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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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temperature ride. maria: a shocking diagnosis for healthy young women. >> he did an ekg and that's what i knew i was trouble. maria: luckily causing the danger. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. maria: newscenter 5's commitment 2016 coverage continues for you tonight at 5:00. americans across the country making their choice for president right now. ed: history will be made regardless of the outcome. first female to win the presidency. donald trump, the first to reject the washington establishment and heads of his own party. both will watch the results in new york city. maria: voter turnout nationwide is expected to be high. it is predicted many states will set new records. ed: the tight senate race in new hampshire among the ones being closely watched. it is one of a half dozen around the country that will determine which party controls the senate next year.
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ben simmoneau starts off. he's live in new york city with the clinton campaign. ben? ben: good evening. the first time since 1944 that both major party presidential candidates have been from new york, one of the largest spaces in new york city here. they are putting the finishing touches on the stage, the outline they are certainly hoping this is a celebration tonight, not a concession speech. hillary clinton has had a long couple days. she got back here at 3:00, didn't have a long night. she got up early to go vote in her hometown in westchester county. 45 minutes north of the city, greeted by a lot of supporters and cheers. she was a senator for new york for eight years.
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states out of the gate. virginia -- most of it closes at 7:00, and most of florida closes at 7:00. they will also be watching north carolina, in a close fought race. that closes at 7:30. i asked one of her top spokespeople what they think about new hampshire. have a listen. >> we are feeling pretty good about new hampshire. it is a critical state for us. it's a game state. we're really proud of the organization we have. we have thousands of volunteers, many from boston. ben: no early voting, although there has been some this time around. everybody has to get out to those old today, which is why there has been so much attention this weekend. they're also going to be
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we'll expect to see hillary clinton later tonight from that podium. for now, live, back to you. ed: now to the trump campaign. the gop candidate voted in new york city this morning with his wife melania and daughter ivanka. maria: tonight, his campaign will watch the results come in the big apple. newscenter 5's jc monahan joins us live from trump headquarters. jc? jc: as you the hilton midtown, the election party for trump, which right now is media only. they are doing audio tests behind me, and unlike the clinton campaign, this is an incredibly small ballroom. it looks like there's more space for media than supporters, but we do expect the supporters to begin filing in later this evening. as you mentioned earlier today,,
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making it a family affair, like his entire campaign. he later took to twitter to speak to supporters. >> everybody is talking about the record turnout at the polls, it's amazing, but please, go to the polls, we have a movement going on, they have never seen anything like it. >> tough decision. [laughter] jc: tough decision but i think we all know who he voted for. the stage is set, draped with flags. the ballroom is empty other than media, so now we sit and wait. ed: trump continues to claim the election is rigged. today, his campaign filed a lawsuit in nevada over early voting. they claim several polling locations in one county were intentionally kept open two hours late. a spokesman denies the claims,
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line at closing time. late today, a judge denied trump's request to impound and segregate the ballots in question. maria: let's go to jamaica plain which is over some pretty long lines. do you have until 8:00 if you haven't already voted. tonight the state is expecting turnout to top 3 million. rhondella richardson is live with that part of the story. department tweeting boston at 37% as of an hour ago indicative of the long line we have seen here in jamaica plain. a third of voters got it done thru early or absentee ballot. the record 3.2 million voters to turn out four year ago will likely be broken this election night.
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early voting? >> i fear that it would be really, really long. if we get 2 million in person today in addition to the 1.2 million early we had, we have a new record. rhondella: voters are patient. >> it was a good hour and a half. rhondella: and determined to be heard. >> i voted for hillary. it's been divisive and i'm concerned how close the call is they're extreme on every stance. >> trying to straighten out the country, and that means vote trump. >> i'm very excited for the ballot questions i'm voting for. rhondell problems at the polls in marlboro and haverhll but nothing to impact outcomes. >> some equipment failures, nothing to interrupt, and voting tabular issues and one wrong legislative race. -- we have had a few instances where the incorrect local ballot was given out. rhondella: the midday crowd seemingly shocked they didn't beat the rush. >> this my second time coming i had to come back later before
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rhondella: the aclu sounding the alarm, making sure anyone who is disabled can still get in and out. get in line before 8:00; if you are in line, a police officer will stand behind you. then everyone in front of him gets to vote, no matter how long it takes. if i'm the police officer and you are behind me it will be too late. ed: voter turnout in new hampshire is expected to break a record. the white house isn't the only race being watched veryrhondell: democrat maggie hassan and republican kelly ayotte are locked in a heated senate battle. maria: the new hampshire governor trying to unseat the gop incumbent. this could help determine the balance of power in the u.s. senate. we have coverage of both campaigns let's start with david bienick live in concord, new hampshire with the ayotte campaign. david? david: a little swag from the campaign left over.
