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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> we' re going to fight hard, we are going to win florida. first at 11:00, marco rubio makes a stop in our area tonight. wesh 2 is the only station to speak with him one-on-one. good evening, i' m meredith mcdonough. >> i' m jim payne. reporter: one of the things that happened tonight was there was a report out saying that some of rubio' s advisers wanted him to get out of this race before the primary. we asked him that russian. without hesitation, he said no. as for as what happened in this hanger, go ahead and take a look at some of the video we have of the rally. ruby' s cancer has about 1000 people actually checked in at this event.
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the very first thing out of his mouth was an acknowledgment of how important the state of florida was to his campaign. new polls actually show him gaining on trump. rubio: the campaign just started in florida. nationally, trump has benefited from national media attention. we are only going to get stronger. i' m the only one who can beat him in florida. reporter: they are talking about a rubio/cruise ticket. can you tell said that? rubio: i' m running for president. we are both focused on winning. the only one that can be tall trump is myself. reporter:
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we had a bunch of questions for him and he answered all of them but the main thing he wanted to stress is taking his campaign all the way. reporting live in sanford, seminars, wesh 2 news. meredith: marco rubio is possibly closing the gap between himself and donald trump. voters were asked if the republican primary for president was today, who would you work for? 38% said donald trump and 30% said marco rubio. all eyes are on michigan and its presidential primary tomorrow. they both spoke at the downfall in detroit. >> we'
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this campaign to win to become president of the united states >> let' s not get ahead of ourselves. former mayor michael bloomberg announced he will not run for president. stay with for commitment 2016. jim: nasa breaking news out of downtown orlando. the gunfire happened outside cherry avenue. our crew on the scene has been getting new information all night. melo claims lee joins us live from the scene. reporter: homicide detectives are working to peace together what happened.
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avenue. we are told one man was shot and killed. witnesses say they heard several shots. it is unclear how many there were. we are told he is in his early 30' s. we were here when the crime scene investigator unit arrived. it is not clear what led to the shooting but one man is dead. orlando police department detectives are asking anyone with more information to contact crime line. reporting live in orlando, matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. jim: we are hearing the 911 calls after a woman under the influence cloud her pick up into several people over the weekend. >> attractors hit me -- a truck
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jim: 43-year-old abby kinney failed several field sobriety test area she was more than two times the legal limit or booze. she was driving at 40 miles an hour and continue to drive by hitting several campers. she faces several charges. a man is killed at his home. this all happened near east chickasaw trail. daniel medina' s body was found outside of the home. we spoke to neighbors there tonight. >> he was a quiet guy. that is the only thing i can tell you. meredith: so far, no word on how medina was killed. now to some frightening new video. watch as a white pickup rolls from the right side of your
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we highlighted the gun so you can see the muzzle flash. the truck looks like a white two-door at 50. if you know who is behind the wheel, call crime line. jim: a convicted felon is behind bars again charged with shooting into a car. detective 35-year-old mario hall was involved in some kind of through this altamonte springs neighborhood. vehicle five times. the children say he dove for color -- covered. he was frozen in fear watching gun. be a random act. it is extremely dangerous situation. hall was out of
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bond. meredith: the body of 35-year-old jose gomez was found a week ago. joshua carter was named a person of interest and is now a suspect. police are scheduling a time to interview carter about the killing. jim: five deputies were recorded back in 2014 beating a suspect that was already arrested. jussi jarell is charged with civil rights violations. four of the deputies quits and have already pleaded lt. deputy jesse terrel was fired. he pleaded not guilty last month.
