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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  August 31, 2016 4:00pm-4:51pm CDT

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3 we begin at four with breaking news -- we are at the scene of a serious crash at 76th and lincoln. the intial information is that this was a head crash between a motorcycle and h our city does expect to say alot more bikes on the raod with the annual milwaukee rally at harley dealerships set to begin tomorrow. dealerships set to rally at harley dealershs set to begin details on injuries just yet. we gather more information we wilshare it with information we as we gather more injuries just yet.
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more than a dozen peple have been arreste the past 24 hours in the sherman park neighborhood. the arrests began last night...when a group of about 40 people gathered neath and auer. auer.that's where a milwaukee police officer fatally shot syville smith earlier this nth..followed by a weekend of unrest and violence. one of the people put in handcuffs last night is an elected official... 58's amanda devoe spoke to him today...she joins us now live with more...amanda. representative jonathan brostoff was among those arrested last night... and just today, four more people ld them to leave this area. people i spoke with tensiosan p feeling the past few weekss coming to a head. police say they've been getting complaints of rowdy crowds near the site from neighbors for the past two weeks, since the august 13th shooting of sylville smith.
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arrested, some charged with disorderly conduct. people there say they were at the roadside memorial for smith to mourn him while a pastor preached. of those arrested was representative jonathan br, who says he was handcuffed and brought down to "the irony all of itwas that i was actually there to help police. to descalate the situation. having great conversation. to be treated like that shows thatwe have some big issues that we need to tackle and there's a lot of 3 now an interesting note: an mpd spokesman says there has been a rumor that police want to remove the memorial to smith. he says that is completely false and that police are continuing to work with the comnity on restoring peace. live in mke. ad cbs 58. flight for life was called to downtown milwaukee this morning after a car hit a tree...leaving the woman behind the wheel seriously injured. cbs 58's julie parise has the details. milwaukee police tell us they are investigating just how a
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around a tree behind me here at the corner of jefferson and knapp. it happened this morning ound can see from this video t large response it prompted.the road was shut down as first responders from ems, as wellas the police and fire departments. those first responders pulled the 28-year-old from her blue sedan.the car was badly damaged.the woman was transproted via flight for life to a local hospital. we're told she has serious injuries. we don't yet have details on on the east side im jp cbs 58 the milwaukee county medical examiner is investigating a possible co-sleeping death. police confirming for us that they were called to a home near 40-th and locust shortly before six this morning. that's where a child was found unresponsi. new today at four --- an update on a bank robbery investigation that's been gog on for months.
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three people involved in the t-c-f bank robbery in elm grove have been arrested and charged. this happened back in february. one of the suspects, robert crumble junior was arrested soon after. but it took investigators months to track down the other two suspects. the accused getaway driver, london johnson has now been charged. and anotr man elijah mcgee, who police say stormed the bank with a shotgun, has also been charged. also new at four --- the nfl clears packer players clay matthews and julius peppers in a doping investigation. investigation.also cleared pittsburgh linebacker, james harrison. it justast week when matthews and peppers agreedo interviews after an al-jazer report on perfornabce enhancing drugs.the n-f-l says it's still investigating a fourth player--free-agent mike neal. 3 chief meterologist drew burgoyne joins us now to get you ready for your
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tonight: partly cloudy with chance for a ower lakeside. little chilly with lows in the upper 50s. wind: ne 5-15 mph. thursday: sun and clouds, comfortable and a little breezy this afternoon. cooler with highs in the upper 60s. wind: ne 10-20 mph.labor day weekend: lots of sun sticks around for friday with temps reaching the lower 70s. stays sunny to start the holiday weekend with clouds returning for labor day itself but rain chances holding off for now. warming up slightly starting in the middle 70s saturday and right around 800 for sunda monday will feature highs back into the lower 80s. lower 80s.back into the lower 80s.
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3 hillary clinton's lead over donald trump among voters in shrinking. that's the findings of the latest marquette law poll. cbs 58's david ade joins us live in studio to break it all down for us. i want to start off with wisconsin's registered voters...this is what the split looked like early this nth... hillclintoat 46... and donald trump at 36 was a 10 point lead. lead....move that graphic to today's numbers. and you see the 10 point lead is cut in's clinton 42... and trump 37... and among likely voters.... early this month... clinton was 15 points ead th.
