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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 news at noon. erika: wbe breaking news. more than 500 students evacauated from a lawrence elementary school after fire breaks out in a classroom. emily: let's get you right out to newscenter 5's nichole berlie. she's live at the bruce elementary school right now. nichole: yes, a scary monday morning at the elementary school . the good news, no injuries.
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fire started in a classroom, no children in that classroom at the time. you can see lots of backpacks, coats hanging along the wall, and look at all the damage. the lawrence fire department was able to quickly put it out. >> the children were evacuated. significant damage to the classroom. smoke and water damage throughout the school. nichol grades three through eight. right now, all 500-plus students have moved to the nearby gilman school and parents have been notified. we are still waiting to learn what sparked this fire in an estimate on damages. we are giving you a close look here. you can see broken, blackened windows, lots of damage to the interior and the exterior, of course.
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firefighters able to quickly put it out. we are waiting to here the plan as far as school tomorrow. the fire chief says the building will have to remain -- unoccupied for some time. by the lawrence, nichole berlie, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. right now, investigators are trying to determine the cause of a huge overnight fire on the mclean hospital grounds in belmont. flames destroyed the vacant building that once housed patients. newscenter 5's doug meehan is live at that thing with the latest. doug? doug: emily, right now we are waiting on big, heavy equipment to knock down walls that have been deemed unsafe as firefighters continue to look for spots. this morning, they had their hands full. >> there was heavy fire on both the second and third floors and up through the roof. doug: it was just after 2 a.m. when an alert belmont police officer driving by, first smelled smoke. this is video from the
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a defensive operation for fire fighters arriving on scene. crews from cambridge, watertown and arlington assisting belmont , in battleing this massive blaze. the u-shaped wood and brick structure, some 100 feet by 75 and both 2 and 3 floors high. eight 10:11 10:18 -- >> it was occupied by patients doug: when was the last time it was occupied? >> probably 10 years ago. doug: the abandon structure located on a remote section of the mclean hospital campus. and that cause a bit of an issue in getting water to the site. >> the water mains and hydrants are not down in this area. doug: despite the fire, there were no evacuations needed in any other buildings and no patient care services were interupted. the hospital releasing a written statement saying in part -- "at this time, the cause of the fire is unclear but we will work closely with the belmont fire
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investigation." the state fire marshal fil office is on the investigating a cause and exactly where the part -- fire started. no injuries to report doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. name heavy smoke poured from a , home on fourth avenue in bellingham this morning. one person was inside at the time, but managed to escape and was not hurt. several departments responded to the call. the fire chief tell us the cause is under investigation, but they believe it started in the kitchen. emily: a former priest will face a judge today in connection with rape charges against him. 79-year-old michael walsh was indicted in september on allegations that date back to the late 1980's and early 1990's. the abuse allegedly happened when walsh was as a little league coach and altar boy coordinator at st. brendan's church in dorchester. the accuser is now 38-years-old and recently came forward. he says he did so to protect other children from possible abuse. right now, friends and family are mourning the death of a father of two.
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police making two arrests yesterday. newscenter 5's sera congi is live in taunton where the suspects will face a judge . sera? sera: those arraignments are expected to happen within the hour. a friend of the victim as at the courthouse, angry and upset that the driver allegedly did nothing to help. overwhelming grief in taunton today, where friends are remembering 36-year-old michaell investigators say a car hit him and then took off. >> i loved him a lot. he was a good guy. sera: ex-girlfriend and childhood friend amanda parker says alfano was a tattoo artist, his work displayed on her neck and face. >> he wasn't afraid of anything, never, what took his life was a 19-year-old girl being careless. sera: the crash happened at
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around 11:30 p.m. the da's office says the 19-year-old driver struck alfano, and then allegedly took off. cecily kilsby-munafo is accused of leaving the scene of a deadly crash, and misleading police. >> like maybe if she had stopped to call the cops, he wouldn't be dead right now. he'd be alive. sera: alfano a father of two and another on the way died over the weekend. parker says she wants to be at the suspect's arraignment to stand up for the life that was taken. >> because i want to see her face. i want t loved him. that he wasn't just trash on the street. that he was a human being sera: a second person has been arrested in connection with this crash. 26-year-old ryan o'dea of taunton has been charged as an accessory. wcvb newscenter 5 sera congiwcvb newscenter 5,. erika: thank you. a massachusetts man is dead
