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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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you can see a little bit of fog in lake eola. amy sweezey is tracking in for us in her forecasts. -- forecast. amy: we are going to see this 10:00 a.m.. once the fog lifts, we will get sunshine this afternoon might we had yesterday, a mix of sun and clouds and that is going to allow our temperatures to climb warmer than yesterday. we have got wind coming out of the southeast, and that is going to send us into the lower 80' s. first we have to get there and the dense fog advisory remains in effect until 10:00 this morning. we still have five hours to go before this fog lifts. a gray and gloomy start, visibility down in all areas. some pockets where visibility is
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62 sanford and 64 orlando, with 65 in melbourne. it is fairly mild. later today you won' t need a jacket, we are headed to 82 in ocala. 84 in claremont. 83 in longwood and oviedo, 84 orlando and winter park and along the coast we will be in the upper 70' s. let' s get over to ted noah. ted: lots of road work. this is the 417 right now and we have southbound in the main shot. two lanes taken out, a mile worth of construction there. i the airport toll plaza, -- by the airport toll plaza, construction in that area. 528 westbound approaching the toll plaza, you are going to
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i-4 westbound , only six minutes. michelle: a local school will threats surrounding campus. jason: the principal at maitland middle school sends out two calls to students families. alex villareal is live with the school' s response. alex: the principal says she immediately reported these threats to police. there has been a police presence at the school. as well as oh cps police. -- ocps police. they staggered the entrance and leaving times of students, saying they had smaller crowds to monitor. we don' t know exactly what these threats are but there is a meeting tonight to address parents concerns. the principal sent two automated
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the school knows who the acting inappropriately and causing this disruption. we did speak with a community outreach member and he said the school is not the only place safe. >> for safety measures, the diligence of making sure parents know things. when we have kids in our communities, we know it is our responsibility to come out and see how we can diffuse things. alex: it is unclear what this has to do with these threats, reiterated that students are not allowed to wear hats, caps, bandannas, or headphones. she asked for cell phones to be maintain order. police and maitland police have tonight'
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7:00. the principle is asking anyone who knows who might be involved to give the school a call. michelle: breaking commitment 2016 news. but democratic race in iowa was decided moments ago. jason: nbc news has declared hillary clinton the winner. clinton will take 700 delegates to the next level of this process. take 695. michelle: ted cruz is the winner for the republicans. senator marco rubio third place. several caucus events. t know whose side they would take. brings. adrian: dan wolf leaning toward
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>> they have issues in respective areas and they have a new viewpoint of the things the country needs. adrian: marco rubio stumping for himself at this caucus. >> [indiscernible] adrian: other folks had their minds made up, ready to support hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> he is 74 years old. adrian: it is not that cut and dry with the two in a very close race, one signified by the caucuses. >> hillary is not going to get you there. >> i think experience and background.
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heard at the beginning of a very busy try merry season. -- primary season. with the 2016 caucus in the books, it looks like it could the anyone' s game, a very close race on the democrat side between bernie sanders and hillary clinton and still a close race on the republican side. ted cruz winning iowa, donald trump coming in second and marco rubio in third saying he has momentum. candidates had to are for the next -- head to new hampshire for the next step. jason: the today show has reporters in iowa and new hampshire. look for them at 7:00. if you want updates on the iowa caucuses, be sure to head to our
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brett: i want to show you an ugly crash from overnight in cocoa beach. first responders standing in front of an suv that went right through a fence into a home that sent that smaller suv into the yard. this vehicle was hit by another driver. the airbags deployed inside and heavy damage in the interior. this happened on south a1a. was not injured. three people were inside a nissan that smashed into that vehicle. another car parked in the driveway was hit but only had minimal damage. the driver of that nissan was arrested for dui. michelle: now to a story that has a lot of people talking. police are asking whether more children suffered abuse at the
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the daycare worker is still in jail this morning. another mother has come forward with concerns. jazmin: katie phillips sends her sons to the children' s palace daycare center. she says her son has come home a couple of times with unexplained bruises. another point a bruise on his head. this video is read -- reid abusing this child. >> he said my teacher hit me -- spanked me -- and threw me in timeout. it is upsetting to know how much i pay for daycare a month to know how they treat these children. michelle: she is urging other parents to sit down with their kids and have that very same
