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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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dan: we were on satellite boulevard and there is a deep di tch on both sides, some of -- so most joggers are down on this side. once the victim was hit, the driver didn' t stop. >> life here is short, but eternity' s forever. dan: passersbys were saddened and shocked at the sight that met them on the dirt road west of cocoa. jim reynolds, who saw the body, has lived here 30 years, and thought he knew everyone in the neighborhood. >> i have no idea who he was. i' d never seen him before. dan: highway patrol officers say the 39-year-old victim went out for a jog around 5:00 am. when he failed to return, his girlfriend went out looking, and to her everlasting horror, found him dead. the vehicle that hit him was nowhere to be found. could the driver who kept going have saved the man' s life? >> we don' t know had this person received immediate care, what his outcome may have been. >> i'
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you gotta live with that the rest of your life. dan: investigators found vehicle parts that led them to believe the car that hit the man is a light gray chrysler, with damage to a headlight and turn signal. they are not sure on which side. >> whether you think you' ve hit a sign, a pole, an animal, you stop immediately and you seen what you' ve hit and you call 911 immediately. dan: no one did that. the victim' s name has not been released. investigators hope anyone who knows anything that might help in this investigation will call them. we are live near cocoa, dan billow, wesh 2 news. summer: troopers say the number of hit and run crashes is staggering, and they say it has to stop. families who have lost loved ones to drivers accused of leaving the scene, shared their stories at an orlando news conference. locally there were 20 hit and
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still unsolved. the mother of 13-year-old omar figueroa, who was hit and killed in a crosswalk in 2013, says people need to own up to their driving mistakes. >> what shows that it' s a real accident, is by you stopping and being responsible for what you just did. >> these tests have been taken. summer: in the case of her son, a woman was arrested. jennifer herrington is awaiting trial on accusations she left the scene of the fatal crash. drivers who leave the scene of a crash where someone dies, face the possibility of 30 years in prison. you' ll hear from more families of the victims later today on wesh 2 news at 5:00. meredith: plenty of sunshine on this monday. summer: eric, are the clouds letting up? eric: we have a mostly cloudy sky. temperatures nice but a little warm a, 73 degrees currently in orlando. look at the wind at 15 miles per
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74, palm coast. cloudy skies visible on the radar. if few sprinkles and northern marion county' s along i 75. it has not been the greatest a along the coast. seven feet offshore and it is all coming together because of the storm system. we have tornado watches posted for parts of louisiana, mississippi, alabama and back over to the panhandle of florida. that storm system will be in the central florida early tomorrow morning. i am timing out the rain and updating futurecast to let you know what to expect for your tuesday when i see you inside in a couple of minutes. meredith: the search continues for a boater, missing since yesterday. summer: lloyd chamberlain of merritt island went out on the water from brevard county, and never returned. the coast guard is now covering a large area between satellite beach up to jetty park. wesh 2' s gail paschall brown is there live. gail, its been a little cloudy today, did that hinder search
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gail: it has been very murky, but apparently not, we were told by fwc that 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain launch from port canaveral and that is where they found his truck and trailer but his boat was found 20 minutes away without him. a coast guard aircraft searches for 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain. and even though it' s been cloudy all day, the florida wildlife commission says, early monday morning. >> they were able to get a good visiablity. they were ale to see miles. they' re thinking if he was in the water, he would have popped up. gail: lloyd chamberlain, who' s from merritt island, was reported missing sunday night. he was going fishing and launched out of port canaveral. that' s where fwc found his truck and trailor his boat was found in the surf on indian harbor beach about 20 minutes away, near millenium park.
