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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> how long this rain will impacts and the other problems it could cause. the official kickoff to holiday shopping season. the people waitingp line for hours today to get their han on deals tonight. >> missing for three weeks. found tied up, hurt on the side of the road. questions tonight over what happeninged to this cra woman. >> a marathon bombing survive are's organization founding groundbreaking research. the medical breakthrough they are thankful for this thanksgiving. tonight where rain has moved in making the end of this thanksgiving wet, and it could get a bit slippery in spots overnight. jc: and i'm jc monahan. ben: good evening, i'm ben simmoneau. kelly anne cicalese says if you're heading out for black friday shopping, take along that umbrella. >> a lot of temperatures starting to fall to the 30's. worcester, 33. very close to the freezing point.
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that is the main concern tonight. umbrellas are needed. a lot of shoppers are headed out. a lot of those heading out early in the overnight hours, but you need to be careful because that is primetime for the chance of freezing drizzle and the ice formation on the roadways. more so a concern as you are moving west and north tonight already, we're starting to see signs of the snow trying to mix in for new hampshire tonight. south shore getting on the rainfall. the radar is having a hard time picking up on. notice, it is moving off the coast mainly affecting the cape boston, we attempted 40 degrees. winds are light.
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that is to keep the cool air in place, also, that lingering rainfall as we head tomorrow and onshore wind will come into play and that is going to keep the chance of rain around. our temperatures looking to fall to the 30's. that is the rainfall and what is expected again. ben: thanks very much. thanksgiving dinner is done. now the attention turns to shopping. jul stores at the wrentham outlets open at midnight. the parking lot is still closed. but people have been camped out in their cars for hours. these college students drove from worcester this morning. they opened an hour ago. j.c. and ben, there are thousands of people here who now have to wait in lane for another hour in the cold before the stores open and no one is complaining. >> now what sale brings you in this early?
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before 5:00 a.m. stuff. then by they web we're back home sleeping. we do it. fun. usually pretty nice. not crazy retail. just sweaters, is really fun. we do it every year. even when i moved, the first thing i did was buy a plane ticket to come back for thanksgiving because i love thank giving but also because i want to do this. there is a pair of s >> you come from practical reasons? >> yeah. >> you were running into yeah. yeah. >> you are talking over one another. you are so excited. we were talking about coming to the store first like all week. >> i am trying to find her. >> it on sale. yes. everything on sale. have you done this before? >> no. we did it last year. >> got to love it. >> you a good husband. >> oh, thank.
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>> maybe the whole night. >> the whole night? >> yeah. yeah. i do many stops. >> so many people in line tell me they have planning to shop this they drop which theying if if you are would be or 6:00 tomorrow morning. live, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: so many people so excited. i hope they are not disappointed. all right. the line to get to best buy snaked around the store all afternoon. the line to get in snaked around the best buy in manchester all afternoon. these people sat outside in the cold and rain, but say the deals are worth it. many stores are offering the same deals online. jc: now to a manhunt underway in california after a mother missing for weeks,
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police say the wife and mother of two was released by captors, who left her on the side of a road. and they say the investigation into the mystery is just beginning. this thanksgiving, a california mother of two who disappeared jogging near her home three weeks ago has been found alive. authorities say her captor or captors are still at large. it's a case that looked bleak. the only things left behind after she disappeared, her cell phone, head phones and some strands of hair. but tonight, it's a happy ending for her family. a northern california family giving thanks this holiday after sherri papini is found alive. >> we are ecstatic on this day of thanksgiving. had not been seen since november 2nd when she went for a jog. >> after not responding to pick up her children from daycare her husband became concerned and began looking for his wife. papini had gone jogging within a mile of her home, but was found here this morning nearly 150 miles away and nearly 3 weeks later. >> she was bound with restraints, but able to summon help from a passing motorist. >> tonight papini is safe at a
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for her abductors. >> the investigation is far from over. it has only begun a new chapter. we are confident with the public's help we will make an arrest in this case. police have not revealed a motive, but say they're looking for a dark suv being driven by two hispanic females armed with a gun. j.c.: thank you. jc: a tragic day for u.s. forces in syria. the first american s it happened when a bomb exploded in the northern part of the country. about 300 elite u.s. troops are in syria training and advising local groups fighting isis. the pentagon is not releasing the victim's name yet. ben: the big question tonight, how why that driver got onto the highway headed in the wrong direction. >> it was early this morning when police were flooded with reports of a wrong-way driver on 495. investigators say the toyota corolla was headed north in the
