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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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: another wet night in the boston area. one round of rain of moving out. but another is on the way. this one will impa your drive rrow. good evening. i'm ed harding. j.c.: and i'm jc monahan. driving nditions are still tough out there in some spots. mike wankum is here with what to expect. : we he a lot of pounding -- ponding on the roadways. down over the cape we are winding that area off as well. what will happen overnight? the rain should be offshore then not for long because lot of gray skies are moving and as we lk about tomorrow morning. we tn our tention to the fog possibility. there may be some patchy fog tonight and then this, this is storm number two that will give usain as it moves its way up the coas and gives us the that ome rain. the threat is not in the morning, it is as we start to talk about late afteoon. i will have an hour breakdown of what he gets here.
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hit-and-run driver.the victim h. necenter 5's john atwater is live at the scene, with a witness who rushed to help. john: the vtim has severe leg injuries. police wrapped up their investigation here the scene. us t man w draggedostd and tel two blocks tonight. neighbors tell us he was screing for help and could not move because othe extent of his injuries. some of his clothingas ripped off as he was the quiet residential street. investigators went uand down th stree following the trail of blood, searching for evidence. police are looking for a pickup truck that hit this man right around 8:45 p.m. tonight. the victim was able to give police some informatn about the driver. we spoke with the neighborhood did all she cod to come for the man. i went out and he was in the middle of the road. almost his whole lower body was exposed.
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>> help me. he was doing a lot of talking so people were trying to get him to keep talking. jo: police are looking for the the man who was hit has severe leg injuries but police say he is expected to survive. he is being treated at the hospital. >> kids. ed: he did save tm and they were burned out of their homes. we're hearingbo the quick thinking rescuers as flames ripped through their home. shaun: this home is a total loss as you can see. some people'ssome people
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triple-decker. families inse escapes, some just-in-time. grandma and gabriel got a knock on the door and told to run. xe is a lifesaver, he saved my mom's life and my kids. -- think god. shaun: another stranger's knock got a rabbed and went outside. of the roughly 20 who lived here most escaped. firefighters had to rescue a woman. were bsting through the claims window. three people were taken to the hospital including a firefighter. the woman they rescued and another woman who had a seizure outside. 20 people now homeless.
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moms with young children either got home in disbelief. x we are live and we have mo chances. shaun: eh of those three people taken to the hospital are expected to be ok. what caused the fire is still not clr. j.c.: a man on a bicycle has been kil and colliding with a truck in methuen. state police say both the truck and the bike were stopped at a red light on merrimack street near the exit ramp from 495. the on the bike lost control when the light changed and he hit the side of the truck. the victim is a 58-year-old man from methuen. no charges have been filed. ed president-elect donald trump : expecting to announce later this week that he's struck a deal with carrier, to keep jobs in the united states.thair-conds planni to ,000 jobs to mexico, but the company tweeted tonight at its negotiated a deal to keep 1,000 workers at a
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tonight, all eyes on a new york cityestaurt where president-elect donald trump had dinner with former massachusetts mitt romney. incoming trump chief of staff reince priebus also at the table. romney, under consideration for etarof state. >> i had aonderful evening with president-elect trump. we had no discussion about -- we had discussion aut affairs ro these discussions have been enlighng and interting and engaging. ed: this the second meeting between the two men. trump has made his choice for treasury secretary. the 53-year-old began his career with goldman sachs on wall street. he h finand blockbuster
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j.c.: new details about the specsushot and kled by police in lynn. he's been seen before in a video that went viral. newscenter 5's mary saladna is live in lynn with what we've learned. mary: michael mcinnes was shot after he rubbed the gas station across the street. it was hardly his first brush with violent crime. shows michaemcinnis robbing the malden 7-11, he ughs up the store clerk prompting a 75 yr old customer to beat him off with a price stamper. prutors say today, that same michael nild uth gulf station along the lynnway, again assaulting the clerk. this time, police cornered him, and when he refused to take his hands out of his pocketsened fire. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> continued to come at the officers they moved back tried
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one of the officers fired his weapon hitting the individual. mary mcinnis was shot twice in : the chest. to be clear, responding officers hano idea it was m, a man with a long criminal history. they just knew the suspect had held up the gas station as was considered armed and dangerous -- and was considered armed and dang s.>> an individual went in there and claimed he had a firearm attempted to rob the store, a violent struggle ensued with clerk of the store. >> white male, brown hair, short brown beard. officers approached him, shoutg orderying peacefully end a tense situation, police say mcinnis refused to comply. he underwent surgery at mass general but dd his ones. both police officers and the store clerk r.o.k.. the sex county district ed the search for a burglar in
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shop. laconia police say the suspect entered through the basement of the great northern woods vape shop just after five this morning. the burgr got away with worth $5,000 of merchandise including forty vaporizers. c. behind the wheel in this deadly hit and n is being held on high bail tonight. poce say nilton gonclaves was iving the car that hit and killed sergio vallecillo on friday gonclaves turned himself in sunday afternoon. in court, his lawyers said he hescreaming and yelling at the scene but panicked and drove flames down south are about to get worse. three people are confirmed dead theierce ldfires. hundreds of homes are burned to the ground. : possibly fanning the flamesin even morovernight. the video was taken in a man's caas he tried to escape. he later got out. the wildfires have damag or destroyed hundreds of buildings near eastern tennessee's resort
