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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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he pled guilty last year. >> the potential slim hear commute. >> here is the problem we have. notice the temperatures the overnight lows tonight. the temperatures in the 20's. below the freezing mark. we have the cold air in place, and the freezing rain out there. the rain is way back here towards cleveland. the question is, will it get here in time. well, the national weather service issued this a freezing rain advisory. see this. and the other thing about freezing rain, it is difficult to see. so if the ground is wet tomorrow morning in the area. be careful, it could be wet or icy. you will not know. from 4:00 to 10:00. once we are pest 10:00 it will be warming up and all rain. tonight's concern, no rain in the forecast. then we have round number one and round number two coming in. the next few dayserize gray.
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>> thank you. now, at 5:30. the man accused of killing two people in an alleged drunk driving crash involving a hotel shuttle bus is free on bail tonight. >> he appeared in court today. doug was there. reporter: standing before a court magistrate, 27-year-old steven pled not guilty to two counts of manslaughter o.w.i., two counts of motor vehicle homicide, and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. that claimed two lives in late august. the state alleging that his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit and twices of thc into his bloodstream when he slammed into a hotel bus at 1:00 in the morn. >> he struck the shuttle at 76-month-old. >> a couple from texas was ejected out of the rear window of the shuttle bus. tape just landed at logan and
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three others including the bus driver official injured. >> i'm going to say this is unfortunately. reporter: this attorney would not comment on the facts of the case. only to say that his clients wanted to reach out to the victims, but his advice directed him not to. >> he feels terrible. >> as he expressed remorse? >> he has. reporter: after posting $5,000 cash bail, he left court without comment. in court filing, he admitted crash. he says he was rear-ended first that sent him into the shuttle bus. the case is set to go to trail a year from december. newscenter 5. >> a family made a potentially life or death choice when they woke up to find their home on fire. four people were trapped in the new hampshire home. when firefighters arrived at
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of a split second decision. >> four people on the second floor trapped in there. the amount of time to get the volunteers to get to the station and up here, they jumped out the second story window. the police officer on-the-scene and the residents helped them get out. >> eight people escaped safely. including the 10 and 14-year-old granddaughters who jumped from a second story window. the home was destroyed. >> protesters gathered today at plymouth's nuclear plant. reporter: the protest today coincides with day one of the largest inspection yet by nuclear regulators. and the message from the protesters it simple. they want pimgram nuclear closed. and they want it shutdown now, calling it an accident waiting to happen. beating the drums and singing for change. [music plays]
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afternoon, about a dozen demonstrator were holding signs, flags and even an elbrella, raising they voices in protest outside of the pilgrim nuclear power a little bit about plymouth. as 20 inspectors begin the largest inspection yet. >> if we have something that will be potentially classified as an immediate safety tern to nuclear safety at the site, that will immediately be elevated. however, right now, we do not have any immediate safety concerns and the >> you are watching you. we read your reports. we read what entergy is doing. you need to do your job. >> this is the third since downgraded last year. the spokesman for the plant tells newscenter 5.
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homing the nrc inspectors see when they come in and out of the gate. >> to shut it down now, decommission it now. >> pilgrim nuclear is scheduled to close on may 31st of 2019. and the inspection that is going on now, the inspectors will be on and off site for several weeks between now and mid january, then they will issue a written report. reporting live, todd kazakiewich, newscenter 5. >> attorney general is figin the order requires her to be in texas next month to be questioned by attorneys for exxon mobil. saying that her climate change research is politically motivated. the herold reports that she is pushing back saying it takes exceptional circumstances to demand she is deposed. and a live look at first alert traffic. this is the mass pike. traffic is moving slowly out of the city eastbound, and
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93 southbound. we're looking at now under a half hour to go from mass to route 3. that's an improvement there. 44 minutes northbound to go from the upper deck to route 128. that is close to 45 minutes. the pike west 25 minutes. let's go 128 has you head northbound, you're looking at route two to i93, that will take you close to 40 minutes. so problem spots around the area. >> as cuba mourns the death of fidest of u.s.-cuban relations are uncertain. >> still ahead on newscenter 5, what is next for our newly restored diplomatic ties. >> and pope francis i is trying to mend the relationship between
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>> now at 5:30. a closer look at future relations between the u.s. and cuba. 50 years of tension got some relief when president barack obama opened up some access to cuba two years ago. now fidel castro's death and an tells us many are wondering what happens next. reporter: donald trump's monday tweet didn't mince words. if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people in the united states, the president-elect says he will terminate the deal president barack obama made to extend diplomatic and commercial ties to the communist country. >> and president-elect donald trump is also saying he just
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ways with cuba. reporter: on the campaign trail, donald trump talked about rolling back president barack obama's outreach to cuba. beyond this week's tweet, donald trump or his team clarified his specific plans once in office. >> it is just not has simple as one tweet might make it seem. reporter: donald trump could resend president barack obama policies since they were enacted throughout executive action, not a congress vote, a diplomatic and economic standpoint, cuba experts are saying it could be trickier. >> politically and practically it could be more difficult. embassy take time to open and close because of information that's housed there. economic ties once they are made can be hard to rollback. reporter: timing could be problematic for airlines, cruise lines and companies planning to move into cuba in 2017. something that analysts are saying donald trump the
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in washington, jennifer davis. >> pope francis i will travel to ireland in 2018 marking the first papal visit to the country in 40 years. the poach just met with ireland's prime mentor in vatican city. they work to improve relations. among the issues the sex abuse scandal and legalization of same-sex marriage in ireland. prince william is backing his brother's harry request coverage for his private life. he backs his desire to support those closest to him. this following press questions that william disagreed with his relationship. new questions tonight in the disappearance of a california mother. >> no vanishes weeks ago and found alive on thanksgiving day. the information ref vealed and
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>> now to the bizarre case of the california mother found alive after being kidnapped weeks ago. he's out of the hospital tonight and the search continues for the suspects.
