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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 30, 2016 7:00am-8:53am EST

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good morning, america. deadly vaateporte torna tear through t south. there's a tornado right there. >> dtrin hes and demolishing a day-ce center. th thugh tennessee. >> g go, go. >> the large tn a century. through a terin path of flames. y house is on fire. >> leaving a tilf stction, now weather is on the way. >>ing president-elect trump with a major announceme about his ncab dinner with fme rival m roeyovernight. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can l usohat better future. sculaon now grov the race to be sey of state. as trump'seam announces a deal to keepundred obs her the u.s
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one driver wrestling another. then backing into his truck and attacking wit a shovel. what sparked the rampage? the search right now for the suspect. and jackpot. pete the tennessee 20. the co-workers ae auto massive4 powerblo e of the b.gest wait uil you hear theecretoffic. the winners are joining us live only on "gma." america. we're veap thaky group of kers you can says the ult office pool. >> it is the ultimate office our --rybo eve he said if that hapned herehere wld no o here to do thekers >> we'll see. >> we do know a lot are giving
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os majoriliresparking thsands of evacuatio and tornads asobin tearing through the south. rob rciano tracking it all. good morni, ro >> good morng. we thought it would happen and did. just a frightening night acros the south. nsf structure damaged. ne dozen tornadoes acrs fours. powerful made for a frhtening nio doubt. >> there's the tornado right >> let go >> r tornoes port louisiana to tennessee. this is what it looked like in damaging busess animals roam the roads. three killed all in the se trailer. four children in critical condition after a day-care ceer w completely destroyed.sho morning. in issii,ongin ov 60 miles per hour flipping over trucks, damaging barns.
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be and tngs that were til over o near tiltedr and we'r really lucky nobody was to way. >>orter: this sto decimate police out in forceo everyone is ay we ha deputies s from the north end ofheobe bryant to theouth en >>his is not unusl in this area thise of year. we cal dixielley but heartbreaking nonetheless. moveseast. up through chattanooga wherehech severe line i getting into the fire zone. the's gainburg, some heading there and expect heavy rain uhereortunately the dage is done. >> yes, it is d,rob, we have linzanndtay the in gatlinburg, teart o the re zone. morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morng, heavy w whipped up those roames again overnight but as mentioned the rain h
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for firefighters w are out overnibattlihe blaze a going door to door searching for the missg. >> go, go, go, >>r: the governor calling it t larn tenssee in 1 de >> comgone. >> reportecorching hundr homes and businesses. >> we're notoing to make it >> reporter: more than 1000 forced to flee the ror tow of gatnburg and pigeon rg atmpts fro firefighters to snuff outhe ames several cabins theretroyes a statement saying she isyi for all the filies afcted by the fire. thisim lap shows how quickly t flames spread. .weeping acros t nearby these aerial sts showes flattenereduced to rubble. carsurned out. the only thing sre a
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wi be criti in pting out fires like this one inhis burned down motel. here w are now homeless. >> w lt my house last ght the f was about 100 yards fmhe house. >> reporte k, aal l ministerays he came straight to this makesht shelter to help others telling us dodds injuries as they eed the flames. >> we were dngit 70-mile-pehour wind it just exploded. >>eporter: agn, this will help put an end to ay nger s situaon re. >> we certain hope they right. linzie, thanks very much. the latest o the trump the presilect-e making key appointmentsis economi team as 13eklation srls around mitt romney as secretary of state after that intimate dinner st nit. chi it mustave uite a dier. after arm one of
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yo,itt romney who once called trump aangerous fraud th a isive message who eone the longt raledbrighter with applause t enterede pricey inside therump internaal ho and. garlic soupsn tow.ff chops fomney. roey called tmp a fraud during thecampaign. as a potti secretary of ate. >> i happen to thinkhat amica's best days are ahead of presidenelt ump i w >>eporter: buts re i serious opposition toomney from someums top aides. ther massaus governor i't thenl option
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tuesday. >>e needs to chooseeo he's ver comfortable with that he knows there's going to be no >> reporter: trump is quickly lling upinet posts including his f major icappointment. treasuryrery t is expected to t his campaign finance chaian steven mnuchin whent 1 years working for goldman sachs. former bush administrat labor cretary elaine ao transportationartmen chao is well kwn onapit hi as t majoty leader mitch mcconnell b together onerump advocate is chiding tpresident-els continued use of itter. newt gingrich criticized him for pushing allegations o voter >> t pre of the united at randomlyet wiout havg sody c out. it mes you wonde about
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>> reporter: tomorrow prent-elt trumeads t indiana to is cal tha ytour. he'll srt with announcement, a deal to keep a conditioner company carrier i indi the company had pnn to move the facility and its40obs to mexico. but, geor, detailsft factory in end that have not bere gover m we don'tnow all theai t liky to save 1,000jobs pretty big w for president-eltump. >> it's a win. people in midwest think nobody advocated for them. alp gets tin w it's a bigeal fohim. the questionn says, what did he hav to give away and othwhat companies are going g romney and donald trump right now. pretty remarkable givenhat romney said during the campaign.
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>> nos not done and i don't think anything is done with donarump until it's formally announced. the reversal is stunning. dive for mitt romney is more than a 1/2 reverse somersault with a tuck position. it's greater that and i would think it would make more see for jim harbaugh too to work for uan meyer of the ohios coacn this move mitt romney is making. >> a reversal for both. trump him a fake, a phony, a fraud and con man. >> what romney did not do is apologize. the question, is that required in trump's mind? we don'tnow the answer to that yet president-elect on twitter rly ts rn several different tweets including one that c b very significant saying that on december 15the and his children will hav ass nference announcing how th'll handle the business going ar press conference.l big the kids withere.
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company. several tweets on is oays ieel as visually impor as presint to in no way have a conflt of interest with nye var business. if he turnsheompany over to his children, as he has said before, ivanka trump a b part of that. ivanka ump's husband jared kushner is i am told goingo be going to washington,n the west wing withesent-elect. >> devil in the detai on this. we'll watch t fascinating thing getting wifr tn press coers. >> the wayatco righow tobin. rolina, where pice sth michael slager is on tor a shooting. breang down during his e testimony. abc's steve osunsami is there in charleston with the details and reaction. epter: goomorning to yorobin. this case could go to theury today. we could hear clonguments this afternoon.
