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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> randy: a deadly crash on interstate 495 in plainville. information on one driver's mistake. emily: a driver hits a supermarket employee. that was just the beginning. the frenzy that followed in a waltham parking lot. randy: the president-elect sending out a message. his hope for the country and the two women joining his administration. on the eye for this thursday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is eyeopener. emily: a grim scene in plainville. one driver was going the wrong way there. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. the roads in the northern areas
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cindy has the latest on that. good morning. cindy: we are running either side of the freezing mark, particularly to the north we're near freezing. it's below that in orange. this is where the radar is picking up on just a couple of light flurries here down to new hampshire. so north of route 2. you can see there's been activity approaching, but it's been drying up. there's a band in eastern new this may amount to additional flurries in the morning hours. you see cloud cover for now. there's more rain from a cold front to the west. this will get in late in the day. much of the morning, a lot of clouds. can't rule out the flurries north and west of boston. it's cloudy midday into the early afternoon. by about 4:00, 5:00, we'll watch rain and snow approach from the west moving eastward into the evening hours.
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low 40s through the afternoon. we have more rain this evening. you can see it there by 5:00 p.m. the timeline is ahead. randy: breaking news. the thanksgiving holiday off to a deadly start. emily: a fatal crash in plainville is under investigation and the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live with what we know right now. antoinette? reporter: emily and randy, we just got word from state police moments ago that this crash involved it was that driver who was killed in the crash. it happened on this stretch of 495 on the foxboro/plainville line. state police say the crash happened just around 2:00 this morning. two vehicles were involved. one of those vehicles was going north in the southbound lanes of 495 when it crashed into another oncoming veer near excite 14 between route 1 and 95.
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was killed. the victim in the other vehicle was taken to rhode island hospital. state police aren't saying what they think led to the crash. as for those of you travelling in this area of 495, all lanes are back open after part of it was shut down for a few hours in the overnight hours. that's the latest from foxboro, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. right now questions after a wild scene plays out in a parking lot of a supermarket. emily: this was the scene last an employee hit by a car. the eyeopener's sera congi is at that supermarket with the latest in the investigation. sera? >> the day before thanksgiving, this parking lot was packed with shoppers at the time. police say an employee who was collecting shopping carts was struck by a car that was backing out of a parking space. that driver smashed into a parked car and then hit four more. all the while, people walking
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jumping out of the way. >> i was shocked. how did she not see them? >> the person putting the carts away was actually dragged when the car came in. but they are ok, thank god. >> a lot of people here, but luckily the response team came in super fast. reporter: that employee was conscious and alert when he was taken to the hospital. but that was just as a precaution. the driver also was treated. no one was seriously hurt. out whether or not -- what caused this crash, whether it was medical problems with the car or if it was driver error. live in waltham, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. security in new york city is being stepped up ahead of the annual thanksgiving day parade there. millions are set to line the route to see the giant balloons and floats. traffic will be blocked off, barricades, including sanitation trucks full of sands in place. some 3,000 police officers will
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all of this to thwart any terror threat similar to what was carried out in nice, france, earlier this year. donald trump has a thanksgiving day message. a video calling for unity. erika is tracking that, as well as the trump transition. reporter: president-elect trump is working through the holiday from florida, delivering a new message to americans as sp appointments. >> this morning president-elect donald trump and his family are hunkered down at the luxury mar-a-lago resort in florida. wednesday he released this thanksgiving message. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. reporter: while white men dominated his staff picks, trump nominated two women.
