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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  November 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:57pm CST

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we'll see you next te.3 we begin at four ith wng news...milwaukee police have released n wasviamaged during lac avenue. it was damag of unrest in milwaukee folling the poe ting death of syvlville smith. seve bank by breaking a ow set something inside the bank on something inside the bank on fire...causing ?a million dollars? in damage. damage.the a-t-f is now offering a ten-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the people inside this bank. it was one of a number of building damaged back in august during several night of unrest in milwaukee. if you know anything that can help 414-935-7360.e an who
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and killed a 5-year-old girl. sherman liddell was charged with hit and run and operating on a suspended license. license.police say liddell was driving his girlfriends porsche cayenne on november 6th when he struck 5-year-old rickyia langham. security cameras at a nearby store captured images of the s-u-v taking ofhe vehicle was was reported stolen to police about two hours after the accident aftethe accident asheb according to the complaint liddell called crowder, who is his girlfriend, after car olen. w charged with lying to police. today loved ones of the young victim memorialized the child that was and tragically will be rves for yia nghathis aftern. afternoon....she joins us now live with more
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there was barely an extra inch to stand inside the funeral home. so mane toy camsay goodbye to rickyia langham. many said they will ectis smile and she spread it around one last time ... through the tears, many did smile as they got to see rickyia's last ride. worthy of a princess, white horses and a carriage headed toward the cemetary. family also said they'll never forget rickyia's great uncle will miss joking around with her. "i would call her roger and i'm rickyia and that would really mess with her. and she came to me in a dream and said she was alright and that she's leaving me. she said and my name is rickyia." rickyia." she was buried just before 2 this afternoon at graceland cemetary livp..i'm
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let's get you caught up... a judge ruled es daey be released from jail while the e happening. back in gust a judge overtuned dassey's convtion saying his confession wascoerced. the state appealed that de judge said dassey should be released while that process plays out. but dassey is in jail now... and the state is trying to keep him there "there are conditions you must comply with while you're out. and he has a laudnry list. he's got to be monitored very, heu.s. probation office, he has a killing manitowoc ery contuebe teresalb3 -exami b s tionbeen taken in his
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continue to follow this developing story...rendaw dasse 3 when he didn't come out early and strong for donald trump some thought tuesday's ec r n as speaker..not so.. as cbs's weijia jiang shows us the janesville republican was donwright giwhile annoucing the results of the vote on capitol hill. speaker paul ryan is kping his job, leading a republican
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that's what he wants, despite his turbulent history with ryan. i talk with donald trump virtuallyevery single glove and we're going to make re that this is ary private meeting tuesday n. morning...sporting "ke f thec rgthe room mpd the lot of soul srcng that has to go on in our party and its much broader than just our
4:06 pm te k er loo" then literally don itoo dramatic to say the patry is grappling with a lot of realy intense feelings a lot of really intense lessons that ne to house democrats plan to hold november 30th. weia jiang, president-elect dontring tona vice guiliani is a favorite for secretary ofis also up for the chairman during the election, is said to be a front-runner for treasury secretary. transition, making sure we get his tax trump and pence got their first presintial daily briefings today. the goal is to have the president-ect up
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president obama is making his final foreign trip whileurope n commitments to efend europe. they'rso concerned about trump's seeminy-friendly outreach meterologist
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ththursday...mostly sunny. highs in the wind10 friday...mostly cloudy. a 40 percent chance of t in the aftn brzy. highs in the lower 60s. cloudy with a 20 percent chance of light rain ers. breezy...colder. lows in the sa cloudy with a 30 percent chance of light rain
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sunday...mostly sunny. highs in the upper 30s. 3 3 new details this afternoon about a double shooting in milwaukee...police now say the incident was domestic. police wered to calle rgewood apartments around 9:30 las night. they fod kortni thornton dead from a gunshot wound. a 57-year-old woman had also been shot but is expected to survive. police have arrested a 32-year-old man in connection with the shooting. convicof kihis lling girlfriend in front of thir infant ild was sentenced today.frank lopez junior will spend twenty years behind bars with ten years of extended supervision. still at east5 years bears after ce
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ca, deep of her mouth, rld."williams mother also filea request for 4000 llars in restitution. reporting in mke i'm jp cbs 58 u about last night at we look into how investigators
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for years. 58's jacob ttilstad join ai...would come to w-c-retus. authorities say they happened kristine lewis...and 30-year-old melissa hlawek. they each face dozens of charges including misappropriating identification information to obta m.obtaining refund with fradulent intent... and theffalse representation. investigators say they filed 93 s during their run and have all e paperwork to back
