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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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announce on r: nowwscenter 5 eyeopener -- antoinette: a deadly shooting in a dorchester neighborhood. police calling it a murder. the search right now for a gunman. doug: a fourth day of rallying in the books. the protest over donald trump's election as he focuses on his white house team. antoinette: healing by music. the big name headlining an emotnal fi theater in par since the devastating terror attacks. do: a supebowl rematch at gillette stadium. the ugh test for the patriots today. announ you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. go morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. antoinette: and a good morning to you. so glad you're with us for the 8:00 hour of the eyeopener. suay, november 13. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: i'm ug meehan. kelly ann is standing by for us
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we have a big game and a big mo kelly ann: absolutely. a lot o big stuff. the clouds we see overhead right now will start to clear. it's t a perfectly blue sky heading out this morning, but you can see some glimmers of sun trying to break through as we take a lo at that sunrise this morning. temperatures in the mido upper 40's. it's a milder start leading in a warmer afternoon. winds about 13 miles per hour. so a bit of a breeze but nothing coed to gusts we saw friday. 41 39 inlymouth as well.yestery at ng temperatures d into the 20's to lower 30's. windpeeds right now are strongest as we mo inland. rcester county, we're seeing a lot of wind gusts, 20 to 25 miles an hour. throughout the afternoon, wind gusts not as strong. we hav cloud movsg through this morning. we will start t clear as we head into the afternoon. with that, doug and antoinette,
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antoinette: we have breaking news fro new zealand. doug: a magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocking the christchurch area. the untrcos emergency management team saying a tsunami is poible. no reports of injuries but over 200 buildings are damage that same area rocked by a quake in 2011, killing 185 people. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. also this morning, right now, boston police investigating a ad police say they got a call jus before 5:00 yesterday from one person shot on ames street. but when they got there, they found tw victims at the scene. bo men in their 20's. one was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuri. the oer man was ten to the hospital where he died a short time later. police have notet identified that victim. anyone with information related to the case asked to cause boston police. antoinette: the manound shot in the wood in easton has died.
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he w found by two boys on he is originally from easton but had been living florida. investigators are asking anyone who has seen a red 2016 mazda 3 sedan with florida plates to call police. a serious car accident in medfield last night, the crash p ing on harding street just around 10:30 p.m. you can see a ewe fitly pole -- utility pole there snapped in half. no word on any injuries. doug: a fourth o demonstrators making tir case against the new president-elect. meanwhile, donald trump is hunkered down, faced with putting together his new white house team. as protestors strain at barricades surrounding his namesake tower, nald trump's gilded penthouse may feel more like a gilded cage. >> not my president. >> not my president. doug: for a fourth straight da crowds were on the street raising their signs d voices against the president-elect.
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>> democracy is a lot more about just voting. it'sbout getting out, protesting, making sure your voice is heard. doug: om cst to coast, signs of popular resistance to the populist president in waiting. the demonstrations mtly peaceful though some protests clashed with police. donald tmp was out of the public eye for a second day sardayn his manhattan penthouse that n resembles a guardhouse surrounded with concrete barriers patrolled by heavily ard police, headquarters for team trump. as they put together their new administration. >> the mood is excellent. we're just working really hard to help form a government. doug: when wilwe hear from president-elect trump? >> ithe next couple of days, actually, we're talking about right now, he's enjoying time with his family, receiving many visitors, taking phone calls. senior team is with him alst nonstop. these are exciting times.
