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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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and all the right conditions for more. also tonight, devastating tornadoes in the deep to walk out and see this, that this could happen in a matter of seconds. >> pelley: as the candidates campaign in new hampshire, trump calls for a do-over in iowa. and the incredible super bowl record set by a photographer. >> i had two of my heroes together in the same shot. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: and we'll start with breaking news. a tornado has touched down this evening near fort stewart in georgia. early reports of substantial damage and power outages. what you're seeing now would be the 11th tornado so far from the major storm system that is crossing into the east.
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night, we're going to turn to david begnaud in collinsville, mississippi. david? >> reporter: scott, good evening. the community of collinsville knows exactly what the people of georgia are dealing with right now. it was 24 hours ago at this very moment that a tornado came from this direction and ripped through the first baptist church where we are tonight. and the only people here were the pastor, his wife and their son, and they hid in the safest place they know, the church. this was the scene throughout alabama and mississippi over the last 24 hours. >> it's coming right at us. >> reporter: in collinsville, mississippi, vicky hartley took shelter with her neighbor in a basement right before her roof was blown off. >> it was shocking. you know, you don't really know what to feel, but i was thankful that we were all okay. >> reporter: the tornado continued three-quarters of a mile, approaching first baptist church of collinsville. pastor wade ricks heard it coming. >> took off running, and my son
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i said, "get inside." we went inside and got underneath the desk. as soon as we got under the desk, it hit. >> reporter: pastor ricks says it took less than 20 seconds to do this to the 85-year-old church, which had been damaged during hurricane katrina. >> it's hard the believe that something could do this much damage so quick. >> reporter: north of mississippi in tennessee, the same system that fueled those tornadoes caused flooding. eight people in rankin county were rescued from their homes, another this morning in ashland city. back in mississippi... >> sunday i preached on how to handle storms, if that's believable. i guess god's saying, you know, are you going to practice what you preach. >> reporter: there have been no major injuries or deaths reported from any of these tornadoes, and, scott, the pastor here at first baptist church in collinsville says that if the tornado would have hit just 24 hours later there would
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this classroom for bible study. >> pelley: david begnaud reporting. david, thank you. also tonight for the first time a health emergency has been declared in this country because of the zika virus, which is suspected of causing birth defects. the give of florida put the emergency into effect in four counties, including miami-dade. it will allow more spraying for mosquitoes that can spread the disease. zika can also be transmitted sexually. florida has at least nine cases, all of the patients were infected overseas, but now there is concern that those patients could infect florida mosquitoes. so far there are 48 patients in 12 states and washington, d.c., all infected overseas except for one sexually transmitted case in dallas. now, all week this week our dr. jon lapook has been covering zika at the place that the outbreak is at its worst, in brazil. jon, you've been working on why
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what have you learned? >> reporter: scott, i think it's an attempt to stay ahead of the problem by lowering the odds that zika virus will enter the local mosquitoes population in florida. so far there's no evidence that those mosquitoes have the zika virus, but here's how it could happen: a person gets infected with zika virus in brazil, comes up to the united states, flies into florida. now, it stays in the bloodstream for a week or maybe longer, so a local mosquito in florida bites that infected person, picks up the virus, turns around and bites an uninfected person. now you have local spread of zika virus, something they definitely don't want. >> pelley: jon, nobody has more experience dealing with this than the brazilians. what are they doing there that we might see here later? >> reporter: scott, it's an all-out effort here. first they're doing public spraying. they're trying to reduce the mosquito breeding grounds. they're also going house-to-house. we went with public health officials yesterday door-to-door educating people about
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small containers that contain water can be a breeding ground for this species of mosquito. >> pelley: you've been talking to a lot of authorities about. this what's the likelihood there will be a mosquito-borne outbreak in the united states? >> reporter: scott, i think it is very, very likely that eventually zika will make its way into local mosquitoes, probably in the southern part of the united states first, but all the health officials i've spoken to think it's very unlikely you'll have a big outbreak on the scale of something say in brazil. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook on the from front line of the zika outbreak in brazil. jon, thanks. now six days the new hampshire, and a new poll shows republican donald trump with a huge lead over iowa caucus winner ted cruz and marco rubio. jeb bush, john kasich and chris christie are all in single digits. despite the lead, julianna goldman says trump is sore about iowa. >> we did really well. >> reporter: donald trump sounded like he had come to
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night but woke up this morning on the twitter warpath, accusing senator ted cruz of stealing the election and calling for a caucus re-do. the texas senator fired back. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or if you like, yet another trumper tantrum. >> reporter: as cruz and trump battle for the insurgent mantle, the more mainstream candidates largely took aim at one another. jeb bush focused his fire on marco rubio. >> marco rubio came in third place in a caucus state, and we're all supposed to bow out? that is just absolutely absurd. >>. >> reporter: the florida senator has recently cut back on attacking rivals on the stump, leaving it to television ads. >> two names from the past, tied to the past. >> reporter: some of rubio's toughest attacks are coming from chris christie, who today dismissed bush and ohio governor john kasich. >> this new hampshire primary is now down to a choice between me and marco rubio and everybody knows it.
