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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  November 27, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> our transition team is working smoothly, efficiently and effectively. >> as trump heads to the white house. his inner circle deeply divided over secretary of state. is the front-runner rudy or romney? >> his appointments will come out when he's >> trump promised to leave his empire behind. >> i couldn't careless about my company. it's peanuts. >> will he do enough or will his businesses profit from his presidency? and the growing call for a recount. d does hillary still have a shot? we take the questions to kellyanne conway, senators ted cruz and bernie sanders.
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mike mullen. and -- >> foreign. >> fidel castro dead at 09. what it means for cuba, its people and with the trump white house, is our renewed relationship hanging in the balance? from abc news, it's "this week." here now coanchor martha raddatz. >> good morning and thanks for joining us this holiday weekend. hope you a thanksgiving. it was a busy week for president-elect donald trump who spent his holiday at mar-a-lago filling in his cabinet, detailing some surprising shifts on key campaign promises. and while he is yet to hold a press conference as reflect, he released another taped message to the american people. >> it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. let us give thanks for all that we have and let us boldly face
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lie ahead. >> the once divisive candidate now calling for unity. we'll quoget to that in a momen with senator ted cruz. trump senior adviser kellyanne conway and senator bernie sanders. first, the world reacting to fidel castro's death at 90. president obama who restored diplomatic relations with cuba offering his condolences saying the cuban people mustno they have a friend and partner in the united states of america. but will that friendship continue under donald trump? for more on that let's bring in jim avila in havana and tom llamas outside of trump tower in new york. jim, let's start with you. we know cuba will observe nine days of official mourning. what will that look like? what is the mood like there on the ground? >> reporter: well, the sunday
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normal. people are mourning. the state has tremendous power to rally the faithful. 90% of the people work for the government. youth organizations are funded by the communist party. it won't be difficult to rally the faithful here and they'll be out in force and they'll be out in force looking to celebrate fidel castro's life and his revolution. >> jim, castro did hold power longha except for queen elisabeth. he controlled almost aspect of cuban life. will his death change people's day to day life there? >> reporter: not right away. he is really stepped back in the last ten years since he was sick and just tried to be the conscience of the communist party. his brother raul has been running things hands-on and
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steps down as he promises to do by 2018. you'll have to wait if there's going to be any change at all or some kind of popular revolt among the people. >> tom llamas, you were there in front of trump tower. you covered the reflect throughout the campaign. over the weekend both president obama and president-elect trump released statements they were extremely continue tra districtry in tone. president obama's statement with enormous impact and donald trump saying today the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. fidel castro's legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights. on the campaign trail, trump promised he would reverse president obama's opening to cuba. do you think that will happen or
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>> reporter: you know, martha, i think president-elect trump sent a statement. i can't tell you how many cuban american friends and relatives called me. some who voted for trump, some who didn't, praising trump's language on castro's brutal legacy. they loved the very blunt terms. the other thing is he's appointed one of the biggest supporters of the cuban embargo to his transition team at the of course, donald trump sort of changed his policy on cuba during his campaign in the primaries he said he was open to dialogue with cuba but wanted a better deal, then later during the general election campaign he said he would reverse president obama's executive order on cuba, if the castro regime did not meet our demands. it's unclear where this will play. donald trump has to appoint secretary of state and our top
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that person's list of important things when it comes to foreign policy. i think right now donald trump has sent clear signals that he's going to be very tough with cuba in the future. >> this story is so personal for you. your grandparents and parents fled cuba as political exiles. you have talked very powerfully about your cuban heritage. how has your family reacted to the news? and you? >> reporter: you know, i think as far as my fam concerned, there's a lot of joy. you see it on the streets of south florida with the celebrations in little havana and it's not joy that an old frail man is dead. they're celebrating because a very dark chapter in their life has ended. we were constantly reminded of castro's legacy and brutal regime living in miami just 90 miles from havana and reminded when we had to send family medicines and food to cuba every
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fishermen would find empty rafts floating in the florida straits and our relatives would reach the united states legally. i'll never forget one time cousins i had never seen before had showed up to a hotel right off of biscayne bay and i remember telling my dad how thin they were. the parents and the children were so thin and i'll never forget martha, the children were much older than toddlers and walking and running around and why? because there was not enough milk to go around in cuba. >> thanks tom for sharing that with us. thanks to you jim as well. for more now let's turn to republican senator and former presidential candidate ted cruz of texas. you heard tom talk about his family. you have cuban heritage as well from your dad's side of the family. what was his reaction? >> well, look, this is a
