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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. jason: right now. a man is dead, killed by a driver who hit him and kept on going. good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. i' m jason guy. michelle: and i' m michelle imperato. the fhp says, the victim' s body was discovered, just after 7:00 this morning on satellite boulevard at dean avenue. wesh 2' s dan billow is live at the scene with the late breaking details on the investigation.
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the vehicle that hit him? dan: michelle, we just heard a little bit about that vehicle. they are looking for a light gray chrysler vehicle with some front end damage. want to give you a look at dean and satellite road, where the collision happened. here is what happened this morning. a 39-year-old man was out jogging. this is what he usually does at around 5:00 a.m.. he did not return home. his girlfriend and some friends went out looking for them, making the ghastly discovery of his body by the side of the road. there is no sign of the vehicle that did it. the highway patrol has taken over this investigation. they are looking at small pieces of wreckage or vehicle parts, which they believe could lead to the driver that left the scene.
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to a man, who came upon the body, just after it was discovered, and he saw no sign of any vehicle. >> i would hate to be the person who did that. your life. it, the lord will not let you get away with it. dan: the highway patrol has not yet released the name of the they' re asking anyone, who may have seen anything here on satellite boulevard, to help them track down this hit and run driver. we are live near coco, brevard county, dan billow, wesh 2 news. michelle: last year, more than 92,000 hit and run incidents occurred in florida. 186 people were killed in those crashes. 20 fatal hit and runs occurred locally. many are unsolved.
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out about these hit-and-run crashes, you can catch that on wesh 2 news at 4:00. right now the search continues , for a boater, missing since yesterday. island, went out from brevard county and never returned, the coast guard is now covering a large area between satellite beach and up to jetty park. wesh 2' s alex villarreal reports that his boat has been found, but there is still no sign of chamberlain. alex: here on indian harbour beach is where the boat was found onshore. you can see it right here. an official with the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission tells me the boat is in good condition, but take a look at these waters. officials tell me the rough conditions at sea have hindered the search. >> it' s really rough out there. the seas out there -- you' re looking at six to 12 foot seas out there. it' s really tough to get a vessel out there. we are getting helicopters up as soon as possible, but, with the wind and the weather right now, it' s making it a little difficult to get up. alex: the coast guard identified the missing fisherman as 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain, of merritt island. after his friend reported him
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guard pinged his cell phone, leading them to the boat, but, aside from chamberlain' s gear, it was empty. >> we have got four atvs riding up and down the beach, seeing if he will come up floating, or something like that. if we can find him on the beach. alex: also taking part in the search, the brevard county sheriff' s office and the coast guard, which tells me it plans to expand its effort with a plane and a larger boat. fwc says, chamberlain' s equipment shows he was well prepared, and, because the boat does not appear to have capsized, it' s possible he survived. jacket, you know, he' s got a if he' hopefully, it' s the flare type that we' d be able to see him. m alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. run
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this is his mug shot. he is wanted for aggravated assault, and other charges. the high-speed camera -- jason was all caught on camera. >> the tire is gone. the tire is gone. brett: you' re seeing footage of the brevard county sheriff camera. an officer spotted the stolen car, and he took off. tires fell off, and sparks flew. >> he tried to bail there. he is still southbound him approaching michigan. brett: even then, the car kept slipping through the streets. at times, going the wrong way. after several minutes, the car wreck. >> he crashed. brett: deputies say he bailed. he was surrounded at a winn-dixie parking lot at clearwater road.
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>> stop, stop, stop. he' s in the front of the store. brett: debbie stabenow basis more charges for this case. -- jason. >> they haven' t -- brett: faces more charges for this case. >> they have him. they are taking them into custody. michelle: after three days of slow going, things are back to normal on a section of u.s. 1792 in orange county. the southbound side of the roadaway, between maitland and winter park, re-opened just before 6:30 this morning. the road was closed since late thursday night, so construction crews could lower the road under the railroad crossing bridge. eric burris has stepped outside to give us an update on the forecast. eric, how is it doing out there? [no audio] brett: it seems we are getting some trouble with his microphone there. we will check back in with them
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let' s try one more time. eric, how is it going out there? eric: you know, my mouth was frozen solid. actually, it is feeling great out here. 73 right now in orlando. cloudy skies, but it is the gusty wind that makes it feel just a little bit cool. so, i kept this leaves all rolled up today. it is 68 at palm coast. 73 in melbourne. now at satellite and radar, you can see the clouds are working on in. it is a mostly cloudy sky around this area. first alert doppler radar, we are looking good across the coastal communities. we could see if you sprinkles developing off the volusia coast. some other showers developing over the gulf of mexico. today, and into the afternoon, we will continue to watch some showers working on in.
