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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. er good afternoon and happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. emily: here are some of the stories we are following right now. one person is dead after this wrong way crash that happened overnight on route 495 on the plainville/foxboro line. that driver was killed and a second driver sent to the hospital with serious injuries. erika: questions after this crash at a local supermarket. anna for worker sent to the
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police are working to determine what caused all this. emily: thanksgiving celebrations getting underway. a live look under this -- a live look over the city. cindy: we've had two rounds today. you might have seen ice pellets. that batch of moisture is shifting offshore. the next one off to the west moving eastward. there is snow around the albany new york area. as this enters the temperatures are running in the mid-30's. in worcester county we're in the mid 30's. mid-forties on cape cod. temperatures may come up. cloudy and cool for the next few hours. by the time the sunsets there's going to be rain showers and areas of rain would carry us right through. by 4:00 this afternoon there's that area of snow in the
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the evening hours. the concern is with areas of rain and drizzle that could be icy spots outside for 95 especially into temperature drops tonight. that timeline and the rest of the holiday weekend, coming up. emily: state police are investigating a deadly wrong way crash on route 495. it happened overnight in the southbound lanes in plainville. >> i tragic start to this thing's giving holiday state police investigating this horrible crash. the big question, how this driver ended up going the wrong direction on 495. we got a look at the two vehicles involved in this crash as they sit in the tow yard covered with blue tarps. in the day like you can see how mangled the vehicles are. the crash happened early this morning around 2 a.m.
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going north and the southbound lanes of 495 when he crashed into an oncoming suv in plainville between route one and i-95. the wrong way driver was killed. a 21-year-old woman from barnstable was taken to rhode island hospital with serious injuries. state police continued their investigation into how that driver and that the wrong way on the highway. er three alarm fire in salem. when the flames broke out two people were inside. what is now being treated for smoke inhalation. several neighboring departments were called in to help that'll flames. right now it's not clear what caused the fire. emily: a chaotic scene after a crash at a busy grocery store. questions -- that worker sent to the hospital.
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figure out exactly why this woman lost control of her vehicle in this parking lot which was pretty busy the day before thanksgiving. mangled shopping carts and damaged cars, some of the signs of the chaotic scene in the supermarket parking lot in waltham. >> everyone wasn't sure what was going on. sera: packed with holiday shoppers the day before thanksgiving. this vehicle parking spot and right into a worker who was corralling shopping carts. kept backing up. the cars, hit a carriage holder. hit a bunch of carriages. sera: the chevy kept on going, striking a handful of vehicles. shoppers scrambled to get out of the car's path. >> the person that was putting the cards away was actually dragged. they are ok, thank god. a lot of people here publicly all the response team came in
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employee were taken to the hospital as precaution to know it was seriously hurt. police are now investigating the cause of the crash, looking at whether this was some sort of mechanical problem with the vehicles were driver error. erika: right now a fire in saugus is under investigation. two men are being called heroes for getting an elderly man out. the fire broke out last night at this home on midland avenue sprung into action kicking down the door to rescue that neighbor. >> it took four or five times because the smoke was so thick. we had to keep on running out to catch our breath going back in. >> he was laying right there. he was bent around the door so as i was kicking the door i was trying to pull him at the same time.
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emily: an annual thanks giving day tradition at the pine street inn. volunteers preparing thousands of holiday dinners. mayor marty walsh and boston police commissioner bill evans taking part in the turkey carving. president obama giving his thanksgiving address this morning. the president saying our best days will always be ahead. >> i love as we continue to welcome the contributions of all people. as long as we stand up for each other. speak up not just wanted easy, but when it's hard, then no one can ever take away our liberty. emily: the president went on decided it's important to reflect on what binds us as americans. emily: president-elect donald trump bus cabinet is taking form. erika: lana zak has announcements plus his thanksgiving day message. lana: abc news has learned president-elect trump is
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head the commerce department. ross was the owner of west virginia must sake of cold mind in 2006 when a dozen miners were killed. regulator cited safety violations. yesterday mr. trump named two went into his cabinet. south carolina governor nikki haley, a former marco rubio supporter named ambassador to the u.s. -- to the u.n. >> able to go beyond district loyalists because that seems to be the to him during the campaign. somebody who was loyal to him. she certainly was not. lana: for the education department, betsy devos. she issued a strong statement on common core tweeting, i am not a supporter. following mr. trump's lead from the campaign. the president-elect is spending the thanks giving holiday at his resort in morrow lago.