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down in the single dits...with clinton up 45 to 42... poll direcarles franklin calls th a very dramat shift... he saypart oit is because there are a few more republican leaning voters... and says another part is a slightly declining perception of clinton. 3 3 "so whereas early august was the ry height of the post convention bounce for clinton... and a very bad week for trump... thiek seen that convention bounce go away and a week that h maybe been about a wash r trump." 3mp." the poll also shed us libertarian presidential candson 11 percent amongregis vo... in a four way race. johnson is campaigning in milwe torrow night... bak dwhat else the poll shows about johnson coming up the cbs 58 at in studio... david ade... cbs 58 news. 3
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campaign trail as donald trump accepts an invitation to meet with the president of mexico while hillary clinton pounces state side. we get the latest now from c-b-s's craig boswell. donald trumps in mexico for a meeting with president enrique peqa nieto.president peqa has been critical of trump's past comments about mex. mexicans."they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists."greisa martinez is a latino organizer. sh mexico visit and his immigration speech tonight won't win over hispanic voters. voters."there's nothing that donald trump could do that could erase the 15 months of community."mark krikorian with the center for immigration studies says people are too focused on what to do with the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the u-s. u-s."the primary question is how do wemake sure we don't have another 12 million illegal aliens coming in later."
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mexico trip was meant to show he can be a statesman. but hillary clinton dismissed that notion sayg trump has a lot to learn about diplomacy. diplomacy."it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours." there are new questions about clinton's state department emails.t dtment now says some of the emails the fbi recovered from her private approximately 30 documents th benghazi attack that killed four americans.the f-b-i is expected to publicly release notes from its investigation of hillary clinton's email server.clinton continues to struggle with public peeption about the ails. her favorability rating is w at the lowest point it's ev been.craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. 3 the clinton campaign says the benghazi related emails had already been handedr. isis says one of its most
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holly williams in istanbul with details on what could be a devastating blow for the terror group. 3 3 and it's something that hasn't happened in more than fifty years...a ?commercial? flight from the u-s made it's way to cuba today. 3 plus --- chief meterologist
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3 news from around the world now --- jetblue flight 387 touched down in cuba this morning...the first commerical flight from the u-s in more than a half century. century.jetblue is the first u-s airline to resume regularly scheduled flights to the communist nation. they're doing it under new allowing americans greater access to cuba. soon --- as many as 110 daily flights fro 10 airlines will depart the u-s for the island nation. s is gonna make travelot only easier, but much more affordable, and that's gonna encourage many more people to t" travel" air marshals will be on some flights and the t-s-a says it's confident in new security protocols. there will beextra security steps like u'll have to check in at a kiosk... so no app or online check in.
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three to four hours eay. isis says one of i top leaders is dead. the pentagon confirms the airstrike that targeted him...but as holly williams reports...the death is still not confirmed. the us-led coalition targeted abu muhammed al-adnani with a precision airstrike near the town of al-b in aleppo province in northern syria.but there's now confusion, because today russia is claiming it kill adnani with one of isis has been losing territory and isis said adnani was kied while inspectg operations. born in syria, adnani was a mysterious figure - rarely captured on camera - his face blurred in the only video we have of him. as chief spokesman for isis - adnani incis followers in west to kill non-muslims wherever they could, in so-
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or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car" he said in a speech in 2014. abnani was also architect of external operations for isis, according to the pentagon - reportedly recruiting fighters - and instigating deadly attacks,nats gunfire including those in paris...and brussels. brussels.the government of iraq claimed it had hit adnani with an airstrike in january of this year, wounding him critically - however that williams, cbs news, istanbul. 3 your full readycast with chief
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two storm systems are threatening the east coast. tropical storm warnings are now effint on florida's gulf coast. what ?could soon be? a hurricane is churning hundreds of les off-shore. heavy rain is already falling around tampa bay, and e cause m probms later this week for the carolinas. that system has inesf in irts of p 15 florida before making its way across the peninsula and seeathvere w tond round of ndfall tomorrow. 3 3 3 tonight: partly cloudy with a chance for a shower lakeside. little chilly with lows in the upper 50s. wind: ne 5-15 mph.
