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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 10, 2016 11:35pm-12:34am EST

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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ? ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i'm happy to see you too. you know, it was another
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the transfer of power has already begun at the white house this morning. president obama sat down with president-elect trump, but trump did a funny thing. he came in and said, you're fired. you know, and they left. this is the first time they met. they never met before. that must have been so strange. sasha, malia, come down, meet the man who questioned daddy's citizenship for eight years. they were to meet for 15 minutes, but it was 90 minutes. trump had questions for obama, like, how the hell do i get out of this? they were besieged by reporters in the oval office at which point the president offered trump unsolicited advice for dealing with the press. >> thank you, everybody. we're not -- we are not going to be taking any questions. thank you, gu, thank you. that's a good rule. >> it's always the last one. >> come on, guys.
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>> thank you. >> you're a very good man. >> appreciateit.thangood man. now he' a veryd n?r, it's also, how can he pretend it's a normal transfer of r? donald trump iagains ever barytngkbama stas r. 's batman handing the keys of the cave over to the joker. while their husbands were talking, the first lady met with soon-to-be melaniaump. white house, mrs. trump, and melania said, welcome to the white house, mrs. trump. they got along. [ cheers and applause ] and then vice president joe biden got together with incoming vice president mike pence. biden we want over the primary responsibilities of being vice president, which are not falling asleep at the sta of the union address, and that's about it. so they covered that. of course, while our leaders try to make the best of this,
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unhappy about how this election played out. thousands of protesters took to the streets last night in chicago, new york, here in l.a., a number of cities this went on. it's somewhat refreshing to see people angry in real life instead of just on facebook, isn't it? this was a scene in austin, texas. you can see here when it comes to the protest march, the american people are a little bit out of practice. you can't trust the poles -- even the ones -- [ cheers and applause ] you wrote the joke earlier, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> jimmy: it was a busy bay at the white house. in addition to the trumps, they welcomed the cleveland cavaliers to be honored for winning the
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day. there was one awkward moment when lebron james grabbed the basketball to sign it, turned out top donald trump's head, but otherwise -- in other news, major league baseball, you know the leagues donate the world champion super bowl o world series, whatever the merchandise is for the team that lost to third world countries to wear them just for clothes. well, they made thousands of cleveland indian world champion shirts, sweatshis, and hats. the cubs won. so they have to g they donate it to charity. not this time, well, they claim it's because they need to protect their brand by not pitting those championship shirts out there for the team that was not a champion. the real reason is the logo is a cartoon indian, and you can't ship that to india. that's confusing. nay are destroying the shirts instead. now, i guess, people in third world countries will be forced to wear the "i'm with her shirts," i don't know. meanwhile, while everyone is
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things, important things we need to worry about like this -- 11:0ight now, on 35 news at rampa rampage. good evening. >> it attacked several people at a senior living center. >> it' a squirrel on the rampage! this is what news was like before the election happened. here's more. >> we had a squirrel that entered our building, and it's in our activity room, and it's them and scratching them so we need help. >> staffers at the complex told 9 is 11 they were eventually able to throw the squirrel out of the building, but not before bit several people. >> jimmy: at least the squirrel comes to visit unlike your grandchildren. our thoughts and prayers are with them. [ cheers and applause ] you know, if there's once i ever thought it would go on its own,
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there's a movement called cal exit, like brexit, but cal exit. they want a referendum to secede from the united states, which is basically the political equivalent of threatening to run away from home when you're 5 years old, but that's california for you. we are so angry at the guy who wants to bld a wall, wwant to build a wall. [ laughter ] people in this state are frustrated, but it's important to remember election day was not just about we elected a new senator here, we legalized marijuana here, we said no to condoms in porn, and these were just the actual propositions. ese don't include -- on tuesday, we sent a camera to a polling place in hollywood to ask people who just cast votes in the polls to give thoughts on things we made up in the special election edition of exit troll. >> would you be more inclined to
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>> anti-not-pro-life. >> what letter would you say you are? >> i would say a. >> do you understand more than 50% of 50% of the propositions. >> i'd like to think so, yes. >> on a scale of 1-14, how confident are you with the answer? >> i'm going to go with 4 because this is has been a confusing interview. >> okay. >> how did you vote on the referendum today. >> sorry? >> >> up. >> up, okay. >> up or down on the referendum? >> oh, in the middle. >> did you vote up or down on the referendum. >> oh, up and occuup, yes. >> marijuana was on the ballot today. >> yes. >> any marijuana on you today? >> not yet. >> how many times do you plan to vote between now and when the polls close? >> as many times i can. yes. >> okay.
