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tv   CBS 58 Morning News at 430am  CBS  November 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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"america will no longer settle for anything less than the best" best" breaking news this morning... donald trump has been elected the 45th president of the united states of america. according to the associated press ...the deciding factor ...was the statewi 3 it was a ?long? night--- millions of americans ?eagerly awaiting? the results of the presidential election. was just before 2 a-m... donald trump took the stage for his ?celebratory speech? at his headquarters in new york city.... becoming the 45th presidential-elect. here's how the numbers break down.this is the popular vote... 3 3
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votes. (ad-lib)michigan, (ad-lib) michigan, minnesota and new hampshire still haven't been called.. 3 donald trump upset democrat hillary clinton, winning enough of the key battleground states to claim victory in both the electoral college and the popular vote. and while clinton hasn't made any public remarks -- she did call and conceed to trump. cbs's jamie yuccas has the latest from new york. (nats) - the president of the unitta ((narr-1))the crowd roared as donald trump made his entrance into his campaign's election night headquarters. (sot donald trump)"i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans." ((narr-2))trump pulled off wins in key battleground states tuesday night, including florida, ohio and north carolina. the trump campaign says hillary clinton called to concede. (sot)"she congratulated us - and this is
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her and her family on a very very hard fought campaign." ((narr-3)) stunned hillary clinton supporters wiped away tears after the democrat's multiple paths to victory disappeared one by one. clinton failed to carry many of the battleground states president obama won in 2012. (standup bridge)trump's populist message resonated in working-class americans, who saw him as a washington outsider. ((sot mike brannon/voter))"i'm hoping for change -t' for." ((narr-4))ballots are still being counted - but donald trump is already looking forward to taking the oath of office. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. congressman paul ryan congratulated trump on his win. he released this statement. "i want to congratulate donald trump on his incredible victory. it marks a repudiation of the status quo of failed liberal progressive policies. we are eager to work hand-in-hand with the new administration to advance an agenda to improve the lives of the american people. this has been a great night for our
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country together." together." 3 3 we knew wisconsin was a battleground state going into the election.but until early this morning... we didn't know just how crucial it would be. according to the associated press.... the badger state was was ?the? deciding factor in donald trump's win. win.wisconsin's 10 electorial votes... put trump ?over the number? needed to win.check it out.this is a breakdown of how ?counties? in our state voted. voted. you'll notice trump caed counties in our area--- that includes the conservative "wow" counties--- waukesha, ozaukee, and washington.clinton won 13 counties in the state--- but ?only? milwaukee county in our . thing to take note of... wisconsin's numbers didn't come in until almost 2 this morning.the last two counties to get results dane and lacrosse... both democratic-leaning. some speculated it would put clinton over the edge in the state... but of course that wasn't the case. 3 let's take a ?closer? look now
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54 to 43-percent.compared to 57-percent of women who voted for clinton. we can break that down further... white men... made up 42-percent of the vote.... and picked trump 51-percent compared to 31 for clinton. white women... who made up 44-percent of the overall vote... were nearly split 46 to 44 percent between the candi. candidates.african american votes.. however.. went almost entirely to clinton.according percent? of black women voted for trump. only 1-percent of black men voted for trump. -----and this was a demographic a lot of pundits talked about.. specifically. would clinton be able to rally the african american vote the way president obama did. you'll likely hear a lot about this side of the story thoughout today. moving on to ?local? races. imcumbent "paul ryan" easily won the congressional race in the first district.'s a look at the
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support than some expected.he took home 30 percent of the vote. paul ryan's win in the 1st congressional district was not a surprise to voters.however his relationship with donald trump moving forward will be interesting to follow.i spoke with assistant professor of political science at marquette-- paul nolette... about his thoughts moving forward. 23:04:59 "it's going to be potentially really contentious fight between the two. paul ryan and donald trump, in some visions about where they want to bring the republican party. perhaps as the most 2 prominent figures in the republican party, it could be difficult to have that relationship continue on good t" terms." on a positive note... speaker ryan called donald trump last night to congratulate him on a "big night." he also spoke to governor mike pence. we're told trump and ryan had quote-- "very good conversation." 3 paul ryan's ?challenger?--- ryan solen--- had a ?steep? uphill battle in trying to unseat the first district
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levy? reports from his watch party. 3 3:38-4:00 good morning, ryan solen said he ran the race he wanted to run. he gave his concession speech around 9:30 last night.. obviously this was not the way he wanted it to end. he did though thank supporters for their motation and all of their support, a lot of door knocking, a lot of campaigning for him. and this is his message for paul ryan ryan00-22 i did try to make a call to him to thank him for were turned away from that and told he was unavailable. i'm not sure why that is, ususally they take the call from the other person and in this case he did not. so i will say right now, paul thank you for running this clean race i do appreciate that this did not turn into a mudslinging fest. fest.4:11- 20 after he thanked his supporters he wanted to spend time with his family. in racine, cbs 58 news.
