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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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jason: it is 4:30 on sunrise. a man is charged after a girl ask emily shoots and kills himself. he will face a judge today. what we' re learning about that man' s past. >> i wish i' d kept the dog. jason: a local families demanding answers after they are sent a picture of their dead dog. only wesh 2 has the story.
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wesh 2 new sunrise starts right now. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: good there' s a morning, i' m jason guy. thank you for looking up with us. we will rise and shine this morning. let' s get you outside. you will notice it feels comfortably cool. 60 degrees as the temperature in the spot. meteorologist amy sweezey is joining us. amy, we have had some warm afternoons. will be do it again? amy: we are back in two the 80' s again despite a cold front running through yesterday. in fact, some of us will be warmer than yesterday. we will start off with a bit of cloud cover like yesterday. a lot of good milky sky. -- gray and milky sky. we will break that cloud cover up and end up with sunshine.
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earlier we are headed for most of the area. we are cooler than yesterday, especially northwest by four. anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees colder. that means your job to do the 40' s in ocala and palm coast again. 46 in ocala, 48 in palm coast. 58 sanford. oia at 57 degrees and 57 in melbourne. there are all the cloud streaming in and up a little higher in the atmosphere, look at the water vapor you see there is a whole bunch of moisture streaming in. that means we won' t have blue sky and sunshine today. in fact with all that moisture streaming in, when our next cold front arrives late night tonight , we will have a slightly better chance for some rain and what we did yesterday. high temperatures today headed to the lower 80' s and most spots. 82 in orlando and sanford. look talk more about the rain that comes in overnight tonight and early tomorrow in you
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it is 4:32, time for harley check of the roads. ted: looking at i-4 roadwork with a left landlocked around colonial drive. once you get past ivanhoe, you can see some of the crews on the scene. a little bit of a break in and there' s more roadwork that starts around princeton street and this will take you through the winter park area just passed fairbanks with that left landlocked. a peaked i-95, construction on the southbound side. this is just after state road 432 in volusia county. jason: thank you. jason: happening today. the man charged after a 6-year-old accidentally shot and killed herself is expected in court. erik williams is facing child neglect charges in connection to that shooting in sanford on tuesday night. summer knowles reports investigators say he should not of had a gun. >> firearm ownership, there is a responsibility there. as an owner of the iran, you need to store it securely and away from juveniles.
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>> gun safety, an important moral and legal responsibility for gun owners, a responsibility seminole county sheriff' s deputies say 35-year-old erik williams neglected. he' s the man investigators say was babysitting six-year-old a' letha amanii marie burke when she accidentally shot herself at this home on highlawn avenue near seminole high school tuesday night. investigators say the loaded pistol was actually underneath a couch near where she was playing. she was rushed to the hospital, but could not be saved. as a result, williams was arrested, the police report specifically pointing out, he did not keep the firearm in a securely locked box or container or have a trigger lock engaged. this is not williams is -- william' s first time being arrested he actually has a pretty extensive arrest record in seminole county, according to the county' s clerk of courts, that list includes arrests for driving with a suspended license, fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer. drug possession with intent to
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theft with a firearm, trafficking cocaine and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. a charge he is facing once again along with a count of child neglect and unsafe storage of a firearm. jason: that was summer knowles reporting. we will have much more at 5:00. new from overnight, a person is hit and killed will crossing in orlando road. the victim was struck around 10:30 last night on edgewater drive at 2nd street. troopers say the car involved stayed at the scene. this is new video where the crash happened. investigators closed off lanes as they investigated aridity victim' s name has not been released. no word if any charges will be filed. we are working to learn more today about what led to a motorcycle crash and version at orlando speed world. this is video of the motorcycle involved at the accident. we are told the victim is a man who appears to be in his 30' s and he suffered burns to about 30% of his body.