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killed after a collision. chopper 2 was up over the scene after it happened. this is nearly hal and. troopers say it happened around 1:40 this afternoon. he walked into the eastbound center lane to pick up an item. that was when he was hit by a semi that was hauling cars. governor rick scott signed into law the death penalty statute. they ruled that it was unconstitutional. it puts too much power in the hands of judges. the change now requires at least 10 jurors. daytona beach police say a man accused of robbing a bank was turned in by his own wife. this is surveillance video of the suspect allegedly walking to
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a customer then follow the suspect out of the bank. it is believed daytona beach will be hosting a million bikers through the weekend. this is the 75th anniversary of bike week. it sometimes draws the use with bad intentions. >> we had to multiple -- motorcycle thefts this weekend. we were able to get behind him and stop him. no fatalities directly but the crowd is expected to build up throughout the week. meredith: over the weekend state legislators
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the total cost would be $75 million. the florida board of governors approved the plan for 16 acres. the plan now goes to governor rick scott. new tonight, could wrestle mania the returning? there is new buzz on an announcement. florida governor rick scott said they will be on hand. we are told there will be an announcement. but the top online is that wrestlemania will be held at the citrus bowl by next april. wrestlemania was held there back in 2008. jim: right now, if are being held at half staff in honor of nancy reagan. she died at age 94. she will be buried next to her
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still ahead, a jury reaches an anonymous high dollar verdict. meredith: they awarded sportscaster erin andrews after someone beauty of her naked. meredith: talk about stopping traffic. a woman decides to dance naked during rush hour. tony: a big dome of
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the jury awards erin andrews $75 million. it came out with this decision just after one day of deliberations. she said she suffers from depression. her attorney says the hotel should have kept it stopper from finding out andrews room number. the convicted stalker was solely to blame. meredith: if you use uber, you
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they want to vote on legislation to override governments from regulating uber. it would effectively pave the way for uber. a dog park has been shut down in brevard county. officials look into the parvovirus infection. it is highly contagious. no word on when it will open again. upcoming work could mean big delays. beginning sunday, all entrance ramps will be blocked off. construction workers will be instructing some beams. if all goes as
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expected to be march 14 two the 18th. james kenneth walked into his job. employees say they told him you had better run. his gun jammed twice and he is only able to shoot one worker. investigators say the government had only worked at the business for about a month. also new tonight, a florida man donald low paul. people show rotting food on the couch. two boys , ages four and five were taken of the home. the suspect is now facing child neglect charges. jim: the moment a garbage truck
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the driver loses control of the truck and crashes through a concrete barrier. you can see it shattered and the driver is even ejected from the vehicle. he ended up in a parking lot and was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. he is expected to recover. tonight, we are hearing the dramatic calls for help after a boat sinks off the coast of florida. >> we are thinking. --sinking. we have the roof lifeboat down. jim: they jumped in a life of just moments before the 30 foot boat went under. first alert weather
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tony: if you want to get warm, this is your week. we have to watch the rip currents. it is going to be hot and dry with a breeze area but sick a look outside. -- let' s take a look outside. temperatures will be cool into the 50' s. i' ve got to show you the big weather map here. it is going to be like a 350 pounds linebacker. it is going to keep pumping up that warmer and more humid air. that is until you get this big storm system to move in. that will then begin to display and give us some much-needed rainfall. two things we are watching. just continuing to
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it is going to be drive. we have not had a whole lot of rain since january. the coastal communities winds are at 15 miles an hour. here' s what we want to dobreakers. with that onshore flow, what comes in must go out. you want to swim away, and get out of the current and then swim inland. it is one of the situations that you have to be near those lifeguards. just make sure to investigate them. waters are chilly. 64 degrees. that rick current risk is what we are most earned with. 50'
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back towards the interior. right around 70 in cocoa. we are good in downtown orlando. light breeze, light jacket. 51 ocala. 55 sanford. your setup for tomorrow, here is your onshore flow. that means your temperature will be four degrees warmer. bike week is tomorrow morning. it' s looking good. for the spring training game, it is 79 degrees. we take a look at futurecast. here is that big dome of high-pressure. lots going on, we' re heating up and watching a big storm system
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it will bring us some much-needed rainfall. here is the peak at that updated seven-day forecast. upper 80' s by thursday and friday. we are awaiting some rain. meredith: all right many, thank you. if you have been on facebook or twitter, you may have seen this video. a woman strips naked and takes part on a semi. crews moved to. she eventually agreed to come down. this lasted more than two hours. meredith: it is a short work
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-- lines. pat: you run a story just before you come to me. wait until you hear what scott skiles said about the game. who will play friday and who
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pat: on paper, it the orlando magic are in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong team. he says we' re going to rock into a buzz saw tonight. a warrior win would be there 45th straight in oakland. you can almost hear the bus all right now. but, to orlando' s credit, they were playing very well. it was a 31-18 straight lead. steph curry had several
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little time to rest for the city lions. chicago fire. who will be available? kaka is not recovered enough from his fight injury. antonio nectarine oh will see t he? about people who don' t play. we have enough good players. very early in his 18 year career, paint and signing -- peyton manning had signed a contract. he said he planned to earned it. he called it quits and work we lucky to see this guy play. he holds more records than a
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14 times a pro bowler, twice a super bowl winner. >> when i look back, i will note i walked -- gave everything i had. there were other players that were more talented, there was no one who could out prepare me. because of that, i have no regrets. once a month early exhaust and experience, they cannot help that review it. i revere football. you don' t have to wonder if i will miss it. absolutely i will. pat: new ucsf director dismissed joy williams today . she led
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and we are jim: finally tonight, how would
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this home was put on the market by kevin james. he is selling his eight bedroom home in delray beach. meredith: it has seven fireplaces and a 10 car garage. it has a private beach as well. the asking price for the home is just under $29 million. you may laugh at all large mall cop but it pays the bills. tony: at the door tomorrow, check out these numbers. 80 degrees by the afternoon. here is another peek at the heat. 84, 87 thursday. it should coolest back down to 80. that is our newscast for tonight. you can look at or the wesh two mobile app. thanks for watching. join us tomorrow night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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