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, his telephone, so we have a good location of where he was last seen, which makes a big difference as far as doing a search and rescue. now we have a starting point. gail: fwc says the ping from chamberlain' s cellphone, which was on his boat, placed chamberlain about two to four miles off shore near the eau gallie. >> fwc gave us a closer look at this 17 -footer which belongs to lloyd chamberlain. this actually washed up on indian harbor beach in brevard county. they say everything looks good and in tact. up here is a coast guard marker, denoting some of his items. onlookers gathered as fwc drained the boat and moved it to higher ground. >> if he had his life jacket on, hopefully he did, his chances are good. we plan to have a search and rescue all night in case he shows up or somebody finds him. gail: fwc is working with the coast guard and the brevard county sheriff' s office or a 24
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especially on the beach just in case he shows up. meredith: a deadly round of airstrikes target four hospitals in syria today, including facilities for children. at least 50 people were killed in the missile attacks this morning, many more were wounded. the attacks also reportedly struck two schools in the northern part of the country. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the strikes, but officials do believe it was a deliberate attack. summer: one person is dead, and another severely burned after the rv they were in crashed and exploded in ormond beach early this morning. the rv driver was coming off i-95 at u.s. one, failed to turn, crossed the road and slammed into a tree. and as wesh 2' s claire metz reports, police have yet to identify the victims. claire: the impact was so dramatic when the rv slammed into that tree, the rv exploded, sending parts of the rv all over this parking lot. you can see where police circled in orange the spots where debris was located. >> a bunch of garbage, a bunch of garbage. i don' t see how the other guy got out.
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nearby, was at the scene just after the crash and says the rv wasn' t even recognizable as a vehicle. what wasn' t torn apart in the crash, was charred or melted in the explosion and fire. but just before the explosion, johnson's friend was able to pull one person from the rv the driver. >> he just said it was terrible. it was the worst thing he' d ever seen, but he had to help the other guy get out. the other guy didn' t have a chance he says. claire: the dead person, the passenger in the rv, was so badly burned, police aren' t certain if it' s a man or woman, but they believe a middle aged man, as is the survivor. the rv had a south carolina license plate, and police say it' s possible the two were coming into town for nascar events. some racing memorabilia was found in the debris. the driver was getting off 95 at u.s. 1, but failed to turn north or south. >> they went straight right into the diary queen parking lot, struck a tree and it triggered an explosion within the vehicle. claire: the driver who was
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degree burns, but witnesses are grateful he got out at all. >> somebody, somebody got saved. >> if the person survives, he survived because they were able to get him out. claire: the survivor was rushed to halifax medical center, but we' ve learned he' s since been transferred to the burn unit at shands hospital for critical care. in ormond beach, volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. summer: right now, police are running the tag on the rv to find the owner and the identities of the two people in it at the time of the crash. meredith: a seminole county man is accused of leading police on a wild chase. over 23-year-old d' javen gayden in the midway community, but he took off. a police helicopter had to be called in to track him down. gayden and a passenger eventually bailed from the car in sanford. he was eventually arrested. the passenger is still on the run. a titusville man charged in connection to a deadly labor day shooting in 2012 is due in court william woodward' s death penalty hearing is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. just last week, woodward' s trial date was set to begin february 22.
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can be seen on a home security camera, went across the street to his neighbor' s home and opened fire. three men were shot and two of them died. woodward unsuccessfully argued he was standing his ground, a strategy that added months to the case. summer: police in south daytona say they' ve identified 37-year-old derrick bell as the hit and run driver who crashed into an apartment complex wednesday night. police think bell was driving a rented 2016 chevy impala when he allegedly slammed through a concrete wall around the river golf townhomes on south palmetto avenue. no one inside the home was hurt, but police say the driver, who again they believe was derrick bell, limped away from the scene bleeding. meredith: a house and a vehicle were destroyed early this morning when a fire ripped through a deland home. firefighters say the home was fully involved when they arrived at the house on south stone street around 2:00 a.m. four people living there were able to get out safely. the red cross is helping the victims, and the fire marshal is working to determine how the blaze started.
