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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 12, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- doug: breaking overnight, a deadly explosion rocks in u.s. base in afghanistan. antoinette: thousands voice their concerns over the president-elect. the new messages of hope taking doug: two dogs in quarantine. why they're owner is relieved. antoinette: a special surprise for this 100-year-old veteran. how his birthday turned into a day to remember. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. antoinette: a good morning to you. thank you so much for the 8:00
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doug: i'm doug meehan. strong winds out there. kelly ann: nothing compared to yesterday. our live camera is just a bit shaky all show we see beautiful blue skies. it's chilly. we have temperatures in the 30's. the wind chill down into the upper 20's. although those winds are calmer, that wind-chill factor is something to consider even this afternoon as our temperatures top out in the 40's. it's goi for many spots. right now our wind chills are upper 20's along much of the coast. they'll slowly warm up later today. staying on the cooler end of the scale. this is where our winds are pulling in from.
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afghanistan. antoinette: the taliban claiming responsibility for a deadly explosion as a u.s. air base. four people are dead, more than a dozen others are injured after the blast on bagram air field this morning. local media reports a man dressed as a worker managed to get on that heavily guarded base and then set off a suicide vest. bagram is the largest u.s. military facility in afghanistan. protests and policy as president-elect donald trump puts together his white house team. thousands of people ta the streets of los angeles. and in miami, a march to the interstate. demonstrators disrupting traffic on the highway. a third day of protests in major u.s. cities. this all as the president-elect focuses on building his team. doug: and reveals the issues he's considering in his first interview since the election. donald trump on camera saying he wants to keep parts of obamacare. >> are you going to make sure that people with preconditions
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>> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you're going to keep that. >> also for the children living with their parents for an extended peer. >> you're going to keep that. doug: a very different tone from the president-elect during a "60 minutes" interview and about-face from his tone on the campaign trail, and it comes after thursday's 90-minute meeting with president obama at the white house. although trump still says his health care plan will be an improvement. >> it will be repealed and replaced and we'll know. and it will be great health care for much less money. president-elect inside a heavily protected trump tower all day, but a big announcement. his transition team has a new leader. vice president-elect mike pence is in. governor chris christie is out. although christie's name is still circulating as possible attorney general, also on that list, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. >> i certainly have the energy. there's probably nobody that knows the justice department better than me.
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gingrich and rnc chairman. there's word that three of trump's children, ivanka, eric and donald jr. will help shape the cabinet which could pose a conflict of interest because they'll also help run his businesses. outgoing senator kelly ann could play a role in the trump administration. the "washington post" reporting she's being considered for secretary of defense. ayotte tells the "union leader" she is not ruling out serving if trump asks. services committee. she lost a reelection bid to maggie hassan. antoinette: in boston, a peace rally on the common in response to the outcome of the election and outreach for understanding on the subway. the eyeopener's john atwater explains. john: in the midst of anger and frustration -- >> are we here to make someone's day? john: there was an effort to calm nerves after one of the most surprising elections in history.
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about this whole mess. john: colorful post-it notes with messages of hope at park street station, an idea borrowed from an outpouring of support at a subway station in new york. >> even though a lot of things are going on, it seems like not what we were expecting as part of the election, that we can still change things and say what we want to say. john: above ground, thousands gathered expressing their concerns about the president-elect. >> i think it's important for people to come out and make their values clear. john: boston protests stand in sharp protest to others around the country that have turned violent. demonstrations have drawn thousands, but the effort here hopes to calm nerves by reaching thousands of others with messages of hope. >> we're here to just say it doesn't matter what i believe, what you believe. it doesn't matter. at the end of the day, it's just about what we all collectively want to share to make everybody believe in that one thing, which
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pretty big gatherings here in boston, but, again, they have been peaceful. on the common, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: thank you. a 16-year-old is recovering after being shot on a bike path in mattapan. this happened yesterday behind the ryan playground off river street. the victim taken to the hospital with the gunshot wound and is expected to be okay. state police are investigating. no arrests have been made. antoinette: right now, extensive damage to a home in saugus. a three-alarm fire burning through the roof of this house on harrison avenue. witnesses say the flames appear floor before moving up through the second floor and spreading to the roof. no one was hurt in yesterday's fire. one cat was rescued, and it was returned to its owner. right now investigators are looking into whether a drug overdose played a role in the death of a baby. this was in marlborough. grieving neighbors stopping by to pay their respects, leaving behind candles and a teddy bear. police responding to that home at harrison place thursday when the baby's grandmother found the