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they are currently not under arrest...their initial arance is scheduled for december 7 in milwaukee county. > live in pewaukee...> jacob kittilstad...> cbs 58 news. 3 coming up -- two packer greats of fame next year...hear from one of them after the break. 3 and a signature beer at a local brewery get some big ition...the details next. 3 plus --- meterologist rebecca schuld wilreturn with your
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the green bay packers announced today that former players donald driver and mark lee will be inducted into 58's jocelyne prun spoke to double "d" this afternoon about the big honor. honor. from the newsroom with more...jocelyne. bill and michelle ....donald driver told me this means the world to him. he's obviously very happy and frankly stunned that he's been chosen to be a part of this exclusive group of packer greats. . years after his retirement from football, driver remains very involved in the community... donating his time d money different causes. as for his packers career... he was selected in the 1999 n-l aft.... he played in 205 games duringyear hi
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scored 62 touchdowns... one of the highghts was helping the team win superbowl 45 during the 2010 season. i sat down with him... we talked about the mentors he had over the years.... and what being inducted into the packers hall of fame means to him. "i take my hat off to the green bay packers hall of fame committee for selecting me and giving me this honor. i'm still at awe, you know you are happy and you get emotional about it you know that this is something that i'll be able to show my kids and my kids what they grandfather and what their dad has done." done." what's his oritmemory than winning a superbowl. live even people in europe think milwaukee beer is really good. lakefront brewery's "east side dark" just took gold at the european beer star awards it took gold in the bohemian schwarz-bier category... which
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one of the most coveted awards in the beer community... and that the way they took gold is pretty flattering... and pretty amazing 3 actually coming from america and going into the backyard of the great german breweries, competing in a blind tasting, and winning in a style that they have been brewing for hundreds of years years more than 21-hundred beers entered. eastside dark also took gold in 2014. there's a new place to t today on miller park way. it's the first of ?six? additional stores planned to open in the next year. the new store will employ 140 full and part time workers. 3 i'm getting ready how about you? for some fun and charity with the brewes and hunger task force.mark your calendars! wedensday november 23rd..we're back out at
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thru food drive.we'll be up at five in the morning waiting for your donations.first 300 turkey donations getting a barking hank bobble head. surprise visits from players and the cbs 58 news team. drop off some food next wednesday from 5 a-m to 6 p-m...and we might just see "you" on the news. we've got more information on our website, cbs 58 dot com. itf an's the...ripon wisconsin is closing it's cookie plant "ripon good cookie" cookies"the city has been years, but now the last plant stopping production this week. treehouse foods says excess manufacturing linen cook are two reasons whxty eople will now be out of work. "the lost of jobs in the community.. its about 60 jobs... hopefully with alliance laundry expansion they can pick up some of those people...yeah the this is sad." sad." treehouse foods will provide
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transitional support and outplacement services to employees left without jobs. 3 readycast with meterologi rebecca schuld is
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breezy...colder. lows in t d 30 saturday...mostly cloudy with a 30 light rain showers. breezy. much colder. highs around 40. saturday night...mostly cloudy through ht then becoming partly cloudy. lows in the upper 20s. sunday...mostly sunny. highs
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3 3 coming up -- a man on a mission to prove no dog is too dangerous to be a good pet. 3 and after public outcry..."the world's saddest polar bear" is
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stories and more next as the news at four continues. ? tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's
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criminals using dogs as weapons.and when they're done with them..the dogs are in peril.abandoned until one man decided they deserved a second chance.chris martinez shows us how. dog trainer cornelius austin scours the streets of los angeles - six days a week - looking for stray or neglected animals."i just love working with dogs and seeing dogs in a comfortable place." more and
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abandoned dogs - that were trained by criminals to become vicious weapons. weapons."i've seen dogs that come to the shelter, they come to my class that got scars and stuff all over their face and you know they've been in a battle!"authorities say they've seen a surge of dogs used to help commit crimes... "they've been used in cases of robbery, rape, assault" attorney ken phillips works exclusively on cases involving dog bites. he says some felons are instead of guns - to avoid being sent back to jail. jail."felon is not allowed to have weapons anywhere, they know a vicious dog can be used as successfully to commit a crime as a gun or a knife."in his classes - austin works to reverse the training some of the animals received. he's helped rehabilitate hundreds of aggressive dogs - like this pit bull named ali. ali."he had severe dog
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degree turn around."while he admits not every animal can be saved, he says he owes it to the dogs to try."if a dog could talk, he'd have a lot to tell you... like i always tell everybody, it's not the dog it's the people.. it's the people."chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles the animal known as the "world's saddest polar bear" now has a new temporary home. people around the world were upset when the polar bear, named "pizza" was found to be living in deplorable conditions at a mall aquarium in china.the mall now says "pizza" is now living at an ocean park and has been reunited with his parents. several videos of "pizza" gained attention on social media...showing the polar bear swaying his head and pacing, which animal experts say is a sign of frustration and mental decline. 3 coming up -- guns in the classroom to protect teachers..why this debate is up and rolling again.. next. 3