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when he's president, he' be more careful about all othose tweets. >> i'm going to be very restrained, if i use it at all. i'm going to be very restrained. doug: new hampshire senator kelly ayot responding to the "washington post" report that trump is considering her for secretary of defense, releasing a statement saying, "i'm regrouping with my family right now, but i will always find a way to serve our state and our country even as a private citizen because i love new hampshire and our country and i want to make sure we cceed." anin: college student is apologizing for taunting female students at neby wellesley college. ed tasso and another student rode around the campus. wellesley is the alma mater of hillary clton. friday, he posted a face boob message showing his actions showed extremely poor judgment and that he was deeply sorry for perpetuating fr. the other student involved has
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studentsushed to the hospital after crashing into a utility pole. look at that car. it happed yesterday more than near state road on arcadia avenue. police sayased on the damage to that vehicle, both the passenger and driver are lucky to be ale. they're listed in stable condition. the cause of that crash is und investigation. antoinette: firefighters say a brush fire that broke out in lynn is now completely out. it flared up quickly at the lynn woods reservation friday afternoon. no one was hurt. no homes were threatened. firefighters will be monitoring the area for the next few days to make sure there are no more flames. massachusetts soldier. brian arsenault was an army specialist and aedicated hockey player. he was killed in afghanistan back in 2014. family and friends gathered in westborough to dedicate a memorial to him at northstar ice sports. it's where he played and volunteered in the local hockey community. >> he workedn some of the camps here in the summer.
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so we couldn't think of a better place to -- to have this memorial. antoinette: all of the money to build the memorial, $35,000, was raised by his friends and family. a super bowl remch at gillette stadium. doug: patriots facing the seahawks for the first time since their last-minute victory two years ago. can you believe it? just saying the word seattle seahawks elicits a smile from patriots fans who remember how super bowl xlix ended. a bye week giving the patriots plenty of time to prepare for an opponent they don't see very often. seattle already beating the rest of the afc east, posting victories against the jets, bills and dolphins, but the patriots will be a tougher test. and tom bry knows that the seattle fense is a pretty tough test as well. >> they just do what they do and they do it at extremely high level. this is one of those teams. so they've led the league in scoring i ink the last four
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run every defense in the book. i think it's a relatively aggressive plan that they have. doug: get your popcorn ready. game starts at 8:30. we're staying top new zland. antoinette: a 7.8 rthquake hittinghristchurch. a flash mob attack in a major u.s. city. at least six people injured. what those attackers were trying to accomplish. doug: the bataclan reopening a yearfter a deadly terrorist attack there. special guest kicking off the very first concert since that attack. kelly ann: dry and sunny, but that's going to change. i'm tracking swers for early
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kelly ann: good morning. 8:11. welcome back. right now, wildfires raging across the south. dougseveraareas under a state ofmergency. the smoke so intense in some areas,esidents along the border of georgia and north
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right now, 37 large fires are burning across seven states. investigators suspecting arson to blame for some of those fires. arrests already made in tennessee and kentucky. in some of the hardest hit areas, more than 60,000 acres scorched in just the last few weeks. >> just one little ember from a re, even though it could be innocent, can cause a lot of damage. >> the smoke almost blocks out the sun, it's so bad. doug: e rash of wildfires homes. much of the region seeing one of the driestears on record. antoinette: okay. are you ready for this picture, guys? the snow gunare alady back to work in new hampshire. if you're just itching tget back on the slopes, today is your lucky day bretton woods in new hampshire has a special one-day opening as part of their say good night to you can even get a free lift ticket if you nate a non-perishable food item.
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thksgiving. doug: cold's up. gun's up. a little closer to home, snow making haofficially begun in southern new england's largest peak. jiminy peak in hancock working nonstop to lay down a nice base, because, antoinette -- antoinette: it's all about the base. they anticipate opening november but mother nature must antoinette: do you think our viewers know what you mean by cold's out, n's out? kelly ann: at this point, we're seeing temperas in the 40's this morning. very warm stt. leading us into a nice warm afternn as well. the upper 50's, a tad above normal and a nice change after yesterday's cold conditions. right now, heading out, 47 in downtown boston. 41 in worcester. ringfield at 38 degrees.