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moments later the car would crash into an suv head on, between exits 13 and 14. the wrong-way driver fatally injured, a young adult from norton, his identity not being released this evening. a 21-year-old woman in the suv, from barnestable rushed to the hospital. that woman said to have suffered serious injuries, but recovering this evening. again, what caused this fatal wreck remains under investigation. a 21-year-old woman in the suv from barab hospital. that woman said to have suffered from serious injuries but the good news is, she is recovering this evening. again, what caused this crash remains under investigation. tonight, we are live in foxboro, the state police headquarters, wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: donald trump is spending thanks going in florida. he said he is still working, though, tweeting he is trying to keep the air-conditioner company
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choice for secretary of tate. top aide kellyanne conway tweeting -- top aide kelllyanne conway, taking to twitter, tweeting, quote: "receiving deluge of social media and private comments regarding romney. some trump loyalists warn against romney as secretary of state." conway says she's only tweeting the same message she's been relaying to trump in private. many trump loyalists are pushing for rudy guiliani to get the post. a tradition that's more than a century old is taking on added meaning this year. and hudson used their annual thanksgiving day football game to support the family of trooper thomas clardy, still coping with his death. newscenter 5's david bienick has this show of community gratitude. [applause] >> applause surrounded the clardy family as the six children and their mother walked onto the football field just before the annual thanksgiving day game between marlborough and hudson. >> it was actually one of his favorite holidays. more so because of the food. >> reisa clardy says, despite
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trooper, he was always at home on this one day. >> he's always made it a point to have off from work and to sit and be thankful for everything he has. >> in march, trooper clardy had pulled over a car on the mass turnpike when another car came up from behind slammed into his cruiser and shattered his and those of people around him. it's still raw, you know, it's something that i'm struggling with. >> to help the family and the community heal, one of clar fellow troopers came up with the idea of turning the big game into a gathering. >> and he met with both teams to make sure they understood. >> someday reisa and the family may need them in the town of hudson. or if you swing by the house, maybe just stop and say hello. following the national anthem, the clardy's youngest son, four-year-old noah, was handed
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>> i thought of my husband. you know, it was snowing. i thought maybe that was a sign he was maybe looking down. >> if he is, they can be thankful that the family is in food hands. >> next on wcvb newscenter 5: >> strong. a marathon bombing survivor's organization funding groundbreaking research. the medical breakthrough they are especially thankful for this the area. the big question is, as temperatures fall, how will be travel be? >> lost and found. >> we know she is here. we cannot find her.
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>> this is what we wanted. nearly four years, nearly four years after gillian reny was seriously injured in the marathon bombings, a medical breakthrough has her family feeling especially thankful this holiday. that breakthrough made possible by a grant from the family's foundation. newscenter 5's emily riemer has the story. it's just our dream come true >> audrey epstein reny and her daughter, gillian, are in awe of the incredible advance, announced at brigham and women's earlier this the way amputations are done. that breakthrough funded by an award through their foundation, stepping strong, established after the 2013 marathon bombings. >> we never could have imagined that in just two years that the idea would transform into reality and changing and helping someone else's life. >> that someone is jim ewing. the maine man chose to have his left foot amputated after a devastating rock climbing fall in 2014.
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successfully undergo a new amputation technique to preserve nerves in his limb that will connect with this next generation prosthesis developed at mit. audrey, there as the groundbreaking achievement was announced. >> we are cheering for you, we are here for you and it touches our hearts deeply to know that you are once again stepping strong. jim and gillian met over the summer, after they'd both undergone procedures. she calls him an inspiration and is strong played in his journey. >> i can't even express how meaningful it is because this is exactly what we've been waiting for. >> audrey and jim are in touch by email, and she hopes to continue that relationship for a long time. as for gillian, she's graduating from college next spring a milestone they weren't sure would be possible just a few years ago. emily riemer,
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after surviving underground for four days. moxie was the center of an all-out dog hunt last week, when she snuck past the gate of her montville home. friends used a rescue dog to search the woods nearby that's when they heard the miniature schnauzer underground, and started digging. local firefighters, responding to help. the group rescued moxie, unharmed. her owner says, she's justth friend back. >> i started panicking. i was surprised that nobody hit me in the head. j.c.: very sweet. all right. that is incredible. incredible how she got around. >> all over the place.