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about sherri papini's condition. tonight the hunt is on for alleged kidnappers after a missing northern california mother who law enforcement believe was held captive for three weeks was discovered along his road. >> she is heavily battered and -- reporter: authorities are saying 34-year-old sherri papini was replaced by her captors every thanksgiving morning, 150 miles from home, bound with restraints, but able flag down a metedrist. >> -- motorist. >> i saw a woman with long blonde hair by the side of the road kind of frantically waving. >> allyson spotting papini and calling police. >> i figured if she was willing to risk being hit by a car, she must really need help. >> you saying -- with reporter -- reporter: authorities are
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description of their captors. telling police to look for two hispanic women armed with a handgun and driving a s.u.v. >> we don't know the role the women played. but the key is the small details. what was the room like and smell like. reporter: investigators are analyzing the retrain, and surveillance video in the area of abduction and release, and papini's past, including a previous marriage and oth news they have no reason not to believe papini's story, they plan to interview the california mother this week. >> our coverage of the opioid crisis continues tonight. a potential breakthrough in the battle against overdoses. researchers in california are working on a vaccine that could prevent fatal overdoses. the vaccine has stopped two opioids from reaching are working on the brains of mice reducing the symptoms of
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experts have yet to test the vaccine on people, but the shows enormous clinical potential. >> now is the time to get you flu shot, not too late, but could it increase autism? new research looked at that, studied 200,000 children and their motherings. the study done in california found pregnant women who got their flu shot did not have a greater risk of having a child with autism. previous research suggested that getting the flu during pregnant increase the risk. and the study did not find link between the two. >> the weather, a lot of rain is coming in. the timing will be critical. >> it is. for you, the actually looks pretty good. >> yeah. >> they daylights thursday. >> thursday. >> all right. umbrella is not part of your wardrobe. ok. now, what is going on. very interesting getting to that. two weeks ago high temperatures in the 50's and 60's. last week high temperatures in the 30's and 40's.
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and now starting to warm things up. and tomorrow temperatures in the 50's for a couple of days. 45 degrees right now. winds out of the west-southwest at six. and 42 degrees. low temperatures tonight, outside of the city dropping into the 20's. now you need to throw a little bit of rain and it doesn't happen much. and drizzle and hits the cold surface and freezes. the freezing rain. that's so difficult to see out there. you want to be cautious tomorrow morning north and west of th minnesota, and northern minnesota, and we would expect to see snow this time of the year it is rain. in minneapolis it is 50 degrees. so the surge of warm air is pushing in. down toking the south they are dealing with severe thunderstorm and tornado watches out, that's how unsettled the wert pattern is. the rain west of cleveland, but a few batches ahead of it. we are cold enough and moisture on top of it, the freezing rain advisory has been issued evidence. this is for 4:00 a.m. to
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don't know that we will get moisture in here. and after 10:00 a.m. warm enough in the form of rain. light icing is responsible. be cautious of that traveling around. not widespread, a pocket here and there. driving around and see the term momter is close to 32. you might see ice on the roadways. to the north a winter weather advisory. not a whole a lot different, but maybe more snow associated with this one. light, an inch of snow and trace of ice in here. this is more wintery in na and not as dangerous with freezing rain. freezing rain is actually the worst kind of whether you will get. the high temps tomorrow, it is changing to rain. highs in the 50's to the north. a few upper 40's showing up. overall really mild temperatures for this time of the year. get used to it. in wooster, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, up to the 50-degree mark. and thursday we clear things outa. couple of days of rain and even into thursday morning looking wet.
