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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> a tornado watch in effect for parts of central florida and a strong line of storms heads are way. >> that same system left a path of destruction. businesses, homes, and lives, destroyed. michelle: a car covered in
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we are live in daytona beach as police together -- police pieced together these two overnight shootings. jason: donald trump was declared the winner in nevada. we will get to your commitment 2016 coverage straight ahead. michelle: here is a quick look outside. this is just the beginning. amy: we have a tornado watch until 10:00 a.m.. not a lot is happening right now. this is your preparation time. watch out, tornadoes are possible later this morning up until 10:00 a.m.. as the storms approach, it is possible this watch could get shifted to the east and more county -- moore county could behead.
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-- could be hi t. we will be here keeping you posted if you are headed to work on the computer. big line of thunderstorms on its way. clouds billowing ahead of it first this morning, keeping our temperatures warm. sprinkle starting to approach marion county. over the next couple of hours between 8:00 to 10:00, we will see the storms moving into marion and sumter county' s. the i-4 court are , the storm had south. -- the i-4 court rridor, the storm heads south. ted: the 408 into downtown
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520, crash blocking a couple of lanes past 50. consider taking the 520 as a backup plan. michelle: the panhandle and gulf states are recovering. jason: this same storm struck with deadly force. buildings and homes were damaged. brett: six counties in the panhandle and 10 in georgia remain under a tornado watch and severe weather threat blanket the southeast. some water spots -- waterspouts in louisiana. at least five confirmed tornadoes through the south. one of the most hard-hit areas is an rv park in southern india -- louisiana. crews are still digging through that wreckage. a confirmed tornado ripped a two
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those powerful winds whipped -- ripped off a roof from an apartment complex. one death in mississippi where the governor declared a state of emergency. jason: two people are recovering after being shot minutes apart in daytona beach. the first on sheridan road and the second on george ingram boulevard. alex villareal is covering this live. alex: at this point, police have not said anything about the suspect. we are working to learn the conditions of the two shooting victims. right here, in front of the police athletic league center, it was one of the centers of the investigation last night. the irony here is that this
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people away from crime and other negative influences by providing them with positive activities. not something you would expect to see. they were very active overnight. the sheriff' s office dispatch tells us the first 911 call at 11:07 brought daytona beach police to sheridan road. the second came three minutes later of a second shooting on george w ingram boulevard. we are pushing to find out if these two shootings were related. why they happen close to each other and within minutes. officials, as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you on air and online. michelle: donald trump has big
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he was declared the winner of the nevada caucuses. from has 46% of the vote. marco rubio is barely ahead of ted cruz for second place. ben carson has 5%. >> it is going to be an amazing two months. >> donald trump looking ahead to super tuesday. people standing in line for hours. entrance polls show trump dominating every key voting block, scoring high with voters looking for outsiders and looking for change. >> we need trump. >> second place is still a tossup and so is super tuesday. 12 states, including texas, home of ted cruz. the midwest gets its first chance to vote on super tuesday. marco rubio is already in
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>> we are going to campaign to everyone. is that too much? >> in michigan, polls showed john kasich averaging second-place with trump still a clear leader. 600 republican delegates are up for grabs. half are needed to win the nomination. >> the today show has continuing coverage of the nevada caucus. kristen welker will also have a live report on last night' s democratic town hall in south carolina. jason: this millionaire convicted of murdering his wife is getting a new trial. bob ward was found guilty of killing his wife. a circuit court judge throughout ward' s conviction. ward'
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attorney failed to respond after he had already exercises relight -- right to remain silent. >> the orange county sheriff' s office is charging jonathan rosado with the murders of alexander are run a. -- alexander arana . troopers are asking for your help to find a semi driver they say hit a woman in orange county and kept going. teresa mask as was critically injured when she was hit. -- teresa vasquez was critically injured when she was hit. if you have any information, call if hp -- fhp . jason: ramon castro has died. he spent most of his time
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he was 91 years old. new details about the death of antonin scalia a. . there was nothing out of place around the bed where he died. scalia suffered from several health issues such as obesity and diabetes that could have contributed to his death. >> spacex is hoping the weather will cooperate today for the launch from cape canaveral. the rocket will carry a asia. s turn to our forecast. we are looking for some severe storms to happen this morning. michelle: amy sweezey has everything you need to know. amy: the storms will be through the area by the time we get to the launch window at 6:46. the wind will still be gusty even after the storms come to an
