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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this monday morning -- the final day before the election, the candidates hitting multiple state, making the final pitch to american people. hillary clinton bringing out big stars. and donald trump is outraged at the fbi cleared clinton again. breaking overnight, a oklahoma. strong enough to be felt in three other states. we now have new video coming in of the damage lecht behind. happening now, the all-out serge for a missing mother. overnight, her husband speaking out for the first time. and a dangerous high-speed chase ends violently. watch as the driver smashes into a barrier.
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we're almost there. good monday morning, everyone. so close to election day. and we're going to start with the latest dramatic twist in the race. >> fbi director james comey delivered yet another surprise announcement, clearing hillary clinton again after sifting through thousands of nowly discovered e-mails. that decision is not sitting well with donald trump. he revived claims that the >> clinton heads to the finish line accompanied by stars, including lebron james. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning to you. after the october surprise many doubted we would hear from the fbi again before the election. just nine days after announcing the renud investigation, the fbi says their work is finished and charges against clint reason not warranted. this morning, the final fight
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making a last push in a campaign full of surprises. the latest from the fbi clearing clinton again. fbi director james comey now telling congressional leaders based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july. sources telling abc that the new batch of e-mails claimed duplicates that the fbi lur reviewed. trump the new details were disskoefrd now outrajd again. >> right now, she's being protected by a rigged system. >> reporter: clinton's campaign saying they're glad the matter is resolved. no public comment from the candidate. she's wrapping up a weekend of star-studded campaigning and declaring what is is at stake. >> it is a choice between division or unity.
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>> reporter: both campaigns are fighting to the finish. >> i want to be the president for all americans. those who vote for me and those who do not vote for me. >> on november 8th, we're going to do something so special. >> reporter: and here's what the day looks like for the candidates. trump is scheduled to hit five states today with a final rally set if dprand rapids, with running mate mike pence. clinton's last campaign rally will be a independence hall with president obama, first lady michelle, and bruce springsteen. >> and the president will be in michigan for her as well. the final day on the campaign trail will stretch into the early morning hours of election day. >> rick klein has more on the
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>> the october surprise has met its november surprise. a surprise flert the fbi director that suggests that the e-mail probe he said would be opened a few days ago, now closed again. the clinton campaign saying it gives her a clean bill of legal health. the bottom line here is this clears the deck for hillary clinton. if she's able to close the campaign the way she whether it's lebron james or bruce springsteen or jon bon jovi, she was hoping to make the election the focus. donald trump will be scattered around the states to make up whoever ground he has. the momentum back with hillary clinton supporters. she's once again established as the front runner. it's too soon to call the election. clinton seeing a good weekend come out of a very bad stretch.
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that florida could be the key to victory tomorrow. >> both campaigns spent more on ads in florida than any other state. >> the state the democrats really hoped that they can put this away is the state of florida. right now we have seen e early votes. democrats have a 33,000 vote advantage over republicans in florida. the clinton team thinks it's higher. they bel t advantage among independents. if they carry florida, it's over. >> in the meantime, he has to pick off the blue on the map. donald trump eyeing another big state? >> absolutely. look in the rust belt. wisconsin, pennsylvania. no state nmore than michigan. the clinton team is concerned about michigan as well.