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into the 50's. mid-50's in some location. i would not be surprised with a rumble of thunder to the south. and it came tomorrow enjoying temperatures into the 50's. how much rain will we get out of this, between now and tuesday night. and round one, remember, probably close to an inch of rain. that's the first round. and the second one just as much with it. before the week is over with, two inches of rain moving in. here is round number two on the coast giving us the rain, but notice into thursd the back edge of this, this will kick on through, and there is improvement coming for thursday night. and tomorrow, 54 degrees. the morning commute, just the few hours where we could see cold temperatures in place. and then throughout the day the rain is more prevalent. the stuff in the morning very, very light. into the afternoon it is setting up south of the pike. even community tomorrow on the low side. you might expect.
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may linger into thursday morning and then start to clear up a little bit into the afternoon hours on thursday. so wednesday looking wet again. but mostly towards the evening commute. and thursday night for half dale lights looking good. and after that, sunshine on friday, saturday, and most of mondays it looks like right now. and we have temperatures generally into the 40's. which is about normal for this time of the year. >> mike, thank you. the baby giant panda is doing well after a lifesaving surg surgeons that national zoo removed a lemon sized blockage in the cub's small intestines. the panda was nursing just fine from his mom, but having trouble digesting bamboo. this will improve quickly as the 15-month-old panda recovers. >> much cuter. >> than when they were firstborn. i know. we are approaching winter, but it is never too early to plan for the summer.
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>> james taylor hoping to hit another home run at fenway. he will play the ballpark for the third straight summer. boston will be the last of four ballpark shows for taylor. they will play fenway august 11th. bonnie raitt will perform. tickets go on sale friday. >> did you go to the movies this weekend. you were not alone. thanksgiving was a big one.
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debut ever. new wonna fall behind the 2013 blockbuster release of frozen. moana follows a princess' journey. and fantastic beasts was second place. dr. strange took the third spot. the new movies silence hits theaters next month. tomorrow it will prepare in an unusual the film is about 17th century missionaries in japan. pope francis i is not expected to attend. tickets went on sale for midnight for "rogue one: a star wars" story. did you buy them. >> now, i didn't know they were on sale. >> i didn't know either. the demand was so high, lines formed, after 15 minutes of
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rogue one is the first standalone film and arrives on december 16th. or three .5. >> 3.5. the only way to think of it. in the middle there. all right. not a surprise after the heated election this year and the "brexit." but the word of the year is xenophobia. that is according to fear or hatred of foreigners, people of different cultures or strangers. june 22nd and 24th. that -6ss a britain voted to leave the european union over immigration concerns. it spiked again a few days later where president barack obama called donald trump's campaign rhetoric, his campaign rhetoric xenophobic. >> ok. >> i read a website spokesperson
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page in ohio state. the attackers connection to campus and questions now about his background. >> get ready for slippery spots on the morning commute. who is most likely to see icy conditions. >> the mom in the terrifying overdose video finally faces a judge. >> this is an individual who has a severe substance abuse problem. >> the progress her lawyer is >> a crack down, on ?ber are lyft drivers. >> we begin at 6:00 on the storm watch tonight. a freezing rain advisory in affect for some areas and making for a tricky morning commute. good morning, everyone. >> good morning, everyone. mike, welcome, of course, tracking it all. you can see the rain behind me, mike. that's what the president is. >> the problem the rain is coming in.
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temperatures overnight. noticer inland, overnight lows are dropping down and we have a freezing rain advisory. nothing going on. the clear skies tonight will make the temperature drop quickly before the rain tries to work in from the west. because of that, this area that we're talking about here, the combination of where it will be cold enough and rain falling between 4:00 and 10:00 a.m. tomorrow there will be light icing as a possible. so be cautious in this area at all. it will not be everywhere, but pockets her moisture coming in can be very slippery and dangerous as well. we highlighted tomorrow and wednesday, high-impact weather days because of ice in the morning and rain in the afternoon and evening more rain on wednesday. we will talk about that all of that coming up age new moments. >> there was, actually an exmarine in our class, he kind of just like took action when the buckeye alert went out. and we need to barricade the door and started stacking up the
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a student at ohio state university plows into crowd with a car and then starts stabbing people with a butcher knife. the suspect killed by policeman. noon we are learning more about him and the hero police officer who stopped that rampage. and we are live in that breaking news desk right now. reporter: we are learning that the suspect was a somali descend, at this hour, but investigators are working to determine if he had ties to terrorism. >> people were like don't go to campus. there is an active shooter. you never like think this is going to happen. reporter: ohio state university in disbelief as police investigate a possible terror attack. police have now tracked this car on video before the rampage that sent 11 people to the hospital. the car driven by 18-year-old o.s.u. student -- artan,


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