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a 60% go that the launch will be able to happen. the later in the night the better, but i will keep you posted as we had through the evening. over the next 12 hours, we have this whole line of strong-severe storms through central florida. right now, for marion and sumter county, the line gets closer. the watch may be expanded into more counties. you can see the line making its approach and you can see the watch botched -- watch box goes into the south georgia. we will have some storms here. the leading edge is still 2-3 hours away. by 7:00 or 8:00 we will see some rain. between a to talk or 9:00, we will see thunderstorms in marion county or sumter. it will continue to track to the
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we are talking metro area, i-4, and pushing south through the afternoon and evening. a lot of the forms be lingering in brevard and osceola county. -- a lot of the storms will be lingering in brevard and osceola county. we will climb to the 80' s after the rain ends. ted: to 6:11, i-4 in seminole county, westbound on the right side. no major delays seminole into orange. the congestion has not slowed you down just yet. 12 minute drive to lake mary tillie. -- from lake mary to lee. a crash on the 520, you might want to use 528 as a backup. travel time on the 408
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michelle: reaction to a red light ruling. jason: a judge says orlando' s cameras are illegal. should you fight your ticket? michelle: tonight, wesh 2 takes a look at the colorful characters surrounding this case. the man who found casey anthony'
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michelle: right now, we are keeping a close eye on severe weather. two counties are under a tornado watch. that same system killed three people in louisiana and mississippi. amy has an update in just a few minutes. jason: we are working to find out whether two shootings are connected. one person took done fire on sheridan road. the other was hit near the police athletic fields minutes later. no words on the conditions of those victims. michelle: donald trump celebrated his third straight
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marco rubio edged out ted cruz to take second place. in orange county, whether they should fight their red light camera tickets. jason: a judge ruled against those cameras. instead of having police review videos, the company does it. the chances of getting your ticket dismissed may be improved. there is no guarantee you won' t lose in court. >> it is all an individual decision. what level of risk are you willing to tolerate? right now, the law that stands -- you have a very good chance of overturning that ticket. jason: the city is deciding whether to appeal the ruling. michelle: trouble for a florida teen accused of pretending to be a doctor. malachi love-robinson is being
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the company claims he gave them a bad check on a down payment for a car. love robinson says it was a mistake and claims he wasn' t given enough time to fix it. he is accused of running his own clinic and seeing patients without a medical license. jason: johnson and johnson seeks to appeal a ruling linking and alabama woman steps to baby powder. they sued johnson and johnson and the jury agreed. the company is facing hundreds of similar lawsuits. michelle: fewer passengers are making central florida airport of call for cruises. the number of passengers was down 9.4% over last year. this drop may be temporary. the port gets 80% of its revenue from cruise ships. jason: forbes named pu
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of the best primaries on -- companies in the u.s.. publix is based in florida and has 1100 locations across the southeast. michelle: we have clouds on the way, rain, severe storms. amy: we have this whole line of storms on the gulf right now. it is going to push through from north-south through today. we have a tornado watch for a couple of counties. our biggest concern will be the wind. 50 miles an hour or greater is severe thunderstorm winds. strong storm force, 50 miles trower possible in several storms that role through. we will have some downpours inside of these stronger storms. there is a low threat for attorney does today as well. which is why we have this
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upper 60' s-lower 70' s, we don' t have any rain yet what our storm will begin here in our northwest area. within the next hour or two between 7:00 or 8:00, this will role through marion and sumter county. late morning through lunchtime, i forged, --i- 4, osceola county included in that as well. clouds are spilling in now. some of it will be rain but embedded in here there are some strong thunderstorms that will have thunder or lightning but also the possibility of a wind gust. storms and rain starting to move into marion county, dunnellon seeing a little bit of light rain at this point but over the
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behind the front, cooler, drier air will be -- lead to a beautiful day for tomorrow. futurecast with the timing, 8:00 moving into marion county continuing to push to the south closer to i-4 by late morning . in the metro area by lunchtime and continuing to make its way south as we head into the afternoon. between 3:00 and 5:00 most of the storms are south. east of the i-4 corridor, once we get into the evening commute, drier air moves in behind it. severe storms will be well to the north of us. central florida, especially north and west of i-4 are under the risk of this yellow area for severe weather. that is why that tornado watch has been posted. for marion and sumter county' s counties may be added.