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latino boy of 6 years of age and donald trump was a black woman, who do you think you would vote for? >> probably the adult. >> donald trump as an adult black woman? >> probably -- well, yeah -- -- that's a tough one. >> oh, you know, they are all kind of tough. when we come back froe break, there's a player for the los angeles rams, he does not believe in dinosaurs. he does not believe they ever were, so i took williams to the natural history museum here in town, and, well, we'll be right back with that so stick around. ? ? chp chp
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>> jimmy: welcome back. >> jimmy: tonight on the show, we have music from ti a-k-a tip. first, sry part of the show, l.a. has a football team, the rams are back, and there's a player on the team, william hayes, two interesting things. one, he believes in mermaids, and two, he doesn't believe i dinosaurs, think it's a hoax cooked up b rascal archaeologists. i don't know. i decided to take williams on a field trip to the l.a. natural history museum where there's all sorts of dinosaur bones issue
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william hayes. ? ? >> so, how old were you when you realized you didn't believe in dinosaurs? >> i never really believed. >> never? even as a kid, learning about dinosaurs, you department believe them? >> i don't have a big imagination. >> we should challenge the things we're expected to believe. >> okay. >> not necessarily to this extent, but let's take a look around and see what you think. >> look at that. this doesn't move you in any way. >> absolutely not. [ laughter ] >> whato yothink tse are? maybe it is clay, i don't know. how are you doing? >> i'm daniel, an educator here
11:50 pm
have you met people who don't believe in dinosaurs before? >> every now and then. >> dinosaurs are real? >> from my personal experiences. >> your pernal?0a experiences, s in? >> as in actually going out and digging for dinosaurs. >> you never dug up ainosaur before. >> yes, i have. >> where? >> utah. >> he has pictures, will you believe? >> absolutely not. probably put them there. >> they planted the bones under the ground? >> and they knew where to go get them from. >> i don't know about that. >> well, of course you don't know, you were the one who was tricked. >> the bones i dug up personally found using a jackhammer, and i don't think anyone -- >> a jackhammer? i've seen jackhammers before. >> here we have our t-rex skull, and it is one of the most
11:51 pm
the t-rex? >> the lower jaw is pretty complete. take a look in between the cracks, we put in things like clay and glue to hold it together. >> so you're saying this is a lot -- a lot of this is clay >> not a lot. well, the -- >> a lot. >> a lot. >> you can definitely tell. >> when a bone gets coveredn mud, that mud would harden and water comes in the cracks and replaces the bone with minerals and you're left with a replica. >> that's a real dinosaur bone? >> a co >> a copy? >> yeah. >> how many people are involved in the scam, daniel? >> i understand why it's hard for people to believe that these animals that exist at one point -- >> ain't nobody seen them. >> also, they are ridiculous in size. i have -- >> so is he. >> yeah. >> what about pokemon, are those real? >> not so much. >> what about mermaids?
11:52 pm
>> so you believe in mermaids? >> absolutely. >> why do you believe in mermai mermaids, but not dinosaurs? >> because it's a large body of water. you know, not nobody discovered, finding species in the water every day. who says a mermaid couldn't be there. >> you believe in the possibility. >> absolutely. >> would you have sex with a mermaid? >> if she was bad enough. >> would you have sex with a dinosaur? >> no. no, i would not have sex with a dinosaur. >> okay. glad we established this. let's keep going. >> right here we have an ostrich and a goose. >> were birds dinosaurs? >> birds are dinosaurs. >> you're making that up. >> when we looked at fossils -- >> no, no, not we. y'all look at the fossils. >> yeah. >> not him. >> not us. >> you and your friends went
11:53 pm
[ bleep ]. >> is giraffe a dinosaur? >> have you seen the movie giraffic park? >> i have not. starting right here, if you'd like. this is a atoki. >> to you too. >> remind you of any animal? >> looks like a dog or apt it's actually the ancient ancestor of modern day whales, dolphin dolphins. >> that's a whale? >> come on, man. >> that's not a whale. >> hell no that's not whale. >> that was -- you have that wrong. you got to read through this. that? no, no way. >> what's that right there? >> oh, no. >> woah.
