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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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milwaukee county deputies and milwaukee police shut down sherman park tonight in an effort to stop the unrest that's happened on milwaukee's north side the past two nights. nights.along with closing sherman park -- no one under the age of 18 can be on the streets anywhere in the city, now that it's 10 o' 58's amanda porterfield has been out at day.. amanda what are you seeing? some of the groups who had to leave sherman park, came here to an area across the street. this is where sylville smith's family has was selling food to raise money for his funeral. smith is the 23 year old who was shot and killed by a mpd officer while running away with a gun in his hand. for the most part things were peaceful here tonight. a heavy
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area, and we have reports that two men were taken in handcuffs. no word on whether they were arrested or why. when the second arrest happened that's when things got heated. large crowd moved across the street, people very upset that the young man was detained without a clear answer. but after a few minutes that crowd slimmed down and people either dispersed or moved back to the fundraising area.i've en trying to spread positivity, speak to the young people out tonight and encourage them.
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live near 42nd and burleigh ap cbs 58. milwaukee police chief ed flynn is praising those who
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community stepped up to make sure sunday night was less damaging than saturday. saturday.11;12;45-13:07those of you where out there saw in many instances people preaching on street corners, counseling small groups of people. a number of individuals spoke at the vigil last night, which easily could have been an excuse for some folks to incite, but rather there were consistent calls for calm discussion and peaceful change change mayor tom barrett echoed many of the chief's comments.he says church who helped clean up sunday morning have made a big impact. 11:18:52-19:04i'm specifically asking the pastors and the community groups to continue to be involved in this effort. by having them as part of this effort i think is makign this situation better than it otherwise will be.
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mayor barrett also commended the professionalism of law enforcementhe says every milwaukee resident should thank them for putting their lives on the line this weekend to make sure people were safe. governor scott walker also addressed the weekend's unrest. he says all levels of government are working together to ensure everyone's s. safety.1:44-59certainly those of us are committed to working together at the state level and the federal level... but we want to make sure people know there's a proper way to do that that provides the safety that people live comfortably in neighbhorhoods all across the city and the state state he also said sherman park is a special place in the city and there's great people living in that neighbhorhood. he said the events this weekend do not represent the majority of people who live in the neighbhorhood, milwaukee, or the state. several law enforcement agencies from around the state have been called in to keep the peace in milwaukee.. including officers from kenosha county.
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breaking the cinder blocks into the road and throwing pieces at officers, squad cars, and the bearcats, the armored cars. 3 sheriff david beth also says their tactical officers helped rescue one of the people who was injured last night..he, like many others-- hopes the unrest comes to an end soon. meanwhile, the boys and girls club at sherman park had to close down early.. 58.s april dovorany has been there all and joins us live to explain how the organization has been dealing with the unrest. this fencing was out up promptly at 6pm-as soon as sherman park was closed by milwaukee county sheriff-but not just the park is dark-so is the boys and girls club 3 938 we want to make sure our kids are safe out there and
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make sure that the park doesn't get out of line line not only did mcso shut down the park -thry also asked that the boys and girls club close at 5-- down then too, an hour early. the club is also asking children to stay home tonight. but even before the sheriffs warning, the club has been taking measures to make sure the kids are safe- including keeping them ?inside today and out of the park. in fact-those about are guarding the park year round, not just because of recent incidents. they say-with 25 years of good relations, they're not worried about damage to the building-they're worried about caring for the families and children who are hurting. 2055 ....we have to make sure we get to the root of the problem in terms of where the hurt is coming from. with our focus on social emotional learning from our staff ....we have been able to create a better culture to create kids
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the club will reopen tomorrow morning, as usual love from sherman park april d cbs 58 3 the clean up continues for businesses in the sherman park neighbhorhood that were targeted this weekend.a b-p gas station, the jet beauty supply store, an oreilly's auto parts store, and a b-m-o harris bank branch were damaged or leaders say the violence will neighborhood.several business owners say they want the community to realize that people who work at those businesses are now out of work. 3 officials with bmo harris bank say they're in the early process of assessing the damage to the branch on 35th and fond du lac.they say employees are working at different branches in the area. bank customers are being asked to use the branch on dr. marin luther king drive between hadley and center. 3 milwaukee alderman khalif rainey put out this statement
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businesses. he says in part... "in a neighborhood where the opportunities for employment are so few and far between already, it is foolish and counter-productive to take out your anger on the few businesses that choose to operate on your block. looting and burning won't create opportunities to get a job and get ahead in life. " milwaukee congresswoman gwen moore talked about the distrubtances on c-n-n this morning.she was asked about sylville smith, the 23-year old who was shot and killed after a traffic stop by milwaukee police "if someone is brandishing a weapon, that's a no-brainer in terms of a police response. i think it's really important to get all the facts because the other part of that ashley is why was the stop made in the first place? that's what i'm really curious to hear about." about." that is one of the questions the state justice department will try to answer in its investigation of the shooting.
