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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  November 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:29pm EST

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>> now on newscenter 5. and: traffic crunch. as the holiday escap e berimer use speaker out prison. ed: his first comments as he arrives back in boston. a local college is banning flags tarsnd str. >> re protecting key parts of their investigation. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 7 p.m. maria a busy tral weekas : ju begun and all eyes are on e a what it means for your travels. it is slow going. good evening. i'm maria stephanos. ed: i'm ed harding. at is e pike heading west. clear skies right now but that storm in the midwest is heading our way. chiemeteorogt harv leonard tells us how this will
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harvey: it could affect it a little bit. those of you planning on travel and do not have any worry in terms will bed night. sunshine and dry conditions, less wind,lightly milder in the afternoon. the system in the upper midwest, let's track that for you. it moves into portions of wisconsin and michigan and that it looks like a narrow band of light snow will be entering western massachetts during thursday early to mid morning and might survive the trip at least with a coating of snow as maria: look at that. that is live pictures right er the pike am a a lot of headts andrake lights. we are expecting this afrnoon to be busy a guess what, absolutely. that is the wait looks. we have e alert traffic.
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toughest right of the evening, a lot of area roadwaye easing out. the mass pike out of brighton, those delays extenmost of the way towarth west. you start to break loose and do have a couple of pockets tard 49 boston to 495 an hour and 20 minutes. you're looking ptty good.
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has been a trying and difficult experience for me. i am looking forward to being united with my family. john: five years into an 8-year prison sentence, dimasi is back home, grand compassionate release aftebattling neck, tongue and prostate cancer behind bars. treatment outside of prison is his first priority. fight this all the way and i am
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to be home with my family. i just love being back in boston. john the 71-year-old left boston : in 2011, locked up after his conviction on extortion and fraud charges, but a federal because of his failing physical condition. most recently, he was being held in nor carolina until today en his wife flew down to bring him home. >> this is going to be a very special thanksgiving at home with my family. john: with family headed to their home withang an questions. he will be conned to his hom for the nextix month a: thank you. emotions on display inside and outside a courtroom this morning. from t familmembers of a murder victim. toy, one person was arrest in connection with the being atth weekend our reid lamberty joins us with what we're learning about the crime.
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we together some new information including the possibility that this woman may have been run over by a car. a murder victim's daughter falling toerne outside of lowell court, cleay agonizing over the details of her mother's murder moments earlier inside was beaten to death over the weekend, they openly wept during heas o of orengo's attackers, amirilies huertas-perez, facing a judge, admitted to hiing the 44-year-old mother of four twice over head th a full liquor bottle. it is hard to hear all the stf happened tmy mother from the scene, all the injuries
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reid: prosecutorsay huertas-perez was one of five people who punched and kicked orengo, in a fight saturday at this lowell apartmt complex, prec tt in the process of fng the scene, a stolen car in whicthe 23-year-old huertas-perez was a ssenger, may have run over orengo. >> there is absolutely no with the bottle causedanyult way a fatal injury leading to the death of this individual. reid: the defendant is a mother herself of two has a previous record of assault ba psecutors hinting the charge could be upgraded, orengo's famiasedbut not quite satisfied. fi more to go. >> and want all of them, the girls, the murder, iant everyone charged. reid: they have the other identities of the people involved, charges and more arrests could be pending.
