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tv   CBS 58 Morning News at 430am  CBS  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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now at 4:30 - a brutal attack at ohio state university.when a student goes on a violent rampage on campus. the latest ahead. 3 plus ... dangerous wildfires wreak havoc in parts of tennessee.causing an entire downtown to be evacuated. 3 good morning to you! today is tuesday novem29 we're following a number of stories for you this morning. morning.packers fans finally have something to celebrate. a victory tuesday!... after a huge win over the philadelphia eagles last night. we'll have highlights coming up!and a look ahead to next weeks game. 3 what a game."vintage rodgers" the analysts are saying... i like it!but first... a check of the forecast.after a rainy monday... what's on tap today? here's meteorologist michael schlesinger. 3 ((???quick 30 second wx tease 5)
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10 to15 mph with gusts to around 30 mph. .tonight...partly cloudy. lows in the mid 30s. southwest winds upto 10 mph. .wednesday...partly sunny until late afternoon then becomingcloudy. a 20 percent chance of light rain in the afternoon. highsin the mid 40s. southwest winds 5 to 15 mph..wednesday night...cloudy. chance of light rain through nd 3 our top story this morning .... authorities in ohio are trying to figure out what motivated a somali carry out a bloody knife attack at ohio state university. university. it happened yesterday least 11 people were hurt. the suspect was shot and killed by a university police officer. hena daniels has the latest on the investigation. -nats-students at ohio state university came together in prayer last night...many had
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rampage fresh on their minds. minds.(sot clara young/ osu student) we were moved to a classroom in the basement that could lock// it was kind of scary because we didn't know much and couldn't get service -nats-ambulances people on campus barricaded themselves in classrooms..moments after police say - abdul-razak ali artan (abdul ra-zahk ali-ar-tahn ) intentionally rammed his car into a group of people outside: (sot angshuman kapil, graduate student, the ohio state university) "i think i saw three or four students being hit."authorities say the somali-refugee then got out of the vehicle with a butcher knife and began stabbing onlookers.-nats/sot-(911) all patients are alert and oriented but severe bleeding out of some of themuniversity officer alan horujko (whore-rootch-co) is credited with ending the chaos: chaos:(sot osu chief of police craig stone) our officer was on the scene in less than a minute, and he ended the scene in less than a minute -nats-(name being read at graduation)artan had recently transferred to ohio state....after obtaining his associates degree from a community college in the enforcement
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facebook shortly before the incidentsaying that he was sick of the way muslims were being treated.the school's president is urging people not to rush to judgment: judgment:(sot michael drake ohio state president dr. michael v. drake) "what we want to do is really unify together//and then allow the investigation to take place." so far...officials have searched artan's car and apartment complex... and are investigating the incident as a possible terror attack.hena daniels cbs news. those injured in the attack include an ohio state member.. four graduate students.. and three undergraduate students. all classes are back in session today. 3 severe wildfires and smoke are blanketing parts of tennessee. tennessee.that includes gatlinburg, where an immediate mandatory evacuation was declared for some spots.the national guard has been mobilized.several schools in several counties in the area are closed tomorrow. officials with the great smoky mountains national park issued an air quality advisory and closed the park yesterday. local authorities have set up
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dozens of people are dead after a place crash in colombia.a chartered aircraft with 81 people on board ..inclucing a brazilian first division football team heading to colombia for a regional tournament final ...crashed on its way to medellin's international airport.5 people have been rescued from the crash site so far. 3 police say a woman exited a plane while it was taxiing at "bush intercontinental airport." united airlines says the flight from new orleans had just landed... when a female passenger ou they say the woman opened a hatch on the plane to exit. police say she jumped out into an airport operating area. a passenger on the flight says the woman didn't say a word. she just jumped about 15-from the wing of the plane to the ground. the woman was detained for questioning. 3 milwaukee county sheriff david clarke met with president-elect donald trump last night.when leaving trump tower he did not answer any questions... but did give the cameras a thumbs up. up.he declared on the cbs 58