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but he clearly wted to tell hishis ton words. at times he was tearful. by this.milyas been des the scott's famil h been destyed by this. it's horrible. >>orter: north chice ficer chl ager was herehe witness stand trying to convie jurors he'ot a murderer sayinghat he killer scott in 2015 because at e >> and at that point i made the decision to useetha force >> repr: b psecuteke how dan co fromhe officer unarmed.nade sla and hold a tape ruler t show how far scott ran befe slar te ring it was 18 feet. >> i didn't know what was going on wh a thato i firedy firearm until thrt was oppe >>eporter: shortly after the shooting slager told
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that it fell tohe ground. slager says the two fought the taser in a struggle that happened before the cell phone recording. but he had trouble explaining what he's seen doing here.cking s . i don't know whdrped itr to ground but i did pick it up seconds ter. it becau i was policingy gear? i can' en answe to that. >> reporter: lawyers for ott's family says itooks t them like slager was mr. scott's dead body. >> reporter:t isould take a fieo the crimece today. up to lifen uilty. robin. >> keeping a close eye on this. michael. >> t that devastating plane ash with the brazilianocr am on board.
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loss, six people miracously made it out a david keryas boxes.d theve recered t >> reporter: that's gh miael. s, they have the black boxes theruepord an ng so do those boxesecording information th couolve mystery? having pulled sixurrs fm this crash scene, teams recovered odies of those who did not rve. and the black boxes which could crashedaking stunne fans overnight holding a vigil. the shock seen on the face of one o thet fans and two injured players who makethe tri ever finals.e waseaded to medellir art wch i abc's steve ganyard has flown into thatrt with the colombianry. >> even at ytimeis a
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weather and highaltitude. he pots repor yefe the aircraft ure and an tail hit a mountain t rest of theet slid downhe t other side t how did tse six people survive? the wreckagel hel provide the answ. increasing the odds of surviv, ose sitting withinowof an exit e fe better thanhose in window seats. >> there's noay to game it and back will h i the fnt the every misp i a unique. flier' side. oalread o re than 95%f plane crash victims rvive. in ct, pfessor who stues this says you have a b chance ofecomin president of the uted states or winni an olympic golmedal aob ize, michael, than ever dying in a plane crash. >> wow. i ve one question for you. itwhy is better to sit in a aisle than window at.
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to the exit. has to move two ge >> all right, da mes a lot of sense. to amy w tith morning's other stop stoestartin wit e big development in tt escape from the california jail. >> tha yight igine peo he been ondg san j for week now but overnight we learned of tnmates who escaped last wednesday has been captured nearby. laron campbell was one of four men who saw second floor winwn the jai and used bedsheettopeground. oneee is still on therun. well, isis now claims the somali refugee w went on that rampage a ohio state u was one of soldiers students held a vigil for1peopl. the attacker'samily says h gave no hint he was pnng anything police say he bough the knife used in the attack just one day earlier.> well hdreds of thousa
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stro's ashesl now be taken to thetern p of t island where the revolion std.p ite house aide and dipmat to ay funeral. >>well, a fender bender spked amatic case of road rage i england. the guy inhe greentaed wrestlg t other driver thenhe gd ashed. look at that. into thethtruc and went on the aackrned with a sm the guy's window. poli are nowing to finay one daredevil took ring his bike to new heights. he rode across- look at. thiss the t of a 650-foot-high d balci on it. he had aopend guide and said it wn't a safe to do it as yomi it wasll for a gopro camera contest and took h seven tri to get acro
7:17 am
adnane rush hever had. i'm sure. >> what de win? another gopro? >> all for a camera, guys. >> more power to him. >> gege,e haveain movin across much of the eastern third of the couny. check it out.time it ou new orlt it. d.c. will geit, as well and 95 around rush hour, wtry mix across parf mai by ill looking atvyainn th northeast including new england and we'll take it as miserae as locally 3 inches possibl right there into the fireone we are looking at t for pot sengore tns
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>> good moing, i'm meteorologist ndy fitzgibbon, 45 degrees and a mild start, mostly cloudy skies,ll watcomereas of fog, espeallyhe cape, but more rain comes just a few spot sh into the overnight, heavy the rxits est tngle of ter, the rxits est tngle of ter, tomorrow, it a mild start the >> mentioned the winter weath across parts of maine t ist. wasto new hampshir abt 6,000 f you l the winter weather. i knll of youdo.
7:19 am
>> ill get here. >> reminds me of chstmas. yoow what, it isal christmas for the obama i the white house. first lady mhelle oba gotok up amazing decorationsrounde theme for this year,ift of theholidays. and take aook at the butiful tree ihe t blue room and these giant replicas of the as dogs sunny and boad out of rn so very gingerbread houseadwith 150 pounds ofgingerbread. unds of icing.dough and0 oo. >> who i bra enough to break of thest pie? >> i like agingerbread house. a eat. congp the mystery growing over those terri new details in that california supermom's abduction. was the message bra o her body we have those p
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price, stories we're following, police loohe hit in the city of tauntedden the. man was hit at cottagereet theno blocks. the man has serus injuries but isxpected to survive. president-elect donaru formerchussats governor had dinner in new york city lasf staff reince prieb. romney ing considered for the position of secrary of state. managers in the commonwealth say sales are trending dowisn, 2 fi year, thetery commission says the gam are suffering becauseeople don't carry asuch cash. theyant to move sal online. nvenience store ownersre opd to that. b
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>> we have had visibility issues today. you have got it, not bad in boston, justhe clouds,og on the cape,outhernew hampshire, and out in parse of nort worster county. ds off until lunchtimeng off. to thefterno and temperatures in the 40s now, and still uo the lower 40s today and by mid afternoon we're bacin the steadie rain, downpours, and int theovernit, t exit first thing tomorrow, and l dry out, it loi another one to two inches of rain on the way, andooat the tempures, first day of december, and we'll weekown, and sunshine for your geyou out to theoadsgood morning, olessa. morning, cindy, green line, d branch has mor delays. wating this water mainwe're breakn boston, par neland to to essex.35 minesack e spt and slow south of town on 24, 95 and rte 3 from ymouth, pike eastbound, about 35, 49o28.