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working smoke detectors. summer: a disney cruise ship has picked up 12 suspected migrants. the " disney wonder" was headed from miami to grand cayman over the weekend, when it spotted the group southeast of cuba. the suspected migrants are being turned over to authorities in grand cayman. disney said it picked up the group at the request of the u.s. coast guard. meredith: in commitment 2016 news, former president, bill clinton is in florida campaigning for his wife. clinton is holding a grassroots event in riviera beach, which is in palm beach county. hillary was supposed to appear at the rally, but is instead campaigning in nevada. we' ll have more commitment 2016 news in the next half hour. summer: things are back to normal on a busy section of u.s. 1792 in orange county. the southbound side of the roadway between maitland and winter park re-opened just before 6:30 this morning. the road was closed since late thursday night, so construction crews could lower the road under the railroad crossing bridge. they' ll be back at work on friday beginning at 7:00 p.m. and ending by 6:00 a.m. next
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meredith: more driving news. the street under i-4 will be closed to do bridge work. you' ll want to use princeton as a detour. you can expect downtown-area closures. crews will be removing concrete barrier walls in the middle of i-4. a local man is accused of targeting to convenience stores. summer: we were able to get a look from the footage inside . meredith: the new sports illustrated cover has been unveiled. you will hear from one of the ladies gracing the cover and why it is so unique. summer: there are 21 confirmed cases of the zika virus. what florida leaders are doing
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out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway. >> you' re watching wesh 2. meredith: it' s video you' ll see only on wesh two. cameras inside a convenience store captured the images of a man who targeted two stores. summer: wesh 2' s greg fox is live in kissimmee, and greg, this guy actually got scared after the clerk reacted to
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greg: the clerk was really thinking on his feet and managed to get himself to safety inside this 7-11 at the corner of john young and donegan. 7-11 management provided wesh 2 news with this surveillance video. it shows, early sunday morning, a man and the clerk aburashi abousattarovich, walking into the store on north john young parkway. a few seconds later, the clerk goes behind the counter and reaches for a pack of cigarettes. he turns around and sees the suspect with a handgun. that' s when the clerk ducks into the office and locks the door, prompting the would-be robber to run from the store empty-handed. a short time later, a man wearing the same clothing barged into the 7-11 at john young near bryan street and ordered the clerk to open the cash registers.
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>> the guy had a gun. >> what kind of gun? >> i am not sure. greg: kissimmee police are releasing two photos of the man who wore a red hooded sweatshirt, khaki pants and blue gloves. it' s difficult to see in this video, but the man has a tattoo on his face, just under his right eye. a search by air and ground with canines failed to turn up any trace of the armed robber, but kissimmee police say they' re following solid leads and hope to quickly make an arrest. meredith: that was greg fox without war. we are following breaking news in orange county. two people have been found dead. stewart moore is live with the new details. stewart: meredith: it looks as though
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we just learned that the deputies have found two people dead inside a home in pine hills. we do not know how the people died or their ages. we do have a crew on the way to meet with the sheriff for a briefing of what happened. this is happening near santa barbara road, not too far from the crime scene. as soon as we get more details, we will bring them to you. a concert scheduled for this weekend has been canceled. the three day festival was supposed to go on at palm bay regional park starting friday. they posted this statement on the website, " it is with great regret that we inform you that the event has been canceled. ticket refunds started february 4 and will be completed by the months end." the organizers have not said why the event was canceled. " sports illustrated" is making history today by including the first plus-size model on the cover of its swimsuit issue. summer: and also for the first time, they are releasing not one but three different covers. mixed martial arts fighter ronda rousey, and models ashley graham and hailey clauson each get a
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but graham is getting the most attention today because of her plus-size distinction. >> i thought that we were like, being groundbreaking, revolutionizing by putting me, a size 16 girl, in the actual pages. but then for mj to put me on the cover, i mean, don' t even get me started, because i might start crying and i know you guys would love that. but it' s still like, i' m shaking just thinking about the fact that i' m on the cover of " sports illustrated." summer: they are also beautiful. " sports illustrated" says each cover celebrates the beauty of different body types. meredith: eric, a pretty cloudy monday. eric: at least we have been nice and dry across central florida. take a look outside. this is downtown orlando. there has not been much blue sky at all from morning all the way up to now, this is what we have been looking at. temperatures worked on to the 70' s today. 73 the current reading.
