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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  November 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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j.c. a hou goeflames. ben:wing danger righ i recall in send b o onhe way. a whole lot of food. >> from boston' news later, this is wcvbewscenter 5 at 7 p.m. : head home from work. and e rain isn't done yet. good evening. i'm ben simmoneau.
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some showers but this is the area where we sethe heaviest ndfnking i weight eastward rapidly and out over e cape what is the timeline in this moves through? by 10 we are left with a few scattered showers an then it is gone. it is out of here and we do not worry about that. the other thing we d not need to worry about, any ice tonight. it may even climb a couple of degrees. the forecast next. j.c.: almost two dozen people are without a home in lawrence after this destructive fire. crhad to rescuman e wo the building on east haverhill street. newscent's shaun chaiyabhat spoke with some of the victims and he is live in lawrence. shaun: roughly 20 people lived here and many lo everything. and a few barely escap with their lives.
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kids, wereone when fire ried ru tir home. they came back saw flames and feared, their younger brotherwa. andma and little gabriel no idea the use s on fire. th ranhen a stnger, ocked on the door. >> he is a lesaver. he saved mm's life. he saved my kid's life two. thank god. >> fire coming out the secon shaun: flames punched thru the iple-decr. just itime. onwoman, rescued by firefighters. >> i don't think she knew the ilding was on fire. >> we heard fire. theye banging on theoor. i guess someone on the fir flhad oped the door. we just grabbeher and went outside. shaun: their home destroyed, but their families together. >>e are alive. we have more chances.
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the hospital. including a re fighter. each is expected to be ok. live in lawrence shaun chaiyabhat wcvb nc5. bepolice are investigating a afternoon rush.uring the a bicyclist hit in methuen, near the i-495 exit ramp. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live at the scene. rhondella? rhondella: a 58-year-old methuen man was killed collid with a truck. police say the truck was stopped at thetoplight omerrimack street by the sunoco gas station. an top of the offering. the victim brought her motorized bike on the sidewa. they both moved down e road which is the same root 110 in the same direction but the biker police say lost contro
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as fgged down by ano trucker who witnessed what happened. the commercial trucker is cooperating with investigators. the time around 1:40 p.m. this aften, reopened before rush hour. then: the man charged in hit-and-run in bckton faced a check -- a judge for the first time. driving the car that hit and killed sergio valleciln friday. gonclaveturned himself in sunday afternoon. in court, lawyerr gonclaves said he heard screaming and yelling at the scene but panicked and drove away. j.c.: new information tonight in a fatal police shooting in lynn. investigators have identified the man shot by officers. police say he tried to rob a gas station th morng before the shots were fired. newscenter 5'reid lamberty is ve in lynn.
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no choice after he refusedheir orders. >> white male, brown hair, short brown bed. reid: the description of specd armed gas station robber, michael mcinnis, went out right away, and it would only take mitebefore police recognized him. >> i think i got him on the lyway across from the bowlg alley. reid: lice saw the1-year-old malden man as he walked down the wa morning, and assaulting the clk inside. en carul, as pe approach mcinnis, you hear two guhots. >> shots fired. >> mcinnis shot twice, rusd to mass general, where he died from his injuries. >> they tried toreate distance. ey hit the individual. >> shot twice in the che.
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police received a 91ll. >> an individual when in there d claimed he was armed with a firearm, attempted to rob the store, a vlent struggle ensued with the crk of the store. >> thelerk shaken but uninjured. two officersere involved but only one fired his weapon. neither waheard and botwereken s mandated by protocol. michael mcinnis has a long iminal record cluding robbery. the district attorney's office has taken over the then: it looks like donald trump has picked his treasury secretar he is expected to name stephen newton. hetarted hisareer at goldman sachbefore moving hod where he ran hge fund - hefund. tonight,rump is meeting again
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they areavindinner together trump is said to be considering a handful of candidates. vice president ele mike nce says the processs going well. mr. pence it's just excg to : see the caliber of men and women who are stepping forward to sta alongside thi esident elect as wwork to build a team to ma america great again. ben the transition team formally : announced two picks today. for health and human services congressman tom price, a strong opponent of obama care. anform geoe w bushabor secrary elaine chao r transportation secretary. stephen bannon will no longer -- where he had been schuled to s with kellyanne . manager.clinton campaign did n say why bannon canceled. a protest ast h aea
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state university returned class after the tack ompus that hurt 11eople. poli say the attacker dule razak artan drove in a cro then got out of his car and atcked wh a butcher knife. ashoand kied by a university police officer. we are now hearing from one of the victims,n engineering professo en so fa. literally,t le sd tome, maybe 'a little compressed, bt seem secondd the shots d it was over. j.c.: three of the vis are still in the hpital, but all 11 are expected to fully recover. popular resort town inach nnessee. ben: residents rushed to evacuate aow the emotional toll a lotstructn. round south f i will have an hr-by-hour
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>> you are watchinwcvb wscenter p.m. ben: people from gatlinburg are beckoning from dangeus wildfires.
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town. it is a beautiful area in the great smoky mountas. leas0 buildingesoy or obviou damaged. thfire is taking an emotional toll too on firefiters. asirefigers try to do their job. >> it is difficult to go out into a community and try to protect and serve others when you -- euro and property and everything thayou worked for is burning down. that is what these men and women ben firefigh say they : believe the wot is over and itooks like e weather ll cooperate. ra iorecasbeginning late tonight. j.c.: there's controversy flying tonight ound aroposal to use drones to monitor high-crime nehborhoods in new bedford. the new bedford police department currently has two es idronits arsenal. ey're used primarily for search and rescue or swat ssns but city councillor brian gomes says the drones could be an effective crime deterrent if used more
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>> went -- what i am trying to do is tinto bring a tool, messick -- a message and we will e it to its fullest extent. j.c.: the police chief says he's open to expanding the use of drones buthe aclu says the idea raisemajor ivacy it says lice suld have to gea sear warrant beforeusg dron. ben: 'od-lovs have been waiting for thian e italrketplace ealypen i. some of italy's st famous culinary contributions. we sent newscenter 5's julie loncich to the pru to check it out. julie: [indiscernible] no matter the weather, if you build it, and if it has authentic italn cuisine, they will come.