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en crable. >> all right. lots of folk at home. for those that have to go out? ben: well, most people don't have to go outside. some may call that decision crazy. i didn't say it. >> you know what inif you want the crazy deal, we have slick travel in store for us as we have the patchy drizzle move through. here is a look now. the first half is moving off the trying to move from the west and that is in in overnight. now here's the concern. temperatures are starting to fall already into the 30's for locations. throughout the coast, we're going to hold on top the 40's. 40 boston. 42 in became mouth. it is nonexist tent. if you move in overnight. that is are we going to flirt close to the freezing point. already the case at 33 so we have slick travel.
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plenty. here is a look. you can see, some drizzle at most filling in as we move the overnight hours. check out the time. between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. a time that so many blah black friday shop on the rad. that is a concern. patchy freezing drizzle also ice on the roadways and especially along the mass pike moving west from 490 through the after sunrise, temperatures are starting to troy the upper 30's to lower 60's although rain sticks around. slick travel is not a concern yet that onshore wind will keep that are in around for much of tomorrow. as you can see, that storm system is staying off think coast bringing those ws right the area we have a chance of rain throughout the day tomorrow. then we are having another system. that is moving in tomorrow night. passing there the area as we head to saturday morning. the question is, how far will
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that it going to stay to the east and now many of us will see dry opportunities on saturday. so clouds linger. the shower chance is a concern as we head out tot the cape. well, we keep an eye on this. any movement means that are in will move in for the rest of us as well. we are calling for a spot ty rain chance. sunday we aredrying out. more importantly, we are going to start to warm up. here is that pattern starting to ry as we head to next week. starting sunday, through the late portion of next week. so those temperatures will jump out of the 46 he and slowly climb to the's then boy late next week. we see mer shower heading or way then they were inching toward 60 degrees. >> all right. des become ser 1st next thursday. >> yes holiday lights. we need to get the showers throughout. >> all food. the warmth is great.
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a pass ball reaping new heights.
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basketball shots setting a world record. an unbelievable basketball shot setting a world record. three australian youtube personalities called "how ridiculous" set the guinness world record for the highest basketball shot 594 feet from atop a dam in the swiss alps and they nailed it! the trio previously held the record on three separate occasions, but lost it earlier this year. it took the group just three attempts to reclaim the title.
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>> everyone feels like they are 17. some great highlights for you. what a finish in the class. plus, our show is coming up in a couplcouple of minutes again.
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bruins played in ottawa the first time they played on thanksgiving in 16 years. the bruins, he missed the last three games the 1th of the year they ser on this evening. one-null. third period.
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all. that made it a 2-1 game. they made it later on when ottawa wins it 3-1. bruins down. 15-12 and scored eight seconds to go. 20-16 and find onside kick. the fans torm the field. there is a flag down. he gets another chance. when the clock expired, you cannot get tackledded with a if someone is on you, get rid of it like this gy does here. you know what? i see daylight. here i go. he is on his way. classical between the two schools wents it 21-20. don't for get, coming up in a couple of minutes. rocky nelson the last game after 47 years and guess out a winner. he is a winner anyway on and off the field.
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one single point. that is part of it. >> love it. >> we'll be willing. all right. happy thanksgiving everybody. i opener starts at 4:30. thans for joining us.
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z26ycz zknz
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what to join us as we salute our thanksgiving heroes. here is mike lynch. mike: hi everybody, a very happy thanksgiving. we're thrilled to be sharing part of this very special day with all of you. our first hoodie tonight is from barnstable high school in honor of their girls volleyball team which won another state tl this fall an incomparable 18th , state championship. congratulations to the ladies into your coach tom turco as , well. we kickoff our football coverage in woburn where the great rocky nelson coached his final game. rocky has had many championship teams and influenced countless young men and very few can match the passion of rock he a pregame speech. >> this is not about me, it is


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