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decent g usts. 72, ocala. leesburg, 72. comparing temperatures to yesterday, he continues to be warmer, five to 10 degrees warmer at this hour. mostly cloudy skies as seen on the satellite. i do want to show you up to the north and west around louisiana and into mississippi, alabama and the photo panhandle, big thunderstorms. this is the storm system that will be moving into central florida tomorrow morning. at this hour, we are watching a few sprinkles across the i-75 corridor and even some activity setting off just the kc cape. take a look down into palm beach county, these showers and storms will be working at northbound. tony and i will be watching these during the evening for the
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for now, we are dry, but a few showers in the forecast for 6:00. 71 your sunset temperature. we will continue to work off into the middle 60' s as the evening works through. by a 11:00, we will be watching showers and storms moving in from the gulf of mexico. we are not expecting strong to severe thunderstorms , although one or two could get on that borderline, but as we passed midnight, we will watch the rain move in. 58, ocala. 64, st. cloud. 64, kissimmee. 64, merritt island. once we read ourselves of the morning showers and storms on tuesday, it will look great. warmer temperatures, 78 degrees for orlando. 79, daytona beach. 8:00 cloudy skies, a few sprinkles here or there, but this is 2:00 a.m. and we are noticing the rain coming in from the west pushing through 5:00
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the i-4 quarter. looking ahead to that drive tomorrow morning, you may want to allow for extra time. by 7:00, it is all out of here and it is clearing skies during the day. the biggest threat for severe weather is going to be across the gulf coast. for us in central florida, we are under a marginal risk of severe weather, which on that plane, that is the lowest level. we could see an isolated severe storm, but generally speaking, it is not going to be a big deal. here' s a look at central florida' s most accurate seven-day forecast. once we get bit of tomorrow' s showers and storms, we are looking for beautiful clear skies. we will talk more about the overnight storms when i see you in the next half hour. summer: thank you. meredith: tonight, people are being worn for attacks on the golden gate bridge.
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summer: cameras were rolling when a cliff collapsed into the sea after a five point seven -- 5.7 magnitude earthquake in new zealand, the quake struck on
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no one was hurt, and local officials say there were no reports of major damage. california police are trying to track down the person who' s targeting pedestrians on the iconic golden gate bridge. at least two people have been hit with blow darts while on the san francisco bridge. both were treated at the scene, but today authorities are still trying to figure out exactly where the darts were fired from. >> he stated that the dart came at him, and was able to actually go through his jeans and into his leg by about two inches. summer: the darts are being tested to see if there were any chemicals on the darts. meredith: a title nine lawsuit filed against the university of tennessee mentions denver broncos quarterback peyton manning. a group of women allege the school violated title nine regulations in its handling of sexual assaults by student athletes. the lawsuit filed by six women, focuses on five cases reported between 2013 and 2015, but mentions a sexual harassment complaint made by a trainer treating manning in 1996.
4:26 pm
manning for defamation in 2002. the suit was settled in 2003. summer: the youngest pole sitter in daytona 500 history will lead the pack next sunday. chase elliott is only 20-years-old, but his father, bill elliott, won the 500 twice. he' s kicking off his rookie season, and will drive the 24 car in the footsteps of jeff gordon. matt kenseth will be on the outside of round one. the rest of the starting order will be determined thursday night. meredith: new video of a fugitive leading authorities on a wild chase.
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we will look i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. meredith: we are continuing to follow breaking news out of orange county. summer: two bodies have been found in a pine hills home. you are looking at the 900 block of santa barbara drive just north of west colonial drive.
