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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 28, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EST

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emily: good morning. it is monday, november 28. i'm emily riemer. the eyeopener tracking several stories. a recount controversy. the social media attack by the president-elect and the crucial meeting today. also, a new clue in a hit-and-run caught on camera. how investigators think a car may have led them t who took off. and the patriots win the game but lose gronk. the new injury and the injuries the tight-end suffered. first a check of the forecast. cindy: good morning. a nice start to the week. temperatures are chilly but we recover nicely. patchy clouds around the boston area. it's 35 degrees in town, but much colder in the suburbs. below freezing in nashua at 31.
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south of town as well from plymouth to taunton we're in the 20's right now. even on the cape and falmouth. a cold start while mainly clear skies. we're in great shape. there's a storm in the middle of the country we are watching for tomorrow. it will bring in rainfall. today is all about sunshine. sunrise 6:51. temperatures out of the 20's and 30's. should be in the low 40's at lunchtime topping out in the mid, even a few upper 40's this rn we'll talk about that rain just ahead. we say good morning to kevin brennan in for olessa this morning. kevin: good morning. thank you very much, cindy. we're off to a good start early on. no troubles getting into the downtown stretch. all the overnight work crews pretty much packed up if there were any. apparently, there wasn't any. there could be some surprising you. overall, looking pretty good downtown. wide open along the expressway. no troubles here braintree to
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tunnel. looking good route 3, 24, 95. no troubles to the west, framingham into the city and looking pretty good to the north. 93, 95, route 3 out of new hampshire down towards 128. 128 wide open. 93 getting into the city, you won't have any delays. emily: thank you. breaking overnight, a car and a logan airport shuttle bus colliding in chelsea about 1:30 this morning at the intersection of avenue. three people in the car were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no passengers were on that bus, and the driver was not hurt. a new attack from president-elect donald trump. right now he is alleging voter fraud in three states. doug: one of those states is new hampshire. erika is tracking the fallout. erika: there is no evidence tied to the election.
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fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias. big problem. a spokesperson for new hampshire governor and u.s. senator-elect maggie hassan issuing a statement denouncing the claim, saying his tweet is unsubstantiated and claims of voter fraud in new hampshire have earned politifact's rating of pants on fire. california secretary of state denouncing the trump returned to new york last night. he has a packed schedule. secretary of state still up for grabs. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is a contend der. election officials in wisconsin set to discuss a possible timeline for the recount requested by green party candidate jill stein.
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fighting for his life. sera congi is in brockton with the new lead. sera: the victim was hit on north main street while leaving a bar early friday morning. at this point, police say they are investigating and looking into a person of interest. a banged up gray jaguar is key to the investigation. it could help investigators learn what happened when the victim, a father of three, was hit outside the spot bar and lounge. 25-year-old sergio david licona vallecio friends at the time. the impact is caught on surveillance but too disturbing for us to show you. it's not clear how that gray jaguar is involved, but we are told it has already been towed, processed for evidence and returned to its owner in brockton. police say that owner was not driving when the victim was hit. now, he is still in critical condition this morning, and police want anyone with information to come forward.
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wcvb newscenter 5. randy: the search this monday morning, waiting to learn how badly a driver was hurt after this crash in brockton. the woman was taken to the hospital after hitting a utility pole on belair street. it happened 9:30 last night. it is not clear what caused the crash or if she'll be facing any charges from this. emily: the man accused of stealing from a boston shrine is behind bars. police arrested 33-year-old erik swanson of boston for burglar st. anthony's shrine. when arrested, he was wearing the same clothes seen in the surveillance photos. police recovered religious items believe to have been taken from the shrine. randy: new information on the death of a woman in lowell. early this month, the "lowell sun" reports an autopsy shows a gloribel orengo died of a ruptured aorta. a woman has been arrested.