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the forecast. i will time out that activity moves into your neighborhood, in just a few minutes. brett: all right, thank you eric. one person is injured, and another debt after an rv accident in ormond beach. investigators say, the rv went off us-1, near i-95, just before 1:00 this morning. it crashed into a ditch, hit a tree, and then exploded. the two victims were inside the vehicle. no word yet on what caused the driver to lose control. in deland, a house fire sent four people rushing to safety. flames filled the home on south stone street overnight. the home suffered heavy damage, the roof collapsed, and a van in the front yard was burned. one person inside suffered a minor cut to the arm, but there were no other injuries. s still unclear what sparked the flames. the red cross was called in to help those residents displaced by the fire. michelle: a daytona beach man is accused of beating two disabled men, and forcing them to help circulate counterfeit money. 43-year-old anthony brulewicz was arrested saturday, after the victims told deputies brulewicz
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on old big tree road. the victims told deputies, the face six times and tried to strangle him. the other said, he broke a picture frame over his head. both say, brulewicz would print counterfeit money, force them into stores to spend it, then take the merchandise and the change. deputies found counterfeit cash and a printer, in the home where brulewicz was arrested. orange county investigators are anxious to talk to the daughter of an 81-year-old man found stabbed to death. brett: authorities call the woman a "person of interest," along with her boyfriend. michelle: the body of julian gresham was found inside his taft mobile home saturday night. a neighbor tells wesh 2, gresham was on dialysis and unable drive. from her knowledge, gresham' s daughter and boyfriend were living with him to help with his care. >> before we went on vacation,
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yard and trimming back bushes. he was ill, not well -- but he was great. he was a nice man. michelle: investigators say, gresham' s daughtrer and her boyfriend took the victim' s car, but that vehicle, similar to this one, a 2006 beige taurus has not been located. jason: the man accused of killing a former bethune-cookman university football player mains in jail. police say this man, lamont postell junior, is the shooter. done keep his johnson played when you' re football for pcu. he had a one-year-old son, and he was about to propose to the child' s mother. two other bcu students were also susan injured. the suspect is not a vcu student. the unexpected death of supreme court justice antonin scalia is the new hot topic in the race
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tracy potts reports that the rumors have already begun as to who president obama might choose. tra cie: as antonin scalia' s casket arrived in d.c. overnight, the discussion is already underway as to who will be his replacement. the white house says this will not happen -- it will not happen this week, while congress is on break. >> we do not have to confirm him. and we won' t. >> if there is no vote, that is fine too. tracie : the supreme court has more cases to decide between now and july. without conservative justice scalia, key cases could end up in a tie.
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control in this country. >> we need a conservative person. tracie: the country should not have to wait a year to decide on a new justice. another supreme court justice. >> i do not think the public will look kindly on the is able to do. tracie: republicans are not only battling the president, they are battling insults to. ted cruz has a new ad out, and donald trump has one as well. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. jason: our commitment 2016 coverage continues online, and on the ground with wesh 2' s adrian whitsett heading to south carolina. look for his live reports throughout the day on friday and and you can always get the
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michelle: still ahead, the rising death toll in the middle east. jason: this comes after hospitals were bombed in syria.
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michelle: reports on the number of casualties are varying, but cnn is reporting that 24 people are dead, and 84 are missing. at least one of the hospitals was belonging to doctors without borders. just moments ago, we are learning that to other hospitals may have been hit. so far, no one has claimed strikes. violence also spread to the west clashes between the israelis and palestinians. jason: at least 25 palestinians were hurt, when israelis rated a camp on the west bank. some people were taken to the hospital. this comes as the u.s. ambassador to the united nations meets with the israeli president today. it' s part of an ongoing effort to try to calm the violence in the holy land. talks centered around the possibility of renewed negotiations between the israeli and palestinian governments.