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on the final full day of campaigning, clint season holding rallies in pennsylvania, my my, and north carolina. trump is on a five-state blitz stopping in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and michigan. mike trump will join him after rallies in minnesota and pennsylvania. stay with us on tuesday night. election night. our political team will starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we want to move on to this morning's other big story. an earthquake hit a major oil hub in oklahoma. >> town of curbing calls itself the pipeline cross roads of the world. >> the quake left behind shattered windows and brought down building facades. there's concern about the oil pipeline as well as one of the
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residents describe what it felt like. >> i just heard the whole house shaking. i heard the rumbling in the ground. what was going on? nothing in our house broke or fell off the walls. >> i came flying up off the couch. i was shaking. my aunt -- we rushed outside. the aftershakes were crazy. they were like -- yeah. >> oklahoma has h 1 in recent years. nearly all have been traced to the underground injection of waste water. a mother of two suddenly vanishes after going on a jog. a driver in a mercedes on the run from police. ending in a violent crash. a nascar driver pulled over for speeding on his way to the
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a stolen car slams into a freeway barrier, ending a police chase in los angeles. officers tailed the mercedes for about an hour sunday night. it sped before crashing into a sand barrier. wow, you see it there. and ending in a huge cloud of debris into the air there. the suspect got out of the car and surrendered to police. we have breaking news now. just in time for election day, it appears philadelphia's transit strike is now over. the city had planned to ask the court for juan-day pause in the strike to allow more voters to get to the polls. that apparently won't be
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is a battleground state. >> and important timing there. a deputy sheriff has been killed in georgia in an ambush following a dispute between neighbors. the peach county sheriff says the ster died and another deputy was injured when an armed resident opened fire on them. they didn't have a chance to return fire. the u.s.-led coalition is now opening a secondnt syria. that battle could force isis to divert forces from mosul and iraq. they're advancing in that city. both ground operations are being supported by coalition air strikes. gas is flowing again in a pipeline on the east coast. colonial pipeline says it will take three days for the gas to
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terminal. the pipeline can carry 1.3 million barrels of gas a day. the financial markets are banking that hillary clinton will carry pennsylvania and the other states this election. dow joenz stock futures jumped about 200 points after the fbi director said he still doesn't see a case over clinton's e-mails. asian financial markets were up on that news. when we come back, the man accused of chaining up a woman in a metal container is now killer. what was found on his property? and no excuses. woman who cast her vote while in
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the rain could help. it's unlikely to reach the deep south, which also needs it right now. >> with that in mind, driver ners eastern texas and louisiana should watch out for flooded roads this morning. wet roads likely for the north into the central plains. if you're flying, expect delals in dallas, houston, and new orleans. sherry pepini hasn't been seen since she went jogging five days ago. this morning, we'reea was kidnapped. the husband of missing california mother of two, sherry pepini speaking out for the first time. >> she was definitely taken against her will. >> reporter: the 4-year-old described by her family as a supermom, has been missing for five days, seemingly vanishing without a stras wednesday afternoon while out for a jog. alarms going off for family members after she failed to pick
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happen. she would lose her phone. could drop her phone. she could never in a million years not pick up our children on the time that she normally would have. >> reporter: search teams scouring the surrounding area for clues. trying to piece together what happened to this beloved mother. and sherri's husband says he's been questioned by investigators and he's cooperating. papini's family offering a $50,000 can provide information leading to the missing woman's location. authorities in south carolina suspect that todd kohlhepp may be a serial killer. he's confessed to killing four people at a motorcycle shop in 2003. and he's being held without bond after a court appearance in that case. this follows the discovery of a woman changed inside a container on her pris property last week. the remains of her boir and
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op his property. investigators say the cannon called the pumpkin reaper came apart during the launch, sending pieces of machinery throw the air. a 39-year-old woman was hit in the head and the face. a 56-year-old man was also hurt with nonlife-threatening injuries. this almost sounds like a joke. race car driver stopped for going too fast. talk about dale earnhardt jr., pulled over for speeding on his way to the texas motor his traffic stop. he got away with just a warning. he's unable to race right now because of a concussion. when asked on twitter how fast he was going, earnhardt refullied not fast enough, clearly. >> i was just practicing. just trying to stay warm. >> i think it was just at 120 miles an hour. >> just a little over the limit. time now for sports, including the raiders taking the top spot in the afc west. >> here's our guy at espn with
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welcome to the studios of espn "sportscenter." i'm john buccigross. if you're up right now, you were probably in bed last nirgt for the game. the raiders a surprise team this year. you have 6-0. murray scores. sticks it out. there it spp it crosses that white line. that's good. any part of the ball has to touch that white paint from the ground to the heavens, and it counts. murray, again, the raiders murray ran for 114 yards and had three touchdowns. the raiders are in first place. they're 7-2rks as they beat denver last night. earlier on sunday, another great story. another reclamation franchise. the dallas cowboys inspect cleveland. dak prescott, jason witten. one of three touchdown passes on the day for prescott.
