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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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plymouth but look, a dry slot has worked eastward at this time. improvements from south to north but downpours in eastern massachusetts for the next couple of hours. i want to mention that we do have that coastal flood advisory for the next high tide. we'll talk more about that as the winds are gusting to 31 miles per hour here in boston. >> we're also following some breaking news out of oklahoma city. the airport remaining shut down after a deadly shooting there. pretty dramatic police, guns drawn going car-to-car searching for a suspect and possibly a second victim here. newscenter 5 is here with the latest information. >> we now know the one victim has been identified, 52-year-old michael winchester. he's a southwest airlines employee. he's a former college football player for oklahoma. he's also the father of a member of the kansas city chiefs. the nfl team. still a very active investigation as police do not have a suspect in custody.
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but after a sweep of the airport and the parking lot officials now say it appears to be an isolated incident. they initially thought there might be a second victim but they haven't found one. at least not as of this hour. the airport is shut down and officials are working to try to get people moved out because everybody was toldle to shelter in place when that shooting occurred. about 7,000 to 8,000 people pass through will rogers airport every day. the same size as the airport in manchester. no arrivals or notice. >> also breaking, dealing with the red line because of a small electrical fire near jfk umass station. that fire is out but service needed to be shut down for a while, so as you can anticipate because of the time and weather there are big back-ups on the entire red line system. we're also following breaking news from the south end tonight. take a look at this. these are bus passengers. you can tell because they have their necks isolated, after a car smashed into the silver line
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live. >> investigators tell us that a car was pulling out of a parking lot here on washington street and hit that bus. as you can imagine the people on-board were shaken up and complaining of neck pain because of this impact. first responders put them in neck braces, then led them off that bus to ambulances. eight were taken to the hospital. the driver of that lexus suv was inaddict for not yielding to upcoming traffic near the intersection ofas herald. i doesn't look like there was major damage to the bus but the car will need some significant repairs. thankfully those injuries do not appear to be significant. we're live in the south end, john atwater, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> trapped in her crumbled car waiting to be rescued. a woman was trapped in this vehicle but wasn't discovered until this morning. it happened around 10:00 last night on route 27 in epping, new
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live. you just spoke to one of the firefighters who rescued that woman. reporter: that's right. we learned that this woman has quite a story to tell. she's ex-military. 70 years old, and knew she had to get into survival mode when her car crashed on the road behind me, rolling right down into all of that brush on the epping, new hampshire line. she crawled into the back of her new car, the car is just one day old, of clothe showing had in the car to keep warm. her tire gout caught in the soft shoulder before she rolled over near the new hampshire drag way. she was trapped for eight hours. spent all night in the car, which landed on the side with the driver's side door to the ground. >> it came in at about 75 fit off the road hitting several trees and rolled over and landed on the driver's side.
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into the brush. the battery popped out there. were no lights on the car and she could not even find her cell phone in the wreck. we're told that tonight she's in stable condition, nonlife-threatening injuries at portsmouth regional hospital. live in epping, new hampshire, rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> police in worcester are trying to find the person who ambush add man outside his apartment. investigators believe this 46 year old victim was struck over the head with a blunt object, poss a pipe. he was simply trying to get out of his car. he reached the door and pounded for help. he's in the hospital in intensive care with a serious head injury. >> police are trying to track down the cabby that involved a cruiser. sean is live at the scene. reporter: that taxi has been driving erratically before that chain reaction crash turned hit-and-run.
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to smash fences, damage left behind from an out-of-control taxi. the chain reaction crash remains without answers and without a clue who was behind the wheel. >> state police spent the morning searching for security cameras that might identify the cabby or cab company. the taxi described as white with green markings. the trooper had been following the taxi for driving erratically, going through red lights. then, around morning, the crash at berkeley and commonwealth. the taxi colliding with another car, bumping into the state police cruiser and a parked car. >> then that taxi took off. >> also, a big concern is why that cab was driving erratically in the first place. thankfully no one was injured in this crash. >> we're live in boston, sean, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> take a close look at this picture. perhaps you recognize the scooter.
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are hoping you can tell them who he is. they want to question him in the area of quincey avenue involving burglaries. >> actually they are going to fall after the first of the year. the company announcing today that the massachusetts department of public utilities has approved an 8% rate reduction for customers using an average of 600 kilowatt hours per month. the savings will be about $5. the new rates go into effect on january >> new at 6:00, revenues from the casino are down for the third month in a row. the massachusetts gaming commission reporting today that the casino pulled in nearly $12.6 million in gross revenues from its slot machines back in october. that's down from over $12.8 million in the month of september. new at 6:00, mortgage rates rising. >> what they thought their payment would be based on
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>> when i comes to math and science this kid is a wiz. how he's adapted to life in college at the age of 13. >> this is not a drought breaker, but maybe it's a drought drencher. i'll let you know when it will start tapering off. >> how teammates are handling the news of his recent whatever it is, up with tells us in his own unique way. top of the hour. >> right now at 4:00, newscenter 5 at 4:00. news at 4:00 part of the new
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>> mortgage rates are rising in the week since the election. new at 6:00, why that's affecting buyers an sellers. >> it's my honor.