4:30 pm
people died or their ages, however we do have a crew on the way to meet with the sheriff' s office on a briefing. as soon as we get new details, we will pass them to you. a cruise ship entertainer who goes by the name of freddy fusion is in the orange county jail on charges of sexual battery. meredith: wesh 2' s bob kealing reports, the suspect allegedly assaulted a friend in an orlando hotel room after a day of drinking at a local theme park. bob: according to police, the victim met 39-year-old cruise ship entertainer andrew pogson, better known by his stage name " freddy fusion" on a disney cruise six months ago. they became friends. when he invited her to join him on another cruise setting sail this week, she readily accepted. she agreed to stay with him over the weekend at this marriott hotel near oia prior to leaving. according to pogson' s accuser, she agreed to stay with him here but only as friends, and she reiterated to police she told
4:31 pm
romantic relationship. after a day of drinking at epcot saturday, that night she says she and pogson ordered room service and she fell asleep. she told police she awoke to find pogson on top of her having sex with her without her consent. investigators say that made the victim, who appeared to be intoxicated, hysterical and angry. so much so that when pogson tried to approach her, police say she punched him in the face twice. pogson, a canadian national, made his first court appearance this afternoon on a charge of sexual battery. he' s being held on $20,000 bond. summer: a disney cruise line spokesperson says they have suspended their relationship with them who is an independent contractor and not a disney employee. a fugitive leads deputies on a wild, high speed chase in brevard county. it started sunday around 2:00 in the morning in cocoa. deputies say the suspect took off in a stolen car, eventually the tires fell off, and sparks flew.
4:32 pm
of the car after it crashed. a deputy eventually jumps on top of him for the take down and arrest. antario mccoy was originally wanted for aggravated assault and burglary. he is now facing additional charges in relation to the chase. orange county investigators are anxious to talk to the daughter of an 81-year-old man found stabbed to death. authorities call the woman a person of interest, along with her boyfriend, but for now, tessie gresham and her boyfriend, david buchan have been placed under a baker act hold and are undergoing mental evaluations. the body of julian gresham was found inside his taft mobile home saturday night. a neighbor tells wesh 2, gresham was on dialysis and unable to drive. she says gresham' s daughter and boyfriend were living with him to help with his care. >> before we went on vacation, he was out front, weeding his yard, trimming back bushes. he was ill, but he was great. he was a nice man . summer: investigators say that gresham'
4:33 pm
boyfriend took the victim' s car, but that vehicle similar to this one, a 2006 beige taurus, has yet to be located. meredith: the man accused of killing a former bethune cookman football player remains in jail on no bond. police say lamont postell, junior shot donkevious johnson outside a country club off campus in daytona beach. police say an argument got out of hand. johnson played one year for bcu. he has a one-year-old son and his mother says he was about to propose to the child' s mother. two other bcu students were also seriously injured. it' s the latest in a string of violence unfolding on and around the bethune cookman campus, 13 bethune cookman university students were shot in the past year, three of those were fatal. wesh 2' s brett connolly with a look back on a troubling year. brett: friends describe donkevious johnson as a talented football player and a doting new dad. but when the 23-year-old was shot and killed at a party over the weekend, he became the third student murdered this school year.
4:34 pm
last 12 months. beginning with last february, when an on-campus shooting sent shockwaves throughout the school. surveillance video shows gunfire erupting near a music building parking lot, leaving three students injured. following this unnerving video, the university president deemed the campus and the students safe. but instead it would mark the start of a violent trend. just months later, four students were shot at a house party in daytona beach. in the fall, two students were killed and another injured at an apartment complex when an argument over rent money turned deadly. and this past weekend, two were injured and johnson was killed when an argument broke out during a party at a country club off campus. the alleged gunman from the weekend, lamont postell, turned himself into police. he faces a first degree murder
4:35 pm
re hearing from school officials about all the violence near the campus. what they' re saying, tonight at 5:00. summer: in about an hour and a half, students and staff will hold a memorial for a popular teacher, killed in a murder-suicide. sandra cook was a popular math teacher at rockledge high school and was a teacher of the year nominee. melbourne police say her estranged husband killed her, before turning the gun on himself two weeks ago. the memorial is at 6:00 tonight at mclarty stadium. all athletic teams are asked to wear their jerseys to the event and sit together. meredith: police in new smyrna beach say the city will add another stop sign at an intersection after the fourth crash there in the last year. the most recent sent a pickup slamming into a house. this happened saturday night at the intersection of oakwood avenue and cooper street . police say the driver of a pickup ran the existing stop sign, and was hit by a vehicle sending the truck into a house on oakwood. no one in the house was hurt, but the damage is estimated at $50,000.
