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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. erika: we begin with breaking news. the suspect in the police involved shooting in lynn early this morning has died. police say it happened on the lynn way after an attempted armed robbery. emily: sera congi is live with the latest. sera: everything running normally here along the lynn way. police and investigators focused their attention on the southbound side. that is where the suspect was shot. he was taken to mgh where he was
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placed aside a crumpled pile of clothing at the spot where a man was shot i lynn police. the incident started at the gulf station on commercial street before 4:00 this morning. police got a call about an armed robbery. an individual went in there claimed he was armed with a firearm. violent struggle ensued with the clerk of the store. the clerk was shook up but otherwise ok. yards. two officers confronted him. the individual had his hands in his pockets. officers showed him best officers ordered him to show his hands. they moved back tried to create distance. the police chief says one of the officers eventually fired his weapon. the suspect was taken to mass general and underwent surgery but was later pronounced dead.
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found on the suspect. the two officers involved were not heard that they were taken to lynn hospital as a matter of protocol in each incident. emily: freezing rain making some roads slippery. the sanding truck rolling onto its side its field, new hampshire. erika: some heavy rain for the commute as well. cindy: we kind of transitions with warming temperatures out of the coer massachusetts this morning or it off to the west there is this next batch of heavier rain and that will shift in. we've got the rain it is going to get heavier. a high impact through the afternoon hours into this evening. street flooding could be a concern. a low risk for seeing lightning but they could be a rumble of thunder in southeastern massachusetts. a medium threat for strong wind. a wind advisory up for southeastern massachusetts. particularly to kate and the
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. the potential for gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour. the steady rain. pockets of moderate rain but the heavy stuff to our west and this will continue to shift in. as we go through the afternoon the rain is going to continue to fill in and it looks like we'll see steadier rain with heavier rain coming in between 6:00 and 7:00 this evening. yellows and oranges showing up a long and south of the pike. we had the best chance of seeing downpours coinciding with that evening commute that could lead to war drainage flooding. the heaviest rain is with us through about 10:00 tonight that everything shifts offshore. the full-time line, this is round one. run to tomorrow. erika: frantic escape from the raging wildfire in the smoky mountains of tennessee.
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ok. at the gas. erika: these men captured their terrifying ride to safety as they fled the fire burning around them. the wildfire has damaged or destroyed about 100 homes in the area. national guard troops are being sent in as the fire continues to spread. emily: investigators are trying to figure out why a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team went down in a mountainous region of colombia. elizabeth hur reports, all but six died in the crash. elizabeth: new and heartbreaking images from columbia as crews begin removing bodies from the crash site. you can barely make out -- incredibly, there are survivors. according to authorities there are six survivors rushed to the hospital overnight. to 75 others on board. many of them numbers of brazilian soccer team on its way
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today offered his condolences to the victim's families called the incident extremely sad. the circumstances are still under investigation but so far we are told the british arrows des rj 85 own by a charter company was near its destination flying from bolivia to columbia. this is a look at the flight radar showing the final moments. the plane circling several times. the cr crashing. the soccer team posted this on facebook before boarding the plane. one of the players come a 27-year-old defender seen here with his teammates, said to be one of the survivors. authority site in all three soccer players, two crew members and one journalist survived and for the 75 victims, the brazilian president declared three days of mourning.