11:54 pm
species that would have walked upright. >> that's a monkey? >> it's not a monkey. >> it's a humonkey. >> it's an ancient ancestor of humans today. >> he's saying w come from humonkeys. >> that's a horse. >> we had horses in the last ice age. >> that could be a unicorn. >> do you believe in >> we have our centerpiece which is the road series of the t-rex. >> now these look real to me. >> most are original. except for the baby. that's a complete replica. >> see, that's part of the problem. >> geez! >> tackle it! >> see, now, this is part of the problem, though.
11:55 pm
now he doesn't know what to believe. this is a real skeleton. that's a puppet. how do i know you're real? can i feel your beard? >> you can. >> it does feel real, feel his beard. i have to sit down for a minute. this is a lot to take in. this does not change your mind at all? >> absolutely it has. >> it has changed your mind? >> yeah. >> oh? >> it's changed my mind, like, mermaids are just not in the water, but they could be on brought you closer to a belief in mermaids? >> absolutely. my search for areal has intensified more now. i appreciate that. >> thanks, daniel. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks to william hayes, and most sincere apologies to
11:56 pm
he was transferred to the butterf butterfly exhibit at the zoo. >> jimmy: tonight on the show, we have music from ti a-k-a tip. butch walker is here and we'll be right back with matthew broderick. stick around! ? ? >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by tropicana premium drinks, a delicious cocktail mixer for your next party. i just see a black screen. crazy stuff, man. you've gotta see this. what--what is this? it's like some 3d virtual world. can i see? oh yai yai yai yai yai yai. look at the moon.
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>> jimmy: that's butch walker sitting in with the cletones. this is his latest album ?stay gold?. that's exactly what i look like in the morning, bump, by the way. sounds great, thank you for being here. tonight, this is his new ep, it's called ?us or else.? tip is here to chat with us and perform for us on the ciroc stage. tip used to go by t.i., but now he's tip. with a ?p?. this is an interesting fact. he bought the p. from diddy. that's why he doesn't have a p. anymore. we'll figure out that when he gets here. tomorrow night from hamilton, lin-manuel miranda from ?dr. ken? ken jeong and 12 year-old albert tsai and we'll have music from banks. join us tomorrow night.
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taking the day off to go watch the cubs long before they were winners. he is a two-time tony award winner whom you can see alongside warren beatty and an all-star-cast in the new movie ?rules don't apply." it opens in theaters november 23rd, please welcome matthew broderick. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm good. good. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks for coming. >> oh, thank you very much for that, ladies and gentlemen. >> jimmy: you have a big premier rightcross the street from us. >> right across the street, that's why i'm wearing this suit. >> jimmy: you don't dress up? >> on the show i would. >> jimmy: thank you, appreciate
12:03 am
that's weird. you're nice, shot something for the show with lane, and the parody was, trump, he'd never win, ha-ha -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: turns out -- [ laughter ] >> that one -- i guess we helped or something. >> jimmy: came around to bite us on the ass. >> yes. let's hope for the best. >> jimmy: this movie with warren beatty, a is it something you get nervous about? the reactions to the film? >> yes. >> jimmy: to this day? >> to this day. >> jimmy: do you get to the premier and have it go badly? >> yes, i have. >> jimmy: you have. >> not often. >> jimmy: every once in awhile. >> 20-30 times, but it's bad. it gets worse at a play. >> jimmy: oh, it is? really? why? >> you do a play, and reviews
12:04 am
party, and you're eating, and reviews start to appear on people's phones. used to be, throw the paper, but it's not like that anymore. now it's a glowing, oh, and then -- but you don't know it if you're an actor in the play, well, i don't want to read it. i don't know. so, like, it's another glass of wine, you know. does anybody -- and nobody. the whole room -- >> jimmy: people distance themselves from you? >> they can be just gone almost instantaneously. >> jimmy: that's crazy, wow. >> it's a great feeling. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what was your first hollywood premier here going to one of these movies, big opening of the film? >> oh, well, i think it was "war games," actually. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. that was a good one. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: where was that? >> westwood. i have the memory -- it can't be
12:05 am
to it. >> jimmy: really? pulled up in the limo? >> no, my car. it was nude l.a., and i liked i had a car, and i drove and parked in a garage, and then i was, like, this is -- i just walked through lots of parking lots. you know, and i hope i'm not late, and it's my big night, and i did make it. >> jimmy: wow, that's very strange. >> i used to walk in l.a. more than one should. >> jimmy: you're not supposed to ha i think it's illegal. >> i lived in santa monica and i would walk to get coffee, whatever, and one evening, nobody was around. if you walk, you're alone basically. unlike new york. a guy, one night, i was walking, and there was a guy, hey, can i ask you something? i said, what? he said, how much do you think it's worth? he showed me. it was a dental mirror. what do you think?