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donald trump's unexpected win has put economic uncertainty on a dizzying ride. since the election interest rates are up a half point from 3.5 to 4%. >> that doesn't sound like an to but it adds up incrementally as the price goes higher. that affects affordability. buyers, who were pre-approved before the election -- the the higher interest rate goes up $75. it also impacts sellers. two weeks ago there might have been 32 people in the area that could afford that home. now there might only be 26. reaching out to buyers telling them about the change in monthly mortgage payments. he's doing the same thing. >> the loan officer says the higher interest rates translates to as will of almost $40,000 in buying power for consumers. >> if they are making a big decision, you have to understand
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what they are going to have. >> interest rates are still at historic lows and don't anticipate the rates to go up higher than they currently are but people who were pre-approved before the election shoulde go out and get another pre-approval. >> i'll spare you and i'll not sing it, but they have been hanging tough for decades. >> when the new kids on the block are returning to fenway, plus shopping for jewelry could benefit the salvation army. [ roars ]
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may i be excused? get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. ? >> step by step, new kids on the block are making their way back to fenway. total package tour rolling in saturday, july 8. mark your sclars. the new kids will be joined by special guests paula abdul and voice to match.
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lot more in salvation army red kettles. we're talking about more than 60 pieces of jewelry. new at 6:00 the organization is now holding an auction online for those special donations. the proceeds will be put to use in local cities and towns providing support to those in need. that auction runs through next monday. so you still have time and you can take a look and bid on pieces that are available right now. we have a link on the wcvb app. >> a 13-year-old from norton has been given an incredible gift. he's now studying math and science at some of the new england's most prestigious universities but as david tells us, he's also learning just to be a kid. >> to prevent himself from getting bored in eighth grade classes about the italian renaissance orgy only tri, chris sometimes stares out the window and in his mind solves problems in physics.
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daydreaming. >> at this rate chris will likely have his bachelor's degree before his driver's license and after that he would like to go to m.i.t. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> oh, boy, i don't really know yet. >> no matter how smrt a person is some questions can only be answered by time. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> the bottom line, just don't grow up. >> yet? >> you know me well enough to know the answer is no. >> a rhetorical question. >> that's why we love you. >> and i suspect i never will. >> let's talk about rain totals. they have become impressive. we have places up over average. some almost an inch. worcester up over an inch. boston around 3/4 of an inch. over an inch in norwood and providence, very beneficial rains but, of course, timing of
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commute has been very challenging for many. you could almost draw a line right now through boston. heaviest rains from boston northward. it's still raining south of boston but in general it's somewhat lighter and getting a little more sporadic, but there are still a couple of developments going on here. just look at this, south of nantucket at the end of the loop. that's a downpour. maybe even a thunderstorm. next few hours. so yes, the steadiest rains will be lifting northward but a couple of embedded downpours in eastern mass, and western mass you've seen the heaviest rain you're going to see from this. here's a close-up look. you can still see from manchester all the way across to portsmouth, heavy rain, and the north shore of boston very heavy rain as well. beverly, just still see from manchester pouring at this particular time. it continues along the water down toward scituate and
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new bedford on up to taunton. southern rhode island, everything is lifting north. good news for most except remember we could still have this move up along the coastline. that's what's beinge depicted here. right along easternmost massachusetts, a few more downpours, maybe even an embedded thunderstorm. by late tonight it lifts north. you won't have clearing by morning but you will still have some clouds, maybe a bit of mist or shower. midwest of that will b west. the best weather tomorrow will be in eastern massachusetts when the skies my start to briton and the temperature could take rain at 60. but the winds have spiked up. i won't last that long. a couple of hours. we have another high tide coming up before midnight tonight. and since the winds have built, it means the waves have built a little bit. the tides are not as high tonight but still way above average. you add in the winds. there is a coastal flood advisory in effect along the coastline for the high tide
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in effect from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. so if you're around boston, even though it's not expected to go above flood stage, we do expect there will be some inundation, probably not as much as happened today, and make a little bit of splashover as well. a similar situation in scituate, revere and salem. 53 in boston. very poor visibility, in the wind and rain, it's mild from southeastern massachusetts to southeast connecticut but cool to the west as the storm is in this position and tracking up like that. few hours. these are your temperatures, by morning, and then tomorrow it will be at least in the 50's and could touch 60 if there is some sun in some spots in eastern and southeastern massachusetts. there you have it. tomorrow, a day of improvement. relative to today. but a much bigger improvement coming thursday and especially on friday. it looks like a great day but the pattern is going to change. saturday, increasing clouds. probably the better of the two weekend days.