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especially for cuban americans. i was with my dad when he found out the news that fidel castro was dead and he simply said praise god. you know, for so many of us whose families had been in prison, had been tortured, seen the destruction of cuba that castro carried out, my dad as a teenager was tortured. beaten in a prison cell. had mouth. my aunt whom i adore, she fought in the counter revolution against castro and she and her two best friends in high school were thrown in prison and tortured as teenage girls. what they did to girls in cuban prisons was unspeakable. you know, i first heard that castro had passed the final judgment with a text from my
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fidel is dead. for a man who was tortured and murdered and oppressed for so many, it is thankful he is no longer with us. >> you put out a statement paying tribute to castro's victims. those who were against him. do you think his death will open a new chapter for cubans? what happens next? >> look, that is certainly my pe unfortunately the policies of the obama administration have made that less likely. what the obama administration has done is strengthen raul castro. raul is the dictator now. i asked my dad at dinner last night what do you think happens now that fidel is dead? and he shrugged and said raul has been in power for years. what obama has done is funneled
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oppress -- in 2015 roughly 10,000 political arrests occurred in cuba, five times as many in 2010 when there were only about 2,000. this regime has gotten stronger because of a weak president, weak foreign policy and very much my hope and belief that with a new president coming into office in january, president trump, a new administration, th.s our enemies whether they are iran or north korea will no longer be a policy of weakness and apiecement but using u.s. strength to force and press for change but i look for the day -- i've never been to the land where my father was born or grew up. i look forward to coming to cuba and seeing a free cuba where it's pulled out of --
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that? >> you know, what i will say is the economic pressure was having real effect. cuba was a client state of the soviet union. when the soviets collapsed it put enormous pressure on cuba but then venezuela stepped in and provided dollars in exchange for troops. when the economy was cratering president obama stepped in with billions and is propping up the administration. this ought to cubans are dancing in the street because they're being liberated, but instead, listen, if you dance in the street, you're going to be thrown in jail. cuba is not a free society. in 2015 some 2,000 churches in cuba were declared illegal. 100 were destroyed by the government. you don't have the freedom to worship god, to speak. and it is my hope that we will see u.s. strength prompting real
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>> let's turn to president-elect trump. you met with him last week in trump tower. you said you want to work with the new president in whatever capacity you can have the greatest impact. what capacity might that be? >> well, listen, we have got a lot of work to do. this election was a mandate for change. it astonished everyone. the pundits, the polls stores and it was an overwhelming mand winning states that had gone democratic for years after year after years, like pennsylvania, michigan, iowa and wisconsin. we have a mandate for change and republicans have been given the opportunity, we have been given control of the white house, of every executive branch and both houses of congress. we can't blow it. we have got to deliver. so i'm excited about working with president-elect trump, working with the new
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deliver on the promises we have made, to repeal obamacare, to lift the burdens on small businesses, to unleash energy to -- >> on that point -- >> to confirm strong principle conservative supreme court judges. >> mr. trump has changed his tune. he wants to keep certain provisions of obamacare instead of repealing and replacing the law. that mankind may be causing climate change and abiding by the paris accord around would not try to have the supreme court overturn. do those changes in his tone concern you? >> listen, what i'm going to work to do every day is to try to work closely with the new president. with the new administration. and with my colleagues in congress to deliver on what we promised. i got to say if we don't, if we're given the white house and both houses of congress and don't deliver, i think there'll
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i think people are so fed up with washington. this election was a mandate with change and the most catastrophic thing republicans could do is go back to business as usual. >> do you have real concerns about what he said since? >> listen, the new team that trump is bringing together is an impressive serious team. jeff sessions, i know jeff and worked closely with jeff in the senate. jeff is a smart he's going to make an excellent attorney general. look at the national security team coming around. the trump administration, it is a strong serious national security team. i'm encouraged by the team that is coming together by where their focus is. i'm encouraged by their plan for the first 100 days to act aggressively, lifting the burdens on small businesses and job creators. that's what the president should be doing and from my end, i want to do everything i can to help
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administration because if we deliver on the promises, that's how we actually turn the country around, bring back jobs and raise wages for people that are hurt. >> i also want to go back a little bit. back to the campaign which at times was very bitter. you had some very strong words about then candidate trump. listen to this. >> this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. that comes out of his mouth. the man is utterly immoral. morality does not exist for him. >> do you regret any of those words? >> well, listen, it was a hard-fought campaign on all sides. and it was vigorous until the end. but at the end of the day the people have spoken. he won the nomination and the general election in convincing manner. my focus is on the country.
