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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> then she hit another camper , and she busted right up into it. adrian: new tonight, a driver goes on a crash course at daytona international speedway. we will tell you about the alleged admission the driver made to police. battleground, central florida. protesters meet donald trump as he brings his presidential campaign to ucf and the voters who could decide the presidential race. donald trump: if we win florida, believe me, it' s over. adrian: tonight, the republican front runner is criss-crossing the state. good evening, i' m adrian whitsett. trump is speaking west palm beach right now after he won two super tuesday -- saturday matchups. it' s while his opponent, florida senator marco rubio, tries to make sure he doesn' t lose his home state. wesh 2' s jim payne kicks off our commitment 2016 coverage with trump' s rowdy rally at cfe arena
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jim: this is what 10,000 screaming donald trump fans look and sound like. the ones upfront standing here for four hours. donald trump: the one person that hillary doesn' t want to run against, i was to you this, it is donald trump. jim: trump echoed a lot of familiar campaign themes, but always circled back to his main charge, to vote for him a week from tuesday. donald trump: if we win florida, it is over. [applause] , really over. jim: the biggest shots were aimed squarely at marco rubio. >> stand up for donald trump. [applause] donald trump: get him out of here, get him out. jim: speaking about, trump was dozen times, each shown the door. at one point, a woman fainted, only to be handed flowers
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donald trump: we have a chance to do something monumental. we are going to start winning again. jim: unscripted, unapologetic, and perhaps nearly unstoppable. donald trump: you are going to be so proud of your president , and you are going to be so proud of your country. i love you all. jim: trump also made a big deal out of the fact that early voting starts across florida today. he had the audience standard -- stand and raise their hands to vote for him before next tuesday. the polls have him comfortably ahead. adrian: outside the arena, long lines formed as some waited hours for the rally to start. protesters were near the entrance as trump fans made their way inside. >> he' s saying what the rest of us are thinking. finally, finally we have somebody. we live in a pc world where people are afraid to speak their mind anymore and finally we have , a voice to stand behind. lamar robertson: i' m not here to advocate for another candidate. i just believe this hate is not
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adrian: barricades started going up thursday as ucf expected a large turnout of trump supporters and protesters. meanwhile opponent marco rubio , took his message north to jacksonville. he wrapped up a rally late this afternoon. he was joined by one of his supporters, new mexico governor susana martinez. during the speech, he took several shots at trump. marco rubio: conservatism is not an attitude. it is not how offensive you can be, how many bad words can you say, how many ridiculous things can you say on television. that is not conservatism. adrian: today, rubio' s campaign announced he' ll be in sanford monday night. a rally is scheduled at orlando sanford international airport with doors opening at 6:45. and right now, super saturday results are coming in wesh. voters in five different states and to the polls, and donald trump has been declared the
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in kentucky. nbc news all to projecting trump is the winner of the louisiana primary as well. senator ted cruz has claimed the two victories for the night, winning kansas and maine. marco rubio and john kasich finished well behind. for democrats, bernie sanders has one kansas and nebraska. hillary clinton one louisiana -- won louisiana. as we mentioned, donald trump is speaking right now in west palm beach. this is taking place at his golf club. he is assessing his two wins in super saturday, and said it is time for marco rubio to leave the race. we will be monitoring reaction to the races beginning on sunrise at 5:00 a.m. we' ll have results as they come in this tuesday, and for florida'
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app. there, you can also find primary. new tonight, we' look at the damage left behind after a driver went on a crash course at daytona international speedway. people were also hurt, all because police say a driver was wesh 2' s matt grant talked with a man who saw it happen. matt: the speedway was host to motocross racing tonight, but many fans say it is what happened off the track that left them stunned. police say this woman, 43-year-old abbie kinney, of cocoa beach, was drunk when she plowed her pickup into four people and five campers saturday morning. >> i just think it' s crazy, dude. matt: it happened around 2:15 a.m. inside the infield at daytona international speedway, where many fans and families camp out. nick, who only wanted to give his first name, watched it all happen. >> she hit this one camper up there, and then she kept on going, and then she hit another camper and she busted right up into it. matt: according to police records, kinney failed several field sobriety tests. a breathalyzer found she was
