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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  August 20, 2016 1:00pm-1:58pm CDT

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this is "through the decades," a unique ho-lonme capsule. today we look back at the presidency of william jefferson clinton from the election that hailed him as the comeback kid "i have news for the forces of greed and the defenders of the status quo. your time has come and gone." status quo. your time has come and gone." keep the peace "president clinton came to the u.s. army base in bomholder, germany." and a look at the scandal that embroiled his administration "it's over. president clinton's testimony before the ken starr grand jury ended just a few moments ago." those stories and more in the next hour, part of a different kind of television experience, where we relive, remember and relate to the events and experiences that are cemented in history
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ani'm kerry sayers. and i'm your host, bill kurtis. it's our look at president clinton "through the decades." the presidency is the highest office in the land. and over the course of our history, the men who held that post have each impacted and shaped this country. in 1992, the youngest man sin jfk, 46 year old william jefferson clinton, then governor of arn president of the united states. today on throh the decades we take a look at the presidency and legacy of bill clinton. ght ei years in oe woulbe pld by pesonal andal but at didt prevenhim from leaving office wi the highest approvaling of an outgoing president since world war ii.
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weegin, where it all begs election. president. with by november, 1992, the reagan revolution of th1980s had run out of steam. reagan's successor, president george bush, was seen as aristicocrat decade and america was readynew for a new style of leadership. enter arkansas governor bil inton. "here's governor clinton with his family. let's just soak up the moment." "on thisay with high hopes, and brave hearts and massive numbers, the american people have voted to make a new beginning. this election is a clarion call for our country to face the challenges of the end of the cold war and the
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campaign. "i remind you agn tonight, my fellow amecans, that this victy was more than a victory the people who work hard andor play by the rules." on november 3, 1992, the democratic ninee became president-elect and it almost oked like a story book ending to a modern political fairy tale but the reality was just a little different. a campaign that d begun 13 months earlier in litt rock, arkansas saw the potential democratic frontrunner drop to come-back kid in the primaries. "most people like to dish it out, more than they like to take it and i have been america's resident expert on taking it for the last month." clinton ad been bruised and burned as questions about his early years arose and the media doggedly pursued answers to questions of his private life,
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affairs, draft dodging and drug use. "the answer to that question is i have never broken a state law and that when i was in england, i experimented with marijuana a time or two and i didn't like it and didn't inhale and never tried it again." his supporters, thought the voters would be more interested in his economic policies and took to the airwaves to ease the damage. "i think clinton's success day shows the fact that voters are more interested in their own going to come along and address those problems than they are about some personal dirt that's going to be thrown back and forth." but by june, clinton's was a floundering campaign as his personal life was threatening to drown out any other political conversation. as rumors began to swirling about a potential brokered dnc convention, bill clinton's campaign began to regroup. the new strategy - bypass traditional media, reach out to the voters directly.
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arsenio hall show. (saxophone sounds) he appeared on the cover of time and people magazine for in- depth interviews about his family and childhood. he talked about being raised by a single mother and his struggle wh an alcoholic step father. he even went on the new mtv alcoholic step father. he even went on the new mtv network to reach young directly. "the problem we'veot now is, we got paralysis in washington, not enough decisions are being made." it was new, it was edgy and it worked. by the time the convtion arrived, bill clinton was "back." "i have news for the forces of greed and the defenders of the status quo. your time has come and gone. it's time for a cnge in america." from then as the calendar to the general election ticked on.