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investigators say he made the jump in zephyerhills on tuesday, -- tuesday. the backup she did not work and hit the ground. he was taken to the hospital where he died yesterday. now to a story you' ll only see on wesh 2. a local family is demanding answers after they asked their neighbor to care for their dog, but they say soon they were sent a picture of the animal shot. wesh 2' s chris hush spoke with the family. >> good girl. good girl. >> this is three and a half month old jia. >> she was running run circles. >> jack and jody lee masters say when she didn' t agree with the
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>> the deal was if they ever needed to get rid of her, he was to bring back to us. >> i just wish i cap the dog. >> they claim that weeks later' s the neighbor sent this startling -- picture to a family friend. she was in a bathtub surrounded by blood suffering from gunshot wounds. >> i called them, he wouldn' t answer me. >> a few weeks later, a bizarre find on the road. the dog' s debt body surrounded by a shrine, including dozens of these sugar packets. and a statue of saint francis of the cc. the patron saint of animals. >> it was devastating that someone could be that inhumane. >> according to reports, a shares office interview demand but would not confirm if it was lee masters neighbors who was charter taking care of the poppy. the family has said they have not been able to get in touch with him. the sheriff' s office tells us we are trying to figure out the
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occurred. also saying, we do not want to prematurely released details. we were unable to reach the neighbor for comment. lee masters said they were only tried to give the dog a better home. in fog county, chris hush. jason: new on sunrise. a man is accused of causing a three car crash and then speeding away while drunk. melbourne police said stanley jones rear ended a car on croton road and eau gallie boulevard that car then hit another vehicle injuring one of the drivers. police tracked down jones to a nearby apartment where he was he' s now charged with dui and driving with a suspended license. latebreaking, north korea is accused of firing short range projectiles hours after being slapped with new sanctions. south korea' s defense ministry says the north fired several projectiles into the seas last night. the united nations imposed new sanctions on pyongyang for its recent nuclear test and
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s launches also come shortly after south korea approved its first legislation on human rights in north korea. new from overnight. nasa astronaut scott kelly has arrived back in the u.s. after his year in space. video just into a newsroom shows kelly being welcomed by his family as he landed in euston this morning. vice president joe biden' s wife, jill biden, was on hand to greet him. kelly spent 340 days onboard the international space station,more than any other american astronaut. >> it is an unbelievable feeling to be back here on planet earth. back in our great country and back with all my family and my friends. jason: scientists will now compare how kelly' s body measures up against his twin brother mark after that year in space. nasa is hoping to use the information about scott and mark to help plan future long-range
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not to condemn the 2016, for the republican presidential candidates will face off since super tuesday. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich take part in a debate tonight. ben carson says he will sit out tonight saying he does not see a path forward for his campaign. trump won seven out of 11 super tuesday states. we' ve a full preview of tonight' s debate coming up in our next hour of sunrise. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney is weighing in on the race in a speech today. he is not expected to endorse anyone or announce his own candidacy, but he is expected to go out to donald trump. romney will hold the speech at the hinckley institute of politics forum in utah. a downtown campuses closer the to being reality for ucf.
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amy: good morning it is 4:43. we will climb into the lower 80' s across central florida today. well above average. we have quite a bit of cloud cover this morning. clouds have streamed in from the gulf over the last several hours. we will start to break them apart throughout the day and get some sunshine this afternoon.