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it's like you... it's like yoad? ? mi! lookt that devastation fromhose deay tornaes tearing through the south ovnight. 23 twisters repord fm louia to tennessee. roying day-carer. without power. we also havedfs burning tennessee forci thousands toevacuate. t growing overho will be donald trump'secretary of state after romney overnight.rival mitt trumpsls mg morecabit appointme reveingewetails about what he planso do with his take aook at this pipeline explosion in ouri just miles from the ksas ci airpt. flames shootin into the sky. e fire eventuayurned itself out. ord yet on what sparked that re. nd y guys know what we'reogue goinghis morning.
7:31 am
in the laxy, diego luna, a ainnhe n str"stars" vi join us live. >> speaking ofcitement, how excited eryone is about seeing this film. it had one ofhe biggest days ever for tt presales in box office hiory.>> like $20 milli >> reallyincredible. good luck getting tickets on december 16th. >> a lotore on that coming up. we get to new details abo she went missing.eeks after the sech for her capto is intensifying as husband shares disg tails saying she wasbatted, bruised even branded. abc's kayna whitworth is in redding, california, with the latest. od morning, kayna. >> reporter: ah, george, good morning. sherri papini's husband keith saying she endured intense physical agonynd severe mental rture during her 22s b held capve ahat ultewas sherri's will to survive that brought her
7:32 am
this morning,he terrifying details of sherri pani's alleged kidnapping coming to her iuries police now sayhe was branded, a message burned into her sk. >> ild think that t was some sort of either an exertion of or control an maybe some type of messageha the brand contained. >> did they say sometng oas it a symbol. it is not a symbol but it was a message. >>eporter: her husband keith weeksn wch his wife was tormentedhysically and mentally, telling "a, she ighed just pounds and was covered in multicolored bruises, severe burns,ed rashes and chain rkin. he signatureong blond hair had en chopped off.>> obvus aer who may have wd to not only
7:33 am
34-year-d stay-at-home mom was abduct whi jogging near her home in a small in northern california whe s wit usband keith an electronics salesman and tir twokids. 22 ds later s recovered inestraints side of a highway50 milesay. leasg ts victim after holdingor aretty extended period of tim does make sense to me. it just increase the risk level of the offender polly. >> reporter: accordingo the fb wereeay 85,000 missing person the over 18,000 of them involuntary . onlybout victi returning home ale. now, invgaith sherri papinior ard timeerda ye so we're hopinto hea today
7:34 am
whicheads the next question,hy let her ll, we don't know circumstances. diese two women, arehey part of th gro organization, whatever it mig beecide this th pic her up and place her along the sidef t rd s e ctext ulear. >>e know now from her, the two wom seeme to peopleeold whugh that other someg le this? think so bec there
7:35 am
branding, the cutng ofhe hair,s lik i'm ting to makeou part of whatever we what tir e erhegroup, inking might be. d the longer you do at, rson tnecomesor dendent on you tosu at's wy want >> a lot of inter c, oh was this some kdf. the sheriff saying he ruled that out. knowing from what you know from the outsideo you rulthat well. >> absolutely. y'r going to disappearyou goino >> t fal es rdom or yo ta? any uesther >> i'm going random and random because she's a woman out ing, maybe she does it at theame t each da perha this group wer looking for a particular size on ape, etcetera. he just grabbed her. it could be an opportunity grab w i'm ting tosay. >> okay, braett, thanks very much.
7:36 am
the rapper still in t hl after that breakd about his condition now. w g some of the tennessee 20, the lucky lotto winn joinin us live only on " w minutes. $420 million whoo! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? en a cold call ...answer it. wi ziy. it shord
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we welcome you t f big boa we'l get tortory in just and rs l's start with kan west.the rapper canceling his t an hostali las wee for exhaustion. now, "people" magazine is reporting west is under, quote, constant watch for safety. coe joinssh editor t of concern re. at can you tl ? >> you know, i think is right for people to b coned.
7:39 am
theak o all this, she i nso in bringing the ks to see kanye in the hospital which tnk is actually kind of understandable. you kn, it could beery daht n to see their dad r in a hospital rm in a hos bed. so s'seepi them away for now. much longer he's even going to n the hoital. s birthday i coming upn cember 5th.