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there. it's a bit breezy, occasional windts between 15 and 20 miles an hour. those winds will be very occasional. at this point, overall, that feeling as you're heading out today is going to be much warmer we do have a few clouds that are moving through for this morning, especiallyrevale from bosto moving onto the north shore. notice how we're seeing som of those clouds erode a we move into western ss. th is hinting at clearing that will be pushing eastward l get those tempetures warmer today. 57 in bostons the sun breaks out. worcester will top out at 53 this afrnoon, just about 52 in pittsfield. check out providence. 59 degrees today. we are definitely feeling some of that heat. high preure helping us warm up today.
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get temperatures closer to the 60's, waiting for that next chance of rain. by tues we're watching thi system moving right u the coast. by monday morning, it's right around the calinas, but then it moves right up the eastern seaboard. and by late monda night, we're tracking some of those clouds. by tuesday morning, thewers creep in. that's somethg that will coincide with the king side, a result of the big super moon tonight and tomorrow flooding as we head into especially late tuesday morning and into tuesday afternoon. so that's something we're watching at this point. overall, things are looking great if you're heading out today. sunshine in place. milder. all eyeshe super moon for tonight. the patriots game will be clea but we will get cooler. we will drop into the 40's at that point. super moon, great opportunities to watch that tonight with the clear sky.
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before sunrise tomorrow morning, if you can get up early, you'll see that. than an average full great opportunity for that. keep in mind with that in place, we he that risk of coastal flooding as we head into tuesday and wednday. we're talking abo 1/2 inch to an inch moving into the area. that will clear out by wednday allowing drier conditions to move in for the rest of your work week. noce how those 60-degree hig on monday cool dn into the 50's by showers puing in. so we'll hang out in the 50's for muchf this week. the next warm-up, friday into next weekend. that's when we say hello to the 60's once again. doug and antoinette. antoinette: kelly ann, thank you. 8:16. taking a look at the other stories we're following now -- after a flash mob attack in d philadelphia that included an off-duty police officer suffering minor injuries. this happened at around 00 last night when police say a
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a pedestrian. at least one expect was taken into custody. antoinette: wellfleet harbor is set to reopen tomorrow morning. the state division of marine fisheries making the call after finding no evidence of norovirus which sickened more than 80 people who ate oysters harvested there. the harbor will have been clos toarvesting all shellfish except scallops for more than 25 days. that's four moreays than required by law. doug: a large protest in cincinnati. hundreds taking the streets after the murder case against a former police officer, ray tensing, ended up in a mistrial. the former university of cincinnati officer was accused of killing an unarmed black driver, sadubose, during a traffic stop last year. but prosecutors say jurors couldn't agree whether to convict tensing of murder or voluntary manslaughter. the lead prosecutowill decide by end of the month whether to retry the case. announcer: n here's bob halloran with sportscent 5 powered by xfinity. bob: just thesayingords
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how super bowl xlix ended. that was two years ago. and was two weeks ago since the patriots last played. back to work tonight. home agast the seahawks. somile. also running back dion lewisas been activated from the pup list. celtics were in indiana last night, winning for the second night in a row. kelly olynyk with the lay-in off the alley-oop. olynyk with 12 in the first half and 16 for the game. still no al horford orae crowder lastight. but the celtics have more than enough to take care of the pacers. celtics win 105-99. arizona against e coyotes. no score through the first period. but zdeno chara gets his second of the year. 1-0 bruins. and what a year for davi pastrnak already. only 20 years old, but he's fast beming a star. he'll get his 10th goal of t and uinsthe breat arizona 2-1. uins skate at colorado tonight. mike lynch has those highlights and the patriots on sportscenter 5 o.t. that's sports.
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? i hope that someone gets my ? ? i hope that someone gets my message in a btle ? doug: a dead after the deadly terror attack, music returns to the bataclann paris. sting concert. barrices set up around the venue. as you may rember, 90 people last year at that concert hall. proceeds are going to two rvivor charities. concertgoers beingold to honor the loss and celebrate life and music. antoinette: great message there. doug: 8:19. it may be warmer, buthe holidays are upon us. antoinette: the major u.s. city readying its big christmas celebrion. you've been to an auto body shop d maybe even to a beauty salon.