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you mean by that? >> reporter: you can tell by the way senator rubio is engaging with me and i'm engaging with him, we know it's down to the two of us. >> reporter: which was news the kasich. >> everybody has an opinion in this business. if i get absolutely smoked up here, then i'll go home, but i don't think that's going to happen. >> reporter: the most recent polls showcaseed kasich running ahead of christie, but many voters, especially independent, wait until the last minute the make up their minds, so new hampshire polls are notoriously unreliable until the actual votes are cast. >> pelley: julianna goldman for us tonight. julianna, thank you. senator rand paul dropped out of the republican race today. he's going to focus now on getting reelected to his senate seat in kentucky. now to the democrats. after losing to hillary clinton in iowa by the narrowest of margins, bernie sanders is beating her nearly two to one in the latest poll in new hampshire. here's nancy cordes. >> their argument is, look,
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numbers sinking here, hillary clinton all but conceded to bernie sanders today, putting it off on geography. >> new hampshire always favors neighbors, which i think is neighbourly. >> reporter: sanders represents vermont next door. how much of your lead do you think should be attributed to the fact that you're from a neighboring state? >> if you did a poll about how many people in new hampshire knew hillary clinton and how many people knew bernie sanders, i suspect more people would have known hillary clinton. >> reporter: he says he's leading because he's more in line with the state's progressive base. 56% of democrats who voted in new hampshire's 2008 primary call themselves liberals. 36% were moderates. sanders was asked tuesday if he thinks clinton is progressive. >> some days, yes, except when she announces that she is a proud moderate, and then i guess she's in the a progressive. >> kind of a low blow. >> reporter: clinton took offense, but she has aligned herself with both wings of the party. here's what she said in ohio
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>> you know, i get accused of being kind of moderate and center. i plead guilty. >> reporter: and here's what she said today. >> we've been fighting the progressive fight and getting results for people for years. >> reporter: so what changed from then until now? well, back in september clinton wasn't expecting a tough challenge from the left. today, scott, she said her fights on behalf of children's health insurance, women's rights and gay rights prove that she's in progressives' corner. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thank you, nancy. late today we learned that bill cosby will be going on trial. a pennsylvania judge refused to throw out sexual assault charges against him. jericka duncan is at the courthouse in morristown. jericka? >> reporter: good evening. bill cosby just left this courthouse about ten minutes ago. the disgraced comedian's attorneys have been working for the last two days to get this case thrown out. they argued there was a promise
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to never charge cosby for allegedly sexually assaulting andrea constant, but today that motion was denied. now, the criminal charge stems from a civil deposition from 2005 that was unsealed last summer. in it constand's attorney asked cosby, when you got the quaalude, was it in your mind to use these quaaludes for young women you wanted to have sex with? cosby replied yes. the case again moves forward in a preliminary hearing has been schedule for next month. >> pelley: jericka duncan with that breaking news for us tonight. jericka, thank you. well, today congress investigated why veterans are being denied a cure for a deadly form of hepatitis. in a cbs news investigation, we told you the cure was developed by a doctor working for the department of veterans affairs. the doctor got rich, but at $1,000 a pill, the v.a. can't afford it.
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>> if i were you, i would be outraged. >> certainly the taxpayers should be outraged. >> reporter: much of the anger at today's hearing was directed at someone who wasn't even in the room. dr. raymond schinazi, who played a leading role developing a drug that cures hepatitis c. when he sold his company to pharmaceutical giant gilead in 2012, he made over $400 million, and he did it all while working seven-eighths of his time for the department of veterans affairs. >> i'm not full-time. what i do with my remaining time is up to me. >> reporter: we first met dr. schinazi in december. has anybody ever questioned the arrangement you have that allows you to become very wealthy while working seven-eighths of your time with the government? >> nobody has ever questioned that. >> reporter: that changed today as mention, including tim huelskamp, grilled david shulkin, the v.a.'s under secretary for health. >> he just sold a company for $400 million.
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>> i'm not aware of who knew what three or four years ago. >> reporter: congressman mike coffman wanted to know why schinazi got rich but the v.a. got nothing for a drug that one of its own doctors helped develop. >> is it bureaucratic incompetence or corruption or a combination of the two? >> this waste of resources is why this nation is unable to take care of the men and women who served this country in uniform. >> reporter: others were upset that schinazi wasn't here to be questioned. the v.a. says schinazi retired just two days ago. >> the person that's responsible always seems to retire just before the investigation starts. >> reporter: the v.a. did approve schinazi's part-time arrangement, and they told us that part-time employees are allowed to invest in private companies, as long as all conflict of interest rules are followed. scott, the v.a. says there will be both internal and external investigations. >> pelley: chip reid on capitol hill. chip, thanks.
