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tv   News Center 5 at 400 Election Special  ABC  November 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> i promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. >> breaking overnight, donald trump is the next president of the united states. reaction from around the world this morning. >> hillary clinton congratulates the president-elect in a phone this morning after what many see as an election upset. what sealed the deal for her opponent. >> recreational marijuana approved in massachusetts. the reaction this morning after a tight race. >> now at 4:00 a.m., morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. >> i'm emily riemer. we're covering a busy night in
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eyeopener. hillary clinton conceding to donald trump early this morning in a historic election. >> we'll have details just ahead on that. a lot to get through this morning. but we want to get a quick check of the weather. let's get over to cindy now. good morning, cindy. >> good morning. mid 40s in boston, 50 in worcester. some 30s on the cape where the clouds are moving in. a lot of cloud cover this morning. you see there are showers to the west. this is a cold front that is going to moveou day. initially that line kind of falls apart as it approaches the worcester area. we could see showers in new hampshire. toward midday, notice how a lot of that is drying up. the evening commute, the rain will fill back in. temperatures climb through the 50s. could see lower 60s in southeastern massachusetts. but there will be at least a few
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especially this afternoon. let's get you to the roads. good morning, olessa. >> so far the roads very quiet. a little bit of overnight construction. a live look at the pike near allston/brighton. the rest of your rides not seeing any problems into boston and making your way south. construction wrapping up on 94 northbound by route 24. overnight 128 road work gone by great plain avenue and highland avenue. it's about a eastbound from 49 to 128. we're expecting trains and buses on start. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> this morning donald trump is the next president of the united states. and the stunning is victory came after he grabbed wins in states
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ohio, wisconsin. >> president-elect addressed the nation just before 3:00 this morning. we want to begin with the eyeopener's erika tarantal. >> randy, emily, this election about that divisive and bitter and in many ways historic. this morning it's ended in a way you predicted. here are the headlines. donald trump swept the battleground states. he also carried states not won by a republican since the 1980s. his election have a ripple effect on financial markets as future. but speaking overnight, the new president-elect trieded to strike a conciliatory tone, including towards hillary clinton. >> i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign. i mean, she fought very hard. [cheers and applause] >> hillary has worked very long
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time and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. >> one challenge for trump will be bringing the fractured republican party together, including many who did not support him. we know house speaker paul ryan did call to congratulate him overnight. this morning we have not heard from hillary clinton, but we know she did call donald trump to concede. john podesta addressed her supporters at the javits center overnight. >> i want the country who support hillary to know that your voices and enthusiasm means so much to her and to tim and to all of us. [cheers and applause] >> we are so proud of you. [cheers and applause] >> and we are so proud of her. [cheers and applause] >> she's done an amazing job, and she is not done yet.
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part because of its glass ceiling which she hoped to shatter. her last tweet, whatever happens, thank you for everything. >> we are with both campaigns in new york city. j.c. monahan in new york city tracking the trump campaign. they are with us during the eyeopener in less than an hour coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> as erika mentioned, the election is having a major impact on the financial markets, and right now. the dow plunging more than 600 points overnight. markets around the world have be jolted, asian stocks are lower. the mexican peso dropped in its biggest daily move in two decades. investors are concerned over uncertainties in trade, immigration, and other geopolitical tensions. >> in massachusetts, perhaps one of the most contentious ballot questions.
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possess, use, and transfer marijuana. products containing marijuana concentrate like edibles. there's a one-ounce limit on purchases and possession. adults are allowed to have up tow 10 ounces of pot with a secured look in your home. supporters of the referendum >> the voters of massachusetts should be very proud. >> governor baker, who opposed that question, says his administration will work to ensure the transition protects family and community interests. the last day of the prohibition on adult use december 14. we're not the only state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. california and nevada voters passed recreational use for adults over 21.
