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tv   On the Record  ABC  November 27, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> time to put down the final turkey sandwich or grab another because it is time to go on the record. >> he is obviously going to take my application or interest under consideration. >> putting all of his eggs in the trump baskets may payoff for scott brown. >> election i feel the democratic party needs to have soul-searching. >> not all members of the massachusetts delegation are in the policy camp. dan rivera is here and we will talk about what a trump administration will mean for inner cities like his. let's go on the record. >> today's newsmakers are going on the record. doug: i am -- i am at harding.
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old mill city of lawrence, dan rivera. narrowly defeating incumbent -- the incumbent. he was narrowly elected in 2010 and is a graduate of umass amherst. he served in operation desert storm and desert shield. both deserts? happy post-thanksgiving and for joining us. >> let's start with the how do you think it will do under a trump administration? >> we have all of the things to get accomplished in education and public safety. if you does what he wants for the inner-city we will be set. we will have problems with some of the misogyny and racism we are seeing from his base who
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come to jesus moment where he says that is not my america we will be ok. we have been through a lot of presidents. at the end of the day, we will protect each other, stand by each other. if he does good policies that help with housing and jobs, that will be great. >> you need money as well. he is talking about tax cuts for businesses. >> someone concerned about programs for kids at risk. if he takes away all of those safety net programs and brings 2500 jobs, good deal. the reality is the absence of jobs and good support, we have to have programs to support people. i am not a supporter of handouts, but we need a hand up that we have been building. anyone who is spent a day in government knows that is not
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it is easier to throw rocks then build. >> lawrence is a what type of city? what is a trust act? >> these are the guidelines in the community. >> given that, and boston is the same? very similar. is it similar to a sanctuary city? >> different weird we communicate on issues of immigration. we catch a bad person doing a information goes into the system and i.c.e. has access. >> when trump is president you expect changes from the federal government? >> i want to see what he will do . it will be more difficult than he thinks he or you spend one day in government some you know it is not easy.
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after could be better spent solving the problem at large. how do we transition the people here that are positive and have given to the community, transition to citizenship? make a positive situation out of bad. >> what percentage of lawrence's population is undocumented? >> 4000 people. from guatemala -- >> the other major problem is drugs. a mother overdosed in a store and her baby was trying to revive her. >> this is the moment the little girl was -- >> they capture this video. what needs to be done to deal with this overwhelming crisis? it is so prevalent in the
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one story. when i came into the office in 2013 there were nine overdoses, the following year there were 23, 2014 -- 2015 there were 24. we are on track for 31. there's huge problem. the difference in today and 10 years ago is the state plays a bigger role. there were more substance abuse and support programs. have the current situation around going to the hospital to dry up your they call it spin dry. then you are back on the street. they need long-term care. >> the governor bragged about how much more money is put into substance abuse programs. do not see that? >> we don't see it on the ground. the governor, to his credit, is
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it is resource-heavy. even though it is cheaper to put someone in to talk span jail -- detox than jail. >> the package added millions of dollars -- >> it was upstream dealing with opiates and how doctors prescribe opioids. i am sure it is going to the right places. >> video of the mother and the young grow. also the lawrence stadium that was damaged after the brazilian festival. how badly wasn't damaged? >> we had a festival in our field. >> that is astroturf. >> we thought it would be more
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the football field. lthey played football on that stadium for thanksgiving. >> we were proud of the workers that fixed the field. they did such a great job and everyone had a great time. >> you have banned those sponsors for a lifetime? >> yes. we are putting together a package for the future. re who and how they can use the stadium. the government is good at a lot of things, but being coordina nated we sometimes fail. >> who paid to clean it up? >> our insurance and our insurance is going after their insurance. they will pay for what they did. >> ready for the pop quiz?
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>> your son will be proud. according to a new study substance abuse costs for hundred $42 billion in health care, justice, loss of productivity. how many americans does the surgeon general says suffers from substance abuse? >> i will say 50 million. >> million, which is 21 million too many. since the november 8 election there has been an uptick in talk against minorities and women. how has she responded? >> she claims 400 calls came in. >> i'm not surprised.
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>> where back with the lawrence mayor, and he and rivera. you are 1 for 2. don't worry about it. question 3. he is up for a hall of fame. what prominent politician will target the gop if they target the consumer protection bureau? she created -- it is very important. your favorite friend. >> she is awesome. >> finally, thanksgiving gift to you, what is the name of the famous turkey farm where a resident was shot this time of year? >> raymond. >> you did wonderfully.