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with highsthe upper 60s. around for friday with tes reaching the er 7low. stays sunny to start the holiday weekend with clouds returning for labor day itself but rain chances holding off for now. waing upightly staing in the middle saturday and ri monday will feature highs back
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3 inn for the annual ing to t milwkerally..h you can geone fut in . a live
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3 officially the first through the fifth the 16th annual milwaukee rally kicks into gear tomorrow night at the harley-davidson museum.. joining us live in hal's did the milwaukee rally come about it really was dealership driven
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around check ohe entertainment and food at the
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womes ride on friday a then the custom bike sh at e museum wh lookinforwarto in new rlin?stuo thclck atmosphere--what milwaukee's unique characteristics? 3 here the detas --- the sixtheenth annual lwamiee
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then a number of events to follow all kend long uding mot rides, sic and entertainnt got aldetae s on our ite cbs dot com. thank you r joining us. 3 the newsroom now with a look ahd to wt's coming up on the ne at fi...mike. an a of kindnessby star footbaplayer is taking cial media by storm. 3 duri lunch, day after day, can be tough for a young student...not to mention heartbreaking for parents. however one 6th grader with autism did not go unnoticed the other day when a group of players from a big time college football program paid t toa visihis hool. we'll
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3thsptaneous one-on-one meeting captured on caa that brought a mother to tears. that story and much more cing up at five. 3 coming up --special mass was held at matte day noring ther teresa ahead of her canization this weekend. we'll take you inside. 3 d cityears are taking a new proach taddress the learning gap in milwaukee b getting local barbers involved...we'll expin. 3 plus the famy two teenagers killed in a violent crash are speaking about their loss'll hear from them...ahead 3we've gomuchmore news and weather headlines...coming up
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w at four thirty -- e teen behi the wheela fatal d.acin iasn lbechar compt 17-yeaold donte barnes was going up to eighty m left thed and it ah facing two countof homicide -olw gnt use of a vehie and a rdrin. 3the urth ssengein at car...was seriously hurt. related, and today family time with cbs 58's lindsey bran. branwall...she joins live with more on how the family is alwith their ls. the falys saysthis ia agaccident all arnd. theyking for prayers for the driver and other pasnger ill in the hosl. latrey rinson halan demetrchelor were cousins who died frthe ash.falyrecalls how they
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they lod tolay fami usinwhed bhejr loved to play sports, they re great students, and were exteto attend high school. 3 3 ir momnd dads were very active in theilives on both des.o they recved a lot parental idance. they were always on sk. he was just happyo get his linse. dante was happy to hav his brother in the car with him. and his car and just comea rom baskball games and they were dring along it s rly it ienhe s 00 they weren'tn violatanything anything faer ss more to wh happed thniht of e cre videnew ee ey huncovered... but lice haven't hearyet. e 'soming on 58
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hos in the sherman park ooneighr3it startedast nit - park arecalled police after a large owhadgaered. asked the group to sperse. eventually lice say some became disorderly and el people werarrested. later,olice detained representative nathan brostoff nd amember of the civil lirties union.he sathey were trying to keep the peace. police did let them go. eais rly thmorning more area...and more arrests were made. as you may remember violence and rest broke out inhe eman park neighborhood earlier this month following a fal officer invoed shoing. one of the men accused in the death of 5-year-old ah petersen was in court this morning for his final hring before going to tria trial.carl barrett juor h plded not guilty to all charges including the reckless homicide of the girl as she saon her grandfather lap. prosecutors say barrett and two others targeted the wrong
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weekth wh as y s the trial start date i september 26th. chief metegistrolodrew burgoyne joins us now get you refor you .. toghtly cloudy with a ch for ashower kesi. upper 50s. wind: ne 5-15 comfortae d a little brees afternooncoolerwithe th h wind: ne10-20 mph.lor day weekenots of sun sticks arndiday with em reachinghe lower stays sunny to start the holiday lor day itse but rainrning wauping slightly starng in theiddle s saty d righarnd 800 r sunday. monday will feature highs ck
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this sunday...?mother? tere will become ?saintteesa during a servicin ticaci.toark he occasion--mauette university lebred aspial mass today...