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limit. after she was read her miranda rights, kinney allegedly told officers, i shouldn' t have been driving, and admitted consuming three beers. >> she was trashed. i mean, at first she didn' , where she was at. she came out of the truck she was stumbling she didn' t know where she was at. matt: nick says kinney was driving around 40 miles an hour and watched her hit someone. he landed right over here by this truck right here. matt: police arrested kinney, charging her with dui, careless driving, injuring four people along with several counts of , property damage. we don' t know the condition of the four people who were injured. kinney, who blew a 1.79 on her first attempt, is out of jail on a $5,000 bond. the investigation into what happened continues. live the daytona international speedway, matt grant, wesh 2 news. adrian: you' ll likely see more motorcycles on the roads while bike week begins in daytona beach. our dot cameras captured this
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it involved a motorcycle, who was injured. drivers are urged to use caution while driving around bikers. and we are also learning new details tonight in a crash that left two people dead in west orange county. troopers now say one driver ran a stop sign, causing the crash late last night in winter garden. wesh 2' s matt lupoli learned, children are among the injured. matt: pieces of plastic and metal torn and strewn about near avalon and mckinney roads in winter garden show the impact of a crash that took two lives and injured several others. florida highway patrol investigators tell us one car careened into another here, overturned, then took down these three trees along the road' s shoulder. troopers say the driver of a small coupe, 45-year-old robert hughes, failed to obey a stop sign at the intersection. the car crashed into a van with six people inside, three adults and three children. a passenger in that van,
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was killed. the driver of the car, hughes, was also killed. fhp says the two who died weren' t wearing seatbelts. the other two adults and three children were all properly restrained, according to fhp, and all survived with minor injuries. the injured were rushed to hospitals in orlando for fhp officials tell us it' s unclear what caused the driver of the car to run the stop sign, but their investigation continues. from winter garden, matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. adrian: a bank robber leaves behind cash after hitting a daytona beach bank. surveillance video from the wells fargo on seabreeze boulevard shows the suspect giving the clerk a brown paper bag just after 9:00 this morning. police say a customer followed this man out of the bank and found that cash in the bushes outside the building. investigators aren' t saying whether the robber took off with more cash than what was found. he also hasn' t been caught. a convicted sex offender is once
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accused of having child porn. fdle agents arrested 49-year-old jesse william oller at his home on iona drive. investigators say they found he was downloading images of child pornography. he is also charged with violating his probation. and customers felt shaking and a little rumbling at a store but it wasn' ring. s beach store in clearwater beach today. city officials say hundreds of people were in the building, but no one was injured. the people standing outside on the second floor balcony when they felt the shift. hogan was holding an autograph signing, which was cancelled because the store had to be evacuated. tonight, an intense search is unfolding off the florida coast. for a passenger who reportedly fell from a cruise ship. and new developments tonight in that gryrocopter that landed on the lawn of the u.s. capitol. we will tell you just how close prosecutors say the florida man was to colliding with a
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plus, he tried to drive, run, and hide, but a local car theft suspect couldn' t escape the long arm of the law. eric: we are also tracking a wonderful night across central
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announcer: you' 2. he' s out. wilts circle. he' s headed eastbound on foot. adrian: new video tonight shows deputies keeping track of a man, car. s office just released video from their helicopter. they say it shows the suspect wandering around for five minutes, even trying to get into another car. a deputy with a dog eventually arrested the suspect near a home, just west of south john young parkway. right now, the coast guard is searching for a man who fell off a royal caribbean cruise. officials say 46-year-old david mossman fell from the 10th deck of the navigator of the seas ship early this morning off the coast of key largo. that is about a 100 feet into the water below. the coast guard is searching
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1000we do know mossman is from texas. police are warning that the latest story on the oj simpson case could easily turn out to be nothing. officials are currently examining a knife that was reportedly found at the home where oj simpson was living in 1994. simpson' s ex-wife and her friend , ron goldman were stabbed to , death at a different home. lapd captain andy neiman believes "this whole story is possibly bogus from the get-go." the florida man who landed a gyrocopter outside the u.s. capitol last spring was seconds away from potentially colliding with a delta flight that had just taken off from reagan national airport. this is according to prosecutors in a new court filing. they say douglas hughes, of hillsborough county, flew his one-person aircraft almost directly into the flight path of an oncoming 150-person turbojet last april, which risked the death of countless people. hughes agreed to a plea deal in november and is set to be sentenced april 13. new tonight, dozens of people