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we now know firefighters did administer narcan to the adults. investigators are looking at the possibility that one of them rolled over that baby. neighbors said they were disturbed after hearing the news. >> nobody would expect it from a, you know, christian family, really religious family. it's horrible. antoinette: neighbors say the baby's mother and father are still in the hospital. the district attorney is not confirming if drugs were involved. operation granite hammer makes a sweep through nashua. the latest phase targeting heroin dealers has led to 15 more arrests. nashua police along with the f.b.i. rounding up the suspects over the past three days. most of the suspects are charged with drug-related crimes. the arrests included robert reidy, who police say escaped from a minimum security facility in lawrence. he was being held on drug possession charges. he will be facing extradition to massachusetts. antoinette: this morning, the town of marshfield is on alert
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of rabies there in more than 15 years. these two pups had a run-in with a rabid skunk last wednesday night. they're under quarantine and they can't leave for more than a month. their owner was actually here visiting from out of state when this happened. she's now stuck here also but relieved that after nine days, there have been no signs of a rabies infection. >> i knew by the way it was behaving that it was rabid. i didn't know what was going to happen. i was afraid it was going to attack my dogs or me. antoinette: marshfield police tell us they do not know of any additional cases. evacuations underway in several southern states. doug: wildfires burning for days. the criminal turn the investigation has taken. those flames continue to roar. antoinette: colder weather and video of snow have you feeling down? up next, what doctors say causes the winter blues and how to start feeling better about it. kelly ann?
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but a warm-up is on the way. plus, a timeline for the next
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risk. the researchers from arizona and california say that they found you get long-term protection against flu strains based on the first virus that you were exposed to as a child. there are several different groups of flu strains. the researchers say the dominant strain changes over time so that your exposure will depend on your age. they say this information can help when trying to predict if a flu virus will become a pandemic. out. as the weather gets colder, doctors are warning about seasonal affective disorder or s.a.d. it's kind of a depression many people get when the days get shorter and it stays darker longer. dr. joseph rock of the cleveland clinic says symptoms such as fatigue, a lack of energy and difficulty concentrating can start as early as september. he says the lack of sunlight is to blame, affecting the level of chemicals in your system linked to depression, mood, and your sleep cycle. >> get exercise. of course, that's something you always ought to do, but it's particularly important if you have seasonal affective
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the other thing is to make sure you get outside and do things whether you feel like doing it or not. doug: or move to florida. if your symptoms still don't improve, you should see the your doctor. antoinette: but if that's not an option, go out for an early morning walk and try to get some sunshine then. kelly ann: actually, as long as you have enough layers on, it's a beautiful start. we have sunny skies. the winds aren't quite as strong. things are starting to look up. so warmer tomorrow. that's something to look forward to, too. right now we're down into the 30's. those layers are definitely needed. 36 degrees in downtown boston. worcester at 31. it's all about that wind-chill factor. although the winds aren't quite as strong today, there's still enough wind that it's feeling quite a bit colder than what the thermometer is reading. as you're heading out right now, it's feeling like it's in the 20's. 20 degrees for worcester. on the cape, a 30-degree wind
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inland locations, especially western mass, pittsfield at 22 degrees. so very cold despite that beautiful sunrise. that blue sky will stay in place through much of today. we're not seeing any signs of rainfall or clouds even as we move to the north and west. in canada we're seeing signs of flurries. that won't be moving in for us. although the winds are from the northwest right now, they're starting to shift. when that component, we'll start to see temperatures warm up a bit. high temperatures today in the 40's. tomorrow add about 10 degrees to that as we sit in the upper 50's. 48 degrees in boston, marshfield 49. even as we move out toward worcester, 44, but feeling like the 30's because of that wind-chill factor throughout the day. high pressure keeping us dry and clear. we have cool winds from the northwest right now. it's windy out there but nothing
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an hour. today will be closer to 20 to 25. mild for tomorrow as those winds shift to the west with high pressure slipping down to the south. the next chance of rain is going to be moving out from the south coast making its way up the eastern seaboard as we head into tuesday. that will likely be interacting with that huge super moon we're expecting sunday night into monday. into the start of next week. that's something that could bring coastal flooding to our region. sunday, sunny skies in play. we talked about the super moon. that will be best seen before the sun rises monday morning. it's going to be gorgeous. 15% larger than average, that's how it's going to appear. this is the largest we've seen in nearly seven decades.