4:36 pm
meredith: eric, how are things shaping up tonight? eric: we are going to be tracking a tale of two nights. we will start off with cloudy skies and heavy wind, but by morning we are tracking showers. 70 degrees, palm coast. 72, the villages. watching if you break in the clouds here and there, but the breeze feels so nice. the next storm system that will be moving into central florida tomorrow morning, ramping up and producing all kinds of nasty weather near the gulf. temperatures falling off to the uppers 50' s and lower 60' s tonight. 2:00 a.m. starting to work into the western areas and that by 5:00 up and down i-4. there is the isolated potential for seeing a stronger severe thunderstorm. we will run down the threat index when i see you guys inside in a couple minutes. summer: former florida gator aaron hernandez has settled out of court with a man who says
4:37 pm
hernandez shot him in the face and dumped him in a parking lot in riviera beach in 2013. the terms of the settlement weren' t released. hernandez is already serving life in prison for murder, and faces trial for a double murder. meredith: former new york governor eliot spitzer is denying allegations that he attacked a woman in a hotel. police are now investigating claims spitzer choked a woman in manhattan' s plaza hotel. spitzer resigned as governor in 2008, after revelations that he was involved in a prostitution ring. he says there is no truth to the allegation. summer: today we learned there will be no autopsy after the death supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama said he' ll wait for congress to return next week before naming his choice for the next justice, but as nbc' s brian mooar reports some are calling on the next president to make that decision instead. reporter: even as washington prepares to say farewell to
4:38 pm
his replacement and whether president obama should make the choice. >> this country has not gone with a year-long vacancy on the war. reporter: democrats are outraged by mitch mcconnell' he will not consider a nomination until the next president takes office. that battle has spread from congress to the campaign trail. >> the senate has a duty to consider that and to confirm whoever the president nominates. >> i am not saying obama should not do it, i am say the republicans should not allow to happen. >> we were reminded on saturday evening by an untimely death of what the stakes are in this election. >> where one justice away from losing our fundamental rights in this country. reporter: not everyone is comfortable with this fight. >> scalia dies
4:39 pm
politics. reporter: politics, but both sides agree on the stakes. this could determine the high courts direction for decades to come. republican nominees have been in the court' s majority for the past 44 years. meredith: tomorrow is the deadline for floridians to register to vote for next month' s presidential primary. florida is a closed-primary state, meaning only citizens who are registered with the democratic or republican parties can cast a ballot. many election supervisors are seeing an increase in the number of people who have switched their affiliation to one of the two major parties. they say that proves that florida voters want a voice. >> we have seen a tremendous amount of activity in people switching their parties from independent status, which is npa, to either the democratic or the republican party. meredith: florida' s primary is set for march 15. early voting is being held for two weeks leading up to the election. our commitment 2016 coverage continues online and on the ground, with wesh 2' s adrian
4:40 pm
carolina. look for his live reports throughout the day on friday and saturday, and you can always get the latest updates inside summer: pope francis is continuing his trip throughout mexico today. the pontiff lead a mass at a soccer stadium earlier today. he addressed the growing struggles of migrants in the country, who continue to try to reach the u.s. border. he held a huge outdoor mass yesterday where he spoke against the drug trade in the nation and the violence it causes. this is the fourth day of the pope' s week-long visit to the country. meredith: the annual python hunt ended last night. now wildlife officials are counting up the number of those snakes killed in south florida. the fish and wildlife commission says at least 102 burmese pythons were killed. 68 were caught last year. the final tally of snakes killed will be announced february 27. all of the captured snakes were killed and turned over to researchers trying to find a way to control the python population. summer: a 21st case of the zika virus has been confirmed in
4:41 pm
meredith: we are getting a new outlook. what a man who recovered from the virus is saying about his experience. summer: how doctors are hoping to use virtual reality to help pregnant women while they are delivering. meredith: take a live look. this is i-4 westbound lanes at central florida parkway. things are slow going because of the disabled car you are seeing to the left of your screen. there are cars getting by but it will take you a little bit of time.