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trump now says he has no plans to prosecu hillary clinton. ed trump says he wants to move : forward in an intervw with the new yorkimes. its a turnaround from hisant to position during the campaign. he hadaid he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigating clton's use of a into the clinton foundation. maria: he is seriously considering dr. ben carson for thsecretary of housing and urban comes after he will consider the offerve ksging. he said he was not interested in a cabineposition. the president-elect is leaning toward former massachusetts governor mitt mney as his pick for secretof. thwall street jonal is reporting he sees romney as a model choice for the job. but the report sayere ar still advisors pusngudy guiliani forhe position. ed president obama has now
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commuting sentences during his presidency. hit the mestone today when he shoened sentences for 79 more pple, including drug offenders fromst springeld, and worcester. the president has commuted sentences for more people than his 11 predecessors combined. maria ere's no american flag : flying on the campus of hampshire college in amherst tonight. the college's board of trustees removed it friday, after a group of students lowered the flag to half-staff to est e election of donald trump. then, the flag was burned on th. f otrorsies. >> if we could remove the conflict over that symbol and get to the real issues underneath, there would be a chance for real learning. i know moment ncredibl conflict and tension. not intended as a political statement at all. maria: faculty members will now lead discussions on the meaning
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to me sure evidence is notice do comprosed. harvey: it will be every bit as cold tomorrow morning and then changes for a lot of thanks giving weekend.>> i accept themt for mylf, for the others. maria: that world war ii veteran accepting a new honor with his fellow servicemembers on his mind. capital e believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one rgined banking... ? with a place that feels noth like a bank.
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and a top-rated app, let's you bank rig he. that's banking reimagined.
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ed: another record day on wall street. the dow closed above 19,000 for tht tie firs ever. the nasdaq and s&p also up. it's the sih record close f the doin the two weeks since the election. thangiving days away.ith hundreds of cases of h gvy are being voluntarily recalled because they have been mislabeled. the fda says some of the jars are labeled to be heinz pork gravy, b might actuay be heinz homestyle bistro au jus grav soy. 500 cases the product were distributed nationwide. you'll find more information on the wcvb app. maria 5 investigates tonight ments across the state are handling key evidence. a scandal in braintree's evidence room has resulted in 100 crimin cases being dropped. tonight kathy curran talks to
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investigates takes you into the rooms of the chelsea police departme where they handle out 11,000 pieces of evidence every year. >> a large piece of heroin. >> it has eight or 10 different bags. kathy: each contain the keys to justice in corel cases -- crimil cases >> it is everything. the tegrity of evidence goes toward the integrity of the i think there has to be that constant check and balce. kathy: that is why he has made the proper handling of evidence here a prior there are separaece rooms for firearms,ysgs, evidence. the items are logged electronicly, labeled,nd audited three times a year.
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100 criminal cases in norfolk county were dropd it found guns, cash, and dru were missing from the braintreepolic. at framingham pd, the is an going vestigation intomone and drugs disappeared. the cases prompted five investigates to take a hard look at evidence room foreizures in police departments across the state. we sent out surveys a are ing regular audit eieviden. here is what we found. there is no set standard across the state. eviden on its recently or at all. 120 it's at least once a year, another 109 ar the pro of becoming accredited which would require them to do audits and ipections. >> absolutely the eds toe
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working on leglation thawould ri and ou of the evidence. >> we have seen what has played out, what is a>> you'ret over fr hundred cases being dismissed and criminals getting back on the street and also the cost to our legal system, hundreds of thounds of hours of lice officersnvngnd building the cases, the district attorney is working on this case -- these cases, it hasll been r nothing. -- a standard that would require audits internally with independent auds every three years. this costs mon so y're looking at funding sources including using money to offset the cost. ed: are you traveling? i am staying local.
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it. the is a sunday travel back. sund's forecast it will be ok but there is a slight chance fiont of all, you're probably finding this to be calledbecaus. it has beemild mth until the last couple of days. these were the low temperatures overnight and the highs today, bettern yesterday. five degrees below thmonth is still run is the wind also. 50 mile per hour winds and it is down to 30 at worcester. we still have gusts over 20 miles an hour. not windy as 20 for hours ago but we have wind chills, 19 and woter, 20 seven in boston. as we go through the overnight, we will keep those wind chills in the teens to the 20's, that is the way it will start out. these wi be the air temperatures.
