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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  November 27, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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led between wednesday and friday of last week? that's what we think, yeah. i was at a wedding in curacao last week. left monday, landed at jfk middle of the day friday. i'm telling the truth! i was at the ceremony! you can ask the bridesmaids i hit on. it's as we suspected. brendan farley's three-quarter alibi is 100% percent true. he was harassing bridesmaids in curacao. so, it wasn't him. reya dead because he made a lucrative breakthrough in the field of cultured meat? well, i'm already going through the company reports for next century meats. i think you're bored with recovery because you're not saying what's on your mind. what's on my mind is that i'm bored. and that's exactly what you need to be talking about. that, and everything else you said yesterday. including the bit about being the smartest person in the room? tsee, recovery only works if you say what you're thinking.
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ve been through a lot. they can handle you being an arrogant jerk. i mean, will it be awkward? probably, but when's that ever stopped you? it's a better way to re-engage. i worked with a lot of clients before, and... every time sometimes tries to go it alone, it always ends badly. s... ? ? ? ? holmes: watson, you may want to compose yourself before coming downstairs. a salon of sorts is in progress. (man chuckles) it's so new! aye, so true, so true. now, we eat, uh, eggs, yes? these are cells taken from an animal.
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that's an interesting example. mm-hmm. man: oh, good morning. now, if we could only find those chickens. (laughter) (laughter echoes) (humming) watson: why is there some sort of world peace convocation going on upstairs? those are leading scholars of their respective faiths. we've had a very productive morning. we reached conclusions on some knotty issues. and now it's time to eat. jews and muslims are united by more than conflict, watson. both groups have labored under dietary restrictions for millennia. including very strict guidelines over the slaughter and consumption of meat. why would someone doctor research to prevent a lucrative breakthrough from being labeled as such? only, i now believe, if it was more profitable to have another label. are you familiar with the word pareve? uh, it's a kosher thing, right? mm. the laws of kashrut state that permissible foods are divided into groups-- dairy, meat. but there's a third classification.
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carrots are pareve. okay, so pareve is like... neutral? exactly, it's the switzerland of food. now, if shmeat is ruled to be actual meat, that obviously opens up the carnivore market, but it also subjects it to the gordian knot of halal and kosher certification. if it is a mere meat substitute, then it sits, forlorn, in the vegan aisle. but if shmeat can thread the needle, if it can be actual lab-grown meat, d as such... it would be pareve, neutral to the kosher and halal rules about meat. imagine, watson. observant jews finally being allowed a cheeseburger. religious muslims indulging in pulled-pork cubanos. there is what? over a billion muslims in the world. it's a huge untapped market. probably way more profitable for them to not label shmeat as meat. hence the doctored research. so, if joaquin pereya wasn't on board for faking the data, that would mean that whoever's
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would have reason to kill him. and that would be... werner platz, ceo of next century meats. can we prove he was involved? we can if his coconspirator will talk to us. mr. farley, thank you so much for coming on short notice. i thought i already answered your questions. well, we had one set of questions for you when we thought that you killed joaquin pereya. we no longer think that. oh, okay. good. we now think that you were part of a conspiracy to kill him. after you. bell: this is the intersection of 65th street and metropolitan avenue. street racers use this stretch of metropolitan. a concerned citizen tried to catch some of their license plates on camera. she overheard a patrolman asking for security camera footage, volunteered to share this. am i supposed to be looking at something? bell: that's your boss, werner platz. so?