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charter school advocate betsy devos to lead the department of education. both women are strong republican leaders. neither was supporters of mr. trump on the campaign trail. >> donald trump is everything we hear and teach our kids not to do in kindergarten. reporter: nikki haley, the younger governor in the country, feels differently. >> while i won't pretend to have always been president-elect's biggest cheerleader, i did vote see him win. reporter: nikki haley is the daughter of indian immigrants. she has very little diplomatic experience. mr. trump is expected to name 78 billionaire investor wilbur ross. emily: david petraeus, rudy
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romney are believed to be in the running for the top diplomat spot. emily: jill stein wants votes recounted in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. she wants the votes verified before the 2016 presidential election is certified. she received 1% of the vote in those states. randy: a boston lawyer at one time named one of the gary zerola turned himself in after fellow attorneys tipped him off to a boston police investigation. he is facing two counts of rape after a night out with another attorney and two girls ended at a beacon hill condo. this was on november 10. the victim reported the alleged attack two days later. >> mr. zerola is nothing more than a target in this case. this is a case based upon a foundation of lies and we
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randy: zerola has been through this before. each time he walked away from the charges. emily: a murder investigation is now under way in a small new hampshire town. police say 60-year-old todd downing was beaten to death in wentworth. an autopsy shows the cause of death was blunt force injuries. police focusing the investigation on two homes in that community. a roxry charged with a wild confrontation with boston police officers. this was breaking news yesterday on the eyeopener. 34-year-old vincent weaks accused of using his car as a weapon outside a dorchester bar. four officers sent to the hospital, two dragged by the suspect's vehicle. all of the officers were treated and released. a tribute on the ice for two boston police officers injured in a shootout. a tremendous show of support for them. those officers are resting at
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for thanksgiving. randy: and as the eyeopener's mary saladna shows us, they have a lot for which to be thankful. reporter: hand shakes and hugs for boston police officers rick and matt. both officers recovering from the shootout last month that almost killed them. >> i think them overwhelmed by the support. again, we're thankful that the recovery is going well and holiday. >> i need every officer available. reporter: it was october 13 when a domestic call turned into an ambush and an armed man opened fire on the officers until fellow officers could come to their rescue. among the heroes, the colleague who stood between the wounded officers and the gunman. >> he's here tonight. police officer eric.
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show their support. >> it's a terrible time for cops. reporter: rick is a childhood friend. >> we grew up together. i was at their house all the time. we played basketball together. >> mayor marty walsh shares a personal connection. >> i have known matt for ag and his family, last time i saw his brother and dad was in the hospital. they weren't smiling. tonight they are smiling. >> commissioner evans says both officers still need time to heal, but he says they are excellent cops and hopes they will eventually return to active duty. emily: still ahead, a friend of murderer aaron hernandez now suing cnn. randy: the photo he says the
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and a man emily: black friday almost here. are the bargains all they are cracked up to be? three ways to make sure you're getting a real deal. reporter: we're following breaking news in plainville. one person has died after a wrong-way crash on 495 south. we have a reporter on the scene getting more information. we'll bring it to you. cindy? cindy: the radar quiet. a le but we'll see the rain move back in. it will get a little heavier late in the day. the timeline on that is ahead. first, take a live look as we look toward the zakim bridge. take a look at the temperatures. it's a chilly start. 29 degrees, cloudy skies in
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>> happy thanksgiving from the billerica memorial high school. [cheers and applause] randy: all right. good morning to billerica memorial high football team. and, yes, this is their version of the mannequin challenge. emily: another great job. we keep remarking on how still everybody is. it's incredible. thank you to all of them for
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shortly. i don't know how they are standing like that. they are good. it's impressive on this thanksgiving. thank you for that wake-up call. we'd love to see yours. upload it using our wcvb app. good day for football? >> cindy: i'm feeling better about the forecast. you're probably prepping in the kitchen, doing something like that. i wouldn't be overly concerned with the weather. emily: great. cindy: there's a low risk for dry. low chance of showers this afternoon. it's this evening we get into a higher chance of some rain. so it's turning wetter by the end of the day. the middle of the country is dry. the storm system is shifting east. over the next two days, today and tomorrow, a lot of the snow potential is going to be focused across northern new england where we'll see a few inches, especially in the mountains. but here in southern new
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the exception is this morning because you can see the temperatures. we're running just 29 in worcester, 30 in bedford. 32 beverly. mid 30s boston. upper 30s on the cape. it's cold enough to support snow this morning. there's just not a lot out there. the radar is picking up on areas of light snow, even flurries in greenfield. that area is falling apart as it moves towards showers and flurries trying to press in from the west, but it's running into drier air. so this may dry up on it approach. a low risk for a few flurries this morning. otherwise, we have a lot of cloud cover. the system to the west will be working in. as this cold front approaches late in the day, i think we'll get rain. for the football games this morning, it will be chilly. low-to-mid 30s. by midday, you're going to
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low 40s, cloudy skies. as we get towards sunset, we'll see rain with temperatures around 40 degrees. warmer on cape. upper 40s for you. here's the timeline. flurries few and far between to the north and west. as we get toward about 4:00, here comes the next batch of showers. could be snow mixed in the berkshires. but a lot of that lifts to the north. you can overnight and overnight hours. tomorrow morning it looks damp with areas of drizzle. early tomorrow morning could be icy if you're doing black friday shopping. dry sunrise, showers, drizzle around upper 30s and showers into noontime. we'll watch redevelopment off the coastline this weekend, so still a chance of rain early on saturday and we should dry out on sunday.