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last night... an 18-year-old man was shot in the neck and severely injured.he was taken out of the sherman park area by an armored police car.14 people were arrested -- 11 men and 3 women.there were also reports of dumpster fires.a car and a couch were also set on fire. 3 this weekend more than a dozen officers were hurt... and a number of police vehicles have been damaged.milwaukee police released these pictures from last night...they say bricks were thrown at two marked squad cars.the armored rescue debris and even shot at.the chief addressed the targeting of police vehicles and officers this morning. "it's essential for the police to maintain discipline and coordination when we are trying to deploy in such a a way to render the streets safe we recoginze in the doing so we make ourselves targets, some ways we become the focal points, but better us than innocent community members or
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accept the risk that engaging makes us the target." target." the chief says his officers have been in high spirits the past two nights...and ready to do their jobs. 3 stay with cbs 58 news for the latest developments on the unrest..and as always.. you can watch the video from the past two nights.. and well as pictures on our website, 3 breaking news out of the n-f-l....two packers players could be suspended from the ?forever.?it all stems from an investigation into performance enhancing drugs..earl arms joins us in the studio now to explain.. earl? clay matthews and julius peppers will be suspended indefinitely by the nfl if they do not give interviews to the league by august 25th. a letter from the league to the players association, telling them they'd be suspended for detrimental conduct. the league wants to talk to the
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al jazeera back in decemeber that they used perfomrance- enhancing drugs. the league says the suspensions would be seperate from any ban that comes if they're found to have used p-e-ds. both players have denied the allegations on multiple occasions. the list of players also includes fomrer packers linebacker now free agent mike neal and pittsburgh steelers linebacker james harrison. retired quarterback peyton manning has already been cleared of any wrongdoing. 3 storage unit west bend area are urged to check their units to see if items have been stolen.the warning comes after law enforcement found four pick-up trucks full of stolen property at a home and storage unit in west bend.police in mayville also say they found stolen property.investigators say the thefts have been happening since 2009.anyone who believes they've had items stolen, contact the fond du lac county sheriff's office. despite the unrest in the
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department in effort to keep the community safe. 45 men and women were sworn in as the newest members of the city's police department. police chief ed flynn said after a weekend of runrest... he was already impressed by the recruits, saying the new officers must realize how important their roles in the community will be. 53-1:02you'll be recognizing, given the types of training your receiving that policing is so much more than law enforcement. 3 this new class of recruits includes 36 men and 9 women. they're on track to graduate in february of next year. 3 a warning for jet ski owners this summer there's been two reports of jet skis exploding... and, a woman with a young child gets a heartwarming note about breastfeeding in
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a warning for jet ski owners tonight-after a kenosha county man suffered severe injuries when his jet ski exploded outside his home homeit's the second time this has happened in kenosha county this 58's kristen barbaresi has the story 3 3 00;00;34 i know earlier in ski that had exploded in a similar fashion and this is unusual, i've never heard of this happening before, now we've got two in one summer. when this jet ski exploded monday morning, at a home in the town of salem, the seat was blown off--00;02;06 it was pretty substantial explosion. monday afternoon-- debris was still visible in the yard, drive way-- even on the roof. the sheriff says it's likely both jet ski explosions this summer happened because the engine compartment on jet skis is sealed and not ventilated. ventilated.00;00;59 i believe
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up in the engine compartment and when he started it up, somehow those fumes ignited and caused an explosion. sheriff beth, who owns a couple jet skis himself, says this horrible accident should be a lesson for everyone 00;01;14 what we're gonna start doing and what i'm going to hope everyone else starts doing the same thing, before you start a seadoo, a jet ski, any of these personal water crafts, you take the seat off, air out engine compartment and then start it up. 00;01;28 3 donald trump outlined his plans to fight isis at home and abroad, calling for a new test for immigrants coming to the u-s from countries with ties for terrorism. trump also wants law enforcement to focus on signs of radicalization within the u-s.clinton, however, says trump is all over the map when it comes to fighting terrorsim. 48-56"he's talked about sending ground troops, american ground troops. well that is off the table as far
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"military, cyber and financial warfare will all be necessary to dismantle islamic terrorism." terrorism." clinton was in pennsylvania today, campaiging with vice president joe biden. 3 republican presidential nominee donald trump will be in milwaukee tomorrow.u-w-m professor mordecai lee says the visit is less about the violence and more about motivating republicans.but if trump is asked about the recent violence-- he ts a response. 55-1:11. i suspect that we have to face the political realities that generally speaking the city of milwaukee and minority populations vote democratic. and so donald trump is coming to milwaukee for reasons other than the african american population or minority populations of milwauk" milwaukee." but lee saysthere is a possibility trump could say something provocative on milwaukee's violence.trump
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milwaukee is closed to the media... he will hold a public event at the washignton county fair in west bend. a postive note about breastfeeding in public has spread on social media. media.last week, amanda snyder was eating lunch with her dad at jimmy's restaurant in jackson.she needed to feed her four-month-old son.snyder says she gets worried when she breastfeeds in public, after hearing stories about women getting kicked out of establishments, or receiving negative comments.instead, she was approached with a heartwarming message. get this big piece of cake and a note, and here server hands it to me and is like here this is for you""it was just like a really small hand written looked like a server's scrap paper. it was like saw you breastfeeding. wish i had the courage to do it in public public the post has received hundreds of likes on facebook, and snyder says .. all positive comments!she is hoping to find the woman who wrote this note -- wanting to thank her in person.
