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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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then, we have our second tornado warning. let' s reset the picture here. if you are dressed waking up -- if you are just waking up, good morning. we are here because it is time to talk about the weather and the news. we have a tornado warning in effect. one is about to expire, the second one, for brevard county, in effect until 5:00. we have these strong storms we are telling you about. they will be moving out quickly. radar is picking up on all kinds of rotation in here. that is why these warnings have been issued. a tornado watch has been issued early this morning. let me tell you the whole story of what is going on. a tornado watch in effect for south florida. you may know this because you were awakened by your weather
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weather app. if you live in our northern counties, getting ready for work and school, we have this tornado watch until 8:00 a.m.. it is a huge system. the area of low pressure is not near us. it will drag the cold front had of it later today. we have these storms. as this line pushes through , you get the wind going this way. you get a list in the wind. that is why we have the tornado watch.
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that' s a pushes off the coast, by 6:00 where 7:00, we are done with it and we have a beautiful day. right near i-95 and port st. john, i' m going to put a track on the leading edge of this. you are already getting rain, getting lightning. the potential of that twisting is heading your way. we have some strong wind. the radar is picking up on this
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we have this whole line extending south across the turnpike. there are no warnings, which means we are not seeing twisting. quite a bit of lightning. that whole thing is heading to southern brevard county. the wind will be heading your way in about half an hour or so. north, clearing things out. marion county, you almost done with the rain. you will be quiet the rest of the day today. allow yourself extra minutes on the road. that will be heading into
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watch how this gets rid of the strong storms. we will continue to monitor this through the day. once we get to noon, we are done with these storms. a tornado warning remains in a -- remains in effect for another half hour. eric: i want to take you street by street here. it is about to get this strong, strong thunderstorm. greenville street, kansas street, back to camp road, east railroad avenue. this is the time to get away from the doors and windows. amy and i have been discussing
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i am starting to see strong, straight line win. seeing rotation. not even at the mid-levels of the atmosphere. the wind is being pained at about 1000 feet. when you talk about the threat of a tornado, this is high confidence of one thing, the wind making it down to the surface. we have been talking about the inflow notch. we have seen the wind coming in. it may be weakening a bit. a brand-new update from the weather service radar here. it looks like the actual rotation seems to be coming down a bit. this is becoming a little bit more of a straight line wind
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the wind does not look quite as impressive as they did a few moments ago. back to the panel is a show and mode of our radar. let me come out here. we will put a storm track on this. here is the data we have. bti index is less than a two. the concern for a tornado on the ground is coming down here. that tornado warning in effect for brevard county until 5:00. here are some of the arrival times. the potential tornado, very strong wind. we get into bellwood . into the shuttle landing facility towards the cave. plenty of thunder and lightning.
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that is when you think we will get the straight line wind damage from this storm system as it moves across the river and gets towards the island. we will be watching this carefully. it is incredible with the doppler radar. it says it has come down about 1500 feet within the last few minutes. it is not time to sound the all clear yet. we are getting markers on the doppler radar. because of that, we have the concern of seeing some sort of rotation. at the very least, damaging wind from this. after 5:00, a gets over to the launchpad. there is that boeing. when you see that, it is not a rotation concern more than it is backing wind. we do not see bright red as much anymore.
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backing wind. we are getting this real gust of wind on the backside of these storms, knocking on cocoa' s doorstep. cocoa back towards the kennedy space center. it moves towards the east at about 20 miles per hour. this does hit severe criteria as it works towards the east and northeast. tornado warning in affect for brevard county. we think there are conditions in place to see a tornado touching the ground. look how long this is. there is a nasty line of storms. it is not rotating, but there are plenty of thunder and lightning, lake washington for
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nasty thunderstorm. is it severe? not yet. a majority of the action in northern brevard county. it is going to get rough. rockeledge, five: 09. merritt island, 5:12. cocoa beach, 5:13. lots of flashes of lightning. not as much wind in this particular line. this is where the energy is. once this wave moves through, the concern will be coming down as these storms move offshore at a rapid rate. all of this stuff is back behind it. it is not as strong. still, good, steady rain. we do not have to worry about
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let' s try and get this out of here before we pick up the activity. cape canaveral toward port canaveral, that is where we are watching this tornadic cell. it is weakening. as long as we have doppler radar putting sheer markers up there and we still see enough wind, it is of concern. your weather radio woke you up. doppler radar indicating rotating storms. once we get these tornado warnings done with and we get into wesh 2 news sunrise, you will see some of the pictures. thus far, no reports of any kind of damage. pink shades, heavy rain. back to about 4.5 inches of rain.