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still coming in. in maine it is narrowly passing for now. as for medical marijuana use, florida, north dakota, and arkansas have passed measures in really the biggest overall victory for marijuana in ballot history. >> bay state voters rejected the expansion of charter schools. more than 62% of voters opposed question two, while supported the measure. teachers union and civil rights groups say they take too much money away from traditional schools. state attorney general maura healey is applauding the outcome. >> while i support charter schoolss a places of innovation, i don't think they are a substitute. i think they are a supplement to district schools. we've got to do everything we can to make sure that
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>> governor baker a supporter of charter school expansion says while question 2 was not successful, he is proud of the historic investment his administration made in public schools and proposals to make college more affordable. more than 60% voted against the first ballot question which called for a second slots parlor. and an area in east boston and revere is the only location that fits the description. question three, voters say yes 78% to 22%. a yes would prevent any practice that prevents from pens, calves, from lying down, or turning
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van ostern. sununu tells reporters the country needs to heal after this election cycle. it has been a tight race between senator kelly ayotte and governor hassan. here are the latest results. both candidates pretty much tied. kelly ayotte came out last night to thank her supporters. she also talked to david bienick, questioning whether she can work with president-elect trump. >> i'm bipartisan. i can work with anyone. we'll put the country first. >> maggie hassan did not make a statement publicly. she did release this, saying in part, i hope everyone can get some rest and that we'll have good news to report in the morning. we'll bring you the results as soon as it is reported on air, online and on our wcvb mobile
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senate will come next year with a gop majority. republicans have the edge 51-47. two races remain outstanding. in louisiana, the seat will head to a runoff election. that's next month. and focussing on the house, republicans still have control there, winning enough seats to extend their six-year streak of controlling that chamber. republicans have won a total of 230 seats to the house speaker paul ryan winning his reelection campaign. >> the massachusetts congressional delegation will not change. all nine representatives won reelection. heading back to washington, richard neal, jim mcgovern, niki tsongas, joe kennedy, and katherin clark. set moulton, steven lynch and elizabeth warren were up for
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1% property tax surcharge to be used for projects including environmental protection, also historic preservation. advocates tell the globe that surcharge means homeowners will pay about $24 more a year, which dollars up to more than $20 million for the city of boston. >> it has been a close and divisive presidential race. >> the reaction here and the high emotions this morning. also, voters turn out around the country. it is likely to be busy polls became. >> house speaker paul ryan won his reelection. his comments to supporters and why he's faces some backlash this morning. cindy? >> we're waking up to cloud cover this morning. there will be some showers moving through today. the timeline on that and a cooldown coming later this week. emily? >> we're following breaking news out of boston this morning. a deadly shooting there under
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>> donald trump will be t president of the united states. trump addressed his supporters, saying americans will no longer settle for less than the best. hillary clinton did call trump but has not addressed her supporters yet. we're expecting to hear from her later this morning. >> people waiting for their results last night. some still coming in. we're going to have a nice day
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i think you'll want an umbrella. there's rain to our west. but not very impressive to look at now. a lot of it will fall apart as it moves through. but have an umbrella with you. a couple of showers around. we need the rainfall. our deficit for the year in boston close to 10 inches. we're closer to 8 inches in the worcester area. not expecting much out of this system, maybe a chance of an inch of rain, maybe a lot of areas north and west of boston might get under that. islands. it's a low chance here through midday. slightly higher, kind of medium chance of getting the showers afternoon into the early evening hours. then we'll dry things out. here's a frontal boundary moving through. there's a wave of low pressure. this is headed for southeastern massachusetts. that's why you've got a better chance of seeing some showers there. you see right now a lot of the activity through central parts of pennsylvania and just west of the albany area.
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we have clear skies over parts of the cape this morning. clouds come from the west. we're starting in the mid 30s on the north shore, but fitchberg is 40 degrees. 50 in worcester, 46 in boston. low 30s, taunton. the clouds are filling in. notice through lunchtime not much happening, just mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will come up despite the cloud cover into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. as we get deeper into the afternoon,te couple of showers. high of 59 in boston. mid 50s through worcester hills and perhaps sneaking into the lower 60s with a light wind turning westerly in southeastern massachusetts. here's the timeline. through 8:00 this morning, the rain moves into the western part of the state. southern vermont, southwest new hampshire. but most of us through the morning commute are going to stay dry. and a lot of that shower activity kind of falls apart through lunchtime. but notice especially south of the pike a couple of showers could be developing around
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have the umbrella. for the evening commute, that rain may fill in a little bit. once we get past about 7:00, 8:00 this evening, skies will start to clear and by tomorrow morning we're waking up to mainly clear skies. the temperatures overnight are back down in the 30s and we get into the day tomorrow, it's back to bright sunshine. high pressure nosing on in. it's going to be a bright day, just not as warm as today. the front to the north is going to drop through later there will be passing clouds with that frontal boundary, but westerly winds in the morning shift to the north and northwest. gusts in the afternoon 30 to close to 40 miles per hour. it is veterans' day on friday. so outdoor plans will contend with the wind. still enough wind on saturday to
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temperatures start to moderate back into the 50s on sunday. pretty low impact with any showers today. >> this morning not dealing with any of that either. it's a quiet start. zakim bridge lever connector. a couple of construction projects wrapping up. construction clearing on 93 north by route 24. expressway is quiet. 95 as 128 looking good. road wrapped up by great plain avenue and highland avenue. heading north, construction cleared on 128 by route 3. so far, we're expecting trains and buses to start on schedule. >> this may have been your experience last night and into this morning. the watch parties, the election results coming in, a
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college where thousands turned out to watch the returns come in. of course hillary clinton's alma mater. overnight, the reaction there became more emotional as clinton supporters realized happened. [crying] >> i feel so passionate for her. i'm kind of really angry. >> thousands of they would be marking the election of the first female president. we're waiting to hear if voter turnout set a record in the 2016 election. there were indeed long lines at polling locations across the region. massachusetts secretary of state william galvin says we will hit a record if a number of voters pass two million, combined with more than a million early votes cast.