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temperatures in the lower 60's. that's a brief warm-up. tuesday will bring the next chance of rain and gusty, breezy winds. that will move up the coast. we have high tides expected because of that super moon. minor coastal flooding is possible along with those onshore winds. temperatures warm by later next week. doug and antoinette, we're back near 60 by next friday. antoinette: near 60. checking more stories happening right now -- doug: new evacuations in georgia as wildfires burn in several states. authorities in seven states are working on cracking down people setting off wildfires. police have already made arson arrests in tennessee and kentucky. several children in georgia accused of setting a fire near an airport will be sent to a fire center intervention program.
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controlled congress is already putting pressure on president-elect donald trump to move quickly on the controversial keystone pipeline. trump listed the pipeline that environmentalists strongly oppose as a project that he wants to move on in the first 100 days of his presidency. president obama has rejected the pipeline, saying it undercuts the nation's global climate change effort. the 1700-mile pipeline would carry oil from alberta, canada, to refineries near houston. doug: caught on camera, a routine traffic stop in philadelphia going horribly wrong. the unidentified officer hanging on the side of a truck before it slams into a parked car. the officer draws his gun, tells the driver to get on the ground, but then he tries to run. in the scuffle, the gun fires. the suspect is facing charges of including aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon. announcer: now here's bob halloran with sportscenter 5
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bob: some would say the celtics' three-game losing streak was due to the absences of al horford and jae crowder. but isaiah thomas would say, and he did say, it's because the celtics aren't the hardest playing team anymore. but last night, still without horford and crowder, thomas and his tank engine steamrolled over the knicks, 115-87. veterans day yesterday, and members of the military get a standing ovation and some much deserved thank-you's. and after isaiah thomas called his team out for not playing hard enough, he went out and led the way with a 23-point first half and finished the game with 29. second quarter, carmelo anthony the ref has had more than enough. he t's him up. it's a second technical and an automatic ejection. goodbye, melo. a little more from thomas. nice move to the hoop. celtics led by 10 at the break and added to it in the third quarter. and the knicks mailed it in from there. jalen brown with two of his 10, and the celtics go on to win by 28, 115-87. they play at indiana tonight. boston college loses to florida state last night 45-7. and the bruins are in the desert
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that's it for sports. have a great day. antoinette: caught on camera in oklahoma, a deer stuck in a clothing store. watch it in slow motion as it makes rdramatic escape. shoppers say the deer ran off away from the building. exactly how the deer got into the store, that is still unclear this morning. doug: waiting for it? it's not going to happen. antoinette: his joke was everything's a buck off. doug: there you go. better when you do it. 10:19 is your time. antoinette: a big surprise for a 100-year-old veteran. doug: let's pack up the kids and head easty. how beautiful a shot is that. a little chilly. 38 degrees. antoinette: missing the boat?
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the winter. oh, boy. oh, well.
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kelly ann: gusty winds of yesterday are starting to die down today. still a bit breezy, but at least we won't see those strong wind gusts we saw near 50 miles an hour yesterday afternoon. temperatures heading out the door chilly in the 30's with 36
8:23 am
plymouth at 34 degrees right now. those wind chills down into the 20's. dry overwhed. that will be the case for not only today but tomorrow as well. looking sunny for much of your weekend. start in the 30's. this afternoon jumping into the upper 40's. tomorrow warmer, climbing into the upper 50's. by the time you head out to the patriots came at 8:30, sunset is earlier. by the time you head to the game, chilly. antoinette: kelly ann, thanks. a world war ii veteran's 100th birthday just happened to fall on veterans day. doug: mary saladna shows us how his family and his doctor's office teamed up to surprise him. mary: he's marking a milestone. at his annual checkup today, his
8:24 am
through him a party. >> you have a clean bill of health. mary: he turns 100 today on veterans day, fitting since he served in world war ii. his secret to a long life -- good genes and a quarter cup of honey in his daily coffee. >> he swears by honey. he has honey every day. and he'll tell you that's how you stay healthy. mary: he says he likes to keep active. he worked as a carpenter until five years ago, walked on the treadmill until he turned 97. his loving family keeps him going too. his wife of 65 years, margaret, along with their five children, 13 grandchildren, and four great-grandkids. >> here's to a hundred more. >> i'll try. [laughter] >> i know you will, i know you will. >> ? happy birthday to you ? mary: in chelsea, i'm mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: ah, you gotta love a guy who can rock a shirt with pineapples on it. doug: and the lid, and the lid. antoinette: happy birthday.