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president. we have a mandate. we ought to deliver on that mandate. we ought to deliver. this election was about jobs, about the fact for the last eight years irk woeing men and women in this country have seen their lives and wages stagnant and factories closing. we need an administration that nights for the working men and women in this country. fighting for 27 million texans >> i want to go back to those words he lies practically every word that comes ow of his mouth. do you think donald trump is a liar? >> you know, i'm not going to go back to the past. i'm going to focus on the future and fixing the problems we have. i will say one thing that's going to be an interesting test in the next few days. i very much hope that we don't see any u.s. government
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i hope we don't see president obama lining up for a murderous tyrant and thug. if you wouldn't go to pots funeral funeral, then you shouldn't do what obama is doing which is celebrating fidel castro, >> thanks so much. >> thank you, martha. god bless. >> let's bring in donald trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway. president-elect trump said in his statement about fidel castro's death that his administration will do all it can to ensure the cuban people can begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty but also promised to reverse president obama's opening to cuba. how will ending diplomatic
9:18 am
businesses out help achieve prosperity and liberty. >> martha, first, thanks for having me. what president-elect trump was saying is that the first priority he has is to make sure the political prisoners are released and the people of cuba know economic and political and religious freedom. he is opened to researching and in fact resetting cuba but his criticism of what has happened in the last couple years is simple. it's that we got nothing in return. that by reopening diplomatic relations with cuba, allowing commercial aircraft and the rest that we really got nothing in return. we didn't get those political prisoners releases or assurances that cubans who live on the island would be religiously and politically and economically free. and we respect the thousands and hundreds of thousands of cubans
9:19 am
oppression, fled that poverty, fled who they believe to be a dictator and as ted cruz is saying on your program, has 60 years of blood on his hands. we can't romanticize. we have to take a look at the way he ran his country to the democracy we have here in the united states. you don't just give up everything and get nothing in return. i think that's very clear i >> he has to get all of that in return or he reverses the opening? >> he hasn't said that and he's open -- i discussed this with him directly. he's open to any number of possibilities but we remain very firm that when you open up diplomatic relations as president obama has with cuba and fidel castro in the last several years, to get nothing in return including political prisoners and assurances that
9:20 am
will be free politically, i personally and i'm sure you have victims of fidel castro's oppression and his torture. i many years ago was touched as a young girl meeting an author who wrote a book. one example of many. we all have friends i'm sure who have those stories of cubans coming in the dead of night with $20 in their pocket and children come to the free land 60 miles away and they have done that. to the extent that president trump can open up new conversations with cuba, it would have to be a very different cuba. again he's all about america first. american workers, american interest, american allies and certainly americans and in that regard, he wants to make sure that when the united states of america when he's president
9:21 am
agreements for that matter and the like that we as america are being protected and are getting something in return. >> i want to turn to the personnel this week. you waited into the cabinet selection process with tweets concerning governor mitt romney saying you're receiving a deluge of social media and private communications about romney. some trump loyalists warn against him as secretary of state adding later that being loyal was an important quality on governor romney? >> i weigh in privately first of all, let me make clear that there's one person who will select his cabinet and it's president-elect donald trump. whatever he decides will have my full support and respect and he knows that. as does vice president-elect pence. i think there was trump movement and governor romney. he went out of his way to hurt d
9:22 am
he gave two speeches about donald trump. mullen ran in the state of utah. look, i'm glad they're talking. i've been critical of mitt romney in the past and also last week on your network and other places talked about how i was very pleased that the president-elect and mitt romney had met. i was there when they met. i'm glad two job creators who have the r presidential nominee. >> i don't understand why you took to twitter on this, why not go to mr. trump. did he want you to tweet that or is that just you talking? >> i won't discuss that but i will tell you i've already weighed in privately because i've been asked to. first of all, it's donald trump who is going to form his cabinet. i did want to say, you know, this is trump's party now. he won states that mitt romney lost.
