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tv   CBS 58 News at 530pm  CBS  October 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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a bus company is scrambling to find buses to replace ones that somehow caught fire today. thanks for joining us at 5:30...i'm eric levy. levy.i'm amanda porterfield... the fire startt 58s jacob kittilstad is there right now with more on what happened. jacob? vehicle are still coming out of long driveway for dousman transportation here.things seem more under fact... in a press release from the waukesha county sheriff's office - they say the busing company is planning to have all their routes running for students tomorrow
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just before one p-m firefighter got the call...> it would become a four alarm fire with more than two dozen fire departments responding with tanker and ladder trucks. > neighbor in the area say they first mistook the thick black smoke for storm clouds until they started hearing the sound of explosions coming from this area.> many watched firefighters work from a railroad track running parallel to the business.> that includes john muehl[meal] of the fifty-some bus drivers who work for the company...> many of them deeply connected to "i've had this bus for eight years. it was an '09. it was running the best of all because it had all of the bugs out of it. so it was a great bus. it's a tragic things that we lost all those buses." these buses serve the arrowhead school district as well as multiple private schools in the area.> as it stands right now...> we're
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services.> but some meetings are still scheduled for tonight.> we'll be on this story into the evening and will let you know if anything changes during our 10 p-m newscast. > live in north lake...> jacob kittilstad...> cbs 58 news. 3 new at 5-30... police need your help finding this man. richard cochran was last seen at his home in lisbon waukesha county yesterday morning.he is 70 years old, six-one, with brown hair and blue eyes.the sheriff's department says he has a medical condition that may impair his judgement. judgement. he is driving a blue 20-11 hyundai accent. its similar to the one you see here... with wisconsin military plates 5-1-7-l-e.if you see him, please call the waukesha sheriff's department at 262- 548-7122
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to the double shooting and sword attack.we brought you that story as breaking news on wmlw "the m" last night at nine. 18-year-old was shot and killed near 25th and becher last night.another 18-year-old was shot and a 21-year-old man was attacked with the sword. was part of a violent night in the city.officers are looking for the person who shot a 39-year-old man at a party near 30th and morgan around ten last night.he's in critical condition. meantime...a man was shot and killed near 13th and atkinson just after midnight and are looking for the shooter. it's still cloudy for most of us right now... but the sun has started to peak through in a few places. how's the start of the work week looking? meteorologist justin thompson- gee is helping you get ready for that. 3 tonight: clouds clearing. patchy fog possible. lows in the lower 50s. wind: calm. monday: sunshine returns!! a
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the middle 60s and a light wind.week: sunshine continues for tuesday with highs reaching the upper 60s. low 70s for highs return wednesday and thursday as rain and storm chances return. storms may be possible for most of wednesday and thursday with lingering rain on friday. cooler weather returns next weekend with
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3 a traffic alert for if you are planning to use the zoo interchange tomorrow...the southbound to eastbound ramp is closed...long's part of the on-going interchange reconstruction project. suggested alternate routes can be found by going to 3 if the zoo interchange project...or any other construction's now against the law to use your cell phone.we're talking about construction zones, highway maintenance areas and utility work areas.if you do need to're only allowed to use bluetooth and hands free devices. a six-year-old in south carolina was killed where many parents think they're children are safest. at school. school."we had a bond that no mother and son will have. he
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to tell stories. he had an imagination that was as big as he was. that was as bright as he was." was."that was the little boy's mother. jacob hall died in a south carolina hospital yesterday.he, along with two others, were shot inside an elementary school wednesday. police say it was a 14-year-old boy who shot them... after killing his father.that teenager is in custody and charged. 3 an 18 year old black man was shot and killed after a police chase in los angeles. protesters immediately began to gather at the scene. police say the shooting happened after officers triedto pull over a car with paper license plates. they believed may have been stolen.the didn't stop at first and police chased after it.los angeles police say when the car did stop, two men got out and ran off in opposite directions.police claim - two officers split up to chase them. an officer shot one of the men. he died at the scene. the other man hasn't been found. los angeles police say a handgun was recovered at the scene of the shooting.the los
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killed was identified by his mother as carnell snell, junior.the shooting is under investigation. 3 hundreds of demonstrators filled seattle streets today - marching against police shootings and police brutality. demonstrators plan to march back through downtown. they're supposed to march until 10 p.m. up to one- thousand protesters are expected by the end of the night. there have been no reports of incidents. 3 bernie sanders madison and green bay on wednesday to help 'push the vote' for hillary clinton. he'll be at the salvation army kroc community center from five to seven p-m.chelsea clinton was in green bay campaigning for her mother last friday. 3 two days before the ?vice? presidential debates...hillary clinton decided to visit charlotte north carolina...and spoke during sunday church serv. little rock ame zion church.she offered her prayers for the family and community members of keith lamont scott.she also asked