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election night. behind me you can see a huge american flag behind the podium where kelly ayotte will address her supporters. before voting in her hometown, she says she made 30 stops up and down new hampshire, and throughout the campaign, she has been trying to distance herself from donald trump. after initially saying she would vote for him, she said she wrote in >> as i said, i will be writing in mike pence. that is what i did. this send a rate is about who will be the independent voice for new hampshire. this race is one where i have been earning the support of the people of new hampshire. david: she earlier said she planned to take a picture of her ballot to prove she was writing in mike pence, but in the end
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determination about whether selfies of ballots are legal. ed: newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live in manchester, new hampshire with the hassan campaign. reid? reid: not only is this one of the most expensive senate races in the nation, it and one of the most -- it is one of the tightest races. some polls have maggie hassan winning, others have kelly ayotte winning. the margin of error. voting early alongside family in new fields, she went to several polling places to greet voters and think supporters. new hampshire is the largest independent vote in the nation, 40% of the electorate are independent, and granite staters are well known to vote for the candidate they know over party loyalty. you'll see a lot of split
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is what you saw maggie hassan crisscrossing the state trying to get the last-minute undecided voters. the governor says she wants to take the new hampshire way over to washington and get things done. >> we're building a strong, growing, thriving middle class, and are parents are confident they will have a better future. that is what we can do if we all come together and work across party lines. reid: the governor is trying to convince voters she'the the isle to the benefit of the people in new hampshire. maria: here in massachusetts, all eyes are on the ballot questions. there are three big ones. question two expands charter schools in the state. question three bans the confining of farm animals so that they can't stand up or move around. and question four would legalize recreational marijuana. newscenter 5's john atwater continues our coverage tonight. he's live in boston with the yes on four voters. john?
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of course they are hoping for a win, and the volunteers were very busy working the phones and social media, answering questions and getting voters to the polls. if the question passes, it means if you are 21 you can have up to 10 ounces of marijuana in your home and up to announce in public. this goes well beyond medical marijuana. a you control commission would regulate the industry. >> there's a moderate approach that returns revenue to taxpayers and doesn't get adults put into jail for choosing a substance that is less toxic, likes addictive -- less addictive than alcohol. john: if the initiative passes, marijuana would become legal in over a month, but you wouldn't see the first stores open in the
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kazakiewich is live in tonight at the state house with the camp against legalizing marijuana. todd? todd: the no camp is a bipartisan coalition some members say they support legalization, but they oppose this ballot question because they feel it has too many flaws. the argument from the no on four side is that 'the interests of the marijuana industry are placed ahead of the health and safety of thco opponents fear if question four passes, there will be more drugged driving, young people being attracted to edibles, and tax revenue will be insufficient, not enough to offset the costs incurred. a spokesman for the opposition tells us turnout appears high, but it's too soon to predict what that will mean. >> i think it is still a very competitive race and we remain
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todd: we are at the statehouse because there is no watch party scheduled for the no on four side, but they will be keeping a close eye on the returns, and we will, too. reporting live from the state house, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: the wcvb mobile app has you covered wherever you are on election night. including real-time town by town results, updated electoral college counts, and any changes to the balance of power in congress. your app store. maria: next at 5:00, relief for electric customers. the cost cuts just approved. caught on camera, a massive sinkhole. the city streets swallowed up. this young active mother suffered a heart attack, her advice for other healthy women
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maria: european investigators have identified a belgian as the possible organizer of the isis terror attacks in paris and brussels. his name is oussama atar. he was already a suspect in the attacks; now he is thought to be the mastermind. atar's whereabouts are unknown. investigators think the same isis terrorist cell was behind the paris and brussels attacks, which together killed 162 people. the pulse nightclub, where a terrorist attack killed 49 terrorist attack killed 49 people, is going to be turned
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orlando's mayor says the site will remain as is for at least a year, to allow mourners to pay their respects. then it will be converted to a memorial to the victims. the june attack was the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. ed: good news for eversource customers in eastern massachusetts. the cost of power is down this winter. starting january 1, residential customers in greater boston and metrowest who use 600 kilowatt-hours of electricity will see their electricity bill residents on the south shore, the cape, and in greater new bedford will see their bill go from $142 to $137. maria: take a look at this. a gigantic sink hole opening up in the heart of a major city in southern japan, the hole swallowing up part of the street, cutting off power,