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make sure you have downloaded our first alert weather app. once we make it through the day, lots of 60' s and sunshine. ted: into downtown orlando via i-4 eastbound, roadwork has wrapped up. eastbound is looking good. just beyond the turnpike, as we fly, you can see that sensors -- the sensors picking up activity into downtown orlando. the drive will only cost you eight minutes. 408 westbound is on the left side of the screen into downtown orlando from the conway toll plaza to i-4. that is looking good. jason: seminole county school workers are standing together. michelle: how they are making
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here is a live look at pensacola where a tornado ripped through a two mile path. it left behind badly damaged apartments and cars. we are going to continue to follow this throughout the morning. an incredible scene in australia. this massive construction crane comes crashing down after it caught fire. the flames stretched more than 30 feet in the air just before the giant arm tumbled. no one was hurt and the worker steering that train was able to escape. a palm beach county woman at the center of a murder for hire plot is trying to get the case thrown out. jason: dalia dippolito took the stand in her own defense. she told the judge that she, her husband, and a police informant, were working on an acting project. >> where are your notes of all
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>> at our house. >> ok. where at your house? >> in the office. >> where in your office? >> i actually can' t go back to that property. jason: if alito was convicted of solicitation to commit murder in 2011. michelle: workers are protesting their wages in silence. bus drivers and cafeteria workers held a silent protest at last night' s school board meeting. they are pushing for a pay increase. >> these are our support professionals. our cafeteria workers. our custodians. our food service. they deserve better. michelle: there was no decision
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jason: we are working to find out whether two shootings just a block apart are connected. michelle: police tease together these two overnight shootings. alex: we are watching. we are working to learn their conditions this morning. i will tell you everything we know about the investigation. amy: a line of strong-severe thunderstorms approaching central florida. a tornado watch until 10:00 a.m. for marion and sumter county' s. i have got details on all the timings when we return. you are watching wwa spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: right now, tornado. homes and businesses ripped apart. taking a look at these deadly storms that pounded the panhandle overnight. how it is ravishing our state right now. michelle: parts of central florida under tornado watch right now. we have team coverage from
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jason: a man shot dead in the shower. the woman arrested is his mother. michelle: donald trump takes the win in nevada. we are going to have a look at that destruction from overnight in just a minute. jason: what time will storms move into our area? amy: light rain is starting to approach marion county. over the next hour and a half, they will be starting to fire up here in marion and sumter county . our northwest areas are under watch until 10:00 a.m.. as the storm line moves closer, we may see more counties added during the day because it is a during the day event. tornadoes are possible, not that they are happening now.
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we have the ingredients for that to happen. if the radar picks up twisting, a tornado warning would be issued and you need to make sure i had of the storm that you have a plan -- make sure i head of the storm -- ahead of the storm you have a plan. make sure you have downloaded our first alert weather app as well. the strongest part of the storm well to the north of the carolinas. as the cold front comes through we are getting enhanced energy so we have got a lot of clouds and a little bit of rain starting to approach the dunnellon area. back to the west, we will continue pushing towards lake morning. along i-4 around lunchtime, and then continuing to push off the
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we will talk more about the timing coming up in just a few minutes. let' s get a traffic update. ted: nice-looking drive on the 17-92 area of ninth -- i-4 . lots of folks are on the roadways but no delays just yet. things are moving along nicely. in seminole county and altamonte springs, starting to bunch up around the 436 area so that is where you want to add extra minutes. 1-3 minutes is what we are seeing is the travel time from 433 thule road. -- 433 to leave road. -- lee road. jason: daytona beach police want to know who shot at two locations overnight. michelle: one hit the police athletic league, the other is
6:34 am
alex villareal is live with more. alex: the big question is are these two shootings connected? we are standing in front of the police center and this is one of the locations where a shooting took place last night. this parking lot here is what authorities had blocked off last night. they conducted their investigation. the irony is that this center is to steer people away from crime by providing them with positive activity. both scenes are now clear this morning but they were very active overnight. the volusia county sheriff' s office tells us the first 911 call came in at 11:07. the second 1, 3 minutes later, brought them about a block away to the center here on george w
6:35 am
we will question to find out if these two shootings were related. the fact that they happen so close and within three minutes indicates they are but we are working to find that out from authorities. we will bring updates on air and online. jason: let' s get back to that severe weather. new video overnight showing a pensacola apartment building blasted. this strong storm carved a path of destruction. jazmin walker has a closer look at some of the destruction. jazmin: three people are dead. one of the hardest hit areas was in rv park in -- and rv park in