9:23 am
instincts, this is his cabinet to form. he won michigan, mitt romney lost by ten. we won pennsylvania. romney lost iowa by five points. we won it by nine. we won ohio. i think that the political instincts and it wasn't just -- i only wish governor romney had been as critical of hillary clinton and her policy positions. i'm all for party unity. and look what donald trump has done. he's got nikki haley in the cabinet. u.n. ambassador. daughter of indian he's met with ted cruz. taken calls from mitt romney, carly fiorina. he's working with speaker ryan. reince priebus is his chief of staff. we're all for part of unity. i don't think a cost of admission has to be the secretary of state position. >> i want to turn to hillary clinton. when mr. trump say that is he does not want to pursue investigations of hillary clinton, what does he mean by that?
9:24 am
>> no. he's not. he respects the integrity of those institutions and the next leaders of those institutions when he's president will do their jobs without the interference of the executive branch and the president of the united states. at the same time, president-elect trump is being very mag man nous. what he said to the new york times was that he's not focused on that right now. not focused on hillary clion and prosecuting her any further. >> should he have been making public comments about that? >>'s welcome to. he's the president-elect and about to be the leader of the free world. he is not undercutting anybody's authority in any of those branches, any of those positions. as you and i know and respect, different people will have the authority to make those decisions based on the evidence presented to them. this is how the president-elect feels at this moment about
9:25 am
guess her attitude towards that is to have her counsel go and join this ridiculously recount that jill stein is engaging in in wisconsin and perhaps elsewhere. you have got the president-elect donald trump being magnanamous to hillary clinton. >> he's tweeted about a half dozen times. why is he tweeting so much a that recount? >> women, he's able to weigh in. he has probably 30 million followers on facebook and twitter. but for him weighing in on issues like that, perhaps, many of his followers would never hear the full information. but i guess the real question is why in the world can't the democrats quote, accept the election result? all they did was ask people like me and mr. trump a million times plus will you accept the
9:26 am
why at the last debate in las vegas did mr. trump say he'll keep us in suspense, he'll accept the election results if he wins and now you have got hillary clinton who on election night called donald trump to both congratulate him and to concede the election to him. i was standing right there. mr. trump was on my phone with her. i didn't hear him say well, secretary clinton just conceded but she said unless of course, two and a half weeks from now jill stein who got less than 1% of the she should issue a recount, raise 7 million bucks and have a recount. jill stein got 33,000 votes in wisconsin. mr. trump got 1.4 million. it is not a serious effort to change the election results. the question for the democrats is why are you doing this? by the way, what does president obama think of this recount? he has eight weeks left to
9:27 am
hillary clinton's counsel and perhaps her to interfere with the last eight weeks of president obama's legacy. president obama and president-elect trump speak regularly. they spoke yesterday at length. they're trying to move on and form a government. it's high time that hillary and her supporters do the same. >> we'll have to leave it there. thanks very much. kellyanne conway. and coming up, as the battle of trump's secretary of state heats foreign policy team. and a recount is under way in wisconsin. two more states could follow. does the clinton camp have a shot or is it false hope? i'll ask senator bernie sanders back in just two minutes. >> "this week" with george stephanopoulos is brought to you by mucinex. mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst.
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18961 they invaded cuba and everybody was convinced castro was the worst guy in the world. all people are going to rise up. not that they are educated. totally transformed the society. not to s perfect. they are not. just because ronald reagan does not like this nation, does not mean the people feel the same way. >> senator bernie sanders offering praise back in 1985 for the cuban leader who died friday. let's get to senator sanders. the presidential candidate and author of the new book "our revolution." good morning senator sanders.