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he was interested in homeland security. a source close to trump tells political reporters he could find a place in the president-elect's cabinet. milwaukee police are asking for your help identifying two people wanted in conneciton with an armed robbery. happened earlier this month roman foods. police say two people walked into the store on 18th street ...robbed two workers ...and stole money from the cash register.a getaway driver was waiting outside in a gold chevy impala. if you have any information on this crime ... call the number on you 3 with cold temperatures on the way... milwaukee county is teaming up with milwaukee's health department to create more warm and safe places for the homeless in the city. they're calling on all community agencies to offer up their spaces as temporary warm shelters. "no one--let me repeat no one in milwaukee should spend the night in the cold weather in this cold winter." 3 the county's efforts decreased chronic homelessness 75-
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percent this year. 3 3 3 ((???1:45 seconds??)) ((???tease ahead??10???)) ahead??10???)) today...sunny. highs in the lower 50s. southwest winds 10 to15 mph with gusts to around 30 mph..tonight...partly southwest winds upto 10 mph. .wednesday...partly sunny until late afternoon then becomingcloudy. a 20 percent chance of light rain in the afternoon. highsin the mid 40s. southwest winds 5 to 15 mph..wednesday night...cloudy. chance of light rain through
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chance of light rain and snow aftermidnight. lows in the mid 30s. west winds 10 to 15 mph. chance ofprecipitation 30 percent..thursday...cloudy. a 20 percent chance of light rain and snow inthe morning. highs in the lower 40s. west winds 10 to 15 mph..thursday night...mostly the lower 30s..friday...mostly cloudy. highs in the upper 30s. 3
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the packers losing streak is over!the green and gold beat the philadelphia eagles 27 to 13 last night...making this the packers first win in ?39 days.? 3 what a game for rodgers! i think coach mccarthy said it best in the post game press conference... winning is difficult in this league, we
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too! cbs 58's kevin holden has the highlights of last night's matchup. 3 3 those of you hoping to wake up from your turkey induced stupors to find the packers losing streak was just a dream... well, it wasn't, but it's over!the eagles hadn't lost at home all year, but they hadn't faced aaron rodgers and davante adams all year. look at adams take hits from two eagles players, and still fall into the end zone, first score of the game on the board. he wasn't done. the second quarter starts with perfect rodgers, and great hands from adams. now this is more like it! but the issue's lately's been defense - that got fixed too. ha-ha clinton dix gets green bay's first takeaway since the colts game three weeks ago! oh, and one more beast slain in this one - the packers first rushing touchdown by a running back all season. aaron ripkowski punches it in. it's the packers first win in 39 days. first road win since the opening game of
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come to lambeau field, and you can watch that one sunday at noon right here on c-b-s 58. lambeau field is already a destination for football fans now, it's getting in the holiday spirit. spirit."we're lifelong packers fans and stuff so it's kind of an honor for us." us.""we're calling it the rally tree so hopefully we can get some wins out of it." it." take a look at the 35-foot tall "rally tree".it was the winner of the green and gold's "festival of lights" celebration. decorated with more than 10- thousand lights and decorations ...before lighting up saturday for the festival. the greendale high school marching band is back in wisconsin... after a whirlwind tour of new york city-- including an appearance in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the school applied to march in the parade two years ago.they were one of 7 bands selected out of more than 170 groups. one student told us she was grateful for all of the support... and very surprised
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made the trip to new york city. when you see it on tv it just looks very crowded and full of people from new york. but every few blocks we passed you could see greendale signs so really cool seeing that support. support. 3 270 students made the trip. they also got a tour of all of the major attractions in n-y-c. coming up ... a delta airlines passenger goes on a donald trump rant ... and now he's taken his last delta flight. 3 plus-- a japanese theme park is doing damage control... after a controversial skating rink attraction put them on thin ice! 3 a live look over ..... on're watching
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making news around the world... the syrian government has reportedly seized a major area in northeast aleppo --- overtaking rebel forces there for the first time since 20-12. syrian and russian airstrikes have been targeting the region for weeks. civilians have been caught in the middle -- many who need food and medicine. u-n officials say they've tried to deliver aid to civilians but were denied safe access.officials estimate about 10-thousand people have fled.