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pollsters and stratgeists call a bit of luck. he was talking about reviving an economy and pulling himself uto an american dream running and gop candidate george h.w.nt bush and billionaire independent, ross perot. "now all these fellas with thousand dollar suits and alligator shoes runnin' up and down the halls of congress, that make policy now, the lobbyists, the pac guys, the foreign lobbyists and what have you. they'll be over there in the lobbyists and what have you. they'll be over there in the smithsonian, you know, we're gonna get rid of them and the congress will be listening to the people and the american people are willing to have fair shared sarifice. they're not as stupid as washington thinks they are." esident bush had broken a campaign promise he had bolstered running for office the first time. "read my lips. no new taxes." and the clinton campaign capitalized on that, running
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that relived that 1988 campaign or and over: "read my lips. no new taxes. then he gave us the second biggest tax increase in american history." president bush didn't recover from the barrage and on november 3, 1992 the voters had their say. "that the people he spoken, and we respect the majesty of the democratic system. i just called governor clinton ov in little rock and offered my congratulations. he did run a strong campaign. i wish him well in the white house." "our destiny is bound up with the destiny of every american. we're all in this together, and we will rise or fall together. that has been my message to the american people for the past 13 months and it will be my message for the next four years. together we can do it. together we can make the country
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to be. i still believe in a place called hope. god bless america! thank you all!" and with that president-elec clinton established the beginning of a new political era and one that has a lng lega even decades lar. when we continue our journey, we'll look ck when on when the predent was forced to answer for a shady real estate deal. the decision to put u.s. troops in theide of one of the cades loodiest fights. plus, his signature effort to fight the growing crime problem. stay with us as we continue our look back on the legacy of president bill clinton.
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before he was elected, he had to be nominated, we go back to 1992 for this moment in time from bill clinton's nomination be the democratic candidate for president "we know there will be some pro material in it. "thanks dick threlkeld. the lights come back on. the film is over. it's the moment. the climatic moment of this 1992 democractic nominating convention. governor bill clinton is backstage waiting to walk on." *applause and cheers*
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we want bill! we want bill!" we want bill! we want bill!" "now that we have changed the world, it's time to change america." the whitewater controversy would pull at president bill clinton's integrity througho his first term. and inhe summer of 1996, he proved videotaped tesmony, for the second time, asserting his innocence in a real estate deal gone bad. "president clinton attended
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he testified under oath and on mera for the second time in three months. the president is not accused of any wrongdoing. he was ordered to give videotaped testimony for the defense in a whitewater related criminal trial." as fars clinton scandalso, sensationalism as a monica lewinsky affair which would unravel two years later. but throughout the first four years of the clinton administration, the media kept steady pressure on the first couple over an invementhey made in 19. backhen, the clinton's went intousiness with james a susan mcdougal. together they formed the "wtewater development corporation" and bought 230 acres of land along arkansas' whitewater for vacation homes.veloping it
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thatasn't a crime but after whitater went sr, the mcdougals engagein back to hau "the mcdougals andovnor tuckere coicted of lying reall loans for ney was intended for disadvantaged businesses. taxpayers lost morehathree million dollars. prosecutors never accused the president nor first lady owrongdoing but one witness, david hale, did testify the presidenexerted influence whilgovern. hale mr. clinton pressured him in the mid-1980s to make one of the illegal loans to susan mcdougal." clintons' names being found on documents surrounding the mcdougals' illegal activities triggered the investigation that would become known as the whitewat scandal. ell, i looked forward to being able to tell the grand jury what i know. to be able to answer their questions. i, like evyone else, would like to know the answer about how those documents showed up after all these years." "the whitewater has truly been
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arkansas and in washington." "an allegat notion ishe same thing as fact and, particularly iould remind the american people en it comes the whole whitewater issue and tter of fact virally always, bore noationship to story of this for the last e clintons were eventually cleared of any wrongdoing but fieen others were not. buness partners and political lies found guilty on multiple ts icounding conspiracy and fraud." whitewater was a noticeably expensive and complicated inveigation and one neitheside of the aisle was particularly pleased with. democrats considered it a wit hunt while republicans saw the clinton's exonation as an injustice. it epitomized partisan
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something that only intensfied when the press got wind of a former white house intern named monica lewinsky. still to come, we look back at a moment that saw president clinton sent u.s. troops to athea souern europeanountry for the very first me in an effort to keep the peace. plus, the scandal that rocked his presidency. this is "through the decades"
