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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. voters having to the polls to elect the 45th president of the united states. long lines in several local communities including jamaica plain. both candidates casting their ballots this morning in new york. thank for joining us. emily: so much at stake today. newscenter 5 is covering the candidates and the issues. we have team coverage in massachusetts and in the battleground state of new hampshire. we begin with sera congi who is
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alive and well at the mcgovern school in manchester. officials tell me they are approaching record for the number of registered voters. strong crowd so far. they all seem to agree that they are relieved election day is here. >> i'm glad the whole thing is over. >> tired. >> >> >> i think ' sera: voters heading to the polls relieved after a contentious campaign. in new hampshire long lines formed at this manchester school immediately after polls opened at 6:00. >> i did vote for trump. i want our taxes better and i want the economy better in the think he could do a better job. >> being able to vote for a woman president is amazing. sera: democratic candidate for
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following a pack night of rallies in key battleground states. >> so many people accounting of the outcome of this election. sera: donald trump campaigning into the night headed to his polling place in new york city this morning. >> excited. great opportunity. tremendous enthusiasm. sera: new hampshire is expected to be a tight race for electoral votes and even residence here, accustomed the politics, are ready to move on. >> let's move forward. turnout and voter interest, this table behind me as for new voters. you can register to vote here in new hampshire on the same day as election day and we are told by election officials that this table has been busy all morning long. and also, they ran out of i voted stickers. certainly a lot of people interested in turning out for this vote.
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thank you. local lawmakers heading to the polls. governor charlie baker casting his ballot. we know senator elizabeth warren is supporting hillary clinton and doug meehan's live in cambridge where he caught up with her as she voted this morning. doug: this voting station in cambridge opened at 7:00 this morning with a line around the corner. it's now down to a trickle. at voters included senator elizabeth warren. and admittedly anxious senator elizabeth warren greeting voters to cambridge before conducting civic duties this morning. >> if there is any chance at all that donald trump could be elected to lead this country, i'm nervous. doug: although the massachusetts senior senator feeling like many americans now that the election is finally nearing the end.
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hitting the voting booth early. he said neither of the top two candidates for president would be getting his vote. that box left empty. >> the first time i have not voted for president and i'm disappointed about that. i have lots of friends voting for hillary clinton, lots voting for donald trump. doug: confirming a vote for clinton with warren's choice. she continues to watch for the balance of power shifting in congress. >> these races are tight and the republicans have dumped so many millions of dollars into these campaigns. doug: no slowing down for senator warren. she's continuing to campaign for hillary clinton this afternoon in new hampshire. as far as this evening, she will be doing what a lot of us will be doing, watching television at
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erika: as we said voter turnout strong in a number of new hampshire polls this election day and record turnout is predicted. nicole s the fun continues our coverage from nashua. nicole: more than 3000, represent more than half the potential voters in nashua. this is starting to build up again. they have been very long throughout the morning. the symbol of our in the silence of the early morning. perhaps the only quiet this election day will see. >> it was really something. >> your earning your vote today. nicole: by 8:00 a.m. this nashua poland location seeing more than 1000 votes cast. making this retired servicemen proud to see his life's dedication in action. >> i'm glad people are coming
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the reason we do have services. nicole: after an exhaustive campaign season for and by both candidates it seems the voting public is now taking center stage. >> i'm glad the people are speaking up. nicole: jesse tells us the last time she saw this kind of turnout was in the 1950's. >> they were out at 7:00 in the morning to walk to the polls. it's nice to say the turnout that's come out today. reasons or how history will tell the tale this has been an election season for the books. for first-time voters -- >> just because the candidates and what they are standing for means a lot to us and our generation. >> it was a tough one. it will be interesting to see tonight. nicole: the polls here open until 8:00 p.m. emily: thank you.
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analysts have seen a lot in their time in politics. here's what they will be watching for. >> north carolina and new hampshire, polls close at 7:00 this 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. we could be in for a long night if trump wins both. the romney states. romney got his clock cleaned by obama in 2012 winning only 206 electoral votes. if trump loses any one of the states, he's done. african-american turnout. so far it's not been great for hillary clinton if it's down again it could be a good night for trump. >> pennsylvania, new hampshire, michigan. there's no early voting and all three states are a factor in who wins the white house. emily: some of the first votes in new hampshire are already in. this is video from dixville notch, one of three small communities that voted at midnight. hillary clinton took dixville notch with four votes and hart's location with 17.
