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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  August 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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3 another person is behind bars...facing charges connected to the chaos in sherman park two weeks ago. ago. police say he stole from a numberr of stores... planned to steal from ?this? metro p-c-s store...this is the surveillance video showing the 58s evan kruegel is live with more.evan? cameras caught darius saxton looting a handful of businesses during that chaos it's the latest in a string of charges - as police continue their search for all involved. as cars and buildings burned
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joined a group of people - looting businesses on milwaukee's nortside. according to a criminal complaint - saxton told police he was at sherman park - mourning the loss of his friend sylville smith -- who was killed by a milwaukee police officer during a confrontation.noticing a car and gas station on fire - the group he was with "" - but chose a different location with less people. parts store - where saxton watched people breaking the glass with bricks - and taking items from the store. according to the complaint - it was ?this? group that lit the store on fire.from there - they moved to metro p-c-s - where video captured saxton and others - entering the store to steal phones and chargers. he said he later saw himself in that video - when
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beauty supply store - where saxton admitted to stealing lingerie - which he said he later dropped in the street. in total - saxton is charged with 3 counts of felony burglary - he's facing up to 36 years behind bars. saxton is being held on a 15,000-dollar cash baillive in mke ekcbs58news 3 a man is behind bars tonight...charged with killing two nuns earlier this of the nuns had tito milwaukee.this man...46 year old rodney earl sanders...has two counts of capital murder against him. him.he is accused of killing sisters paula merrill and margaret held.both women were found stabbed inside their home near jackson mississippi. held was a member of the "school sisters of st. francis" international congregation based in milwaukee.mississippi agents say sanders was a "person of interest" since the start of their investigation. today...the school sisters of
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someone is reads in part..."there is still much we do not know about the suspect and the circumstances that led to this brutal and senseless crime.we wish to offer our deepest appreciation to the mississippi state and local law enforcement teams and to the many public servants who have worked tirelessly to investigate the sisters' deaths and gather evidence." police are trying to identify a man found dead on a milwaukee sidewalk this morning. it happened on 19th and meineke - the city's north side. shot him just before one this morning. 3 and...police are also looking for details in another case of gunfire on the least one person was shot near the wendy's at 46th and north avenue.this one happened around 9-30 this morning. police expect the victim to survive.investigators are still looking for suspects in both shootings.if you can help -- call milwaukee police. tonight...a family continues to cope with an incredible loss...a 13-year-old girl drowned at a park in racine.
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girl was playing with her nine year old cousin near the root river at island park...when she either fell in or jumped in.her cousin rushed to find an adult to help.rescue crews tried to save her life...but it was too late.police are trying to figure out what happened. this week marked two months since a milwaukee man was killed by a wauwatosa officer. today - marchers once again took to the streets - wanting answers. they started at madison park -- where jay anderson jr was killed. investigators say the office was sitting in a car. no agency has released video of the shooting... ?or? the officer's name.the family says they've seen a clip of the video...they believe there's more to the story -- and they're marching to get it made public. starkeisha delarosa, fiancee fiancee"he was murdered with his hands up in the air. and as we've been telling the news this is a family park, we've been coming here for years and this was the place that he always felt safe at."