12:06 am
maybe, you know, maybe $20. i don't know. he said, would you give me $10 for this dental mirror? and i was, like, no, i don't know why i would need that. it looks quite used, you know, so, no. >> jimmy: it was not sterile. >> exactly, sterile. had it been sterile, $10, yes. >> jimmy: you're too approachable. did people come up a lot and tell you just last night i got here, and i got off the plane, and i was -- i wanted to stretch my legsing walk around the e hotel, again, totally empty. nobody walking. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> i'm alone, i think. and then suddenly, i hear, and a guy runs up to me, he says, oh, so glad i ran into you. i wanted to tell you this. my sister built your kitchen
12:07 am
she said it was a hard job. she was trying to make them so the kids wouldn't, you know, couldn't get in to get a sharp knife out of it, and i just wanted you to know that. [ laughter ] so, thank you. the cabinets are beautiful. and then he drank to the movie. >> jimmy: that i just happened to have on me. >> my feet are not really reaching the floor. >> jimmy: you'll get >> did the cubs invite you to the world series? a big moment in history, as far as movies are concerned. ferris bueller, 30 years. >> 30 years. >> jimmy: special treatment, have you been to wrigley field? >> a few times they said, would you like to come -- but it's not worked out. they did not invite me -- maybe that's a good thing. maybe i was part of the jinx, and i'm very excited for the --
12:08 am
correct? >> mets fan -- >> jimmy: excited for the cubs? >> when they stop being losers, you immediately get angry, i find. the red sox, oh, the red sox, always liked the red sox, and then they won a bunch of times, like, [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: i feel the same way about the red sox. on that, we'll take a break. disregard the bleep you just heard. >> jimmy: more with matthew broderick after this. we'll the one for an adventurer. the one she's been eyeing all year. ? ?happiness is? ?happiness is? ?different things to different people? ?different things to different people? [gasp] the gift they're waiting for is waiting on ebay. ?that's what happiness is? new, unique, and everything in between. find it. add it. get it fast.
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would you excuse me? shut >> what the he lll is she doing here? >> you said you wanted a girl with the two ends? >> that's not here. >> with two ms. >> did yit or cur she was not o the payroll? >> marilyn monroe? >> yes, marilyn monroe.
12:15 am
i have to say i was wondering because warren beatty still has it. that movie, it's great. you'll be happy. >> i'm very excite excited. >> jimmy: did he call you, say, hey, i'd love you to be in the film? >> yes, more or less. he -- what happened was my agent called me -- i was walking again on 5th treadmill. >> it's about a movie he's never going to make, so don't worry about it, but i called him, talk, talk, talk, we talked a long time. he was so charming, so nice, talking to warren, so happy. never brought up the movie, but it was a great talk. he said, i have to go, can i call you next week? i said, yes.
12:16 am
talk, nothing about the movie. and then another one maybe, and do you ever come to l.a., and then i did, this is where i live. i go up to the house, and i ring bell, he answers, warren beatty, you know, white shirt, white pants, could humored man, but beautiful, beautiful tailored, and we sat, where do we have dinner? eat out? eat here? that went on a long time. until annette benning said, just eat here and made us pasta. not angerly -- >> jimmy: probably heard this before? >> i guess so. after we ate, talk more, he said, oh, i'm doing a movie, and i'd like you to be in it. i thought he'd say, read scenes with e me, but do you want to be in it?
12:17 am
read it. i i went in the library. i read. and warren kept sticking his head in, are you done? i'm a slow reader, warren. i really liked it. we talked more. i said, i have to go home now or i'm going to crash into a tree. i can barely -- i have to go home, sorry: he said, stay here, stay in the guest room. stayed there, the next morning i had oatmeal. finally, like, i got to getew and he said, i liked to rehearse. anyway, i'm sorry to take so long to explain to you what happened. >> jimmy: i'm in his house right now, no, yeah. i see why you guys never decided on dinner. >> didn't decide anything. i ended up staying in the guest -- he had a guest house, and he's, like, you should just stay there for this shoot. >> jimmy: the whole shoot? >> the whole shoot.