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a new clinic is bringing much needed care to milwaukee's north side.the children's hospital of wisconsin opened its new midtown clinic today on fond du lac and hope.the clinic's management says this was an ideal location to serve their patient population in the 53216 zip code. 12-19 we are here to part ofnyhe neighborhood. and when we're at a time like today when there's some unrest in the city, we're here and we're going to stay here. 3 the clinc will offer a number of other services aside from primary has a behavorial health department, social workers, and staff to help with resources like housing and food pantries. 3
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shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at at some point, aaron rodgers won't just pose on the sidelines. we will see rodgers on the field at least a little bit in the preseason games. games.but mike mccarthy knows what he has with rodgers. it's more about timing and building connections with the packers receivers in a game situation. brett hundley hasn't played either this preseason... something mike mccarthy wants to change fast. 3 3 mccarthy: we planned on brett playing a lot in the first game in canton, and planned on him playing (against)
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opportunities, but what are you going to do about it? so we'll see how this week works out, and hopefully we can give him a bunch of time thursday night against oakland, that's what i'm hopeful. packers receiver jeff janis's fractured hand is gonna keep him out 4-6 weeks after having surgery, which put screws in his right index finger. that means means he'll miss some regular season time. janis was a hero in the playoffs in january, but there had been recent reports that janis was on the roster bubble even it's bad news for janis, and a bump up for eveyrone else in the receiver competition. this is packers list of the depth chart from their website. nelson and cobb on the first team, davante adams and jared abbrederis behind them, ty montgomery on the third team, and now trevor davis and ed williams among those fighting for janis's spot today the first scrimmage for the wisconsin badgers at fall c. comes a week into camp and a little over two weeks
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lambeau field september third against lsu. paul chryst says this is the time for players to step up and establish their roles on the team headed into the year. you got a chance to earn a role, earn a positon whether as a starter or backup. it's being able to do it and do it consistently so this is the week where things have to be cleaned up a little bit. the milwaukee bucks hiring craig robinson as ther vice president over player and organizational development. if he because he's the brother of first lady michelle obama. part of his job will be as a mentor and advisor to the bucks roster. he was last at oregon state where he coached thier program from 2008 until 2014. 3 3
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a curfew in effect tonight across the entire city of milwaukee.. after two nights of's after a deadly officer-involved shooting on saturday.. saturday..shooting on officer-involved it's after a
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in this age, it's difficult for anyone to stay at one job their entire career.but a tomah woman has done just that... she's worked ?60? years in one location. karen rapp started her career at the 'f and m' bank in 1956 -- right out of high school. thoughout the past 6 decades she says she's seen plenty of things change on the job. 25-34rapp sot: "we did everything by hand. we balanced the whole bank an got to go home until that lady said, the bank is in balance." 1:52-1:57 rapp sot: "we have a good time here (edit) i gave my whole life to this place." 3 karen officially retired last week and her co-workers say she'll be missed.karen says she plans to spend her retirement volunteering with veterans groups. a shrine in the green bay area now has national recogniti.
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lady of good help in champion was designated a national srhine by the u-s conference of catholic bishops.the virgin mary is believed to have appeared to a woman at that site back in 18-59. 1:12-1:27"the bishops honor what has happened here, they believe what has happened and so they would certainly extend to people in their diocese an invitation to organize pilgrimages to come perhaps or it gives it a little bit more entree into other parts of the t the shrine is the only marian apparition site recognized by the vatican in the united states. we told you last week the nfl is facing a class action lawsuit to reimburse fans after the hall of fame football game was cancelled. now an attorney for the fans is making a settlement offer. offer. the game, which was supposed to feature the packers, was cancelled because of faulty paint on the turf in canton, ohio. lawyers estimate
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700-dollars per fan, for tickets, travel and other expenses... but say they'll accept 450-dollars per fan to make the lawsuit go away. the offer is good until friday. no comment yet from the league. 3 the packers hit the gridiron later this week for their second pre season bay hosts the oakland raiders ??thursday night???.you can watch it on our sister station, w-m-l-w 'the m' kickoff is at 7...sports with earl arms is next. 3 a candy store in new hampshire has all the candy you could possibly want.... taffy, licorice, gummy bears and everything in between. "chutters" is home to the world's larest candy counter in the's 112 feet long and has over 550 jars of candy.the candy store also makes 20-thousand pounds of fugde a year.
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full of some unusual fishing gear... saucepans.for a tournament, participants throw the pans into the sea four times to see if they can catch a fish.most didn't catch anything.. but one team caught four dozen fish in a single 'saucepan dive' 3 hot temperatures aren't easy on animals... so a zoo in rome found a way to help cool them down.bears, lemurs, and elephans were given treats made from frozen zookeepers say the fruit not only cools them down, but gives them something fun to do and play with.
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3 3 down for the saturday. slight increasing for with rain chances end of the week with rain chances increasing
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