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the size of an olympic pool. amazingly, there were no injuries. the recently i had to say it is because harvey and i were looking at this incredible sky -- harvey: beautiful. even though the sunset was 49 minutes ago, we still see a little daylight and the beautiful, thin clouds. there's another chance to see it. wow, what a sparkling city we so different from the way it was in the early afternoon -- it was really unbelievable. this is doug meehan who had to deal with it, and many of you will see it on your windshield as well. norwood was 23, vineyard 25,
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to 68, norwood went from 23 to 68, 42 degree jump. you have to have dry air, lots of sun. 51 in boston, the brees gentle off the water. and the wind is pretty light. it allows the temperatures to start to fall back and it will cool quickly to the south temperatures may drop into the 30's in those chilly spots that were in the 20's last night and level office the clouds come in late tonight. tomorrow will be a mild day. there is a front approaching from the west end a band of
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that, i think the best chance of a city period of rain might be southeastern mass and the cape tomorrow afternoon or evening. for the rest of us, there could still be a shower or two late morning and early afternoon. certainly this is going to have a drought condition. then the skies will start to clear, chillier will be a cold front that means business, and that front is going to make an approach. you could even see a little bit of sun, spot showers, periods of rain. let's check it out over the next seven days. starting out tomorrow with a
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is a weather impact day for gusty wind. those winds will stay gusty through friday, and on friday night. saturday starts cold and breezy, really feeling chilly, only moves up to 44. unless sunday moderates. early next week it looks like temperatures will be mild. that gusty wind lasts through saturday, then it disappears. ed: how did president obama spend election day? he stuck with tradition and shot some hoops with friends. the white house says the president played basketball for more than hour this morning at fort mcnair.
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avenue where he plans to stay for the night. he is not planning on making an in-person statement after tonight's winner is decided, but he may release a statement. maria: next in your health, children and post-traumatic stress. new research on the signs that parents often do not pick up on. ed: has the election stressed you out? most of you saying yes. at 5:30, the impact it may have had on your diet. maria: we continue to follow breaking news -- the coast guard searching for a man who was lost
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ed: you are looking at sky 5 live over bay state voters still heading to the polls tonight.
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what's helping is that it's a wonderful night and there is a lot to vote for. we may not be electing a governor or mayor, but there are important ballot questions, and the presidential election is everyone interested. we'll have election results through the night. if you are in line throughout the night, you can vote. if you haven't voted yet, please vote, vote, vote. maria: your health tonight, post-traumatic stress disorder accident bullying. how should parents deal with it? dr. tim johnson takes a look at new research. >> children showing signs of stress after a trauma event don't necessarily go on to suffer ptsd. most will thankfully bounceback with time. but would parents recognize it if it was there? researchers in london collected data on children and their
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at an emergency department after a car accident. most parents did not understand that their child was still experiencing difficulty three years after the event. parents' own reactions may even contribute to persistent p tsd in children. in other words, children were more likely to suffer from ptsd if their parents did too, even if their parents cannot spot it. children look to their parents for reaction, so after any family which may help you make sure your little ones fare better. maria: election day coverage continues next. we'll check in with both camps concerning question two, expanding the number of charter schools. analysts are back as we continue to see people wait in those long lines to vote.
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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. ed: tuesday, november 8. voters nationwide heading to the polls, choosing our next president between donald trump and hillary clinton who cast their ballots today. good evening, i'm ed harding. maria: i'm maria stephanos.
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coverage for you reporters on every element this election day. at 5:30, we start with nichole berlie with the latest on the trump and clinton camps. nichole? nichole: after an often times contentious and bruising campaign, both presidential candidates back in new york, casting ballots this morning. donald trump with a morning stop to his manhattan polling place. >> you bet, with your help, with your help. voting in her hometown of chappaqua. the only thing left to do now, watch and wait. >> i'm not nervous, i'm very excited. it's a great opportunity. >> i'll do the very best i can if i'm fortunate enough to win today. nichole: not a lot of rest for either candidate, clinton touched down early this morning after a whirlwind final day in several battleground states. >> it is the most humbling experience, because you know i know how much responsibility goes with this. nichole: trump finishing his campaign with this late night rally in grand rapids, michigan. >> today is our independence


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