12:18 am
a car. they were, like, you can have this rental, or would you like warren's mercedes? i want warren's car. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i drove warren's car, i lived in his home, i did his movie. i played kind of his butler or something in the movie, and i was really that. so -- >> jimmy: miraculous. well, whatever -- maybe that wa says it is. >> jimmy: oh, he does. >> yeah. >> jimmy: he plays howard hughes. ?rules don't apply? opens in theaters november 23rd. we'll be right back with tip. ? ? inside the rack houses of jim beam
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cc1 test message cc1 test message
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in, and our next guest is a rapper, tv star, a new letter at the end of his name, and his latest is called us or else. please welcome the artist formally known as t.i., tip. ? ? >> jimmy: i have to tell you, yo have no idea how many e e-mails i got that it's tip, not t.i. it's hard for me, you get it in your head, and that's it. you know, to me, you're t.i., but i have to relearn everything i ever knew. >> nope, no, don't get old on me, jimmy. >> jimmy: it's happening. there's no other way. >> i know. >> jimmy: why are you now tip?
12:25 am
you know, that's my childhood name. >> jimmy: isn't it clifford? >> it's my government name. nobody ever calls me. >> jimmy: sorry about that. >> judges, policemen, and bankers. >> jimmy: okay. >> my name -- my family name is tip given to me my by father, mother, grandmother, like everyone -- >> jimmy: what everyone calls you? >> yes. >> jimmy: why did you go by t.i. in the first place? oh, it's a good quen way. >> when i found myself in very good company on the same label with q-tip and l.a. reid at the time, you know, he felt it was confusing having two tips on the label. since i was the new guy -- >> jimmy: you didn't get to be tip. >> so i had to change my name. >> jimmy: is q-tip mad you're tip?
12:26 am
>> jimmy: i am. >> no, man. >> jimmy: imagine what a barbecue we could have. >> me and q, we have a phenomenal relationship. >> jimmy: oh, you do? okay, good. i'm glad there's no problems there. are you happier now as tip than t.i.? >> you know what, i have not had a chance to think about it, but now that you mention it, i do feel a little bit better. >> jimmy: you have a pendant on. is that your fa family. >> jimmy: oh, how about that. >> actually, it's minus my youngest daughter. she was not born at the time of the picture. >> jimmy: maybe you want to photoshop her picture? >> i have another chain i wear that has her. >> jimmy: your wife is tiny, and then the kids names are?
12:27 am
>> jimmy: it's aris harris. >> yes. >> jimmy: she's going to be angry about that eventually. it's going to be a hell of a thing for her. >> she's going to enjoy it. >> jimmy: you should be naming hurricanes. hurricane aris. you were at the protest at trump tower in new york last night, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: >> thousands, ten, 12. >> jimmy: how did you get word there was going to be a protest? >> on the news. >> jimmy: oh, on the news. >> i was around the corner at the stutdio. i just walked over there. >> jimmy: and people were like, tip is here -- i was going to say t.i. >> well, i mean, people notice me, not just -- not all 12,000, but, you any, the people who were around me, they noticed me,
12:28 am
large group, it was more so, hey, that's -- thank you for being out here with us. it's great to see you here. >> jimmy: what was the message you wanted to send there? you know, a lot of people say, we had the election. it happened. >> sure. >> jimmy: we're a few days late with the movements. what was the message that you offered? >> nobody in their right mind can ever assume that, you know, just gatheringnd going somewhere and showing your incredible destain for a decision the nation made will do anything immediately. however, when i look at my kids in the eyes after this thing takes place, i voted, and i've done everything that i could do prior to now, but after the decision of the election had happened, i just want to be able to look my kids in the eyes and make sure they know i did everything that the constitution allows me to do to show my
12:29 am
>> jimmy: i see. i see. this album, "us or else," the flag there, is this a protest album recorded? >> yes, i guess in a way it could be considered a protest album. it's protesting against police brutality and, you know, it's really in memory of all of the young men and women who have lost they've liir lives at the law enforcement unnecessarily out with no accountability whatsoever, and i mean, i just want to see the nation head in a better direction. >> jimmy: doesn't get better than that. you're going to perform for us tonight? >> why not. >> jimmy: what song are you going to do for us tonight? have you decided yet? >> i could do "black man," if i could get --
12:30 am
we'll figure it out. >> jimmy: ?us or else? is available now. and we shall return with music from tip. ? ? >> dicky: the ?jimmy kimmel live? concert series presented by c?roc. let's get it. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store,
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sleep with sleep number. ? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright
12:32 am
cc1 test m >> dicky: the ?jimmy kimmel live? concert series presented by c?roc. let's get it. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank matthew broderick, butch walker, william hayes and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. nightline is next but first, his ep is called ?us or else?, here with the song ?black man? with some help from his friends ?tip?! ? ? black man drop top there go the cops there go the cops there go the cops ? ? is it because of my people is it because of my sneakers ? ? is it because of my jersey it is because that i'm perfect ? ?