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ries frosa'sh there and joins to mwaukee ecades 3staff here says theteresa spt ju 22 hors here during that visi..> ceivedhepe marqtte undiy erty'sest onor.> so although it was a short visit...> it certainly made an impact on the people who heard her messag..> or wereeven ab to meet her in person. 3 (n. music) a statue of the schroeder compl at marquee... a campus she sited back in 1981... are how tiny she was walking into the huge auditorium. and th my second memory was how bold her truth was.""this is the greatest of god's love for us: that he makes himself the hungry one, the naked one, the
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one." 10-thousanpeople gathered at the ?then? mecca arena to hear her speak. s sendik says his exrience was both smaller...and bigger. "this is the photof wife at mae rquettuniversity. i brought re frocolombia hospital here to be with mother teresa.""she was diagnosed with breast cancer th frame. and it was inher skeleton." doctors gave rosemary - his wife - three nths to live.he called people he knew at marquette to possible. before he knew it - mother teresa was in room with him. "she was probably aboufive footall. she had hands like a farmer. her hands were bigger than m hands, you know? and she had a fach e wit wrinkles that there wasn't any mo but she w beautil.""well it's a sensation that'll never have in my life again, i'm sure of that. this was just sething that you never forget." he left him...and - now - he's looking forward to seeing mother teresa become saint teresa... knowing how much help - or faith - she spir religious. there's no doubt abthat. but this just brt everytng tpeak.
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of her life - the lile b that was left." 3mother teresa wibe canonized into sainthood of the catholic urch this sunday...> in rome outside of the vatican.> live in milwaukee...> jacob kiilstad...> cbs 58 news. 3gettg o read helps em aceve. anthe ty of g aua nov approach getting oks in ndthr handsit's called "books in the name says iall here. chicago cu on capitol drive hosted the kickoff today.the city of miauk achievement gap betweeblack students and whe udents... anby having these books available at barbershops... they senthe message kids that reading anything... sports stories... mystery novels... comic ..can help em lea. 3 it doesn't matter if you're e common council president... or jimmy from the
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rbershop, especially young, african-american males. and so this is a way to reach into thcommuinty, where they are, to put books in the hands of young people, where they are, toi help them increase opportunities for reading, increase opportunitties for literacy, and to improve their . education. the city is partnering with milwaukee public schoolsthe public library... sharp literacy... and the northcott neighborhood house to build bookshelves that will be installed in barbershops across the city. a number of cancer suvivorson hand this rn subs announced its second year of raising money for ccer resea. research.they call it "combos for a cure". for every combo subs, a portion of the money will go to hevince lombardi cancer foundation. that money technologies that could help us one dayfind a cure. 3 "we do things differently by focusing the dollars we donate to specific projectsor the direct impcat for families couny,t stays here.l
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t we lal tter 3 omrow on thec ns -e'studio to ut trtnehip. a you can . tually undetaatnd wh may you' saying. reasearchers isn'too far o from h humans... 3 wahdog upgrsays publ...disguisg decieving the advertisements as cial media posts...we'll explain coming up. 3 anchipotle introduces a new deal to try and win back
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social media to decieve the public about advertisements. now there's a pu to get the federal trade commission to cracdown on celebrity posts...that are really just ads. cbs news correspondent anna werner has more. natspop star selena gomez has the most popular instagram post ever... this photo of her sipping from a coca-cola bottle has more than 5 million likes. plugged gatorade. lady gaga gushed about her dior jeans. but the nonprofit truth in advertising alleges these posts were not labeled as s... and that may be a problem. problem."there's rerict on commercial spech. so if they are getting things for fre posthat th'r are rules aregulations." the f-t-c issuedn
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when a sial mepost is way paidfo... likeincluding the ha gs #ad o#sponsored. earlier monuth th, tr advertisg, accushe kardashian-jenner sisters of not closing relationsps with co promotinto theirmore than 300 million combined instagram followers. "these are business won who e ets a marking. // thatwas e of the reasons that we cus on them several posts. kyie jenner mansion, featured in me of her post, was ctlly a birthdayt from airbnb.anna werner, cbs news, new york. 3 today's money watch- the government wanto make some fixes o the afrdablecare act. one idea --- using somofthe feto par marking to th to sign up. etna, t unitd huna rently they' cng back
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their cuers are older and sia costhat'sthe alth isuts money. 3 google is taking on uber with a ride-sharing service in san francisco. it uss google navigation app toconnect coers. google, walmart a adobmploye in the bay area have been testing the program for few months now. 3 chipotle is trying to win back customers -- by offering free meals to kids. the chain says kids can now eat free on long as they or buys food. each kids meal comes with a children's book. chipotle is still trying to recover from e-coli and norovirus outbreaks that cut into sales. 3 the cost of homes in the u-s rose slightly in june. the home price index is up about five percent compared to last year. that's because there's high demand and not many homes on the market. 3 a new bank-rate-dot-com study found which cities are the best and worst fohomeowners. topping the list.portland