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saturday. you can see the rain in the morning hours kind of lifting northward. there's snow across northern new england. but we are drying out more around here. improvements by the second half of the weekend. maybe sunshine on sunday. milder temperatures too early next week. emily? emily: thank you. a sixth child died from that horrific school bus crash in tennessee. the 8-year-old boy passed away yesterday. investigators say the bus driver had no trace of alcohol or drugs in his system. but police say johnthoal tipped and slammed into a tree. the 24-year-old is in jail facing vehicular homicide charges. five children are still in the hospital. randy: a judge has turned down an attempt to save the garden at children's hospital in boston. the hospital plans to use the prouty garden space to expand the facility. a suffolk superior court judge denied an injunction to stop the hospital from destroying the garden. a 16-year-old treated twice at
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lifesaver as her doctors. >> it felt so nice to hear the birds and see the sunlight and feel the grass between my toes. randy: the hospital said it's pleased with the court's decision, saying the health needs of the children we care for have been our focus. the new story will add 71 beds, many in the intensive care unit. friend of former new england patriots player aaron hernandez isng privacy. alexander bradley says the cable news network aired images of him recovering in a hospital from a gunshot wound to the face. he says the injury was inflicted by hernandez. according to the lawsuit, alexander bradley is looking for $100,000 in damages. hernandez is serving life for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. he is also facing a witness intimidation charge for allegedly shooting bradley. emily: an explosive situation
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suddenly ignited. this video pretty incredible. a coworker said he heard sizzling and the next second saw fireworks. the injured man had burns to his hand and leg and he will require surgery. to your economy. asian markets are mixed this morning. wall street closed for the thanksgiving holiday. the dow 59 points closed at 19,083. the s&p 500 rose more than one point. the nasdaq dropped more than five points. randy: as you ge thanksgiving meal today, you may be also thinking about your black friday shopping plans. more than 74 million shoppers made purchases on black friday last year. they say save clothing shopping for another day if the coat is not at least 50% off, you're not getting a good deal.
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retailers increase the suggested retail price. >> when you see the price on the tag, don't settle for that. walk up to someone and say, hey, is this the final price? i think you'll be surprised how often you can stack the coupons. randy: the most discounted door busters will be going fast. the good news, often you don't have to leave home to get your emily: we're getting ready for it. thanksgiving dinner can mean thousands of extra calories. the average american will eat 4,500 extra calories. mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pies are loaded with sugar or fat or both. a slice of pe can pie, 456 calories and 21 grams of fat. randy: looks delicious. emily: one day out of the year.