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r eid has already posted bond but she is in jail for violating her probation in orange county ran theft. -- grand theft. to find out when and i-drive hotel murder suspect will go -- he is accused of a shooting at the hyatt regency back in october. the two knew each other but they do not know the motive. michelle: a man who attacked a passenger on a plane heading to jacksonville is facing prison time. joseph sharkey placed a passenger in a headlock while on a jetblue flight. he was arrested and now faces up to 20 years in prison. jason: the family of a port orange woman who vanished six
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a vigil was held for laurel rogers. she was 28 years old when she left her house without her medication, got into a car with someone, and disappeared. michelle: new information on the zika virus outbreak. the world health organization has declared it an international emergency. there could be up to 4 million cases by next year. experts held a discussion in geneva yesterday to discuss the out rate which has been linked to birth defects. >> all agree on the urgent need to coordinate international efforts to investigate and understand this relationship better. michelle: the last time the world health organization declared an international emergency was for the ebola virus in 2014. all eyes will be on punxsutawney phil to see if we will get six
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it is the 130th annual groundhog day. last year, phil predicted six more weeks of winter. he has been wrong 15 times and write 13 times. jason: it is 22 degrees right now in punxsutawney. michelle: this matters more for them up north than for us down here. jason: let' s get to a real meteorologist, amy. amy: we are going to be warm today. 70' s. a lot of us will be warmer than we were yesterday. later today but first we have to deal florida. we are under a dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m.. visibility less than a quarter of a mile in a lot of spots.
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billability -- visibility is reduced. a half-mile down near the attractions, even less than that at lake buena vista and celebration. along the coast, same deal. cody' s corner at half-mile or less. volusia county for -- reporting a half-mile visibility. in volusia county, we are seeing visibility at a quarter of a mile or half-mile. once we get through 10:00, we will get more sunshine today and our temperatures will climb. 78 by noon and we keep on climbing until we hit the lower 80' s. ted noah is standing by. ted: we are talking about fog this morning and some of us are going to have reduced visibility on the road ways.
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the roadwork has not wrapped up yet but they have moved some of the cones out of the way. the 528 roadwork around the cold plaza -- toll plaza has cleared too. not impacting the drive from john young to paul o' neill -- colonial. lee and winter park, only six minutes. jason: a big change could becoming to season ticket holders for any florida sports
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give walmart every day low prices a try today. you'll be glad you did. >> a foggy start throughout central florida. you will need to take it slow and use your low beam headlights. amy is back with an update in just a few minutes. michelle: for maitland middle schoolers it is cell phones off and standard classes in the day ahead. for their parents it is a recent thread on social media.
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are monitoring the situation. jason: hillary clinton was just called as the winner of the democratic caucus by nbc news. ted cruz tops donald trump on the republican side. for high school wrestlers in oklahoma are charged with raping two of their teammates. it happened on a school bus. one subject is 18 and will be tried as an adult. >> we were careful in this case because we wanted to protect the victims. jason: the coach who was supposed to be supervising those students was fired. a second coach has been reassigned. new information about the cabdriver investigators say was kidnapped by three inmates who escaped in california. the fugitives argued about whether to kill him while they
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they eventually decided to let him go. those escapees were caught last weekend and appeared before a judge yesterday. they will be arraigned on new charges in march. michelle: the debate over guns on campus returns to the capital. senators will hear the bill . the house may be ready for a vote. the senate version is unlikely to make it beyond committee hearing because of major opposition. if you are a season ticket holder to any florida sports team, a house subcommittee will debate a bill that will allow you to sell your ticket to whoever you want. this bill would stop the penalties. jason: the ntsb is hoping to make the legal blood alcohol level lower.
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the legal limit from .08 2.05. -- from .08 to .05. michelle: amy, we are warm but our problem is the fog. amy: it depends on where you are. you may drive into it. you see gray gloominess in the distance and all of a sudden you drive into a wall of it. it is with us for several hours this morning so even if you leave your house now and you are good, if you are going to be driving around until about 10:00 you will see it change and move. be aware as you leave the house and get the kids to school that we are dealing with dense fog. mild temperatures again, upper 50' s-lower 60' s. we have two hours to go before sunrise. it is going to take about three hours for that fog to list --
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we have all the ingredients for the fog to settle in. advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. for all of central florida. we have some dense pockets where visibility is even lower than a quarter of a mile. quarter to a half-mile visibility in just about every spot where we have the sensors. most are at our area airports. oia and leesburg air for -- airport reporting a quarter-mile of his ability as well. -- visibility as well. some of that fog is translating down to the road surfaces. 57 in ocala, 62 daytona beach and sanford, 64 orlando, 64 in melbourne. mild once again.