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and atlantathe study also found new york nd hartford connecticut were the two ?worst? cities for homeowners. the study lood at a variety of date including home affordability, property taxes as well as energy and maintenance costs. 3 in today's health watch --- a new study finds bipolar teens are more likely to engage in risky behavior later on in life. life. doctors at massachusetts dren al hospital for chil percent more likely to abuse after diagnosis and 22 percent more like to smoke. 3 the c-d-says ?any? baby exposed to the zika virus should havthr hearing tested. a study on babiesborn with microcepay found a fracon of children born with the defect had permanent hearing loss- which cannot be ced. 3 yet another study showing that kiwho sfer he injuries should be pulled fromgame immeately. a study published in the jourl pedirics -- found players who left the
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to recor. while players who stayed in the game after taking a hithad double the recove time. turns out -- your dog may ?really?understand you when you talk to research shs dogs aren't just responding to the tone ofour voice...but what you're staying too. cbs news condent michelle miller has more on what the study means. googirlask any g owr- and the it's told- especially if y natsbut m of hungaan s have taken what's always been assumed one step furt saying they've proved at dogs actually understand a lot more than we think."the regulars like sit, stand, come he. wh we're wa wait."the periment counted on the cooperation of hirteen
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ofder coles and golden retrievers. they were traid to lie still for seven minutes a wearg headphones, the dogs listened as trainers combined phrases with different intonations.rain scans revealed that - like humans- gs processed words with the left side of their brains and the right side to process pitch.alexandra howitzs the author of "being a dog." published by simon and schuster a division what did this study teach us that we didn't already know? know?this study showed that there's actually a division in the dog's brain between meaning and sound. so, they're hearing thepitch of what we say but they're also attending at some level to the meaning, especially to familiar words. resuthe s also showed that dogs only recognized praise if both the words ?and tone were p. positive. critics of this study say a
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se, ju to be on thesafe side,if you talk in that cute little voice, yobetter mean it. ichelle miller, cbs news, new york3 3your full lreycast with chief meterologist drew burgyo is
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3 3 tonight: partly cloudy with a chance for a shower lakeside. little chilly withlows in the upr 50s. wind: ne 5-15mph. thursday: sun d clouds,
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with hign the pper 60s. wine -20 mph.labor day arnd for friday with temps reaching the lower 70s. stays s wewi clouds retng for r day self but rain chances holding off for now. right around 800 for sunday. monday will feure highs back
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3 astronmo othe hunt for aln lifeforms...make a discthatovery piqui a lot
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3 astronomers ?mayhave found extrerrestrial life. they saa star around 94-light years from earth emiing a stroadio gnal. it was e. asw ronomers l overhe world are training in the hop of learning more. researchers say the al ould? be evence of an advanced alien cization the star is said to have
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sun...which increases the ssibilitof a civila nearhoweve many experts sait's highly ssag afrom alien dio signal
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n" 3 let the season ber twgin fo grbay packer stars...leared today of alletions g em with perforenhance ing drugs. 've e tails raight ood.aun neighb. have an updat onolic pvity there lanighand todabuwe want tstarth li 3icture from the paritself. 3theyabout to t coetions as paan pofk sports week' effort to unite pele of l ag a al ckounds through sport e of tmanytempts to create a positive h r mh orhowa ork'r nat 9
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's amandavoe s en talking with leaders abthe arrests maden the neighborhood st night and again this orning....amanda ins us live with he story. complainedf large crowds near the scene of the shng for wew...eknond me say thmuch of the nsion return lght a seri of dfromisturban lastight to th morni have ighbors and nsgh s e people arrested nd last night .aftbroke up therg atand auer.sot minuteu have to leave orelsewhi anyb but thele peacefully. ty broke my phonand th got it now, t when they arrested those people they re all leaving peacefully. nohere was no hoily last nig, there was a owd he cause there
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crowds cleared, police say they diffuseanother tense situation, after conontation with a frustrateneighbor an a ll group. "the situation found myself iis t unique." of those arrested, was state representative johnatbrostoff, who says as slaed to gund after comping ofrswih orders antryingto film the altercation on his phone. phone."the irony of it all, was that i waactuly there toelp lice. to descalate the situaon. havinggreat conversati. to beea so big issues thate need to tackle and there's a lot of work that needs to be done." sot police say brostoff and an lu member were otreleased themselv kno fficto not made whh in mpd's wor d n."f -"they'r acally rying tart dialogue wh ghbors abo ere.ast night is the pea wayou should hdle ts. brosto "st bse we have


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