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the boston police commissioner said it was a peaceful day. >> i want to thank the public. i think everybody was respectful in the line. there was no incidents whatsoever. >> because the polling locations were so busy, many could not count the early votes in boston. many were brought to city hall to be counted there. >> house speaker paul ryan easily wins his reelection in wisconsin. ryan has led the house since last year. role is far from certain. last night he thanked supporters and vowed to move the country forward. >> i am so eager to get back to work, to get on with fixing our country's problems. we have so much potential in this country, so much potential. and if we can just tap it, that's what's ahead of us. >> some house lawmakers criticized ryan's decision to step away from donald trump. ryan refused to campaign or defend the gop's pick, which
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sparked a number of stinging comments from trump himself. >> republican senator and former presidential candidate marco rubio wins a second term. he said he would not seek reelection but changed his mind. he beat his democrat challenger and marco rubio told supporters that america is going to be ok and that we will be, as he says, turning the country around. other stories we're following expected in court. >> the charges that he is facing. plus, we're following breaking news in boston. one man is dead after a shooting
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>> while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning. >> staying on top of breaking news in the presidential election, donald trump making a promise to the american people overnight he will be the 45th president of the united states after a razor-thin race in the popular vote and a near sweep of the battleground states. hilly this morning. >> breaking overnight, boston police investigating a deadly shooting in mattapan. police responded to savannah avenue at around 10:45 last night. they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper body. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police ask anyone who knows something about this to give them a call. >> a massachusetts state trooper is acquitted of manslaughter in a drunk driving accident that killed a mother and daughter. the verdict in trooper john
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yesterday. he was driving a car that collided head-on with another car in september of 2013. he was, however, found guilty of drunk driving and having a loaded firearm while drunk. he faces sentencing today. >> we now know the name of the victim this a deadly pedestrian crash in tewksbury. walter johnson was killed when he was struck by a pickup truck. investigation shows johnson was not in the crosswalk while crossing the street. the driver of the pickup t fishermen continues at this hour after they were swept out to sea in gloucester. the coast guard says they were fishing at the park when they were hit by a wave. one person swam back but lost sight of the other man. >> a salem police officer is due in court after he was arrested for a rape charge. officer brian butler is the husband of salem, massachusetts, police chief mary butler.
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connection with an incident at the station. exact details are not known this morning. the chief says that she's taking time to deal with the personal matter, but is fully committed to her fellow officers. >> a man is in serious condition this morning after a shooting in easton. police say two 13-year-olds found the man in the woods. the man was shot in the head. police say there's no danger to the public. anyone with informa call police. >> the drug company mylan is under scrutiny from congress for allegedly overcharging the u.s. military for its lifesaving allergy treatment epipen. members of the committee sent the company a letter asking when it plans to reimburse the department of defense. they accuses mylan of knowingly misclassifying the drug.
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price increase. special visit for patients at boston children's hospital. >> he helped draw and decorate pillow cases and he was joined by his brother. gronk is a frequent visitor at the hospital. he was recently honored for his time volunteering. pretty nice. imagine the size -- >> all of the kids enjoyed still ahead, the presidential election sparking local concern. >> the money boston's mayor says he may be out of because of a trump presidency. and breaking overnight, donald trump winning the presidential election, keeping hillary clinton from becoming the first woman to serve in the oval office. trump winning many of the swing states that clinton was expecting to snag. clinton did call trump to concede. but we have yet to hear from her. we're expecting that a little
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>> good morning. it is wednesday, november 9. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. breaking news in the presidential election. donald trump is the nt his comments this morning after what was a very tight race. >> a key race in new hampshire just too close to call. the numbers in overnight in the race for that senate seat. >> marijuana, recreational marijuana has been legalized in massachusetts and maybe maine. what the new rule entails and when that takes effect. >> want to check in with cindy for a first look at your forecast. a little warmer today than the past couple of mornings. >> stepping outside this


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