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>> my hoe was gone and my business of 31 years is gone. it is a devastating time. ined rescuers are renot suf : there are more victims in the charred rubble. tonight isis is callinan ohio state university student who went on a bloody campus rampage, a soldier of the islic state. but at this point investigators have not connected 18-year-old abdul artan to the terror group. he was shot and lled by a university police officer afte people, then stabbing victims with a butcher knife. >> it felt like someone punched me in the han just that dull pain in your hand and then i lked down andaw my entire hand was full of blood. j.c.: minutes before the attack artan posted on facebook that he couldn't take the treatment of muslims. of the 11 people injured, three remain hospitalized, all are
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: plane crh in the mountains of colombia has been reduc from 75 to 71. there were 4 fewer people on the flight than originally thoht. many were members of a brazilian soccer team traveling to a tournament. six people did survive. the flight recorders from the british aerospace-146 have been recovered. colombian authorities say the il of the plane hit the top of a mountain, the rest of the jet sliding down the other side. tens of thousands filled havana's plaza of the revolution tonit. ing atndservice honoring the late cuban leader fidel castro. presidents from mexico, venezuelama,a, pannd south africa were among those there. the service featured emotional speeches, portraying castro as a fighter for the poor. the u.s. will send two top white house officials to castro's funeral but not an official delegation. j.c.: there's controversy flying tonight around a proposal to use drones to monitohighrime neighborhoods in new bedford. the new bedford police department currently has two drones in its arsenal. they're used primarily for search and rescue swat missions but city councillor brian gomes says the drones
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extensively. >> what i am trying to do is bring a tool, a mechanism sending a strong message to the kernel element out there that we have another tool and we wil use it to its fullest extent. : the police chief says he's open to expanding the use of idea raises major ivacys the concerns. it says police should have to get a search warrant before using a drone for surveillance. >> next on newscenter 5. during a violear cra. where she ended up that has people calling her a miracle baby. >> i will have the timeline of when rain pushes in.
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>> you arechgcvb newscenter fivet 11.j.c.: she'sa miracle baby tonight. an 8-month thrown 25 feet ouof a car as it crashed on an interstate highway itexarka, arkans.thbyur ed: amazing. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau explains her family is counting their blessings, because of where she landed. >> i know it was a miracle. nobody butod. : the mangled baby seat in the back empty. >> i got out the vehicle and i looked in the backseat and i saw my baby wasn't back there. so i started running up and down the highway looking everywhere for her. ben: from screeching metal, as r car, to a deafening since unbearable for jakesia colson, the baby's mother. >> i didn't hear no baby crying, no baby screaming. nothing. and i panicked. i thought she was gone.
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ben first respders started : searching hiway median covered withong pies of cut grass. >> the good samaritan who was ready down here searching said he heard something coming from this general area, and about that time, we were able to uncover some of this hay. >> yeah, we pulled this hay back from the gra. ben and right down there in a : storm drain looking or someone to pulher oubyyce hale. 25 feet from the wreck. nothing but a scratch on her forehead. >> there had to be some kind of divine interventn for her to d up bng ok the way she was. i wrwhe with y. i started crying andhag god, just prayed to god thank him for sparing my baby sparing us for not taking my angel away from me. she's my miracle baby. ben now there is an important : lesson in thcaat that baby bryce was wasot installed properly and shwas not restrained the seat correctly. thoscheck car seats.
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they are citing the tractor trailer driv for improperly changing lanes. ed road rage caught on camera in : california. argumever a parking space. you can see the woman who apto be the driver of the white suv slams into the silver suv the first time nearly taking the door off. again outside the parkint. other then as the white suv speeds off it sma into a fire hydrant sending water into the air. one after another. chain reaction. there's a new destination for it food-lovers in boston. j.c.: the italian marketplace eataly opened this afternoon at entialenter. it's the 4th u.s. location for eataly which counts celebrity chefs mario batali and lydia bastianich among its partners. the 45,000 square ot market is three stories, includes 4 restaurants, 10 eatees, and
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home. you can come here and get all the great products, ha full mills here but we are here about teaching yow to make pasta. j.c. city leaders say eataly's arrival isn't just a sign of development at the pru it also shows boston is on the map for food and culture. ed what is this, i am starving. >> we had a wet day out there. generay about a quarter to half an inch near the north shore nd, tw .the heaviest was south shore. they picked up an inch to in inch and a half. it keeps us in the drought situation but every lile bit lps. some dri out there more than anything else. this area over the cape has
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number two? it is down here. look at all the tornado watch boxes. this is an incredibly powerful storm. we are not going to get the severerms but we will get some of this moisture but it is a long way away. itilta a long time to get here. i do not think the rain will be moving in as early as it did. it will be more late afternoon when we start to see the downpours. older the city, shocked at how warm it is out there. 58 degrees. a southwesterly wind keeping us warmer. we have not dropped off. temperatures dpped down a few degrees. the winds have been busy out of thuth. still gusting down over the cape and the islands where there is a winddvisory. no winds but if you've gusts over 40,000 hours. we may see some patchy fog but right now, not much for fog.