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meredith: we continue to follow breaking news in orange county. two people were found dead in a
4:45 pm
summer: we are joined now with the breaking details. chris: this is the 900 block of santa barbara road. we know that two people were found dead this afternoon, some just before 4:00. we just got here and there is still a lot of information we are trying to figure out. we will show you some chopper video we shot a moment ago. this is a death investigation. crime scene investigators and a heavy law enforcement presence are normal. we do not have the identification of the victims, their ages or the relationship, we just know both of their bodies were found inside this pine hills home. we will bring you back live to the scene here. we are expecting an update in a few minutes. we will be discussing the circumstances of this death investigation and we will bring
4:46 pm
summer: we' re now hearing about the effects of the zika virus from someone who actually had it. meredith: a medical student in florida says he had never heard of it until he got it. so far, 20 cases have popped up -- 21 cases have popped up in the state, most of them and cell phone it. christopher de lespinasse says he did everything he could to avoid mosquitoes during his visit to haiti in november. but one day, he had the worst headache he' d ever had and by the next day, a rash. >> i thought to mysel, well, it' s some kind of virus. but i wasn' t too worried. but when the rash spread all around my upper body, then i said, well, it' s not your typical viral illness. meredith: he was better within four days and started trying to learn everything he could about the mosquito-borne infection. >> and to me it' s just heartbreaking. for mothers who are pregnant, must be terrifying to have that
4:47 pm
meredith: he studies at fiu and plans to visit haiti again to help in the fight against zika, especially educating pregnant women. and tomorrow, orange county commissioners will take up the zika virus. mosquito control staff will present information about mosquito-transmitted diseases and what can be done to decrease the threat. no action will be taken tomorrow. it' s simply just for informational purposes. summer: an innovative study aims to ease some of the stress of staying in the hospital. wesh 2 news anchor michelle imperato takes a look at how virtual reality is helping patients. michelle: imagine being immersed in this peaceful underwater world. >> oh my god, this is incredible. michelle: the woman whose voice you hear -- >> a shark just went by my head. michelle: is not scuba diving. she' s a patient in the hospital. >> oh my god. michelle: doctors at cedars-sinai in los angeles are studying the effects of virtual reality on hospital patients whose real world surroundings can be sterile, uncomfortable, sometimes frightening. >> this is an incredible
4:48 pm
walls of the hospital. michelle: patients are carried away to different worlds like iceland or the ocean. researchers have tested the virtual reality system with about 70 people so far. many say it' s helping relieve stress and anxiety. >> this was like the greatest diversion that i could have ever had. michelle: that feeling illustrated perfectly by a young boy at a hospital in michigan. doctors there have also used virtual reality in this case, turning wheelchairs into rollercoasters. >> i' m on top of the world. michelle: the cedars-sinai team thinks virtual reality could also be useful for women enduring long labors, and those having to wait for painful procedures. >> now we need to know, does it improve pain scores, does it improve blood pressure? michelle: younger patients have been most willing to test the system, but it' s older patients who appear to be most amazed by it and could get the biggest benefit. another study out this morning
4:49 pm
reality might also help ease symptoms of depression. michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. meredith: anything that helps. time to talk a little weather now. tomorrow, we are talking about showers moving into the area. eric: we are talking about showers and the potential for a few thunderstorms. it is going to be very early. at this hour, we are tracking overcast skies for central florida as we look toward downtown orlando. current temperature, 73 degrees. este wind at 15 miles per hour. in the last hour, we have seen gusts at 25 miles per hour. we are watching some sours -- showers, but the only activity is off of our east coast, and there is big cluster of showers and that is the frontal boundary that will continue to get its act together and arrive in central florida early tomorrow morning.