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sunshine, our temperatures are yesterday. wind coming out of the south-southeast. 82 for the high in ocala. 83 in eustis and mount dora and 84 in claremont. 84 in winter park and saint cloud. 83. 78 daytona beach, 81 merritt island and 82 in palm bay. we have this warm air coming in today but what we are waiting for is our next cold front. this will be sliding in closer tomorrow. we will get a little rain tomorrow in the afternoon and overnight into thursday is when i expect several pockets of scattered showers and even some thunderstorms. once it slides on friday, we will get that cooler air and that will bring temperatures
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after being in the 80' s today and tomorrow we will get asked into the 60' s for friday and a couple more fronts will come return chance for scattered showers. ted: a crash on central florida parkway reported by florida highway patrol right off obt. there were powerlines struck by blocked. north to get around that. eastbound on the right side, roadwork between fairbanks and lee has cleared. that is no longer blocking. this is i-4 at state road 436 where things are looking good. if you' re going from lake mary to lee, it will cost you 11 minutes. let' s slow down this morning, keep low beams on. that is 417 at foggy creek were you can see some of that
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michelle: this is 76-year-old charles smallwood. he was reported missing last night. 5' 1", 145 pounds, thin mustache. he was last seen wearing a blue longsleeved t-shirt with a tandem -- 10 fishing hat -- tan fishing hat. jason: let' s turn to commercials. some of the most anticipated ones for this year. michelle: brett connolly with super bowl teasers. brett: we are five days away from the super bowl but of course so many people watch for the commercials. we have got three to take a look at. wiener dogs running through a field. jason: that is all you need to know. brett: they are running for their human counterparts.
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brett: background music, amazing outfits. snickers have hit a couple home runs and now the return of that he white and the brady bunch with marcia. they have got what appears to be marilyn monroe serenading the super bowl on its 50th birthday. -- snickers guarantees there is a funny surprise. it has been 16 years since mountain dew ran a super bowl that they are back. and a little bit strange. the soft drink giant tweeted out brief videos that caused people to scratch their heads. obviously, a baby theme but some sort of creature attached to it, whether that is a monkey or an alien or something else.
5:28 am
these companies spend a tremendous amount of time and thought on what they are going to run here. cbs charging $5 million for 30 seconds. michelle: and they spent it like that with half baby half animal? jason: coming up in our next half hour, we are bringing results from the iowa caucuses. michelle: who came out on top
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now, heavy fog is moving through central florida. you can see some very low visibility outside right now. jason: straight ahead, let' s get to amy sweezey. amy: our advisory goes until 10:00 this morning, so even after we get rightness for sunrise, we are going to see that fog stick around for several hours.
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where we are socked in with that low cloudiness and fog. in some places it is just hayes -- haze and in other places you will see fog right along the road surfaces. through the day, we will break apart the fog, get sunshine, and our temperatures will climb. dense fog advisory in effect for all of central florida until 10:00 this morning. you can see all over the place visibility is at a quarter or a half-mile. there are several pockets where you are going to need to slow down as you are heading out. it is 62 in sanford and 64 melbourne. it is not a cool day but it is definitely gray and gloomy. our temperatures will climb -- we will hit 78 in daytona beach and 82 in melbourne. ted: a reported crashed by florida highway patrol on
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backup. keep the low beams on. i for -- i -4 only six minutes. michelle: on the republican side ted cruz tops donald trump for that victory. nikole killion is joining us from washington. >> many of the candidates already there. hillary clinton picked up more delegates according to the democratic. >> as i stand here tonight' s breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa. >> the people of iowa have sent a profound message to the
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>> both clinton and sanders campaigns are casting this as a wind after this splitting of the vote evenly at 49% a piece. >> on the republican side ted cruz emerging victorious over donald trump and marco rubio. >> tonight, a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. again, as these candidates move on to new hampshire today, others are starting to call it malley and mike huckabee, both of whom night. michelle: we want to know how are reacting. the decisions came in just an hour ago. >> bernie sanders just landed in new hampshire. early-morning rally,
5:34 am