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our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very common resolve. lana: even though it is thanksgiving the president-elect is still tweeting and working. he says on trying to keep the carrier air-conditioning company in the united states. no comment yet from carrier. erika: former green party presidential candidate jill stein is calling for a recount. she wants states of wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. she wants both verified before the two dozen 16 presidential election is certified. stunt received 1% of the vote in the states. emily: hundreds of massachusetts statehouse employees are set to get a pay raise and that hike comes as an unknown number of paid employees face being laid off. the house because office announced the races yesterday. a 6% hike for 468 house
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raises will be covered by existing resources and the housing budget. biotech and offered to executive branch employees as the state faces a $294 million budget deficit. erika: a boston attorney at one time named one of the city's most eligible bachelors is facing rape charges. gary carola turned himself in after fellow attorneys tipped him off to the boston police investigation. facing two counts of rape after a night out with another to the victim reporting the alleged attack those goodies later. three prior rape allegations from young girls each time he walked away from those charges his attorney says witnesses will clear his name again. emily: a judge has turned down another attempt to save the garden at boston's children's hospital. the hospital plans to use the space to expand. a superior court judge
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destroying the garden. a 16-year-old treated twice at boston children's says the garden was as much a lifesaver as her doctors. >> feel the grass between my toes. emily: the hospital said it is please with the courts decision saying in a statement "the health needs of the children we care for have been our focus. "the new 11 story building will at 71 beds many of them in the intensive care unit. erika: two boston police officers back in for thanks giving after being shot on the job. celebrated last night at a hockey game in their honor. friends, family and local residents filled in east boston rink to show their support. the two were shot after responding to a domestic call last month. all officers who came to the rescue bronner last night for her rogue actions. heightened security -- for their heroic actions. heightened security at the macy's day thanksgiving --
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emily: a former friend of ex patriot and convicted murderer aaron hernandez suing cnn. the photo he says the network had no right to show. cindy: cloudy skies for now but i am tracking when this rain moves in and when falling temperatures make it slippery and spots tonight. emily: a day of overindulging but how many calories are actually in your thanksgiving feast? the decadent foods that at on the most pounds. >> a half hour of news at the p casey monahan, ed harding, newscenter 5 at 4:00, part of
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erika: a friend of aaron hernandez is suing cnn for invasion of privacy. outlander bradley says the network aired images of him recovering in the hospital. bradley says the injury wasn't footed by hernandez great according to the lawsuit readily is looking for $100,000 in damages. hernandez is serving life the 2013 murderer: lloyd.
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intimidation charge for allegedly shooting bradley. the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade includes the usual balloons and floats but as elizabeth hur reports this year concerns over isis: the parade a big target meant beefed-up security for millions of spectators lining the streets. elizabeth: thanks giving tradition in the big apple kicked off this year with security getting a big bump. >> millions of spectators. thousands of cops. everyone seems to be having a good time. we keep people safe. elizabeth: to protect the 3.5 million people expected at the macy's parade the nypd ready with more than 3000 officers come upon sniffing dogs and rooftop snipers. authorities blocked off cross streets with more than 80 sand filled trucks and more than 140 blocker callers.
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be a safe place. the driver of a speeding truck -- elizabeth: earlier this month isis propaganda also called the parade and excellent target. the fbi issued this warning. holiday celebrations beginning with thanksgiving in the start of the shopping season could be targeted by international terrorists or homegrown violent extremists. just days ago police arrested a brooklyn man talked about attacking time square. all of this extra security, a comforting site for families. >> nice to see how many police you got here. elizabeth: officials said all along that were no credible threats targeting this parade but they could not take any chances. emily: thank skimming dinner can mean thousands of extra calories. the average american will eat a hefty 4500 extra calories a day
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potatoes color green bean casserole, stuffing, pecan pie, loaded with sugar, fat or both but they are delicious. a slice of that pecan pie ads 456 calories and 21 grams of fat. check out this rare sight in japan, the first november snowfall in decades. unusually low cold air brought the wet snow to tokyo. the city blanketed with snow looking like a winter wonderland . wild. that 1962, 19 34 was the last time we had a hurricane this strong in the atlantic this late in the season. wonder hundred 10 mile per hour wind making landfall right now on the border of iraq lot and costa rica. tough situation. fortunately things are much quieter. extreme happenings globally.