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exchange beaten to death at uw- stout.. 3 and people in milwaukee protesting against the dakota access pipeline choose a downtown bank to make their statement we'll tell you why...after the break. 3 we've got much more news and weather headlines...coming up as the cbs 58 news at four
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breaking news...backups of more than five miles on i-94 eastbound at wisconsin 100. there was a crash here around word on any injuries..but dot out with the alert this hour..backups between brookfield road in waukesha county to wisconsin 100 in milwaukee county. motorists are advised to take another route. it's the kind of argument that emerges usually in the aftermath of a school shooting. shooting.allowing guns in classrooms for protection. so why is it coming up in madison ? again?cbs 58's david ade on the new proposal...up for debate..david. state representative jesse kremer tells me he's going to introduce the bill next year. he says it would allow licensed concealed carry holding private school teachers to have their gun in
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authority to make their own policy on guns in the classroom.kremer says some schools may choose to allow guns... while other schools won't.he says the main part of this is creating a deterrent for mass shootings at schools. "there's a lot of good in this world but there's also evil. the public must continue to remain vigilant and we as legislators must be proactive when it comes to securing our sls children." kremer says the second part of the bill will be to allow parents to keep their licensed gun holstered while on private school grounds.right now... that's illegal and it's a felony. reporting live david ade... cbs 58 news. a kenosha man sent to trial for a bomb threat and attempted bank robbery. robbery.37-year-old brian thielen had to use a hearing device to help him listen to the court's ruling today. prosecutorsay thielen
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get a million dollars.swat teams cleared out johnson bank and convinced him to surrender. the bomb was a fake..and claims by the defendant that he was forced to rob the bank by another man ..have never lead to anyone else being charged. police are looking for two women who might know something about a uw-stout student who was beaten to death last month. month.police released this photo...asking the women to come forward. they are ?not? named as suspects. police only believe they have information that may help the case. 24-year-old hussain alnahdi, a foreign exchange student, was found beaten on halloween weekend. and later died from of tramatic brain injuries. the's a 20-thousand dollar reward for information in this case. two people tried to rob a church in washington county this weekend...while parishoners were inside insideon sunday those attending service at the "resurrection catholic church" in allenton heard some noises. and found two men trying to break into the safe with a
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state troopers were able to track down one of the suspects, a 52-year-old man from milwaukee. they found the crow bar stashed under one of his car seats. meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. 3 tonight...partly cloudy. lows around 40. west winds 5 to 10 mph. wednesday...sunny. highs in the mid 50s. the southeast in the afternoon. wednesday night...partly cloudy. lows in the mid 40s. south winds 5 to 10 mph. thursday...mostly sunny. highs in the mid 60s. south winds 10 to 15 mph. thursday night...partly cloudy. lows in the lower 50s. friday...mostly cloudy. a 40
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breezy. highs in the lower 60s. friday night...mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of light rain showers. breezy...colder. lows in the mid 30s. saturday...mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of light rain showers...possibly mixed with snow showers. breezy. colder. highs around 40. saturday night...mostly cloudy through around midnight then becoming partly cloudy. lows in the upper 20s. sunday...mostly sunny. highs in the upper 30s. protesters marched outside the wells fargo bank in downtown
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against the dakota access pipel. pipeline."we are, we are, milwaukee, milwaukee, we stand, we stand, with standing " rock" the protesters chose the location because wells fargo is one of the investors in the dakota access pipeline. protesters have been demonstrating against the pipeline in north dakota for months. saying it goes through protected indian land and could endanger the water supply in the area. "this is so be seen and that the pic care about us and our idiginous people and respect our land, respect treaty rights, invest in clean green energy instead of oil and fight for clean water for everyone." everyone." wells fargo responded with at statement saying "we respect the differing opinions involved in this dispute, and we understand the concerns of all parties involved."another demonstrations is planned by
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triple "a" exepcts some 49 million people to drive at least 50 miles from home this thanksgiving holiday.that's a million more than last year and as cbs 58's michael schlesinger found out..there will also be some extra help on the roads. this is actually a joining effort with the sheriff's department and the wisconsin department of transportation. all the county has two of these trucks...each valued around 80 to 85 thousand addition to a well-equipped tow can think of all patrols.they are used to help reduce congestion and delay. they even have their own billboards making you aware of any incident you might be encountering. this free service has the safety of each motorist and law enforcement person in mind. mind.they provide towing, changing flat tires, give you a gallon of fuel. if you see them be aware and move over and slow down. dangerous job.