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president elect donald trump says he wants to completely overhaul the diplomatic deal brokered by president obama and cuba. cuba."we will cancel obama's one-sided cuban deal made by executive order if we do not get the deal we want." want." "president-elect trump is going to be looking for some movement in the right direction in order to have any sort of deal with cuba." cuba." while american-cuban relations are up for debate in washington we spoke to a local 1960 ... one year after the castros seized power -- about his impact on her homeland. "he destroyed the economy through the collectivization, which is the communist system. impoverished the people, spied on them, starved them. i mean, what he did was horrendous, and i just hope he suffered when he died." died." lucia bravo-bakemeyer says her father was a doctor with the state.he was labeled a traitor of the revolution when he took
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carolina and eventually milwaukee. 3 3 back here in the u-s... the man accused of killing nine black people inside a church... will defend himself. dylann roof will now act as his own attorney... against his legal team's advice.police say the 21 year old opened fire inside the "emanuel a-m-e church" in charleston last year.. in hopes of starting a race war.he faces the death penalty. 3 a man in north carolina is recovering... after he got stranded in a 12-foot sinkhole over the weekend. weekend.he was stuck in the hole for hours ...before for help and called 9-1-1. 9-1-1. officials found the man trapped and trembling at the bottom of the sinkhole. firefighters climbed into the hole and lowered a backboard and basket. the man is hospitalized with undisclosed injuries. :22-:32 chief randy clemens, redwood fire dept.:"he was obviously very cold for a long period of time, he was shaking just uncontrollably and he couldn't really verbal, he kept saying he was okay and he wasn't hurt." 3 it's still unclear how the man fell into the sinkhole.
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the weekend in california is found safe. susan and rory holloter went missing sunday in el dorado county... shortly after telling their son they were stuck in the snow. officials say the two were found alive yesterday. and their family couldn't be happier. dustin cudd/son::50-1:02 "i'm telling them they're not going back four-wheeling again! that's for sure. you know what? the truck's buried in snow. leave it! it's not coming back. they can ... whatever they want, they're not doing that again." 3 their stuck vehicle. authorities say both are in good condition. 3 a mechanical problem forces a japan-bound plane to return to san francisco international airport.officials report an engine on a united airlines plane caught fire yesterday ... shortly after appears an engine compressor on the 7-47 jet stalled and ignited.the pilots were then forced to shut that engine down. there were 202 passengers on the plane and 15 crew reports of any
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investigation. delta air lines takes action after a flight was disrupted by a political rant. rant.the man who screamed and used profanity to show his support for donald trump.... has now been banned from the carrier for life. :01-:03"you can hear me....donald trump, baby!" :33-:37"this man knows what's up. we got some hillary (bleep) in here?" 1:13-1:15"it's your president, every (bleep) one of yours." yours."emma baum was traveling from atlanta to allentown to visit f overheard the man talking politics and asked about the presidential election. baum says she posted the video on facebook and it's already been viewed over two million times. she says she's been shocked by the response and attention it's drawn. the video and hashtag-- "boycott delta"-- started trending on social media. emma baum/passenger 1:20-1:29"he went off the plane for like 15 minutes, delaying our flight. then he came back on and said 'this is what you get for being a patriot', loudly for the whole flight to hear and then sat dow"
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delta issued a response saying in part... "we are sorry to our customers who experienced this disruption. we have followed up with the teams involved...and all agree that this customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight." delta is now saying it offered full refunds to the passengers on that flight. 3 japanese theme park, 'space world', has apologized for freezing 5-thousand fish in a skating rink. the park was forced to close the attraction on sunday after public backlash. the special winter attraction was ll fish, crabs and other shellfish, embedded into the ice. the space world manager told c-n-n that the social media reaction has been "brutal." the manager says the park will remove the fish from the skate rink, hold a religious service for them, and then reuse them as fertilizer. 3