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k away from brooklyn's best wurst. this footage was gathered the same night someone broke into the store and ground joaquin pereya into so much mince. we can place your boss right by the scene, on the night it happened. i've also had an informal peek at your banking records. "informal peek"? what does that mean? it means i have friends who are digitally nimble. don't look at him. he had nothing to do with it. we'll get an authorized look soon enough. they'll show a judge what we already know. someone recently paid ortgage in full. it was paid by a third party. we're already trying to link that to your boss. what does that have to do with joaquin? bell: werner platz wanted mr. pereya to alter his... shmeat so the fda would classify it as a meat substitute. then he could sell it to the kosher and halal markets. watson: but pereya was a true believer. he cared more about disrupting the meat industry than he did about the profits. he wouldn't make the change. so, platz killed pereya
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ee to alter the data. and that was you, mr. farley. bell: testify against werner platz. i already offered you one chance to get in front of this. you won't get another. and if i say no, what happens? you take that video to a judge. all that shows is werner driving down the street. why'd he pay my mortgage? 'cause i'm a great employee and i just got a promotion. you guys have nothing on me got nothing on werner or you wouldn't be trying to get me to turn on him. it was a nice try, guys, but i'm going to leave my lawyer's number. don't call me again. so, brendan farley and werner platz killed a man and ground him into sausage... and not only do they get to walk free... they'll both be rich the moment the shmeat hits the market.
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there's an ocean filled with creatures... daddy, how big is a blue whale? hmm. ok google, how big is a blue whale? blue whale typically has a weight of 300,000 pounds. huh. an ocean filled with creatures... ooh! this is where mom does a big whale noise. whale noise? ok google, what noise does a whale make? [whale noise] [giggling] alright, let's keep going. an ocean filled with crea... an ocean filled with crea... do whales sleep?
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ar t ne mt shop again tomorrow. perhaps wed so misseone who saw werner platz carrying a body down the stairs. the patrolman went door to door twice. it's my party. i'll clean up. you should rest. you seem a little tense. i'm frustrated. uh, we found the people who broke into the leviathan. we arrested half of le milieu to get your brother off the hook. we brought down moriarty. i mean, these guys are not criminal geniuses. they're just a couple of idiots who killed for money. granted, it's not the perfect crime,
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it's not a... perfect universe, is it, watson? well, that sounds like giving up. i mean, i know no one's quitting. i-i just hate that these guys are getting away with it. we might not be able to prove our case in court... but that doesn't mean we can't punish them. what, are you gonna whip tm wi a cherry danish? no, i'm going to use this. we need to reconvene the council of rabbis and imams. ly think this is gonna work? i have no earthly idea. morning. we'd likeo see the coconspirators in the murder of joaquin pereya. our lawyers are on their way here. i'm gonna do everything i can to sue you two for harassment. gentlemen, we have unearthed no new evidence against you. despite our best efforts, we are unable to prove that the two of you murdered joaquin pereya. then what are you doing here? we can make a compelling circumstantial argument
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to the convocation of orthodox rabbis and the i.c.h., their equivalent in the muslim faith. are you familiar with those bodies? they're the ones who will be deciding whether or not your shmeat can be sold to the halal and kosher communities. they asked us to pass on a message. murder is not kosher. oh? and what is that supposed to mean? we demonstrated to the satisfaction of various religious worthies that your shmeat became eligible to be pareve by virtue of foul play. the imams and the rabbis have got no intention of rewarding murder. bless you with the labels that you seek and they're going to use their influence to see to it that other certifying bodies follow their lead. you can still sell it in the vegan aisle, but good luck staying in business. so, this is some kind of retribution. you are going to rob the world of our product because you can't prove your insane theories. maybe your shmeat will go to market. maybe it won't. the rabbis and imams have agreed to change their minds
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i don't understand. but we don't need you to. our appeal is to mr. farley. he committed the actual murder. ground a corpse into sausage meat. all you did was fake some data. watson: when we explained that to our captain, he called the d.a. they're willing to be flexible. in exchange for your testimony, they will arrange a plea that sees you serve no jail time. holmes: he'll be convicted of joaquin pereya's murder. the shmeat will be, uh, deemed kosher and halal and you can participate in the profits brendan, don't listen to them. for all you know, they're bluffing. or you can remain united in relative penury. i mean, you know, he's really good to his partners. he skinned the last one and, uh... ground him into sausage. it's your choice, mr. farley. newswoman: details of a shocking crime continue to emerge as ceo, werner platz, is arrested for the murder of joaquin pereya,
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gets off nearly scot-free in exchange for which the other is imprisoned for murder. satisfactory outcome? i'll take it. it's a random universe. ...of the actual murder... where are you going? a meeting. will you be following me to confirm? do i need to? ? life is like a storm ? ? when we find out, it's gone... ? . okay, then. yes. it's nice to see you again. please. thanks. uh... (clears throat) hello, my name is sherlock and i'm an addict. all: hello, sherlock. i'm also... ...i'm the cleverest person in the room.