he called this razor thin margin a miniature victory for his campaign. his numbers are stronger in new hampshire, so he certainly has said he has confidence going hillary clinton' s campaign telling reporters they do believe they were the big winner in all of this, especially since they came out with more delegates and so they think that gives the momentum going forward. michelle: we will have to wait and see what happens next. jason: parents will get a chance to ask about threats to maitland middle school michelle:. they have received two calls from the principal. alex villareal is live in maitland this morning. how is the school keeping these students safe? alex: officials are taking these threats seriously but here is the scary thing for parents. the principal has not said what exactly these threats are even
5:35 am
taking this swift action. the meeting tonight will be held to address parents concerne s and their questions. stephanie shane sent two automated calls out to parents. she says the school knows the students who says have been acting inappropriately. officials are monitoring social media. >> over the weekend was threats on social media and the media reported it to maitland police department and they are working with other major sees -- agencies. social media has been monitored and i have spoken with many of you individually as well. stewart: another action the school took, officials stagger the times of students
5:36 am
they had smaller close to monitor. she said they are not allowed to wear hats, caps, bandannas, or headphones. tonight' s pta meeting is at 7:00 and it is going to follow a staff meeting about these threats at 6:00. live in maitland, alex villareal wesh 2 news jason:. security will be tighter at westport high school. 10 uniformed police officers were on campus monday. investigators tell us the elect -- alleged threat emerged on facebook. while the rumors were not credible security was added as a precaution. a deland high school student is in the hospital for a mental health evaluation after he made
5:37 am
extra police officers the school as a precaution. michelle: a look at a clerk fighting back against a man who tried to rob his gas station. jazmin walker with that video. jazmin: the brevard county sheriff' s office gave us this video overnight, so in it you and demand the clerk hand over cash. that clerk seems to be playing along but it is not until the suspect starts grabbing cash that the clerk sees his chance. the military veteran who did multiple tours in iraq tackled that suspect to the ground, knocking almost everything off the counter. he is begging to be let go. he chases him out of the store. that suspect had an airsoft gun. that may explain why he ran. the man in this video was last seen getting into a maroon
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if you have any information call brevard county sheriff' s office. jason: 5:38. the suspect in a shootout with sanford police will answer to a judge on other charges. rashad smith was already out on bond when he was arrested on friday. a bystander was caught in the crossfire but is expected to be ok. he will enter a flea -- plea today. michelle: the man convicted of murdering an orlando bouncer. an appeals court reversed the conviction of craig sandhaus. he was accused of stabbing the bouncer to death. now, he will be resentenced on the charge of manslaughter with a weapon. in just a matter of hours, bill cosby will try to get the sex out. as the'
5:39 am
should not -- cosby' s attorneys argued he should not face deposition. cosby admits he gave three women pills before engaging in what he calls consensual sex act. only one has filed criminal charges against him. forecast. it is tuesday and if you are enjoying the warm weather, we are going to get act into the 80' s. >> we have to make a throw fog advisory. amy: fog advisory until 10:00 this morning. it will be with us for several more hours through the morning commute and once we get to mid day the fault will have lifted but we will still have a layer of cloud cover. we will get sunshine which will help our temperatures climb but it is going to be gray and gloomy. you can see several spots at quarter to a half mile all over
5:40 am
lake, orange county dealing with this reduced visibility as well. beach line 408, several locations where visibility is down to 2/10 of a mile. same thing across polk and osceola counties. the i-4 corridor, the turnpike. flagler county reporting a half-mile of visibility, same thing in volusia county. this is widespread over central florida and down into brevard as well. we will get pockets of dense fog but this is one time where it is in lot -- a lot of the area. the fog will start to climb, in fact we will climb quickly into s. down this morning and keep the low beams on if you are heading out. first, i want to talk about this. , central florida
5:41 am
satellite boulevard, there is a lane blocked. a power line may be down. on cimmaron boulevard. use conway road to get allowed -- around that one. near moss park road, hard to see area. keep the low beams on. jason: a million-dollar lottery ticket at the center of a dispute of a former couple in
5:42 am
jason: the story of the morning is our fog. check out this view of melbourne and brevard county. it is still -- we will be dealing with it until 10:00 this morning. happening today, a million-dollar question goes to trial. michelle: a seminal county man is suing his ex-girlfriend saying she broke a promise about
5:43 am
brett: if you dream big, be prepared to honor your promises. that is the message from the florida supreme court. s ex-girlfriend s agreement to split their earnings if either of them won the lottery. the winning ticket was purchased june 2 two -- 2007 when lynn and poirier -- lynn anne poirier he a -- the couple had been together but have since split. she claims she purchased the winning ticket after dinner one light -- one night. after years of litigation and appeals the florida supreme court ruled in browning' s favor and went back to a circuit court in sanford.