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at the same time? we're going to show you how one business is doing just that. doug: a live look outside. a cloudy srt to your monday morning. a little warmer than yesterday. kelly ann says a niceight for the patriots game and viewing of that super moon early tomorrow. her forecast when the eye continues. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes
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on november 14, we'll be joining the cotry for kindness day. good morning, eyeener. antoinette: good morning to you. and a happy world kindness day. doug: isn't that great? u can join the dance for kindness. it kicks off at 1:00. the should be hundreds there. we should have no problems weatherwise. kelly ann: the cloud stubborn this morning over downtown boston in a couple of locations. for some of us, that sun i beginning to break through. temperaturewise, things are feeling better too. here's wt we're seeing out the door. boston 47 wth stubborn clouds. elsewhere, worcester, sun breaking through. 41degrees. a few 30's as we move toward plymouth. otherwise, things are feeling nice and mild for the start of your sunday. here's a look at the satellite and radar imagery.
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out this afternoon as highs hit the upper 50's. even though it will be warmer this ?uafternn, the patriots game is an eveni game. the sun will be down and things will get cool quicy. pack on the layers. temperatures wille falling into the 40'sith a clear sky, good news there.taying dry. doug and antoinet, our next chance of rain holding off until esday. antoinette: all right, kelly ann. thank you. mechanics and manicures inhe same spot. doug: like cluh-clutch. antoinette: yes. the girls auto clinic is open just outside philadelphia. five female mechanics work at the auto shop fixing cars and showing other women how to do it themselves. in that same building is a beauty bar where you can also get a manicure or a blow-out after you blow-out. doug: take a break when you learn about your brakes.
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it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in manhattan. do: the second largest tree to go up in rockefeller center was put up yesterday. it was cut down thursday and it made the 140-mile trek. the tree lighting is after thanksgiving and wil feature more than 50,000 lights. how great is that? 8:25. continuing to follow breaking news fromew zealand where an earthquake quick. antoinette: a magnitude 7.2 earthquake rocking the christchurch area. no reports o benning to hit the south island. we're going to keep you updated throughout the morning on air, online, and on our mobile app. a dratic rescue caught on camera. the coast guard crew saving a stranded crew of boaters. doug: how this woman survived a
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>> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. >> in the weeks and months ahead, everyone will try to gain the attention and support of a new administration. optimists hope we ite. pessimists expect greater gridlock. but one issue is a no-brainer for bipartisan support. increased assistance and immediate attention for our veterans. recently, 5 investigates' karen anderson reported on deplorable soldiers home.ons at the chelsea rodent droppings, mold in showers, and signs everywhere of du that's just one sign of veteran services falling short. a more staggering indication -- an average of 20 veterans per day commit suicide according to the veterans administration. one exceptional model for delivering improved services has its roots in boston. home base, a partnership of mass general hospital and the red sox foundation, is working to heal the invisible wounds of war for post-9/11 rvice members, veterans and their families through clinical care, fitne
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and research. homease's care is accessible. appointments are quickly booked, in days if needed, providing free care for the uninsured. and time of service or discharge status doesn't matter. they tly help all. but they require increased financial assistance to meet the demand. full disclosure. wcvb ia proud sponsor of home base. it is truly a program to be n. emulated and expanded across america. mi training our servicemen and women to go to war. it is unconscionable if we don't spend just as much assisting and supporti a successful return
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announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- anuncer: now on newscenter 5 doug: a daring rescue caught on camera, the coast guard pulling off a tough miion to help stranded boate. how they pulled it off in a couple of minutes. antoinette: wi granted. the new hampshire boy fighting a rare disease and how he was just gifted the trip of a lifetime. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boon's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. doug: good morning, everybody. we're follong the developments of the earthquake inew
