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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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power strip may have sparked the fire. jc: president obama took questions for the first time from reporters about the president-elect donald trump. he said he disagrees with trump on a number of issues, but he hopes for a smooth transition and for president-elect trump to succeed. >> ben: and the weather could look like this, and we could prepare for some flooding. to be nice as we were in for a chilly start. that's because of the cold starting to move in. that's the storm we are talking about. you can see the moisture off the mid-atlantic coast and it is lifting in our direction. to give you an idea of a time line if it is not raining when you wake up tomorrow morning it well be from south to north during the morning commute. that's when the rain will start. perhaps north of boston you may sneak through the early and middle portion of the
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once it does it is wet for much of the day, and some could come down heavy at times and it will last through tomorrow evening's commute. the other thing to keep an eye on, yes we have coastal flood advisories along our coastline. we have the king tides. they are very high as straw tom clear and then we -- astronomically and we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> ben: an abandoned building goes up in flames in jc: investigators are asking anyone with information to talk to them. they say the cause is not known. >> there was heavy fire on the second and third floor and up through the roof. reporter: it was just after 2:00 a.m. when an alert belmont police officer driving by first smelled smoke. thiss vio from the department's twitter feed. and from the start it would be a defensive operation for firefighters arriving on scene. crews from cambridge, watertown and arlington
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the u-shaped wooden brick structure some 100 feet by 75 feet and both two and three floors high. >> it was occupied by patients 23 to 30 on each nor. >> the abandoned structure located on a remote section of the campus and it caused a bit of an issue in getting water to the site. >> this end of the campus was going to be redeveloped awhile ago and has never been knocked down in this area. >> despite the fire there were no evacuations needed in any other buildings and no patient care services were interrupted. the hospital releasing a written statement saying in part at this time the cause of the fire is unclear, but we will work closely with the belmont fire department. >> the state fire marshall's office is determining a cause in where this foo you are started.
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wcvb newscenter 5. jc: arguments in court during a lawsuit. the mother of a former student accuses thschool of wrongfully kicking her son out of school after he had a sexual relationship with another student. ed harding is here with what lead up to this keas. ed? ed: jc, the lawsuit claimed that the boy would be placed on leave and then changed the punishment. the lawyers representing john happened at the school. a month later jane doe reported it to the health center. they notified police because both students were 15 years old. a private investigator for the school found john doe violated the school's misconduct policy. jane doe did not clearly consent, but it what not found a sexual assault did occur. john doe was put on leave with a possibility of returning in
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back. daughters say the school miss hammed the situation. they say their policy is clear and the school, and i'm quoting, can take immediate action if necessary. ben? >> ben: ed, thank you. a 19-year-old faces a judge in taunton accused in a deadly hit-and-run. he was arraigned in afternoon washington street.adway and he was riding his bike and then she took off. baby on the way died over the weekend. jc: you are looking at the southeast expressway where the traffic is moving along at a good clip. let's look at the map and find out where the slow spots are. it is not looking too bad. 27 minutes is a nice ride. now 128 to 127 on route 4 is a back up of 19 minutes there. that's a tough route this time of night.
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if you are traveling the pike 93 to the western tolls. farther west, 27 minutes from the western tolls to. ow in pockets, but it looks like especially northbound is moving along just fine. that's a look at first alert traffic. >> ben: still to come, hate crimes are on the rise. je cjc and -- jc: and worries. and some homes are more affordable than ever and risky. ben has your back spelling out the vulnerabilities and what
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. jc: a request to the president-elect from religious leaders. roman catholic bishops asking for humane policies against immigrants and receive few skis. they say serving refugees is part of their identities as catholic and they pledge to continue the ministry. the hope is that the new administration will be the new statistics showing hate crimes are up from last year. the fbi saying there is a 67% surming in crimes against -- surge in crimes against muslims this is only as high as after the terror attacks. they contribute it to a growing number in reporting by victims. >> ben: now the protests keep growing, but there are still
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now, an interview on "60 minutes." reporter: from maryland to california another day of demonstrations. protesters are out once again marching against donald trump's election and raising concerns over the hate crimes and violence reported across the country since election day. including a california teenager attacked in school after she hoped trump would win. >> this girl comes up to me and she says do you hate mexicans? i said no. she said you support trump. you hate mexicans. reporter: they are tracking 800 hate incidents most involving immigrant, black and gay victims. so far school officials in jacksonville, florida are investigating these two signs posted over water fountains at the high school. at the university of pennsylvania the fbi is
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depicting lynching. >> i opened the chat and there were a lot of derogatory name callings, and really hurtful things. reporter: in oregon police were called after the walls inside reid college were defaced with graffiti, too profane for tv. this prompting trump to address those responsible on "60 minutes." >> i am so sad -- saddened to hear that and i say stop it. if it helps. i will say it to the cameras, stop it. >> ben: trump is reassuring protesters not to be afraid. that he will bring our country back together but some protesters say they will protest every day. >> j.c.: sperm stats and even hackable devices.