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degrees and it will noroblem for travel. we're seeing some snow in northeastern maine but that is exiting. this is the system in the upper midwest area parts of wisconsin and minnesota, that will move into michigan. here is how it plays out. a we of low-pressure moved to the east and aarroband of snow makes its approach by thanks giving. we turn to a lef ra or drizzle for ler in the day. a closer look shows the skies tonight as well as tomorrow. it is overnightomorrow night and the clouds committed. right around dawn on thursday that is when some snow or mix could start breaking out in western mass and western coecticut. it continues to visword morning.he course of the a little narrow ba into's -- would not amount to much but it woul could coat some roadways.
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bit. after that it will be cloudy and occasionally damp for later thursday, thursday night, and friday. it looks like friday nig and saturday some stea rain will move in. most indicators would bring some improvement saturday or sunday but there is a slight chance that a storm could intensify off the coast as we turn colder area saturday night or sunday couldhw what i import casting but a slight chance. d benvesting in on and inch. that would occur early on thanks giving day. we have a hricane, auto, that willassing close to the border of nicaragua and costa rica. that is not a good picture for them. there you go. there is your thanksgiving. a little bit white perhaps early in the day, a little bit damp after that. also damp at tim friday into saturday. i am leaning toward parti clearing. we will be watchg that offs
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more quickly. hope to see you later tonight. >> now 5 one minute drill. mike: patriot players will here is thquestion. so how do you earn playing time on a bill belichick coached team? we know rule number one is he does whats best for the team, extracting emotion from all his decisions. >> ultimately, the better the players play the better an individual player plays, the that is pretty straightforward. everybody knows that. that is the way it will be. my philosophy. mike: you perform in the game and you play on sunday. a lot of tomorrow will be pep rallies around high schools in the morning. light practices in the afternoon and a lot of butterflies tomorrow night and -- in a lot of stomachs. in the bandleaders and cheerleaders, everyone that is
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stand still from 10 til noon ri theycomy come back. ed: decesater, an honor for a local world war ii veteran. maria next at 7:00, the show of
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randy: wednesday morning on eop. >> all of thflavor with ss fat. >> a top chef tells how to cut calories. >> a chance for wet weather on thanksgiving. th full time line on wednesday
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ed: a big honor for a local hero. maria watertown's anthony basile : pinned with the legion of honor today. the french consute service there in world war ii. basile was injured in a battle with enemy troops. he's already received the bronze star and purple heart. he says he accepts the legion of honor on behalf of so many who never made it home. >> sometimes these little things bother me later on, you wonder where the ones you were with our
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maria: great that he is remembering them as well. bale was honorly discharged from the u.s. army in 1945. ed: to his point, because of the time, those veterans are dying at00 or 600 a day. because of the chronology. maria: that is why thas su a special moment. five for good is next. with the annuta ed: and the winter weather forecast. where we will be seeing piles of this stuff. and where we will see less.
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maria: five for good, a holiday tradition kicked off today in boston. ed: boston mayor marty walsh helped launch the annual toys for tots drive. this is the 69th year the marine corps reservhas lethe program. they collect new, unwrapped toys
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a new feature of the drive this year will be a christmas tre the third-floor lobby of boston's city hall, whe off. harvey: 'tis that time of the year. let's not over do it b there coulbe a touch of snow. maria: ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer a variety of medicplans to fit your budget and your lifestyle. with plans starting as low as $0, you'll have zero things stopping you from really doing what you love. all now to learn more about ouans that offer everything from annual wellness visits to routine hearing and vision exams, and prescription drugs.
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>> this is "chronicle" on wcvb channel 5. >> tonight, test yourself on an outdoor obstacle course. >> there is nothing that yo will n work. >> treat yourself to aork of art. >> we want it to looks like jewels in a jewelry case. >> take the family to meet a new frie. ve >> i would say the look is ru, industrial, shabby chic. >> walk a mile in these shoes. >> we do own the country's best collon of oes. >> change your office every day. >> it could have out of food, table next to seo new. >> shayna seymour knows what's new. next on "chronicle."


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