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antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio along with kelly a cicalese. it is already 50 degrees. what a change from this same time yesterday. kelly ann: we are seeing temperatures warmer than the height of the afternoon yesterday early this afternoon. things are above normal, already feeling that this rning. 47 in downtown boston with those winds hting about 13 miles per hour. so we are seeing a bit of a breeze out there, but that won't have too much of an impac on w out, because those temperatures ll get quite a bit warmer. we'll talk about highs jumping into the 50's in the height of the afternoon. right now, elsewhere in our region, we are seeing 41 degrees in worcester. plymouth still holding onto the 30's at 39 degrees, but check out some areas to our south where we're beginning to climb in the mid to upper 40's. seeing a temperature change. 10-degre rm-up from what we were seeing this time yesterday
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there are some of those clouds movi through this afternoon. sun will break out today. a look at howhat will impact temperatures coming up. antoinette: thank you. nowo that breaking news we're following from new zealandhis morning. a magnitude 7.8 earthquake has hit near the area of christchurch. doug: the first waves of the tsunami hitting the south island as we speak. now, that's the same area rocked by an earthquake back in 2011 when 186 people were killed. right now, no word oany injuri there have been damaged. updates as they come into the newsroom. antoinette: other stories happening right now -- doug: we continue to follow the story coming out of boston. a deadly shooting under investigation in dorchester. one person was killed, ather injured in the shooting on ames street. this happened yesterday. a man in his 20's was taken to the hospital where he ter died. right now, there are no ads on suspects. boston police asking anybody with information to please give em a call. antoinettea serious car crash under investigation this morning. this happened late last ght in
8:33 am
snapped inalf. it's uncle right now if there are any injuries. the street was closed for some time, but it has since reopened. doug: a mystery surrounding a shooting investigation in easton. the victim in wednesday's shooting has died. he was found in the woods by two teens. investigators are asking anyone who's seen a red 2016 mazda 3 sedan with florida license plates to please give police a call. antoinette: the coast guard releasing footage of a rescue in boston harbor. a helicopter capturing the effort to save m sailboat ran aground near lovells island on friday. our nicole estaphan spoke with the rescuers. >>eas about 2-foot, just enough to be rocking that sailboat around. nicole: a rough water rescue caught on camera after a sailboat runs aground in boston harbor. >> a boat that lost power and washed up to lovells island. nicole: the distress call coming in just after 1:00 in the afternoon.
8:34 am
to try to get him in tow but were unable to do so because of the waves and wind. nicole: so they called the chopper. check out this stunning video as they rescue two people from the waters below. a congratulatory fist bump for saving the two stranded sailors before they succumbed to chilly temperatures. >> hypothermia. that's a big one. anyone going in the water, they have a matter of minutes. nicole: before you head out this winter into the unpredictable sea, some advice. should things go wrong. >> easiest thing to dos check the weather before you go out. make sure you know the weather before you go out there. make sure what you have onboard and your boat is capable of those conditions. nicole: here's some good news. both of those sailors expected to be just fine. nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: nicole, thank you. new this morning -- the father of a baby who died in marlborough speaking out for the first time. sergei albert says the last thing he remembers, he was about to ingest a substance with his
8:35 am
the 5-week-old, carlos, in bed with his parents thursday, and they were both unresponsive. investigators are looking at the possibility that one of them rolled over onto the baby. the district attorney not confirming if drugs were involved. we do know they were given a ov overdose reversal drug. no charges have been filed. antoinette: the u.s. embassy in afghanistan is closed this morning after yesterday's attack at a u.s. air base. four americans were killed in that suicide bombing attack. the secretary of defense says two u. s american contractors were killed. another 16 u.s. service members were hurt. the taliban is claiming responsibility, saying it was a suicide bomber inside the base. the embassy said in a statement it's closing as a temporary precautionary measure. hundreds of pamphlets dropped in mosul last night. this is the latest move in iraq's push toward the isis-held city. the papers telling residents of the city to be on alert and be
8:36 am
forces continue efforts to take back the city. the packets also include information about the victories achieved by the security forces so far. doug: the man accused of firing a stray bullet that hit a 13-year-old boy in his chelsea bedroom returns to court tomorrow. 19-year-old christian garcia was arrested less than 24 hours after gunshots erupted on bellingham street last month. police say he is a known gang member who goes by the name of pumba. was hit in the shoulder and recovered from his injuries. antoinette: a former priest is facing rape charges also in court tomorrow. 79-year-old michael walsh was indicted in september on allegations that date back to the late 1980's and early 1990's. the abuse allegedly happened when walsh was a little league coach and an altar boy coordinator at st. brendan's church in dorchester. the accuser is now 38 and recently came forward. he said he did so to protect