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e use of theilitary is a difficult sion for everypreside. in late 1995, the formeryugoiaaa tenuous peace agreemen after ars ye bitter animosity, war ethnic cleansing. divided power in bosnia and quelled but tensns remained high and on december 2nd, president clinton auzedthihe deployment of u.s. tros to the region. deployment of u.s. tros to the region. world war ii is gettin sti worse, rapidly. tonigh the world watches in horror as t spready d terror of bni in the early 199e0s, th world waked by images coming out of the former goslavia. mass displacement, incarceration and murder on a scale reminiscent of the second world war. world powers intervened this
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against serbian forces that were beseiging bosniaslims. "ce'onfirmre dropping." "that is affirmative. you're cleared torop." "i've got the target on my nose." "we have bomb splash, bom splash!" "for a sstrecond ght day, u.s. planes bombed serbian forces besieging the muslim town of gorazde. president clinton says the strikes are designed to force the serbs back to the negotiating table but so far their response has been defiance." in late 1995, peace appeared to finally be at hand tro dayton accords. but the peace was shaky and wit still ek presidee agreement clinton ordered u.s. ground troops to the region. "the first subtial commment of american fces in thekans conflict has begun.resident clinton ordered 700 tros into bosnia in the next few days. the vand s. peakeepinoops followinthe siing if the bosnian peace accord lerthis
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as peacekeepers but questions persisd over the scope of the mission. "repubcans say the president should go before the american public again to answer some key questions. among them - what's exite trategy?t happens if the agreement falls apart? and how will amecan soldiers be protected against armed factions with no interest in ending the war?" in congress, legislators and especially republican presidential candidates grappled with the dilemmaf wheer or presidential candidates grappled with the dilemmaf wheer or not touppporthe president. "iaven't backed away from my position. i'm going to support the effort by the president but i want to make certain there's an exit strategy." "i'm t willing to put brave, young americans buffers tween warring factions that have broken every ase-fire and violated every treaty for the last 500 years." congressional support in
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clinton administration went into full p.r. mode. capitol hill most of this week trying to explain the role of u.s. troops ina." bni "whe actuay will the tops stioned? n maps were oducedhis week showing bosnia divided into three sects: britishops 20,000 amecans spoed by 0 foreign trps, ilung seosniananha m widepara serand e deration for theaskor y is ture des keep teir stan by f if necessary. "if any element: weaponr troops - ye itou namoes not ack pull b they're told to pull bacthen they'reng to get it."
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efforts proved to be successful congressional personal visito t soldiers about to be deployed. "president clinton came to t s. army ba in baumholder, germany, to show solidarity withto-be front-line troops o the american peacekeeping missin bosn." "but with soldiers and tir families apprehensive about the dangous.ed it could bt clinton families apprehensive about the dangous.ed it could bt clinton " that everdeployment has risks. if you are threened th attack, youay rpond immediately and with decive force. "the crowd seemed receive, if usual rounint e preside's disss ed wamita ssned toaplcketaunc ma place that the u.sout to be
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ally d't thin hav and i business the. but, th army wants us there and we'oing". william burt is for the mission." well i support it, i suprt - point, of course. f coure i n'wan't imo away from his family. but, um, i thinif we can help some oth people." "tsident said heanted come here to look directly in ts of the sold who their wes, their husbands, their children; because they are abouto do a noble and important thing." "he explained: 'i wantedo say rectly to them, here is why manyf them said that at t
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now we take a look back at the 1996 democratic convention for
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"he has been married to hil rodham clintonor 20 years. one child, dauter chelsea, age 16. one half-brother, roger parents are gone. "mr. chairman. mr. chairn. mr. vice predent. my fellow democrats and my felw icanamer thank you for your nomination nomination th american pple but one above all, my partne my friend a the bestice-president in our history,l gore. night. tonight, i thank the city of chicago, its great mayor and its
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magnifent convention. i love your powerl spir, yourns - sports teams, your lively politics but most of all for the love d light of my life, chicago's daughter, hillary." "fouyears ago, you and i s forth on journey to bringur vision to our countr to keep the american dream alive for all who were willing to work for it, to make oricaur ame
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the strongest force for prosperity.reedom and gh uneloyment,tagnant ges, crime, welfare and the deficit on the rise, with a host of unmet challenges and a rising te of cynicism, i told youbout a place i was born and i tu tholyo i still believed in a place called hope. have pursued a simple b profound strategy - opportunity for all, responsity from all, a strong united american community." in the 1990s, crime rates were soaring anpresident clinton o want to be seen as being tough on crimesigned t violent crime control and law
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which included - among other things - longer sentences for criminals. it was then considered o of clinton's top complishments as president. miam"in this week, a dg agent and a police officer wounded by a drug dealer. in clevelan a stabbing at a high school and in washington today over a hundred mayors met to lk about the subject that's uppermost in their minds - crime." "if you cannot feel safe in your home or on the streets of "if you cannot feel safe in your home or on the streets of wherever you live, life isn't worth living." mission to combat these fears with his crime bill and in early 1994, he asked mayors to lobby congress on its behalf. "we do not need to fool around with this fosix months. so let's doand let's do it with benefitf mandyo a chfs of police who know w it is to do it right." but republicans were opposed.