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investigators working to determine what exactly caused this fatal single car crash on the: highway in east boston. that car completely flipped on its roof. boston ems confirms one person was killed. it happened before 11:00 last night cr closing the wrote for hours. they want minimum wage to be raised to $15 per hour. done me and is live demonstration just getting underway in east boston. live at a demonstration just giving it away in east boston. doug: these folks behind me say that is not enough to keep up. even though we have had close to 100 people here, fight for 15 activists continue to rally in the rain at this park in east boston to bring attention to this cause. it's in the shadows of logan airport were some airline workers are being joined from around the country and around the state fighting for that $15
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federal minimum wage. these folks are nonunion airport passenger service workers employed by flight services and systems inc.. striking to the test -- fighting to increase that minimum wage. >> folks want $15 and they want to have an organization that can continue to make sure that they have just wages and working conditions. morning dozens of fast food workers protested and were arrested outside of a mcdonald's in cambridge. despite the arrests and was a peaceful nonviolent protests. other scenes playing out like this at other restaurants. it does not end here. their plan is to head over at 2:00 to the steps of the state house and continue these
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police are investigating after a man was found dead inside a home in manchester, new hampshire. officers initially responded to the home of the street for a report of shots fired at about 12:30 this morning. they found the body of a man who lived at home with a gunshot wound. investigators hope an autopsy will give them more information. erika: a man has serious injuries after a fire in cooks very. it happened last night on the flames reaching two alarms. the man who owns the home was at dust was in the home at the time. a neighbor helped get him away from the flames. pretty much >> on fire. his daughter was yelling and screaming. erika: the homeowner's daughter
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driver is free on bail and the district attorney is outraged. juquan gamble driving the wrong way from fairhaven term marian. he registered a .22 on the breathalyzer test. gamble was out on bail from a prior >> all ui in brockton. to have a person out on bail engaged in this type of conduct, it's a miracle no one was killed or hurt. emily: gamble was released last week on $1500 bail. the dea argues the judge's should have revoked their bail. maura healey is looking to dismiss a gunmakers challenge into her investigation into the company. remington has filed a petition seeking relief from he repulsed. the ag's investigation done from a class action lawsuit in missouri where remington denied in new about a de facto economic
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remington believes healy's investigation is unreasonable. erika: boston shoppers could soon be paying more at the grocery store. a new proposal that would charge five cents per bag at grocery and convenience stores. the new measure covers all banks including paper and plastic. the goal, encourage people to bring a reusable bag. the herald reporting this could be voted on us of his next month through the field go into effect one year after passage. emily: service on the red line took a hit as toward winter readiness. performance reliability during p/e period's was at 85% last week. two disabled trains and slippery road conditions between braintree and jfk stations are blamed for the death. reliability set at 90% and stays leading to the incident and serviced it comes as the mbta looks to complete line work for the onset of winter weather. erika: a four date deer hunt underway in the blue hill's
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says the area is overpopulated with dear and that is causing damage to the reservation. the hunt as part of a multi-your plan to reduce the number of animals. most testers plan to rally at the sites check in today. three people dead, five sick. the investigation into whether their thanksgiving dinner was the cause. emily: flagburning consequences. what president-elect trump tweeted that is raising questions about the first amendment. cindy: rain getting heavier this afternoon. timing strong wind that comes along with it and the next round headed our way for tomorrow. erika: i terminally ill man completes a full marathon. the cause that inspired him to go all those miles. >> a half hour of news at the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00. casey monahan, ed harding, newscenter 5 at 4:00, part of
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emily: the deaths of three people in san francisco maybe tied to their thanksgiving meal.
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hosted thursday by a local church at the american legion hall. health officials are trying to figure out if they got sick at that dinner or at the home where they lived. more than a hundred other people were served dinner at the legion without becoming sick. erika: classes are back in session at ohio state university after 11 people were hurt yesterday when a student went on attack. as can reports a facebook post suggests the 18-year-old was upset about the treatment of muslims. kenneth: ohio state university is working to get back to normal. authorities searched the home of abdul artan. >> you don't suspect that. that could of been my children. kenneth: investigators say the osu student hit several people with his honda before jumping out with a butcher knife. he went on the attack before campus cop alan her roush, -- shot and killed them. students barricaded themselves
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classrooms >>. everyone kind of just sat in the corner and tried to stay with the windows. >> don't think this can happen to you. you get really scared when it does. kenneth: the somali born honor student jumped in joy across the graduation stage at an ohio community college. just five months later, he was at osu and angry about the treatment of muslims posting on facebook minutes before the attack, i can't take it anymore. muslim jump to conclusions. >> we do know his somali heritage and that will be enough for some people to falsely link this tragic incident to the somali and muslim communities. kenneth: as investigators were to figure out if the suspects motive was terror related, tonight student organizations including ones are present somali and muslim students pull hold it high strong community