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a few weeks before his 26th birthday. he was also a father. 3 two people are expected to be okay after this fire in fond du lac last can see the smoke pouring from a bedroom of the home near second and everett.the two people inside went to the's not known what ignited the fire. a few minutes after five right now...and it is muggy outside...air you can wear. wear.hopefully the rain will stay away this meteorlogist justin thompson- gee has your ready weather forecast tonight: some clouds clearing, others lingering. fog possible. lows in the lower and middle 60s. wind: vrb 2-5 mph.sunday: mix of sun and clouds with more clouds than sun. maybe a sprinkle, otherwise dry. highs around 800. muggy. wind: n -> e 5-10 week: temperatures start out in the lower 80s and staying muggy monday and tuesday. low chance for a few showers and storms. sunshine returns for the middle of the week with more comfortable humidity and temperatures in the middle 70s. storm chances
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today is quite possibly one of the happiest days ever for a
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brother's purple heart. heart.karl gengler was handed the medal at his home.his brother edward served in the marine corps...and fought in world war two.edward gengler watched the raising of the flag on iwo jima in february 19-45...then died a few days later in a mortar blast.and still today...karl is still so proud of his brother. 3 3 "he fought for our country...for the same reason i'm proud. my brother was a good marine...he was at the front...and he loved the co" corps."karl says his brother died for a good purpose... defending the couny's freedom. 3 hillary clinton met with the national intelligence employees saturday to get a briefing on security threats facing the u.s.all while donald trump spent his day
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has more. nats: motorcade driving a police car led several vehicles into an fbi office in white plains, new york where hillary clinton received her first national security briefing. the democratic presidential nominee attended the more than two hour briefing by herself with no aides present.she got an overview of threats facing the country from representatives of the office of the director of national was her only scheduled event of the day.nats: (trump) nominee donald trump spoke at a fundraiser in iowa - a state where polling shows the candidates are's a bright spot for him-national polls show clinton leads trump by about six points.but trump is staying positive about his c. chances.sot: (donald trump/republican presidential nominee) "we're going to have a great victory on november 8th. i can tell you."trump drew some ire on twitter saturday for his comment about the murder of nba stardwayne wade's first cousin in chicago. he tweeted, "dwayne wade's
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killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump!"the tweet brought condemnation on social media from those who said trump was politicizing a trady.trump later teted again, offering his condolences and also mentioned the murder at his rally. wendy gillette, for cbs news, new york. trump has no scheduled events sunday. clinton will hold fundraisers in the hamptons. 3 some incredible pedestrian bridge that on the cbs 58 news at five...we'll tell you what caused it to crumble to the ground. 3 a celebrity mom is severing ties with a big company in the middle of a scandal. standing up against epipen maker - mylan for sky high prices. 3
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k.witnesses say a truck...hauling construction vehicles...hit the pedestrian bridge.a motorcyclist got hurt ter jumping off his bike to avoid being crushed!that roadway was shut down for quite a while. more and mo americans ar dying in traffic crashes each year. since speed is a key factor.federal officials are considering a plan to limit how fast new trucks, and other large vehicles travel out on the roads. the proposal calls for a top speed of 68 miles an hour.more kris van cleave. police believe speeding was likely a factor in a crash that killed six people including a 10 year old cld in new york last's the type of tragedy that is increasingly common on u-s roads.(take gfx)according to a new report tffic deaths have surged 18 percent over the last two years. more than 19- thousand died in the first half of 2016 alone.(end gfx) (natsound/hersman) (13:01:02) "our complacency en it comes to highway fatalities is killing us."deborah hersman is the former chair of the
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board and now runs the nationalafety council. (hersman sot)(12:58:20) "one third of all our deaths on our roads are due to alcohol impaired drivers. speed, again, we've seen speed limits go up across the nation - we know that's adding to the death toll"while traffic deaths have historically been on the decline, this surge comes as more americans are driving due to low gas price and an impving economy.(take gfx)federal regulators are still trying to understand what's behind thsudden change in traffic deaths - including a 13% rise in deaths among cyclists, 10% increase for pedstrians and you on camera) deaths are on pace to end the year up nearly 10%. james, while new cars increasingly have crash avoidance technology there may be a learning curve - 40 percent of consumers say they've been startled by something their car does. kvc, cbs news, washington speed would be regulated with a device put on new trucks. officials say the plan would
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of transportation wants to know what you think. find out how to do tell them on cbs 58 dot com. 3 last night brought a flash flood warning across central indiana...heavy rainfall in several counties is causing many problems.officials say roads in the city are still immersed with inches of are still trapped and events canceled.barricades used in high water areas have been blown away.police have urged residents to stay at home.
