watching. mary anne: first of all, this is a real strategy. everyone has to work through tuesday. what has happened here is latinos were vastly undercounted in the polls and elsewhere. they have turned out in droves. that is why this women, kids, latinos, african-americans -- all turning out to vote. they are not voting for donald trump. eric: there is a high turnout, but if you listen to mary anne, she says there is only democrats turning out. i believe it belongs the donald trump. mary anne: you. janet: believed that four years ago let's talk about who they are targeting, their strategy. as he pointed out, donald trump
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dozen states. hillary clinton has instead decided she will not hit as many states, but she has a plethora of celebrities doing a lot of campaigning for her. what is this difference, what does it tell you about their strategy? mary anne: that is a real strategy. these events, whether beyonce, jay-z, lebron james, you have to pick up a tickets. you go after the event and vote. everyone attends an event goes and votes that is smart and not leaving it up to chance. like trump. janet: is she right? eric: no. you start with a romney electoral nap and then at ohio -- those states will go his way. after that, if he can peel off a big blue state like an subbing out near, it is over. he wins. mary anne: hold on -- eric: you hold on.
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the second congressional district in maine. there is a possible he can do that. to say you cannot have -- ed: we want to move to the new hampshire senate race. mary anne: the fact is he has to win florida, pennsylvania, and ohio. he is behind in all its offer ohio paid or wisconsin, ohio, michigan, pennsylvania. if she wins any of those, it is over. eric: i think you're wrong about that. ed: hassan? eric: the last two weeks are very good for kelly ayotte. it is the race at the top of the ticket that has closed. her standing has improved. plus he had the news about the obamacare premium increases. and the hillary clinton emails being investigated. the bell is much closer than two weeks ago.
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right now is donald trump. he is under the most serious investigation. that would be an intelligence investigation number one. number two, the big eric hillary clinton wins new hampshire, though more that maggie hassan will win. -- kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work -
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kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate: and we approved this message. what's kelly ayotte costing you? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that's costing you. she's not working for new hampshire. janet: we are back with otr.
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reason hillary clinton will win. they have turned out in early voting. that will be the greatest irony when donald trump loses because of latino voters. eric: i will step outside of politics. the city of chicago. we waited for this in boston back in 2004. i feel so good for those people. that they finally won a world series. ed: 5 million people showing up for the has had the white sox as has had the white sox as ben hassan is my older brother. he is so funny, and so smart, and my best friend. all families have challenges, and my mom instilled in us very early on the importance of finding solutions to those challenges. and working really hard with your community to get things done. and she made it possible for ben and for me to have a family just like any other family.
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because that's what's in her heart... and mom's still that way today. i'm maggie hassan and i approve this message. ? i'm maggie hassan our neighborhood public schools. they are the bedrock of our communities. the place where 96% of our kids are educated. but even now, these local schools are losing more than 400 million dollars a year to privately-run charter schools. and if question 2 passes, it will only get worse. we can't let that happen. schools and the right of all our kids to a quality education, vote no on question 2. vo: ending funding for planned parenthood. taking away our right to choose. restricting our health care choices. this is senator kelly ayotte's record. ayotte voted six times to end funding for planned parenthood - putting access to birth control and cancer screenings at risk. and she supports overturning roe v. wade.
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yotte. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? ? even hollywood's latest sweetheart needs to... punish the porcelain occasionally. but to avoid embarrassment... i give every bathroom the v.i.poo treatment. spray generously before taking your seat and v.i.poo forms a protective layer trapping the icky smell of your devil's donuts.
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soledad: today on "matter of fact," millions voting early while both candidates face questions about character. trump: she is a crooked one, tengion: donald trump himself is a fraud. soledad: are you experiencing voters remorse? and researching voter fraud. you need to hear what he found after surveying nearly a billion votes. plus, veterans suffering in silence. how one marine's story could help someone you know. but first -- they've made their case.


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