8:37 am
new hampshire's supreme court will uphold the rape shield law for the third time in the case involving seth mazzaglia. mazzaglia was sentenced to life in prison for raping and killing university of new hampshire student lizzie marriott in 2012. he is set to appeal the conviction on wednesday. oral arguments will be made open to the public. marriott's sexual history will stay sealed. doug: a close call for a car in -- driver in cohasset. this pickup truck so jerusalem road. police say the truck had been backing down a driveway. nobody was hurt. police say it took an expensive tow to get that truck free. on beacon hill, senate leader stanley rosenberg hopes our blue voting state will be treated fairly with a republican trump administration. later this morning on n the record," rosenberg points to the commonwealth's status as a national leader in high-tech, health care, and higher education. >> four words, president-elect donald trump. how will it affect massachusetts financially?
8:38 am
his commitment that he's going be the president for all of the people, and we have 6.8 million of us here in massachusetts. we're part of the all. so i hope he'll treat us fairly, and i hope he'll treat our state government fairly, because we are a donor state. we're the third highest per capita income in the country. we contribute substantial tax revenue to the federal government, and we are entitled to get a substantial portion back here to support our programs and services. doug: rosenberg also suggests significant changes to the new legalized marijuana measure. you can watch otr this morning at 11:00 a.m. antoinette: the mbta is meeting this week to talk safety in light of recent issues. the t's fiscal and management control board will meet tomorrow to go over issues from the first quarter including last mon's incident on the orange line when cars filled up with smoke. the meeting will also cover the t's operating budget and employee compensation. tracking the breaking news from new zealand this morning where
8:39 am
first waves hitting the south island as we hit. smoking habits in the country, the rates are lower. the c.d.c. says more work needs to be done. we'll tell you why. >> they did an e.k.g. on my bathroom floor. antoinette: a shocking diagnosis for healthy young women. what could be causing this deadly danger? kelly ann: mild temperatures and dry for your sunday, but that
8:40 am
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doug: welcome back. time is 8:42. checking your health -- fewer people are lighting up. the c.d.c. saying cigarette smoking ra researchers say the number of smokers dropped about 15%, a drop from 45 million to nearly 37 million between 2005 and 2015. but the c.d.c. also says more work needs to be done. they say nearly half of all cancer diagnosis are linked to tobacco use. smoking rates are the highest among men. antoinette: healthy active women suffering heart attacks. the symptoms may be as simple as neck, jaw or back pain and shortness of breath, something that you may just shrug off. emily riemer tells us it's all a
8:43 am
>> it was labor day. it was a beautiful sunny day. emily: the kind of beach day we live for. lindsay spent it with her toddler andrew. >> we played all morning. emily: just hours after taking this photo, lindsay was in the emergency room, diagnosed with a heart attack. >> it was complete shock. complete shock. emily: lindsay is young, healthy, with no history of heart disease, and yet this coronary angiogram found a tear. >> it looks like if this is your artery, there was a flap kind of >> it's not as rare as one would expect. emily: the condition is nicknamed scad and stands for spontaneous coronary artery dissection. >> that is when the wall of the artery actuallyips or tears open. emily: doctors are still learning the causes, but they have some clues. it affects significantly more women than men. the average age around 44 years old, and it appears to occur after extreme physical activity or emotional stress. >> it seems that whenever
8:44 am
the heart, it can cause the heart to beat very strongly, and these arteries can rip or tear open. emily: hormones may increase the risk. lindsay delivered two babies in less than two years and she was working out that afternoon with heavy weights. >> i thought maybe i just pulled a muscle. you think of all those excuses. emily: even the paramedics thought lindsay was having a panic attack. >> the symptoms of anxiety are very similar to cardiac symptoms. and so that's a frequent reason when young women would go to the emily: undiagnosed patients resume their same routines. >> the bad can stop beating or having a bad rhythm problem in the first days of a heart attack. emily: instead, lindsay entered this cardiac rehab program at m.g.h. to repair her heart. >> they feel like they've been betrayed by their body.