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guilt. people will be throwing around the football. one toss is a little bit more challenging. emily: we'll show you ahead in eyepoppers. >> pieces of history uncovered. what we are learning of the original plymouth settlement. neighbors risk their own lives to save a man in saugus. the brave decision they made when they saw a house in flames. we're gathering information on an overnight crash on 495 in plainville. right now we know way. the other driver is in a rhode island hospital. we'll have a live report in our
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>> we're waking up to a lot of clouds. as you look to the west, flurries have been approaching. a lot of them have been drying up. but the band through western connecticut will try into worcester county. otherwise, a lot of clouds today. we're starting out in the low-to-mid 30s. we'll sneak into the low 40s this afternoon. cloud cover throughout the day. as we get toward about 5:00 or so, that's when we get rain to fill back in. that will be with us overnight and into the day on friday. black friday is looking wet with rain at times and it could be icy in the morning. we'll break down the timeline for you just ahead. emily: it's time for the eyepoppers. the first one is local.
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boston. ? randy: very neat. berklee entertaining shoppers. students are with the school's contemporary symphonic orchestra. emily: yeah. the annual turkey toss taking place at assembly row in somerville. new england's most talented hig frozen bird and everett won this year. [laughter] emily: always a good time. of course for a good cause. it benefits the boston food bank. it looks tough. randy: yeah. and fortunately we're not reporting any injuries. this morning, college students hitting a snag while trying to buy food for a local family. the kind gesture saving the day when their purchase was in trouble. emily: also, a disturbing trend on the rise at the university of
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new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region.
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and the communities we serve. ? ever new england. eversource. >> breaking overnight, a deadly crash on 495 in plainville. the new information just coming in. >> a wild scene playing out in a supermarket parking lot. the questions police have for the driver.
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>> i was horrible. it was horrible. >> the heroes pulling a neighbor out of his burning home. >> new this morning, the powerball jackpot soaring to new heights. the millions now on the line, on the eye. randy: 5:30 on this thanksgiving. we have just learned the crash in plainville was caused by a wrong-way driver. antoinette antonio will have an update from the scene in minutes. as we now look across the zakim bridge, the r this morning as well. but there is a chance of rain later. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer along with cindy. happy thanksgiving to you. if you're heading to a football game, how is it looking? cindy: bundle up. it's going to be chilly. very low risk of flurries. that's it. the impact is pretty low, which is great. emily: that's great. cindy: want to show you the temperatures. this is why i say bundle up. it's 29 in worcester, 35 in
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that's where the air is coldest. we have been watching on the radar a couple of flurries trying to move in. but the air has been so dry, they have been kind of falling apart. you see that happening across southern new hampshire. another batch coming out of western connecticut will shift eastward. a few of our communities may see a few flurries. otherwise, we've got a lot of cloud cover. but there's a system to the west with more moisture and this is going to approach, so late in the day we'll get rain for the football games this morning, it's in the low-to-mid 30s. it will be chilly under the clouds. midday temperatures in the low 40s. still cloudy skies. it's toward or after sunset that we get the rain with temperatures back to 40 degrees by then. you can see not a lot happening here through the midday hours. during the afternoon, we're going to watch that moisture start to move in from the west. could be cold enough in southern vermont for a little bit of snow.
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into the overnight hours. the timeline on that for you is just ahead. randy: breaking news. a deadly wrong-way crash is under investigation in plainville. emily: it happened overnight on 495. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live with the latest information. antoinette? reporter: state police say it was that wrong-way driver who was killed in this crash on this stretch of 495 right on the foxboro/plainville line. the driver of that other car was taken to rhode island here's a look at the scene from overnight. this happened around 2:00 this morning on 495 between route 1 and 95. the crash involved those two cars. state police say one of them was driving north in the southbound lanes of 495 when it crashed into another vehicle near exit 14. the wrong-way driver was killed. police have not released the condition of the other driver. and they haven't said why or how they think that other driver got
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traveling on this stretch of 495, all lanes are back open after being shut down for a few hours. live on the foxboro/plainville line this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: antoinette, thank you. to the other stories we're following on the eyeopener. randy: erika is tracking those developments. >> the question surrounding a crash in waltham. a driver hitting a hannaford employee, damaging six cars last night. that employee and the driver police are investigating medical issue with the car or maybe driver error in terms of what's to blame. a woman reported missing in middleborough has been found. police say she left her home yesterday to go to the store. she didn't return. the 73-year-old was found overnight in eastham. we're told she's safe. and security in new york city stepped up ahead of the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. millions of spectators this