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county. if you' re heading out and off to work early, you have some very intense rainfall amy: not seeing anything south of there. looks like we have a new warning coming in. as this system moves east, talking about 60 mile-per-hour wind gusts around the cape. the most concerning tornado warning as those that happen overnight, the stuff folks without whether rader -- weather radars do not wake up for. we think about 2007 and 1998. we are on the air when there is potentially life-threatening situations.
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severe thunderstorm warning, the line you have been talking about. those strong wind gusts, because of that, the national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning. for another hour, because the storm is moving east, 35 miles per hour. moving quickly. the biggest concern is what you mentioned. the 60 mile-per-hour wind. anytime you get when debt 58 miles per hour or greater, a severe thunderstorm warning is issued. this is the area south of the tornado warning. one is the tornado warning in effect until 5 a.m.. this is the severe thunderstorm warning that has just been added
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the line is moving north and east. there is still stuff south of here. it will take an hour for this to list to the north and completely clear brevard county from the threat of the damaging wind. even though you don' t have a tornado warning, a severe thunderstorm warning can do as much damage. make sure you are inside and can stay safe for another hour. just be aware. the greens and the reds we were talking about earlier, we look at these inside the storms.
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to each other you have the wind that is pushing quickly in one direction. still, very strong wind. if you are just waking up, let' s reset the big picture. tornado watch is in effect until 8:00 a.m.. if we can go to the weather computer, brevard county, can we see the tornado watch in effect? this is the line that has the severe thunderstorm warning in effect. there is the tornado watch that includes down into south florida. into this area, there is a potential for tornadoes. for us, the threat will end earlier than 8:00. south florida will have more
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clouds left in marion county, we are clearing the line through quickly. it is ahead of a cold front still to our west. once the front comes through, we cooler air. we have all of these showers and storms, look how quickly rolling through. all of this heading off the coast. as it goes, you can see the red line, that is where we have the strongest wind and heavy rain. the severe part of the line, that is the leading edge. central florida waking up to
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it is a small location dealing with this potential of severe weather it does not look as nearly impressive as on the radar. eric and i were watching this. there was a huge area where we could tell there was a lot of rotation inside the storm. the red. some strong wind, but all of coast. warning in effect.
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warning, we are going to get to jason guy and talk about the other news happening today. look at the lightning. this is not just strong wind. there is also quite a bit of lightning. five inch rain rates per hour. as this line makes its way north and east, it is heading into the area by 5:00 a.m.. june park, 5:11. that is the edge that is still down here north of kenansville. as that heads to melbourne, once we get this off the coast, our threat will be gone for the day. we have cleared things out to the north. much better shape now. a little bit of rain, wet roads,
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if you are waking up now in you do not leave until 7:00 or 8:00, you will be ok. look how these storms are gone by the time we get through 7:00. southern brevard is the spot that is left with the rain. cooler and ryan air starts working in behind it. today, it is still going to be around 80 degrees. our threat of strong storms and severe weather only this morning. as we head back to eric, a tornado warning that remains in effect until 5:00 a.m. eric: the rotation begins to weekend and the spread out. this is becoming more of a straight-line wind event. if you live in brevard
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54 to 60 miles per hour. the radar is situated in perfect location. there radar is right there. the storms, we are only shooting about 600 feet up. that is a perfect spot to get accurate data. look at the storms as a push to the east. i want to start wearing these things and get data from the -- i want to start quer ying these things and get data from the doppler radar. amy: the 20 to watch has been canceled for -- county. eric: bonaventure, nasty stuff moving into your area. i will put a storm track on this
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bonaventure, 4:48, this line of gusty wind moving in. strong thunderstorms. lake washington, 4:55. palm shores, at about 5:08. this is not a tornado warning here. we are talking about the wind above 60 miles per hour. this time of day, you' re not expecting it. so many folks, this time of day grab the paper, go for a jog, not the day to do it. as we approach indian harbour beach, towards palm bay, bigger perspective still showing the tornado warning in north county. a severe thunderstorm warning for the rest. once we are done with this
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the nasty weather moves in. doppler radar indicating the potential for one-inch hail. we cannot write that off. when the doppler radar is pinging, you know we are getting a pretty good idea. airplanes travel higher than that. 600 feet is low down to the surface. two warnings. the first one will expire in the next nine minutes. there is the severe thunderstorm warning that continues beyond that. those are the communities we expect to be affected by the weather. the tornado watch has been allowed to expire across polk county. there is the line knocking on
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back towards barefoot bay, valkaria all of the thunderstorms pushing to the east, the tornadic threat is coming down. if the national weather service cancels that tornado warning, we go back to regular programming with west 2 -- wesh 2 sunrise. melbourne, around the 5:00 hour, still plenty of flashes of lightning. when you have storms at 5:00 a.m., with that much thunder and lightning, there is a lot of energy. when we look at the velocity
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a perfect indication for all of the energy. that is why the national weather service issued that tornado watch indicating the atmosphere was able to develop what could become a tornado event. these colors fade away in northern portions of brevard county. this northern cell, heading towards the cape, has collapsed. of minutes, looking to get an update. as these storms work off towards the east, when they do cancel, i will get it on the watch. look at this wide perspective. county.