8:45 am
exercises, meditation and stress management. >> that's hard when you have two little babies and a husband and a job and school. emily: today lindsay's prognosis is excellent. her workouts have changed completely and she tries to educate other young parents about the dangers of doing too much. >> you don't want everyone to panic like it will be happen to them, but it is -- it's shocking. it's still shocking to me to say it out loud, that it happened. emily: doctors have not identified a genetic cause for scad, but research continues. they do believe it could be linked to something called broken heart syndrome, a condition where causes cardiac problems. emily riemer, wcvb newscenter 5. announcer: now, your stormteam 5 forecast with meteorologist kelly ann cicalese. doug: all right. i know we have to get through today. i don't want to rush things. i'm kind of excited about this super moon. you say it could cause tidal issues. kelly ann: absolutely. that's an issue we have to watch for on tuesday. on tuesday we have rain moving in as well. it coincides with the high tides.
8:46 am
kelly ann: that results with the super moon as well. that could cause some coastal flooding. we'll get through today. we don't have any rain in the forecast. you mentioned the super moon tonight. the viewing will be perfect, because the clouds of this morning will clear, and that means it's going to be a perfect night for watching that super moon. temperatures 38 degrees in springfield, pittsfield, and 40 downtown boston. actually feeling pretty mild. plymouth cooler at 49. temperatures have jumped into the 40's. if we look at our day planner, mostly cloudy in the 40's. we move into the afternoon. sun breaks through. the temperatures start to jump into the upper 50's. by later this evening, we have the patriots game. sunset is at 4:30. the game doesn't start until
8:47 am
we'll start to drop into the 40's for the game. satellite/radar showing clouds sticking around especially moving toward the coast, north shore, downtown boston, those clouds are stubborn, but into worcester and westward, we're starting to see that sun break through and sections of the cape, that sun is breaking through as well. as we zoom out, the overall grand scheme of this forecast today is looking pretty mild, because high pressure is in place. we have that sunshine we're seeing over the great lakes into our region and it's looking dry for much of the eastern seaboard. the only signs of rainfall we're tracking is down to our south, and this is something that's going to move off the eastern seaboard into our area and bring some rain chances for tuesday, which as we mentioned earlier could coincide with those high tides, the king tides, in fact, and bring the risk of coastal flooding. rainfall amounts aren't too impressive though.
8:48 am
we're seeing 1/2 inch to possibly an inch in far coastal locations. at this point, it seems it won't be too much of an issue as far as that flooding. it's something we'll have to watch just along the coastline. already, we're seeing very high tides expected monday, tuesday, and even into wednesday. seven-day forecast showing that warmth in place for today and also tomorrow as temperatures inch toward 60 degrees. moon tonight into tomorrow morning. it looks biggest right before the sun rises tomorrow morning. tuesday, rain moves in. that will coincide with that high tide, and as you can see, those rainfall amounts between 1/2 inch to 1 inch. we'll dry out wednesday. temperatures hanging out in the 50's. but that cooldown does not last long. that sunshine breaks through for later in the workweek. by next weekend, doug and antoinette, we're back into the 60's. antoinette: 60's again.