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not a big issue. cloudy skies and patchy drizzle herer ther some patchy fog awe colder spots dropping downo maybe 40 but for most of us we stay in the upper 40's and some of us will not drop below the 50 degree mark. we have a cloudy morng than e showerstart ving ithe afternoon. high temperature 48o 50 gr wds will start from the nortest rather light. stronger in thafternoon. rano , a lot of gray skies and a hint of sunshine. a few p as places close to 50. through the afternoon, scatted showers and by 3:00 p.m., starting to get mo oaned and couple of hands showing up inal aas we head toward the eveg commute, scattered showers but not the downpour we h. it will slow traffic down but not ite as badly as it was
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its way through that is what will move through this time tomorrow night. dopours and of rumble of thunder possibility. finally on thursday after some morning rain it starts to clear way as we head toward the afternoo how did that break dowover the next sev days? it is a high impact whether day tomorrow. it may cause some ponding in the adways and slow things down.on a clearing bafternoon and holiday for the 48 degrees in the evening with partly cloudy skies. friday we clear things away, 48 degrees and lots of sunshine for saturday and sunday with high in the 40's. cooler than has been but the sunshine is back and that will be nice. monday and tuesday, a system coming through the west. timing is tricky. it may get here on tuesday or ho off till wednesday. it might be cold enough that we
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the roadways. j.c.: thank you. quite a night to celebrate boston. the we are boston gala held at the boston park plaza hotel tonight. ed the event featuring food, : music, and dance highlighting the city's diversity. i got to serve as the emce members of the businessg community. look at that move there. a silent ation held to raise money for charity. we are boston gala. to get the crowd do thatas fun. c.: a lite boy showing his appreciation to local police
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j.c.: they're called the tennessee 20. i am not a member of the group. 20 co-workers are splitting a $420 million powerball jackpot. they've come forward tonit. al w a pts manufacturer and have played as a group for years. it paid off during saturday's drawing. most say ty do plan to stay on the job, for now. ed a nice moment at the : framingham police department today. ofcersresented with a heartfelt thank you note from a little boy who lost his special teddy bear. the officers put up flie all over town, but when they uldn't find theissing bear, they got the little guy a new one. looks like they have a fan for life. good ending. new one. mike: great game in philadelphia. this thing went to overtime and
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here is mike lynch with sportscenter 5. powered by accent he. -- xfinity. mike: you pump 47 shots on a net, you should win a hockey game. that matters. bruins went to ot and a nine round shootout before losing to the flyers in philly, 3-2 the and peering that defic in half. less than a minute and a half later, tying the matchup at two apiece. that is the way it stayed. mrs. more exciting than a shoot
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we go to the shootout. top of the ninth round. phly gets one off the glove. >> and the flyers win. mike: bruins went to ot and a nine round shootout before losing to the flyers in philly, 3-2 the final. nting him to walk as a free agent, the patriots have given marcus cannon a 5-year extension worth $32.5 million. 14 and a half large are guaranteed. lots of folks are marvelg at the recent emergence of malcolm mitchell as one of tom brady's favorite targets. drafted in the fourth round out of georgia, mitchell caught seven passes through the first eight games but none for touchdown. the last two games against the 49s and the jets, nine receptions, 142 yards and three touchdowns. >> malcolm has taken advantage ofis opportunities to work in pracce, to me lays in
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transferring to the game. the best way to gain trust and confidence from your teammates is to go out there and perform and be well prepared and dear job d i think malcolm has tried to do that here. mike: one guy who tried to do the job was written porcello. today he was named the american league's comeback clear of the year. last year was nine and 15. this year and four. doc rivers in overtime. hit with a technical foul. and then gets tossed out of the game. we have never seen talk like this. he kept saying i d not s that this is reaction after he gets tossed out and takes three or four members of the pe a staff to hold him back. there was a lighter moment early on. paul pierce is 39, retiring at
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do not worry. a little fake cpr and get you up. that is the way it will go. some good-natured joking. good thing chris paul was there. doc rivers might need a litt bit of that in the locker room. they lose in double overtime. ed: he can go buhave not seen him go like that. >> there are scattered showers in the afternoon. it in the first part is ok. this time tomorrow night downpours coming through. they linger into thursday morning but it will clear by thursday night.
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the traps to watch out for as holiday shopping season kicks into high gear.
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? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim withhe gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. and want to have people having blue cross blue shield,. i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, cause i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's tonight, benedict cumberbatch, isla fisher, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from flatbush zombies. and now, moving right along -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ eers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thyou. thank you. ve nice of you. hi, everybody. thank you. i'mm i'm e hostf the show. thank you for watcng. thanks to all of you for coming. wow, that'very nice. i'm glad you're with us. you know, we have a good one tonight.


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