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the closest races in the state -- the next wisconsin senator.. senator..while the race was actually called much earlier than many thought -- it was still tight.but senator ron johnson won re-election to a second term.just like what happened in 20-10..dashing the hope that former three-term senator russ feingold would take back his seat.. seat.. 3 3 ((???1:45 seconds??)) ((???tease ahead??10???)) ahead??10???)) today...sunny. highs in the mid 50s. west winds 5 to 10 mph..tonight...clear. lows
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mph..thursday...sunny. highs in the lower 60s. southwest winds 10 to20 mph..thursday night...clear. lows in the lower 40s. northwest winds10 to 15 mph..veterans day...cooler. mostly sunny. highs in the upper 40s.north winds 10 to 20 mph..friday night... the lower 30s. .saturday...sunny. highs in the upper 40s..saturday night...clear. lows in the mid 30s..sunday...sunny. highs in the mid 50s..sunday night...partly cloudy. lows in the lower 40s..monday...mostly
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belair cantina is helping you celebrate the end of the election... by giving away free margaritas today!it's also a bit of an apology... for a mistake made yesterday. yesterday.a handful of local restaurants-- including belair and drink wisconsibly--- advertised food and drink offers.... if you showed a sticker saying you voted.but the milwaukee county d-a's office quickly explained it's ?against the law? to offer promotions related to voting if they're ?worth more than a dollar.? it's a relatively ?obscure state law?... that many restaurant workers say... they didn't know about. david sapp / general manager,
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definitely did not. entities bigger than me didn't know. the journal sentinel, onmilwaukee - they both did huge pieces. we heard a piece on the radio on the way back." back." 3 bel air says... it will also accomodate people under 21 limeaid--- instead of a margarita. 3 this election has pitted many people against each other.but a church in wausau wanted to unify americans by holding services to pray for our country's current and future leaders.the saint matthew catholic church held two special services this week the pastor says it's important for americans to pray that our leaders guide the country in the right direction.the pastor said he includes prayers for america and its leaders all the time, but during election season, it is especially important. 3 of course the election is trending this morning ...and there's one moment everyone is talking about.donald trump cast his ballot in new york yesterday. trump arrived with his wife melania and greeted poll workers before the two voted.sounds normal enough, right? well take a look at
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media going crazy. it looks like trump is ?peering? over his wife melania's booth... to see who she voted for. then the tweets started flying. ---when you trust your wife to vote for you, but not really. ---when you know you got the right answer but you just checking your friend's test to make sure 3 donald trump appeared to be serving ?quite the dessert?... at his election night party in new york.take a look at the "victory cake" delivered to trump tower last came complete with a secret service escort! the cake is a ?life- size bust? of trump.
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get this-- canada's immigration website crashed overnight... as the election results were rolling in. this is a picture of what people saw when they went to the site. the site went down around 9:30 last night. i checked this morning and it seems to be back up and running. the top story on business insider has been "how to move to canda and become a canadian citizen." coming up... prince harry is blasting the press. press. coming to the ?defense? of his new girlfriend.jeanne moos has the story... and provides the
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making news around the world... a gigantic sinkhole road... including traffic lights... in japan. the 15-meter deep sinkhole was first reported yesterday. nearby residents were evacuated.the hole is near a railway station. it is currently filled with water that seeped in from destroyed sewage injuries have been reported. authorities are still investigating what happened. 3 3 making news around the nation-- - an arkansas police chief... ?caught sleeping? on the job. pictures were taken of chief "willie frazier"... sleeping
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weekend. the chief said... he came in for a few hours on saturday... and ?that's? when he was caught snoozing. but he claims he was "off duty." :17-:21(chief willie frazier, arkansas police) "i'd been working a lot of hours, so i pulled up to the store and i just paused for a minute." minute." 3 the chief?s explanation... is getting ?mixed reviews.?the town's mayor says... chief frazier works a lot because they're ?short staffed? right now. 3 3 in your health watch now...a michigan polling site had a unique t.. voted yesterday. yesterday.walgreens teamed up with election officials at the polling site to offer voters-- flu shots.people were able to get the shot while waiting in line to cast their ballots.the vote and vaccine was aimed at helping more people have easy access to the vaccination. britain's prince harry.... is "unhappy harry." he's ?blasting the media?... for the way they've been ?treating his new girlfriend.? cnn's jeanne moos has the story. the red haired british prince with the brunette american
