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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 10, 2016 4:00am-4:27am EST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, people filling the streets in america's cities protesting president-elect trump. >> crowds set fires, blocked freeways and gathered at trump's buildings all across the country. >> we're here this morning. >> i'm terrified. we're just hours away from the president-elect's oval office meeting with president obama. plus, lawsuits trump is still facing and reaction from overseas. a good thursday morning. we begin with what's been a night of unrest as anti-donald trump protests erupted in 20 city as cross the country.
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thousands pouring on to the 101 blocking traffic in both directions for several hours. police have arrested more than a dozen demonstrators there. >> large crowds also rallied against his election in new york, chicago, dallas and seattle with police making arrests in nearly every city. we went to one of those protests here in manhattan. overnight protesters hit the streets from coast to coast. seattle, chicago, thousands of people marched in at least ten cities speaking out against president-elect trump. >> i'm here to show solidarity to people who have been affected by the hatred that donald trump's rhetoric has invigorated in this country. >> reporter: here in manhattan ds wlookike is unclear. 20 million americans have gained coverage under president obama's signature law. >> believe me, we'll get rid of that. >> reporter: trump is also promising middle class families
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>> reporter: he promised to suspend immigration and impose extreme vetting. >> radical islamic terror is right around the corner, we have to be so tough, so smart, so vigilant. >> reporter: trump is also eager to fill that seat on the supreme court vacant since february with a conservative justice and could get other chances to appoint more justices. mary bruce, abc news,
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vladimir putin says he's looking forward to easing tensions with the u.s. the president-elect took criticism for praising putin on the campaign trail. the russian leader wants to restore fully fledged relations after being at odds over russia's role in the syrian conflict. and mexican president says he and the president-elect have agreed to meet. trump propsed to build a wall along the mexican border and make mexico pay for it. well, enrique pena nieto says, the p relationship between the two nations. they spoke in august when trump made a quick visit to mexico city. and then there is german chancellor angela merkel who issued a reminder as she congratulated trump in a statement she said germany and america are connected by a number of values including democracy, freedom and the dignity of man. she promised cooperation on the basis of those values. a quirk of scheduling as we mentioned. president obama is set to meet
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president obama welcomes lebron james and the nba champion cleveland cavaliers to the white house. james was an outspoken supporter of hillary clinton even appearing with her. >> and ohio governor john kasich who opposed trump, well, he will also be with the cavaliers but they're not likely to cross paths with the trump family. >> assuming conversations will be different. >> just trying to escort pe another. still ahead, the new link between smartphones and poor sleep. >> and the other surprising factor in this year's election. the sudden bounceback for the markets. what will happen on wall street today. >> the dozens of lawsuits that president-elect trump will likely face connected to his businesses. ?
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well, breaking overnight the search is on in seattle for a gunman who opened fire on a crowd outside a 7-eleven. two people were critically injured in the incident which police believe was a result of an argument. they say it had nothing to do with the anti-trump nearby. and it's the beginning of the end for isis in one of iraq's largest cities. that is at least according to one diplomat who describing the battle to liberate mosul in that way. the u.n. envoy for iraq says steady progress is being made in liberating the state from the caliphate. however, reports say isis is forcing thousands of civilians to stay in mosul to be used as human shields. two marine fighter jet pilots managed to survive a midair collision off the coast
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nearby naval air station. the other ejected and sent a distress call then rescued about an hour later from the pacific. today wall street is looking for a second consecutive day of post-election gains. fears the stock market would task after a trump victory did not come true at all yesterday. the dow gained 256 points. it's now less than 50 off august's all-time high. when we come back the major development in the case against brad pitt after the actor was accused of child and why the major league baseball is destroying indians world series gear instead of donating to charity. ? happy thanks for giving! thanks for giving lien the strength to outrun her brother. thanks for giving victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan.
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steel plant in lackawanna. and flames spread to three adjacent buildings. luckily no injuries have been reported. >> some dramatic scenes there. if you're driving morning road condition, well, you can expect a few scattered showers in northern new york and vermont. showers and a few storms are possible in sovereign and western texas. protests against donald trump's election have broken out in about 20 cities across the country. >> in los angeles it made that major freeway you see there. there were more than a dozen arrests there as well as in new york city. at least 10,000 people rallied in against trump outside his midtown manhattan headquarters and at another of his properties. well, trump will spend much of his campaign deriding hillary clinton over her e-mail investigation, even after she was cleared. >> but as president-elect trump prepares to take office it appears he'll face a string of
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audit. abc's brian ross investigates. >> can you raise your right hand? >> yes. >> do you swear the testimony you're about to give -- >> reporter: investigators and lawyers tonight say donald trump could find himself under oath in dozens of lawsuits. even after he takes the oath of office to become president. >> would you state your full name for the record please. >> donald john trump. >> reporter: among the most serious allegations of fraud involving trump university with a trial set to begin later this month. students claim they were falsely told he had selected the faculty. >> all people hand picked by me. >> reporter: trump's business interests may also create conflicts for the soon-to-be president. in the midst of the campaign he took time off to promote his brand with a trip to his golf course in scotland and later opening a new hotel in washington. he and his children have sought investments with controversial
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to let his children run his empire as though it were a blind trust is not blind at all. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and one more election note from the closely watched senate race in new hampshire. it's been decided just over a thousand votes republican kelly ayotte has conceded to her democratic challenger governor maggie hassan. it cost about $120 million and considered a staggering amount for such a small state. brad pitt has been cleared following an investigation by child pitt was accused by his estrange the wife of abusing their son aboard the family a private jet. jolie filed for divorce after that saying she did it for the good of her family. pitt has now asked for joint custody. a health alert now about cell phones and sleep problems. another study has found people who used their phones a lot got less sleep and slept less well and people who use their phones right before bed had a harder time falling asleep.