9:31 am
gave them health care and education. this was a brutal dictatorship despite the version that some americans have of cuba. you heard all today. senator cruz talking about that. have you changed your view of castro since 1985? how would you now describe his leadership? >> i'm not quite sure this is the issue that is on the minds of the american people right now. who basically want to make sure that donald trump keeps the promises he made when he said he was security and medicaid. >> we'll get to donald trump in a moment. >> no. of course, their economy is terrible. you're right. it is a dictatorship and did have a decent health care system and decent educational system. a lot of people have left cuba to fulfill their aspirations. no, the cuban economy is a disaster. no, i do not praise fidel
9:32 am
start a program off by talking about what happened -- what i said 30 years ago. right now the american people are concerned is in fact an economy right now in which we have massive levels of income and wealth inequality. mr. trump made some promises to the american people. he said that he will not cut social security. >> please let me ask questions. >> medicaid and medicare. >> i will also say that people are concerned about fidel castro and what happens next. you s president trump on infrastructure, the minimum wage, given his cabinet picks and things he has said this week, do you think you can work with him? >> we'll see. i am not impressed by the cabinet pick so far he has made. mr. trump said that he will take on the drug companies. right now we pay as you know the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. many americans cannot afford the
9:33 am
he said he would support medicare negotiating prescription drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry and right now i'm 50 miles away from dan. they pay half of the price that we pay. trump said he will do something about it. trump said when he was running for president. i am the only republican candidate who will not cut social security, medicare and medicaid. you got people in t cuts in medicaid. will he keep his word? he said he was against disastrous trade policies this country has. we look forward to working with him to save the jobs for the carrier workers, to make sure corporations don't throw american workers out on the street as they go to china and mexico at low wages. if he is serious about protecting working families, we'll work with him.
9:34 am
racism, sexism, that is not acceptable. we do not believe, i do not believe climate change is a hoax. i believe the scientific evidence is overwhelming. one of the great threats to humanity and we have to transform or energy system. >> mr. trump said mankind may be causing climate change and open to abiding by the paris accord. is that a new and improved donald trump to you? >> that is something. but we have got t the scientific community is saying if we do not transform our energy system yesterday we're going to be looking at more drought, more floods, more extreme weather disturbances. >> i want to talk about this recount that's going to go on. you said right after the election that it's over, mr. trump will be the next president and democrats must focus on the realities of where we are. so are they wrong to do this
9:35 am
election's results? >> the democrats are not doing the recount. i trust that you know that was initiated by the green party who has every right in the world to do. >> i'm aware that hillary clinton has joined in. >> of course they joined it. we will see what happens. it's a legal right. it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody else thinks there'll be profound changes but the focus has to do everything we can to address the real issues facing families of this country. mr. trump talked about throwing 20 million americans off health insurance and making college more affordable. is he serious about doing that? >> what does trump's victory meant to the democratic party? what will change in the democratic party? is it time for the clintons to move on? >> we don't have to make this
9:36 am
country for 25 years. she has a role to play. the real issue facing the democratic party is to assess where they are and they're not in a good place. not just the white house, it's the senate, the house, two-thirds of the governors' chairs. i'm trying to revitalize the democratic party. bring in the working people. become less dependent on big money. big money people have done a good job. they have tried to help but can't the democratic party. we have got to go to 50 states in this country. not just, you know, the blue states or battleground states. there is no reason why we cannot win in states all over this country because we have a message that says at a time of massive income and wealth and inequali inequality. when the rich get richer we're going to stand with working families. that is a message that will win. >> thanks very much for joining
9:37 am
>> thank you. >> coming up, donald trump's foreign policy team is coming together but they'll have to hit the ground running against an array of threats. i'll talk to the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. plus the powerhouse round table on trump's latest cabinet picks and what they mean for the american economy and your bottom line. it's easy to love your laxative... loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases,
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right back with the former chairman of the joint chiefs. his take on trump's national security team and the challenges they'll face next. stephanopoulos brought to you by
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barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> donald trump had harsh words throughout his campaign but turning to lots of retired brass for advice. i'm joined by admiral mike mull ben, the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the president's principle military i want to start with that transition. you were there for the transition between president bush and president obama. what's that like? >> i think more than anything else it is to look at the leaving campaign rhetoric behind and the reality of governing which hits you square in the face. so focusing on finding out and focusing on the real issues that are facing the current administration and then
9:45 am
strategies if you will to meet those challenges. >> and what will donald trump inherit? we know the isis problem. there's also north korea he seems concerned about. you were on this panel. the u.s. policy towards north korea and you wrote that north korea pose as grave and expanding threat and it is likely that the next president will face a north korea that has duaned the capability to strike the united states with nuclear >> i think north korea, that peninsula is more likely than anybody place else in the world to potentially create an explosive outcome particularly tied to the north korean leader kim jong-un. that's a place where four of the five top economies in the world are centered.