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to fight crime. three months later, the house voted. "the bill has passed." "after weeks of bickering, the house finally voted 285 to 141 to pass a -billion dollar crime bill backed by the white house." "the bill authorizes funds for 50-thousand new state and local police officers, expands the list of federal crimes that result in the death penalty, calls for three strikes and you're out. life in prison for calls for three strikes and you're out. life in prison for a violent federal offense two other major convictions. there are also billions of dollars for crime prevention and prisons." by july the clinton crime bill was almost a done deal. "a major new crime bill is wel on i way to becoming law. a congressional confence committe approved what president clinton calls the toughest attack on crime in u.s. history. republican ponents call the crime bill a waste of ne"with crime a top concern for most americans, word that house
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to a final version of a crime bill was news that president clinton could use, especially with his public approval ratings down and it came just as he addressed a stice department assembly of law enforcement officials om around the country." "and i can tell you, this is one of the reasons that i ran for president." "in fact, the bill which still faces a nal vote in both houses contains many ofr. clinton's proposals." "money for 100,000 new police officers, three strikes and "money for 100,000 new police officers, three strikes and you're out, life in prison with no parole for felons who commit three violent crimes, a ban on assault weapons, new money for prisons, for drug treatment and for spial drug courts, for job and education programs to deter youths from turning to crime." "the new cme fighting package will cost more than 30-billion dollars over six years. most of the funding coming from cuts in the federal bureacracy but republicans who worked on the bill complained democrs loaded it with too much money for prevention." "this bill is a big spending
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but in spite of the opposition, on august 25, 1994, with just one vote to sparethe 30 billion dollar crime bill was cleared in the senate. it was a huge win for bill clinton. "when the votes finally went th president's way, you could hear ches from all over, and the president, who is badly in need of victories, quick wt out to make a statement in the rose garden." "today, senatof both rose garden." "today, senatof both parties step to bring the long, hard wait for a crime bill closer to an end." "it's still unknown whether is bill will rlly do anything to solve america's cre problem but it was important symbolicay for the ident. he put his prestige on the line. he has now given des something to run on in the mid-term elections in november and he can say he stood up to the n.r.a. and won." on september 13, 1994 the
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"my fellow americans. this is about freedom. without responsibility, without order, without lawfulness, there is no freedom." "let us rededicate ourselves today to making this law become the life of the country to restoring the sense of right and wrong that built our country and to make it safe not iwords but of every child and every citizen our couny who believe in the prose of erica, let us make it realthank you." once hailed as the nteriece of his admatioinistr the president s recently renound parte bi of th saying too many people e in prison for far too long. we know go back to 199 when presidenclinton announced his
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to serve on the highest cot "president clinton is about to announce his first appointment to thenited states supreme court. the nominee is federal juth bdge ruer ginsburg. if the senate approve she will be the second woman ever to serve and she would serve alongside the first justice, sandra day the first justice, sandra day o'connor of arizona. o'connor of arizona. moderate and a supporter of a woman's right to an abortion. now, there'll be some argument about whether she's considered a moderate or not. th's one of the fulcrum points at which the debate about her nomination no dot will turn but she considers herself a moderate and supporters of her say tt she is a moderate. president clinton's decision was a long time coming. justice byron whe announc his retirement this announment will be held in the white house ros garden and there you see the president
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area that lets them out into the rose garden, walking very near the mnolia tree planted by presidency theurt ce officialst a t white hse had led repters to believe tha the choi had been narrowed down to ierior secretary bruc babbitt and bfedeoston er but neith of those isnbr toe the nominee today. the president walking out with his toe the nominee today. the president walking out with his nominee, ruth "i know clearly that a supreme court justice should h the heart and spirit, the talent and comm sense, ansdom to anslatthe hopeof t american people as presented in the cases before it into an en bodduringof constitutional
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cherished values that are enshrined in that constitution and at the same time enable the that is at i promised the american people in a jce when i r predentan fornd i believe it is a prise that i careful reflection, i am proud to nominate for associate justice of the supr court juth bdge ruer ginsburg of appeals for the district of columbia. i will send her name to the senate to fi the vacancy created by justice te's retiment." when we continue our look back on president clinton's legacy, we turn to a story that's hard to forget. the scandalous affair that rocked his presidency. it's
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from the earliest days of his campaign, the 42nd president of the united states was mired in scandal that would cling to his shadow. and after six years as commander-in-chief that shadow reached its depths and president bill clinton nearly didn't get to finish out his in august,998, he became the first sitting president to testify to a criminal grand jury.