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around the corner. antoinette: a warning for those using their phones to do all of that shopping. the scam signs experts say you should look out for. doug: the pay rate for bridge worker jobs climbing near 600%, and you are paying the bill. 5 investigates the pay hike courtesy of the state. antoinette: and check out the blue skies outside right now. it is a crisp and clear morning out there across boston. 38 degrees at 8:25. >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. >> in the weeks and months ahead, everyone will try to gain the attention and support of a new administration. optimists hope we unite. pessimists expect greater gridlock. but one issue is a no-brainer for bipartisan support. increased assistance and immediate attention for our veterans. recently, 5 investigates' karen anderson reported on deplorable living conditions at the chelsea soldiers home.
8:26 am
showers, and signs everywhere of overdue maintenance. that's just one sign of veteran services falling short. a more staggering indication -- an average of 20 veterans per day commit suicide according to the veterans administration. one exceptional model for delivering improved services has its roots in boston. home base, a partnership of mass general hospital and the red sox foundation, is working to heal the invisible wounds of war for post-9/11 service members, veterans and their families through clinical care, fitness and wellness-based programs, community outreach, education, and research. home base's care is accessible. appointments are quickly booked, in days if needed, providing free care for the uninsured. and time of service or discharge status doesn't matter. they truly help all. but they require increased financial assistance to meet the demand. full disclosure. wcvb is a proud sponsor of home base. we are drawn to their mission. it is truly a program to be emulated and expanded across america.
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training our servicemen and women to go to war. it is unconscionable if we don't spend just as much assisting and supporting a successful return
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announcer: now on nscenter 5 eyeopener -- kelly ann: strong winds dying down. teeratures stay cool. i have your timeline on a
8:30 am
antoinette: breakg news from afghanistan. an attack at a u.s. air base. the group taking responsibility for the deadly attack. doug: a close call at a local restaurant. the car crashing through just missing customers. how the owner's recent purchase may have saved the day. >> is this this is an example of a waste of taxpayer money. antoinette: bridge workers on a publicly funded job getting paid a higher rate than the governor. 5 investigates digging into a massive pay hike courtesy of the state. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. doug: i'm doug meehan. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio along with meteorologist kelly ann cicalese. we're inching up so slowly. kelly ann: we're staying in the 40's most spots.
8:31 am
kelly ann: the winds were gusting near 50 miles an hour. it really was a mess. we have a lot of leaves on the ground. check out those blue skies over head for today. it is going to be a nice start to our day, although those temperatures are in the 30's. wind chills down into the 20's and even this afternoon, as temperatures inch toward the 40's, we're talking about wind chills staying in the 30's. so those winter jackets will be needed. right now wind chill temperatures are down traveling down into plymouth. inland even colder where pitts field feels like 22 degrees. dry overhead. no sign of clouds or rainfall. even to our north and west, it's that cool breeze from canada keeping us on the lower end of the scale. your 12-hour forecast including temperatures into the 40's this afternoon.