12:33 am
marijuana smellin the gas ? ? i said i got a id i got glaucoma he said we ain't in cali get out put your hands up ? ? runnin real hard shook the taser shook the taser runnin real hard shook the taser shook the taser ? ? i told him can we split it we gon shake em hit my phone when you made it ? ? out of here pj to jamaica naw i ain't tell ya wrong get the paper ? ? been fightin too long against haters my attitude yeah i'm going for the shaders ? ? ? ? lfr a off the street ? ? make the gun sound now for mike brown take a life when you face down ? ? hoodie gang strong like trayvon gun by the window like detroit red ? ? bring that by the neck of my woods and bet a end up dead ? ? pig in a blanket was you thinkin free that boosie runnin at the police ? ? left him with a slow leak right outside vc tryna keep a phantom like dc ? ? hangout the g like free meek kill a reachin for a cell phone hurt to tell his mama he ain't comin home ? ? that's why i stay strapped all
12:34 am
? black man drop top there go the cops there go the cops there go the cops ? ? is it because of my people is it because of my sneakers is it because of my jersey it is because that you nervous ? ? black man running from the law like pac-man try and throw the raw all in the trash can got smoked ? ? by a cop on the dash cam mug shot on the news he a mad man when all he did was hustle to run th ? he feedin kids in jail if he wasn't crackin too many felonies on my jacket ? ? all of my brothers turn to assassins we seen too many brothers get put in caskets ? ? too many young baby mothers and baby daddies in the graveyard back then ? ? i went from sittin on clubs to the cashmere you shoulda seen how i flossed on em last year ? ? two maybachs and i had a bad year young countin money like a cashier ? ? white man wanna pay me like i'm u-n-o wanna see me at my funeral ? ? neither of my own homie
12:35 am
? that's my i ain't even wanna do it though if i don't do it i know he gon do me though ? ? cause he broke and he trippin bout stupid hoes but i'mma die just like mother julio black man ? ? ? black man drop top there go the cops there go the cops there go the cops ? ? is it because of my people is it because of my sneakers is it because of my jersey ? ? it is because that you nervous ? ? police see i got my hands up still wanna kill me they don't understand us ? ? they be lookin for a reason just to shoot me and wanna do me how they do us in the movies ? ? or how they do it out in baton rouge or ferguson or florida or baltimore they make excuses ? ? like i did cause i thought he had a pistol or i did it cause i thought he was a muslim ? ? my message to america felon or death here the liquor we die we just substances left here ? ? first you put us in a small hood and then you beat us and you treat us like it's all good ? ? and then shoot us and you screw us economically mentally killin no penalty
12:36 am
? bet i can make that think fore you shoot you kill me man there gon be more of some riotin and lootin ? ? we say black lives matter you say all lives but y'all ain't the ones getting hogtied ? ? persecuted executed one day it gon be time for retribution ? ? hope you don't ever see your son in an institution ? ? i know karma is constant and god ain't no nonsense you doin wrong just to run ? ? one day the time gon run out for the dumb ain't no deception tryna get in heaven ? ? you gettin nailed bet it's on your mary and you know what you did for who how ? ? much you really care and what you really felt h deny the opportunity to unify with people who look similar ? ? to you and i cause he don't wanna have a ? ? black man drop top there go the cops there go the cops there go the cops ? ? is it because of my people is it because of my sneakers ? ? is it because of my jersey it is because that i'm perfect ?
12:37 am
this is "nightline." tonight, transition of power. mr. trump goes to washington. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you. >> curtesy and respect on capitol hill as well, but will it last? how quickly could the president-elect and gop leaders undo president obama's signature achievemen achievements? plus, the law and order candidate, donald trump entering the presidency with dozens of pending lawsuits against him or his company including accusations of fraud. >> success, it's going to happen to you. >> abc's brian ross investigates. model first lady, melania trump sharing tea with the first lady


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