7:40 am
magazine is out this friday if you want toead more on that sty. up next, a heated debate abou random drug teing. an indiana school board is facing backla for a measure that requires certain high school students to concept to surprise reening. an we sat down and you said, boy, we ve a debate going on here. a lot of parents, this is dividi the community. a lot ofhem feel like this is invasion of privacy. others think is fair. >> it was a 3-2 vote and definitely legal, the reason is legal is because you're talking about extracurricular acndvies students whoarn caus. subject to random drug are screenings. the supreme cour weighed i on is in 1995 d said it's oy tot ks playing sports in 02. they sai it's okay to tt kids re bly invold in extracurricular activities. ether it's idea is a pate issue from whether it'sleg. and it actually ests in a half the schools in end that ght no
7:41 am
but if i don't play sports -- >> if you don't engage in extraccular tivities. this is why it's a bad idea. i think if you say to people if you eng in eracurricular acvities you're suddenly subject to drug testing. what does that mean, that mns at, i just won d ther lso t abilityo cheat on these tests and there's also e fact that theseting n' effective. american academf pediatrics is strongly coming ouai we got t dadshe. we gwo moms on the boards well. >> dan is fir up. >>ec wants to weigh in. >> i jp in here becauset theigh cl in our town they breath lyzth school dances d that makes sen to me when they breath lyzing for alcohol. now, as a par m philosophy is a like u.s. foreign poli trust butvefy. buthat's myesponsibility as a parent. i don't want an organization
7:42 am
>> thatrue how about you, kate? the middle.own somewhere in i have two boys who are approaching adolescence in just a few years and for met this point anything that serves as a potential deternt if ts testing proves to have that impact to deter people a opposed tustunish the after thefa, has a sort of appeal to me i can see the allure something that would scare my kids off of mbe going a little too far on the weekes. >> i'm with kate on t i just --as the sject of randrug testing as an athlete. come over heright now and u -- if you do the right things you have nothing to worry about. i don't want them punished for a mistake that stick with them for the rest ofheirives b i do agree with kate ifhere's methino deter them. >> the remedyspris to be they can cheat and there's also the argument that marijuana, for th har d so could e detectable
7:43 am
anyw, a lot ofuff. >> you kw how we feel here so at home we'd love to hear you weigh in as well. ow to what cou be one of the hotifts of the h season, drones and cue the drone. >>ah. >> but there is a new report otn drone. >> sounding the a bells abt the rise of drone jackis wher hackers literally take device. becky, you are our expert on this. i know thi was a gift for your tell u more aut this. whato you think? >> we'veeard stories of drones taken ouynnoyedeighbors with a shotgun but this ror predictse'll see drone tak over by hackers, using a laptop, software, directionalized antenna. you have one in the studio. you have aing computer basicall parentak o that the kid's holiday toy will be pched out
7:44 am
anticipate iillt w start th highiv end stuf maybe rialtography tore l forcement but i have an image oft crying a package and it's like a pinata for a sophisticated thief. >> forget abo walking into somebody's door and taking a package. they literally hijack your drone. >> no drone zone i say. >> so -- >> easier t grab it drone on thehristmaslist? >> , i'm actually really th redt because i h crossed it oy lis already and now i feel fully i wasn't getting one becse i smash it whin the first 48 nowt's like ea hacking. another reason not to do it. >> as aom you're always justified, kate. you're a mom. >> actly. it i about 48 destroyed >> how do the twins like the dronesm last christmas, bey?
7:45 am
it was trashed by the e of the christmas day. >> wow. >> goingo be ashristm tree. >> absolutely not. neighbors to have them.t my yeah, mean i don't want it but that's the more important to me than noty -- >> i had a neighborho had one. wasn't a goodghborl thing to have. >> that' quiet. >> waiting to s how close he can get tohan. >> er caught it. coming upn minutes the the tennessee 20 powerball winners are jni us live talk about tt $420.9 llion jackpot. ? ? la vie est belle
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? ? not about the money ? >> therehey ar the tenness 20ky co-workers won a masse powerballck jat. more tha $420 million. >> oh. >>'s talk to somehe winners includin amy o'neal
7:48 am
oni knows was eight years in the mg so how does it feel? >> oh, my gosh, it'sll surreal. i'm sh it's wonderful. good to see you hd that big ch le that. yoknow,amy, a lotf us joke and say, oh, if i hit it big i'm not coming to work ny. you all really enjoy the work that you'rdoing t was your boss a little concerned he uld have 20 people walking out on e job all of a sudden? >>es, and we're in quality so it's more technical and he can't just bring somebody in off the street so he was rely rvous. and he was like, i'm happy for y'all but please,lease don't walk o on me a we told him, on you. notng to wut for the os thas going to it we'll giveou time to g a replacement. >> good o you guys >> the ones that going to quit so there are se that are going to after you trained you
7:49 am
>> there are a coupl that are going to stay >> that' great.>> and i have a . >> i'd say 500. >> amy, i have a queio i'm sure a lot of people are do with themoney?ng to any plans? what are your ans? >> oh, well, at first it was just a shock to know so you have nk ato thiut it, o of e things, of course, is take f mend my family and kids a pay. get ready for retirement. the next thing is, you smoky mountains com sunda on vaon a so now it's to help them. that's one of the bigge things and help mac county, the community.omf the money goingo ity and i know another big question a lot of people have who watching is, any advice oth office pools? how do you win? >> well, you never expect you're ever going tod, know, so
7:50 am
we've enjoyed it and w pick on each other but don't give u beus a you c miracles >> yeah.n. >> you guys did note . no question about at. we're just happy forach and every one of you. >> yes, we are. >>njoy the rest of your dayt >>nk guys very much. coming, so much excitement forhe new "star rs," "gue one"'s die luna here live > coming up "gm fall concert seriesresented by know ht is, d you feel obligated ding o somethack. maybe your aunt seou a crochetescarf, you sent a thank you note... d the crochet just kept on coming. we, at carx, youon't have to return the fav. they'lbuy your car even if dou a car from them. because feelingad is uncomfortable.
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>> welcome back to amm. it is november 30th whicheans it's the of hurricane season ich is supposedo begin o june 1st but this yre had alex whi del the in the bahamas in januaryohis is th lonst hurrica asn record and it was above average about where we season, kirkwood. fresh powder where the stoke level is high, i ld. nheed and free southwest.d watches across s oh
7:55 am
cc1 test message brouto you by st.e children's research ho
7:56 am
>> i'm randy price, th eopener tracking se of thestorio ityc but on the cape, li watchor ore,ed omg iou and after lunchtime, a temperatur to 50 degrees andpohowers through lunch b rn gets avy r eving commute, d i's with us into the another onwo inc of rafa, and it exits fir thing tomorrow morning, and offber, aooler with sunshine for the wke y out to th rds, good morning. >> goodorni.
7:57 am
from nand too essex. sloou of avo and also a crasovoute0 she route 9,i is ae connector.o the lever ray. >> tis a areavoid, a th the city of boston washington streein the chinatown sectio they. our crew is onhecene a says pavement isuckling a the city has been working to shut off the valves. you are encouraged to avoidh thugh this home, three peoplere. this feir bke out da tnk totrdegerst out theome is a tta ls. what caused the fir
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good moramerica. it's 8:00 a.m. path of destruction. terrifying wildfires in see,4,000 people evacuated. hundreds ofomnd businesses burned. >> my hse is on fi returning h to t dister ne. and at w with scientology. leah remini's new be >> whatou're about to see sheds light on the truth of wheally gng on wit now scientogyeaders firing back. why remini is demanding more than mliolla from the ? my house ? >> one-oone wit jeff gordon. e nascar champ on racing, whethe he's th al-life ricki bobband hisecre talent. cue ? call me jeff gordon with th navigation ?