9:46 am
at least north korea historically has generated a surprise if you will for new leaders in this country. >> nothing stopped them. >> no. >> not the bush policy, not the obama policy. >> i think this has to go through beijing. beijing has pushed back on that time after time. but if beijing doesn't leave this we're going to get to the point where he's going to be able to put a that could hit the united states. >> donald trump does not have foreign policy experience but turning to people who do. does it matter that he doesn't really have much foreign policy experience? other presidents haven't either. >> i think that is true. i'm encouraged by the fact that he is turning to people who have that experience. and that will really make a difference. the world is very unforgiving. and he has said that he wants to focus here in the united states. but i've always found certainly
9:47 am
north korea or china or russia or the middle east will certainly be on his desk on day one. >> i mentioned in the beginning he's turning to an unprecedented number of general officers. in his cabinet for advice. jim mattis is out there for defense secretary. how do you square what he said about the generals? >> i put that as rett tic one side and reality on the other. jim is strategically focused, internationally focused. good relationships on the international side and someone who is born to serve and could make a difference really significant difference as well. >> mike flynn was your intelligence officer called the j2. you've said great things about him. different job as a national
9:48 am
now he's at the hub of the national security apparatus and he's got to be an honest broker and present all opinions. he has to actually -- he and his deputy have to make the trains run on time in the white house. the number of issues are extraordinary and he has to do that to give the president and the cabinet but really the president all the options in a way where the president can make the best decision for the security of the country. >> thanks very much for joining us. we would love to to talk about this more. we'll be right back with the
9:49 am
let's bring in our round table now. republican pollster and abc news contributor kristin anderson. white house correspondent kara lee and washington post chief correspondent dan balls. i want to start with you kristin. learned about the direction of the country? >> thus far, not a lot of his picks have been terribly surprising. pretty predictable, in line with the stuff he talked about on the campaign trail. you have his pick for secretary of education that conservatives say this means he's going to pursue a right of center agenda. these picks have been so important because donald trump
9:50 am
strong message but there was a lot of questions about filming in the n gaps on the policy areas. and so much excitement about the picks where he's filling in the gaps. >> dan, your analysis of the trump victory cast him as the first truly independent candidate do you still feel that way? >> i don't think we know enough. if you think of what he hasn't done yet, we don't of what his national security team will look like or a sense of what his economic team is going to look like. >> we know mike flynn and kt mcfarland. >> we don't know secretary of defense or state. >> what do you think about what kellyanne conway said about mitt romney. >> she's trying to do everything she can to deny mitt romney getting secretary of state. it seems as though there may be
9:51 am
i think until we get a full picture, it's hard to determine at this point whether he's going to be an independent as some of his policies. the things he talked about in that video he put out before thanksgiving, he talked about getting out of tpp. that's something that the rest of the party is not necessarily in favor of. so there's a lot still up in the air. >> it sounds like he's listening to a lot of different people. i want to turn to conflicts of question dated most of his assets to avoid concerns about whether a decision he made might be even inadvertently benefit him. trump on wednesday told the new york times under the law the president can't have a conflict of interest. who is right? >> well, i mean, it remains to be seen exactly what donald trump does here. typically you would see a president-elect try to get out in front of this. he hasn't shown any interest so
9:52 am
like the fact that he was speaking to a high level british politician about not having wind mills off the coast of scotland where one of his properties is. those really raise concerns with people. i do think if he doesn't get out in front of this soon and have some kind of a strategy for dealing with this, you're going to see a drip, drip, drip of all of these stories coming out and this would be a narrative that dogs his presidency at a time when he's tryin economy, national security and this will be a big distraction. >> conflicts aside, we have seen his approval rating rise since the election. >> uh-huh. >> so what is that all about and what do you think he needs to do going forward? just listening to him the past couple weeks. >> i can understand why his numbers go up because the american people are very