6:36 am
>> the damage here in convent is devastating. it has been a search and rescue throughout the night trying to see if any more people were possibly trapped in the wreckage. there were two people killed. 31 people were taken to the hospital. seven were critically injured. cars have been thrown about completely totaled on the property. the sheriff says there were apparently 150 trailer a park -- trailer park holds on the property. it is hard to counter there are any still standing. crews are still inside looking for any possible survivors. a lot of people were taken to the hospital by ambulance or by the vehicle. it is hard to account for how many people were here when the tornado came through. the sheriff says it is a minor
6:37 am
it could have been a lot worse. michelle: search rescue operations continued in florida as well. a tornado pounded pensacola . several houses badly damaged. it tore apart three buildings. this apartment complex had people trapped in a gas leak. jason: you can get severe weather alerts with wesh 2' s first alert weather at. it is a free download for tablets. michelle: a mother is preparing for court charged with killing her own son. the 29-year-old was shot in the shower. brett connolly with what they are saying. brett: this family shocked by the details coming out of altamonte springs saying they were not aware of any existing
6:38 am
her son. police have charged virginia arteaga with murder, after killing her son blake howard. howard was a student at seminole state college. investigators executed a search warrant at the home while family members gathered items from inside that house. we did ask them about the relationship between mother and son. >> i have but i don' know. >> authorities told us a coworker and family member called 911 after speaking directly to the mother. she had a gun in her hand but dropped it after police forced their way in. authorities tell us they have never responded to the home for problems before and many
6:39 am
jason: to commitment 2016, you might have gone to bed before the race was decided in nevada. donald trump picked up his third win overnight. trump had more than 20% of the rest of the field. marco rubio took second. nikole killion with what this momentum does for trump. >> he seemed to savor it. too much but now we are winning the country. and soon the country is going to start winning. >> it was a trump trifecta as the real estate mogul hit the jackpot in nevada with his word win in a row. he trounced marco rubio and ted cruz who argue they are still viable. in the meantime, hillary clinton
6:40 am
on the upcoming primary in south carolina. democrats spoke saturday while republicans return to the debate stage tomorrow night. michelle: two high school students are facing charges for a gun found on school grounds. this is the gun they seized yesterday. a school reported it to a school resource officer. both students were arrested. the gun was broken and not loaded. jason: we are asking what started this brush fire. it came dangerously close to a home in deltona. a neighbor called 911 and alerted the brothers inside to get out. firefighters rushed in. they were able to put out those flames. no one was hurt. >> it did touch our property so it could have been so much
6:41 am
jason: firefighters tell wesh 2 the blaze started in a small park on the other side of the fence. still ahead, a deadly storm system heading our way. michelle: amy sweezey is tracking its path. amy: it is moving closer to central florida in the next hour or two. i will have the timing of these storms when we returned from the break.
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>> it is 6:44. we have got two counties under a tornado watch until 10:00 a.m.. it includes marion county and sumter county. a warning in alachua county just north of gainesville. the line of storms is moving closer and we may see more counties added to this watch as it starts pushing into central florida. light rain is moving in.
6:45 am
to the south. as cold fronts get dragged through, we will see more showers. the rain is approaching marion county. the bigger storms are still a couple of hours away. you can see on future cast, another hour and a half or so we see the storms move into marion or sumter. to the i-4 corridor closer to lunch time, and then through noon, we see those storms putsch to the south. -- push to the south. once we get into the evening commute, it is mainly brevard and osceola counties that are still dealing with the storms. once they push offshore, we are done. a much different story tomorrow compared to today. we are still warm as the storms roll through today.
6:46 am
first, we will climb their temperatures after the rain and. -- ends. ted: beach line expressway westbound coming out the camera, approaching the airport toll plaza, delays haven' t started yet. eastbound i-4, into downtown orlando, take a drive from international drive to the 408, only eight in its. -- eight minutes. our skyview into seminole, 36 miles an hour near maitland, an extra two lake mary tillie. jason: extra traffic around theme parks. michelle: holy land is letting people and no cost. inviting everyone to experience
6:47 am
the free day is trying to keep the parks nonprofit status. there was such a huge turnout that park officials said they were unsure everyone in line would be able to get into the park before closing time. those who did tell wesh 2 it was worth the wait. an adult ticket costs 50 bucks. tickets for kids aged three to 12 range from 20-30 five dollars. free day at holy land experience starts at 10:00 a.m.. >> it is going to be packed. school leaders are set to announce a new program to fast-track students into the workforce. workers will reveal a partnership with orange county technical college. technical leaders are kicking off a series of meetings to help you understand school grades.