8:01 am
>> you'relloing this, i want to help. >> theta of the brand-new "sr wars" movie, lgoa here live. >> a you with me? >> all the >> as we say -- ? rudolph theer sed ca. >> sprised him. >> wriseeach other. >> thas t te her thi h ning. with her versi o >> christmas. getng close. yep. >> and tha guye just were laughing th, t new "ar wars" movie aheta of i all, diego luna and so many excid fans t motion excited of all is diego's son so e going to talk to him about th in a le bit. >> he's been a wars" fan so what a dream. you know we asked all of you to
8:02 am
yourvideo, pictures,ow you make them. ers, sally reese in o front o a christmas tree inew york and accompanied by ary about h grandmother's norwegian christmas cookies, i want toay i waswondering, i was curious, i had never sn anhi likethis i have alreadyecated -- >> they're good. >> butter cooki withingue and conut on top. >> this is really good. >> verymoist. >> really, really good. amy will do thesnhe rngrundown. >> the big y, t deadly orms i t. ported from louiana to nne a tilled in alab ang theured children i c conditio after their dayar was destyed. strong winds damaged hundred of meanwhile, pe are just
8:03 am
stn tennessee.e oplere conrm de. 14,000 people h to ecuate is there with all the latest. od morning, linzie. >> reporter: overnight more wi whipped up thosemes but the rain has already started coming down. is morning it'sxpected for of t day andfficls say they hopehat wl help putan dangous here. the goverrling this fire thegest in over 100 yrsn tennessee. forced to flee. the two tourist towns o gatlinburg and pigeoforge, ny ofhe they d almost no time treact. some runng from their burning homes, other descring their escape as dvinghrough . one local off sayin thosewis w d up t re, no one could havere this.
8:04 am
there. linzie, thank you. > aew annouement from president-elect dontrump. saye will remhielf from hisompanies so he c, e, fon e cotry. today he is heading to indianapolis after reaching a alarrier tp nearly 1,0 fro moving to mexo and last n h d with mitt romney who later airumpxpressed confidence in his leadership 'snning about-face fromarer this year when trump has yet to sayf h choose romne for secretary of state. meanwhile,ruas picked formeroldm sachstive steve uchinrom -- for treasury cretary. > a deadlycc at cirque du soleil in san francio. aec died af lieqpment. police andy regators areal. brazen theft in new york city. take a look at this man. he walkeupor tck
8:05 am
that bucket weighed about 90 pounds and the man is still o s. finally, mystery that's truly for therds. constr woronrs in new zeand baffled by the orange traffic cones which were moving well, they went to videotape to chk out. look what they found. birds flyg und the cones to move them. the workers thihe were ing tricks to get some human attention an hopefully some a bd pun but that's wh i >> i whe you pause, like,waitor. bring it on home. >>ne wel as always, amy. thank you.ow a "ws."pone you. y,elco back, robin. "pop time. matthew mcconghey raised eyes whtaed i that lincoln he's trading it fo.
8:06 am
hittinghe strts f a great cause. it's the pgram that gives students frees providing so t wal he with them on campus any timede beeenp.m. and 2:00 a.m. to ensure a safe rurn to t rmn case the perhaps a little dazed a confused. it is not nut bec important in the aftermath of at youngemale studentle k george, know inging that.w, prident ba when it started in the 1980s. it was a wal progr f t longest time t after this killing he and h wife bought the golf cart a it's really making a differenceut there. and thank you for bringing that > also i "p news," this morning, hpy to report wedding vows aavorite "dancin with the sta" pro. bals tying the kt with girlfri. >> when did this ppen? >>his past weekend.
8:07 am
t. >> not a boy. >> nope. >>ut there sanonica weing. she wore -- >> george says that under hi breath. so we hear it. >> look at thesepi go ahead,ust roll them slowly e rlly is one of the most beauful brides i've ever seen. i don't know whathose -- there's the ests. incredible bejeled headec and ballas starring in b "jersey ysro other, a year-old rescue dog and julianne and guess wha they did at the reption. ncing.everybody catch mark in " boys." see more the wedng o people's bsit they're wai until mark is w broad t
8:08 am
> ll'm hapeport. this, the exercise industry can ame when it comes to know but se yr life expectancy, a stu byl ports medicine" analed,000adule th leset and found one sport that was game, set and matchbove t rest. >> oh. your sport. >> tennis, badminton 56% l liky people w play them a lot a 56% likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those who swim or do aerobi. george, not getting rid of me kind of surprising, though. >> ye,agreed. escialing and especially iou saw me on the tennis court you would think i dny mome. ow often do you get ae toy nnis. >>ot a l because'm still recovering.