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officers will be on the job. >> he was really confused. he was covered in smoke. emily: neighbors rescuing after this home goes up in flames. this fire at a saugus home is under investigation and two men are called heros this morning for getting an elderly man out. the fire broke out last night at the home on middleland avenue in saugus. neighbors knew an elderly man was inside. that's when larry applegate and dave horvath sprang into action, their neighbor. >> took like four or five times because the smoke was so thick and we had to keep on running out to catch our breath, going back in. >> kicked the door open and he was laying right there. but he was bent around the door. as i was kicking the door, i was trying to pull him at the same time. emily: firefighters tell us the man was alert and talking when he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition this morning. right now the president of
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hate-related incidents on campus. president mark huddleston sending the letter to students saying the acts will not be tolerated. he says there have been racial slur, spitting, vulgar statements on social media. people on campus say they are glad this is being addressed. >> people feel like there's an issue going on. they have a place to go and seek out information on what to do and perhaps all hate incidents to be reported to unh police. keene state college is investigating nazi graffiti discovered in the bathroom of a dorm. a swastika was found burned into the ceiling tuesday morning. randy: confusion in townsend after a statement was released stating the police chief had
5:36 am
there are reports during a meeting this week he walked out, leaving his badge and hat behind. the next day a statement from the town was released saying that he had resigned. however, he sent an e-mail yesterday saying that he was staying on the job. the board has requested information from the chief involving an investigation into police department employees conducting unlawful background checks into civilians. emily: a security breach hitting the navy. randy: the crime putting thousands of for identity theft. and discoveries on what could be the pilgrims' original settlement. emily: we're waiting to hear the names of the drivers involved in
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>> welcome back to the eyeopener on this thanksgiving morning. we've got clouds overhead. a couple of flurries approng through the morning hours. much of the day looks dry. temperatures in the low-to-mid 40s this afternoon. but late in the afternoon toward evening, rain is going to be filling in. and overnight as the temperatures drop, there could be icy spots north and west of town. otherwise, damp for black friday. we're going to dry things out over the course of the weekend. randy? randy: governor charlie baker serving up potatoes and some kind words at goodwill thanksgiving dinner. hundreds of people participated
5:40 am
and those who were lucky got to rock it out with with the governor on the dance floor. the dinner is for participants in the organize's job training programs which help clients find the path to independence through work. emily: nice to see. centuries after the pilgrimed arriv arrived here -- randy: archaeologists discovered what they believe is part of the original settlement. the eye's rhondella richardson shows the new evidence. >> off limits right now. but this is the work space. the inside for the field school. >> getting more authentic thanks to be students who unearthed artifacts. >> they part of a cat skeleton. they found 17th century ceramics, a musket ball and what is probably the most exciting
5:41 am
to describe, is stains in the dirt. >> the clues in the soil a sign of thousand 17th century village was actually built. most importantly, the original address. >> this is the first time they have found 17th century -- the miracle is the fact that there is something left after 400 years of development in downtown plymouth. >> muskets here standard. researchers unearthed an actual musket ball, telling us more about the guns used. the remains other items are in a lab. but ceramic artifacts are always used as the mold for the pottery made in the plymouth plantation craft center. >> the dishes can tell us what they chose to have, how they ate, how they prepared their food. >> for every one day of digging, there are several days of research. at this point, there's a lot more to learn about these
5:42 am
richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: fascinating. randy: we were just down there. emily: yes. randy: history still buried and being uncovered. emily: still ahead, a few families have a complete stranger to thank for their thanksgiving meal. randy: she saved the day when a charity drive nearly failed. the chance to win the powerball
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randy: the eyeopener team ready with "news to go." sera congi is covering a wild crash in waltham. emily: erika has the new holiday message from the president-elect. first, want to check in with cindy and the forecast for today. this is nowhere near us, fortunately. cindy: it's odd to be talking about a hurricane on thanksgiving. theso that range. latest hurricane on record, category 1, 85-mile-per-hour wind moving toward costa rica and nicaragua. kind of an odd situation there. around here, well, it's a cloudy start. there's a low risk for a few flurries this morning. otherwise, i think we're mostly dry here through midday. as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, our chance for rain is going up.