6:48 am
-- a "b" . michelle: a senate hearing on the zika virus. seminole county had its first case. all of the cases in florida have been travel related. the centers for disease control are exploring 14 new cases that may have been sexually transmitted. we continue our coverage of severe storms. and local counties already under a tornado watch. jason: here is what is ahead on 7:00 on wesh 2. >> deadly tornadoes across the south overnight, more severe weather accepted -- expected today. with donald trump winning big in nevada, is the republican race now a done deal? we will talk to trump live and
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those stories plus a sign of flying you don' t always see from
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amy: we have strong and even severe thunderstorms rolling through central florida today. my biggest concern is the wind. if the winds are 50 miles per hour or greater, a severe warning will be issued. we already have a severe warning near gainesville and points north. a low threat for today. downpours likely. a low threat for tornadoes which is why a tornado watch has been posted until 10:00. so far, for marion and sumter county' s where temperatures are mild. we are in the upper 60' s and lower 70' s with cloud cover and no big rain quite yet. a few showers in marion county the bigger storms will start to fire up over the next hour. between 7:00 and 8:00 and
6:53 am
areas first and approaching the i-4 corridor by lunchtime today. into the evening, the line of storms will be out of here. cooler, drier air will come in behind the system. stronger storms will be north of us. it includes north florida but it is also including sumter and marion county. we may see more counties added as a line of storms moving closer. we have got rain in marion county but the bigger storms -- those are in the gulf of mexico, over the gulf. just some rain falling now in dunnellon over towards i 75 and some showers and severe thunderstorms through gainesville and alachua too. once the cold front does roll
6:54 am
here is the timing on futurecast. 8:00, storms in marion county. the line approaches i-4 until lunchtime. then, pushes south as we head into the afternoon and evening. it is mainly brevard and osceola counties that are still dealing with storm. everything winds down as we get into the late-night hours tonight. temperatures will be upper 70' s-lower 80' s. the early rain obviously, you won' t see warmer temperatures until after your rain and. today, we are cooler with plenty of sun tomorrow. ted: congestion starting on the 408 westbound. especially, those lanes getting onto i-4 if you are going to be
6:55 am
i-4 westbound into orange county, we are seeing speed sensors dropping down at 38 miles per hour. lake mary-lee is six minutes slower than average. the delay is not too bad there. just beyond the area of kaylee, the overall stress -- stretch should cost you eight or nine minutes. jason: two overnight shootings. michelle: we are working to find out whether those two shootings are connected. one person was shot on sheridan road, the other was hit near the police athletic field. no word on the condition. jason: a mother accused of killing her own son will be in court today. virginia arteaga shot her son while he was in the shower. michelle: space x is hoping the
6:56 am
the launch window opens at 6:46 tonight.
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jason: welcome back. let' s get you to that forecast. amy: a tornado watch in effect until 10:00 a.m. for marion and sumter county' s. the light rain is just starting to move into marion county. a few showers just to the south of ocala along i-75 towards dunnellon. the bigger concerns are in the gulf of mexico and heading this way. even an isolated tornado, you can see the timing they' re getting into the metro area by late morning through lunchtime and continuing to exit through brevard county through the afternoon and evening commute. ted: congestion on the 408 westbound. especially onto to i-4, give yourself extra minutes. eastbound' s not so bad, delay
7:00 am
>> the today show is next on wesh 2. michelle: local coverage continues with brett and jazmin. jazmin: a harlem globetrotter stops by to show us tricks. brett: a broadway hit dances into town and we continue to track that severe weather moving on it. be sure to join us on cw18. good morning. three-peat. >> we're winning, winning, winning. >> donald trump cruises to victory in nevada, his third straight win in the republican presidential race. super tuesday is a week away and he's ahead in nearly every state. does he thinkhe nomination is his to lose? we'll talk to him live. tornado outbreak. >> it's crossing the road.


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