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james norton of acton was hiking near bean's purchase as part of a boy scout trip. norton collapsed on the trail as the troop made their way down the mountain. his companions immediately called 911 and began cpr, but could not save him. also in new hampshire right now , firefighters are dealing with several wildfires across the state. the biggest is in the white mountains, where about a hundred acres is on fire. the danger level is moderate, but could become severe due to the warm, dry conditions. so dry, the state says two of the fires were started by lawnmowers. all bonfires need a permit, and wood stoves should be used with caution. emily: taking a live look outside of the city skyline. a mild november day. but, city, we have a change on the way. cindy: -- that, cindy, we have a change on the way. cindy: you got it. we have a system to the south developing and it will increase the flow ahead of it from the east. that is important. with the super moon we had last
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when you add to the easterly flow on top of the already highest tides of the year, it could pose a problem of coastal flooding tomorrow for the 11:00 a.m. high tide. you've got to keep a close eye on the water levels. high pressure. a westerly wind has warmed us up. so chilly this morning. some of us were down in the 20's. we are now holding in the upper 50's and low 60's across the area mid 60's. clouds will be increasing as the sun goes down. we will have the timeline on that rain coming up. erika: thank you. the mbta is meeting to go over weighty financial issues. the t's fiscal and management control board plans to discuss the operating budget and employee compensation. the board will also receive a report on safety after incidents like this on the orange line last month, when cars filled with smoke and passengers busted -- broke windows to escape. emily: city leaders in boston are proposing a change in response to the
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at least one city councilor wants to make boston a sanctuary city. that means local law enforcement would be barred from taking part in deportation actions. councilor tito jackson telling "the herald" last night i -- "i believe the city of boston should not assist or cooperate with the mass deportations of immigrants. that's not who our city is, and it's not what our tax dollars should be used for." right now, there are 5 sanctuary cities in massachusetts. mayor walsh has said he would protect illegal immigrants in the city and help them find a pathway to citizenship. erika: a spike in reported hate crimes is being linked to the outcome of the election. the southern poverty law center tracking more than 300 incidents like this one in florida. the center says more than 90% of the victims are immigrant, black, or gay. there are also reports of 20 hate incidents against trump supporters. president-elect trump: don't be
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back. emily: president-elect trump reassuring protestors they have nothing to fear from his administration. this as he announces two key appoints -- appointments in his fledgling administration. abc's maggie rulli is following the transition. reporter: it is donald trump's first major decision -- two big hires for his team. the ultimate outsider holding -- hiring the ultimate insider, reince priebus. tell all americans, no matter who you are, where you come from, your religion, race, gender, we want donald trump to be your president. reporter: trump also calling for america to unite. in an interview on "60 minutes" trump responded to hate crimes. president-elect trump: i am so saddened to hear that and i say stop it.
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but another higher is stoking it, stephen bannon, the executive chairman of breitbart. a number of organizations are denouncing the hire, the adl saying in a statement, it is a sad day with a man who presided over the ultimate website of the alt right is slated to be the senior staff member in the people's house. to be the way he is being accused. don't judge people based on what other people say. reporter: also on "60 minutes," trump appeared to soften on stances, saying he will focus on criminals and as for gay marriage, that has already been decided.
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the white house says that the president is expected to take questions from what leaders about donald trump's election. abc news will have a special reports at 3:15. you can watch that right here on channel 5 or our mobile app. erika: now, julian assange finally being asked a strange twist -- why her twin has been arrested again. cindy: enjoying the sunshine, but needed rain is on the way. the timeline and coastal concerns with the highest tides of the year. >> a new study on celebrex and its impact on the heart. we are coming right back. >> a half hour of news at the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00.