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that i've come to believe i feel boredom more acutely than everybody else... ? would you care at all? ? ...which leads me to my recent quandary... arrogance. my-my own arrogance, you know, to be precise. and the possibility that that might be an achilles' heel to my recovery. ? would you care at all? ? captioning sponsored by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. captioning sponsored by cbs agine a world where the holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness.
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a hospital on lockdown... end with the medical examiner called out.what authorities say happened. 3 "we had to get that big garage door out of the way so we could get access from the front" front." and a waukesha county garage is a total loss... after a fire tore through it this afternoon. good evening and thank you for staying up with us.i'm eric lev. levy.and i'm amanda porterfield.that fire left a man injured... and his dog dead at that garage in the town of genesee this afternoon. 58's jacob kittilstad has details from the scene.
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a complete loss...that includes the vintage motorcycles inside.there's no word on what started this fire yet - but the mechanic working here today tells me that the lights just cut out...and he started smelling smoke. (nat.) up to 18 different departments responded to this fire...many bringing water to this area without hydrants.firefighters quickly got the flames under control...but neighbors have video of the worst of it - just after 12:30 this afternoon. afternoon. "when i ll here i was first. the fire had blown out the garage door and out the access door to the side. the renter of the building tells me that his pet was still inside, which unfortunately was still inside."that man - who works on vintage motorcycle as a hobby - says his dog was a shelty.he injured his hands - cutting them - as he tried to pry open the garage door to no's still unclear how the fire started...but crews say it grew because of normal
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guess oil. i would guess a propane torch. i saw a sandblaster, a chop-saw. it's all pretty much a total loss." loss."the renter of this space declined receiving medical treatment for his hands.the waukesha county sheriff's department is now in charge of the fire genesee... jacob kittilstad... cbs 58 news. 3 new at ten....milwaukee police need your help to find a sexual assault suspect... detectives say ?this? man -- armed with a gun -- attacked a woman just blocks away from 17th and state around 11-30 last night.he's described as in his 20's with a thin build, and medium complexion.he was last seen wearing what appears to be dark hooded jacket and jeans. clothes.police say he also had on black shoes with a white stripe on them. them.if you know anything, call milwaukee p-d at 414 935-7360. a six-year-old girl is back ho with family tonight...
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and sister were rear-ended by a suspected drunk driver. driver.kevin dalley and his nine-year-old daughter emily were hit as they were about to turn in to their neighborhood in the village of caledonia. the six-year-old survived the crash.there is a person in custody...form charges are online fundraising page is getting a lot of suppt...and we'll link you to it on our 3 a milwaukee mother ?six months pregnant? is asking for your help... after her car was stolen right out in front morning."as i'm coming down i kind of hear the car door, and i come outside and my car is completely gone." gone."michelle balistreri says she was running back inside her home near 87th and grantosa to grab a water bottle and banana... but left her car -- a brand new hyundai elantra -- running.while the car is important... it's what was inside that means even more to her and her family. "they would see the ultrasounds, and have some
10:53 pm
maybe we should get it back or dump it somewhere" somewhere"balistreri tells us her car has been spotted several times around the neighborhood since it was stolen... still police haven't been able to find it... or the people who stole it.there is a reward for the car and belongings.those details are cbs 58 dot com. 3 a racine county man says 15- thousand dollars worth of his tools...were stolen.jason moser says someone broke in his home in raymond on thanksgiving day and left with dozens of sockets, wrenches and power tools.he said they were things he collected over 20 years as a mechanic. "even had a milwaukee impact cordless wrench that was sitting on the workbench, and it was still sitting there, so i don't know, they must have been out pretty quick." quick.""i got an engine i'm rebuilding on my truck right now, but that's postponed since i don't have any tools
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moser tells us there is a person of interest...if you know anything, give a call to the racine county sheriff's office. a west allis hospital is back to normal after being on lockdown because of an apparent gunman. cbs 58's amanda devoe has the latest on this developing story. 3 the medical examiner confirmed to us that the gunman is dead and that they were called to the scene this evening. police received calls that a gunman four thirty this afternoon. to be safe...the perimeter of the hospital was surrounded...the hospital itself was locked down.during this time... some people were still able to get inside...while others were seen being turned away.the person was eventually found dead in the hospital's parking garage...the medical examiner thinks the person was shot.w, ? person was suicidal. suicidal.officals are not saying the name of that person...but again...the hospital is back open tonight.