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in your health watch ... officials say the zika virus has been found in texas. texas.the patient is a non- pregnant woman from brownsville... a city on the mexican border.she told her doctors she had not traveled to an area known to have the vi. virus.until now, the only confirmed cases of locally transmitted zika have been in florida.earlier this month, the d announced the virus is no longer a "global health emergency".but that doesn't mean people can't still get it. 3 doctors in south africa are testing a potential vaccine for h-i-v.the trial will enlist nearly 55-hundred sexually active men and women-- between 18 and 35 years old around the country.a previous 2009 trial in thailand found the vaccine was about 30-percent effective. there are an estimated 1-point-2 million americans living with h-i-v. 3 the number of americans being
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decreasing.a new 20-year study found dementia rates in people over age 65.. have fallen from 11-point-six percent in 2000 -- to eight-point-eight percent in 2012.that translates to about one million ?fewer? americans suffering from the condition. scientists think the decrease is a result of rising educational levels and better heart health. 3 dominos pizza in japan is really getting into the holiday spirit.we'll explain
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a live look at zeidler union square ..... on this tuesday're watching the cbs 58 morning news. 3 ((???1:15 seconds??)) ((???tease ahead??15???)) ahead??15???)) 3 today...sunny. highs in the lower 50s. southwest winds 10 to 30 mph..tonight...partly cloudy. lows in the mid 30s. southwest winds upto 10 mph. .wednesday...partly sunny until late afternoon then becomingcloudy. a 20 percent chance of light rain in the afternoon. highsin the mid 40s. southwest winds 5 to 15
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chance of light rain through aroundmidnight...then slight chance of light rain and snow aftermidnight. lows in the mid 30s. west winds 10 to 15 mph. chance ofprecipitation 30 percent..thursday...cloudy. a 20 percent chance of light rain and snow inthe morning. highs in the lower 40s. west wi night...mostly cloudy. lows in the lower 30s..friday...mostly cloudy. highs in the upper 30s.
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in your money watch -- a mad scramble could drive the price of oil up.members of "opec"
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far... they've been struggling to find common ground. over the last two weeks... prices have fluctuated amid fears that a deal won't get done at this week's summit.according to gas buddy dot com... the average price for a gallon of gas in metro milwaukee is 2 dollars and 6 cents... 10 cents more than a week ago. 3 flights to cuba began yesterday. u-s airlines, american airlines and jet blue all have commercial flights to the island right now.other airlines will launch services in the coming weeks. flights to cuba were previously banned. 3 3 joining the "fight for 15" movement-- a push to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. the ride-share company says drivers in its top 20 u-s markets actually make more than 19-dollars an hour.but drivers argue that doesn't factor in expenses like gas, repairs and insurance.a nation-wide "day of disruption" is planned today... including ?possible? demostrations right here in milwaukee. 3 people in northern japan could be getting their pizza delivered by one of santa's helpers.domino's pizza says
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delivery options with reindeer... by using a delivery case or attaching sleds. the reindeer will even have g-p-s devices... so customers can track their locations. 3 3 stay close...your top stories are next at five. 3 including... how one of wisconsin's professional sports teams is giving back in a big way.hear from the bucks president about the team's new
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good morning and thanks so much for joining us! today is tuesday, november 29-th. 29-th. working on this morning... a well-known packers star is on fire ...both on and off the field.the past week has been pretty good for aaron rodgers. rodgers. but first... let's see how the weather is holding up this's meteorologist michael schlesinger. 3 3 (((30 second tz))) tz)))today...sunny. highs in the lower 50s. southwest winds 10 to15 mph with gusts to around 30 mph. .tonight...partly cloudy. lows in the mid 30s. southwest winds upto 10 mph. .wednesday...partly sunny


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