8:32 am
climb into the 50's. antoinette: thank you. we are following breaking news on the eyeopener. doug: a deadly explosion rocks a heavily protected air base in afghanistan and four people are dead, more than a dozen others hurt after an apparent suicide bombing attack. the taliban is claiming responsibility for that attack. antoinette: outgoing new hampshire senator kelly ann may be in line for a new job in washington. the "washington post" reporting that donald trump's transition team is considering her for secretary of defense. ayotte is a member of the armed services and doug: a peaceful rally on boston common. about a thousand people gathered together to express their feelings after days of post-election divisiveness. many held signs offering community support. others used the gathering to protest the election of donald trump. the gathering was organized by two women on facebook. antoinette: caught on camera lunch interrupted. a car smashing into a danvers restaurant. there were people in those booths when that car came
8:33 am
the close call. diane: take a look at this surveillance video as the car came crashing into the window with customers sitting inside. >> all of a sudden, i heard that huge sound like an explosion and the car's in here. diane: just moments before that happened, you can see the car in the parking lot turning into a space in front of the restaurant. >> thank god nobody got hurt. diane: the owner says the driver also appeared to be okay. he says she told police she just had her car detailed and that a floor mat got stuck under the brake pedal. installed shatterproof glass which kept employees and customers from being injured. >> if it was regular glass, it could have been a lot of people get hurt. diane: we're told customers had minor cuts and scrapes and the driver is doing okay. in fact, the owner says she came in and ordered food and drove away in the same car. in danvers, diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: 5 investigates, imagine the pay for a job skyrocketing nearly 600%
8:34 am
some bridge workers on a publicly funded job. doug: so how did it happen and are taxpayers getting their money's worth? here's investigative reporter kathy curran. kathy: the blynman bridge in gloucester. one of the busiest drawbridges on the east coast. >> come in, please. kathy: a captain calls for passage. the bridge operator strolls out of this trailer up to the bridge house, puts the safety gate down, and opens the bridge for the boats below. >> thank you. kathy: he closes the bridge, makes note of the vessels passing through and heads back inside where photos obtained by 5 investigates show a comfortable workplace complete with a futon for resting and a flatscene tv. -- flat screen tv. it's a state contracted job that records show pays between $75 and $120 an hour. that's at least $156,000 taxpayer dollars a year for a
8:35 am
paycheck than the governor of our state. >> i was getting $13.50 an hour. kathy: frank and pete were shocked by that $75 an hour rate. they worked for the bridge for about a decade until they were laid off last year. you hear somebody's getting paid $75 an hour. what went through your mind? >> what's wrong with this picture? kathy: here's what happened. that massive increase pay increase kicked in when the state began maintenance on the bridge and bridge house. the state said that triggered the prevailing wage law which requires workers be paid a wage found in existing union contracts, and that rate is usually much higher than the going rate in the market. >> >> blynman bridge is a poster
8:36 am
kathy: greg sullivan says massachusetts is one of only a handful of states that sets the prevailing wage that way. the median hourly wage nationally for a bridge tender is $22.10 an hour. >> it just seems like a huge waste. >> massachusetts is in a tough financial situation right now. when you see it wasted on something like this, it makes you pull your hair out. kathy: 5 investigates found even this pig is feeding from the taxpayer trough. we discovered one of those bringing her breakfast during the workday more than an hour away from the job site. the bridge is maintained through a contract with the state department of transportation. a massdot spokesperson told us because a contractor is involved in the work, they're obligated to pay the prevailing wage. they also told us bridge operators perform other duties on-site, but our investigation found them just sitting in the
8:37 am
>> it just doesn't seem to make sense to me. kathy: the total cost to operate the bridge for the first six months of the year was almost half a million dollars. as far as that pig is concerned, a lawyer told us workers do feed the pig, but not during work hours. but they told massdot a very different story, that the employee we saw was on vacation. the state is now reviewing all of the work logs. kathy curran, 5 investigates. doug: kathy, thank you. the coast guard rescues two boaters in boston harbor. silent passage ran aground near lovells island yesterday. they tried to wait for high tide but the high winds made that plan too dangerous. the coast guard sent a helicopter to lift the men off the boat to safety. nobody was hurt. meanwhile, a tragedy on a new hampshire lake. people watching from shore say a 62-year-old strafford woman appeared to be having trouble paddling through the choppy waters on bow lake when her kayak went over. crews say the winds were gusting
8:38 am