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the car that may have run over orengo. the driver charged in a deadly crash involving an airport shuttle is ready to face a judge for the first time. doug meehan in boston to set the stage for the hearing today. doug: hey, randy. good morning. later this morning is the first time we're going to see the man accused of driving drunk and then killing that texas couple this past summer. it was back on august 31 when birenbaum was driving 80 miles an hour and impaired when he slammed into the hampton inn shuttle bus returning to the hotel from logan. to people from el paso, texas, were thrown from that bus and killed. two other passengers and the driver also hurt. that swampscott man is facing two counts of murder vehicle mom side. authorities say that his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. emily: all right, doug. thank you.
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some of the people who rushed into this fiery crash. this is the aftermath on i-95 north in walpole. >> we pulled the last lady out of the back of the truck. it exploded. it just went up in flames. emily: the crash happened saturday night. three sisters and a husband of one of the women were trapped. one woman, maria castano, had a broken neck and couldn't mo of the car and pulled her out. they call it an act of faith. >> i couldn't have left there knowing that somebody was in that vehicle if it was consumed with flames and look at my own family and lay my head on the pillow at night knowing i didn't try. emily: castano is expected to recover. her family has not stopped talking about the people who saved her life. randy: more trouble for the westport farm. protestors are calling for two
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animal abuse cases, the findings. "the herald" reports they will attend health board meetings. they say that karl santos and john coletti were on the board when widespread abuse was uncovered. the inspection licenses have been revoked. more than a thousand animals were removed from that 70-acre farm in july. emily: a thanksgiving day wedding with randy: the spot one couple decided to hold their day. the play that sent a patriots player to the sideline. emily: black friday numbers pointing to retail success today. cindy: it is a cold start this morning, but sunshine is going to warm us up, plus i'm tracking wet weather on the way throughout part of the workweek.
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emily: you can turn to rob gronkowski after another injury. the tight end left after the first quarter and this is the play that might have done it. gronk gets up a little bit slowly after that incomplete pass, and it looks like he may before gronk leaves for the rest of the game. of course, gronk missed last week's game with a chest injury. it's not clear whether he'll be ready for sunday's home game against the rams. >> just do the best you can do. emily: the pats won giving tom brady his 200th year victory. game highlights in news to go.
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hundreds rally at a college after american flags were removed. why veterans say they will not let that happen. a delicious tribute to a professional sports team ahead in trending stories. how one cubs fan showed his love for baking and the world series
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emily: a little taken aback by the frost on my windshield. cindy: here's the thing, it's almost december. randy: you've got till march or april. cindy: leave it in the car till
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you know, the first half of this month was so warm. and past week or so, we've been doing a little bit below average temperaturewise. look at all the blue days for more than a week now. we've been talking about below average temperatures. so warm at the beginning of the month that that month is averaging still a little bit above average overall. that's where we're headed after today. typical high now is 47. we're going to be very close to that today. today's just a delightful day weatherwise. as we get toward tom temperatures climbing up into the 50's, and that is above average for this time of year. right now, it's only in the 20's in our coldest suburbs. worcester is 28 right now. taunton, the cape, running mid 30's. boston, north and west of town, bedford 27 degrees. up in the merrimack valley, so chilly this morning, below freezing in nashua. look what happens to our temperatures. we are jumping up here after sunrise into the low 40's as we
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afternoon. high temperatures this afternoon mid, even a few upper 40's. 46 in boston. 47 in taunton. up through the merrimack valley, lower 40's to mid 40's for you today. skies are mainly clear this morning. just a couple of patches of clouds. high pressure over the northeast. so it's going to be a really nice day. but in the middle of the country, we're watching our next storm. this spawned a couple of tornadoes yesterday. severe weather with this on one end. snow on the back side. this will pass to our west and it looks like for us during the day tomorrow, anywhere from 1/2 inch to an inch of rain coming in. it does look wet for tuesday. first we'll bring in clouds this evening. they'll thicken overnight. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, around sunrise, it should be dry. the temperatures overnight will fall initially and then the clouds come in and stop that freefall. but there will be pockets of 20's north and west of town. as we go into sunrise tomorrow morning, the temperatures should climb. so that by 8:00 in the morning,
