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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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she kept on going. people scramble to get out of the way before she came to a stop. the employee was dragged a short distance. he suffered minor injuries. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. none of the others were injured. you can see the last car that was hit is still on the scene >> also breaking, a man flown to the hospital after a tree walls on him. ems tells us the man was working on his property in natick when it happened. no word yet on his condition. ben: and, a prominent local attorney faces sexual assault charges again. gary zerola turned himself in today, at a boston court. this allleged incident happened november 10.
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jc: and rob gronkowski who missed sunday's win over the 49ers returned to practice today as he recovers from a chest injury. tom brady did not practice today he's listed as having a knee injury but all signs indicate he'll be just fine sunday against the jets. it is all fine and the weather world? >> it is fine right now. tomorrow morning there could be a few p west. not a widespread event. you look out here, look at the system. this band is going to impact us. you see this year to the west. pockets to the north and west. temperature around 32 degrees. is that going to be enough moisture? it is cold enough.
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skies. by the time we get to tomorrow evening we have more rain can the forecast. there is that precipitation that comes in. will it be cold enough? will they be enough? tomorrow night the steady rain moves in. we talk about that and t warming trend ahead. ben: now to the commute. millions expected to travel for thanksgiving interstate. headlights coming up towards the split. kevin has first alert traffic. anchor: you can see a big pressure system moving in from the north. things are getting better on area roadways.
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the city of boston in great shape. no big problems. looking pretty good. we have some slight delays. little bit on 495. south to town, a little different story. hitting the brakes around granite avenue. maybe only 25 minutes. a couple more toward heavy slowdowns here. the mass pike has been our busiest ride. looking good through framingham. heaviest to 495. that is going to take us a little over an hour.
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jc: now live in denim tonight. reporter: he was not only best friends with the victim, they moved to the united states together. he says he feels incredible guilt. >> d guilty in court. >> i feel guilty for that. >> he expressed feelings of guilt. his life long friend frabico tavares killed after he was ejcted from a vehicle driven by thed efendent.route 24 in stoughton. docastataveras blood achol at the time. >> the idea that this could
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decision of his life. >> the details were disturbing. the prosecution describing a speeding vehicle. when he was ejected, several drivers tried to avoid hitting him. it was too late. the victim's father choking back tears. the judge not imposing a sentence. he says he needs time to reflect.
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that small town. the state's major crimes unit has spent much of the day focusing on two homes in the community. the victim is a 60-year-old man an autopsy determined the cause of death was blunt force injuries. a woman who lives near one of the apparent crime scenes says something alerted her dog last night. >> the dog was barking continuously. i don't know what. there wa arrests at this point in that case. >>he town taking legal action against six makers of fire extinguishing systems. toxic and a close have made their way into water sources, endangering thousands. the town is seeking $4 million to cover the cost.
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oler or recall. ben: are you going to shop tomorrow? jc: no. but there are deals to be had for those who will. ben: and a loose solution to keep drivers from texting. the lock the government is now pushing for. jc: the conversation comes up every thanksgiving.
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most banks are all the same... capital one isn't most banks. ? it's a relaxed place with helpful people focused on you, not trying to sell you things you don't want.
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jc: thanksgiving means turkey, family and for many shopping. ben: here in massachusetts, blue laws keep stores from opening on the holiday. but in other states getting the best sales is a holiday
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eating that the us on things giving. so do the discounts. retailers offer doorbusters like this for k tv from best buy that is $250 off. even online, will have this for $3.98. -- $3900 worthwhile. reporter: tvs are an exception. >> you can get good discounts. reporter: an apple products rarely go on sale but can be discounted on black friday by 10-15%. these interactive hatching eggs
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toy that retails around $60 can be found going for $200 online. do your homework. you can find the lowest advertised prices to check price history over time. and the best deals are around the corner. cyber monday. jc: that i do partake in. distracted driving is a major problem. ben: the government is looking to stop it from happening. jc: the holiday getaway in full swing. we will check on the roads here. >> tracking a chance of rain.
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jc: sensor sit tool. according to the times, the software would block certain posts from users' news feeds in some parts of the world the move is reportedly designed to appeal to china, where facebook is currently blocked. the company is not denying the report, saying only that its china strategy is still a work in progress. ben: the government wants smartphone makers to lock most of your apps while you're driving. the feds unveiled new guidelines today. while many apps wouldn't work, navigation systems would be
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they're designed to reduce crashes caused by drivers distracted by phones. traffic deaths spiked 10.4% in the first six months of this year. a safety recall for toyota's sienna minivans. the japanese automaker says the sliding doors can open while the van is moving. models made between 2011 and 2016 are included in the recall. toyota will repair the doors for free. it is still developing a remedy for the problem. the company says it will notify owners about the fix by mid-january. jc: traveling for the thanksgiving holiday. aaa expects travel to reach levels not seen in nearly a decade. the rush is already on nationwide. >> uppe 27.3 million people will fly this thanksgiving. 2.5% more than last year. 2.5 million passengers at airports today alone.