8:09 am
ecauneed hipurry is i walaying a lot, three to four times a week. so hopefully many yea to co that'sp ws,"everybody. >> all ight, lara, cg up leah remini'sew and very public battle her former religion. what the church of scientology has to say a it. as mlions lk love there a new warninow you could become a target and what to do if it haens toou. capit o for "the jennifer garner card" d uch a dad thing too. s name the woman from capital oneaid r. garner,re yatnned to ?" kind okingith him. dd to tell her, , "as a er ois myddle so now dadhe ven card, he's earning his double miles, and he made a friend at the mpany. give your home t giftu of huges nice job dad. so now dadhe ven card, he's earning his double miles,
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with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, thtransfer, or payment each month to waive mthly fee. re alright
8:13 am
first epi of her new docu-series "leah remini: scientology and the aftermath." >> i hope tt this proct at ast validate your pain is real. reporter: a&e's eight-part series followsormer membe of the church and stories. remini's fight against t church inhihe raised beganhen she quit three years hr with the release of her book sce withi r" ich s scientology. >>eally did believe that i had one-up on everybody becse i had this scitology thin >> repter: the church said h wat publicity. as for her n sw insists it is full of lies and said it is doomed to be a cheap realy tv >> she needs to move on with her lifenste of pathetica exploiting her fmer religion,
8:14 am
>> reporter: remini tells "the trying to stops shorom happening. er trying disparage my name. >> w youto [leep ] people's lives and fies i'll >> rorter:emini is now demanding $1.5 milln shte"the hlywood report" it's a respoe to thehor thent me. also in tha interview remini claims that back when she was starring in the cbs sitcom "the e crch u then boss, lessmove the ief exutive offic o cbs corporion.ay i got to call les moonves at cbso try to get a 60 minutes rept squashed. she made the call but moonves o intervene. rch to cruise and cbs for a stament and they did not respond. i sat down f an int with leah remini last year in which alre of the chuh for her
8:15 am
>> soor a kid who was always toth people, t bpart o a herself faith where had a missi to save -- savepl. lanet. deal in yes, and because b scientologists view children as spiritual beings youe not treated as aido you'reiv lot of responsibility. inflated. omes extremely i fiet the remini says her new chchas torn apart. somethghe she knows all too well aft friend to the religion. the church ofcientology says in a statement to abc news, it is sad that leah remini wishes to exploit for money those who when no one else was willing to tolerateer behavior. aming the church.needs to stop for "good morning america," dan harr, abc news, new york. >> and we are back with chief legalst dan abrams heristory
8:16 am
from tchurch. >>solutely. scientolog notorusly litigious and will pct what iew a their reputation. to great. so as result, youan count on the fact that a&e went through evhing she said line b line an seping o opinionm fact, righ as a leg tt, she canive her opinion about things. the dangers as a legal matter are stating somng a a fact o they had enough suprt for the variou factual claims that she's making here. >>hat i the standard there for a church as opped to a public figure on the factual claimsy is i enough for it just to be wrong. >> the same becau the church isn't an individualut bacally the same legal standards apply asould app to a. and result is ad lawsuit to take so we're seeing a lot of back and f here
8:17 am
going back and rth. back. of demding goi not ing want a 5 ll in million dollars. that soundsike a fr amnt. this isn't a lawit yet. these are just threats back a forth and i don expt it's ever going to end un court. >> . we'll be right back. cal day. there is nothing typical about making movies. i'm viia alonsand i'm an ecutive producer... we are very much hands-on proders. if my o.. fast and portable but also l. you don't do this 14 hours a day, 7 days week f... if you don't feelin your heart. list, i know my super poweis to not ever sleep. that's it. that's the only super power i , i' micke. i've been fortunate o win golf's est stages. but when joint pain and iffness from priatic arthr hit...
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8:21 am
eople from all over the try.this is ily. >>t' rht.orning, america good morning, got some fog a rn in later. re by for "star wars" act cindy:morng. dense fog do oth cape. more heavy rain this afternoon.
8:22 am
evening into the overnight all right. w hose datingngs, you can face them onli. millions usipps to find love but manyomen are becoming rgsua. abc's rebecca jarvis is h with more on our n series crossing the line. people are using datingpps for compannship butany of them haraed.even t c interiter behavior problemn his site and the company is working onls fix's how some men ar fiting b onlineat apps havehanged the waye date. but tse app have also transformed the world sexual harassment.
8:23 am
people are too sensitive. i think people aren't sensitive enough. >> reporter: take a lookome he r images sent to women online. vulgar messageng from you vei want to g yo dental nt. and other too obs to repeat. and when guys are rejected, the. slut says one and you could be a model if you lost a ltle weight, sweeth. do you t unhealthy partf the datg appd.o alandra tweet says she received dozens o harassingmess apps. >> sexistnd hateful yeah, that reall surprised me. rr: s s decided to creating this igrampage, efepe publicly shami
8:24 am
totop harassing messas pictures onl media. >> not every man harses women bu woman you know been harassed at se point. >> rorter: in august this post on twitter went viralfter a unan publicly showed how even a picture of her headphones sparked lewd sexual vances. one man's response, you weang those and nothing else, that would be heaven. >>ss asselt of person who is getting t persho is sending the commen. >> reporter: according to the pew research cente 42% of women who on date have been hassed and while line, 26% of young women s they peenlkin and are targets of online sexual harassme what's thespillover effect of thi kind of behavior in thesees of interactions i li? >> you feel afraid. u feel thatou can't gout in the cyberworld without
8:25 am
>> definitely tnk anonymity pro to pos buthat suld somne wan do if you getth >>ouan speak out to the offeer. tell them to top in noncertain terms and block them. i thin as these websites are sif yourself as a customer, a consumer. you tell the website what's goin on. you eak out. youalk abouthe fact that th is going on or y even consider stop using the website because ultimately that's going to hit the at their botm line. that's going t >> bottom line has the big eve time. ank you, rebecca. e twe appcit and now let's upstairs to lara. >> all right, thank you vy much.we with diego luna,ne of tars of the holiday's hottest movie,ar war
8:26 am
lfrom wb an5, this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener upda antoinette: good morning. stwe're following right no large ter main breaksingau is in boston. scene and saysater has jt been restored. police are looking for the hit and run driver who dragged a man in taunton. they say a man w by it pick-up truck near cottage street and draggedor seval blocks. the vict is expected to survive. morng. look tside this we a waiting on another round of rain. ci r tn thway later today. it is 44 right now in boston.
8:27 am
steadier rain by 3:00 this afternoon. heavy rain at times evening into the overnanother 1-2 inches of rain e way. a warm start. probots if you are heading water ma breaks still out there. there is a crash on the kest at the ted williams tunnel. 93tays slow to the leverettet. connector. toin: will have another news, weather, and traffic
8:28 am
8:29 am
cc1 test message test tex the trumpets they go ? [ applause ] ? the trumpets the g? we welcome you back. what a wonderful audience that havhere. i'm telling you.>> yeah, i love. >> love that. whyon't you kick things off. we are very fesve here at "gma" and in the holid mood. orge and iere at party st night. omes to the point you'r done nc >> like 6:30. >> we wereut tl5. that was late night. ur timeast. but do you say goobye the to host? that ishe newebat that's out there right now. >> sure. >> there is a study.