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orange just as that moisture starts to work in. so though i can't rule out one or two pockets briefly of some freezing rain, this is looking like a rain event as the temperatures warm up through the 40's, in fact. milder air coming in will bring us in the 50's as the rain comes in in the afternoon, and it should get out here for the first half of wednesday. another round of rain later wednesday into thursday. a wet stretch through the week. we can time things out on thursday morning. we get through a lot of the morning comte it comes in for the tail end. the evening commute tomorrow, yikes! downpours and the rain tapers off tomorrow night. a brief window of a break early wednesday and another round wednesday into thursday. we need this rain. by the end of the week, another 1 to 2 inches of rain falling across the areas. kevin: you have to rake up those
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a live shot of the mass pike in brighton. most roadways look like this. you may have to scrape your car early on. overall, fairly decent ride. up to the north, you won't have any delays coming off of 95 out of new hampshire, down to 128. same with 93, 495 is a good ride from haverhill down to the chelmsford stretch. route 3 wide open. 12 minutes from 495 downtown looking good. the airport, tunnels, tobin is a nice ride in from chelsea. no troubles on the river road. south of town, the expressway still in good shape early on out of the braintree split up to the o'neill tunnel. routes 3, 24, 95 northbound okay getting up to 128 and 93. emily? emily: kevin, thank you. a holiday tree lighting became a show of solidarity in natick. that celebration on the common was followed by an interfaith
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peace sign. there was also a brief discussion on encouraging compassion. that moment of reflection came after a string of racially charged incidents in natick. racist graffiti was found inside a school. threatening letters were sent to a home. hundreds of protestors are demanding the return of the american flag at hampshire college. many of these demonstrators are veterans. they carried u.s. flags and other military flags to the amherst campus. flags have been removed from hampshire since students burned one to >> i was in iraq 18 months. i got hurt. spent time at walter reed. i came home and there's no way i'll let anybody take down the flag at all. that means a lot to me and my brothers. emily: the protestors also placed flags around town. the school says it well comes peaceful discussions about its decision. randy: massachusetts attorney general maggie hassan is
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deposition. exxon mobil says her investigation is politically motivated. "the herald" reports healey is saying it takes exceptional circumstances to demand she be deposed. the mbta management and financial control board is set to meet today on plans to improve the experience of t riders. the t service. emily: millions of consumers set to take advantage of cyber-monday deals today. the national retail federation expects more than 120 million americans to shop online. cyber-monday marks retailers' last chance to build on strong weekend sales. a sign today could be strong. more americans made purchases online than in stores on black friday. taking a look at the markets now, asian stocks mixed overnight after oil prices take a slide. stock futures here are lower.
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from the holiday weekend. of course, last week's big gains for the dow reaching 19,000 for the first time ever. randy: trending stories, an avid cubs fan using his baking skills to relive the world series win. the man unveiled a gingerbread replica of wrigley field. it weighs more than 400 pounds. it is all edible except for the players. they're made out of legos. scoreboard, edible paper. the windows are gelatin. just how long did it take to build this? more than 70 hours, we're told. dominating weekend for the box office, disney "moana," the animated film pulled in an estimated $81 million over the thanksgiving weekend. the movie is set in ancient polynesia. scored the second highest thanksgiving day debut ever
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"fantastic beasts and where to find them" fell to second place. one georgia couple got married in a store. larry and mary met before running into each other at the store four years ago that they started to date. so the couple decided it was an appropriate venue for their nuptials and, obviously, the store, all the employees went along with it. emily: yeah, congratulations to them. cuba kicks off today. randy: the regularly scheduled flights to havana as cuba mourns fidel castro. emily: new at 5:00, getting back to work after a holiday weekend. it can be tough. three simple things you can do
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emily: just about 4:55. time for early news to go. randy: police in leicester looking for information after a stranger approached a child walking near green street and baldwin street. the driver used a play station 4 to draw the child toward the vehicle. the child walked away. the man drove off. police describe the car as a large burgundy four-d back. emily: the relative of a woman found dead in boston say she was being treated for depression but gave no cause for concern. ruth pepin's cousin tells "the herald" the 28-year-old loved her kids. three of the four children were found when her body was found saturday inside her apartment in mattapan. police do not expect foul play. syrian government forces are making a rapid advance into
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city in two. nearly 300,000 people are believed to still be in the eastern part of the city with little food or medical supplies. the advances marked the largest blow to the rebels who are quickly losing drive to pro government forces. the syrian army's offensive to retake aleppo is entering its third week. doug: . randy: a man held up a honey dew doughnut shot on sunday claiming to have a showed one. police are looking into whether it's the same person who carried out a similar robbery on friday at the cumberland farms next door. nobody was hurt in either of those hold-ups. emily: new flights to cuba are starting today. the one-hour flights from miami to havana will be operated by american airlines, and they come ahead of the funeral of fidel castro.