water temperature just 53 degrees. rescuers raced to the water, but it took two hours for crews to find the woman. >> unfortunately, we ended up locating the kayak at one point. it was empty. and at that point, it turned into a search and rescue. doug: the fire chief urging lake residents to stay off the water during rough, windy weather. antoinette: president obama delivering his final veterans day address of his presidency at the arlington national c the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in honor of military veterans who have sacrificed for our country. during his speech, the president urged americans to reconnect with one another and to forge unity from our great diversity. doug: marking veterans day in the city of boston. the ceremonies included one at the massachusetts fallen heroes memorial in the seaport district. among the speakers was nate boyer, a former green beret and nfl player. he talked about how tough it is for many veterans returning
8:39 am
>> there are so many men and women coming back and transitioning out of the military back into civilian life now. and it's difficult. people don't understand that sometimes, you know. and we miss so badly our brothers and sisters that didn't make it back, you know. and we feel -- we feel guilty. doug: there are also veterans day ceremony held at the state house that included a salute outside the memorial of the massachusetts 54th regiment which fought in the civil war. antoinette: a new program is now available to help veterans move back to civilian life. attorney general maura healey announcing the new grant over the veterans day holiday. it includes funding for legal, housing and educational assistance. doug: a belmont bakery damaged in an oven explosion is looking for a new home. it's the latest setback for ohlin's bakery. the family business was working out of the same building for more than a hundred years. now the landlord says reopening the bakery is impossible. the costs for rebuilding are too
8:40 am
facebook page in hopes of finding a new location. antoinette: a hundred years. doug: such an institution here. antoinette: it is. doug: hopefully, they can find something. a mystery memorial banner showing up on a popular social network site. antoinette: the memo labeling many people as dead. how facebook said that glitch led to a mistake. doug: and fake apps you. kelly ann: cool temperatures
8:41 am
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doug: welcome back. it's 8:43. facebook user getting quite the surprise, the social media site thinks they're dead. a glitch converting pages into memorial pages adding a message hoping that users' loved ones find comfort. even ceo mark zuckerberg was found dead. antoinette: now a serious warning for holiday shoppers. as mobile shopping is on the rise, so are the number of fake apps that are posing as popular
8:44 am
security researchers warn consumers to be on alert as these counterfeit apps could be stealing your money and your personal information. the ceo of branding brands, a company that builds apps for retailers, warns shoppers of shoppers posing as dillard's, dollar tree, zappos and new balance. doug: lynn firefighters keeping a close watch on a wildfire. sky 5 over the scene of the scene. it's in the lynn woods reservation. it's a large recreation area. most of the fire burned itself out. antoinette: some of the wind died down. we still need the rain to help out with those dry conditions. kelly ann: absolutely. until we get the rain, even the lightest wind to ignite a fire. rain is heading our way tuesday. until that time, things are very dry and calm. it's not until we move into tuesday that we'll see heavy showers look to push our way.
8:45 am
wind. nothing compared to those strong winds of yesterday. but a light enough wind that we do see that wind-chill factor. so our thermometers are reading the 30's. 31 in worcester. 36 in boston. but those wind chills are down into the 20's. this is what it's feeling like as you're heading out this morning. it's feeling like 22 degrees in pittsfield this morning, 20 in worcester, and even along the coast, 27-degree wind chill in boston chills in the lower to mid 30's. our winds will be a huge factor for today. not as strong as yesterday but it's about the direction today. the winds are blowing from the northwest. that's going to keep us chilly. as we head into the late afternoon, evening, they start to turn and eventually move in from the west to even southwest. and when that occurs, that's when we start to see clouds move in this evening, but it's going to help bring mild conditions
8:46 am
time of year. satellite/radar looking dry overhead. no signs of rain in our future. this is the direction of the weather coming in for us. a few clouds but no signs of any real precipitation. just a real chill in the air as we progress throughout our region. let's zoom in and take a look at those temperatures today. north and west, we're mainly in the upper 40's. burlington at 49 de around west from 5 to 15 miles an hour. now we move over toward worcester where we see mid 40's. spencer at 46. we jump into the 50's by tomorrow afternoon. upper 50's by monday. check out overnight temperatures, down to the 30's. next couple of evenings are going to stay chilly. moving down toward the south
8:47 am
degrees, especially down toward rhode island. braintree at 49 degrees. on the cape, winds will stay just a bit stronger. we could see wind gusts from 20 to 25 miles an hour. 47 in hyannis today. tomorrow we're climbing into the 50's. by monday reaching toward 60 degrees. so a lot to look forward to as we move into the next couple of days. keep in mind we actually have a cool event sunday night into monday. the super moon. now, this is goingo seen in nearly seven decades. the best time to see it is before the sun rises monday morning. you will be able to see it sunday night. impressive. this super moon, because it's so close to the earth, is going to play with our tides. that gravitational pull brings very strong tides tuesday. with the chance of rain, doug and antoinette, we'll have to watch the chance for coastal flooding.