8:30 am
said, okay, if you're at a party and more than dozen peopl in attendance you sulday good-bye to the host. that's one day -- >> if there's more or less. >>h dozen you have to saygood-bye. >> otherwise you can do the -- >> right. the ish -- >> call it ghosting. and if there's more than dozen, you don't necessarily have to say good-bye tohe host. here's the cavea i have. i have to leave things early a lot because of this a you don't want to do this whole thing i'm nut you yb tell the hostad oft and time but you don want -- >> you don't want to getled at. >> right. >> la, we know this especially d maybe you have - he is maerful. this man rig here at getti you do it so well. >> we have actually hadeorge lied the chargend hid behind george. >> in hiswake.
8:31 am
circstances. >> how well you know the people but they say a lot of times if you' going to the host, t is a gooday when you- make thankhem and that givesem the hint that i'm thanking you because i got to go. >> real simple. if there areore than 12eopl therou can sneakut and then just send a little tha you e-mail and you'r not being rude. >>ou'rote neing de. less, you shod probly take the time to say good-e to your host. >> all right, grt. >> aays gat to send a little thanu note in a little thank you note. [ applause ] llright. i'll bring football to the table. >> football. >> over the weekendou know a lot of rivalries and jets and patriots and patriots won that game. >> yes. >> i know it p you. alright. patriots fans. ap ] tom brady like a lot of pye have a radio show so he goe on
8:32 am
>> d you watch your daddy p yesterday? was playing against t on't know what they' called but they're very good. >> how didou thi yourad >> he fli his est. >>nd herippedtoo. e sure did. he got tripped a few times didn't he. >> and he got enor hurt>> more ? well, maybe you'll tell us what's wrong withhim. e a nkey. >> in whatway? >> in arazy way. nextht with e brons it's gonna be craz he's be ke a horse nt time. >> oh,lready oking ahead, aren't you, ben ye, he can look ahead. >> looking ahead to the next game. >> i love that. i absoluty lat. beca you know you get to play a f a living andere's your kid who gets toee you
8:33 am
6-year-old toay dy is a donkey. >>exy. lipped his est. what es that an i have no id. i'm not able decipherhe ar-o mi. >> ill am but not this time. >>w morning and riu. >> yeah, io not have thathapp a. they're teens and critiques are rough. earlier now. of the hse >> your glways weigh in. that the truth >> it gets less sweet as they get older. >> does it?'snderful teer kids growup. >> thank you. >> you can have th we're at the age whe we can ng rit. >> did your kids reall pay o work?t youo o >> they don't payattention. >> yeah.and goes. ostly hink that eye -- ty just want uso be reg it's sort ofhen we're out input. they get a little embarrassed.
8:34 am
on oir heroes com on t show. of a sudden, hey, we want watch kylie jenner coming on, hey. [ applause ], dad. >> i love what you do,dad. >> y. >> you got a special guest. i do let's bng in diego luna. [ applau ] [ playing the theme to "st wars" ] ? [ applau >> hey. hi.>> always good t see yo >> very good. you have littlboabouts. little rl, >> i have both, yeah. i have the mt beautiful boy and girl. e 8 and 6. >> 8. your lit boy -- >> i'm sorry. u mighte the second most beautiful, yeah. >> soou little boy got to see a piece oyou.
8:35 am
wholeation has changed since came out. >> wow. >> oh. >> i mean - >> hero. he's a huge fan of "star rs" and when i tdim he st went ke work normally used to separate us, you know, he hated b. whyor a monthaou yeah, dad, you got to go, righ 6:00 a.m. t i mean, please behave. you know that kind of thing, when tre going to go to school iwa the otheray ou. make sure y dohathe dire says, be there on time. >> de get a chance t go on s or -- >> yeah, b theyh wen to set s beautul because they came to the rebel station youave all thehi and the peop runng around.
8:36 am
gaet edwards, go meet him, he's a cameraesnd t i arrive andslike welcome. we're going to have so much fun and he's in f ofonit and then i sta listening, [ darth vader sounds ] >> and i we, oh, no. oh. ani see garreth' face and hehe p like we suddenlyent to kids
8:37 am
you would feel terrible next to him he's like there just -- [ making darth vader noi e says, should i come in through the lt or the right. oh. you're doing a movie. this fantastic. e hadelicy joneshe other day. she saidhe d kung fu martial ary traing for this. >> yeah, my character is a caai intelligence office so, yeah, i had to do a l of military training the milarworks, you know cause i'm supposed toeepthis te mission a i kno nothing about wa youknow. >> thankfully. >> it's a goodthing, right. >> so i had to do a lotf research and it was a lot of to b able to do the stuffning made on filhi because the o like the double will do th. the doubilat.
8:38 am
>> got some injuries. >>ah, of course. yowant to go for ,ight?" film. [ applau ]. no can -- the trailer we're rebels. thil is about -- it's the grode. it's about peop it's abo heroes like you and i and, you kn, like people doing extraordinary all make great tngs haen. a tre ver l rful. >> so but since youe such fan this did yakenythingot with youo remind yo if y did, maybe you don't want -- >> confessionment. i wa to b ableo ce back hiscountry.
8:39 am
stole something. >> oh, od. ] ha for coming >> ce backny time. [ cheers and aus >> "roe e" hits ters deceer 16th. >> i hng tell yo i have something to tellyou. iences ing home witimaxic to "rogue one."eersnd applaus
8:40 am
new englangy com fm a pool of energycers. eversource buys it at a setri d delivers it you. but the pool is shrinking, caener costs too own. so we're working to iny canaffordable energy across the region. becausmore ergy mes king to iny energy costs for you
8:41 am
8:42 am
all right. sandusky.o contingenisere. virginia. eccut. tennessee. ri our hes g out t you. want to show you videorom northern colorado. it is skiseason. look. they are cng tracks insteamboat. oh, the c for the season with more the way. nascarfan, jeff gordonust few minutes a bumt, pphday. y: good mornin tching this rain or ter on afternoon. rireave the clouds out the t now. lunchtime, 50 degrees.