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picked the eventual winner in three of the last four contest. erika: after governor maggie hassan casting her vote this morning. the democrat senate race with republican incumbent kelly ayotte. one of the most closely watched in the country. the outcome could help determine the balance of power in the senate. real clear politics averages show each party has 46 seats that are either safe, leaning that way or seats for grabs. the democrats could gain a majority. as for the house, clear politics gives the republicans 244 seats either safe or leaning gop. democrats, what hundred 90. what you want toss ups area -- democrats, 190. emily: all eyes are on the ballot questions. question 2, expand charter schools in state.
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where they cannot stand up or move around. question 4 would legalize recreational marijuana. donald trump plus claim last night that tom brady called him to say that he voted for him. we do not know who brady voted for. brookline did confirm ready cast an absentee ballot yesterday or a trump said he asked brady for permission to make the announcement at the rally. also read a letter he said was from coach bill belichick professing his support. this morning t bill belichick did indeed write a letter to trump. the patriots have not independently confirmed or denied these reports. erika: our special election coverage begins today at 4:00 this afternoon taking you through 6:30. a special hour of coverage at 7:00. abc has the latest results followed by a full recap on new center 5 at 11:00. newscenter 5 will be in news -- in new york city covering the
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campaign headquarters. a special edition of the eyeopener. we are on tomorrow starting at four :00 a.m. through 7:00. count on newscenter five for complete election coverage. some breaking news in stowe where small ultralight plane has crashed. the aircraft went down in a river around 9:00 this morning near crow island. the pilot who was the only one on board was taken to lady minor -- leahy hospital with emily: minor injuries. a woman in serious condition after being rescued from this burning building in brookline. crews arrived at 30 cypress street to heavy fire. latter one rescued the woman from the third floor. it appears the fire started in the rear of the building but it is still under investigation. erika: six young people facing charges after a violent confrontation with police in cambridge.
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an estimated 1000 people were there for a meet and greet with rapper desiinger and celtics rookie jaylen brown. bricks and glass with thrown at officers. witnesses say the should have been a better plan for police to gain control. >> a better way to disperse a crowd than to use mace on these young kids. between 13 and probably 16. ever erika: the teens are charged with trespassing disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. big changes ahead for the pulse nightclub in orlando. how the city plans to permanently remember the victims killed. emily: the benefit for a unique organization that is helping america's heroes. cindy: we are enjoying beautiful weather this election day but the warmth is not going to last. tracking showers that lead to a
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expected in the baystate. look at this line. commitment to thousand 16 coverage continues after this. >> a half hour avenues at the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00. j.c. monahan, ed harding, newscenter 5 at 4:00 of the new afternoon lineup on the view cvb channel fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays.
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erika: long lines around the country on this election day and all eyes are on the battleground states including north carolina. hillary clinton and donald trump spending election date in new
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covering the trump campaign and we begin with kenneth mouton at klinsmann election headquarters. kenneth: the presidential candidate and former president bill clinton's rather by supporters as they cast their ballots in chappaqua, new york. >> the most humbling feeling because i know how much responsibility -- several battleground states. i'm fortunate enough to win. >> the clinton campaign struck a pose for the latest internet craze, the manikin challenge. the campaign saying don't stand still, vote today. expected to be standing room only at the javits center for tonight's election party. clinton, her family and campaign staff will watch results come in right here in manhattan.
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night headquarters. the nominee dropping his ballot at this elementary school in manhattan joining millions of voters in new york and across the country who will decide whether mr. trump will be greeted as mr. president. this couple in pennsylvania is hoping he wins. >> if he does not insult the entire world instance to the business i think maybe he can change the country around hopefully. >> i don't trust hillary. adrienne: trump finishing off a long cheered their nominee. >> today is our independence day. adrienne: in a fox news interview donald trump saying he has are some regrets but is still confident that he will win in several key states. his big election night party kicks off at the hilton hotel. erika: the wcvb mobile app has you covered wherever you are on this election night including real-time town by town for some
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and any changes to the balance of power in congress. download it for free right now in your app store. emily: the city of orlando announcing a deal to purchase the pulse nightclub. the orlando sentinel reporting the site of the deadly mass shooting will be turned into a memorial. mayor buddy dyer says the club should remain as is for the next 12 to 18 months as it's become a gathering place for mourners and the city will reach out to the community for advice on how plans for that memia erika: turning to the weather on election day. not too many disturbances. a little rain but that's it. cindy: that one stripped from the gulf of mexico toward the great lakes. a few showers, nothing crazy. the weather can have huge impacts on election day. no big impacts today which is great. a little cold this morning. maybe went out to vote early on. look at these low temperatures this morning.