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spitzer is denying allegations that he attacked a woman in a hotel. police are now investigating s plaza hotel. spitzer resigned as governor in 2008 after revelations that he was involved in a prostitution ring. he says there is no truth to the allegation. michelle: flames were shooting out of an apartment building in the bronx early this morning. you can see firefighters attacking the flames from the roof of the building before sunrise today. flames grew to more than 20 feet high before they were able to get it under control. the building was quickly evacuated, and no injuries have been reported. it' s still not clear what sparked the blaze. lifeguards pulled off a dramatic rescue along the california coast. a swimmer had to be pulled from the water after becoming trapped in a cove. you can see the man stuck in the cove as strong waves swept him away yesterday. he says he was surveying the water for snorkeling when a wave
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him up against the rocks. >> i thought i was going to drown, honestly. i was hanging on the rock over to drown. it was a very scary experience. michelle: the arm of the crane eventually went over the edge of the cliff and pulled him to safety. he is lucky. jason: central florida. people are thinking about beach. it should be a warm afternoon ahead, right eric? eric: well, it will be chilly if you are getting in the water. filtered sunshine right now. it is a mostly cloudy sky out there right now. 73 degrees is our current temperature. as the wind is out of the south, sustained here at 16 all -- 16 miles per hour. 70 degrees in winter haven right now. looking at the satellite
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clouds, continuing to stream on in from the gulf of mexico. recently, we have had gusts up to 25 miles per hour here in sanford. right along the volusia sure -- sure, i do watch a few sprinkles moving on in. there is more moisture to pay -- play with. over the next couple of hours, we will watch a storm system developed. the nasty stuff is going to stay to the north of us. we have snow in virginia. freezing precipitation in north carolina. it is just a mess. for us in central florida today, clouds and warmer temperatures. tomorrow, we should see some storms and rain. 75 are high temperature today in daytona beach. we will carry that 20% chance of rain the whole forecast.
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-- the whole forecast period thr ough. we should have quite some -- the mild night tonight. around midnight, we will see the bigger thunderstorms started to come on in from the gulf of mexico. so, showers and thunderstorms in this evening' s forecast. that comes especially after midnight. a majority of us will be in the lower 60' s tonight. here is 2:00 a.m., that is when the storms begin to move in. 5:00 a.m., that is when they really hit the metro area. around 7:00 a.m. is when they will head out over the brevard county coast. for us, it is going to be just a marginal risk of severe storms. the dynamics though are not really in place for a student severe weather. we will track it through the afternoon, and into the evening. for now, we will just call it
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once it is done, from midday on it should be gorgeous for your tuesday. we will be back in the mid-70' s all the way through to the weekend. jason: thank you eric. kanye west is turning to mark zuckerberg for some apparent mental health. michelle: kanye west claim that he is currently in financial debt. west tweeted the number on saturday, asking his followers to pray that he overcomes the problem. he also asked zuckerberg to invest one billion dollars in it' s still not clear whether or request. released his latest album over kanye westreleased his latest album over -- kanye west released his latest album over the weekend. the youngest pole sitter in daytona 500 history will lead the pack next sunday. jason: chase elliott is only 20-years-old but his father bill elliot won the 500 twice. elliott is kicking off his rookie season, and will drive jeff gordon. matt kenseth will be on the outside of round one. the rest of the starting order will be determined thursday
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the orlando city lions are working to add some fresh new talent to the team today. they are close to acquiring a.c. milan star, antonio nocerino . orlando city is working on a trade for his discovery rights which are currently owned by , d.c. united. the 30-year-old midfielder is expected to sign a multi-year contract with the lions. sources tell us the deal could be finalized today. michelle: just in case you missed it. we want to give you another look at the spectacular dunk performed by the magic' s own aaron gordon during this weekend' s nba all star slam dunk contest. take a look. >> wow. it is time to go home. it is time to go home. michelle: that dunk is already being called one of the all time greatest. unfortunate he only came in , second in the competition.
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star, zach lavine. it is impressive. jason: coming up, another sport story of sorts. michelle: we' ll tell you why
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michelle: right now, troopers are trying to track down the driver who struck a jogger, then took off. jason: they' re looking for a light grey chrysler, in connection to the deadly hit-and-run out of brevard county. the victim' s body was found on satellite boulevard, at dean avenue this morning. we' ll monitor any developments in the search for the vehicle, and as we work to learn more about the victim. michelle: plus, a wide search range set up for a boater, missing since yesterday. we' re there to explain the conditions searchers are up against, today on wesh 2 news at 4:00. it gets people talking every year, and we' re now getting our first look at the three new covers of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue. jason: ronda rousey, ashley graham and hailey clauson each get a cover this year. graham is getting attention, because she' s a plus-sized model. >> i think, we are being groundbreaking, revolutionizing, the cousin of the fact that the putting me on the cover.
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thinking -- shaking when i think about being on the cover of sports posted. jason: the swimsuit issue is on sale now. michelle: ok, talking about the weather. it is possibly swimsuit weather out there? eric: we are headed to possibly 80 degrees today. once the sun moves -- the storms move through tomorrow, we should get plenty of sunshine. the 70' s for the rest of the week. all in all, just some bumps in the road for tomorrow morning. otherwise, beautiful weather ahead. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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