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wainon. 's over. presint clinton's testimony bere the ken stand grry ended just a few moments ago." it was a saga that began with a 22old white house intern, an aggressive litigator and a president on the defensive advocating for both his past and present. "i did not have sexual relations with that woman." in the first eight months of 1998, 1600 pennsylvania avenue was ground zero 1998, 1600 pennsylvania avenue was ground zero soon-ending century. "i think clinton is lying as he always does." "he's doing his job as far as running the country and that' the way i el." a story that capvated t country and congress. after months of denials, america heard thpresident come ean. but as embarrasing as it may have been for bill clinton, embarassment may have been the
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telling the truth on august 1 1998. three years before, in 1995, monica lewinsky arrived at the white house as a clerical intern. administration staffers began to get suspicious of her behavior in the west wing and transferred her to the pentagon in april of 1996. it was there lewinsky confided in an older co-worker named linda tr about what she had done with the president. tripp started recording their phone conversations as evidence of an improper relationship with the married president. "we're getting up and i'm like all right, 'i love you butthead.' i called him buttad." "you didn't?" did." "we didn't have sex linda!" "wel what do you call it?" "we fooled around.we didn't have sex." "well, i don't know. i think if you get to orgasm that's having sex. "
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"yes, it is." "no, it's not. having sex is having intercourse." those types of details would prove useful to a man charged with looking into the president's activities before and during clinton's tenure in the white house. ken starr was a special independent prosecutor in charge of investigating bill and hillary clinton's whitewater land dealings while they were still in arkansas. whitewater land dealings while they were still in arkansas. but the focus changed as a result of a separate lawsuit into bill's time as go.vernor former arkansastate employee pauljones filed a lawsuit in 1994 against him claiming clinton sexually harrassed her in 1991 in a liock hotel room. lawyers for jones'ases subpoena lewinsky in late 1997. and whatappened next led to the second-ever impeachment trial of an american president in u.s. history.
1:44 pm
told lawyers that she never had a sexual relationship with the president. a little more than a week later, tripp armed with her recorded conversations, said otherwise and contacted starr's office. now with this new evidence, starr got permission to also investigate whether the president pressured a former staffer to lie underath. "i never told anybody to lie. not a singleim these allegations are false." not only did clinton deny asking lewinsky to lie, in his deposition for the jones case, he denied doing anything with her. "but i want to say one thing to the american people. i want you to listen to me. i'm going to say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman, miss lewinsky." with tripp's recordings
1:45 pm
jones case, starr believed hhad enough to prove clinton lied under oath and obructed justice -?+?j poteial grounds for impeachmen a judge eventually dropped jones'harrassment case. but to avoid perjury crges and strong-armed by the now- infamous stained blue dress, lewinsked ty agretestify in starr's case for full immunity. withhe walls caving in, clinton agreed to testify as "i am looking forward to the opportunity in the next few days so completely and truthlly. i am anxious to do i" on august 17, 1998, the president spoke with oseuctors on camera about his relationship with the former inrn "ts marks the first time in american history that a prident has testified before a criminal grand jury. two
1:46 pm
newshat mr. clinton intended to acknowledge a sexual relationship with monica lewinsky." with washington and the country buzzing over what they were about to hear, clinton tried to simultaneously reveal the truth while also covering his tracks. "these encouters did not consist of sexl intercourse. they did not constitute "sexual relations" as i understood that term to be defined at my january 17, 1998 deposition." term to be defined at my january 17, 1998 deposition." "was i embarrassed about it? yes. did i ask her to lie about it? no." after ur-plus hours of testimony and seven months of denials, clinton came clean with an address to the nation. "indeed, i did have a realtionship with miss lewinsky at was not approrpriate. in fact, it was wrong. it constituted a critical lapse in judgement and a personal failure on my part for which i am solely and completely
1:47 pm