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we get this stuff out of here, the rest of us are going to have a beautiful morning. amy: that is what we are waiting for. southern brevard, northern brevard, not quite out of the woods. especially if you are trying to leave your house. weights. by the time we get to 5:30, give it another half hour or so just to the south near the cape, palm bay, grant, satellite beach, give yourself until about 5:30 or so. severe thunderstorm warning is in effect. 5:45. we have almost another hour. it might be canceled early if the line does not move off the coast. if we go back to viper, i have this looping for you.
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of storms move quickly. this one is not moving quite as fast as some other lines of storms do that we see. we have this warning in effect for an entire hour. that is how long it is expected to take to get this line of severe storms off the coast. the potential for rotation is on the northern end of this. the strong wind gusts to the south, into southern brevard county, moving through as well. we have cleared things out already. flagler and volusia. the reason we are focused on the weather and we have not talked about the news is because we have this tornado warning in affect. it expires here at 5:00 a.m.. with the twisting wind over those bodies of water, can we zoom in on viper to show
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pop over to storm tracker, that would be great. this box that is drawn, the land area is where the tornado warning is. it is just about off the coast. you have the red and the green, not quite off the coast of cape canaveral. there is a whole bunch of water here in brevard county. sometimes we see these storms get over and interact and we see a little bit more energy pick up, even though the storm is weakening. a few more minutes with this tornado warning. we will wait this out until 5:00 a.m. once we get done with the tornado warning, we will still have a severe thunderstorm warning for points south. that includes cocoa beach down through satellite beach and the
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what we will do, once we get to 5:00, we will go to news. we will keep you updated on the line of storms. we will have the information crawling across the top of your screen all morning. at the bottom, as well. we will be able to get rid of this threat this morning. this is not an all day event. some of you, not leaving your house for your morning commute until 7:00 or 8:00, you will be done with this. even the rain will be gone by about 7:00 this morning. here is the updated track of where the storms are heading. palm bay, 5:18. satellite beach by 5:20. 5:27, the big wind will be in indian harbour beach. we have had wind at 60 miles per hour. tornado watch in effect until
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when you look at the big picture, some of the counties have already been dropped. you will be able to see polk county has been dropped. counties south of there, including tampa bay. the line of storms is through. i believe, well before 8:00 a.m., we will have these counties dropped as well. the tornado watch will get dropped and the threat for severe storms and tornadoes will be gone. south florida will deal with it longer than we will. this strong line of wind is associated ahead of this cold front. we still have two minutes officially for our tornado warning.
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earlier this morning, about an hour ago, we saw intense twisting of the wind when the storm was back in osceola county. it has been weakening slightly as we head to the coast. we will still monitoring. south of here, is what we are watching down through rockledge and cocoa beach. we do not have the twisting of the wind like we had earlier this morning. we may see this canceled early. with the rain, the lightning inside, pushing into melbourne and palm bay . back to the west, look at how we are clearing things out.
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strong storms in southern brevard, we are continuing to watch. last thing i want to show y ou, the storms are gone by about 7:00. this is only something we are dealing with for about another hour. even the rain will be gone. we will get some sunshine as we head through the rest of the day. by noon, all is quiet and calm. it is basically just this morning we are dealing with the storms. eric: they have not canceled the warning, so they are probably going to go ahead and let it expire. we are watching strong wind head into melbourne and communities around melbourne. that is certainly good news. if you live around lake washington, these are communities that are going to be


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