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>> we were on our way to the airport and she checked her flight and it said it was going to bdelayed another hour, because we were bummed that she couldn't ke the opening and was like, oh. it's right here. it opens in 16 minutesle go. julie eataly, the highly : anticipated italian tasting, dining, shoppi a marketplace opened tuesday, its fourth u.s. location. >> weill show you how to it. say tt or tomorrow. y, we eat. >> you c should ok at home. you can come here, taste, get all the od products,ave full meals here, but we're not about sending you home with 400 portions of pre-cooked pasta. is the latest major development at the ever-growing, ever-changing pru. >> i think it says a lot, not just about the development of boston when it comes to food and culture, that truly we are on
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i know what was here before and this is grt for the area. julie from the pizza and pasta, : to the meat, seafood and wine, eataly itruly a custom experience. >> we're cracker people se are crackers you cannot find anywhere else. >> no, they' uand whenever we come to eataly i to ha big . j.c.: last time we saw her she s ing an order at the cote if you are going out to dinner anything taken umbrella. >> the roadways are wet as well. wister just under an inch of rain. boston picking up .4 right now. on the south shore the rain is still coming down pretty heavy. we are up to .75 of an inch. a lot of us will pick up an inch
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year. we were d for the month of november. they ared toe. things up where here is whats happening. notice the big -- back edge. lesser amounts as you look to the north shore. scattered showers at this point. as you travel south a few showers but the heaviest rain is here. basically through newport. this is moving its way to the east. that is why the caped that is the back edge. not much going on after that. by 10:00 p.m., winding down and after midnight no more rain out of the system. we turn her attention to the second system down here to the south. tornado watch boxes. this will be lifting its way up but it takes a while sis rain tomorrow will arrive much later thins today. the early part of the commute which will be theast part could be on the wet side.
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it keeps going up. windsor out the south anywhere from 20 to 15. 23 mile an hour winds and there is a wind advisory until midnight. we could see some occasional gusts around 40 miles per hour. a lot of water out there, temperatures are warm and the winds will die down and the fog will form. already 40 -- forming as we look to the west. down and then g and clouds. and rain starts coming down during the afternoon. let me give you a timeline. it a.mrrow. tomoorning, a lot of great s but check out the temperatures, these are fairly warm. as you head towa 4:00 p.m., scattered showers are breing out across the area.
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thursday before it clears away again. here's the way it looks over the next seven days. because of the heavy downpours we have highlighted a higher pact day about 5 sunshine is back for friday. saturday and sunday, even next ek. a stem w are keeping an eye on in the central plains but it looks like a little bit of cloud cover and temperatures in the 40's. with the warmth thate are seeing. me of the roadways have some poing ey atle bit slippery. >> now, spcenter 5, one mike aew weeks ago he woe : cy youngward and todk porcello of the red sowas named americaneague comeback player of the year, leading all of major league baseball iwins with 22. and impressed with his play and not wanting him to walk as a free agent the patriots have
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14 and a half large are guaranteed. 14 as an million. throug the first eight games, none of em forouchdown. the last two gam against the 49ers and the jets. >> we say practice, execution becomes a game reality. i k that malcolm has taken advantage of his opportunities to wor and practice toake ays in practice and i thi of those things a game.aferrg the mike: itseone somoes and someone steps up. it is mitchell's momentht now. j.c.: member help ady got his -- remembebrady got his
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appreciation for local police
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j.c.: officers recognized for
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firefighters from len who entered a fast mong apartment fire with zero visibility, crawling on their hands and knees to save lives. >> these folks happen to be the ones who were there who heard the call and answered and responded to it. if the is one thg inow about ismunity, it is a caing. certainly, it is a profession ana wellrained one, but it is a calli. then firefighters from swansea : also honored for saving a man who was unconscious inside a burning home. that man att firefighters in person. j.c.: look at this nice moment at the framingham police department today. officers presented with a heart-felt thank you note from little b wost s ecial teddy bear. the officers put up fliers all over town, but when they could not find the missing bear, they got the little guy a new one. looks like they have a fanor
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campaign to encourage generosity. the effect it can have on your heal. j.c.: a throwom a car
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ben:e r good, with an extra fos on holiday giving today. j.: today is giving tuesday, ter black friday and cyber monday is s unofficial day to give back. lots of nonprofits send out special emails encouraging you to give today. and researchers say givingas be found to help lower blood pressure and stress and increase self-esteem. today to honor gold star family's. the train was decorated with photos,sages, and personalized ornaments recognizing massachusetts servicmembers who have given their lives for our country. the tree will beyond display through thi -- be on displa
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now there isain. e roadways are wet and we will do it again tomorrow. the rain is a little bit later. and thursday. holiday lights.
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>> this is chronicle owcvb anthony: from se everything from lobster waffles. >> we have premium h dogs and we he the- steak hotdogs. anthony: from the east. ingredients. anthony: from a whimsical chef. >> to notorget e garlic icing. >> people pigeonhole it as a sweet breakft food but it can be much more. >> this is great. anthony: food journais next on chronicle. the tuna ifrom tokyo, sparkling wine from spain and the frieclams come from


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