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harvey: high tide and a coastal flood advisory and we have a storm as well as the
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>> ben: these days almost everything is wireless and smart. convenient, but it can be risky. remember that attack on the internet that cutoff access to amazon and netflix? it gave access to cameras and
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what you should know before youuy. >> this is a camera. a really smart camera. >> with devices like this his job is to make the world a more connected place. in this case, it is a water proof camera for new bedford's commercial fishermen. >> imagine in realtime a commercial captain can sit in their pilot house and know, count species in their reporter: every net is a data center. >> every one of the fishermen will have a new asset of data. don't know if it is a thousand a year or 10,000 a year in revenue. >> it is known as the internet of things. connected devices popping up everywhere. refrigerators, coffee makers, toys, tv's, cars and homes. with so many devices gathering and sharing your data, how safe are you? >> just stop for a minute and ask your why you are going to
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what is it going to do for you? will it make your life safer? will it make your life better? >> smart door locks might save your time to keep you from fiddling for keys. but then some may not actually lock your door. a pair of hackers broke through 75%. 12 of 16 they tested. it was $200 worth of equipment. >> i i am not that surprised. >> the cyber defense expert ba these door locks? >> there is too much risk and not enough reward. i will give up safety for convenience in alot of ways. when i am talking about my actual door, it is a different world. >> everything from soil sensors to servers to those sea water cameras must be secure. >> the key is the door lock shouldn't have radically new
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>> look for the security of the device. if it is just a pass word that's not enough. ask what security is on the device. >> the pass word is not enough. the instructions are on the outside of the package. when in doubt look for a device from a trusted company that has been around awhile or do not connect the device to the interne jc: we don't need cameras to see the beautiful moon. harvey: it is not like last night which was unbelievable. it is 15% larger, but the tides run high and then we add a storm and we compound it. it is not a super strong storm, but we will have a storm coming up that will add a little wind and wave
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it will be helpful. some of you were sending us pictures from last night. a lot of you got a chance to see this. look at that. really great shots coming in and that's when the moon was coming up. all right, now let's talk about this. of course it was last night and that's when the moon was full and it rose at 4:13 and was up there all nightlong but this is the thing, the high tide. they will be high tomorrow and wednesday midday. tomorrow's high tides run after 11:00 a.m. and then right around noontime on wednesday. wednesday there will be some water taking on the roads. tomorrow is a slightly bigger concern. we will have an easterly wind
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there is a coastal flood advisory for parts of the maine coast. now let's talk about the storm on the way. the clouds are obscuring the moon of the view and that is ahead of the storm which is located near the maryland-virginia coast. as i mentioned, it is not super potent in terms of powerful winds, but the winds will get a little gusty by midday tomorrow and during afternoon. maybe 15 miles an hour out of the east. there will be a decent amount of rain here. remember these are the highest tides of the entire year with strengthening on shore winds and some wave ago. minor flooding can be expected. that means the vulnerable roads and vulnerable basements that take on water with minor
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you know the spots. now most of the rain will be during tomorrow and the first part of tomorrow night. tomorrow night it will start to pick up in the south coast. by the time we get to 1:00 tomorrow afternoon we are getting gusts of 20 to 30. close to that in boston that will peak in the late afternoon and early evening on wednesday. that's why there is not as much concern on wednesday as during the day tomorrow. we had wild swings in temperatures. a few 20s and then upper teens. then we were in the 60s as it was so gorgeous. y that's what will drop in the 30s and boston's lows in the 40s. tomorrow we won't have the
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clouds and the wet weather to deal with as well. here is a look at your next seven days. we need rainfall and it should be meaningful tomorrow. it puts a dent in it. an inch to a half inch. mild weather late in the week and then it changes to somewhat colder toward the end of the weekend and early next week. jc? >> show me the girl. >> look at don't want to break the spell. jc: we need angela landsbury to sing a little tune. disney is releasing the first official trailer for the live action "beauty and the beast." the trailer is giving fans a glimpse of the few most beloved characters, lumier and cogsworth and chip.