8:49 am
for this week's high five, we travel along orchard street and pull into victory field named for the many teams and athletes. doug: as mike lynch shows us, there's a new bunch of players carrying on the tradition. mike: watertown high school has been playi there has always been one constant. what kind of football players? >> strong, confident, good player. >> these kids believe in it, their community. we're known as a tough team, tough community, and these guys want to represent us well and they have so well. mike: the world learned about watertown strong three years ago
8:50 am
decades. for the second year in a row, the raiders find themselves in the north final. >> it's something that we say every time we go on to the field. you play for the raiders here. you don't play for the guy back here. mike: that said, bill has been a volunteer coach until a spinal cord infection caused him to miss six games. while he was recovering hospital, his mom would facetime every game so dad wouldn't miss a single game. >> she runs faster than me. she runs faster than me with the facetime. mike: the raiders wouldn't let any team out do them. it's reflected in their record and annual playoff appearances. >> everyone relies on each other. everyone helps each other out no
8:51 am
everyone is unified. mike: that's the watertown way. that is watertown strong. we salute the raiders of watertown high school as this week's -- >> high five. doug: all right. watertown. antoinette: awesome group of young men. how about that, facetiming the whole thing for dad. doug: i've lived in that town for many years. it is a wonderful community. antoinette: certainly is. me 8:51. we are staying on top of that breaking news from new zealand this rocking the christchurch area, and so far luckily no reports of an injuries, but it is early. also, a new hampshire boy goes on a trip to disney wod. how one foundation made that wish possible and gave him memories to last a lifetime. antoinette: and we go live driving right up to the state house. it is 50 degrees outside right now. clearing not a lot of traffic in the city. nice day for a walk. it's a warm one, and the clouds
8:52 am
super moon later tonight. ? ? even hollywood's latest sweetheart needs to... punish the porcelain occasionally. but to avoid embarrassment... i give every bathroom the v.i.poo treatment. spray generously before taking your seat and v.i.poo forms a protective layer trapping the icky smell
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hollywood's hottest director. even a vip needs to v.i.poo. ready to head out when others head home.
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upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for stm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. antoinette: 8:54. we are following breaking news, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake has rocked an area in new zealand near christchurch. the quake so powerful, it generated a tsunami. the first waves hitting the south island right now.
8:55 am
when 185 people were killed. no word right now on any injuries. we will stay on top of the situation and continue to bring you updates all morning long on air, online, and on our mobile app. doug: a deadly shooting under investigation in dorchester. one person killed another injured in the shooting on ames street yesterday. a man in his 20's was taken to the hospital where he later died. right now there are no leads on any suspects. bostonolice ask people with information to give them antoinette: a serious car crash in medfield on harding street. it's unclear if there are any injuries. the street was closed for some time. but it has since reopened. doug: right now, a fourth day of protest -- postelection protests still going strong across the country. demonstrators making their case against the new president-elect. donald trump is hunkered down faced with putting together his new white house team. a super bowl rematch at gillette
8:56 am
for the first time since their last second victory almost two years ago. just saying the world seattle seahawks elicit a smile from many patriots fan that remember how super bowl xlix ended. kickoff at 8:30. antoinette: this week will be one to remember for a new hampshire boy. doug: landon nash suffers from a rare disorder tha at 9 years old, he's already been through more than two dozen surgeries, but this week it's all about the fun in capital letters. his mother says this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip spent shopping for mickey mouse toys. antoinette: he's going to have such a great time there. doug: well deserved. antoinette: definitely deserves it. doug: here we are, the back end of the weekend. we have a game, a super moon tomorrow. antoinette: what's happing? kelly ann: it was like really cold start to the weekend.
8:57 am
bit warmer. 40's out there at this point, inching toward 50. near 60 this afternoon with sunshine breaking through. it will be clear but cool as you're heading out for the patriots game. perfect for viewing the super moon tonight into early tomorrow morning. antoinette: i keep feeling like we've said goodbye to the 60's but they keep coming down. doug: tie dye was always in fashion. bell bottoms everywhere.
8:58 am
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