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families of police officers. 3 "from dallas to baton rouge to philadelphia the families of fallen officers have also been dealt a great blow and they deserve our prayers as well. ye" yeah."clinton's visit to charlotte marked her fourth visit to north carolina in the last month as her campaign carves a path for her through the battleground states. a cbs news poll released last month showed in the state by four points. donald trump has yet to speak publicly about a new york times report that he could have avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades.but his supporters ?are talking about i. it."the reality is, this is part of our tax code. the man's a genius. he knows how to operate the tax code for the benefit of the people he's . serving.well first of all chris what it shows is what an absolute mess the federal tax code and that's why donald trump is the person best
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york times says trump reported a more-than 900-million dollar loss in 1995... which would have allowed him -- in theory -- to avoid paying taxes.the republican nominee, so far, has refused to release his tax returns... a common practice among presidential candidates. 3 chaos at a cafe.coming up next on the cbs 58 news at 5-30... almost 100 hurt in an explosion.what officials say happened. 3 and the milwaukee bucks throw block party.a look at this year's fanfest... and what fans expect from this year's team.
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men killed an 85-year-old priest at that church. claiming he did it in the name of, the entire town took part in the procession... in honor of that priest.the two attackers were killed in the police standoff that followed. 3 close to 100 people got hurt after an explosion ripped apart a cafe in southern spain. can see the aftermath of the blast right happened yesterday as a festival was going on in a popular tourist destination in the andalusia region. investigators are sparked the explosion.five of the people have serious injuries, others were treated for cuts and bruises. one year ago right now... people were beginning to realize what happened at the extremely close knit umpqua community college in oregon. oregon.a vigil was held in roseburg last night.hundreds gathered to show support for the families and survivors of last year's shooting.for some, the vigil was their way to stand united as a community. for was to
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"i'm here to support quinn cooper because he was a really good friend of mine through high school and i want to do everything i can for him." him."eight students and a teacher died in last year's shooting. 3 family and friends gathered for a special ceremony to mark the one year anniversary of the sinking of el faro. yesterday marked one year since the tragedy.el faro, a container ship, sunk during hurricane joaquin with a crew of 33 on board...all of them died.the families of those lost say they were glad to come together to remember th 3 145 mile per hour hurricane matthew is spiraling in the caribbean...folks in jamaica are making preparations for potential's expected to reach jamaica and haiti tomorrow.folks in south florida are being told to watch the storm...because forecasters say matthew may scrape that area later in the
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3 tonight: clouds clearing. patchy fog possible. lows in the lower 50s. wind: calm. monday: sunshine returns!! a typical fall day with highs in the middle 60s and a light wind.week: sunshine continues for tuesday with highs reaching the upper 60s. low 70s for highs return wednesday and thursday as rain and storm chances return. storms may be possible for most of wednesday and thursday with lingering rain on friday. cooler weather returns next weekend with highs only in the upper 50s. tonight: clouds clearing. patchy fog possible. lows in the lower 50s. wind: calm. monday: sunshine returns!! a typical fall day with highs in the middle 60s and a light
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reaching the upper 60s. low 70s for highs return wednesday and thursday as rain and storm chances return. storms may be possible for most of wednesday and thursday with lingering rain on friday. cooler weather returns next weekend with
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there are a lot of tired people around here today... that's because they conquered the always popular lakefront ma!
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from grafton high school to here at the milwaukee lakefront...thousands of folks signed up for the was a long run...and the hilly terrain made it difficult, too. the weather was crummy, but not one runner put was misty! 3 "perfect for running, and i was with an excellent pace group, so congratulations to the 420 pace team, they were ph" phenomenal."the marathon is now in it's 36th year...and in event as you can see. 3 the 2016 milwaukee bucks met with fans for the first time to. today.the fans got a sneak peek at what to expect from this year's squad...and even had a photo op or 58's lindsey branwall takes us to the fourth annual bucks fanfest. 3 the bucks are ready.?fans cheering?and so are their fans. travis henderson"where's the whistle?"these guys are at every home game.travis
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have a nameaaron evans"we're the cream city clash"they're at the 4th annual fan fest fest"it's really the first time each season we really get fans to come out and see the new team on the court."and once the scrimmage ends.... can get even closer.shooting free throws with their favorite player... rylen schulz"i played with greg monroe and stuff"or sitting down for a little one on one on the x box.nathan saloga"you get to play video their favorite players helps them cheer a little louder. ?cheering? dustin godseychief marketing officer"the time they got to come play video game with jabari or shoot free throws with yannis. it's those once in a lifetime opportunities that are going to make them fans for the rest of their lives. tag:the first time you'll see the buck's back at the bradley center october 26th for their season
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bucks in action... but no packers, of course. it's their bye week. ...the brewers very much in action for the last time this year. day 162... next.
