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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. many of us heading out early, and that is only see chances of slick travel. you can see the heaviest moving through the worcester hills toward downtown. i will have a look at that track. ben: thank you. a chaotic scene left behind after a crash investigators are looking for answers about what caused the driver to hit for cars and an employee. newscenter 5's sera congi reports from waltham, the worker was sent to the hospital. reporter: mangled shopping carts and image cars. just some signs of the chaotic scene in this supermarket parking lot in waltham. >> huge crowds, everyone wasn't sure what was going on. reporter: packed with holiday shoppers the day before thanksgiving this vehicle backed out of a parking spot, and right
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>> one vehicle backed up and just kept backing up. they had a bunch of carriages. >> the chevy kept on going striking a handful of vehicles. shoppers scramble to get out of the car's path. >> the person putting the car through, they are ok thank god. luckily all of the response am taken to the hospital as a precaution but no one was seriously hurt. police are now investigating whether the crash was caused by a mechanical problem with the car, or driver error. jc: right now, a woman is hospitalized after a 3-alarm fire in salem, new hampshire. dozens of firefighters from salem and neighboring departments were called in to help get the flames under control. it broke out this morning on haverhill road. a couple, who have been renting
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noticed smoke coming out of a wall and tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher. but he says when that didn't work he knew they had to get out. >> these things happen. but it is thanksgiving. it is snowing. almost like it is a tv show or a movie. jc: the couple's cat has not yet been found. the cause of the fire is under investigation. ben: f hernandez is suing cnn for invasion of privacy. alexander bradley says the network aired images of him recovering in a hospital from a gunshot wound to the face. bradley says hernandez shot him during an argument. according to the lawsuit, bradley is looking for $100,000 in damages. hernandez is serving life for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. he is also facing a witness intimidation charge for allegedly shooting bradley. the world's biggest parade going off without a hitch.
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parade, amid terrorism concerns. the new york city police department out in full force this morning with 3,000 officers, bomb-sniffing dogs and even rooftop snipers. earlier this month, isis propaganda also called the parade an excellent target, so the fbi issued a warning urging caution. the extra security a comforting site for families. >> it is nice to see how many police you've got here as well. >> sense that it is a safe place. jc: officials say there were no credible threats targeting the parade but they weren't taking any chances. ben: keeping it real when it comes to christmas trees. jc: you'll soon start noticing lots full of evergreens around town, but you need to know what to look for when you make your pick. ben: seniors going out in style on football fields across the state.
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ben: those are some berklee students in boston. they entertained shoppers at the prudential center. these students are with the school's contemporary symphonic orchestra. gives me goosebumps. jc: that is really soothing. ben: before the holiday shopping begins. once you finish up the turkey and stuffing and pies, the next step for many families is picking out a christmas tree.
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massachusetts man whose family has been in the tree business for decades to help you make a good choice. >> my family has been selling christmas trees for over 60 years. reporter: nino lambert and his family business of the same name is ready for all of santa's helpers that will be decending upon their 10 locations around the state. >> we love it. we look forward to it. reporter: and they are prepared for it. a seemingly endless amount of trees stand at the ready. just to give you an idea of how this is all one truck load. 1,000 trees coming in from quebbec canada. -- quebec, canada. these wreaths are ready as well, they're already waist deep in them. christmas actually coming early for some. nearly a dozen trees already sold before the thanksgiving turkey hit the table. >> it was funny. they came in with the santa hats, the raindeer antlers and there all excited. it's fun. but getting a bad tree is not fun. so nino has a few tips for finding the perfect tannenbaum. first make sure it fraser fir
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and bend it. if it snaps stay away from it. reporter: and if you looking to buy early make sure that newly cut base sees water asap. in just 3 hours the sap can seal it shut. >> even if you're not going to put it up, you want to put it in the corner of your garage in a big bucket of water. the first day it's going to suck up a ton of water. over a gallon. reporter: as far a fake or real is there really a choice? >> i don't know what you're thinking about. you walk in the house, you smell it. i couldn't reporter: so in short to keep christmas real keep the tree reel as well. -- real as well. ben: it will be nice this year not to have to carry the christmas tree home myself like i had to do in manhattan. jc: you put in the car and struck it in. a real treat. go big or go home. a legendary high school football
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mike lynch has the details from woburn. anchor: an attack of rain this
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>> now your forecast with kelly ann. anchor: we are tracking some rainfall being joined by cooler
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let's look inland. we see the risk of slippery conditions. 32 as we move towards its field. we are seeing snow start to make some of the rainfall. the steadiest of rain moving westward. just barely approaching temperatures falling near the freezing point inland. that is where the slick conditions will be a concern overnight. not too far off as far as temperatures. there is the showers moving in
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get a more scattered pattern. that you showers for early in the morning. we could see black friday shoppers, that will start to proceed into the late morning and afternoon as temperatures start to warm up into the 40's. stick around, showers tend to stick around as well. we are not seeing that slick we do see temperatures falling down into the 30's. we will watch for that concern especially for inland locations. notice how they stay off of the coast. drizzle cannot be ruled out.