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shifting out of the south, we will still on up with a warm day. there is our satellite picture showing all the clouds coming in. we will continue to see a high cloudiness this morning. a little bit gray. when you look at that bitter -- bigger picture of the water vapor, this is higher in the atmosphere and all of this white, not clouds but moisture. all of that coming in will help add to the cloud cover today, but will also bring us enough moisture that we will end up seeing a little bit of rain when our cold front comes in overnight tonight and into early tomorrow. i don' t expect a lot of rain, but a few more showers and yesterday when the cold front came through. 68 will be our temperature today at 9:00 a.m.. 78 by noon and we' re climbing into the lower 80' s in most of the inland areas, we will be a little cooler at the coast with that breeze coming in of the ocean. coming up in a few minutes will take a look at futurecast and i will show you the timing of
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overnight tonight and of course, it is friday tomorrow, we will talk more about your weekend forecast as well. it is 4:44, let' s see what' s happening on the roads. ted: lots of roadwork. looking first at 417 around the lake nona area in narcoossee. left lane blocked for just about a mile and as you can see the crews are on this year. i-4 has a lot of roadwork in between just about colonial and ivanhoe. a left-wing blocked. up to two lanes blocked from princeton street until just past the lee -- the area of lee road. i-95, a lane blocked near indian river boulevard southbound. jason: thank you, ted. orange county deputies are trying to track down this woman. she is caught on camera here attending to break into a home. security video captures this happening. she goes inside the house in the
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authorities. the woman is seen initially peeking through windows, prying open a sliding door and going inside. investigators say she walks with a limp. moments later, something spooks her and she leaves taking nothing. the homeowner' s of the damage to the back door entryway is what made them checked his security video. >> we are all freaked out. my wife can' t sleep. she keeps coming back out to check the door to make sure nobody is in the house. jason: if you think you know this woman is, contact the orange county sheriff' s office. firefighters are keeping a close watch on a controlled burn in volusia county that sent smoke billowing over i-95. take a look at these claims yesterday near harbor and black creek roads in osteen. we' re told no homes or buildings are in danger and that the fire is completely contained. this morning, ucf is a step closer to making their downtown campus a reality. yesterday, the board of governors voted to approve the plan.
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night to represent the school' s colors. the project is planned for the creative village and would be shared with valencia college. ucf still has a few hurdles to go through, including approval from state lawmakers and governor rick scott. happening today, thousands of orlando city soccer fans will race through the streets of orlando for the purple pride 5k. that starts at lake eola park at the route goes from living 6:30. street to east central boulevard before ending back at the park. each runner will get a free ticket to orlando city' s opening match this sunday at the citrus bowl. the event also features tailgate games, food trucks and beer. the magic are looking get back -- looking to get back to their winning ways against the bulls. we will break down last night' s
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. jason: the orlando magic in ucf' s basketball team both looking for big wins. olympic swimmer michael phelps is in town for a tournament. wesh 2' s pat clarke has your morning sports. >> once among the favorites to vie for the eastern conference crowns -- crown, the chicago bulls are going to run way. it figures the orlando magic will fight their way into the playoff conversation. the bulls are wanting they will have to duke it out with. the magic played the back end of two in a row after losing at dallas. looking fresh against the bulls
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this is a chicago team replete with injury. magic off to a for -- big first. lead and never looked back. a big night for nik vucevic. he had a career -- a career-high 20 14 mario the sonja. 40% for the magic, 38% for chicago. orlando will take this one 102-89. penultimate season game for ucf. looking for the turn it get the ball stop the bleeding for a losing skid. nights against to lane. tocco to the rescue, scoring nine of 13 for the knights. ucf that one by the half. 13 boards, five blocks for fall. ucf wins 73-65. a real treat for local swimming
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giving the olympics are around the corner. the arena pro swim series will make a splash of the aquatic center. the folks who run the facility insist the biggest event they' ve ever hosted and this is one of the athletes makes it so. 18 time olympic gold medalist michael phelps has arrived in town and was in the pool taking laps yesterday afternoon. he is entered in four events this evening. -- this weekend. he is hoping to add to his olympic medals in rio. it would be his fifth games. >> honestly i would like to look back in 20 years and say i am happy with how my career ended. because i think if i stopped in 2012 i would' ve really does -- be really disappointed looking back. i work as hard as i can and don' t make it final, that' s all i can ask for. what upset me? -- would it upset me?