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on wee and with big holiday travel coming up next week you are reminded to not text and drive. you can now be cited in construction zones. also if your car breaks n the highway or you have a minor accident, you must steer and clear it. in other words get your car to the shoulder. it's the law. law.reporting in mke co. ms...cbs58 news. the house of harley-davidson has taken over another local dealership.its purchase of racine harley-davdison official today. the former owner is of flagship store on layton and at mitchell international airport..and ithe official motorcycle seller to local law enforcement. 3 popular dating app tinder is making some big changes to be more inclusive...the details ahead. 3 3nd yourolidardys u-p-s airline pilot bans all political talk on his
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in today's money watch...12-hundred u-p-s mechanics have voted to go on strike...the strike needs approval from a federal mediato. mediator.then the union has to wait a month before actually striking. u-p-s says they're confident they'll reach a deal with the workers before that all happens. the workers are protesting against three years without a pay raise. and could soon be grounded ba ion representing pilots for "lufthansa" are fighting with the airline over pay... and are threatening strikes. the union says those pilots have been without raises for five years. 3 warren buffett is betting big on the u-s airline business. the billionaire businessman's company bought stakes in american airlines, united continental, delta, and southwest airlines. shares of all four airlines shot up at
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blasted airlines --- calling them "a bottomeless pit" back in 2007. about half of american saw their wages go up over the past year. reports 48 percent of americans have seen their pay increase. 37 percent of them were given a raise...and the rest just found a new job with better pay. while that's good news for still means about half of americans didn't see a wage hike in the past twelve months. 3 another day of ga record high after gaining 54 points. the nasdaq gained 57 and the s and p is up 16 on the day. google is pushing back against fake-news websites... by banning those sites from using its online advertising se. service.the tech giant is facing major criticism over how fake news showed up in google searches... and ?could? have influenced the presidential election. 3 the dating app "tinder" is making some changes to become more inclusive. starting
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and canada.the popular app was criticized for not accepting transgender users. it previously offered only two options when selecting gender -- man or woman.tnder now has a variety of gender options...and if you can't find one that fits...customized labels are available. 3 there's a new kind of smartwatch on the market...powered only by bodyheat.the new "powerwatch" uses thermo-electrics, which converts temperature differences into electricity. basics of a fitness tracker like step counters, but it also tells you how many watts of power you generate in a day. the watch maker "matrix industries" says technology like this could eventually do away with batteries. 3 time now for what's up with walsh...there's some popular memes circulating on twitter trying to bring a little light to a divisive election season. twitter is imagining pranks the outgoing administration might play on the incoming president-elect...and people
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fake conversations between president obama and joe biden. jeanne moos has more. some on twitter elected to imagine pranks that the mischievous joe biden....might play on the incoming trump. and thus was born a meme of imaginary conversations between joe and president obama."i ordered huge replacement doorknobs, huge. joe, we can't. president tiny hands."from the size of trump's hands to pre "c'mon you gotta print a fake birth certificate, put it in an envelope labeled secret and leave it in the oval office desk. joe...."obama's birthplace gave birth to a lot of jokes...."i left a kenyan passport in your desk, desk,joe! oh and a prayer rug in your bedroom. he's gonna lose it! dammit joe."that tweet was written by left leaning josh billinson."just trying to be funny at a time when it's really hard to know if it's okay to be funny."josh loves joe biden and has authored at least 10 of these m.