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a hig buckeye strong community event. emily: this is what he tweeted, nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. it's not clear what prompted the early morning tweet. the supreme court ruled the -- in 1989 that flagburning is protected by the first amendment. a: backing tim ryan to be the party's new leader in the house. he says "while i have respect for nancy pelosi i believe the democratic already needs to change its direction and widened its focus in order to regain the trust and support of millions of hard-working american families." house democrats meet wednesday to choose leaders for the new
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battling a terminal disease says a more let anything stand in his way as he fights for a cure. evans wilson suffers from the lungs disease. oxygen tank intel he took on the daunting task of finishing the seattle marathon tackling all 26.2 miles. his goal, to get the word out about pulmonary fibrosis and raise money for a cu. >> most important marathon of his life. >> it feels good. >> best part is being done. emily: wilson completed that rice in just under 11 hours and he hopes he has made a difference by bringing in donations for the pulmonary fibrosis foundation which he says desperately needs the funding. erika: quincy college is making sure children do not go without christmas presents this year. a fire destroyed storage trailers filled with toys that were sent to be christmas gifts for military families during the college is holding a toy drive to replace those toys for children age three to 12. the drive runs through december
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and plymouth. emily: it's been a bit of a wet morning. cindy: getting wetter. a lot of people keep saying houses helping the drop. -- the drought. above average rainfall in october. we've been running behind in the month of november so we are down a couple of inches and our deficit for the year still 11 inches. we will do pretty well at this first round coming up afternoon and tonight i think on average we are looking at half an inch to an inch of rain fall through 11:00 tonight. one of our computer models showing you some higher amounts across parts of connecticut and rhode island. they could be a few spots in southeastern massachusetts to get a little over an inch of rain fall. this is round one coming in. this is going to taper off tonight and then we're going to ramp up the rain tomorrow as we go through the afternoon and evening hours coming similar to today with another round of heavy rain.
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this is a book of rain and it is falling in most areas. a logo across southern new hampshire but i can take you to the north shore. steady rainfall from pockets of moderate rain. letter rain around boston. we've got some good rain across southeastern massachusetts as well. this is what it looks like in boston. a lot of clouds. 44 degrees thanks to the southeast wind. 10 miles per hour and the southeasterly it is still quite chilly. 38 in orange. 38 in worcester. notice, close to the coast line running in the mid 40's. everly, down to plymouth. on the cape, 50 degrees. look how much warmer it is to the south. 56 in new york. it is 70 degrees and north carolina.
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. stronger southeasterly will be picking up a storm gets closer. we are going to see the winds pick up. 3:00 this afternoon, midafternoon rig going to watch heavy rain off to the west start to fill in. it will come into worcester county midafternoon and it pushes closer to the coast line as we get into the evening commute. there will likely be some downpours, could be poor drainage flooding here and there for that evening commute. i think the heaviest rain is with us through about 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. midnight is pushing offshore. the rain winds down over midnight. the winds really pick up across southeastern massachusetts, by 5:00 this afternoon for midnight tonight. cost potentially 30's or 40's.
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. the wind is gone as we had to work tomorrow morning. going to keep temperatures up overnight. 42 around 50 degrees all night long. there will likely be fog developing my morning and temperatures tomorrow running either side of 50 degrees. another mild day coming up tomorrow but we wait for round two to come in it is with us through tomorrow and by thursday it is pushing offshore a really into dry things out. today is an impact whether day we will do it tomorrow or did in the morning hours to about lunchtime it is fairly dry. as we get into the afternoon and evening hours or come steadier rain. heavy at times to the overnight hours and exits first ring thursday morning. not the three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half of rain and behind that the winds pick up a little bit thursday into friday. back to sunshine for the first weekend of december.
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hours italy boston will have its grand opening of the prudential center. the marketplace spans three floors. you can eat, shop, learn about italian culture. mario patel he is among the team heading up at -- heading of guided tours in the market opens this afternoon at 4:00. it looks great. erika: r to do.
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erika: how about pizza delivered by reindeer? the deer would be equipped with gps so customers contractor pizza. the deer can move about 50 miles per hour. some say it is just a publicity stunt. it's working. emily: not a stable delivery system. pepperoni all over. cindy: poor reindeer.
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heavier through the afternoon. the evening hours. there will be downpours. heavy rain for the evening commute and we will do it again tomorrow and slowly drag things out thursday. temperatures in the 50's the next few days cooling down and brightening up. emily: eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region. because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. ?
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