5:46 am
in mind. ahead of the system we've got warmer air trying to push in. that created a lot of clouds this morning. a couple of areas of snow showers working on in and dissipating as they run into drier air. next one we're watching is this band of snow showers and flurries right here across parts of western connecticut. this is going to continue to kind of lift north and eastward. so especially through worcester county as we go in the next couple of hours you can see flurries. it's 29 in it is cold enough to support a little bit of snow flurry activity this morning. temperatures in the low 40s by 11:00 a.m. rain develops late in the day. it's damp at times for black friday. a lot of clouds linger into saturday. here's future cast showing the cloudy skies through midday. so most of the day is dry. by about 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 we're
5:47 am
of light snow from the west. as we go into the evening and overnight hours, the rain and drizzle are going to be persisting. you see how everything fills in. that will be with us tomorrow morning. if you're heading out in the middle of the night for black friday deals, the temperatures north of worcester, low-to-mid 30s with drizzle around. could be a little slippery as that may freeze on contact. we'll get the temperatures to moderate. but damp weather much of the day tomorrow. more on the forecast through randy: breaking news. a fatal wrong-way crash under investigation. emily: it happened in plainville overnight. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live near that scene gathering information for us. antoinette? reporter: emily and randy, state police tell us it was that wrong-way driver killed in a crash on this stretch of 495 right here. the victim in the other vehicle was taken to rhode island hospital. here's a look at the scene from overnight. the crash happening just around
5:48 am
the crash involved those two cars. state police say one of them was driving north in the southbound lanes when it crashed into that other vehicle near exit 14. the wrong-way driver was killed. police have not yet released the condition of the other driver. and they haven't said why or how they think that wrong-way driver got onto the highway in the wrong direction. live in the foxboro/plainville line this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. caused a driver to lose control in this waltham supermarket parking lot that was packed with holiday shoppers. >> huge crowds. everyone wasn't sure what was going on. reporter: the dark-colored car backed out of a spot and hit a worker who was collecting shopping carts. it didn't end there. the driver then hit five other cars and the medal corral for
5:49 am
to avoid being hit. the driver and employee were taken to the hospital. police are trying to figure out whether the driver had made some mistake or if there was a medical issue with the car. live in waltham, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: on thanksgiving, a message calling for unity from president-elect donald trump. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move frd emily: trump released the video on social media while in florida, still working on selections for the administration. he has tapped two women for his cabinet. betsy devos heading the department of education. and south carolina governor nikki haley for ambassador to the u.n. still considering mitt romney, rudy giuliani and david petraeus for secretary of state. randy: scaffolding collapses at
5:50 am
killed people there. a platform crashed down earlier this morning. at least 67 people are dead. others may still be trapped under that debris. the accident is the latest in a series of recent major industrial accidents in china. they are being blamed on corruption and pressure to boost production amid a slowing economy. a sixth young student died from the horrific school bus crash in tennessee. investigators say the bus driver had no trace of alcohol or drugs but police say he was speeding when the bus tipped and slammed into a tree. this is the driver, 24-year-old johnthony walker. he's in jail facing vehicular homicide charges. five children are still in the hospital. emily: a wayne state university officer has died after being shot while on patrol near the detroit campus. police say 29-year-old collin rose died in the hospital last night. he was shot in the head while investigating car break-ins tuesday night. police don't think officer rose was ambushed.