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find the nearest kiosk at the final game of the seaosn for the brewers... and a lot of questions to be answered once the season is over--one of them being, will ryan braun be a brewer at this time next y? year?he's already played his last game this year... not in the lineup today. but chris carter is... he and colorado's nolen arenado both with 41 home runs to lead the national league. but how about domingo santana... eighth inning... a home run of his own. 11th of the year... one of the future faces of the crew giving them the lead. carter--one more chance to get that home run
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he'll finish with 41 homers along with arenado.... but in extra innings... look who gets on the board with their first homer of the year. andrew susac... a two-run shot in the tenth.... that's how the brewers seaosn ends. 6-4 this game going final. the brewers record... 73-89 to end the year. the packers in their bye week... their earliest bye week in ten years. with that, they sit back and watch other nfl games going on, including in the nfc north.... thew chicago bears lost six straight games at home headed in they would end that streak behind bobby hoyer. two touchdown passes--the second here to zach miller. that's a part od ten unanswered points to end the game for chicago... they'd also get this interception off matthew stafford. deiondre hall helping to ice this game. 17-14... bears get their first win of the season. out in new york... how about a badger to badger connection. russell wilson throwing it to tanner mcevoy. both
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wisconsin... mcevoy converting to a receiver. that's part of a three touchdonw day by wilson as his seahawks beat the jeats 27-17. this game is really a learning curve. it doesn't define our season. so 4-1 going into the bye, i'll take that over not having any wins. an unfortunate loss to michigan was capped by this play by jordan lewis.... alex hornibrook throwing three interceptions but one that caps the game and one of the most amazing catches you'll ever see. see.because of it... the badgers falling 14-7 in michigan and falling to 11th in the ap top 25. but after a close loss to number four michigan... the badgers aren't hanging their head slow going into the bye week, especially their defense which forced a michigan turnover of their own. i still feel like we could have put our offense in some better spots. we should have forced more tunrovers. they gashed us on some runs but we have to right those wrongs and
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did a lot of good things this game. guys had a heck of a game. we just gotta learn from our mistakes on film. some of them are little things, others are big things. "and the united states will begin a celebration that will ring into the night and beyond." eight long years for the united states.... and noy, the ryder cup is back with the states. zach to clinch things... but the u.s. in control until the finish, winning 17-11... the celebration underway with jordan spieth, phil mickelson... captained by davis love iii.
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the number of teens arrested in kenosha county is dropping like a's thanks, in part, to a program targeting
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youngsters. 3 "this has been an amazing program not only for the youth and the families, but for the community as a whole." whole."we're talking about the kenosha county summer youth employment program.the program pays teens to work at partner businesses and gives them credit toward graduating. tonight at ten...we'll talk to a girl who went from teenage car thief to restaurant worker thanks to this program. 3 who knew trimming off a few inches could do so much good? good?'s cause".the idea is simple... donate your hair that will end up being made into wigs.the event at roots salon benefits the penfield children's center, wigs for kids, and children with hair date -- the event has donated more than 42-thousand dollars and 9-thousand inches of hair. tonight: clouds clearing. patchy fog possible. lows in the lower 50s. wind: calm. monday: sunshine returns!! a typical fall day with highs in the middle 60s and a light wind.week: sunshine continues
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70s for highs return wednesday and thursday as rain and storm
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> stahl: for five weeks, this no-man's land of ice was home to an expeditionary team of sailors, scientists and engineers, who's mission was to understand how to survive in maybe the most hostile conditions on earth. how cold does it get up here? >> it's about 25 below zero with the wind chill. >> stahl: the stakes are high-- trillions of dollars of natural gas and oil long-buried under the sea floor. which is one reason we came upon a u.s. attack submarine in a most unlikely way. >> rebel! >> cooper: nate parker's new


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