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day stop bid on the way to the hospital. >> what? apparently sherks was supposed to give birth tomorrow on election day. she went into labor early. they stopped by to drop off their ballots. so now, you have no excuse for not voting tomorrow. >> i voted while i was in labor. what's your excuse? i love that. she'll always have that. >> just imagine the story she'll be able to tell that kid. hey, you know what? i did my civic duty. in 18 years, you gotta do yours. you may recall last week of the kit kat caper. someone who stole a kit kat bar from hunter davin's car and left a note on napkin. the kansas state freshman thought it was funny. he tweeted a picture of the note. it went viral. the company that makes the candy saw the post and decided to respond by sending him 6500 kit kat bars and loading them into his car.
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comes to grab a few. he got a text from his mother, next time, lock your car. there were 6500. one for each student. >> he's the most popular man on campus. >> now, you got plenty to share. a woman in nevada has turned her home in in to massive doll house. not for just any old dolls. >> only rolls to. she's fild her home with more than 4,000 of them. after starting her collection 30 years ago, she now keeps her most prized dolls in special display cases and even has a room just for the trolls sflp wow. the collection is worth about $50,000. but, she says she's not planning to sell them. she says, they just bring her happiness. i think $50,000 might also bring
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>> cheryl, check out ebay. crocodile tears may have been a good thing for one couple in -- whoa, cascary. >> he pops the question to his girlfriend, in an unusual place. he was at work. up vid vooited her down into the crocodile pit. turns his back. pops the question. luckily, she said yes. >> she'd best say yes. >> maybe she was the crocodile. more news after this.
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checking our top stories, the candidates are rushing across the country in a final campaign blitz. donald trump is holding rallies in five states while hillary clinton is getting a boost from some celebrities and doing some travels of her own. >> clint season picking up momentum after she was cleared by the fbi yet again. after reviewing an additional batch of e-mails, fbi director jim comey is sticking with his clinton. we have breaking news. janet reno has died. she died from complications related to parakinson's dtds. she was 78 years old. today's weather, mild and dry in the west. cool and dry in the east. in between, plenty of rain. and we are finally just one more day to go until election day after an extensive, expensive, and drang campaign
4:28 am
think. >> yes, it has been. our team has tall lid up the moments to bring us breakdown of how this campaign shook out. >> reporter: 511 days. that's how long it's been since donald trump rode the trump tower elevator to announce his presidential run. hillary clinton visited 37 states. trump travelled to 44. by tend of tonight, trump will give 302 speech paps few dozen more than clinton. then here's the fund raisers while clinton went to more than 350. that effects how much money they brought in. clinton raising nearly two times more than the gop nominee. and how are they spending that money? well, a good morning of it is on ads. an area where the clinton team has trounced trump. according to an abc news analysis, the clinton orbit has spent $253 million on tv ads.
4:29 am
million. in fact, clinton has spent almost as much on ads in florida as trump has in the entire country. just some of the nuggets we're learning from this long and winding campaign. ar letd signs, abc news, new york. and, some other numbers. so far, clinton, 25, and trump, 22. the last full press conference, the last one in july. >> of all the states, neither one of them has gone wyoming, hawaii, or alaska. >> you remember way back when. dick cheney went to hawaii on an overnight trip. >> i'll go. right now. off we go. thapt's what's making news america this morning.
4:30 am
randy: we're at 4:30. good morning. monday, november 7. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer. a deadly shooting under investigation in everett. the search this morning for those responsible. randy: down to the wire in the presidential election. the new boost for hillary clinton ahead of the emily: and donald trump in the state of virginia overnight. his new attacks on the latest decision in clinton's email investigation. randy: cold start on this monday morning, cindy. good morning. cindy: good morning to you. yeah, it is chilly out there now. things are changing, though. we've got 38 degrees in boston. just a couple of patchy clouds. skies overall are mainly clear across a good portion of the area. look at the 20's showing up back in worcester county. orange just 26. it's 34 in worcester.


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