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grant's tomb? >> and army vet you served in iraq as we mentioned. and you see what is going on in iraq and syria, do you feel the obama administration is on the right track? >> these things are difficult to gauge. every day people are trying to make peace in a country that has not found peace in ages. maybe the job was bigger. i understand bringing troops home was better than keeping them there. at the end of the day they will have to figure out what to do with their own country. us getting involved makes the situation -- like everything else president obama was hand ed a tough hand and he has done
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>> the world is more complicated then when george w. bush and bill clinton was president. i think donald trump will find himself in a more complicated world. it could be worse. >> state politics, you are the mayor of a big city. massachusetts democrats have a new chair, do you think they can come up with a winning candidate? >> our party will do a great job. i thi have to say what are we offering the commonwealth of massachusetts? an answer to problems. if we cannot come up with stuff that answers problems, i don't know we should field someone just a field someone. >> perhaps democrats do not necessarily have to find someone to run? >> if people want to win it has
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>> are you happy with charlie baker? >> he has a big challenge with mass health. pushing poor people off of mass have a big problem. >> governor of massachusetts? >> i would want to be mayor for as long as i can be. i am up for reelection next ye doing what i'm doing. we are enjoying this level politically. >> i was in philadelphia for the democratic convention. i cannot go anywhere without running into this guy. >> i was in a kid in a toy factory. >> isil rosie pe -- i saw rosie perez.
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lawrence mayor dan rivera. president-elect trump will not be pursuing an investigation into hillary clinton's emails. president-elect trump: our transition team is working
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ed: welcome back. it is time for the political roundtable. joining us is a marian marsh and rob gray. >> president-elect trump is
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investigation into hillary clinton despite campaign promises. is anyone surprised? >> many wondered if common sense would prevail when donald trump was elected. in some sectors of trump world common sense is prevalent. there is no good reason to go after hillary clinton. he is backing off. >> are you surprised? >> say about it. it is that apart and injustice. number two, hillary clinton did nothing wrong. the only presidential candidate under investigation throughout the campaign and to this day is donald trump he was under an intelligence investigation for ties to russia. the only campaign under investigation is the trump foundation. >> the emails meant nothing?
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the facts are that donald trump is under it and intelligent investigation. one other person on the trump foundation, donald trump, and the trump are the only ones under investigation to this day. the media did a poor job throughout the campaign in covering this year we are finding out more about donald trump. >> is the for nancy pelosi's leadership tomorrow? president obama coming out strong for the former speaker. president obama: i cannot speak highly enough about the former speaker. she combines strong, progressive values with extraordinary political strength. >> as of this taping, some members of the massachusetts
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>> change is good if there is reason for change. change for change's sake is never good. no one knows what happened in the election and is just reacting. that is poor form. layout what you will do. he only change i have seen across the board is to put guys in charge. no plan, just guys. >> white guys, not just guys. >> money is the gas in the tank of politics. nancy pelosi is very good at raising money for democratic candidates. that gives her a leg up and saying where she is. >> mitt romney and scott brown, under consideration by trump as of our taping.
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donald trump values loyalty and mitt romney went after trump harder than anyone. even brown went after him after the access hollywood tapes. if you go into the administration you must toe the line. we will see if they do is they get picked. >> i think scott brown is a member of the donald trump fraternity. he knows the secret handshake and everything. mitt romney is that is wise tablet meant republicans want him as secretary of state. he would be different than scott brown. we will see who gets it. >> you're almost implying that trump does not want him a secretary of state? >> i think trump wants people to do what he says. >> what was the purpose of bringing mitt romney down? a dog and pony show?
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people make decisions and appointments they do not want to make because they have pressure from outside groups or parts of the administration. >> let me say what rob can't say. it was about trump dragging mitt romney in for the world to see. he probably doesn't have a shot, but to humiliate him and get back at him for the speech he gave. and to send a warning to him. i will lay money on the factth should play by my rules or there will be held to pay. -- we are hell to pay. >> we are taping this before sunday. things could change. >> and antiracism rally, listen to what was said. >> we can disagree on policy and have debates on policy in this country.
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everyone in this country deserves dignity, everyone deserves respect. >> no one will argue with that. how effective are the events and who is listening? >> anytime people take to the streets in numbers, people are listening. this was effective, more effective than post election protests where we found out a lot of the protesters never voted. >> verpo message and organize people. it only matters if something happened. to provide a forum for people to express views and send that message. it is a harbinger for 2018 and the senate race between warren and chilling and the governor's race. they are angry about this election. this will lead to an epic
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the news south of massachusetts. a federal judge ordered her to a disposition in texas because of her exposition of exxon mobil. is there any political impact in the long run? >> in massachusetts 4 of the last 4 attorney generals who have run for governor have lost. this is one of the pitfalls. this looks like a political the texas judge is calling her out. when judges get to political and antibusiness it hurts with voters. she is looking political on this. >> is there a greater truth? >> texas judge, exxon mobil. what a surprise. exxon mobil does not like lawsuits. they are the biggest bullies when it comes to lawsuits.
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governors races, why?
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