aren't stupid. they know that he could have done this seven months ago and it would have been much morecceptable then. theynow that the reason, if he does it today, theknow that the reason he's doing it is because he has to." but the president also chided starr for attacking his personal life turning, turning what clinton felt, was an issue between he and his wife into a national scandal. "i don't believe a word he says. he's a disingenuous presint." "they should leave him a a "allies of ken starr tell c news that starr already believes he has substantial evidence of impeachable offenses and that report may go to co in as little as three to five weeks." after releasingost of starr's report to the public that fall, the house voted to impeach clinton on perjury and obstruction charges in december. but when the senate vote came
1:48 pm
president snuck by asenators cleared him of both by slim margins. hopeople will look back ong is i think they'll look back ita nd of onal dness. in the end, bill clinton finished off h term with proval rat and hillary has ascent ll maher was right. it w a time of national mad .it smed as if the white house had turned into a reality show with all the drama. there was hardlynything else on castnews viewers were interested in only one thin the affair. what did the president do with a young intern at the white house? i visited the white house to interview hillary clinn within a month of the initial announcement and the operation
1:49 pm
decision had been made to fight as the clintons had fought during pitical battles before. meantime, the business of theation must be done dinner, arranging thelan a state centerpieces at the tables showing an abilityo focus while a hurricane raged around the white house. judged by intensity of the political storm, one might expect that no one would be left standing th is amazing. at the end of his second ter bill clinton's approval rating was 66%, the highest of any of the four presidents who served in the last quarter century. the early dream that hillary would follow her husband with a political career was not killed by the scandal. she would become senator from new york, secretary of state and head for the white house. vice president al gore didn't win the presidency but he shared the nobel prize for
1:50 pm
change to the attention of the world. the democrats would regainhe presidency with barack obama and take credit for ending the recession. the lesson of monicagate for history? perhaps a strong stand and persistence is more admired than quitting. another lesson "through the decades." from the key legislation to the scandals, we continue our loo moments from psident clinton's time in office. stay wh us as we go back to the '90s for a "through the decades" moment in time that explores his plans forealth
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yeah. this will work as a coffee table. don't! ah! it says...fragile. get tv, internet and phone for $89.99 per month. plus free installation, tv equipment, and epix included. call now. now we look back to 1993 when
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n a beautiful september evening here on capitol hill, everyone's preparing for president clinton's address t congress and the deliveri visng hisn for a sweeping reform of health care in america. there is a lot at stake for the president and for everyone in the country. white house condenrrpo rita braver reports on the final build up to a defining moment in the clinton presidency." house aide put it and bill clinton was in his office rehearsing plays for one of the biggest events of his presidency. earlier, a with congressional leaders to urge bi-partisan spirit for health care reform." "and i think now, you finally got everybody in the country focused on it and i think we can have a moment in history when we can seize it and move forward."
1:54 pm
whether th progr passed or whether it falls apt and then if it is passed, depending on what people think of it once comes into effect that will help to terminto considerable extent, the public's verdict on the clinton administrati." "and the white house says t presenwill t to cony tw important eas - at the plan is open to negotiation, not carved in stone and tha everything that came beforeas in preparation for journey that begins tonight, dan."
1:55 pm
white house. thanks." "critics complain that the clinton system is too complicated but the first lady says uer the clinton plan, things would be much simpler than they are today." "our current system is a n- system. we do notave one that can be described in any simple term to anybody. we have a patcthathwork as grown up kind of willy-nilly over the decades." "republicans are quick to point out that the clinton plan would require a new bureaucracy. a time the administration is trying to streamline the government. inda douglas.
1:56 pm
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that'll do it for us today. i'm bill kurtis. as we leave, one last look back at the life and legacy of our forty second president of the
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