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>> you're watching newscenter 5
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assange was questioned today by swedish prosecutors over rape allegations from 6 years ago. the questioning is expected to last several days. the australian has been sheltered at the ecuadorian embassy in london since 2012. assanage believed sweden would extradite him to the u.s. after he leaked military files on the wars in iraq and afghanistan. erika: right now, a new twist in a bizarre murder in hawaii involving twin sisters. abc's elizabeth hur reports the surviving sister has been charged for a second time accused of driving her twin off a cliff. elizabeth: the baffling tale of these twins back in the news, this time with andrea devoe arrested a second time, accused of murdering her identical twin anastasia. >> she did not murder the person
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elizabeth: her attorney calling it an accident. she was arrested in albany after a grand jury in maui indicted her in the death of her sister. according to prosecutors last may, devote intentionally drove her suv off a 200-foot cliff and hawaii, killing her sister in the passenger seat. witnesses say were fighting. >> she was angrily fighting with the person and she was just in a brought the charges. >> [indiscernible] a finding of probable cause. elizabeth: then the injury indictment last month after investigators say they found evidence the ford explorer accelerated just before the crash. >> i think that is the most important these of evidence, the fact that she apparently didn't
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what the judge was saying when he said there is not probable cause ear. -- cause here. elizabeth: at last check, she was still waiting in albany to be extradited back to hawaii. emily: a community in california is mourning the loss of a sheriff's deputy shot and killed while responding to a call. dennis wallace, a 20-year veteran of the force, was gunned down sunday while checking on a reported stolen van near modesto. police later arrested david machado after they say he murder suspect until later. he could face the death penalty. your health now. a new study reaffirms arthritis medication celebrex is safe to use. the study says the drug is no more dangerous than over-the-counter pain relievers, like naproxen and ibuprofen. the government ordered pfizer, the drug's manufactuer, to -- manufacturer to complete the , study to prove its safety. over 10 years ago, popular arthritis drug vioxx was pulled from shelves because it doubled the risk for heart attacks and death. erika: researchers believe a
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against you. a new study shows if you're genetically at risk of heart disease, you can cut the risk in half through diet, exercise, and not smoking. research also shows an unhealthy lifestyle can actually override the health benefits of having good genes. emily: incentive there to work out. erika: yeah. right? >> so, we had a really cindy: yes, we did. the moon was so big. it will be rising again before 5:00 this evening, but not quite as intense as yesterday. here is a picture of what it was like this morning. this was sent in at 3:30 this morning. i have a ton of pictures. this is one of my favorites. this is what it looked like over scituate harbor as the moon was
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big beautiful skies with that right superman. it creates high tides, and we have the rain, and that will build this northeasterly wind. it will not be a super intense storm, but with the astronomically high tides of the year, it will create concerns along the coast. in the meantime, we have high clear skies, blue skies. the air is so dry right now, we can barely muster up a cloud. it jumped up to 61 degrees in boston. look at the dew point. if you put cream on your hands, you probably need to do it in about an hour's time. in the 20's and many suburbs early this morning. fitchburg, 62. norwood was down to about 23
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degrees or so. we are running close to 60 on the cape as well. we may gain a couple of degrees in the next couple of hours, but the sunsets at 4:23. we have clouds, and was the sun goes down, we will increase the clouds a bit. they will fill in during the overnight. it will not be nearly as cold tonight as it was last night. we will not see the 20's on the ma from the pipeline southward. -- we will hold mostly in the 40's from the pipeline southward. the recovery not as impressive. no 60's. it's all about that storm approaching. notice 8:00 in the morning, that rain is just starting to get in here. i do not anticipate much for the morning commute, however we will
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and we have another high tide on wednesday around noon time. by wednesday, the winds will be shifting to the west. i think the tide of most concern is coming up tomorrow, just about 11 a.m. we are running a rain deficit for the month, certainly for the year. it looks like we will have half an inch to maybe an inch in spots. it's our only possibility of rain this week. that front approaching through 8:00, 9:00 and morning. it does fill in. the lunch hour tomorrow will be wet. we will see periods of rain with pockets of heavy rain. it will be overnight before we dry things out. clearing skies on wednesday. notice those temperatures in the mid to upper 50's, close to 60 by the end of the week. keep in mind that is warm for november. we should be topping out in the 50's.
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split weekend with showers on sunday. i will keep a close eye on it for you. erika and emily? erika: all right, thank you, cindy. it's almost giftgiving season. emily: i had, the competition for a very rare and very pricey
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emily: well, they say diamonds are a girl fell best friends, and this rare sky blue diamond is going up for auction, and could fetch toy the stone is $5 million. more than 8 carats, the largest of its kind, and very hard to find. the diamond will be auctioned by sotheby's in switzerland. erika: two other gems. check out this group of 4-year-olds, giving the mannequin challenge their best shot. they go to a performing arts preschool in new jersey. you can see them trying so hard not to move or blink. so adorable, and of course, is going viral. i have seen the future. >> let's implement that every day. [laughter] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] cindy: all right, we have
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with the high tides already, we will be watching the coast. we clear out on wednesday. the rest of the week looks dry, and this mild pattern continues for at least the first half of the weekend with more rain on sunday. emily: thank you for watching.
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>> hey everyone, thanks for joining us for whiz kids week. we've got some of america's best young students here today. they may know their way around a final exam, but they've never been tested quite like this. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ? ? welcome to whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] the arkansas state quiz bowl mvp not once, but twice, and got a perfect score on the english portion of the act. he's 14 years old. from springdale, arkansas, please welcome sojas wagle. [cheers and applause] sojas, how you doing, buddy? >> good, how are you? [dramatic music] ? ? >> so you're the, uh, bowl champ twice. >> yes.


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