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moving into the area. we are seeing a big warm-up headed our way. temperature start to warm into the 50's. that is joined by our next chance of rain sticking around for wednesday and thursday. we get a nice warm up. to butchers towards 50 by next thursday. -- temperatures toward mike: happy thanksgiving. are you ready for some football? we're going to take you around the region right now then back at 6:20 and our big show at 7:30. we kick off our coverage in woburn where rocky nelson ended his 31 year run as head coach of the tanners. >> this is not about me. it is about you. the last time you were wearing
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representing this great program. you have done everything right. finish the deal. overcome adversity. are we ready? yes sir. anchor: halftime lead. in the final play winchester's a.j. had a rip off, stole the ball, tied the game. over five minutes to play haydn 22-15. with 33 seconds remaining liam
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2 and the win. here we go. >> i am proud to spend 47 years in the town that i played. i am a lucky, blessed man. today. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> rocky, rocky, rocky. reporter: the tanners send rocky out with a thriller. bob has the story of their game with marshfield. >> unfortunately we have a dead
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ducksbury. this play did have 20 of them. it was all marshfield. a 60 yard punt return for a touchdown. and an 81 yard touchdown run by jack mcneil. big plays on the way to lopsided victory. >> did you feel like a game like this helps or hurts the rivalry? the super bowl and they played their starters. they did not do that this year. we have more heart. >> my philosophy is we play to win. i don't coach other coach's teams. >> the game was well in hand and could have gotten out of hand if they didn't take their foot off
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marshfield have played each other on thanksgiving. thankfully none of the others were like this one. >> thank you. the first time these teams met with 1895. the game has changed but the rivalry lives on. the brand-new falcons off to a flying start. the quarterback 7-0.
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15-8. danvers special teams, sets up a toss. falcons lead. gloucester down. no giving up. in his final game, the trophy goes back over to danvers. >> there is nothing like all year. >> the rivalry, the intensity. your final over gloucester. wcvb sportscenter 5. ben: -- anchor: they trail with eight seconds to go. they go 20-15. all they have to do is pick off.
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there is a handoff. there is no time left. let's go for a little bit. players hit back on the five yard line. he is breaking tackles. will he outrun it? yes he will. there is your game winner on the final play. the best play we have let's go for the 87th time, all mustangs in this one. 7-0 midway. then daniel since makes it 28-0. congratulations to midway.
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in. it is a tie ballgame. watch it here. he finds mike nash all along the end zone. later on in the game, jack and seymour does the rest. nobody will catch seymour. the panthers when it -- it. we are back with plan. randy: friday on the eyeopener,
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for some, the changes for the weekend including when the sun returns, friday starting at
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anchor: gather around and look for your school, city or club. ? >> ? they always call him mr. touchdown they always call him mr. t. he can run and kick and throw give him the ball and just look at him go hip, hip, horray for mr. touchdown give a great big cheer for the hero of the year mr. touchdown usa
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>> ? they always call him mr. touchdown they always call him mr. t he can run and kick and throw give him the ball and just look at him go hip, hip, horray for mr. he's going to beat them today give a hooray for the hero of the day they always call him mr. touchdown
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give him the ball and just look at him go. hip hip hooray for mr. touchdown give a great big cheer for the hero of the year mr. touchdown usa they always call him mr. touchdown. they always call him mr. t he can run and kick and throw give him the ball and just look at him go. hip hip hooray for mr. touchdown he's going to beat them today.
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mr. touchdown usa ? >> ? throw. give him the ball and just look at him go. he is going to beat them today give a great big cheer for the hero of the year anchor: a lot more where this came from. we will be sitting on this set tonight.
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center five at 6:00. >> rain moving in from the west. temperature start to drop tonight. >> a deadly wrong way rack on a local highway. the investigation into how it happened. >> this special role his family played in the tribute. >> black friday begins at the stroke of midnight. the local getting geared. >> this is newscenter 5 at 60 block. >> it is turning just a little bit messy. ben: after a chilly, cloudy day we are watching rain moving in. tracking at all for us, any chance of snow? anchor: we are starting to see
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temperature start to cool. some rain could hit the lake on our roadways. here is a look at the traffic. the steadiest rain moving to 495 through worcester at this point. temperatures are hanging out in the 40's. be careful. roads are starting to turn -- turn wet. temperatures tonight are going to be slowed to cool on the coast line. as we fall into the 40's, the rain could become slick and that is a concern as we move north and west of 495. ben: once the meal is over, for
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the deal run. jc: shoppers are lined up and ready to go. live now. reporter: we are going to turn you into shoppers before the night is through. these stores do not open for another six hours. the parking lot is still shut down for shoppers. i saw some college kids camped midnight, as is the law in massachusetts, one of only three states that prevents retailers from opening before the clock strikes midnight. we caught up with five students who are beyond excited for the first black friday shopping experience. they arrived ahead of time and


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