5:44 am
a special education teacher. in a trial that is expected to last five days a jury must decide who is telling the truth and whether the couple had a binding contract even though nothing was ever in writing. michelle: students at one brevard county school are today. sandra cook was shot and killed alongside her strange -- estranged husband ricky cook. officers would not confirm if this was a murder suicide but they did call it a suspicious death and said they are not looking for any suspects. sandra cook was denied a restraining order during the divorce process. an advocates tell us there is a number of reason that can happen. >> injunctions can get denied because information is incomplete and accurate.
5:45 am
jason: charges are pending after an 11 year old dangerous joyride through volusia county. the child is responsible for taking his parents pick up on monday. eight follow the driver. no one was hurt. michelle: casselberry police need your help tracking down a robber with a craving for cigarette. you can see the robber entered the 7-eleven on state road 436 -- he forces his way from the counter at gunpoint, getting away with several boxes and cartons of cigarettes. investigators are trying to figure out if this same guy also robbed a different 7-eleven. jason: severe cause flight delays across a large part of the nation. through the midwest and great
5:46 am
parts of colorado expecting three feet of snow. more than 500 could not get in and out on monday because blizzard warnings stretching into kansas and wisconsin for the day ahead. so far everything is on time at orlando international airport. michelle: those people are begging for a -- an early spring. amy: hoping and praying. michelle: it means more when you live in the northeast. jason: for us, we are talking about 80' s today. amy: i don' t care. i am sorry i just don' t care. it is groundhog day but we are not going to feel anything like the second of february. we are supposed to be at 72 and instead we are headed to 84 degrees. upper 70' s and lower 80' s all over central florida, well above
5:47 am
back into the 60' s by friday so it is not warm weather here to stay. it is a little stretch and then cold air back in before the week is through. we do have fog this morning. every single county under a fog advisory until 10:00 a.m.. visibility is less than a quarter of a mile in a lot of spots. look how many of us have half-mile-quarter of a mile visibility. all over, i-4, 417, you are going to be runn ing in and out of fog. melbourne so it is not cold at all. our temperatures will not drop too much because the winds are
5:48 am
that keeps those temperatures from dropping much. above the fog, we have lots of the atmosphere. once we wrote that fogginess, we will end up with sunshine later today and our winds coming out of the south-southeast. it will be warmer today than it was yesterday and we will climb into the lower 80' s. 82 today in dunnellon and ocala. 84 in kissimmee and also st. cloud. 82 in deltona, 83 in altamonte springs and longwood, 84 in orlando and winter park. cooler along the coast because we have that breeze coming off the ocean but brevard county will still make it to 80 today. went today, keep us warm --
5:49 am
late night tomorrow night into thursday, we will see showers and thunderstorms as this front gets dragged through the state of florida. behind this front we have drier air. that will arrive on friday so we may see showers early friday with clouds and then that cooler air filtering in. highs by friday only in the mid-60' s. a couple of fronts early next week with more chances for rain. let' s get a traffic update. ted: crash, central florida parkway and satellite by obt. you might want to use an alternate to get around that one. cimmaron boulevard at curry ford road could use con railroad as an -- conway road as an alternate. this live picture is the 408 over lake underhill. let' s keep the low beams on this
5:50 am
heading out and slow down a bit. conway toll four minutes. from state road 430 four rd, only six minutes.
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michelle: yes. two million, four
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jason: valentine' s day is nearly here. if you are looking for that perfect romantic dinner one of the best spots is here in central florida. michelle: the cellar restaurant in daytona beach has been named one of the most romantic restaurants in the country. the seller restaurant is an italian restaurant in the historic districts just off south ridgewood avenue. you can now take your own personal tour of mars. nasa has made it possible on your computer or smartphone. jason: the agency posted a 360 degree video of the planet on facebook. you can explore a large area of its rocker he -- rocky terrain. it is taken by photos of nasa'
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responding to online threats made against a local school. michelle: alex villareal is live with what we are working on for 6:00. alex: maitland middle school is taking action after those threats were made. i will tell you what the school is doing tonight to address parents concerns. amy: a fog advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m..
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