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have a batch of light snow flurries. sleet pellets will move on through. in the boston area, a couple of sprinkles. we don't typically get snow all that often. the past 16 years it's happened twice around here. a few of us to see some flicks earlier. right now we are dealing with cloud cover. it is gray and will stay that way and so the sunsets after 00 we have managed to come up to 40 degrees. the winds are light and they are churning onshore and that will keep a much milder coastline. as we go into the afternoon the chance for rain stays pretty low . as he get for the evening and overnight hours we will see some steady rain and that will come from this batch which is currently snow back toward the albany area and we have some snowflakes approaching the berkshires was a will likely continue to see snow hold that
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40's. we do warm up along the coastal plains. around 40 degrees, mid-40's on the cape. it's only 35 degrees area to you at some elevation it is a little colder. there could be snowflakes and extend. d.c. on this thanks giving day, 53 degrees. lots of 50's to the south. 30's to the north. that battle zone where the air masses collide that we are producing this precipitation. all of this is working in our direction. to the north of you're going toe tonight or tomorrow there will be snow flying. it does not look like an -- it is not look like a lot. be prepared for some snow to be flying. slippery roads of your traveling that way. locally the sun goes down at 4:15. temperatures not changing a whole lot over the next few hours. 3:00 or 4:00 that area of rain
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massachusetts. we are talking about mainly rain . by 9:00 tonight areas of rain around. does not look like anything heavy but that will push through about midnight and taper off to areas of drizzle and showers. the concern will be the temperatures overnight because along the coast we do hold pretty close to 40 degrees the light easterly wind but once you get beyond 495, toward concord and orange even closer into worcester and nashua they will be in the lower 30's so if you will be one of those folks heading out in the middle of the nit those black friday deals, do know that there could be icy spots north and west right through sunrise and then temperatures come up but we are looking at a few showers through the morning hours. you can follow that freezing line north and west of i-95 into the wee hours of the morning and sunrise. retreating northwards of the temperatures do warm but it does take a while's be prepared for that to the overnight hours. one storm pulls away but another one coaches friday night into
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holiday weekend. on saturday looks like the moisture further north. we get into the afternoon we are mainly dry. showers and perhaps an area -- along the coast the best chance of seeing additional wet weather on saturday it is look likely begin to try things out on sunday. change coming next week. back to some sunshine later sunday into monday. temperatures coming back into the 50's as we get toward the mi emily: as you prepare your thanks giving meal you might be thinking about your black friday shopping plans. more than 70 thought or thousand million people did make purchases on black friday last year. you want to save clothesling shopping for another day. if that code is not at least 50% off you are not giving a good deal. however it a great time to score a bargain on tvs, smart phones, other electronics. the wear of fake bargains.
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discounts by marking up the suggested retail price or it welcomes the prices don't sell for the price listed. experts suggest walking up to an employee and asking if there are additional deals. erika: something to see. a flash mob taking over. emily: the gifted students providing entertainment for local shoppers.
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erika: pretty cool flash mob from some talented students in boston. gifted students from berkeley entertaining shoppers at the prudential contemporary symphonic orchestra. lucky to be there. cindy: combing, soothing. emily: you need that for black friday. [laughter] erika: absolutely. cindy: be prepared for some wet weather on and off. emily: thank you for watching. erika: happy thanksgiving. >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5 president and general manager, bill fine.
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election turmoil it's understandable that many people across the country are nervous about their family gatherings this thanks giving weekend. political discussions and clashing ideologies have proven to be very horny subjects this fall. it's a recipe for difficulty around the dining room table and perhaps continuing over leftovers all weekend long. is your family among those declaring politics off-limits for discussion this weekend? if so, look the bright side. that of football and time for so many other topics. holiday movies, theater and hit shows like hamilton. maybe not hamilton. as another way to look at this turbulent autumn. maybe things giving comes at the right time this year. many voted for president-elect trump to express unease and anger over how they see the nation. others voted just as passionately against him because of his unprecedented style of leadership and how he may change the nation.
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days where we can all take a collective breath and be thankful for the traditions that still bind us all regardless of party and persuasion. whether or not your family chooses to engage in this steady stream of political dialogue currently engulfing america or take a break and find safer ground to share, we can all give thanks we live in a country where the freedom to choose our path is enshrined.
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