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after the bachelor prince saying...(nats) oh my god. that's harry's 35-year old girlfriend...meghan markle... married once and divorced.i get called meg. nutmeg. nutmeg?! (laughter) meghan is one of the stars of the legal drama "suits."i am the love interest. (nats) but now that she's harry's love interest, the prince has gone ballistic on the press. a statement from kensington palace says the past week has seen "a line crossed." been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment." (nats) come on. the palace statement cites "the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces." meghan's mom is african american, her dad is white. meghan herself is a un advocate for gender equality, advocating even when it comes to her own character, rachel, on "suits." (meghan markle, actress) this
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begin rachel enters wearing a towel. nope. not doing it anymore. not doing it. the prince's statement cites "attempts of reporters to gain illegal entry to her home." "prince harry is worried about ms. markle's safety." after all his mother, princess diana, seen here holding harry, died in a car crash while being chased by paparazzi. up until the palace statement saying "this is not a game - it is he his" the press was still playing the game of decoding their romance. (nats) check this out, they're both wearing the same beaded bracelet. her instagram account was analyzed for clues... right down to the image she posted of two bananas cuddling. but that couldn't be harry... there he is. no beard.jeanne moos cnn ny 3
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still ahead this morning--- "gopro."the small personal camera company announces a recall.we'll tell you about coming up! 3 and - a woman welcomes her first baby into the world ... but not before hitting the
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mid 50s. west winds 5 to 10 mph..tonight...clear. lows around 40. west winds 5 to 10 mph..thursday...sunny. highs in the lower 60s. southwest winds 10 to20 mph..thursday night...clear. lows in the lower 40s. northwest winds10 to 15 mph..veterans
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highs in the upper 40s.north winds 10 to 20 mph..friday night...mostly clear. lows in the lower 30s. .saturday...sunny. highs in the upper 40s..saturday night...clear. lows in the mid 30s..sunday...sunny. highs in the mid 50s..sunday night...partly the lower 40s..monday...mostly sunny. highs in the upper 50s.
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in this morning's money watch report...more trouble for the once-hopeful blood-testing start-up company theranos. theranos.walgreens is suing the company for 140-million-dollars -- to try to recover its investments. walgreens closed all 40 theranos wellness centers in its arizona stores in june. theranos once promised cheaper, more efficient alternatives to traditional blood s. 20-15 "wall street journal" report called the company's testing methods into question. since then.. theranos has been banned from owning or operating a lab for two years. last month.. one of theranos' biggest investors... filed a 96-million-dollar suit against the company. 3 c-v-s shares ?plunged? in trade yesterday... after the drugstore chain ?lowered its profit forecast? for 20-16.... and warned of ?losing tens of millions of prescriptions? next year.the company also
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revenue--- but investors are apparently focused on the ?poor outlook.?c-v-s says... it could lose 40 (m) million prescriptions next year... as a result of ?new restricted networks.?the u-s defense department's ?health care program? tri-care ... is also leaving the c-v-s network. 3 camera-maker go-pro... is recalling a batch of its new karma drones.some of the 800- dollar gadgets have been losing power in mid-air... causing safety concerns. the recall includes about 25- hundred models that were sold since october 23-rd.the company is offering customers a full has recently dropped by about 20-percent because of terrible sales. 3 the obama administration says there are millions of more american jobs waiting to be filled.the labor department says america had five and half million job openings in september.that's close to the record high of five-point-eight million openings set in april. there was even a small increase in federal government jobs. the huge number of openings is a recovery sign that employers want to can also signal that employers are struggling to find workers with the right skills.
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forget her civic duties this weekend... even in the midst of giving birth. sosha adelstein was due to have her first child on election day... but the baby couldn't wait.the first-time mom started going into labor friday.but before delivering the baby-- she stopped at the boulder county "clerk and recorder's office" to drop off her ballot. :31-:38 (sosha adelstein, new mom) "we ran over there and kind of made it just in time, because like shortly after that i was like okay its time. we got to get to the hospital." 3 3 adelstein gave birth to a little girl named bella rose. 3 3 3
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stay close...your top stories are next at five. 3 including...the latest on election results from overnight that's a live
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2:01:47- 56ladies and gentleman the next president of the united states, donald trump! thank you it's been an honor. god bless, thank god. god. a man who grew up in national chairman-- reince priebus-- speaking briefly during donald trump's victory speech. good morning everyone. it's wednesday, november 9-th. 9-th.america has voted.donald trump is no longer the republican nominee... he is ou trump will be the ?45-th? president of the united states. the republican nominee won ?early this morning.?according to the associated press--- it was ?wisconsin's? 10 electoral votes... that put him over the 270 threshold. threshold.take a look at the results. trump got 48 percent of the country's vote.hillary clinton got 47 percent.trump upset clinton--- who was hoping to become the ?first woman? to serve in the oval office. 3 if you take a look at the big electoral map here..this is


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