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seats each day to keep up with demand preparing for big crowds, tsa hired new officers and converted part-time workers to full-time. officials say the new technology decreases the time travelers will go through security. >> this is a partnership between good thing. >> winter storm set to hit the middle of the country could mean delays or cancellations but since most people are traveling on the highways the roads could bring traffic to a crawl. reporter: sunday is expected to
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outsmart everyone traveling on thanksgiving day might be your best bet, the least busy day of the long weekend. let's check the traffic right now here. sky 5 live. you can see it is moving. >> a lot of people got a jump on this. >> kevin tried to do weather. i'm not going to try traffic. we got a little bit of a did i put enough disclaimers on that? most will not have problems. tomorrow morning as this area tries to lift to the north, watch what happens. it moves into the colder air. if we can get that here that would happen around here tomorrow morning. not much moisture. it is still 40 degrees.
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of 45 degrees. we might see an inch of snow. for most of us it is going to be spotted areas. tomorrow evening we have another batch of rain. that could have a few icy spots. here is the way the map looks. a lot of g support a wintry mix. i have a couple showing us a sprinkle here. there is that possibility tomorrow. we had tomorrow. check out the temperatures per they are warm enough they will support things in the form of rain. not any snow. you see accumulation.
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into early morning. at that point it may be cold enough that there could be some pockets west of the city. the map at 8:00, there is going to be some nice snow. see how it is dragging itself away, for you black friday shoppers, as you take off on friday morning, some icy spots. otherwise a drizzle. kind of a cold day. not going to be a big problem for us. we need to talk about the tropics. this is down to a tropical
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we will keep an eye on that. our forecast, a little bit of the precipitation. wait until tomorrow night for some scattered showers. i have a mixed going on. we have some slippery conditions. to the rain going on. not a tremendous amount of rain. check out the temperature. upper 40's. sunday clearing away. look what happens to the temperatures. we get into the 50's.
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the scattered showers. note of that is very organized. be careful of the morning drives. ben: thanksgiving turkey gets a bad rap, blamed for making us sleepy. jc: we check in with the experts. but first let's see what's coming up new at 6:00 with maria and ed. maria: we are following several breaking stories inclu lot of the hannaford supermarket in waltham . ben: -- anchor: also breaking boston lawyer and one-time people magazine most eligible bachelor, now facing new rape charges . maria part of the pilgrims' : original settlement at plymouth just unearthed. how it could change what we know about their everyday lifes it's
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ben: your health, parents are constantly worried their children are not eating as nutritiously as they should be. but, new research finds kids may be faring better than they used to be. pizza, chicken nuggets, kids are magnetized by unhealthy foods. a new report suggests more may be eating less junk food. it appears to have improved diets overall. researchers looked at data from a large national survey,
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2012. their diet gradually improving, especially when it came to reducing empty calories of junk food. we still need to getting kids to eat healthy foods on the menu. adding more whole grains, fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables in place of soda and candy could the consumer product safety commission is reminding us once again to be safe while preparing the thanksgiving meal. house fires actually increase on the holiday. demonstrations of what not to do were held yesterday. if you want that in your backyard. a big contributor, people
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contact with the flame. other precautions. don't fry inside or on or near combustibles like this on a wooden deck. keep alcohol levels in check. have you ever felt like you needed a nap after a big meal? most of us do. we blame it on the turkey. the amino aci f in turkey makes you sleepy. it will actually get converted into serotonin which will get converted into melatonin which regulates your sleeve. don't forget the carbs are also to blame. and alcohol. >> i would recommend small frequent snacks so that you are
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for that day. jc: if you are trying to avoid the crash fill half of your plate with vegetables. ben: many of us will consume thousands of extra calories. the average american will consume 3000 characters -- calories on thanksgiving. the worst offenders, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pecan . fat, or both. don't overeat. eat less turkey. you have to be here at 4:00. jc: i will be her wide-awake. nno one wants to hear the
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patriots practice. where was tom brady? >> a man injured after a wild collision involving a half dozen cars. >> and the torilla's defense attorney is charged again with rape charges. >> what led to this wild hit and run. and the arrest just made. >> just in time for thanksgiving part of >> this is wcvb. a chaotic scene, a driver striking a worker before ammingnto several vehicl maria: live at the scene. what is going on? reporter: six cars are involved
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for thanksgiving groceries. the parking lot turning into a chaotic scene. a woman suddenly surged her car driving -- dragging an employee it did not end there. the woman's car kept going. they say the scene looked like bumper cars. witnesses say was amazing to watch. >> the person that was putting the car through was dragged when the car came in. they are ok. a lot of people here. all of the response teams came in fast. reporter: firefighters tell us the employees suffered minor injuries.
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along with a driver as a precaution. none of the other drivers were injured. the female driver hit the accelerator. was it mechanical or operator error? police are inspecting to make sure, to know what went wrong. anchor: a man rush to the hospital by medical helicopter being struck by a tree. the 60-year-old had been cutting down a on top of him. the holiday getaway is well underway. maria: not everybody got their destination tonight. stormteam 5 is tracking some precipitation that could affect our drive tonight. >> it is a matter of timing. we have a system coming in. it has rain and snow.


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