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have led to the largest refugee crisis since world war ii, more than one million refugees were welcomed by germany, but charlie d'agata has found that the welcome is wearing thin. >> reporter: when they saw the suffering of so many migrants, germans opened their arms like no other country in europe. mayor boris palmer was among them. >> we had people drowning in the mediterranean sea. i found that appalling and terrible. >> reporter: but the mayor of this university town of 80,000 has had a change of heart. >> if you have several hundred thousand men who come to your country as singles and live in sports halls and town hall, what do you expect them to do? they have no privacy and they have no contact to women, and how long will that happen without any outbreak of violence? >> reporter: for many germans
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eve in cologne. police and witnesses say gangs of drunken men, including many north africans and arabs groped and assaulted hundreds of women in the crowd. police are investigating 380 complaints, including rape. seattle university student caitlin duncan lost her boyfriend in the mayhem that night. >> someone reached up my jacket. i was in a crowd, so i was kind of twisting, turning, hitting, kicking. so i'm... it happened all very quickly, but, yeah, people grabbed between my legs, my head, my face. >> reporter: she didn't get a good look at her attackers, but she said they were all shouting in arabic. she was rescued by a group of syrian migrants. >> i was just so relieved, and then they all kind of hugged me, caitlin, it's going to be okay. you're safe now. don't cry.
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came forward to show that not all migrants should be blamed. 33 arrests have been made so far, two-thirds are asylum seekers. the cologne attack has hardened german's attitudes, and mayor palmer says germany simply cannot take as many migrants this year. >> the numbers have to decline, otherwise there will be breakdowns in german cities and communities. >> reporter: today the german cabinet took dramatic steps toward tightening asylum rules, including a two-year ban on family reunions and barring some north african country altogether. >> pelley: the welcome mat wears thin for desperate people. charlie d'agata in cologne. thank you, charlie. smartphone app may have connected a teenager with her killer.
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girl was lured to her death online, and here's don dahler. >> reporter: in her 13 years, nicole lovell endured life-threatening illnesses, liver transplant surgery left her scarred, medicine caused her to gain weight says her stepmother terri lovell. >> she would send me messages about little girls picking at her on school, saying she was fat, and she would cry, you know, didn't want to go to school. >> reporter: so the seventh grader sought a better life online, against her father's wish, she created numerous social media personas. >> she'd sit at the table at 13 years old and set profiles up on facebook that we had no idea about. a minor should not be able to do that. >> reporter: but in this invisible world online these kids are in... >> we have no idea who they're talking. to. >> reporter: one person police believe she was talking to was her accused killer, 18-year-old david eisenhauer, possibly on the messaging app kik. kik allows its users to remain anonymous and send photos that
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leaving no trace. ju'riese colon is with the national center for missing and exploited children. >> every phone, every social media site has some sort of parental control, whether it's blocking software or if it's time limits that are set, and although they're great, technology doesn't solve all the problems. >> reporter: experts say parents need to take an aggressive role in knowing what their kids are doing online and who they're talking to, monitoring all social media activities and even getting copies of every e-mail and text. had done more. >> this is awful. this is tragic. it all could have been prevented. >> reporter: scott, kik said they helped the f.b.i. in this case and in all child predator cases. >> pelley: don dahler. thank you, done. -- don. we'll be right back. aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back.
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ask a urology specialist >> pelley: we end doesn't with man who shares a super bowl record. he's one of only four men to take a snap at every super bowl game. here's john blackstone. >> reporter: at super bowl 1 in 1967, the very first super bowl touchdown was captured by a
6:57 pm
>> i had max mcget's first touchdown, a wide shot showing empty stands in the background. >> reporter: the stands were not full at first super bowl? >> no, no. >> reporter: since then biever has photographed every super bowl. >> here's joe namath coming off the field after super bowl 3. this is john madden being carried off the field in super bowl 11. >> reporter: biever got to the first super bowl because his father was team photographer for the green bay packers. >> this is vince lombardi off the super bowl. my father is to the right in the background. i had two of my heroes together in the same shot. >> reporter: by super bowl 4, biever has earned press credentials. >> i've always looked for impact. i want to see the athlete's face. >> reporter: for 30 years now he's been with "sports illustrated." >> the player celebrating with the confetti made the picture. >> reporter: his photos reveal both changes in the game and photography.
6:58 pm
this is first year we didn't use film. now it's all auto cuss. the power to focus on the action is gone. >> reporter: you liked it in the old days when the mud went flying. >> this is one of my favorite shots. real grass, real mud. >> reporter: the way the game used to be. >> it used to be, and it made a better picture because it wasn't as antiseptic as it is now. >> reporter: in spot of the changes, one thing at super bowl 50 will be exactly the same, john biever will be there with his camera. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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