5:51 am
not been charged. a weymouth teenager faces manslaughter charges in connection with a crash that killed a classmate. 17-year-old john crowley is home after his court arraignment. police say 15-year-old kate mack car thi was killed randy: personal information on more than is at risk now. the navy says a contractor's laptop with that data has been stolen. the names and social security numbers of the service members had been accessed. the navy will notify sailors of the breach. they say drivers don't have the best reputation, but a new study
5:52 am
nation. the state had the fewest fatalities per miles traveled and in the top five for obeying traffic signals. texas and louisiana drivers are tied for the worst. emily: the celtics on top after a battle in brooklyn. a close game until the third. they built up a 12-point lead with four minutes left in the quarter. they take the game 111-92. the celtics host san antonio tomorr patriots tight end back in pads and on the field. he took part in a limited capacity during yesterday's practice. gronk missed the game in san francisco as he continues to recover from a chest injury. one notable absence, tom brady. he's expected to play sunday against the jets. the team will be on the field for practice today. randy: americans are showing pumpkins some love. spending on everything from
5:53 am
topped $380 million since july. it's still about the pie. americans spent more than $130 million on pumpkin pie filling. $8.5 million is spent on pumpkin-flavored cereals. our pet are in on the crave. nearly $13 million spend on pumpkin-flavored dog food. emily: it is thanksgiving. shoppers hoping to score a door buster deal. people all over the country are camping out in front of stores and mall parking lots looking to take advantage of deep discounts. but if you're thinking of heading out, the wait going to be longer in the bay state. stores in massachusetts are closed on thanksgiving. randy: the powerball jackpot is going again. it is now worth $403 million. the cash value $243.8 million. no tickets matched last night's
5:54 am
each. but they were purchased in california, florida, and maryland. the next drawing is saturday night. annual thanksgiving tradition nearly derailed. emily: a shopper moved by an act of kindness stepped in to save it. every year students from the university collect food and money to help more than a dozen organizations feed hundreds of needy families. but there was a glitch at the register and the credit card they were using had already been was happening and made a generous offer. >> a woman came over and asked them what they were up to and they explained the thanksgiving project. she actually offered to pay for the entire order, which was near $500. just to know that love and kindness always wins, such an inspiration to me and my students. emily: incredible. the thanksgiving project handed
5:55 am
randy: great to see that spirit of giving. emily: great story. especially for today. >> it's what it's all about. thanksgiving. it's nice to see that. absolutely. quiet weather in boston this morning. we've gotover cast condition -- overcast conditions. 35 degrees with a northwest wind. we are watching a couple of flurries. we had one bunch dry up as it approached from the west. this one here just w shift eastward. the rest of us dealing with clouds. you can see to the west the system that's going to approach late in the day with some rain. as this shifts to the northeast, parts of northern new england will get snow today into friday. if you're getting ready to travel north, be prepared for light wintry weather and snow, most of it in the mountains. today it's chilly for the football games.
5:56 am
but i think most of us will be dry. we'll come up in the lower 40s. warmest today in southeastern massachusetts, mid and upper 40s. elsewhere, low 40s boston. 40 through the worcester hills. you can see not a lot happening through lunchtime. as we get close to the sunset, here come the showers from the west. this is filling in during the evening and overnight hours. areas of rain, areas of drizzle is what we're waking problem will be the temperatures tonight. we're near that freezing mark north and west of 495. could be a little icy first thing tomorrow morning. so black friday shopping in the wee hours of the morning, be advised for the wet weather and icy spots. drizzle with an easterly wind tomorrow. the next system is going to shift offshore early on saturday and focus rain and snow across northern new england. we've got a chance of showers
5:57 am
cover. we could dry things out as the system shifts to the north. northern new england could get snow over the course of the weekend. we may get back some sunshine here finally on sunday. but don't expect much between now and then. randy: we're following breaking news this morning in plainville. emily: the updates on a wrong-way crash on 495. and he was once among the country's most-eligible bachelor. now he's facing serious charges.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
randy: breaking overnight a deadly crash in plainville. the information just in on one driver's mistake. >> chaos when a driver hits the supermarket employee, and that was just the beginning. the frenzy that followed in a waltham parking lot. randy: the president-elect sending out a thanksgiving message. his hope for the two women joining his administration on the eye for this thursday morning. emily: a grim scene in plainville after a deadly crash. state police just announced that one driver was going the wrong way. good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy randy, happy thanksgiving, the other roads in the area will be dry this morning. rain is on the way for a bit


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