9:53 am
hillary clinton voters who said hey, let's give the guy a chance. if you're progressive you're happy about that and he talks about spending a trillion dollars in infrastructure. great. president obama should spent that. he's outpopulisting the democrats. now are all the good news. a lot of bad news, too. he said he would drain the swamp. so far his cabinet is the swamp. betsy deboss expects a r interest is out of control. he brags about it. he has his kids in the meetings with the leaders of foreign countries, japan, argentina, et cetera. >> i think he'll say my daughter was just in that meeting. >> yeah. what does that mean? >> you're not buying that. >> no. he said it right after the election. he said hey, i told the american people i have property all over the world and they elected me anyway. he didn't have 10 billion going in.
9:54 am
the most qualified people and he bucks the way he's been portrayed in the media, as someone who likes to reward his friends. you notice in kellyanne conway's criticism about mitt romney, it wasn't about his qualifications for the job. the world is a very dangerous place. we need a secretary of state who can renegotiate an iran deal or who can step up and be a strong voice is china in the south china sea. we need somebody who is the most qualified person for the job. he can defy the media's portrayal of him putting people in positions. >> do you see that happening? >> i agree with dan. i think we don't know yet. whoever wins out between mitt romney and rudy giuliani will tell us a lot about the direction this administration is going to go. but i think it's too soon to tell.
9:55 am
he has not named that much staff so far. i covered president obama's transition and at this point, things were much further along, you had a much clearer vision and the rollout was clear in that you understood where the president-elect wanted to go in terms of policies and the vision that he had for his presidency. we just have not seen that yet. >> and dan, i want to talk about relations with the press. which have been testy sometimes. whil donald trump at the white house? >> i think it will be a huge challenge. a bigger challenge than we have ever had, certainly in my lifetime in dealing with somebody who has over the course of the campaign been very hostile toward the press, has talked about, you know, changing the first amendment or changing the liable laws which would require changing them. he was more generous when he went to the new york times last
9:56 am
he had previously threatened to sue them over a tax story they did. i think his instincts are to fight back whenever he feels aggrieved and if the press does its role it's going to be very tough. it's tough on every president. no president likes the press. we'll see whether donald trump acts differently as president than he did as a candidate. >> quickly, last thing, there was so much outrage when candidate trump refused to say he would definitely accephe results of the election. now some on the left don't seem to be accepting those results. you heard us talk about that. is that hypocritical? >> not at all. a recount is a perfectly normal part of the process. if you go outside of the process, i would be with you. we were on trump for doing that. but if you're within a percent and there are rules in every state on this, perfectly right to call for a recount. you know, i saw the interview
9:57 am
i don't know why they're so nervous. no recount, no recount. don't do a recount. if you think you won, the recount will show the same thing. >> thanks for all of you for joining us this morning. great to have you here on a holiday weekend. cc1 test message cc1 test message before we go we have a very big welcome to our newest
9:58 am
wednesday night to long time "this week" producer and his wife. congratulations to the whole family and we know his mom and dad are very thankful. that's all for us today. thanks for sharing part of your sunday with us.
9:59 am
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now: >> where the investigation -- antoinette: a tragic discovery. a mother found dead in her apartment. where the investigation stands this morning. doug: caught on camera, the moment of impact in a hit and run. the search right now for the driver. >> the winning numbers are in. where the winning powerball jackpot ticket was sold. >> good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] antoinette: good morning, it's sunday november 27. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: and i'm doug meehan. beamed up to 42 degrees out there. nice and clear.


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