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thank you justin!there therapists in our area who are blazing some new trails... trails...lisa engel "it teaches behaviors it teaches behavior modifation but it does iin way that poeple dont realize its doesnt feel like therapy it doesnt look li trapy they are using their work with the horse to work out things... things... tomorrow on cbs 58 sunday'll hear about a very different kind of therapy...on horseback. come along with us to stepping stone farms...a stable in racine county whose horses are
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lia sader "i think everybody deserves a chance. d that's part of we're givinghese horses a second chance and i think kids deserve at second chance as well' well' yocan watch entire story plus much more on cbs 58 sunday morning wi mike strehlow... that's just ahead of cbs sunday morning from new york.we hope you'll join us beginning at seven. 3 sarah jessica parker has cut ties with the maker of epipens. the actress is one of many people upset over the rising cost of th medication.her teenage son has severe peanut and halnut allergies.the "sex and the city" star has served as a spokesperson for mylan, the makers of epens.mylan has hiked prices in th years. going from 57 dollars for one to a two pack listed for 600. mylan announced thursday it would expand its patient-assistance program and
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it's only the preseason but the packers keep on winning. but why colin kaepernick has everyone talking--and it has nothign to do with what happened on the field last
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the packers continuing their preseason success... this time though with aaron rodgers on the field. field. he'd have a touchdown pass to randall cobb in the second quarter. he'dfini with six completions for 60
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his own touchdown pass to jad abbrederis, the wisconsin native. then from oak creek high school... marwin evans coming with an interception. all in a 21-10 win for the packers in san francisco. milwaukee native and 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick got action in the second quarter.... but today, the talk is about what he did before the game. kaep refusing to stand for the national anthem before the game.. black people in the united states. technically, there's no rule t stand up for the national anthem but the nfl does encourage players to do so. after the game... kaepernick saying, "i am not looking for approval. i have to stand up for people that are oppressed. ... if they take football away or my endorsements from me, i know that i stood up f what is right." turnout tony romo's ba injurywasad and that he's not quite fine like he sai after the game. cowboys coach
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burlington native broke a bone in his back. romo sounds like he is gonna be out 6-10 weeks, which means he will certainly miss time in the regular season. coacgarrett says he hopes to have romo back sometime this season. it's juts the latest setback for romo who's dealt with juries to his back and collarbone over the last three years. up at elkhart lake.... nascar's xfinity series at road america. michael mcdowell coort som many times this year, while alex taglia your pole sitter for th race.... race....five cautiions in race takes it to overtime... and mcdowell, ho led half of the race, leads the most important lap... th eleast. he's your winner in the mber two chevy, earning his first points of the year. he odls off brandon gaughan. tagliani finishing seventh. if there was a good thing from this series so far. it came last night. orlando arcia.... called up a month ago from the minor leagues finally getting his first home run! a three-
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back in the game. certainly exciting for him as he dedicated the ball to his parents. too little too late though. jordy mercer's home un earlier off matt garza giving him the loss and the pirates holding on for the 5-3 win. tonight,eak to brthe streak, the brewers ending jimmy nelson to the mound. he's against colorado this rt homestand after six straight losses. 'll go against jameson tallion. 6:10 the start form miller park. jeremy jeffr restricted list for the texas rangers. mlb inveigating his dwi charge from a night ago. the former brewers pitcher friday morning. he says he's regretful of the incident. but, for now, the rangers keeping him out while the league and the players association investigate the
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design, produce, and distribute captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's a busy saturday for the candidates. hillary clinton gets an intelligence briefing from the fbi. donald trump speaks to voters in the heartland. also tonight, a federal judge delivers a setback for north carolina's controversial bathroom law. in mississippi, an arrest in the murders of two nuns. what was the motive for the shocking crime? and, as italy mourns its earthquake victims, an expert says many american buidings are not quake-ready. this is the "cbs weekend news." non- good evening, i'm reena ninan. with the election nearly ten


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