4:50 pm
indebted in here, and there is a warning for santa rosa county. this is showing that there is plenty of energy in the atmosphere, but that energy states north of central florida. the threat for severe weather in our area is relatively low. could we see a road thunderstorm --rou gue thunderstorm move then, yes. futurecast showing it the energy moving into our western area. marian, sumter, lake counties arrives at 2:00 in the morning. that is the nastier rainfall with heavy rain and gusty wind and potential small hail. 5:00 to 7:00 it moves through brevard county and moving offshore from there.
4:51 pm
the biggest concern is going to be the heavy rain because it coincides the morning commute. embedded in their are gusty winds. tonight is when the showers arrive. tomorrow, once we' re done with those storms, it turns gusty and sunny, upper 70' s to lower 80' s. this frontal boundary will sweep all of the moisture away and make for a wonderful gusty afternoon. if you are headed to the beach, good news for surfers, turning to an offshore wind. rough for boaters though. once we get to the rain tomorrow, it is clear as a bell through the weekend.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
o meredith: the superhero flick " deadpool" is crushing the competition in theaters. summer: the movie based on the marvel comics character starring ryan reynolds made $135 million in just three days. it' s the best opening weekend ever for an r-rated film. last week' s box office winner " kung fu panda 3," came in a distant second with $19 million. rounding out the top three is the valentine' s day comedy " how to be single," starring rebel wilson and dakota johnson.
4:55 pm
million this weekend. meredith: it' s official, filming of " star wars episode eight" is now underway. in this flick, character rey will continue her journey with finn, poe and luke skywalker. fliming got started today at pinewood studios in london. " star wars" fans don' t get too excited, " star wars episode eight" is scheduled for release december 15, 2017. summer: kanye west is back in the headlines with some bizarre news. meredith: the rapper says he' s $53 million in personal debt. west made the announcement before his saturday night live performance. he also posted on twitter that he was going to release a new album, then took it back, and to top it all off, kanye called on facebook founder mark zuckerburg to invest $1 billion in his ideas. what can you do there? wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. summer: jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. jim: the latest on our breaking news in orange county' s pine hills neighborhood. a big law enforcement presence amid word that orange county deputies are working a death investigation. two people found deceased in a
4:56 pm
we are live with the latest. and the search is on in angry seas for a man who went out fishing and only his boat made it back. we are in brevard county with the latest on a massive search, next on wesh two news at 5:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its ts
4:57 pm
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jim: right now at 5:00, a growing problem for central florida. deadly crashes on the rise. angela: tonight, all while investigators search for the driver to shot and killed a jogger, we are talking to people on the frontline of what is being called an epidemic. jim: we begin tonight with breaking news in orange county. good evening, i' m jim payne. angela: i' m angela taylor. wesh 2 has learned two bodies have been found in a pine hills home. the scene is on santa barbara road. wesh 2' s chris hush just arrived on scene. he joins us live with more. chris, what do we know now? chris: in just the last 10 minutes we got a big update from
5:00 pm
this is being called a double homicide. a very tragic situation. santa barbara road. we are going to zero in on that house. that is where this all went down. we also have live chopper 2 in the air. here is what we know. a man left that home this morning. when he came back, he sought a mother and the teenage daughter trauma. they are trying to figure out the circumstances. this is being called a double homicide, but deputies would not elaborate. i asked them, of course, because this is a double homicide, i asked them, but they were not able to give us any information when it comes to that.


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