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the holiday weekend is ending on a damp and breezy note. note.wet is going to be the weather word tomorrow...rain will greet you as you head back to 58 chief meteorologist drew burgoyne is getting you ready.drew. 3 tonight: mostly cloudy with scattered showers and rumbles of thunder. lows in the upper 30s to around 40. wind: se 10-20 mph. showers and a ru,ble of thunder possible, especially late in the day. highs in the upper 40s. wind: se 10-20 g30 mph.extended: tuesday looks mild with highs back into the low to middle 50s. a cold front arrivs on wednesday with highs back in the 40s and again on thursday. flurries are possible on thursday with colder air coming for the weekend, including a slight chance for snow on sunday.
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leaders of one city in the fox valley have rejected a proposal to replace lead service lines.aldermen in menasha called the idea -- which would have forced
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"unacceptable".there are an estimated 15-hundred lead service lines in menasha.the city got 300-thousand dollars from the state to reimburse owners... but city officials say they need more to make it work. 3 the number of homeless people in wisconsin is says a report from the u-s department of housing and urban development.our state's rate fell by more than double the national rate.homelessness is six percent less this year than in 2015... and the number of wisconsinites who by more than 60-percent since 2010. 3 and a long awaited project at u-w oshkosh... is being delayed on the school's 6-point-4 million dollar "intramural recreation field complex" has been pushed back to sometime in 2017... it's the second time that's happened.the complex will be a dome -- used for soccer, lacrosse, rugby, flag footba and softball. "it's never going to happen.
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everybody's time." strong words from reince priebus -- president elect donald trump's chief of staff -- about t potential recount filed by the green party in wis. wisconsin.trump's team is also considering what...if any position mitt romney will hold... after being one of trump's most vocal critics during the campaign.wendy gillette picks up the story from here. donald trump took to twitter sunday morning to criticize the recount effort launched by the green party -- that now has the support of hillary clinton's "hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change." the president-elect also tweeted clinton's own words to trump during the campaign about accepting the results of election."the idea that we are going to drag this out now, where president -- the president-elect has been incredibly magnanimous to the clintons and to the obamas, is pretty incredible."former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders
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"probably almost every election, there's a recount. no one expects there to be profound change. but there's nothing wrong with going through the process." process." "president elect trump will resume interviewing candidates for his administration here at trump tower monday. mister ump still needs to fill several cabinet positions including secretary of state."trump's former campaign manager made it clear sunday that she does not think the nominee should be mitt romney."people feel betrayed to think that governor romney, who went out of his way to question the and the integrity of donald trump, now our president- elect, would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state." former new york city mayor rudy giuliani has also been named as a frontrunner.wendy gillette, for cbs news, new york. donald trump is expected to meet with eight more potential cabinet members tomorrow... include milwaukee county sherifdavid clarke. 3 there are more mixed reactions to the death of former cuban
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many cuban americans cheered the dictator's death... memorials have popped up at cuban embassies around the world.florida senator marco rubio -- who is cuban american -- says castro's death gives america a chance to reshape its relationship with the island. "there is going to be a generational leadership change in cuba over the next 5-10 years, hopefully sooner, and we need to make sure that our foreign policy towards cuba incentivizes and makes it easier for there to be a democratic transition." transition." the obama administration wasn't tough enough on the castro family... and conceded too much during diplomatic meetings last year. 3 gunfire erupts on one of the biggest party streets in america... one person is dead. police are talking about what they think started it. 3 plus...its' being called nothing short of a miracle.a baby girl -- alive -- after being thrown from a crash.... 3 someone out there is a multi- winning


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