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jason: right now we are working new stores for a 5:00 hour. michelle imperato michelle: joins us for a preview. michelle:you see -- michelle: ucf is helping students following a massive data breach. who students will be up to get advice from. then fighting back, shocking video captures a clerk going after a gun wielding robber. the little you how it all unfolded. and a couple of clues in solving the mystery of the missing malaysia airlines flight. what we are learning about the piece of wreckage that washed ashore. we will have all that and more when i join you next. jason: i want to see more of that clerk fighting back. she wasn' t taking it. that is great stuff. let' s get back to amy and that forecast involving a warm afternoon in central florida. amy: we will be similar to yesterday. some will be even warmer which seem silly since a cold front came through. wind is shifting around and will
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we will get sunshine this afternoon, so we are again going to be much like yesterday. we had 82 an orlando and we are headed there again. we have cloud streaming in this morning. most are high-end thin clouds. we will wake of a little bit milky and gray. we will see some sunshine break through and we will break apart the clouds a little bit later this afternoon. a little sun is only need to bring those temperatures up. we are starting up much cooler than yesterday, north and west of orlando, we are up to 15 degrees colder. 48 in palm coast, 46 in ocala. we are 56 in orlando. daytona beach has dropped to 50 and in melbourne it is 57. this morning compared to average, that is a little bit closer to normal. yesterday we were somewhat warmer and now with those numbers coming down, a little bit closer to where we are us was be at the beginning of march. today, we have wind out of the east this morning. later today we will get wind out of the south. it will be fairly light. we will bring in some more
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sunshine breaking through that cloud cover we will also see our temperatures climb. we are headed to 80 today in dunnellon and ocala. 81 in the villages and eustis. we will hit 82 in longwood and oviedo. 83 and high today in st. cloud. along the coast, same deal. cooler to the north, upper 70' s near 80 there. 81 in merritt island and 82 in palm bay. if you' re headed to the beach, we won' t have full sunshine all day. we do have those clouds there. the wind will start to kick up a little bit this afternoon and then a little bit choppy for boaters, although the risk for rip currents is fairly low. the strongest will be later today when the tide drifts out. i want to show you futurecast for tonight. this is 11:00 tonight. overnight in the early morning hours tomorrow, that is when a small little line of rain will make its approach. that will be are cold front that rolls through the area. tomorrow morning at this time i
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rain pushing through during the morning commute. once we get done with the morning commute on friday, nine :00, that line is through and we clear things out and end up with more sunshine as we get into friday. it is going to be early tomorrow, a strong -- a small window of hours or we will see that rain. we have a beautiful friday afternoon. saturday and sunday will be dry and cooler with highs in the upper 70' s. let' s get a traffic check and get over to ted. ted: looking at i-4 eastbound on the right. road from colonial drive to ivanhoe. you lose a left lane. a big stretch from part to leave road. construction pushing the 408, you will lose a lane there. both directions on i-95 around state road 44 in volusia county, a lane taken out. jason: the republican candidates for president go head-to-head
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we will preview what it means what is candidates following super tuesday. now lets you get a lot -- now let' s get you live out to alex villareal for what she is working on at five. alex: a man arrested after a six-year-old in his care shot and killed her self accidentally. jason: wesh 2 new sunrise at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. download our weather app to take the forecast on the go. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, tragedy as a young girl accidentally shoots and kills herself. the new information in the case as the guns owner prepares for court today. jason: plus, setting up a smaller stage. why ben carson will not attend tonight' s republican president of debate in detroit. good morning, i'
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michelle: i' m michelle imperato. let' s see how it looks outside on this thursday morning. this is downtown orlando. amy sweezey is joining us now. another warm day on the way. amy: once we get into the afternoon, we are headed again into the upper 70' s and lower 80' s and mo st of the area. we are starting off of clouds again like yesterday where we had a lot of those clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico. it is a little bit greg. it will be that milky sky, a sunshine breaking through the filter. once we get into tonight we will -- once we get later, we will break apart the clouds and our temperatures will continue their climb into the lower 80' s and most spot. this morning you can see we are cooler everywhere except for cocoa beach. a few degrees from i-4 south. back to the north and west, tend to 15 degrees colder than yesterday morning and that puts us back in the 40' s. in marion, flagler and parts of putnam. daytona beach at 50. leesburg at 52 and in ocala, it


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