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light could suppress the production of melatonin. and major league baseball is taking on an unusual step with merchandise that would have been sold if the cleveland indians had won the world series. >> for more than a decorate clothing and other items like these celebrating a championship that never happened has been donated for use in third world countries but the indians gear will be destroyed. baseball says that's because it doesn't want what it calls inaccurate merchandise ever to go on sale. >> there have been man jerseys from decades ago. >> now they can wear them. just change -- pencil in the year 2016. all right, up next in "the pulse," how the simpsons correctly predicted a trump presidency 16 years ago. >> the big discounts being offered by one airline all
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your thursday "pulse" and here's yet another creepy prediction from "the simpsons" a decade and a half into the future. >> last month we told you about the show predicting this year's winner of the nobel prize in economics six years ago. well, now it turns out "the simpsons" predicted a trump presidency 16 years ago. >> as you know we've inherited quite a budget crunch from
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houghton? >> we're broke? >> the country is broke? how can that be. >> well, remember when the last administration decided to invest in our nation's children? big mistake. >> the balanced breakfast program became ultra strong super criminals. >> and midnight basketball taught them how to not sleep. >> he explained why he predicted that back in 2000. >> he said it was a warning to america and his but your plan on hitting him up for the lottery numbers -- >> what are the lottery numbers, dan? tom brady, seems the patriots quarterback is trying to move past the election. >> at a rally he said brady offered his support and brady didn't confirm nor deny that to reporters and didn't have much else to say about it. >> yeah, i talked to my wife. she said i can't talk about
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>> new england coach bill belichick didn't want to talk politics either but he did call himself a friend of the president-elect. >> when belichick was asked questions about trump he repeated the word seattle. seattle, seattle, seattle. just said that several times. the patriots play the seahawks sunday night so maybe just referring to the game. >> who did he vote for? >> seattle. some travel related promotions designed to help you maybe decompress from the tension of the first this one from so they're saying you can detox from the whole thing by booking a trip. the ad asking if we all need a vacation from politics. >> spirit is offering what they're calling the go north sale. you can get 75% off flights to destinations in upstate new york which they point out is just a short drive to canada. >> well, that's very nice of spirit airlines and fly to
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>> always take travel discounts. whatever it is they're trying to capitalize on. back to the tom brady thing. his wife earlier in the week said no, no, no, i don't know what donald trump was saying. our family does not necessarily support -- so you get a sense there's a little bit of tension in the brady household. might be a split household there. >> i think tom did the right thing. my wife told me to keep my mouth shut so that's what i'm going to do. >> that will make for a lasting marriage. >> more news after this. just press "clean" and let roomba help with your everyday messes. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba throughout your home. cleaning under furniture, along edges, and in corners. and roomba's patented 3-stage cleaning system agitates, brushes and suctions dirt from your floors for up to 2 hours, recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together.
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checking our top stories, protests against the election of donald trump are taking place through the night in about 20 cities across the country. dozens of demonstrators have been taken into custody. trump is heading to the white house today to meet with president obama. the president said he's rooting for trump to unite the country and extended the invitation to ensure a successful transition. hillary clinton appears to be on track to win the popular vote despite her electoral defeat and called the loss painful but urged supporters to give trump a chance to lead. >> taking a look at today's weather, cool and dry day for most of the northeast. a few showers in texas, otherwise dry in the south. sunny and mild in the midwest and from los angeles to seattle. 67 in denver today. well, finally this morning the future first lady melania trump will also get a glimpse of her new home. >> the white house will be the
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barron in that his father did not build. he will be under the watchful eyes of his mom who prides herself on putting her son first. the trump family will have a brand-new address and the task of making the white house home. >> it will be my honor and privilege to serve this country. >> reporter: but melania trump is far from traditional. >> she's the first immigrant to be first lady since louisa who is the wife of john quincy adams model. >> reporter: still the new first lady's role will be that of mother to 10-year-old barron the youngest son of a president to live in the white house since jfk jr. lived there in 1963. >> she told people previously she is a hands-on mom and that they do not employ a nanny. >> reporter: the trumps tell george he's taking the change in stride in how has the experience been for him.
4:25 am
he's taking very well. >> melania trump will also be meeting with first lady michelle obama today. >> checking out their quarters and interesting to season there in the white house because it's been so many years when you think about it you have the bush daughters who were there and. >> president clinton had a daughter and obama has two daughters in and i remember there was a touching note from jenna and barbara bush to the obama daughters when they entered the white house just saying, you know, ignore all of father and appreciate him as a dad more than president. great to see if the obamas do the same. >> that's what's making news in america.
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>> good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. following breaking news on the eyeopener. protests around the country over the new president-elect. >> a fierce trump critic now welcoming him to the white house. the presidential meeting >> a mysterious crime in easton. the clue for police in finding a suspect. >> first a look at your forecast. not a bad morning. >> a little chilly. 41 degrees right now in boston, which isn't bad. but the wind is out of the north-northwest at 13. stronger on the cape. temperatures are in the 30s away from the city. worcester is 35.


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