8:43 am
you by state fa can we get security on the people fm ohio, please? so nice to have you. michael, back inside. >> nascar legend jeff gordonas 94 wins and four champiohips under his belt so it's no surprise that his new biography is a winner as well. "jeff gordonhis drm, drive & destiny" is out now and i had a chance to sit down with jeff to talk abois life, career a her ot he's rlly retire ke us >> tnk you so much. >> and, okay, we got to get to the bottom of this. i've been wondering aboutis. you retired but then you drove for da earnhardtr. so are youetired ornot? i'm a littleconf >> i'm confused o. i though was. i was in t sthfnce o vacation and all of a sudden i get this call and it's need you in indianapolis, you know, i hated to hear the situation with de having, you
8:44 am
>> why did you decide to write this book now. >> well, because i was -- i thght i wasrapping up my caer as a driver but, no, seriously, you know, to go all the way back to the beginning. probay a little bit of therapy for yourself? oh, my gosh. >> pbably some this you look back and say, man, i did that. i accomplished it. >> when're in it, you're not thinking abo what -- how it' fecting you and what the impact it has on your life. sacrifice a lot. wor hard, i mean, i've been at racetrack probably every weekend just years old. ford your stepther. y john bick >> the hero. >> you gave him a lot of credit. >> luckily my mom met him when i was very young and presented t race to me and my sister. she wasn't interested. now she's relike i could have been dana patrick. [ ause ] but, yeah, no, absolutely. he is the one and not just -- t he guided me along the wa >> i tell you the book i very candid and one thi you're
8:45 am
and in reading it i couldn't help but think about, y know, nights."bby and "talladega i wast -- i wasn't thinking of that when we wrote the book. peop comment about that but honestly like i go back to that time my lifend go, who was i? it was crazy. life was good on one hand because of a the ws a the succes and my lifestyle was just boomi a l that but on the other side it was like, this is not me. thiss not who i am and so, yeah, there was definitel some ricky bobby moments duringhat time. >> one thing i love, man, i'm a rap sic and there is this songve that nly did cald "ei." >> put me o the map. >> you're in the song, man. ? call me jeff gordon i a black
8:46 am
? call me jeff sessions with the black ss and the navigation ? [ cheers and applause that was terrible. by the way. that was horrible. >> no. career next. i don't think . >> rap career is next for you. i el it in mybones. >> maybe we can do a little -- >> combo. i'm feeling it. want tell you what, your history is incredible. trust . >> thank yo >> appreciate you beingere. [ cheers and applause ] >> we'll have more f when weome back because kacey musgraves is here helping us get into the
8:47 am
at blublue shiel ofassachuset we offer aariety of meds to fit ydget and your lifestyle. withns starting as low as $0, you have zero things stopping you fr really doing what you love. so call now to learn more as that offer everythin from annual wellness visits to routine hearing and vision exams, we he new dental coverage options too. d we even offer plans with no medical deductle anno referls. plus, all our plans with the peace of mind that you get when you have a health plan th over 50 years of medicare experience. the next chapter oyour lif should be out yoalab that's whyre here. to learn more, contact us foour fr medicare guide witho obligations.
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isit us at ? cc1 test message ? rudolph the red-nosed reindeer ? >> ow i love this woman, kacey musgraves. the country sta is gng christmas. it's her new album out now,a ve"
8:49 am
and class holay hits. she is h wh some friends and she's about to sing "rulp the red-nosed reindeer." ?>> here's one for all thetlds. ? you know da and dcern ? bo yorecallidand doer and bli? e most famous rein o ? ? rudol the r-nosed reindeer d very shiny nose
8:50 am
oh, you woulen say i glows ? e a light bulb ? all of the other reindeer and call him names ? ? they ver let poor rudolph jo in y reinde ges? then one foggchstmas evee santa "rudolph with yo nose so ight n't yoide my sl tonight" ? lovehim as theted ou wie ? ? rudolph the red-nosed reindeer you'll go down in history ? ? >> hit it, gals.
8:51 am
?> go. ? ? then one foggy christmas eve ole santcame to say "rudolph wityour nose so bright n't you guide my gh tonight" ? ? well, then all e reindeer lod him they shouted out
8:52 am
dre myuest list just tripled. ookie ange is superpetive.
8:53 am
we can do it without blowing our et. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs toe wowed this y standingib r w. everythi for the holidays.
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"gma" meansnec?h thing. really great deals. >> so torrow get ready. >> are yread >> i'm rey. >> bse thenllace you'll sethes ultimate d on thesust for the wle ng ameris "good mor ?old-sed reindeer ? our thanks again to kacey musgraves. "ay kacey ristma is the o in the mood. i got to s that. i got to s that. oratching, everybody. le om wb ch5, date.r 5s neener antoinette: good morn
8:56 am
of ttories happening right now. first, a live lo o thi mornin bu it those ouds, moren n the y. cindy: you got it. before it moves on in.wrs th the rain comes in this afternoon. we a heading up to about 50 degrees this afternoon. gs heavy near the meaning --veng commute. inx its first thing tomorrow. tomorrow let'get you up to the roads. essa: watching a few problem spots as you head out the pikewd still watching this de o 495. north of town, ash clearing on 495 souear ver street. if you areng headith antoinette: thank you.way.
8:57 am
boston's chitown after in break. a 20 inch trsmission line brokeloing washington street. you are encged to avoid that area after flames rip through this ce home. ree peop were taken to the erday.buks to strangers,roke eryo made it out ali
8:59 am
today, from the series "madam srery tim daly. and,m onea st warsry," diego luna. d we s, from "the walking dea jerey dean morgan joins kelly at desk. all next on "live!" ffde morgan!


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