8:48 am
antoinette: a patient was diagnosed with a disease like mad cow disease. they are sterilizing all equipment. there's no ongoing threat to patients or staff. operations will resume monday. stomach pain that is severe and has no cure. doug: for people diagnosed with crohn's or colitis, those challenges to a real. antoinette: ben simmoneau meets a young teenager managing his disease day by day. ben: two piles of prescriptions and vitamins. >> fish oil ben: 13-year-old aaron takes them every morning and every night to prevent the pain from building in his stomach. some days all of this is not enough and there's a flare up. >> it's usually some mix between like a burning, stabbing, just kind of aching pain
8:49 am
with ulcerative chronic colitis that causes oozing sores in his intestines. sores can lead to severe pain, bleeding and cramps. >> i have no injury. i feel frail ben: aaron missed more than half of first grade and has been hospitalized at least four times, mostly to manage pain. >> our doctor said it's not cancer, you don't die from it, but it's chronic. there's no cure and it's just something you have to manage. ben: a biopsy shows aaron has developed crohn's disease as well. the painful symptoms are similar to colitis but affect different sections of aaron's gastrointestinal tract. >> as a family we try to keep things calm and one day at a time, but it's tough, and it's been tough with sports. last week he was home all week. he missed his last two soccer games for middle school ben: despite the setbacks, aaron bounces back every time. >> aaron is just really resilient. if he's a glass half full, glass overflowing kind of person ben: right now aaron is focused
8:50 am
york. they're all battling the same diseases. >> they just understand what you have to go through. and they know exactly what you're talking about all of the time. antoinette: aaron's older brother was recently diagnosed with crohn's. researchers believe a combination of environmental and genetic factors can contribute to the disease. we're following breaking news out of afghanistan this u.s. air base. four people killed. more than a dozen hurt. plus, calls for peace in boston. the moves some are making while
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> monday morning on code. >> finding out what's really in everything you buy, may just be an app away. >> i am tracking the chance for needed rain on the way, join us needed rain on the way, join us on monday starting at 4:30 a.m. ? ? even hollywood's latest sweetheart needs to... punish the porcelain occasionally. but to avoid embarrassment... i give every bathroom the v.i.poo treatment. spray generously before taking your seat and v.i.poo forms a protective layer trapping the icky smell
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hollywood's hottest director. even a vip needs to v.i.poo. antoinette: 8:53. breaking news out of afghanistan this morning. the taliban claiming responsibility for a deadly explosion at a u.s. air base. four people are dead. more than a dozen others are hurt after the blast on bagram air field this morning. local media reports a man dressed as a worker managed to get on the heavily guarded base and set off a suicide vest. bagram is the largest u.s. military facility in afghanistan. doug: a peaceful gathering on boston common. a thousand people turned out to show their support for the
8:54 am
others joined in by holding signs and voicing their opposition to the new president-elect. antoinette: investigators in marlborough are searching for answers after the death of a baby on harrison place. the baby's grandmother found the 5-week-old in a bed with two unresponsive adults on thursday. investigators looking at the possibility that one of them rolled over onto the baby. neighbors say the baby's mother and father are still in the hospital. the district attorney is not confirming if drugs were involved. two boston men are facing charges, arrested for having illegal guns. police were responding to a report of a person carrying a gun near the courthouse on washington street. the men were eventually pulled over and taken into custody. a search of the car found two semiautomatic firearms under the seat. boston police have now taken 700 illegal guns off the streets. doug: you want fries with that? lunch interrupted at a danvers
8:55 am
through a glass wall. the owner says the driver told police she had just had her car detailed, and it was the floor mat that got stuck under the brake pedal. luckily, here, nobody was seriously injured. antoinette: look how quick he got out of that booth. crazy. well, city hall plaza being transformed into -- get ready for it -- a winter wonderland. doug: there's going to call it boston winter. it will open thein doug: he'll have a place to land. the attraction will include an 11,000-square-foot skate path. local artists and community groups will show off their talents. there will be a community stage set up. festivities run through december 31. take the kids and have a good time. antoinette: are we really there talking about winter, talking about holiday shopping? doug: temperatures in the 20's. kelly ann: it's crazy how much our temperatures have dipped over the last 24 hours.
8:56 am
back. kelly ann: just get through today. we're in the 40's but feeling like the 30's because of the wind-chill factor. tomorrow upper 50's. the patriots game, the sun will set. a bit chilly for the game but dry. next week, 60's on monday. tuesday bring our next chance of rain. with that we could see some coastal flooding bought of that high tide all a result of the huge super moon sunday night into monday. a lot of factors. we talked about the earlier. we could use the rain. antoinette: the super moon, a lot of people want to take pictures. when's the best time? kelly ann: driving into work today, it looked beautiful. any opportunity to see it is going to be great. but monday morning before sunrise is the best time. antoinette: wake up early, folks.
8:57 am
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