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pilgrim nuclear power plant starts today. regulators will spend three weeks at the plant checking structure and staff performance. they want to make sure there is a plan to operate safely until the plant is scheduled to close in 2019. the review coming after the safety rating was downgraded. emily: tom brady gets his 200th win. they trailed 10-3. and this tied i but the big play, fourth quarter, patriots convert on fourth down and keep the winning drive going. pats win it 22-17, but they lost gronk to an injury in the first quarter. next game is sunday at home and that's against the rams. the bruins at home sunday against the lightning. they end up with a win after a scoreless first period. the b's store three times in the second. b's on a power play.
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they take on the flyers tomorrow night. randy: it's a week for rain. cindy: and we need it desperately. we'll take it, right? look at this for the month of november. so far not even 1 1/2 inches of rain. typically we've had more than 3 1/2 inches at this point. we're behind for the month by a couple of inches and our deficit for the year keeps growing. up over 11 inches for boston. so we will take anything we can get. and you can see a strip of some downpours just coming into the chicago area here through the overnight. this tomorrow, part of a storm system that is bringing some snow to the northern plains. but because this tracks to our west, we're going to stay on the milder side of it. it will be bringing in some rain. looks like the potential for about 1/2 to 1 inch of rain through tomorrow evening a. good soaking. and that's our first opportunity for rain this week. a later slug wednesday into thursday. today, high pressure to our west keeping us dry with some sunshine. a really nice start to the week as you head back to work and
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notice from new york, philly, down to d.c., they're in the 50's today. it's going to be around 60 in chicago. that's that milder air coming in with that system. and you can see down to the south, there's a severe thunderstorm watch around the dallas area. there likely will be more severe weather with this system through the southern states today as well. so we've got that wet weather coming in tomorrow and another batch later wednesday into thursday. you can see wednesday morning we'll start out dry, but the second round of rain comes in late in the day, and that should clear out thursday. holiday lights is actually looking dry on thursday evening. more on that now as the eyeopener continues. announcer: now, on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- randy: new claims from president-elect donald trump about election results. the response this morning from the new england state at the center of this controversy. emily: a push for answers after a hit-and-run in brockton. the new clues police are looking into right now. randy: another entry for
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gronkowski. the trouble ahead of next week's home game on the eye for this monday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: we're following breaking news off the top this morning. a car collides with a logan airport shuttle bus. this is new video in overnight from that scene. no serious injuries. we'll have an update just ahead. thanks for joining us on this monday, november 28. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'ma for this monday morning. cindy: you got it, but it's dry. nice weather to head back to work and school. 35 degrees in boston. winds are light. the suburbs have cooled down quite a bit. we're freezing in beverly. 20's bedford to nashua. you may have to scrape the car with frost. 20's from worcester county. pockets from taunton to falmouth near freezing. 29 right now in the plymouth area. you get the idea.


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