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, together to rally for peace. they were speaking out against terrorism and islamophobia. this event taking place this afternoon at the lake eola band shell. it was put on by the american islam group and the islamic society of central florida. islamic, christian, and jewish leaders all spoke at the event. leaders saying the anti-islam rhetoric needs to stop, because it is sparking violence across the country. >> to express that as american muslims, we are not responsible for the terrorism that has happened. we condemn it, we are victims of it like all americans. adrian: and also today in orlando, the fourth annual orlando rocks benefit rolled through the streets of orlando today. this event helped triple amputee airman master sargent josephe deslauriers. he was escorted in a motorcade this morning though fern park. people were able to meet with
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we spoke to them after they got a better insight to his life and legacy. >> our veterans, they went out and thought the wars not just for them. if you don' t honor the people who win your freedom for you, keep you free, then you are not much good. not much good for anybody. adrian: the orange county fire department assisted in the motorcade to the vfw post on goldenrod road. a great events out there. great events out at the islamophobia rally if you want to call it that. lots of events in the orlando area, and lots of good weather. eric: it was a wonderful saturday, it will be a wonderful sunday, and we are setting the stage for a wonderful seven-day forecast. out of the skycam network we go, and at this late hour, it is a nice, quiet set up. nice winds, temperature cool in orlando.
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of the west. 54 in umatilla. 57 in winter park, 57 to leota, 50' s in pierson. about 58 degrees in oak hill. think of this as an x-ray in the atmosphere. this looks at the moisture content, and that ball of yellow , that is all dry air. that is what we are enjoying on this saturday night. the forecast of a the next few hours drops a degree or so an hour while we continue to do that right through sunrise. this is where you are for morning lows. 44 in ocala, 48 the villages. you one clermont. 53 in kissimmee.
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orlando, 52 new smyrna beach. 54 a merritt island. on sunday it is bright and sunny. we are watching a bit of a through. the cold front is to the north. we get bright sunshine, 74 in the villages, 75 in the city. sunday. monday, it -- mostly the same day. tuesday at this area of high pressure shifts away from us, we start to turn more southeasterly. that is going to begin the warming trend. what the seven-day forecast as you look at thursday and friday. great weather for spring training. the astros are enjoying a visit from the toronto blue jays.
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it is not too bad on the bike in daytona. 72 for the hive. 50 degrees and don' t -- in the morning. golf game will be a little cool, but lunchtime we are 71, 75 by 5:00. it will be beautiful on the green. it is getting rough on the waterways. the most accurate seven-day forecast showing not only the lower 80' s, but middle 80' s by late week. put more fun in your day at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. adrian: are you excited? tomorrow, the lions roar back into action, for their second season in the mls. and they' re calling on fans again to fill the bowl. for the first game. 60,000 people are expected to come out to see orlando city kick off their new year. the celebrating will begin early today with a pub crawl to get fans pumped up. businesses we spoke to in the area are excited about the upcoming season. >> definitely helps our sales increase. it has brought a great crowd downtown. >> we love it, we get a really huge increase. it is insane. adrian: or orlando city tweeted out there are still about 5000
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florida gators hope to break a 4-game losing skid in missouri tonight against the tigers. gators at eight assists -- they
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they adrian: as we do every year, the wesh 2 all-stars played a game of basketball against annunciation catholic academy in altamonte springs. ultimately, despite some, the one bucket i made, and great shooting from some of our compatriots, meredith mcdonough and angela taylor, greg fox was out there. a fun time. we put up a valid you -- valiant fight, lost 107-112. a lot of chief -- one. the only way to make this better, we were moving out wide. eric: it was a nice evening the matter what the score. everybody wins. in the world of weather, that is the theme. we started with temperatures in the lower 50' s. it is beautiful. headed to the middle 80' s by
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adrian: start your sunday morning with wesh 2 news sunrise. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,


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