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one based on a dirty trick that was actually played in real life, when the white house transitioned from bill clinton to george w. bush."an investigation confirmed missing w's in the white house.."hillary was saying they took the ws off the keyboards when bush won! joe put... i took the ts, they can only type "rump". "rump".if the election's been pushing your buttons, maybe a tweet will provide relief."i took a staples red button and wrote nukes on it. joe! tweets to him in russian when pres" was easy."new york 3 a scuffle on an airplane...led to some strong words for the pilot and a ban of a political discussion for the rest of the . flight."i understand everybody has their opinions, ..... that's fine. have the common decency....each others decsions."//"there's another flight tomorrow...hope that's clear enough." (woohoo) (woohoo) following the fight, the pilot took to the intercom, urging
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political views to themselves...and banned all political talk for the remainder of the flight. even threatening to kick passengers off who didn't want to comply. 3 in today's health watch...if you are taking medication prescribed by a may want to use your pharmacist as a backup line of defense to make sure you're doing what's best for your health. kelly bowman explains. there are a few major questions pharmacists want you to, take these for a spin the next time you pick up a right medication for me? me?"is it safe to take with the current medications that i'm taking. another great question to ask is if it's going to interfere with any over-the-counter products i take. can i take this with or without food? is there a specific time of day i should take this medication? can this product be crushed or mixed with food if it's for a child?" am i allergic to this medication?"if we don't have any allergies, we can't prevent the interaction//if you are someone with an
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always tell my pharmacist? "going to the same pharmacy every time is very important, it's also important to know your pharmacist.//you want to let them know what medications you're taking, but prescription and over-the-counter. you want to let them know any disease states you currently have... // and if you're taking any herbal supplementsfor health minute, i'm kelly bowman. 3 new studies suggest exercise can provide significant benefits to people recovering from breast and prostate cancer. doctors at ohio strength, cardiovascular function, and quality of life compared to non-excirs recovering after cancer treatment. 3 you can tell a lot about a person from the chemicals found on their cell phones. researchers in california discovered they could piece together clues about diet, hygiene, medications...even caffeine and sunscreen use...via molecules swabbed and analyzed from a person's phone. 3
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meterologist rebecca schuld is next...stay tuned.
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world's attentionafter an earthquake in new zealand have been rescued. helicopter video taken by "news hub" showed the cows stranded on a small piece of land...the calf resting on the ground...and thetwo adult cows grazing on their small patch of grass. the area around the cows fell away during the seven point eight magnitude earthquake. the cows were part of a larger group that were all reedco farrdg to . at four...
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we start with breaking news...our first look inside one of the businesses that burned during milwaukee's sherman park unrest. police want your help finding the people in this video. 3 good evening. it's been three months since people took to the streets, starting fires and confronting police after the officer-involved smith.tonight, milwaukee lice want you to take a look at the video they've just released from inside the bmo harris bank on 35th and fond du lac. 58's bill walsh is in the studio now with more..bill 3 michelle, mike, several buildings were damaged and destroyed during that first night of trouble on august'll probably remember the gas station and sherman and burleigh.....up in flames. we haven't heard a lot lately about the investigation
4:59 pm
this was the scene ?outside? the bmo harris bank at 35th and fond du lac on that s aturday can see andthe smoke coming from inside a building that would be a total loss. just today, police showed us ?this? video from inside the people, who broke windows to get's hard to tell exactly how many people were there...but you see them walking through the bank. take alcohol, tobacco and firearms is offering a ten thousan about a million dollars in damages. 3 atvideo and we'll put it on bsite, cbs 58 milwaukee police at 414-935-7360. 3 more breaking news tonight... the state of wisconsin has, within the last 90-minutes, filed an emergency motion,
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brendan dassey from a state prison in we told you yesterday, a judge ordered the release of the man who when he was a teen..was convicted as an accomplice to steven avery in the murder of teresa halbach. dassey's conviction was overturned and the judge said he had to be released. attorney general brad schimel made it clear that he would try to stop that release and now we know that the motion has been filed. we will continue to follow developments in what has become a national story. new tonight, the man charged for the hit-and-run crash that killed a 5-year-old girl ade his first court appearance this afternoon.'sherman liddell' faces two charges...'hit and run resulting in death' and 'driving with a suspended license.'today, 100-thousand dollars cash bond was set for liddell and he's been scheduled for a november 22nd preliminary hearing. meanwhile, funeral services were held today for rickyia langham, the 5-year old who was struck and killed. killed. cbs 58's lindsey branwall joins us live with


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