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stream will take a change and put us on the colder side and once that happens, it looks like a change that's going to last a while. so next week for thanksgiving week, it does look like it will be kuwait bait colder. it does look dry in the early part of the week, but possibly not as we get toward thanksgiving but it's way too early to really say too much more than that. but the rains, well in moving northward overnight tonight and much of the rest of the week into the start of the weekend will be nice. enjoy it while you can. >>wi tonight we street you to check out the new it's an upgrade that's designed to deliver breaking news and weather not only faster, but using new technology to give you a better experience every time. the latest weather conditions and alerts, front and center on every page because we do care about the weather. that's for sure. best of all, our app and website now have the same streamlined look. if you're already using our app
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be seamless. >> here's mike lynch with sportscenter 5. powered by xfinity. >> could you that by me one more time? we're told that it's not going to be as serious an injury as originally thought. we were told last night it more like a bruised that by me stern. of course, gronkowski took a number of hits. he was scheduled to with e.a. sports. he was supposed to be in new york city. he canceled that. there was no practice but we got from belichick pretty much what would you expect. >> i don't have mig to add. players aren't in today. we'll find out on wednesday after from and see what happens on wednesday. >> meanwhile, tight end was at a
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elementary school students. they are wondering what is his read on gronk's injury. >> i always prefer to play with him because it makes it a lot easier for me and everyone else on the team. we'll see him tomorrow, how he's doing. you get not only a day off from work but sometimes you ned a day off from your co-workers. i try not to bother my teammates on their day off. football is cool, now, it is what it is. you never know what you're going to get a box of chocolates. i'm just out there trying to win. >> seattle seahawks, he's the guy that delivered that hit the knocked gronk out for five plays. hoping to see him back on the field sooner than later. >> last night, giants bengals metlife, former giants coach tom coughlin, former boston college coach incutted into the new york giants ring of honor.
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super bowls, both against some team i can't really remember. he also was an assistant coach when bill parcells was the head coach. moments ago, the manager of the year was announced and it goes to terry francona of the cleveland indians. second time he's won the award. his team had a rider of 94-67, which is one more than the red sox. that's why they had home field in the red sox series against them. of course, they went to game seven of the world series but the voting was postseason started. terry francona, american league manager of the year. congratulations to him. a week from thursday, thanksgiving, tell me why you should wear your school sweatshirt. great some nations so far. honestly, i know about your football teams. tell me about something else in your school that you want to boast about. is there a teacher, band member, cheerleader, drill team, the math team, debate team, something special? something unique that would make me want to wear your shirt.
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repeated at 11:30 as well a shot from last year as we sit in our man cave. a great design crew that's going to work right now as we speak to set it up out in the lobby. mannequin challenge, you saw the cleveland cavaliers at the white house with the first lady. this is last night, gonzaga basketball game, before the game against san diego state, the entire student body, they call it the kennel they could looking motionless. they beat san diego state. but -- >> very good. i get it. very good. >> the mannequin challenge. >> is that what we're doing? >> if i told you, we have to wear --
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single year. >> you've got to find it. sort of like where is waldo? >> bring in an artifact. you've got an in with me at the station. we may find a place to squeeze it in somewhere. >> george bush speaking publicly for the first time since the election. his thoughts. listening to voter frustration and making policy. >> new at 11:00, american flags trashed on a local college that and the persvideo. >> the deadly shooting. also, the isis threat on thanksgiving here in the northeast. the high school stabbing spree, multiple victims. the suspect a, a straight a
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>> we wanted to hear -- that's patriots tight end and
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heard me right, bennett, with the kids in boston. he's reading from his book. >> teaming up, he says he picks up a book every day, he lovers reading to his daughter at bedtime. you can tell those kids just loved him. >> i think he loved them more than they loved him.
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tonight, breaking news. the shakeup inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump's team, one of his top advisers on national security abruptly resigns. reports now that that staffer is also now out. also breaking, the airport halted at this stuck on planes after a deadly shooting. at one point, passengers told to shelter in place. the new isis threat tonight involving the thanksgiving parade here in new york city. brian ross standing by. the high school stabbing spree. multiple victims. authorities say the suspect was a straight-a student. and the stunning letter tonight from the mother of the boy who died in that hot car, her ex-husband guilty on all


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