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favorite songs and a few new songs when it hits theaters. >> the talking candlestick was cuter when it was a cartoon. jc: lumier was rocking. >> ben: fall does not mean put it away, the tennis whites. it is paying off in state championship trophies. jc: it is from an anonymous donor who loved and the island. >> he set it up and the expenses are paid for. he just wanted the kids to have a free program and free place to play. it is a one of a kind in the country. reporter: with a lot to be proud of says the executive director. >> we had four high school state championships. the boys won two state championships and the girls have won two state championships back to back. the next few years the girl
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victor hua scott played on the championship team. this is her 10th year. >> most of the players have been playing as long as i have and maybe longer. i can't believe how lucky i am and i am so incredibly grateful to have a wonderful resource here. reporter:now she is setting her sights on playing competitivly in college. >> it is a huge goal of mine. reporter: this program teaches more than tennis, says a-game. >> we have over 300 kids a week. our attendance is strict and we are constantly talking about sports man ship. >> i feel like i am getting a lot better. >> every kid on the island has played tennis at one time or another. our mission statement is to get a racket in every kid's
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kelley house it is the back roads of martha's vineyard. >> mcdonalds is offering up a new option for fans. >> ben: see what is coming up at 6:00 with heather and ed. heather:we are learning about a violent attack against a prefer. ed: and he tried to go for the officer's gun. >> everyone is accepted. heather:working to soothe students worried about president-elect trump's policies on immigration. >> all employers need to look at their drug use policy and drug testing policies. ed: it will soon be legal to smoke pot in massachusetts, but that doesn't mean your boss will let you do it. heather:and remembering pioneering, classy journalist
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>> tuesday morning annoying
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>> ben: the company that makes splend is suing dunkin' donuts. they say they are serving consumers a knockoff of splenda, but say they are using splenda products. splenda says it has similar packaging, but actually made in china.
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it is a smart watch powered by your body heat. it uses thermal electric and converts temperature prenses into electricity. it has the basics of fitness trackers like step counters, but it also tells you how many watts of power you have generated in the day. they are launching the line for men first. jc: how about this new burger that is available? it is filled with it is a chocolate hazel nut spread can we just say it has nothing to do with a burger? it is not even close to a burger . is that a dessert? it is not a substitute. >> nutella is good. jc: but is there any relevance to the burger? >> ben: no.
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right now. >> now on newscenter 5. reporter: fire rips through a packed elementary school. >> the flames were busting out the windows. >> the plan to relocate hundreds of students. harvey: i have the time line on the rain and coastal concern. jay the local principal helping the calm nerves. >> and after a crushing loss pete carroll's late night dig >> this is wcv muse center 5 at 6:00. ed: we start with lots of damage in in lawrence. thisy were evacuated -- they were evacuated after the classroom caught on fire. and also what caused the fire. heather: neck coal burlie has been covering the latest. nicole? reporter: this is one of the stories that could have a
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if we want to take a closer look at the building you can see boards up at the windows. it is not even into the school day and it took a dramatic turn. students and staff members starting their day when flames erupted in the school. the fire broke out at 8:30 this morning. >> very shocking. more than 500 students grades 3-8ns outside neighbors stunned by what they were seeing. >> it was terrible. the fire and the explosion of the window. >> the superintendent said they smelled smoke and pulled the alarm and the evacuation began. >> they immediately notified the school safety and we dispersed the children out of the building. >> they all moved here to the middle school. >> when i found out it was a fire i went out side.
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>> you can see the damage. backpacks and jackets charred and broken windows, but everyone is safe. >> have i to give it 100% to the principal. >> now we do have an update. they did just tweet that there will be no school tomorrow. theyl what to do the rest of the week. the school will remain closed for the rest of the week. as for the official cause it has yet to come in. they are looking at a possible faulty power strip. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: new at 5:00, a salesman facing manslaughter charges. he crashed into a hampton inn


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