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as chilly as low 20's toward norwood, orange and pepperell. we were dealt a. 27 in plymouth. had to share this picture with you. and our pack a farm in hampton farms new hampshire. frost everywhere. the sun has been out for a while. blue sky and it has been doing its job to warm us up. notice the wd . a lighter southeast wind and that is coming off the water. water temperature in the mid 50's. boston is cooler than a lot of spots. beverly, 60 degrees. fitchburg, 65. 64 in jeffrey. it is warmest away from the water. lower 60's, norwood, taunton, new bedford, 50's right now in cape cod. a beautiful afternoon above the
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can see how clear the skies are. a wedge of high pressure in control. this is hanging on through today and then our focus will be on that moisture off to the west. a frontal boundary coming through and there is a wave of low pressure developing on this front and that's with going to send a few showers in our direction. you can see them from st. louis stretching toward cincinnati. they seen what weather come to an end around the chicago area. we watch moisture shift in. try the rest of the day. a better chance than "rain mid-day into the afternoon hours and we try things back out again on thursday. if you're heading out sunshine until it sets and 4:29 this afternoon. temperatures topping out close to 60 in boston even with the seabreeze and we fall back. the low temperatures tonight are not going to be as chilly as the past few nights read a lot of us in the low to mid 60's this
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evening the clouds shift in from the west and they will thicken up overnight. by 6:00 tomorrow morning a couple of shower showing up in the western part of the state. i don't see it as having a big impact on the morning commute tomorrow. with the clouds i decided 40 degrees from those tonight. we will watch that front approach tomorrow. with low-pressure develops. this may enhance some of the rainfall in southeastern massachusetts. along the south coast, the cape, the islands inch of rain or more. otherwise a 10th of an inch of rain or less. if you have outdoor plans there will be some impacts with showers. few and far between during the morning hours. midday tomorrow showers shifting to the coast and dropping toward southeastern massachusetts as we get to the evening hours. clearing follows this front so we are back to sunshine on thursday and for veterans day a reinforcing shot of cold air is coming in and look at how the
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wind, at the 30 miles per hour. that is bringing in colder air for the weekend. highs on saturday, lower 40's. wind chills like a sting in the 30's despite sunshine and that's a good 20 degrees cooler than it is out there today. emily: decorated war hero's moving forward with a new mission. erika: trying to heal battle wounds that you can't see. mission gratitude concert raising performing for this event held at the again as arena. randy price was the mc. it's a benefit for home base, an organization in boston helping veterans from all over. >> we fly them in, cover their airfare, their hotel, their meals and all their cares free. >> it is not just the treatment of focusing on the stigma and breaking down barriers. erika: home base was created seven years ago by the red sox
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veterans and family members and we invite you to join randy friday night at 7:00. it is 7:00 to 9:00 right here on channel 5. a sinkhole opens in a major international city. emily: we will take you to this mess that is causing plenty of
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erika: a gigantic sinkhole opening up in the heart of the major city in japan. the whole swelling up part of this would treat -- 12 emily: that sinkhole is half the size of an olympic pool when he see this video, there were no injuries when that happened. really incredible. erika: a few hours until sunset. cindy: we will see a lot of sun. beautiful weather and then things change tomorrow. showers coming through especially in the afternoon. clearing out, turning colder as we work toward the weekend.
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>> welcome to victory for veterans week. each day we're playing our game with some of the heroes who have served our country with honor. sit back and watch them do battle with $1 million on the line. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ? ? welcome to "millionaire." very special week. it is victory for veterans week [cheers and applause] all week we are honoring the courageous men and women who have sacrificed for our country, and we are doing it together with the folks at dav: disabled american veterans, who are dedicated to helping veterans achieve personal victories over challenges great and small. we're happy to have a few dav members in the audience today. thank you, guys. [cheers and applause] good to have you here. and this is really cool. special today for victory


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